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SIIE3. WU..-SIMY. EPr. 20, 1S71.
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, State ISTewsi.
Mr. Clark Smith who has been eur.
vevinj lately, io W.sliioton couoty,
Penka of a tract of land lying in
township three north, range three
west, that is very inviting to any per
sons who may be needing homes
This tract embraces bottom lands, ta
Me lands, and some covering the spurs
of the coast range mountains. An
important feature coacerniog the whole
tract is the vast number of large cold
springs which are to be found over it.
Mr. D. M. Talbot, who has just re
turned from a trip east of the Cis
ts tdes, reports that the old Barlow
route, heretofore reported as 1n bad
condition, isvat present in good travel
ing order. The fires are now raging
in some localities io that direction, do
ing incalculable d.image to the Cne
forests of timber.
The steamship liaho was advertised
to soil last evening at 7 o'clock.
The Orcgonian says that the transfer
of the P. T. Co's. property to the Wil
lamette Traosporsation Company took
mlace on Thursday. The officers of
the tew compacy are as follows :
Ben BoMaday, President ; Ben Holla
dy, Jr., Vice President; John D
Biles, Secretary and Treasurer ; Geo
A. Pease, Superintendent. The boats
belonging to the company below the
Falls are the Senator and the Alice,
the Utter new. Above the Falls the
boats, now running, are the Dayton
and the Albany, the former ta Dayton,
the latter to Lincoln. The Success is
used as a dredger.
Mr. Geo. V. James yesterday paid to
the Oregon Ceotral Railroad Company
his subscription to the subsidy, thus
standing: second on "the list. It will
not now be long till the entire subscrip
tion will be due perhaps but little
more than a month.
The Herald says the public schools,
which opened on Monday last, are bet
ter attended than at any previous term
From the Portland dailies of the
17th and 18th:
On Saturday about half past 2
o'clock, the locomotive John II. Couch
was fired up and run through Fourth
street to Taylor, as far as the track
was then completed. The occurence
, brought out swarms of citizens who
rejoiced that tb "good time coming is
.almost here."
The U. S. Circuit and District
Courts convened at Portland yester
day. The Oregonian says that the Orient
has arrived in the river from San Fran
cisco. She has a locomotive on board
for the Oregon Central Railroad.
The Herald relates a sad case of ab
duction that occurred in Portland a
few days ago. . A poor Irish woman of
the city bad by hard labor succeeded
in accumulating enough money to send
to Ireland for her eldest daughter.
The daughter was .sent for, but bad
not been in the city three days before
she was seen by the keeper of a bawdv
house, bo immediately commenced her"
wiles to lure her from an honest and
virtuous life to lead that of a. courte
zan. Her efforts were succefsful. The
mother has inquired at several known
bawdy houses if they had her child.
To her questions a negative answer
was given. Up to a late hoar Satur
day evening the poor woman, the moth
er of seven fatherless children, was
unable to learn news of her lost child.
She is almost distracted To bear her
relate the story would bring tears to the
eyes of any person not having a heart'
of stone. The case is, indeed, a sad
Willamette Valley.
The Democrat says that a woman, at
the Overland Hotel, made herself an
object of disgusting attraction, on
last Sunday night, by getting drunk
and raising a general row in the neigh
borhood ; the first instance of a wo
man being arrested in Albany.
B. Y. Cundiff, who has thecontract
for putting p the new jiil, has com
pleted the brick work and the edifice
is rather an imposing appearance.
The building will now be ready for
Willamette Valley.
The Enterprise says, the deed for the
Wilhoit Springs was recorded in the
County Clerk's office of that city last
The same paper says that tbe Day
ton and ether np river boats do not
leave Oregon City until the morniog
train arrives from Portland about 9
and a-half o'clock.
The Gazelle says the Corvallis Col
lege began its Fall session on Wednes
day last, with very encouraging pros
pects. From tbe Republican we learn that
Dr. Jessup has located permanently in
Dallas as a resident physician.
From the Journal we learn that a
discussion will take place between Rev.
Hammond, of Eugene City, and B. F.
Underwood, commencing on tbe eve
ning of the 18th and continuing three
successive evenings. Each speaker ii
to occupy half the time each evening,
ahernirTing the opening and closing.
The Ensign says that real estate la
Coos county is rapidly advancing in
price. Tbe county is filling up. with
emigrants, and every available piece of
land(out of tbe awamp) is being taken
for homes.
