The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1884-1892, May 19, 1876, Page 3, Image 3

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frjr I.nltsl Vwa J ftrla.
faiirca ai Mntonsra.
Paris, May fl.-Frnra rietiiU of the
out raj,'" t Knlonh reoilve.l here, it
appear that Hie l iiilt-ci Slate enisnl
interfered for tft tiroteetion of a (atvek
girl, who vm the innocent eatise of
iliaturtiauce, and comlucted her t the
conaulute in a carriage. An exelteil
mob thereupon surrounded the conau
lato, hikI the French ami Herman enn
imla, who were brothera-ln-la w, mid.
both related by marriage to the Amer
ican consul, believing lilm to bo in
danger, proceeded to his itasistuuee'
and on the way were attacked.
The Italian ooiihuI informed the Uov
ornorofth atate of nflUiro, and lie
wilt troop to the relief of the Ariiet i
can consulate, which wits beolctiod by
the rabble.
A special from lierlin say Hernia ny
Jihd uotw-pled the 1'ort'u otter to liive
aatiafaction for the Kalonica out rape,
provided the promises be carried into
tfl'ect immediately.
1'ap.ik, May 9 A t'.iipateh my the
reports of t tie outiao at Kalonick re
eeived represent th-i the Freucli and
(.icriiiau c.-iimiIh were dniitijt-d from
the at recta into the moKiitie ai.d there
! tubbed. The Uoverner arrived at tlie
luonque after the murders imd been
eerelarj' tUtmtnm,
Vaiiim';to M T ft. A-Md'emenf bus
been lili-lal to the h"--et llial Iliistnw
suspended pf-w'ediitj(4 against .In, i'.tuk
iter, who via clt. i-mr nl i ..I-ruii I revenue
kt i,otJillet f .. a ilefinlti r ti) t! the ex
tent of tH'-' '"'eati-e jlii t-t r.
lather ol M'- I'' i-tow, " hii ilictl ifi-.-i.tly
K-nvitig Mr. Kri-iow a 1 r-n-y.
is on llm UhhI of lite ilrtiiulit r. 1'nou
till Milihef Ih- treasury reco'ils -how that
.latin i JiiukMr lout In-en lr - rul
year-' a-l co.ltemr of inivi n vi inu' f..r
the 5 h illtrht. K-iilm y. lie 1- il f mi
ter lr i i lOU.l'HO. or any otl.i r Mini; Lnt
tliirin;; last u inner In I'n-u ci-hier.
Jackon I v ' imnnii n d Mi'ie'ide.
The 1h- .i- nl-.:oi-r d hyl'.il-toiv lie
fore It known lit I.omI- Hie, Ail of
IUK-kuer's ImmI. are mi tlie in I he I enemy
he-e ami an mi in illation ol liiini show
that II lute Mr. Miii was never on any
of lliem. "Ike In-1 bni.ilatt;!y Minrtii
in the government by Hie collet-tor's bonds
,f aJl.ili.UOO Mini curt-tie ttiii.-b Hit)
worlli more tlmii 1 (tOO.OOO. Ibickner
liax now a m tiou t"r rt lit f befoie lioiiir tif
lit-pn --iit).tiit . !) -M-tl ly tliizcus tl
Kentucky tvh hu re'ird to pmty.
" Lr r ieBlil-
rillLADKl.fUlA. May 10. Tlie .city pre
sented a leuiai kulle appt-arniiu; hMlay.
Clival illt at reel anil nil llieiiiiiii tlroiij:l.
lure were dm-ru'ed with biiiilbig.ainl lie.
llependi-m-e Hull Oiled witli a I. umber
ol ttaiiFpHreni-ieis calcium li'hlt.
' Ureal pi-ogrea iaen unUe In clenulng
tlie exlnlillioii building ol ititiUeh. I ruin
ol cars UiuHid with empty btixt. old lum
ber, t tc, bnve Iweu oitij out of I lie
ground all day. The uniiii piwage wiy
of me prineipni uuntiiit niv nuw m
reectahle ile lor piit-..liiari. There
remain, however, much inr.eiilerlitg t
be dune in tlie fotvln dertMient. Ol
tlie great exliibil urn bui Id iocs that ol the
government U in the tluest order and Hie
nioxt advanced atate of preparation, and
nothing 1 to be done, but to clear amy
The Invitation to participate in the
opeuiuc cere aim den to-MKnruw tmuiber
from 3U.00U to 40,000 ; tlien! include Kin
peron". Kings, Qrerua. aud Pn-Hideuw of
foreign couutriea, loreigu uihilHera, coo
lula, judgea ot tlie bonreiue courta, ooo
; greanuibn, etc., with their wives.
Capt. Warner, ot tlie 4th U- S. regular
artillery, arrived tw-dajr alia hi com
mand. The Krnpp cannon from Germany. will
not be D'f 'I on exbpiil ion Oil week,
owing to UiellC'euliy ( removing it from
tlie Ve-I. "
Tla mpre ol Itrazil hns been re
' qtMwiod and canifd to alart I tM ma
' cliloery in the ladUi'a pavUliea mi the
)ieiihig d.ty. Tlie Boston Lancer. Capt.
