Wallowa chieftain. (Joseph, Union County, Or.) 1884-1909, August 07, 1902, Image 8

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Wallowa (liifliii
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X tie
$100 (KM to hau t ? per Cent inter-j
; est on re.".! estat? security.
! C. T. XcDxsirx
Lots of potati-.-s now at the K. M. t
Al. On. Store
i Stv what Join. Ca'viu ha to say in
' Lis new ad.
Mrs. Ciara Montgomery 1ms rental '
the Enterprise House and wj,i open
t'p i ho hotel as soon as it cr.n 1
put in readims. It is now under
going a thorough cleaning, and t lie
ro.Mii will be nrwlv papered :m
as she Las had over a years ex;HHff
in that work having been employed at
the up-to-date Mitchell Hotel Hi
.Wrh. .;
! T. M. Littleton. a lute arrival from !
painted. Mrs. Montgomery yii'.
' Ooiii-t make a surce- of the ,.bltin
A Sweeping
Douglas. Wyoming, who purchased
t he Morrison farm on Trout creek, i
was in the citv Tnesdav. Mr. Little-j
Tins is the season when you expect sjiecY
reduction sales; but surely you never attic1"
pated such sweeping reductions as we're m.
'ing for this sale. You can't realize the extent
until vou come and see.
Mr. Fay ill sjvr.d a wet
on her ranch.
The lat.'st styles in straw hats si!
; the E. M. A M. Co. store,
i Shirt waist sit half price now ;;t
ti..- E. M. A M. Co. store.
Win. Wagner returned Friday from
a hu-ir.es? trip to Walls Walla.
Hacali Cule. of l.ostine. wa in tlir
city Monday transacting hnsine.
A large :oek o: the Chmpton
Draw Cat mower- at the E. M. it M.
Co. Store.
I Mr. Yaudall a ltd family have moved
' into ihe Shtahr.n property mar tin
; Methodist church.
Don tiarduei came in from Para-di-e
Tuesday morning with a load of
peach plums and apples.
ton intends going luo the cattle biioi-.
iies hut thinks if the winters are as
cold accordingly x this summer has
Iven. that lie will have a farm for sale.
r two While here he added his daughter's,
name, Mr.. L. Soicnsen. to the!
Chieftain list. i
S. f;. F.eiley. of Kansas City, who i
has ieen visiting with his nephew,
lieu. S. Craig for sometime, left this
morning tor his home to receive ,
treatment. He has ieen suffering
greatly from nsthma, and the high .
aititudv of this place made it impos
sible for the dcH-tor here to do him
any good. Mr. Craig took him out .
by private team. ,
Miss Chrisman. Miss Hattrude1
Chri'mnn and Miss Cypher have n .
turned from a two weeks outing i t
Joseph Ijke. They report that as
U-ing nue of the most delightful
places to U- f-jifnd anywhere to so on
Easy to Buy
Two good points about
these shoes are -they are
easv to buy and they are
Easy to Wear
We believe that we have a
stock of men's, ladies and
children's shoes that will
afford a satisfactory shoe
for every caller.
.'" I """ma
dinners, or.ious . Ta.
a brief outir.c. and siv tliev er.io.ved
iJonuid Ixv.is and Eba Walker re- every moment of the time they were
turned .Satnnlay trom the lake where gone. Asotin Sentinel,
they had l.een camping for some time. ; The jr.Am uf Allt;,lst 4:h con.
Mrs. DeVore. Mrs. Win. Wagner tains a picture of the F.rigade Signal ,
ar:d the Missis Althea Gift and Lena ; Corp.. o: Corvallis. which is composed
fteVorv returned Friday eveiring from ' meetly of Corvallss students. Janns
the lake. . p. Zureher. of this city, is one of the
Chas. Slack, of Arizona, is here on group. "Curly" the little black watr
3 visit with, a view to hx'atins. Mr. '""ie! mascot, which James has, is
S ack i? a brother-in law of Mr.s. John J'icture.
