Wallowa chieftain. (Joseph, Union County, Or.) 1884-1909, May 08, 1902, Image 2

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EY - XL ;
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Sie c
r- a? .
at. c
1 z : t a? cy-.:
s a Uiy t aai :
r".he".: tt.ev iTV t .-ae.- V. l
f .- :.: ar :. f-rsi.er. sr-s -c
ra. rer- .-.;per.-.: :. i ':.
vr :...: tr.e
an :a-:tv .
:.r :a ie-
i--rr r. rve cia,..y i
cvrw ::: :tt. c nt-tr:.-.;. : a:
-a". y. ir.-y a : ;.ssa e.- w it w.r.
.4". I si .-hte.i cpt a
7 a .:. ;
t .a
i. .-wait' u.ar. :s '
js: :a;.ire of a. 4
I-r-:.7. .:.iv a:c.
a.l x-r '-:
7 ari -
ai-y in th? f : T:n :r-y. w;::.:l
a (- iT.iitrs of a .ari-e I jir.ca t'.i..
If I haJ liad nit:':t choir I wou'.J
have i:hc-r. a cure of igi aniv:;.- n.:..
hantl an'i niiners. I wof.ii i.avc prr
ftrrii to j-rf'triii rr.y tiutur-- utiu-rr a
clear sky, rather than wwr a can'
of smoke; witi.in call of ei i- a:ii
wnoO)-. rather than in a fore-: of ta
chimneys and black hea-i of coa. pi.
Put Bim I a iii-prj:r.te-i in n y
hot of a cure in a certain piea-ant vii
laze of ftu.--!. I rewjive-i to go to Tim
perly in Ijin(7a.-':.ie. So wher. one
dark af'.ernoor. of Feb-ua-y I a..:.te-:
at ti.e iiearst ta'.i n on a ban-i. ra:.
way, and a-ki a feli'w yii.z:-. i.c
loos: i.a; and w;,r. i.:;y-
xr. away. :.::.? he ciul-i c:rei:s me
to Tin.:-riy when I a an-werei
with a curs "N a " I wa- w. di-: r.-cer;-:.
I r.i 1 i-jni-w-.' ';r::n
t.Ihclhie i:e'".: .t. fr - rx r. i-jT-
ter. ar. i iuv::.; f-r 7 ".-7.;: j n.'
liiim I e:.S 01:: ir..'. iL.t. ai. .
I s.-ari.;-i i i.il: a n...e or ari'
a w-.. r.uvi r a i, ar. :.er. a'-.r::!.
to c.ret :i I :xi .t:j I scri.e-i ii-.s;
a La-row Ian between a h-;: and a
wden i-.'i-e. I srjdse-i ar-'.e d.-tit' e
hrji-:. i-r. n.Mi.n -' ,-sun.b t:p;r.
:om:. or. ::,e f.ro. -ijte of i& car.8y.
and n w p.::n.-:r.z :r.".o h'.ie. ;,-r.
iane e-n.e-i : i'-e it-el f ;c a fieid. J
hev;tatt- i a kv.i and ti.er. re-j.vt-d ,
retiirn to tiie road. Vy eyes w--n'w ;ney Hail and farther under his arm.
nsf: s., the dart, arw I iir'e:ve: a Tic;prey Hail I di..overed uvr
f'jjt past. acr-a Sne fieoi irnomir.'-- looked She vahev fnrn the aid or,r
bats V ward tlie roa'l.
SMr. S;.ii.k:n'.' it wouid
I ?sru i int. '
save n,e some
iound to mi
;e-t way arc.- ;
di-Srie. liut I soon
vexation si.at "she hort
m she lor..-rs wav roun
, t
ie i.ren eras
tiniee on.tii!i:Z else ne-Kle era, an
prer-en'.y ir-B-aii Uj sent .-n.ew;,as oi :
tne plea-ans vi--r of russioity. and my I
epinte r e a 'isr-ee or two. I pued :
a low black -,den buildirif. cno '
rner-e: it wa a cow hou-e: I heard
toe animal .:!. inst as their chain ano ;
ni-ir.oi.ir. z t.-.eir fij.i. Fy-and-hy I '
f'i.iii'i n.yri: aain on a tolerably r,oi
roa :. c-,: :n-up-jn some hotj-e- oi
cuburbaL ttii.i-detaitited villa de-crip-j
tcjr. 'at or.e of whi-.-b I knocked and !
iii'.;u:rwj n y an-i s""r., stumblin:
and spij-r.:
mud and cin
ei'e of Siie v
z through exusjeratir t
-r-. can.e out upon ti.e
.i-y in which Timperle.