Kuiory, liUiula-riiig 1 H nun, arrived this
atleriiiHHi. They will, dnriuir the three
day of their May, do guard riuty fur Maw-
acbu-etu. 1 lie e-iver..uii-iit uik of pn-p-arutiou
on the viand luniijrural platlurm
was tiul-bed llu eveninj; Hud everything
U ready fur the uerenionlea. Mo-l vt nu-
tuU in vicinliy ( tlie grouixU are crowded
to-nitl't. 1'ivsi lent limn: and f , !Sv
relary and Mr, i'l-h, jtola-aon, Tuft,
Chandler, Juw. ll and llieir iv.-, and
LKiiii IVdro and member ol bis Kitite. Hie
JSuprenieCoiir , lUinjjieSMiien, army and
naval ollla-rs and others ai rived thin afei
nooo. tllvrr t ln DMuikiI.
. Kkw Yikk, May 9. The total amount
ol f-ule.Nlnr.yi.vei- .IiiiiimiI Iw-re niuee
April 20. i l;t.aU.U0. Tlie prein uiii.
Ixxnever, iia not Jel entirely diauppeureti,
it to-day bringing a half to one per cetit.
which i paid ty broker, who find a i no-
tit in ahipplng l lie new cnhi to tSau Fran-
cIdco, wlieie there U a fceurciiy. 1 lie new
ailver coin, worth about V5 eeuta in gold,
can be ot. lalned here at oar in e-eenlm.k".
or 8H4 gold. It U naid that fdO.OUO were
aoliliMnl yentenlny. I lit- It yll in
Uuforluiiate that the teiideuev of tlie li Ml
atep toward npucie payment should be lo
level down the currenev of 'lit- only cc-
tiouof cuu itiy tfiat h i-, iimhitiiined specie
paymeiit througlHHit ad cur currency
Mvlljr Neitiil.r MiMatetral.
I'oTTSVlU.t May 9 -Iu the Voh
Diurder trial !-liiv. tieteetive Jas. Mi
l'hardeii coin inn. d iii leliitiouy hi regard
o tne M.Tt-i i ru(H)ii ol tti fi.-c:leil
Molly M.igtih-es. or tin- Ancient Order of
Jlila ruiaim. i'lie witi a tt'stirled lo hav
ing been asked by ri. ne l oixlon, x at tlie jail, lor a pi-lol, with
v men to miioot a ctrlaiu party cusiH-cled
of having laien coiieetned in the klldug of
juci.u luster anu ul waggiai 1 atc.i. He
also testified he knew wnu nhot Oottier;
that llie piatui Willi w hi .ti the deed wa
lone waa now in hi IHixsession. V ttness
atUindcd the ouuty convention mi (;inu.l-
Vllle on the 4 ll of July la-t. lie appeanal i
there in ihe ciiieitv of secretary of the i
bh i.m.d mIi diiisiaui of ("lie oidi r. A
llll llb r of pr-:ill lei t llie il'i. l nl kin o; '
d-r v. p.t. (.-:, -.hi it: 'a n-s Km
rlun, now in Ui-llilelieui juii wailing the
penalty ol llm Iiw for Hie miirdt rof
NViti-en furl her twtiliexl that John .1. Stut
ter, at one lime a cindidate for the as-H-riaie
jtnlge-dtip of t.hi county, wa ex-ielh-d
from the order for giving inlni mo
tion a to the Intention of tlie order, he
liHV-ing told the iiihii that lieWMa innik
liir a pi-ttol, and thua liiHtmred llitlr
Mwre Trawpa In KradlMma.
Cj.EVM.iNH, May 9. Tlie Hernld's
Maitailoti, Uhio, ap-cial nays: (Jov.
Hayea haa written lo Ad)ntant (Jen
erul Wyckhoti; ex punning fer that
the preaent force at Maasiloii would
prove iiiHufHcient ahould IheJO be any
I'm tl.ur disturbances in the mining
diatrict. lie furthur inatrueta him to
lake evry precaution audio liuve it
thomuglily uudei'HtHd that t lie mili
tia will remain until the lawlcsetieH
In elHctually quelled. The Adjutant
General haa xutnmoned two more
eompanlea, who will arrive to night.
The grand jury haa found numx-iou
ludictmtuin againut pattieipuuta in
the recent riola at FaimiriRU.u mi; e,
but Ha yet no arreata liuve been inude.
ml BnrbdM-a.
In the hoiine of cohhiioup, today,
Iowtber, under wecretury for colunial
department Mated no liirlhur lin ing
Uati oceured ut li irbacIoe!i. Uov lleu
lieney teleKrupbed to tlie Ctilonial ol
fii!rf that (tistui'baiu-ea oceured at To
baio; i-4iU! unknown. A man-of-war
had gone to Tobago. The ijiri of
Carnarvo i, (Secretary of ri ate for the
co o.dal department", telegraphed for
furthur particular.
Itlenictt I'ulitlr.
Chicago, May 9. The city council to
day held a action at which Colviti
presided and approved the boiel given
by Mr.IIoyne aa mayor. A ivmiIu! ion
uus ottered which iir. Co'vio refused
M enleitaiii, iin rucl ing ll.n lua.I.s of
ifi parlineliia -o nt-oguize only Jl i.ytio
a mayor, ami dt-claillig him ckclt-d
mayor ol ClilCJigo. Altera hut debate
in wl.ich ( inwn I'l.d Li auppurtcM
liMik m I, a in inner nit tlie motion
and the n m!u:.oii Ui.s carl ietl. To- i
nightColiu bus isKUcd a p.nicliuiia-
tiou te the Inuiia d" depart incuts or-
eermg that llo-y do not recojuie
Hoy ne. In another prnclamat.nii, nu
dlffiti "to the guild citiz. tin of Clli
CHgo," he declurca the city council,
proce. duigf illegal, revolutionary and
void, and onlla mi i lie citixrim to pro
tect him lu hi right, an I bewaiviiow
tut-y encourage ucii pioceeduif.
laisub( run ti" r.iul. .