The Republican says, H. Kelly has
become the editor of the Jacksonville
. Secretary Seward once said : " Tbe
cleanest man is tbe most comely to
look upon ; so bathe well, eat well, j
and love well, and, somehow or other,
the homeliest will be beautiful."
A Boston pbyaiciin says that four
youog girls, full of intelligence and
promise, have been killed outright by
the severity of tbe tasks imposed npen
them in a high school in that viciuity.
. A Western editor accuses a cotem
porary of " dirty meanness," and
frankly adds " We want him to under
stand that two can play at thaUgame."
It is stated as a curions fact, that, of
2G.200 victims of tbe yellow fever in
Buenos Ayres, during the past season,
nine-tenths of tbe number were men.
A Massachusetts Irishman was " in
questrd" for a broken neck, and during
the wake which followed, jumped up
and wanted to whip " every mither's
son of 'em."
Tbe New York Sun figures np the
loss of life by the Staten Inland ferry
boat, the West&eld, as follows : Dead
.and buried, 102 ; missing, 9 ; reported
dead, 1 ; total, 112.
Utah Territory is now shipping 3,000
tons of ore and 600 tons of bullion per
month., Tbe former ii usually worth
from $150 to $200 per ton, of which
perhaps one-half Is profit.
A ruralist, chewing on a large, pur
ple egr-plant, and plaintively remark
ng, " They don't raise so juicy melons
1 ow as tbey did before the war," was
recent village spectacle.
Losnox, Sept. 13. Tho St. Legor was
won by "Hannah" by a neck. The bet
ting just before the start was 5 to 2 against
Ilannnh, S to 1 against Victor, and 12 to 1
against Ringwood. Weather fine and the
course is in splendid condition.
Newcastle-0!-Ttiie, Sept. IS. Tho
Striker's League are in favor of nine hours
ror a day's work, and have issued a mani
festo expressing the hope that the light will
be continued until a complete victory is ob
tained over tho employers, and promises, as
long as the strike continues, men shall be
provided for. Eight shillings per week will
be paid each man, and one shilling each
child, engaged in the strike.
Florr.xcc, Sept. 13. The Opiuione
states that Count de Remusar, the French
Minister, declares thaTFranca accepts the
accomplished facts in Italy, and that he
only wishes to see the spiritual independ
ence of the Pope secured. Tbe renewal of
cordial relations between France and Italy
is therefore possible.
It U intimated that, after a recess, the
Duke d'Aumale and Prince de Joinville
will take their seats in the Assembly.
" Lisbox, Sept. 14. Empress Eugenie ar
rived here to-day from London. She was
visited by the King and Queea of Portugal,
and soon afterwards left by rail fur Madrid.
Versailles, Sept 14. In the Assembly
to-day, Ucn. d'Assy stated that two ad
ditional courts martial for tho trial of tbe
Comcaanists will shortly be appointed. He
said that there arc now but 102 .Judges to
examine tho eases of 30,000 prisoners, in
cluding 750 convicts. Even with the ad
ditional courts the Government will prob
ably release 12,500 prisoners without trial,
as it is impossible to sentence over 1,000
per mouth.
Paris, Sept. 14. A proposition was in
troduced into the Assembly yesterday,
suggesting amnesty for all Communist
prisoners. It was defeated by a large ma
jority. -
Brni.i, Sept. 14. It is asserted in dip
lomatic circles that the secret alliaoce.en
tercd into, by Bismarck and Ton Beust, on
the part of the Governments of Germany
and Austria, is in opposition to the alleged
coalition between France and Russia. It
is also stated that Italy was invited by Bis
marck to become a party to the Austro
Gerinan alliance, but the invitation was
declined by King Victor Emanuel, who
preferred observing a policy of neutrality
rather than join in the alliance with Ger
many. It is further statod that in conse
quence of this refusal on the part of Italy
the German Premier now threatens the
absorption of the Italian provinces of Ven
etia and Lombardy into Austro-German
territory. Theso statements cause great
uneasiness, and further developments re
garding the alliance and the looming diffi -culty
with Italy are awaited with great
At Konigsberg on the 12th there were 93
new cases of cholera, and 63 deaths. On
the 13th 63 cases, and 45 deaths. The dis
ease has disappeared from Dantzic.