I et od and gazl around me. f-ruci
a spei ra-rie I i.a i never -eeri before. I
listened to and ie.t ti.e ;'everi:i ruih o:
tne life of Lan -a-hire indu-trv. Tiie
birr and buzz f tn-iusand- of spindles.
the ew;:t cii k and thud of shuttle and
loom, and tr.e rwuiar sob and repira
tion of mi-i.ty engines triingied w iti
tlie rush of watei and the plaintive
of -on.e
maci.me a of an en-'
siaved (ieni of tne Arabian Ni.-hta. J j
could not at first apportion the sound- i
to trie various group of buildings be-.'
neath me. 'n mv right was a m.-n j
storied mill, wh e bricht windows i
were refievted in the glasy euriai e of a
pond, on the bank of which there
grew, pensive and forlorn, a few scrubby
trees. On my left an aggregation of
long low buildings wish gia-s roof,
that looked with their shining backs
like monstrous, crouching dragons of
antediluvian days. Far.hercp the val
ley was another group of building
wrapped in a cloud of steam. In, me
diately before me was a ruined mill,
onrooied and gaunt, w ith its bell tower
and its tail, cold chimney outline:
against the sky; behind it was another
yronp of irregular buildings. A dozen
tall chimneys poured their smoke into
the sulphurous air, which was pervaded
by a certain glow insufficient to di
si pate the darkness, but enough to make
the stream which wound down the val
ley gleam l.'ka a blaci gigantic make.
o: r;:7i-: n.:..
r.. .t:. a : i . .i-j sr. i
-e :rr . ti.e a:r to
other foani t.-.e fr:::.
0: p:;T a;. i r..ji..:.; o:
a- n't .-r: : I a.-
'.s.eh i 'pa-e'i ry t:.e :e:.e c .'. i.-errr;-i
at ar.yt:.i:.; that ci.-ht
L ;n tr.i st ir.je r-Ci-r.. I
ra-T-ed. ho-ev-r, hcrri ;.y m a n the
t-T a r gh path, and -..c:. i the
r ad :nto the va.iey and t:.e vil.aje. I
: ?d o!-w and law a d:n. er. i of
;e t ie a:-jr.t the ruined e..',.. be: the
-treurr.. b.a.:k ar.d ev;..s:;ie..:r.. ta?
re:een me and it, and I had :-:'or'.-e
;et tr.y ci:r:oe:ty wait. I c'r.t:r.t;e:
u.y way in'', .!: v:..are. ;,. I
;-:nd. icy behind tr.e n.ary-t .reye.i
n.:.'. twar.; nioutt of ::.e val.-y ar: i
ci'-e to she hii-& r-.ad iv w;.i.-n I
Ketore I was wei; into
l a--'- ar arrangement of
w.:.-, h.ank ;., to tr.e r
wr.ich can.e no oun i 'f
::US. icrtead, the vhe-t and
-m-'.s t:.at ever oftende. t
a:.a iron. S:.e n.iait of wi...
t- er:ng c.in.riey that sm. -d
'uctci.y. Thww, I cue were
of t;.e ciien.i'.a. ): of w:.i. h I
:.eari. I found trie rect .-y at the
otner end of sae viLaze. I d.d not
tr.e rector was in bed but ajed
to tm C;rected to my i.i;nc.