ZnTchiT. Mi.- Mat tie Imhler will leave t.-
Tiie l-est ahi.iiii. clover or crain ni iriov, for outside puints. She will
farm in Waiiowa county at a sacrifice m-e; her sister. Miss Jessie, v. ho has '
Mr the nest two month. Burleitrh : lien visiting for seenl week at Day-;
Pleasing Clothes for
VelIDressed Men
When we buy our stock
are anxious for right quality,
and right price.- we sri
(' anxious to procure for our,
customers the best tii
manufacturers prKluci
There's Or.aJity, Style and
finish in these suits asd
every buyer speaks of his
pleasure in owning them.
i aL'r ii ry.
! Tie- Misses IhIIl- and Margaret
F-nsytiie wiiti have ix-en camping at
i the lake for a month returned home
Ti.-- m-.ii stage wa-. delayinl two
!! .u: at l.ostine one night last week
to av.ait the arrival o' an extra jms.
s -iig"r ci ach.
! Missl.iiit had the mwfortune to get
her hand pretty l..id"y hurt by coiiiing
in coiitact with another boat while
it--at riiling ut tin; hike last Week.
F..1. Chauvet took bis iamih- to
be lake Saturday to c::inp for ome
time. Mr. Ci.auvet'.- nvice, Mrs. It. A."
. L;iit. of l'i mlicton aeco'.i.panieil them. ;
Tli" C'f..'.!u;iion iiiower n ceivnl th
: i:rt pnMijiiim ut the I'.sri.- Y.k osiiion. '
i !: y.iii want to buy tie- U-.-t. call at '
, the E. M. A M. Co tor a Champion i
and U- liai'j.y.
Jonathiiii Has.-, of Alder SIoih.-. had '
ti.e iiiiinrtnin. to gi t
iro:i in hi.- '-ye while at work in hi
biaeksn.ith shop, uiui in con.--ijuence
is wearin; the ey.- b.,nd.ign!.
I lie Ladies' E.chai;ge did a lively
bu.-iiK-vs .-atvinhiy afii-rtmoii. Tills
v. .is i in-i r tiist .-ale. and another timt
they will have i. largi r amount and
iiio.-i of a variety of their wares.
i W. liunspiireys, of Leap, was in
town Monday with a load of cheese
Mr. Humphreys manufactures such a
en-;,! "lade of cheese that tie liliri it
is al! he can do to supply the demand, j
IJen Bo-suel! has now entire charge
of the !5.i-'.vell Livrv ml Feed atahie.
Ladies Hats for Mid-summer
ton. Wa-li.. in I.aiiraiidi ,and together
they will go to Cove to vivt friends
fnr ver,.l days.
Omer stubblelicid bi.uiL'ht :n from
Sheeji Creek on Tuesday, an old man
by the name of Joim Bmiyfei; who The Inference is Plain
These beautiful lmts are vcrital-le Jreatus uml the niih
of tiit- gelling sea soil is past
from his poor, sickiv and wi-etchul
condition was made a county charge
by Judge Hamilton. He is CI veais
Lev ! eVore and Ed. Avery arrived
in tin city Monday evening from the. Jlf T 1 j
Temienoot.bdd Mining camp above iViCH S IMCCKtlCS
Amroid lake, where tney have been nt
The best of the wearing .season is coining and these Inti
may lie bought ;.L a har.-ain. be sure to see th.'iu atoace
work for several week-. They are :
both very enthusiastic oer the mines.
County Surveyor L. L. iienvi and '
U. M. Vmis. Assistant, who took their
families with them on their surveying '
trip out on -Mud Creek, returned on
.Monday. 1 hey killed tneir
after the fatal August 1st.
Thc-E. M. it M. Co. i now intro-ducin-'
t ho i.uiious John Shorni.:n,
piece of hot ; si.... :., i:1(i,..t-..Mwl ,,.,, w ,...,. ti. ..
in- e.xceil.d by no other sh..e in ..uai
lty and jirices.
Domdd I.er.-is is now delivering the
stere ..scoj.ic views whicli he bus iieen
takiiig orders for several weeks.
Ii you want the best coll'c-e for the
i nioi ey call for No. .112 Blend at the
j E. M. it M. Co. store.
County Judge, Hamilton was b-.isy
. doing proirate business in our bmg on
, Monday.
44 Caiibre oils revolvers at ?12.1(
at the E. M. A M Co. store.