The large town of Leehitka, Algeria, has
been destroyed. Insurrectionary leaders
thereabouts have been captured und shot.
Versailles, Sept. 15. The Assembly
to-day elected the Committee of Control
created by the bill of Prorogation to supers
vise the Government during the recess.
It is composed of eleven members of the
Right Wing, eight of the Left, and six
Lost-ex, Sept. 10. The Internationals
promise the Londen weavers to prevent
foreigners from laboring in Englsnd. The
league denounced the introduction of for
eigners as dangerous. The Timet deplores
,the antagonism between labor and capital
A Timet correspondent writes that the
wheat crop is disastrously deficient.
Lvo.xs, Sept. 16. A proclamation ap
pears announcing the disarmament of. the
Katimal Guards. Their arms are required
t he surrendered in two days. Fines and
imprisonment will fullow a failure to obey.
As fast as the Nationals disarm, the regu
lars will rr fi them.
Lo.ioos. Sept. 18. A Timet correspond
ent writes that be travelled the Moot Cenis
Tonne) in thirty-eight minutes. - Air ex
cellent, rails level, and everything works
WAsnisoTos, Sept. 13. Robert D. Statke
has been appointed Receiver of Public Mon
eys at Olympia, W. T., vice F. M. Lamper,
Major J. L. Hodge, Deputy Paymaster
of the United States: Array, stationed in this
city, has been discovered to be a defaulter
to tbe Government for a very largo amount.
The investigation is still incomplete, al
though, enough has been ascertained to
show the amount " the defalcation to bo
f 100,000 to $000,000. He was yesterday
taken to Fort McUenry and ordered to be
placed in solitary confinement in a guarded
cell. It is said that a year ago detectives
discovered that his financial affairs were in
a loose condition, and that an investigation
was ordered, but for some unknown reason
never took place. It is suspected that other
parties are involved in tbe defalcation.
Tbe Star, this evening, says that Oen.
Brice ordered Hod go to close his accounts
on Monday last. The next day Gen. Brice
received a letter from Hodge containing a
full confession of his guilt, stating that he
had been making fraadulent returns and
statements since 1366, and that tbe money
thus obtained has been spent in gold stock
gambling in New York. He mentioned
in bis letter the name of one firm who
knew that the money had been sent them
for investment belonging t the Govern
ment. He concluded by saying that he
wss ready to torn ever all his property,
amounting to $50,000, to ao agent of the
Government authorized to receive such as
signment. New York, Sept. 1 i. Th-r was a great
procession so-day of tbe various !VrVny-
men s Unions, in tavor of tbe
of the Eight-hour Law. Fully 12,600 men
were in the procession, which made a fine
appearance. A small eannon, drawn by
eight men, bore tbis inscription : Eight
hours peaceably if we can, forcibly if we
Superintendent Norton, of tbe Money
Order Department-af the Postoffice, has
confessed that he is a .defaulter to the
amount of $115,000, and he and his wife
have voluntarily surrendered all their
property at Plainfield, New Jersey, worth
$175,000. Tbe Qo-reFnment will not suffer
by tho defalcation. Norton drew funds
from the Sub-Treasury and deposited them
with a broker for use on tbo street in specu
lations. The money order account was en
tirely within his control, and was no check
to his operations.
The meeting of the workingmcn termi
nated in favor of tbe Eight-Hour Law, at
Cooper Institute to-night. Resolutions
wero passed condemning the officers who
failed to enforce tho Eight-Hour Law ; de
nouncing for similar offences the heads of
Departments' under which the new Post
office is being erected in this city ; claiming
that only skilled laborers be employed by
the Departments of State, county or eity
Governments j protesting against convict
laboi, and demanding that railroads be
conducted by the people through tbe Gov
ernment, thereby giving a death blow to
monopolies threatening the life of Republi
can institutions.
St. Pact., Sept. 13. Tho Demoeratia
State Convention met to day" in this city
and nominated tbe following ticket : Gov
ernor, Winthrop Young, of St. Anthony ;
Lieutenant Governor, L. Buell, of Houston;
Secretary of State, E. Falk ; Treasurer,
B. Vasberg ; Attorney General, J. L. Mc
Donald ; Justices of tbe Supreme Court,
W. Mitchell, of Winona, and W. K. Burke,
of Mankito.