ClllCAOO. May 8 Tla-re a rlot tl:i
nioruii. in tlai lumber district Li l li - city.
The slnkieg liiinln ryanl wnikmeii t nil
er'y hour made mion vioh'i.t demonstra
tion Hjalii-t il e men wlin were kii i;
for reduci d pay. that t!.e po ice n.Iei f-n d
Slid a hand' to hand fi.t cu-ili'd.
duriiis which -veral -h.its well' tired;
Maine ol bicll bank ell' it
rented a larzc number ot rioter m.d re
Mored order.
ChiCaoo, M iy 8. T!e riot-m lutntv-r
wtwkiiicii lield a im-eiuig lo-ulght, at
which a coticllialoiy apirit prevailed. TlH?
atiggi-alluii that tla-y lorni tlieuiK lves into
Motective union met with much tavor.
and aiiiillier uieeliug wa uppninu-d for to
morhe night. One ot the laborer, who
waa ahot during an wcouuter with one of;
llie firemen, died to-night. The workmen
are chiefly Bolatnlan and German-, and
liuve been urged to tlii strike by the no
torious (JomiininUt of tlii city, l'oliee-
men and s apanHal patrol of tlreinen are
auardliic the aectiuii of toww wht re the
oul break occarred. '
KaaMtae r ajartetn.
IjttleRock, May 8. Eight convict
ear ped from the stone un try near tlie
penitentiary thl evening, by knocking tlie
gnard dowu. They re all desperate char
Hanavjr Bnlw Ntvraa.
SHMVKTWtrr, Iji., May 8. A very
heavy rain atorm paai-ed over thiscliy at
unUy nliiit and Sunday forenoon, lasting
17 iMMirs, A mil iivi r i iu vii ibie.
I-l a y 1-aatloa.a, fur jMliig Utr ( cw Ivuu 1 I
PlIll.Alirt.I'IilA. May 8 Great progtess
haa heeu made aluce riatuniuy in the prep
aratiwna for llie opening ot tlie O-utetmial
Exbihi'bati. 1'orti.Mis of Memoriul Hall
arr ready, but there atill remain a l.irg
ipiantby ot citfoldiiig and material in Ihe
ivnter of tlie btdlding. Many car of the
narrow gunge railway are on the truck
and the manager promise to haie tl.uu
reatbig to-iuorrov.
Tlie Kiel eh exhibit of ilk Im been
partially uncovered, but that pax-age way
at tilled with boxe. The Kugii-h de
mi tim-nt is progressing mpid!y. and must
of tlie exliibitiuus prouii'ie to be n-ady
Gen. Hawley iay the ground af tiie
exhibition may possibly lie.araetiedoii (Sun
day, but I lie d' uisioii cuii-rruiog the build
ing U dual.
' Mt lrr Kli.
Clkvelasd Ohio, May 8. It is re
ported that about tifteeu old atrlKing
nilnera wetit to work in ailver creek
thia morning at 60 cent per ton, uu.
der Uie protection of the Oiiio militia.
All manner of threat a were male
aval nut them by the r,tri kern, and J r ib
ably a guerilla warfare will be reorj.
ed to. ,
llirro Xen irMael.
TMOMWKVHJ.K, Conn., May 8.
V'eteriay tsjiueon MillM, John John
aou and Kzra Marka drowr-iwi while
crowing the river by the upsetting of
m boat.
KaMll(iMi arfalataat laaallMii,
Fokt LAKAMir, May 7. Capt. Eg
au, witli compuiiy K, aecroud infant
ry, Lieut, liogera and 100 gisxl men
in all, left l Ina morning fur the
xceiu of the late Indian trouble in
ited t'uliou. They are elllcient offi
cer a aud wiil make it hot tor the lu
dialia if they aee any.
Kftsarui It IM Entit'.
ClllCAOO, May 8. Di-patchev from va
rious .iii( indicate that tlie alorui of
Saturday waga ucral throughout States of
Mi-si.uri and Kausa, and tiiat the plant
ing of corn will be considerably delayed.
Nr. M u tutor d Uratd.
Hai t 1ak May ft. Mr. Mtunlord, of
H'.clH sier. N. Y.. iinlherof the late Geo.
tl. M unit, ii it. iee pre-idei.l V. I'. 'I'. Co..
illi .1 II I 'a u'ei.r M ilaopli XV at Ihe Towa
r.e..w CUj III li.l-(.i; JoUlO.i).
IHer, (lie Wurtler.
1tvs, M:iy ft. Thimvi W.Wper.opx
tnn of U'urri'ii avenuo- church, under cn
temv or death firtlie murder ol the child,
Mabel Voting. I-, the belfry of the church
lei voi deed that he wa the miKdererof
Bridget Uiid. giin, hi 1S73, and the prin
cipal in tlientr.iiigo and nearly fatal ftault
on May Tyner in lliU city, two year, ago,
l'!-r declares ho had no motive foi Hie
crimes particnlary lor the murder of the
child and cannot understand why he came
to cVnnuilt the crime. It I 'itpposed he
was actuated only by a lii-ndl-h l ive fur
IInhMiciI. like tlw loy, I'omeroy,
who U mill in J til. 1'ipi-r nay lie ll.n
hilherto lied nb .nt the matter to" blind Id
cousel. knowing be could nt get their
aid if they believed him guilty. In hi
coiifct-doii ot ttie iiiiinicr ol Mabel Young.