I had jme Via and tr.en I pr-parJ t
?" to dinner at tr.e nou-e of .r. Ku
n.anuei r-tein.'.ardt, or.e of sne creators
and iordi? of sh Tophes into w:.i .r. I
ha ' entered. He cu re:t"r'f c;.':r ?r.
warden, and I had correapoa iei w itn
h:n. cori' err.ir.s: tr.e cracv, and had
maue dinner arranzen.en'
ai'o. I aed my iandiaiy
stiocid find 1 inr terier Hai..
a wee
w here
"' 'n." ai.j s:.e. iikir z at me with
a cn.ica. eye o: retpei-t. "you'U bei
;r.i to ilu.-ter frSctfthea-sV?" .
.r.'n-.ua-.i tr.e n.a-v.a-e's nn.e..
"Ke' at tr. ' oter en-: ' tn' vi!.,i'- -,r.
.'. fcr-jw" r.e ia. .e-i ;; "Lrew" .
a :..
: tiit
m iiit
e wei.t
: '."a. i-:,
e par-.n
di.eu '
.. Sua SUA.
n ss'
' el.r.ear
.e a.i, '
i ,
m jL,
. was am-
e-J ; end
ue Ca.ied
rom ;
a mm:'
Ut h-jSS.
reary, parson?
a Wait
1 positively lauehed to cr.yelf. M v '
rr;uemer.: incea-e"i when I aw my
juide. a ycng Hercules in clog-, who
n.isrt.t ea-ilv bv '-taken' me to Tin,.
-ite to that from which I had bra:
viewed is. Sn I was in it dravinif '
r-m. shaking hands with Mr. (or,
fierri i.n;n.anuei steiiihardt; fori saw.
r o:.e ..f T. - -"M "-"- '.y" .t the :-.r- i and
. ;c r., .-. s:- - --i-i i -n- - -.:7 e:.t-.-y c:y ir,s v:e
Er.;.,:' are na- s u: : ; V1- ?iT
nre y - . , r - . er e" . he rerw-.-ec.
and tie taI cf'air witn . -s. t i:-.- r:e a, :f he
'ei :t. i Lit. a ;s .. v'l.i'H . v ; ,
sn fcr the ha i d.r.r. ! 1 . , "' . - Ei-.r: , :r' V
I pe"e- ; at once that he was of pure Teutonic
. and ome- ; oreeii. and I heard, when he had spoken !
a tew word, that he nmt have spent j
ill hi youth and part of hi mar.nMxi .
in toe fatnerland: he
Entrii-h, but wi:h an
teii-Saie a cent. I bad
;ii.S time to
notice i.is nur.y cirure. hn somewiia
'ounded shoulder, and his n:a.:ve
haid head, when I was introduced to,li.7. I'uring the year 1'). li;2 the
ms wiie, a tall. nand-;nie, In'-a.hire ' annual nunjir was about 200- in si
woman ( her :
h betrayed her, witn
.ev i.air
evidently a gl oe.ii older:
lan he: then to Miaa Lt uis-i LaiToix. '
of whom I will only ay at p eut that '
iie i').jkexi retine-i and foreign a rare!
' -xoic in this region of surprie; and,
'. iat!y. to 'my sojn, Frank." a young ;
jmnof one or two-and-twen'y. who;
j io.k-i in every way and spoke like an !
i Englishman. The- intr-xiuctions over,
: we sat down to wait for the announce- :
ment oi dinner. Inere was very nttie
-aid: they seemed
constrained, and I
was. perhaps, shy. No one seamed to
think of trying to set me at my eae.
Mr. Steinhardt eat watching the cii:.
ana a: intervals tnrow inz cueaSion:
-ion f
I Oat:
ove' his snouider to Lis ue
ines.ion I noted was, "la Jim coming
at ail?" to which she answered, "Jim
-aid be niisht iook in after dinner and :
-moke a pipe" and I wondered who!
Jim wa. I was w i-bin I had not c. !
ce ted this invitation for my Erst even- j
ing m Timperley, when the voung ladv !
ed''l her chcir w littiA nea.er n n.a .
! - - - - ., ,
anu saiu, witn me sweetest oi imiiet
and the mo-t musical of tones: i
"You come from the south from i
London; ye?" j
Her ac-ent was that most delightful j
of ail foreign accents the accent of an i
wi u rated Frenchwoman. I answered !
that I had come from London, though
I was not native there.