New Yore, Sept. 13. Thomas V. Con
way, State Superintendent of Education in
Louisiana, has written to Colonel Baker,
Secretary of the Nationaj Council of tho
Union League, that Council No. 60, U. L.
A., in Louisiana, may be discontinued, as
there is perfect peace in every part of the
State, and he sees no further need of the
lieague as a means fur securing peacefully
tbe rights of loyal men.
Cedar Rapids, Sept. 13. The display of
California fruits at the State Fair to-day at
tracted universal attention and commenda
tion. Colonel Scott, of Iowa, starts to
morrow for the California Fair with a col
lection of Iowa fruits.
Tbkstok,, Sept. 13. The Democratic
State Convention met to-day. Ex-Govcrn-or
Joel Palmer, ot Monmouth, was nomi
nated by acclamation.
New York, Sept. 11. Notwithstanding
tbe statements to tho contrary, it is be
lieved Halt docs really intend to impeach
Connolly, and that ho yesterdny tele
graphed Judge Lowe, of tho Court of Com
mon Pleas, in Europe, to return, so there
may be a full bench of that tribunal, be
fore which tho charges against the Con
troller must be preferred. It is announced
at the Controller's office that tho list of
vouchers abstracted on Sunday will v
ready in a day or two. It was shown that
the stolen papers were composed of vouch
ers given by Meary, Ingersoll, Kiser,
Miller, Smith and other ring contractors,
for work alleged to have been performed
on, or for material furnished to the County
Court House and National Guard Armo
ries, together with a considerable number
of warrants purporting to have been en
dorsed by those parties.
At 2 o'clock .p. m. the Union Torpedo
Works exploded. Six men were killed and
more wounded.
Boston, Sept. 14. At the annuo gather
ing at Saulisbury beach yesterday, General
Butler, Wendell Phillips and others ad
dressed 15,000 people. Phillips said:
" Of all the men Massachusetts bad hon
ored in the last fifty years none could com
pare in statesmanship with Gen. Butler;
that no name would stand higher in the
history of the State."
Butler presented the great question of
the future, namely : " Capital vs. Legis
lation." Wasbisotox, Sept. 15. Tho titno for
tho United States and Mexican Commission
to examine and decide upon claims which
come before them, expires on tbe la of
February next. It is thought, however,
that the Senate will, at its session, ratify
tbe pending treaty providing tor the exten
sion for the jurisdiction of the committee
for the period oi one year. The Mexican
Government has alreay ratified the treaty,
and tbe Senate would in all probability
Jiave done so last session, but for the fact
that the Alabama claims occupied its at
tention. New York, Sept. 15. Information has
been received by Judge Bedford, of tbe
CouflP of General Sessions, this morning
that a gigantic and wicked conspiracy has
been set on foot in Wall street, for the pur
pose of locking up millions of dollars, by
thus injuring the commerce of the city and
the finances of the whole country. Tbo
Judge immediately convened the Grand
Jury, and charged them to be prompt and
fearless in their action. In a few days the
ipost respectable brokers and business men
of tbe city will be summoned before the
Grand Jary, when it is expected tbo most
startling exposures will be made.
It is said tbat Twoed, Hall and Stveeucy
have, dissolved partnership, the latter re
fusing to bo a party to the demand for the
resignation of Connolly, and demanding a
new deal, by having the control of Tam
many affairs put in his hands, as Grand
Tho Fenian leader, James Stephens, ar
rived, yesterday, from Havre. The object
of bis visit is to establish himself in the
wine business here.
The Grand Jury brought in a true bill,
indicting Rosenweig, the abortionist, for
Nw York, Sept. 14. William Cassidy,
editor of tbe Albany Argus, Samuel J. Til
den, and other prominent Democrats of the
State, have been in consultation with
Tweed, Connolly, and others on city affairs
to-day, and it is rumored to-night tbat
Connolly has consented to resign on condi
tion that he be allowed to name his suc
cessor. The report of tbe tender of a Controller
ship to General McClellan are pronounced
Dr. J. D. Miller, brother of Joaquin Mil
ler, tbe poet, died at Eoston, Peiincjlvania,
It is thought tbat Belmont i.i noxious to
have Connolly's position shout 1 a vacancy
-occur, lie, and his house in llambur -, are
largely interested in the eity and tounty
bonds. His acceptance of the office would
tend to strengthen the credit of the city.