I'ia-r ftild. " I pv.k a cat Ironi the lower
tooui Ht commencement ol scIkkiI to kl'l
the -a inc. At thai timn I carried it up
into the an lilorium, Inn during the ftwdmi.
of the Stiad.iy miIkhiI I took it from I he
sin lilnriuiii and carried to the beltrv. Alter
the cli; of tlie achnol I ci ne down stair
and opened the or; then 1 weiit up
again. I neut awny (he buys who ' were
plavh.g in the ve-tibulc. Alter the lay
had gone out and I w in Rllll in tlie v'ii
1'iiln. ' little girl came up atair and I iu-lina-d
her to go Willi me btlnthe la lt'rv.
There I slnick her with a clilhtwo nr three
lime. Hu.l -lie loll vvlieie tlie blood wa
f.Hind; then I picked her up and carried
lla-laxly (o the place vihcrc it wa dis
covert id.
Hi cnnfe-l.ii nf llm murder of IJ-idsjet
Tiietcgnii hi 1S7.'I wa iiii-tiiy evplieir.
He w n iinih-r the infl lence ot ivhi-ky and
opium, end dt-lilH-ralely prepared a club
tn Kid some one. am) he was liie rlrst per
n lie h ippeia-d to meet.
Cotton Mill Mint (timn.
Ii istcn. May 7. Tim Aquidheck
cotton mill at Newport, H I., wa
shot (Inwn indefinitely last liblit, ow
insr to tin; refusal of the Imiul to tie
e,.l Til per Cetit reduction ill W'Uifea.
a:i ctt-t Ht i .svin.ii.
Ci.vvki. imiO.. Mil v 7 Everything
1 qnieat Massiliui lo day. I. t.-t night
ti bout 8 o'clock, six oreiLfht slioln were
bivd at picivela il itione I at tlie astl-
intoii mine, llie nc.iets re lirned
;the Ore and started in pursuit, but the
. alUckitijj party made their cscjih'.
Asia llli-kitin.
T.O-TOS. May R.Tiie del'llt of Anna
llic'aitiison upon the dram itic stag -. I i her,
own play. "A crown ot Thorn." was
made thl ev.-uhig at ihe Globe. Theater
hi foie t lie largest audience ever asemhlc(l
hi tie- building. It i thought to bnve
liulvh driiit 'I ic ,sijre at:i Uickuisoii's ile
liiieation of Ihe character of Ann Bo'vn
made a fa von hie liiiiiralnu. She wa
j ratvived iih etiilmsiasin and a profu-ion
of floral otl'.-r'ni,;.
.Maauulialal Jlenaj jw Murtlprrr.
HKAVKK. May 8. Lee and I)iie, in
dictial for p irtioipiition in the Mountain
r.....i..u. ...i i.. ..t :..
court tbi morning. It is uu.ler-f'Kid that
they will I- tried aeparately. iieednn.
proeu'iiig attorney, decline.l tn net, liU
principal. Carey, having been removed.
Jlost of llie time wa c rnsitmed in the ar
gument nt this question. Southerlaud tor
llatne, coiitending that Caia-y removal
did not nnect lieetlon. l ho questinu
will lie decided thin tifiernooii. Dime i
prenent and will Imj here tomorrow.
Tht dillletilty a to tlie prosecuting at
torneyship lias been ettlcd by the pro tetn
apiaoiuttnetit ot Presley Denny by the
eoi'rt. Kvervllilng indicates that the trial
will lie pu-lied to a conclusion. It i nt
morvd tliat Judge IJoreman will dUposi- of
t!ee easea at this term or di.-chaige tlie
tttajr Catwatloai aQraatsd JlrKre aud
Bt. Iouis, MaylO. The ftayofex
ecAition for two week9 grantee by
Judge Dillnn in the McKee And Ma
guire caae having expireil to day, a
motion waa made ft the circuit court
this afternoon for another atav fora
week, until certain papers now before
the department can lie examined.
After Rome dim"iasioti, the slay waa
irtnnted by JudguTn-ut, w ho, however
required McKee to give an additional
bond of ifij.OOU ami Maiijr; .$M,iW.
McKee returned from Washington
Iii in afternoon, aud bia cnunaei atated
in court there waa a renonHbIe prtw
peet that liia sentence wouid be coin
muted. It. alia of nr. Hull.
New York, May M Dr. Win. H
Hall, editor of Haft's Journal of Health
fell in the atreet to night In a lit and
expired. CuUiio of death unknown.
A. M. The Inauguration cere-monii-s
are now fully under way. At
10:-'M Horn IVIro arrived ami was e
tiorled to hi seat by Gen. Hawley. At
10:45 Gen. Hheridan and wife passed
over from the building to the aland In
front of Memorial Hall, during the
rendition of the national airs, and was
greeted witJl great, which be
gracefully acknowledged. He was
cloaely followed by Hon. J. G. I'.laine,
and Senator Jonea of Nevada and wife.
At 11:53 the President entered the
Memoriul Hall and was conducted to
hi eat in front of the platform. Gov.
Haltranft, General Hawley and II. D.