"I, also," said she, "come from the
onth; from London last, but from
Paris before."
Here wa common ground for pleas
ant reminiscence, and wa became
friends at once.
While we wer talking I happened
to glance across in Mr. f-teinhardt's di
rection: be was looking straight at me
Si ri-s: t.rr-- Ee rs ar J argrily 1
rvr ;: :';;t (nt is K
tir- sat i; s.i hits
f" re ec
is hiti
ss ie-- r-
: l.' V?j a e-"- - i j t a.r-?"i
srs r-y we-e --.y f-Lfli.
-Mi-' r .ri...r. bet o;
r.e t-
77. T
s te uri
. : e V. -
y. .7.:..
i:'"r -rt
I w
ai i : j i t
it I JJkjtSeU
y s. -t- o:
r; sah e.
' er a: -p: v.
1 v ;h:
sc:ii on s.'.e
die Lac-v :i was
n.e. Vet. n -w
now ohrv:n
iie at n-ar
r ra:.i at t:.e i lan"1 , I c-chd not
reman t-vt a i-.k of sadne over
pread her sweet face of adne. and
a of ar.i;ou.y waiting for something
or ,bi on- whenever she wa ieis t
her own tho'igr.s. Thi eip.-ei'..n I
wa ahle to a.x-icnt for eatifact".-iiv
very ..,n.
W e had i.c -ni time in she draw
ing rn; wi.-n she dr bell stn led a
i'.a i p-a'.. and at on e I aw- tr.at r.i-d-.
: eTi-re-!.ioi, of tati.-nt waittns on
Mi. La -r ,:x" :'a :e f.a.h upTr.to one -d
ea-e- ex; san--y. For a moment i.e
.j' '.-.--.i at :::f ': .r w ith her pale fa e
l i a.-r.ar. i .:t-.-ned w i jT. quick ear,
v i-:-o',
ea J
er ii 't e co,
sadne-e s,
ieerv vi-
p-i and sank
ijt.-l re. Is
I heard come
:.-. t u:
wa.- a ri'.-
iron; s.-ie :.a...
'I th' new parson come'
of .'irr.e one.
"Tnat's Jim," said .Vr
wist, a laugh "my brotiie:
Thi, then, wa the een'
it a-ked
eman who
r.ad come to m"jse a pire. He en
tered a tall, stont, ruddy F.nirlihman,
(foue somew has erey. He at once took
po--e-:on of she room and of tne per
eom in it. Hi bri.-i.t and ample pres.
env-e extinzui-hej the traudy, gorire-ms
furniture, and his voice, in-tinct with
humor and un-sel -cirs ionsne. filled
she void which unuaily reigned in mat
fTo oe eon-.lnat)
Divone in Euroot.
Divorce was established in
in lTo. Fron IS1 to 1S5
tiie vear-
' iy nuniW of d:v..r- es was about S.0O0,
in. e ui isie years it exceed 10,000
In Flni-iand divorce was et;.h'.i'r.fI in
j abo-jt 530: in 1!S iUt so In
Austria, wnere onlv non-C'a'h
.i can
apply for a divnrre. ti.e number of demand-
for divorce increased 25 pr cent
in four yea-s. and in Ild-ium about 20
per cent in four years.
Hard on tlx Cook.
Lord John Townend, a lirituh gour
met of 50 ye:,r a.-o, would often C-.J; to
trie f ".'.man in tne midd.e of dinner:
"Tell ti.e cook to come to me this
moment." wnich o..casioned rather an
awkward pau-e. Then, on theentrame
of the poor cook wish very red fa, frm
the Cfjmbined effects nt rf,. n. c.
. , '. i .."ii una
n:'tai .Tnusion. be would address
i.er in a vol. ot ti.umier: -priV have
the g-dr.es to taste that dish and teil
me if you do not atrree with me that it
is lat!y."
A Big Hoi.
Down in Vlado-ta, Ga.. reentlv
bocf was killed. vl,ri im-a .v -
- -- -. . . ,., ,-r- wriicni mam
i.-"v p-iuntis: ni net weight waa &55.