Springfield, Sept. 14. The following
is the complete ticket nominated by the
Democratic State Convention to-day : Gov
ernor, John Quincy Adams, of Quincy ;
Lioutennnt-Governor, S. 0. Lamb, of Green
field ; Secretary of State, Luther Stevenson,
Jr.; Treasurer, Levi Haywood Gardiner ;
Auditor, Phineas Allen, of Pittsfield ; Attorney-General,
William W. Warren, of
Washington, Sept. 15. The death sen
tence of the Indian Chiefs, Satana aud Big
Tree, has been commuted to imprisonment
for life.
Secretary TJoutwell will investigate the
implications in the Treasurer's office in
connection with Hodges' defalcation. It is
said by tbe Treasury officials that there is
no way by which the Treasurer's office can
have knowledge of tbe irregularities and
defalcations of Paymasters ; the only iTuty
of the Treasurer being to honor all checks
of Paymasters drawn on regular warrants
to the extent of the credit of such Paymas
ters at his office.
The Woman's Club is negotiating for the
purchase of a building in which to locato a
business colloge, which they propose to es
tablish for the instruction of the demi
monde who wish to reform. The police
raid upon bad houses has been postponed
a few days, in order that the Club may ex-
t n 1 i' preparations for tbe reception and
are ot sujii incites as may seek to aban
don a life of iiai.ic. Publie sentiment is
divided in regard to tho v. Udnni and pros
pects of the movement, but circumstances
have given the reformers opportunity to
put their theories to the test of practical ap
plication, and the result cannot fail to at
tract wide attention, whatever it may be.
The Secretary of War has sent to the
Judge Advocate General the communica
tion of Gen. Brice in regard to the Hodges
defalcation, and charges are Jo be preferred
against Hodges. The application of Hod
ges to be released from confinement was
refused. Brice asks for the fullest investi
gation of his conduct in the affair.
Sureties upon bonds of Collectors of In
ternal Revenue against whom suits have
been commenced for balances duo to tho
Government, are asking for a eontinuanco
of their suits. Commissioner Douglass de
clines to accedo to any requests of this
New York, Sept. 15. Jacob Vandcrbilt,
President of tbe Staten Island Ferry Com
pany, arraigned to-day on me cnarge oi
manslaughter, pleaded not guilty.
Mr. Ingersoll, who has paid largo claims
against tbe eity and eounty, has not left for
Europe, as stated. He is in this city at
Judge Barnard has granted the injunc
tion restraining the city authorities from
paying any further bills against the city,
except regular salaries, water and gas liillf,
and educational bills, in excess of tbe
amount set apart by tbe Board of Appor
tionment ; and that no further money shall
be paid from the c'ty treasury until that
Board is reorganized.
It is rumored in Democratic circles tbat,
owing to tbe decision of Judge Barnard,
Controller Connolly Will rtaign. In tbat
case it is said Gen. Georee B. McClellan
will be tendered the position of Controller.
and he will probably accept.
Pat Logan, who was dismissed from tbe
police force on account of dishonorable
conduct during the July riots, has been
nominated as a candidate for the Assembly.
- Omaha, Sept. 15. Mr. Gallegos, the
Democratic candidate for Congress from
New Mexico, is probably elected by a ma
jority of 500.
New York, Sept 16. There have been
few events in this city tbat have created
such a genuine sensation in a political way
as tho recent injunction case against the
city officials. Judge Barnard's decision
was a surprise both to the enemies and
friends of the movement against the Ring.
It seemed impossible to believe that Judge
Barnard wouH have rendered such a deci
sion, and the announcement filled with
consternation the friends of Connolly and
Hall. All the morning journals rejoice at
the decision, though the Democratic press
regards it as bearing more directly on Con
nelly than either of the others. The
World thinks Connolly must at onee re
tire. It is plain, if be does not go, he will
be foracd out. It believes that the intima
tion is plain in the Jndgo's decision that
tho injunction may be dissolved. If Con
nolly docs not resign now, tbe Mayor can
not avoid impeaching him ; that if he be
fool-hardy enough to brave a trial, the re
sult already foreshadows the sentence which
will be passed. There is every probability
that Connolly will resign, though at a late
hour last night he seemed firm in the de
termination to hold on as long as Tweed,
Hall and Sweeny did. The friends of
Tweed and Sweeny think Barnard will ex
huncrate their chiofs. . They declare tbat
criminal charges will be made against Con
nolly ; that he will probably bo arrested
withiu a few days, and Mearoy, Keeper
and others, who preferred fraudulent claims,
will also bo arrested. Judge Barnard has
expressed a belief that the whole responsi
bility of signing warrants falls upon Con
nolly. Prof. Mohan, of West Point, committed
suicide by jumping off the steamer Mary
Powell, into the Hudson river.