MorriJ occupied seats on hi left, while
Mrtwni. JoUu Welch and A. T. Goa
horti were on hia right. Considerable
nmiiHcmcnt waa canned liy the sudden
aptearance of Fred Douglas., who had
by enine mi-hap worked hi way
through the crowd and was helped
over the rojiea oy the oKicer and con
ducted tn a aeat on "'e platform. He
wus greeted with c'ra.
rit MKih IIHIinsfiiu I'ra maiiletl
I.ONtios, May II. Special" dispifcln-s
ti-om Oila-sa represent that the Saloiiica
outrage wa premeditated. All the con
sul, exivpf the Urilish, bad warned the
governor and the Porte that a nriss.-icre
wa intended. A feelli g of insecurity
prevail- among the Christiauaaml Kuroja-j
an In Turkey. 'I la-plot was discovereil
in ((instantinoiile last week, ot which
Durowii p.tshn. the ilinnterof War. was
at the head. He persuaded the Sultan that
ait attack on the Sultan' Palace wa med
itated. The Governor el Uodouto ha 1 al
so armed I lie Maliominel Mpnlation of
that place, but received order to dUarm
theai. On receipt of the New, of the
Salouiia mil rage the insurrection in Bul
garia gained ground. The insurgent h aid
le ltoa ami a ,i.;t ..u of tl.e lint :u-. linn
i lia-.aj ;..!; ;ct..t ll.cit.lo.
IVjer l y lil.hop Muipon n( (ulniall
Almighty and evorlaatlng G1, our
Heavenly Fatla r, Heaven la Thy Throne
and tho earth Thy haitatwil. IJefore Thy
Majesty and Holiness, the angel veil their
luce, and the spirit ot tho Just miule per-,
feet bow In humble adoration. Thou art
the Creator o all thing, the preserver of
all that exist, whether they be throne or
dominions, or principalities or power.
The minute and the vast, the atoms and
Ihe worlds alike attest tlio ubiquity of Thy
pretence, and tlie omnipotence of thy
sway. Thou alone art the sovereign ruler
of nation. Thou ratseth up onnand cit
eih down another, and Thou give the
kingdom ol the world to whomsoever Thou
wilt.. The pat with all record ' I' v-.
tnldlng of Thy counsel, and the u . i. i-
ti' f Thy grand design. We hail Thee
a our right lid ruler, the king immortal
ami hivi-iUe, the only true God blessed
Inr evermore. We cmne hi thl al id day,
oh Thou Gild of our father, l.lto these
court with thanksgiving, and Into these
gates with praise, We bless Thee for
s'liy wonderful g..i ' i i ; ,..i pit; for
tlie laud which Thou gavest to our talhet.
alaiiilvi ilisilr.ini the age, from the an
cient world, but revealt'l in the tullnes of
time In i'hy chosen people, whom Thou
ilidi lead lay Thy own right hand through
llie billow of tlie deep a laud of vast ex
tent, of Intverhit; mountain ni d broad
plains, ot tiuuiiiubcre I products and in -
nil. I treasure. We tliai.k Thee lor the
lather of our country, men of mind, of
might, wlui endured privation and sfiCri
tices. who braved multiplied danger rath
er ill an tlctlle their o S ience nr to be
1 1 1 1 1 in.- to their Go I, who laid on tlie hro id
foundation of tnn 'i a id ju-tice llie great
structure of civil IVeed'oni. Wtt prai-m
Thee tor the clo-ing century; for Hip found
er ot the republic; for the immortal Wa-h-Ington
and his iis-ociate-; fur the freedom
which they planted and the Amine and
lieroisin which, under Thy bh-ssimr, led
them to triumph lat succfs it, wn their
shield in Ihe lioiir'of danger, their pillar
of cloud by day and their pillar of hie by
niglit. M iy we lh-r s ih walk ill their
footstep and imitate ll eir s'atnre. We
Ihank Tliec for soci il and national pro--h
rily and proiit-'ss; f .r Inn bible disci. v
eri. s and nmliip'icd inventio i ntid liihor
saving iiinchiuery. rtdievm the loll ot the
in aes lr cl.o U, free a th" moruiiig
Hahf for million nt the rising ".em-rat inn;
far h Us ami periodical, aealterefl like
the leavt! of autumn over tins laud; fur
arts and eience; for freedom to worship
God according to the dictates of our cou
seieiitv, for a church uutt-lti red ''V tr.-iui-niel
of the State. IJles. we pray Thee,
the President of these United slil'e and
hi const itmioiiiil 'adviser, tlie .fudge
ot the Supreme Court, lie Senators and
U.-preseuUlive' in Congre. the Governor
ol our scial vniiunouwealch, the
officer of ihe arnir aud navy,
and all win are i l , nmV'nl ' position
tlinatgliout our laud. Guide tin m. we
pray, with counsel of wisdom, and may
they ever rule in righfi onsnes. 'iV'c n-k
I by lilessing to ri-st upon the rretoei.t
nnd tneuilier of the Centennial Coiinui
nioii. and upon tho-e asoci ted with them
in Jlie various dep.-irttnut. who have la
h red loiij and eai nesily innidst nnxiitles
and iliflliti'ties for tha 'ticces of tbi en
terprise. May Thy a",iactal blessing, our
God of all the nation of earth, reet upon
our national unest. our visitor trom h
t ant lauds. We welcome them to our
shore, and we p joie? hi the'r prifsence
among u whomsoever they represent,
whether they come loving culture and re
search, or whetlie- they come to exhibit
the triumph, of genin or art in the devel
opment of Industry and in the progress nf
civilization. Preserve them, we beseech
I'liee, in health and safety, and in due
time may they lie welcomed by their loved
one lagain to their native lands. Let Thy
htesiiig ret w holly upon tbi Centennial
eelebratimi ; may tlte live and health of
all Interested be preciou in Thy sight.
