The Daily Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1876-1883, May 24, 1876, Image 1

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VOL. 1.
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(Sundays Excepted),
Monitor Building, Cass Street.
Terms of Subscriptien:
Served bj Carrier, per week 25 Cents
tSent by mail, three months $2 50
Sent by mail six months 4 00
Sent by mail one year 7 00
Eree of l'ostage to tho Subscribers.
- 035" Advertisements inserted by the year at
thc rate of 1 00 per square per month.
Tranient advertising, by the day or week,
fifty cents per square first insertion.
Heading notices, in City Items column, five
cents per line per day. No charge less than
twenty-five cents.
But very little grass will be per
mitted to grow in Astoria streets this
The Perpetua 1ms gone to Coos
bay from Avila in command of Capt.
And now they have a schooner
"Western Home in San Francisco.
Governor Grover litis appointed
Thomas Dealey, of this county, No
tary Public.
A new Post-office has been es
tablished at Bay Center, Pacific
-county, "Washington Territory, Sid
ney Smitn, postmaster.
The Oregonian learns that snow
fell in Powder river valley on Mon-
day and Tuesdaj- of last week to the
depth of seven inches. How high is
-that for Mav ?
Mr. "Wilson started for his Tilla
mook home this forenoon, but the
winds were against him, and he was
compelled to return again to Astoria.
The plastering at the Parker
House hotel is finished, and as a job of
work in that line cannot be beat. The
contractor, Mr. Peter Runey, clearly
understands his business; that is a fact
attested by his work. He yesterday
contracted for the plastering of Mr.
M. Nowlan's new residence.
Mr. Geo. W. Hume, owner of the
bark Sierra Nevada, who is at present
on a visit to Astoria, informs us that
that vessel did not leave C-illao April
4th for San Francisco, as reported, but
sailed for Lobos Island, where she will
take a cargo of guano, for Havana,
Cuba. Thus it will be seen that our
friend Capt Koerner, master of the
vessel, will not be able to visit his As
toria home so soon as was expected he
would when we received the announce
ment of his departure from Callao,
based upon an error as to the course
he was taking.
The news from San Francisco
with reference to the introduction of
small-pox in the Chinese quarters of
that city will not be very satisfactory
intelligence to the people of Astoria.
At this time it is probable that the
Chinese population is double that of
the white population here. Below
Tongue point to this place they have
congregated in masses, most of them
working in and about the various fac
tories connected with the fishing in
terest. So far as we know there is no
dreadful disease among them, and
there may be none, but it has been
suggested, and we think with wisdom,
that the town and county authorities
should take some action in the matter,
before it k too late, and compel an
observance of some stringent sanitary
regulations. One hundred Chinamen
packed into a building where ten
white men would be crowded, will
breed a pestilence unless placed under
ii i in iimn i mi mi
James R. Hay den has been ap
pointed Collector of Internal Bevenue
for "Washington Territory.
The persistent course of the P.
M. S. S. Co., in bringing Chinese to
this coast should be sufficient cause
for the people to wake them up to a
realizing sense of the disgust enter
tained for them amonsrst the masses.
The most elegant, and great
est variety of labels and cards
are made use of by Mr. A. Booth in his
hermetically sealed goods, fish, oysters
etc. He has in irocess of printing
now, in France, a large lot of highly
finished labels for his Baltimore
A case of four dozen cans of sal
mon, packed at Fisherton bjr our
friend John Fitzpatrick, was received
3esterday, which is information of the
fact that Messrs. Fitzpatrick, Davis &
Co. , are at work. "When we first visi
ted Fisherton thiiteen years ago, can
ned salmon w;is unheard of. On our
last visit the beginning was made
which has lead to the product of what
we here now see. The label is an ex
cellent one, displaying a handsome
specimen of the salmon ready to serve
in a fresh state. .The trade mark is good.
Jas. Laidlaw & Co. , are agents for the
Thistle Brand.
To the uninitiated it may seem
to be beyond understanding how it is
that the humblest menial in China
town knew here of the small-pox in
San Francisco before any white man
knew it. But the system of police
regulations is so perfect amongst the
Chinese on this coast, that one of
their coolies cannot leave a place and
be absent five hours, without the
head of the Company to whom he
belongs knowing it. The Chinese at
Astoria, it appears, were advised of
the importation of small-pox at San
Francisco, prior to the sailing of the
John L. Stephens for this port and
were yesterday on the look out for
some of the Colorado's passengers,
one of whom arrived here, notwith
standing the report that the Colorado
was forced to go into quarantine with
all on board.
We are glad to note that Mrs.
Daggett is now nicely at home in her
new hotel building, corner of Gene
vieve and Court streets. Mrs. D. is
deserving of liberal siqmort. TSy her
untiring industry she has accomplished
a good work for herself and little ones,
proving by her management and strict
application to the piu-poses of "her
heart that the all wise Being tempers
the wind to the shorn lamb where
mercy is deserved. Her building con
tains thirty-two sleeping apartments,
besides the usual room allotted to the
uses of a first class boarding house.