New York, Sept. 16. Gov. Hoffman is
said to bo desirous of having Sweeny con
tinued iu his position, while he Is not un
willing to have Hall, Tweed and Connolly
displaced. Sweeny is known to have beon
the originator of the principal part of mu
nicipal corruption. In this city there is a
strong sentiment against him among Tam
many politicians. Though be was not
formally urragined in the injunction suit he
is believed to be as much responsible for
the existing state of things as the others.
Sasj Francisco, Sept. 14. General
French, U. S. A., will be presented tbis
evening with a magnificent gold medal by
tbe veterans of tho Mexican war. A .large
number of guests will tako part in the fes
tivities. A banquet and ball will be given
at Pacific Hall, this evening, in houor of
the 25th anniversary of the occupation of
tho city of Mexico by the Americans, under
Twelvo Chiueso star actors arrived by
the Alaska, to add to the attractions of the
Chinese Theater on Jackson street. The
managers will not exclude any one on ac
count of color alone.
Santa Crl'z. Sept. 14. The name of
the Spaniard killed by tbe Sheriff's pos?e
at Pike's Pole last night was Pancho Bor
euines, and not Procipio, as.was at first sup
posed. He was one of the gang implicated
in the Visalia stage robbery.
The officers who participated in the con
flict with the Spanish desperado this morn
ing learn' d that a Mexican, who bad been
concealed in a gully close to the scene of
tho affray, and who is reported to be des
perately wounded, was hastily removed in
a buggy as soon as" tbe firing was heard.
From facts in the possession of the author
ities there is every reason to believe that
this is the notorious Procipio, and that he
received his wounds at tho hands of officer
Teddul on the Plaza in this city, on the
'night of tbe 11th. He will probably be in
custody in a few hours.
Tho recount of ballots in the 1st precinct
of the Eighth Ward discovers an error in
tbe polls of that district, as furnished the
press, by waich Roscner is credited with
seven votes less than ho received, Higgins
41 too many, and Uaynes 112 leas than he
received. This is the largest error discov
ered, and the balance ft so far" against the
parties demanding the recount.
San FnANrisco.Sept. 15. Outside stocks
are increasing in fntdjr. Tho Raymond
and Ely mine is now earning $0,000 daily,
and declaring a dividend of $1 50 per
share. To-day that stock closed at $10 50,
firm. -
The opposition on the Oakland and San
h Antonio routes, and between here and Sac
ramento, causes unusually lively times,
along tho city front. The steamer Enter
prise, carrying passcngcrsat 81, and freight
at $1 50, will leave for Sacramento this
evening crowded with both.
Reports on the street that, by an agree
ment between the Pacific Railroad and the
Panama steamers, freight to and from New
York will be raised immediately fifty per
cent., have creutcd great disappointment
and discouragement among merchants to
day. The rumor appears to bo well found
ed, and the new tariff will probably be an
nounced in tbe morning.
President Juarez announces that to re-
move all ground of complaint, the Mexi
can Government will concedo to the Lower
California Company five hundred leagdes
of landt-in lieu of the contract for coloniza
tion, which tho Company has fai'ed to
carry out. and L', therefore, annulled, and
will dot be -renewed, as tbe laud is not
worth half a cent an acre, and could not
be sold at any price. Tbe stockholders in
the Company will not receive a large divi
dend from tbat source.
Sas Francisco.Sop 19. The Republican
Judicial Nominating Convention indorsed
the nomination of Judge Samuel II. Dwin
ell for the Fifteenth District Court, la.-t
evening, and then adjourned.