Proide in its acmlille. Grant tlmt-thH
associallon in It ettort may hind more
closely together every part- of our great
P.epublie. so that our Union may be per-
petual anil hidissnluble. - M ay it influ
ence draw the nations of the earth Into a
happier unity. Hereafatr we prny Thee,
may all dispute aud question W settled
by arbitration and not by tlie sword, and
may war forever cease among the sou of
men. .May tlie new century tie i e'ter
than the past, more radiant with llie holy
light of true philosophy, warmer w ith the
HutuiHliou af the world's sympathy. M iv
cipital aud labor be heed of all antagn--iiisui
be the establishment ot eneli princi
ples f ju-tice aud equality n shall recon
cile diversified interest, and bind In im
perishable bond nil part of society. We
pray t hy benediction, eqieci ally upon the
women of America, who tor the tir-t time,
in the history of onr race take so conspicu
ous a place ina National celebr-ninn. Miv
the light ot their intelligence, purity and
enterprise shed its beam afar in distant
land, so that their sister may rehearse
the beaut v and glory of christian freedom
and elevation. We beseech Tim-. Almigh
ty Father, ever loving, that the Hepuhlic
may be strengthened in every element of
true greatness, until her iuiiou 1 aeconi.
plishcd ly presenting to the W add an H-lu-tr.itiou
nf Ihe happiness of a free state
under law of their own enactment, ami
under rti'esol their own selection. acknowl
edging supiemo allegiance only to the
Kiugot King and Lord of Lord, and a
l'hoii didst give to one of it Illustration
sans to draw experimentally the electric
spark from the heaven, which ha since
girdled the globe in it celestial whisper
ot "Glorv to thai in the highest, peace on
earth and good wiil to men" In-Uie late-t
time, may the mission of America, under
Divine inspiration. Is- one of atiec'i.iii.
brotherhood and love for all our race, and
may the coining centuries tat tilled, lib
ihe ineinorv of our Christian i
And iiii'o I'liee. onr Father, tlnougli llim
whose life Is the light ol men, will wo as
crlbe glory and praise now and forever.
lilnrli If III Train A(tHrk"tl by liaillaa
CllKMOO. May 9. A Tribaim S'umx
City special sivs it is rean ted lint the hi
dian near Fort Perre yesterday attacked
a Illack 111 Is train and killed ami sc ila-d
a number ol men. Tlie report need con
tirmatioii, -but it I reganled here as prob
ably true, a it is known that foi- some
time I he Indian hi I hat seta inn have been
only waiting for a favorable oi( orluulty
to commence ho-filiiie.
( him of Ihe Jery4 lty Kxlnsl..n.
NliMT YOllK. May !. At the luve-tlfl-tin.i
into I he lain- of the recent expio-i..u
at .a-rey l.'liy lieih'-. yesterday, con
tractor McAndrew stilted that Ihe mngu
zino contained about 300 barrel of rend
rock powder and 7 keg ol common blast
ing now der. Iteod rm-k powder he con
sidered entirely salo and said It could te
burned in the same way as tin ordinary
torch and could only be exploded by
mean of electricity or by conclusion,
McAndrew added that he saw twelve or
thirteen tunnel men ennio from the direc
tion nl llnhoken Saturday night and go up
the hundred teps. After they reached the
ton of tlie hill he heard the report of a pis
tol soon alter which the explosion occurred.
He stated that the Iron door of the maga
zine "a found two miles distant.
Pi H.AnKi.riiiA, May 10. To-dny being
a legal holiday In thl State, all places of
htidue tn tho city are closed and bunting
' .1' -closed in profusion In all the tlior
ougl.i'ire. and to-night thcro will bo a
grand illumination. Tlie gates of the ex
hibit Ion were promptly opened nt 9 A. M.,
nnd since that hour there have been ut the
different entrance a continuous Jam. The
cloud which had, un to 7 A. M., been very
threatening, have now entirely dlsappered
nnd indications are that the day will be
extremely hot. Foreign commissioner
and other (list ingiilslieil visitor and guest
lire being sealed with very little contusion,
their entrance liebisr ffl'ected through .the
main exhibition hall, which will remain
closed till noon. The Ceremonies opened
nt precisely nt 10 A. M , the national air of
nil nation being performed by tho large
nri'he-tra. It I estimated that 50.000 peo
ple are on llie ground, and the populace
are still presinij at all the var'mut eiitrau
ia,J. Kvrry available pot In the neigh
borhood of the grand stand In front nf
Memorial Hall I occupb'd by crowds who
tire now lmpatieii'ly awaiting the arrival
nf the President of the United States, w ho
In been escorted to tlte main entrance by
the military.
Tlie P 's Ilnliy lry Kiirne'a oai vciillne.
Mir.WAUKKE, May. 10. Tne Inde
pendent Greenback State Convention
was lield at Madison- to day. Dele
gates were chosen to the National
Convention at Indianapolis. Among
Hie resolutions adopted was one nom
inating Judire Davia for President.
Surgical 'Iiistitnto,
Mo. 649 C!sy 3treet, .