Each ham weighed 102 pounds. This
'at mon-ter produced 5bl pounds of
lard, or neariy a tierce and a half
enough to Last a small family about
four years. Besides the lard, there
was nearly a wagonkad of sanatre from
this one pig. to say nothing about dish
pans fell of hogshead cheee, liver pud
ding and other product.
Right ia Their Line.
"Thoe cold Boston gi'ls
enjoy the Abljey 'Holy Grail'
tions in the public library."
liecauae a frieae is right in thei
.-.j - ;i.e ret- f)- ;.r?.:i. j--J
i ; .a'-e : r :n- itrv. an 1 it w- .
1? 4r Vrt."
I a-ni I.:n. 7. -w r r.! r'-
- we:
i?Je m... wa- cr. :- : -
-at H at tr.e. r. ar--d. feCJj
i cn.u,.ky. It a-a : :nn:::; mil'.: yF
or..-..seo:sheft-r-:V..':.-.r.1u?h. k:..- jfg
in; my ;e- : .e. and :-is wa. fl
turr-e:. a.. :n It' yetr; yes. a.l :n 10
VwiT-" .?1r4 'WX '"if
"Aci f.iar h set!. v have St,1 '
to is. w - - f ;::::.z - Ke lx.i at f Tkjf . 1
gi,.r. .-::., :r- rr. ,r.e t, another. fff tli iff riKto J
No: N-,neo: s,-,, had ivari. Vj fl4.?i
-i mttee so :f he -aid, ar.i kJSfe Ai' r.-i
S:i :i- :f o- w.-,f ' ,.r r n T 'ir jf. 4. 111 n i fff'' i'-':
r.::7 :. -r .1.1- ' i; H' i hi. 3
m sr.e d-aw:r.s r-.r!.. however. I wa 1 - mi t. Jr g
e -i.-e. ..... . ... .... J
a. n.anne- o: t;."
. ro-e a . . : . . . ' a urf.-.s :s sati z c stvuz.
.j...y .ue .e7i. . "rarv a:.'-e:i''e o:
(.in. ...
r a" .... - -
: " ; an-i t:n .ever. c. .sr.e-.v: Frani ti -w
a fcwar-ae-" an:
iel:;htt.-d n.e with h;
piatt'-r wr.ii- Ma-iemot'
very br:,d.t and win
.r.ver::.; witn her an
l.e when, f'.r intari't
Native Cm cjrert ixc of a Hia"
Un4 Chief or a Ballet Ilnrrr.
E. Cstrr.ss. the Antertcnn
rrerir: lens who is traveiirr; in Ea
rr w-t frx Atben:
At e " TTt'iraT station werecrowris
o re-tr!e. 771 7. y of them ir. 7 7 p plfrtrr
s;" niti" c-w"urr:e. whu-h : a rro
'-rw-e-- sitt of a ;L"e; d:,.r.'"er tn-l a
rT ;zili J chieftain. The fciits are white
,to?tton. "-rI '?.n r't.it!. atii worn
.-T ri. inn.ps sights, vr:;!;
c-".r"ar h!w tie ir. The hoe or
Cir-r 1 r.apl !:ke a Tttri'.a calotte,
w ;: a h-i a:J cr.r'.inr r.p over the
: Ii' r.r. nid-fsshiorjti "sate. fcaf'.c?
a L'e r--s-re or r-mp-..c s'.ik or biack
r . 7 rv
. The ps !
for tiie ree; ccfurt'.e in
(ivp;i and or'en in
The '.eeve of whit" error: are
r.i ;t't:;. and the front of the
: T'lf '.:ei. The cniir i. a st.ff
t. e"nhro!dar1 wi;b s.i thread
of lather. and
:: "time a wrx of haw ! that is quite
1-u.iT. A '.ireei cc:isuin in fell
or a serract !a -'rr:ti'.ete firery will
a pyoi and tro or three dnrrzers
i'r .e 7
stui.k in itTea Lis belt and his shirt
front in a bandy sort of way. The
peasant wans a iathem hols, wiu: a
sheathed ducser or a jM'Uch over the
p.t of h: ssctr.a-.-b from which she
handles of a knife and a revolver csn
aliy protrtid". The Greek still wears
th red Fcrypiar; cap upon his bead,
and the tassel hans? down upon bis
shoulder in an artistic pose.