These are all hard finished, airy and
light rooms, making the house a com
fortable place of abode. The building
was constructed upon plans made by
C. H. Bain. The plastering by Peter
SS Another invoice of clothing at B.
33"For a neat, cheap and serviceable
suit of Clothing; for ths be.-t quality of
Hats in the market; for a good quality of
Boots and Shoe; call at the new ttore of
C. H. Page& Co., Farmer's wharf, Aito
ria. "lt is astonishing the amount of
gooes received ny me wen Known nouse
o f B. Hamburger, on the arrival of the
California bteamers. The last steamer
brought up another large assortment of
general merchandibe, among which was
a complete utock of Crockery, Glassware,
.Lamps, Chimneys, etc.
JS" Everybody goes to the Novelty
Barber bhop to get fixed up in fetyle. Every
person may come, and more too, fori have
employed a first-class artist who will smil
ingly manipulate your chin, gracefully curl
your mustache, nicely puff your hair, and
lastof all, but not least, will perfume your
clothes with the mosst pupular perfumery in
use, "Patchouly" if you don't believe itju&t
try it. Hair cutting, shaving, and bham
pooing. Hair dying done and warranted
not to turn red, break or split. Parker
House, Astoria.
J,L. Campbeli., Proprietor.
P-jjg&iMUJBmm.. n '
Proceedings of the Clatsop County In
dependent County Convention.
According to previous notice the dele
gates, to the Independent County Conven
tion, of Clatsop county, met at the Court
house, in this city, last evening.
Mr. John O'Brien called the Convention
to order, and nominated Capt. J. H. D.
Gni3T as Chairman of the Convention who
was elected.
Next in order being the election of Sec
retaiy. Mr. L. "W. Poole placed in nom
ination Mr. H. Brallier, who was duly
The Chairman then stated that he saw
belbie him in the Convention independent
men from diilerent precincts of the county
and requested that they remain and take
part with us. He als-o stated that owing
to the manner in which we had been treat
ed at our mas meeting, and seeing a num
ber of the same person) present this even
ing, the Delegates thought it advisable for
the Convention to sit with closed door,
and thanking a large number of friends
who manifested great interest in our
movement requested them to retire.
Letters from "Westport and Nelmlem,
congratulating us in our movement, and
pledging their hearty support and co-operation,
were read.
On motion a committee on credentials
and platform was appointed, and reported
all the delegates from Astoria precinct
present, and invited a number of gentle
men horn the different precincts present to
participate with us, and assist us in our
!ir. AY est, from Clatsop precinct, and
gentlemen from other precincts, who were
present, stated that the7 were independent
and were with us, and on election day in
tended to vote for the best men, and those
that would work for our interests, that the
time since our movement began was
so short that the precincts had not had
time to organize, and were they to accept
the invitation to sit with us it might be
thought by friends in their precincts that
they had assumed unwarranted powers.
The Committee on Platlorm, .Messrs J.
O'Biien, L. AY. Poole, and Thos Bramel,
reported the following resolutions, which
were unanimously adepted:
Resolved, That the Independent Par
ly of Clatsop county adopt as their plat
form 1st, The elevation of labor;
2d, The encouragement ol immigration
and enterprise;
od, Honest, energetic, and irreproach
able men for office;
4th, Liberal legislation in regard to our
internal improvements and public schools
5th, Careful and judicious legislation
looking to the protection of ourttaple pro
duct the fishing interest;
Gth, The encouragement of proper in
formation regarding our commercial im
portance, and its material benefit to our
whole State;
7th, Pledging our united and material
support of the public press against its ene
mies, at home or abroad;
Sth, That we demand of our State "legis
lature, representation for Clatsop county
on the basis of our population.
The Convention then adjourned for hp.l
an hour, to canvas a county ticket. After
quite an animated and general debate, the
Convention was aain called to oider, and
the following County and Joint ticket vsi
balloted for and declared unanimously
nominated :
Por Joint Representative for Clatsop and
Tillamook counties,
J. H. D. GRAY.
Por Sheriff,
Por Clerk,
Por County Commissioners,
R. HAMILTON, of.Nehalem,
HENRY FISHER, of Knappa.
Far Treasurer,
For Assessor,
For School Superintendent,
For Surveyor,
For Coroner,
For Justice of the Peace,
For Constable,
On motion the Executive Committee
was authorized to wait upon the opposing
candidates for Joint Representative, and
challenge them to meet our nominee in
public debate, upon tho issues of the da3.
On motion the Convention adjourned.
J. H. D. Gray, Chairman.
Attest: H. Brallier, Secietary.
$3" Any person inquiring for a fine
quality of liquor, and can appreciate the
same, can find the genuine J. H. Cutter
AVbiskey and Millers extra Old Bourbon,
at the " Columbia Bar" saloon Astoria,
with Geo. Usherwood lateof Portland to
cater to their tastes. Gentlemen will please
give us a call. Cigars of a fine quality
also on hand. Jas. M. Lynch, Prop.
gST B. Hamburger carries the best as
sorted stock of Dry Goods, Clothing,
Boots, Shoes, Hais, Tobacco, Crockery
and will in a short time add a splendid lot
Groceries, which will make the most com
plete slock in town. Call a see his new
gooda they are nice.