F. A. Clark returned from out-id.'
How are you off for ties? Summer stock
ceeus rcpk-nis.-nng. we are showinir some
of theswellest and handsomest you ever saw.
Light pretty summer colors, the brand new-
t:es of the styles, the fairness of the price
all combine to attract men.
Hot Weather Hats
We'll fit you will, a but that will look well as well a
feeling comfortable. The fashion-able summer urtl-
Vear shown here oll'nt to tileine ntivov..- who wants to
be iii stvle an 1 to be
;t'nsib!v co:nroit:ibl'
These Straw Hats
will bold liieir culor an.' t' i.r Tl.i v nre 20ol
enotv-h to .stand elettnin. wbicb will insure them
being a credit to you all through the cea-son.
as his son, Haud.ill, has become inter- rmt -''x thursday night.
-st - in the sheep busiieis vi;ii Sam! You want to s-.e the liargain,
i.: toll and will soon move to one ofibocs.-t Calvin's.
,',t--, rJ"cn Fancy svap at" the V.
M.A M. C...
Tiie E. M. it M. Co. is offering some
evcell. nt baigains in percales, dimi-li'-...
r,t, Uuist. . fin(l wash j;ooils
i f dilVeient character. It will pay
you i ) purchu.-e tin !-j jjoods now at
I tut- retiuci'd price.-.
The Mitchell Wagon not ouly pos
sess es the goi;d ijiiaiities of all iitln r
eoirtl w.ijj ins, but is absolutely the
I .-'ir.ist miming wagon on th' mark
et. A gneii -s: of them on l.ai.d nt
iiif E. M. iv M. Co. .-tOle.
A Buek-'ve mower for .10 at C..1-
Atjii'. n rake for 2.1 al ( aivin's
Calvin will fell pail, tat Cost.
Painting as it Should be
i oc p;.;i.t we sell is the rieht kind It has send bsy
attd wi!i cover vonr wall i-tf-tie. 1 Pl.-ntv of g1-
" 'ort smd all tl,e p;iiiits are mixed ?d they won't jun'
pei-i, cr.u: or b'isti'r. Jn4 t.. ,.,rfwi a? vM
can 1,5 ,1Kl'ie- ,Vou feet it at a reasonable pric?.
Treasurer's Notice.
Compare the Good:
.1. C. 'n
boiiu.iig l-iiiei
iloli, tl.. s:u- i,i lii,
liicsitv .MiLLKc.
County Treasurer
Ilntcrprise. Or,
holier is hereby jvu that I havt
siiiiiciont fuiids on hand to pay u
a!ioa cot'n'v w.ti-rants rrf.iii,i
rented tiie Calvin lo' payment priot -to Xo-. em of r 12.
Wiis recuiitly moved ' Jnter.-st on warrants inchid. d
lic-.v hotel, a ik'. in abo-.e L1ill cean.-.-! August". 11)02
'.'.iii pui in an u-ti;-iat steci; oi
ooisaiKlshi.es. The new estaniipii-
men: 's ..i' Cte(! to U' ,,j en r.i,ui i n
Sejileml r is;. '
, , , . I Stalhon Notice.
!'r. ft ml Mrs. J. L. Keavis arrived up j
1 tlaiid SaUuday on a visit to' -ic
atnej and friends. Before their re-1 "Do" wned by A. Morgan, weight, .
tin n they will visit iVieiidr i:i Wallowa. lvt0; C4,Ior Pri,.v; sire, "Thorny
The il(M:tor fricmK liore n 1 Kinc: tlu"' l' 'di' ron marc. .
to nil,, and thir i- s: wishes ; Will stand at owiirV farm on
with him wlierc'.-er he iav 1 1 I-"'v"r 1'iabie cn.-k. Terms: ?2
J'- '- just tin- season for weating ti,se sun.nuT !f
',;" 1111 ! '!" you are wis-.- yo will -t r-r.e criroif ,
lfi- p'' "ty of variety in color and utade, but v':,-v
l':"Cl- is this season's- wtoel- ... ,1 .. til 1 ,. i '.r. hie V'f
----- ... w iv n , , Vi Mill U"
yovr use.