A 'well-Erroomed Greek" is the most
piituresjuff loohinsr ohj"t in Enro;e.
There is no cosrurne that will compare
with his. bus. like all other national
peculiarities, is is rradually becoming
obsolete. Toe se it !n the counrry
towns of the interior, but in the cities
very few people wear it except oid
fashioned eer.tmen and the servant
c:aj. The aristocracy dres.o: their ser
vants in that way. makir.r it a sort of
liv.-ry. r.nd that practice. I cm told, has
mad" it unpopular anions the mechan-
ics and
the workinc classes renerally.
hey fear pieople will mistane
them for household sett
Capt. S. H. Barton, a Texan. Claim
He Fired It.
"I alone, sire, am the rear truard of
the prand army!
- u e--
' ex-laimod .farshal
-he last shot a: the
' osrt.iciis on the
banks of th Ber
isino. In the re
treat of Napoleon
from bis disas
trous campaign
U"n a line of
Confederate cav
alry was slowly
retirlnr from the
deld on the plains
of Brazos .Sauti
atro in Texas.
.in. i..
' vrher ti" biue an'J Cy bad met in
deadly encounter for the last time, a
soldier turned in his saddle, and after !
: repeating the words of the great French
marshal, he threw his gun to his shoul- '
der and fired. It proved to be the last 1
shot of the last battle, and it was cer- :
tainly the last shot of the Ions war. j
:The man who describes this event and
who claims he is entitled to the d.- i
tlnction contained in be. tig its central '
i figure is S. II. Burton, of Lei Uio. in
I wes-era Texas, where he owns a Cue
ranch. He was a captain in the Con
fedemte army, and he was held in high
esie.-ui by b.s superiors and dear.y :
loved by the brave Texaas. whose dan- ;
r and privations he shared on the .
; march and in the trenches where balls '
: fell like hall. Promotion sought him
; many times after the smoke of battle
; bad cleared from a red field and sol-
dlers were talking of bis dauntless i
courage, but be preferred to serve with !
the comrades of bis boyhood.
: The story of that last battle, which
was fougat on tne 12:h of Mav Iku
; after the wtr was ended and pence de-
tarpi. uaa wrm.nlivKl tue BtseCtlOn that
ll mrne. .u. .1. n. wu amr Of 00 lit-
tie Importance. Gen. Egbert Brown.
w ho re.:ently died at West Piaina. Mo.,
waa in command of the Federal troor..
II- marttl (ctr it nn .t. a .
In southern Texas, and he was doubt
less well Informed concerning the
termination of hoetll-ties. Gen. J. E.
Slaughter, who commanded the Con
fed.iret troop encamped at Brazo
Santiago, bad heard rumors of the snr
render of the armlew commanded hy
Lee. Johnson and other generals, but
be bad received no official notice of
these facts from the War Department
Gen. Brown, under a flag of truce. In
formed the Confederates of the stute
of affairs about Washington and Rich
mond, at the same time Inviting them
to come In and lay down their arma, as
tha wax was certainly over.
t:p 07
Gen. Plsnirhter refnwed t art In
affair of snch importance nntii be was
hotter informtHi. Thereupon Col. Bar
ret, at the hesd of a eonnideraMe for-e.
wa dispatch-! nf ,1,r T1"
csmp. A tot lr.tt enoi. and ciir.
ons.y eoccsa. m. of the Cshtics WK'
do:.e on tie oid Eeid of Palo Alto.
wb re Geo Taylor n. hirred a rirtory
over the Meii'tns ceariT twenty yes-
lfore. The frrnch Foldier ervmpel
on the southern i.ore of the HioOrande
worv in i-.-m-n-hy with the imitherncrw.
and thf.v kept Gen. Slanchter and Col.
K.r- Ford p.wt.v! ns to the movements
of the Fderu! troop. Several epirired
eni.'i".t.pr wcrre! and the sun
w.liil I? ime of the ne-rro resiaients
as: ha ve lH-r e'- ere. While the hi
tie rilled tiie C'i.ife.l-rare were fre
;". er.t;v ir.furzned by "U.e bold mTalry
liien in hiae that the war wan over.