At 5 o'clock last eyeuing, when a denso
fog covered sea and land, tbe fine Ameri
can clipper ship Annie Size, from Sydney,
with a cargo of coal for the Central Pacific
Railroad Company, went oq the reef at
Point Reyes, on which so many vcssols
have been wrecked. Her bottom stove
when sho first struck, and in a few ruin-'
utes-she commenced keeling over on one
side. There was but little wind at! the
time, but a heavy ground swell, and the
ship almost immediately commenced break
ing up. At 2 o'clock the crew took to the
boats, and were s'n after taken on board
a small schooner, which brought thorn to
this city. The Annie Size was owned in
Portland, Maine, and commanded by Cap
tain George W. Tucker. She was a first
class clipper, nearly new, and was on her
third trip to this port. The vessel and
cargo will prove a total loss.
The Bulletin contains a long expose of
election frauds perpetrated on and by both
parties in the lato election, but the worst,
for special reasons, is not likely to be told.
Tbe wreck of the ship Annie Size, at
Point Reyes, was sold at auotion to-day, to
the Pacific Wrecking Company, for $500,
for account of the underwriters . It is not
thought that much of the wreck can be
City of Mexico, Sept. 7. A preliminary
meeting of Congress took place yesterday.
The number of members present was 14.
The whole number in Congress is 227. The
meeting resulted favorably to Juarez.
Crrr or Mexico, Sept. 6, via Indianok,
Sept. 15. Juarezists are sure of the entire
organization of Congress, including tbe
Committee on Credentials. Strong revolu
tionary threats have been made that a
permanent Junta would be installed Sept.
16th. A pronunciation has been issued in
Zacaticasta to force the loan levied in tbe
smaller towns.
Carson City, Sept. 17. There was a
break at the Nevada State Prison at half
nist 6 o'clock this evening. Eive of tbe
i wounded. Matt Pixley, pro-
prietor of the Warm Springs Hotel, was
killed. Twenty-nine prisoners escaped.
Lieutenant Governor Denver was wounded.
bat not seriously. Hubert JJcdman, sen
tenced for life, did good service in assisting
officers and guards to hold the prisoners.
Troops from Virginia and offioera hero are
in hot pursuit of the escaped convicts.
State Telegraph.
Ashland, Sept. 16. Joseph Wells shot
and killed a man named James Denuis,
yesterday, seven miles south of tbis place,
on .the Dead Indian Road. The parties
were alone, and Wells says he killed len
nis in self-defense, after Dennis had shot at
him with a revolver. Wells came in and
gave himself np to the authorities. Den
nis was about 23 years old, and but little is
known of bim or his antecedents here.
The killing was doae with a double bar
reled shot gun. The preliminary examin
ation will be held this evening or to-morrow,
before Justice Gillctt. .
Corvallw, Sept. 10. Hons. DeClute,
while crossing the street on a tight wire,
met with a serious accident. When about
the center of the street, tho wire gave way,
and he fell about thirty feet. He is sup
posed to be severely injured.
Washington Territory.
.Seattle, Sept. 16. Captain John Bris
bane, of the steamer James Mortie, was
drowned yesterday while the steamer was
on her way from Seabcck to Port Gamblo.
He fell from tho deck while setting a sail,
and before assistance could reach him, sank.
The body was not recovered.
A Scotchman named Joseph Hunter,
who has been employed at the Lake Wash
ington Coal Mine for some time past, com
mitted suicide yesterday by shooting him
self through tbe head with a revolver, at
the Occidental Hotel, in tbis place. It is
supposed he was laboring under a fit of
temporary insanity.
A correspondent of New York
paper has been interviewing the great
heads of the German anti-infallibility
movement, Dollinger, Huber and Fred
ericks. Writing from Munich, August
1st, he represents tbat tbe Dollinger
cause was gaining streniu, il2
leaders believe it will result in the in
(induration of a generaf retorm of the
Catholic Cburcb throughout Germany,
and that tbe movement must spread to
other countries to Austria, Switzer
land and Italy. Tbe opinion tbat Bis
marck U warring against the Catholic
Church is coofirined, and it was be
lieved that Germany would not main
tain tbe infallibility dogma. Dr. DoS
linger again disclaimed any intention
of establishing a new religion, or sep
arating from tbe Catholic Church.
What was necessary was a general
ecclesiastical reformation throwing off
tbe the errors which have crept into
the church, and the establishment of
a religion more in conformity with the
modern demands ot the national char
acteristics of tbe German race.
Mrs. Lincoln's Brothers. Capt.