Between Kearny and Ivlontgomery-sts
tilt tiOHKRTY'S Lavely analStca-IHylncrms-Ini;
fraclu-, Mhicti lias constant Iv kepL -tice Willi
the iiiitxanipleil iiicreatmaii.t Hleady gi-ottilinl'ihe
l'.tcili.-. i .si, li.iluoc.1 Ii.h lemnvul tri m his long
es nli islioil snil well-kiinwn (piaiicm, nil I lie eor
iter ol' ficraraun-o ami Lt-iilestiorlls' reels, in thla
.-.i-v, lo more cenim'stliais anil eligibly locititi.1
air incuts m No 649 Clay Street, where he
lias a MifaWiiua uiie ol hiiniL-oineix-tincsl nu and
ciiiiveiueiitty arranged Examluiatlnn and Consi.l
Uitii.n Rooms, (occctivme the vliote of ihe Iwo
ii(ier strries) wim-.n (iaueni8 may uuui tuneimii
a lei see oulv the lanjtor anil hie assistants.
W I Ii the most gratelul lei.liimjnts i i'rejrard for
tlie lilanal tiatronaite bestowed on liini fur I he iat
thirteen vtans, at hiti old ollioe,
Iieslrestolnlormthenenci-al PubHvj.Rml estXMial
ly all thoaie lalioriiig under alt toi nis of t'hrnnlu
Complaints, that lie can he consulted at 649
Clay atreet, on every variety nf Utscase m ai
Lui.s, Liver, Kidneys, Digeniive and Uenllo
t'rinury Urga , and all
Of nluob the Ilia i iinmenHai, and lilob are more
closely connected with the teneml health lhaa
the majority of people are aware. l:nlutiiy Inva
lids lor vuar ir:t In uonuealiug their cnndl
tlon tronia motive ori'lnatlne in mistaken itellca
cr. and auffer ia ilenca until their miseries be
come too acute to 11 rcpreste-l, and mttntal and
ih , alca hleliil Hy unlit the en O'er er tor the active du
ties of life. Thia latter tyne of afllk-iiim maulicata
luctrin the complaint 'professionally knowa as
Srphilia, in all li.aa form aud aiaao; Bvmlnal
Wen knew, and all the dlstretisiiig lorioH of 8elf
A base, or Onanism ; (ionori hoia, ttlei, Stricture;
Nih'.turual and linirual KinissloiiR, Si.ximl tiebill
ty, IHsensesof the Hack and Lolun. Intlummutionbf
liie Bladder and Kidnovs, eUi., uus. Tho niimlier
ol'riersorii suflerUift from these horl lhlu IHJtuse,
In whom the Doctor Iwa ed'ucled a radical cure,
can bu counted by iliethouaiiiiil,aHdlhevoluniary
ocrliicaeKin hia pusKun-lnn, roeelvist I'niin persons
latt lias restored lo health, aruenouicli lo aa. lal'y all
' tliat the l)oiorV a-ktii ia thelroaiinont of these af Look, enable him to warrant cures,
e 'eu iii obmliia'e eases, inseasos whlh tornua-lv
hatlled the mclical cktll of the m ist teurned and
e.erienced Pra,;.i-loners of ihe liwrinc art, and
were renanleu ur llie nnjoi-iiy oi rnysk-ians ae
iiiie.-lv liiouriib!e. now .Held lo imi.icrii renicilies,
w lien "pre-i abed by the Intuliljteiit Pra.-.titionor,
win makes the hiiinan systoin. Hint llie-pe gpeciul
nl iiR'i.ts, bis cons. ant study ami eu'.jtvt of obsur
vniii.n. In no rase nt publk'.i'y pernii'tifl except lliey
cviircs wlih or the iniiieiil : and tlie iHacinr r
duui Iv trusu that liisloi'ttexia-riiau-u and dticcess
Hit iiru tli'ti "111 conttnuii 'o Insure him a lilierul
sharo of niiblic intromit, liv tlai maictli-e ol
inn n v veiiri) In Euroiieand Ihe ttnt e l Siaies. he
Is ennliled to apply die most oilh-h ut and a.icceas
lul ruinedies aKatnst iH-t-ases -.f all kuida.
He cures wbhoiit inetviury, cliarites moderate
lees, treats his paileius lu a i-.u-ie I and honorable
way. and has relereinajH i.f iui(tue-itionub'e venu
itv, fi-om men ol kuow respucitihiiity and hitth
Bliot'liiiK In society. All nermnis who may con
sult him bv letter or olhcrwt-e, n til reva ivo Ihu
best and gentlest trcatna nl.
To Females.
W hen a female is alliv.led with disease, a? wunk
iii's oi ihe back and limlia. luiln in tho head, dine
lie, ol slfttil, kaais tit miieciilur powa r, lailiillalioa
ot the hettil. n rllabultv. nervousness, iteranite
luwait ot . i.c-inv -ii..n, k.tiiitimi . ,-.,'., ,. i.
...i...... -. i ...... ...J.:ii... ...I
.ilsL-ases ol'lbe womb, livsluna, sunlUlv. ami all
oilier iliseases peculiar tu f, ana Irs, shet-hould go or W. K. litiHK.KT Y, al his
Alolk-al liiHtiiute, audslia will ine ory )
siiile relief and help.
l-t no false Uelktcy pravont you, but a.ply ln
medlulelv, and save vournell from palLfiilstiOVrtug
and premnitire utaatn.
To Corrac-'OJideiita.
1'iillants (male or remalel ruwtdlujr In anv partol
the couiiiry however ilialaul, w ho may dcsiie the
oitiiton aud advuie ot )r. llolieriy in then- resw
live ,, and who think proper'to stilinilt a wrii-
tan aiiiciil ol stkU, 111 iireiL-reiu e lit uolillug
ijersoual feiiervtew, are rtfsptv.ttuily asstirud (hat
tliadr cooauiiiik-atloiis will be held mo-4 sacred,
The l.ik. I or U a re; graduate, and may be
cotiftttitasi wiin atvery coniutviK-e.