One d;.r:nr fellow snooted: "lr cur
rendred a month nro The war i
enle.'.. V, !.y idoL't yon go home""
V.'Len the enpaceui'-nt was hottest
'"fu. Siau-'h-er fw-eived dUpatcb and
the French sent him a hundie of news
paper. Fniiy a:!sSed that the cause
for which they were hi-htins was for -
evr lost, he ordered the hrins to cease.
At that p;.rt!' i:hir moment neither side
cedd have . !a riid r.r.v advantage over
th- n:tr hut r:n armies bei-nn to re-
" t . ,, .
:"" a: :;me-
i apt- H. fh.-'.n. in command of the
rur cv.nrd. was slowly ridins away a
stray i stru' k a youn: man by hid
side and he fell from his saddle. That :
was certainly the last man killed in the
lor.? war. Capt. Barton wan unahle to!
r iV. hi. name. "I thought that was :
bard lu -k." sa.nt the old soldier. "The
younir can had served four yenrs and
ever -ot a s'-rntch. The Inst bullet
that .-a me otir way killed him. Frompt
e-'. more by a spite at fate than bitter
ness toward ti.o enemy. I turner' in my
sa'.d.e and rd toward a dark blue
l.ne which I hope was out of ranse.
the last shot of the
""at war."
Chinese Lecatinn One of the
in Waeh iucton.
C'ne of the haLdomest of the foreign
legation in V'ash:n?ton is the Chi
nese, ti
The ho
ca: at (j and ls:h streets, j
:e has lucr ien considered I
one of t lit. snow r.hi.-M r.1 W'o r..-.
and its Ene location and beautiful arch
itecture make it moss imposing. It is
of white Indiana stone, with red tile
roof. The hallway is of oak. wi;h a
lar: stone frieze, and from it one en
ters the iarze reception room known
as the onyx n-om. which is distinctly
oriental in character. Farther on is the
pario-. Cnisned in licht woods and
decorated and finished In delicate col
ors. When the Chinese minister
moved into the house be added much
of h.s own fumi-ure and ornaments,
brousrht froai China, to the various
iiii i.iii.
apartments. He converted the oriental
room into a veritable Chinoe apart
tnent. and in this room the minister
and Mrs. Wu receive their cu..rs
ia I whre tea is Invariably served. One
t of the most prominent features of this
or seat of honor,
a IarSe and mai,-nicenf.y carved piece
of teak wood furniture resembling
somewhat a large settee, with a black
puocy table or tray across the center
Tne cistern is to give the cuest of
honor one of the seats on the ho...oi.
. ctair while the minister takes the oth
' er. and tea is served on n- .
. .. , , .u tin.'
Du..o..tg is the luiuieuse ballroom, and
' t&c2id;r et in Washington.
'wunia iu
ii. is ui.iueu m carved
i . . .. .
s;oue. wiih a
di .-.c.i ,Ur tsjsie.
space for dan-.tg.
ins and an immense
New l r.,,. cinders.
oeorge r. Ave.-::;. pv.
E at Arverne.
I- si:ys that he
has disco vi.rul o
means of ns.i.g waste eoa.
... ...ai ... i-iKe tne h.tuerto use- ,
esa mater.al of tr-en. A
v.-..-.. t r - r:
great couimen-;.'.!
e use which Xfr x , -:o , .
r,.. j 4 i hi una
L0'jTr.r P-r cent
u;a,,e up of con
tr.e re- f.c.iv v ..
- - ... v..,e b.t ursolic cement
h has had tests made imrf.,
; supervision of th- department of bulld
; 's m ilcr.hattan. wbicb show that
. tw insuiatmg properties of ,
constructed a-ordine to Me s'Z..
spec;ti..at.ons are very great
A Quesrlon of Climate.
An Old colored n'Mi.u ..