Telegraphic News.
Synopsis of Press Dispatches
Another Furious Storm in
the East.
Hailstones as larofe as Hen's
Eorors in Abundance ! I
Two men Killed by Light
Winslow Must be Given up.
The Belknap Impeachment
The Congressional Printer
Appeals' to the Senate.
Senator Mitchell Correct on
the Belknap Impeach
ment. Important Proceedings in the
Nevada and Northwestern
Telegraph line Declared
Smallpox Spreading in San
Revolting Proposition to
Exhibit the Head of the
Bandit Chavez.
A New York dispatch of the 22d,
giving a report of a terrific
thunder storm at various places in the
middle and western states says the
storm was tremendous. Hail stones
1 inches in diameter fell, doing much
damage tofruitandgrain,Tliursday eve
ning. Dispatches from New England,
and Pennsylvania, state that furious
rain storms occurred at the same date,
doing great damage to crops. A. D.
Kendall, aged seventy-four years, was
struck by lightning and instantly
killed at Beverly, Mass, and Samuel
O'Dear, aged seventy-six, at Wen
tham. A dispatch from Morristown, New
Jersey, May 22d says: A hail storm of
great fury passed over here last night.
The hailstones killed chickens and
many birds on the wing. Plate glass
was shattered as easy as common
glass. Some hail stones were found
six and three-fourth inches in circum
ference and the ground was covered
with them. There is not a green
house, hot-bed or skylight in the town
which has escaped, and many plates
of stained crlass in the church windows
were broken. The fruit is greatly
damaged if not entirely destroyed.
The New York Times reviews the
text of Fish's dispatch of March 21st,
and comes to the conclusion that
Americans are justified in saying that
according to England's own law Wins
low must be given up without any
promise respecting the trial.
It is thought in Washington that
the Senate will vote against having
jurisdiction in "the Belknap impeach
ment case. Eaton is the only Demo
crat who has announced his intention
to so vote, but it is probable that
nearly as many Democrats will join
the Republicans, as Republicans like
Edmunds will vote in its favor. The
vote will not be reached before Wednesday.
NO. 21.
On the 22d Senator Sherman pre
sented the petition of A. M. Glapp,
Congressional printer, to the effect
that he is an officer of the Senate; that
great injustice has been done him by
the committee on printing in. the
House of Representatives; that the
books of his office are detained from
him. by that committee; and that no
opportunity was given him for an ex
planation of the charges brought be
fore that committee.. Sherman moved
that it be referred to the committee
on privileges and elections, with in
structions to inquire into the truth of
the allegations So referred.
"When the Senate resumed the
consideration of the articles of Im
peachment, on the 22d, Barnum, the
new Senator from Connecticut, was
sworn in as a member of the court.
The discussion on the question of ju
risdiction was continued, and Senator
Mitchell made a lengthy argument in
favor of it. He was followed by
Logan in opposition.
In the House of Representatives
on the 22d, three important matters
Avere brought up. Tucker offered a
resolution for the President to inform
the house whether he has received any
official information with regard to vi
olence and danger menacing American
citizens in Ottoman provinces, and
whether any steps had been tKken for
the protection of such Americans, and
requesting him to take measures to
insxu'e such protection to American
citizens, adopted. Page offered a
resolution, which was "tabled by a par
ty vote, declaring that the power to
elect a President had never been del
egated to the house of Representa
tives. A resolution was adopted dis
missing Fitzhugh, doorkeeper, and
transferring the duties of doorkeeper
to the sergeant-at-arms until further
The Nevada and Northern Tele
graph Company m was adjudicated
a bankrupt in California on the 20th.
The principal creditors are Piatt
Burr, of Portland; Tillotson & Co.,
New York; C. P. R. Co:, total indebt
edness, S48,000. The assets consist of
a telegraph line from Winnemucca,
Nevada, to Portland, Oregon, via
Idaho, which has cost about $150,000
and is now estimated to be worth S65,
000 to STo,000.
The small-pox has again made its
appearance in San Francisco. Four
cases have been discovered among the
white residents in the vicinity of the
Chinese quarters, and it is supposed
that a number of cases exist there that
have not come to light. Those attack
ed were removed to the pest home,
and their houses are quarantined. The
health officers are reported to have ex
pressed fears of its becoming an epi
demic, and recommend measures of
prosecuting the steamer Colorado,
which had several cases on board and
is still undergoing fumigation in Mis
sion Bay. The board voted to prose
cute the pilot who brought the Colora-.
do into port, pne physician is of the
opinion that all of Chinatown will be
come infected.
Henry Roberts has sent a revolt
ing proposition to the San Frsncisco
Board of Supervisors for permission to
exhibit the head of the bandit Chevaz,.
captured by him in November last in
Arizona. Roberts represents that he
has been at considerable expense since
the date of capture, and that it will
be impossible for him to receive the
reward offered by Gov. Booth until
the meeting of the next legislature,
and his funds being exhusted, he de
sires permission to make such an exhi
bition as will enable, him, by his pro
fits, to return to Arizona.