If ibedlMMse be fully and ,'aiidilly itcvrit.ed.
Hrs.ial i'4MniaMiik.-ation all I, In niort -ais, lie
tiHoc-essary, a iiistru,: ions for diet, regimen and
the femoral trtiaimeiil of ilia ,-ase ii.-e'f Including
lite remedies!, will 1st turvtanlml waitiotit delay,
and In such a in inner as lo convey no l ien of the
iniria.rt ot Ihe letter or parcel so iraiismitted.
.shiiiild visir cotidllion raniiilre HtliiVHiilais atten
tion, sen I ten dollars Incolu.tor iliut value in cur
rency I by Mail, or Walls, r aiy" I (i s. fcxpreas,
and a ickaite of me'liclneM will be fortvaidud lo
your tiddreM, with the necessary histrtioilims for
....... ,.!.. l.- b t ll.n nffl , I... I.U.... rilL-tf
Addrtras VV. K: lHJIIKttl V, M. Ii.soi, FiancUeA,
I. S. -The I'octor will send his pamphlet on
SKH-,lnl Msisses, to any uddress on rucclit ol
six i3eut4 In postaKesiampa. lor retiira iHwiagu.
inav i l 7 4-
li. I'Htroaj,
ii;se i' mx rKit a vii p pk h tvr.f.R
I-.-; ...nonla r e,o l-iai r. W :. fv.iavtmt an
saiisfHctiuii.K'iara iiua-e. 'S'u;,: j
Buuoesanrs tn I. A A. A. McCutlr, keep uon
utantly cm band all kinds of
AIo a trorsl stock ofRrOAK MRKD HA MS,
TltV, el.-... delirere-l tu all jflrts of Ihe uity otm
aliori notice.
pTCattle, Hogs and Poultry 8oughf."EI
W Fnmltare Rooms, only, uu Cianmcroial
slreet. In t-tarkey'. BUs-.k.
The Best in
B-.TCall and aoe them.
Jcllorwui, April 1U I".
the State.
All w i k warrant.
so oo .rrrj:A .m.
Eight PaKes Thlrty-l wi f 'ol nmns.
(in the Pnclllc ('east. One dol'ar mvl lem-llTt
i-.cilts lil- nil o l in, lliclllilbig li. ail g j.
D, H. STEARNS. Manager.
Market !
n. j:. .ikii;i:im, ivuiiricior.
l.o..'is On.Biaiuly on hand a full
fr'esu beef,
pork, veal
mutton, chickens,
smoked weats.
M'I'ATE STUFFI', ".alem gtlrPKian
ur la y. May Id. lriTIl, I he fi.Pow ing in operly,
lo-wi. : tine span of good work mines and Hire
sets of harness, one good mi'cb cow, one gnasl
breeding sow and nine pigs, l ine 'lock hogs, one:
two horse wagon and oilier farming implements,
one sci blackbmll Ii to-ils, one shot-gin., one cook
ing rtove, two bedsteads, and many other ar.icles
too numerous tn mention.
Terms of sale, six months credit on all earns
over $10. All sums under 10. ca.-h In hand.
A. WOOblNoTOX. .
May 2,
C. If. Bitaon ic Co., 1 J. E. Ullnon tc Vm.t
714 Broadtr&T, Successors toLse Walan
New Vol k. I Philadelphia.
Commercial direct Cpposite tke
Slatesman Office.
1'reah Urcnd Daily.
E-2T Pira AND CAKES for families and ivwintrs
trade ha ked to order.
EST UBNAMKMTAL TAKES for Weditinatt. so.
uiables, picnics, etc., linked su short not'ue.
CrST The National Hold Meilal was snurdaxl la.
t! i unl ;y A ttuh.fson lorthebest PhotorraiaS in Ihe
L'niied Stales, and (he Vienna Medal lor I ho beet
in ino worm, mouiki mery-si. r-an rram-iHt-o
Tho People's Chorus Book
An nnnsnally Hisst re'tVlion of choruses, foi
mixed voices, nearly all now. "When Alen-a-I
ailo went n liimting, "t hoson One," "The ),"
are capital glet .s, and are l'.dr specimens ol una
line coutMiion.
PKIt'E $!.).
Pkr Dozes 0O.
Centennial collection
A bock for tl.e limes, with Ihe lstnoic aoniMaf
many nallons, very well airuiiged. Hhuiilit beia
universal use during Ihe festival nioulhs of this,
famous year.
Dictionary of Musical Icformatioiv
II y J. W. MotiitK. A Iss.k that 1 altracUiar
much attentlou, and Is the mo; t uonvenieut IxxX
of relemae on luuslcal subjects, extant.
Shining River.
A Sublmtli School Song Itook, which has bee
nut a few months, just long enough lo prorat
it one of the best, lluy it and try It.
PttteE Sj CTS.
Kespet-lfully annoimces tn his friends and IK
k. (jaibllc in general, that he lias Just re- feajl
ciaved a choice ha tl
In bottles and cak, which ae offers tn Ihe trad
on reasonable, terun. hlatu slHjet.Balem, th-eaotk
Conimcrcial Hotel,
Knmt at met. I.nw prices. No t hiaw
.-is.ks. tiive un-u call, Ti v it.
, , J Vf. W iKiliWAItn,
dc.-.tltt Pronrlotor.