I u- w US
E.S COngregat.On that S'ter A..,l L
! ould prohablv E0 to rh. he'
j meeting one of the bes nf?rT AtM
1 hre-Wn ..m . 'nrt"ud of the
- iu li.ic;
m P'f ck:n"- 5n't ,0D kno dat de
In de w.y you gwine ,a
it."-At:anta Constitution m'M
New Word r,r
to designate the TJ
Jnns heen ordc.U, t"
ir'Miif .i-roi,'s ubi
Teruoa is an Excellent Sj.riaj Catn
KttneCj ! an as well as Eer."
Hen. lun. . GroTnnr. of Che fano-a Ob.
ditor ior ti e war department, in a !.
ter w ritten lrom vn ashington, D. C
, ay:
. "Allow me to express my jrrtitut
to you for the benefit derived front
bostle of Peruna. One week ha
brought wonderful chan?es and I
: now as well as ever. Besides beis-
one of the very bert sprinortol?.
, an excelent catarrh remedy." Vert
; respectf.l!y, Dan. A. Qrosvetmr '
Hal P. Ienton. chief national emcn
exposition, I'hiiadelphia, I'a.. wriW
"I was completely rundown fiomove;.
work and the respons-ioility natanlit
connected with the exploitation of a
s-eat international exposition. Ki
phy-ician re- maended an exteoW
vai-ati on. When life seemed almost i
in-.rden I liecan taking Peruna, ui
w :th tiie use of the fifth bottle I fr.njj
myself in a normal condition. I tin
!-:n e enj-'Ved the best of health."
Almost everybody needs a tonic a
the i rins. r-omethinf to brace tk
ne-ve. invigorate the brain, tti
ciei.ne the blofl. That Peruna Ji
d i ti.i is ix-yond all question. Etwt--lie
who ha tri"l it has bad the nat
experience as Mr. D. XV. Timberliie.
d Lynchhiirp, Va., wlio, in a recat
-fcr. n.ade u-e of the follow ing wonk
"I aiway- take a dose of Peruna aftB
-.i-".::e-s hour, as it is a great thisj
: r the nerves. There is no betw
--.-riiiu' tonic, and I have used abocl
a.! of them."
For a free book on "Chronic &
turrh." adire-s The Peruna Medici
Co., Columbus. Ohio.
Kept a Record.
Mrs. Ptyle John, do yon keep u
account of tiie monev you spend fool
ishly? Mr. Styles Yes, dear; I've got ill
,i)ur milimery bills in my safe;.
From Gor IV. to Edward VII.
Should the raroness Bnrdett-Cootti
live to witnes the coronation of Li
ward VII next June, it will be fit
third event of the kind she will bin
attended. At tiie aire of 16 th
lieorce IV crowned, and she sl it
tended the coronation of Queen Vie
toria. Danger of ReicntmcnL
"Republics are ungrateful," said thi
hero, sadly.
"Well," answered the business tntt
"I suppose a republic has a great di
of human nature about it. Nobod'
likes to be dunned, and eome peopi
are liable to make the mistake oft
tinuallv reminding republic of is
Pro-Bocr Piptr In Pitta.
A new pro-Boer paper called Pf
Pretoria has made its appearance
Paris. It contains communication
sympathizing with the R-ers from
large nubmer of senators and doputk
It Wu of Him
Dibbs (facetiously) This isspicW
of my wife's first hubsand.
Dobbs Great snakes! Whit
brainless looking idiotl But I diial
know your w ife was married before
met you.
Dibbs She wasn't. That'sap01
of nn telf at the age of 29. Tid-Bi
what became of Him.
"What became if your brother Bill,
ho nevnr could learn history at school,
ar.'i always insisted that Benedictl''
nold discovered America?" inquired ti
former Resident.
"Who Rill?" .ol Ihfl Pf-
i son Addressed. "Oh, he don't Ii
here any more.' He made a mW
dollars out of a historical novel tin
hao Adam for its hero and Joan off
, for the heroine." Baltimore Am"
' ican.
A Different Mattsr.
"Let me see," said the clerk, fiUW
out a marriage license. "This
fourth, isn't it?"
"No." said the hnsband-to-be, indig
nantly, "itV o ily my second."
r OILED. v
f CLOTMjn--