David II. Todd, brother of Mrs. Lin
coln whose death in Alabama was re
cently announced, was a captain iu
tbe Confederate army from Louisiana,
and bis youngest brother, Sam Todd,
waa private in tbe Crescent regiment
of New Orleans. Alluding to the
latter, the Richmond Enquirer says:
" At Shiloh, about 10 o'clock on Mon
day morning, when tho army under
Beauregard advanced toward the riv
er, and was met by Bucll's rrioforcing
column, young Todd was killed. A
bullet pierced bis forehead, and he was
left upon the field to be burried by
Grant's men. He wag quite well known
in the Western army and attracted a
iiood deal of notice as the brother in
law of Mr. Lincoln. In cimp, when
be wts present, tbe boys were always
very careful to say nothing offensive
about the Norttierj President. He
was a very popular young man and a
true and devoted soldier. Io tbe same
regiment was a nephew of Secretary
Reward, wbo mill lives.
Tus President a Pbister. The
Brooklyn Union tells tbis :
After being shown through tbe va
rious editorial rooms of tbe paper, and
on its being said tbat he possibly
would not care to go into the composing-room,
be said, "Well, I guess I
have set a good many columns of type
myself in Georgetown, Ohio, years
"Why, General," said General Por
ter, "I never beard of that.
General Grant replied tbat it was
true, nevertheless.
AH are not hunters tbat blow tbe
Golden dreams make men awake
hungry. .
Five thousand shipwrecks occurred
last vear.
Sacramento's richest man was once
a vagrant.
Poveriy is not a shame, but being
ashamed of it is.
He tbat is too proud to ask, is too
good to receive.
A Kansas girl vanquished a wild
cat single-handed.
An African giant, six feet high, is
on bis way to America.
With patience and lime the mulber
ry tree becomes a eilk gown.
Canary birds are boarded for twenty
ceuts a week io New York.
Two-thirds of the women in lunatic
asylums are wives of farmers.
An Indiana cat st acked a copper
head scake recently and killed it.
A Bocicty for the popular education
of women has been oreanizvd in
Great Britain consumes four times
as much tea as tbe United States.
A sun-Cab, weighing 300 pounds.
was recently caught at New Bedford,
What an unlucky suitor did. He
wooed, and she wouldn't. He cooed,
aud she couldn't.
A recent number of the London
Spectator contains an able arricle
ngdiuot early rising.
An Ohio girl committed suicide by
taking strychnine, because her mother
boxed her ears.
It is reported tbat tb coffee trade
will be considerably affected by tbe
short crop in Brazil.
A Burlington young lady says tbe
armless woman of Barnuru's show
"writes a very good foot."
In conversation, a wise man may be
at a loss "how to begin ; but a fool
nevtr knows how to stop.
Some young ladies now wear small
mirrors set in gold bung on their neck
laces, instead of locketd.
A man in Burnet, Vt., boasts of hav
ing read the New Testament through
cixvy-nve umes wimin ten years. -
A New Jersey editor has announced
tbe death of bis nncle in Australia,
leaving him a gold mine and $100,000
Petrified wbaleboneg 'in a bed of
claj have been found at San Dieago,
Tbe Baptists and Quaker are tbe
only religion bodies that have in
creased in Ireland during the last ten
Tbe Overland Monthly estimates this
year's prodnct of the precious metals
on tne f acme coast at J 80,000,000-
O " Mother," said a little boy as he
stood looking at tbe Lake by moon
light, " see bow .the moon sprinkles
aoa n on tne -water I
The darkest day in any man's career
is that wherein be fancies there is
some easier way of getting a dollar
than by squarely earning it.
A New Mexico attorney, in address
ing the jury, threatened o blowout
tbe brains of any man wbo should in
timate tbat bis client was guilty.
Vice President Cotfax and Senator
Windom have gone to. Otter Tail lake
and Red river. They join tbe Northern
Pacific tUiIroad Direc'-ors party at
tbe former place, and accompany them
to rort Garry and Manitoba.
At a ball at the -White Snlpbnr
Spring, a Kentucky belle represented
"Arctic Moonlight" ia a dress of full
illusion skirts, dotted witb swansdown
and oxydized glass, and lnmionous
witb silver bands and crescents, pine
cooes, pearls, etc.
Grover5c Baker sewing
First class Sewing Machines sold at Ban Fran
cisco cash prices, by paying only S10 per month.
Cat! and examine tbe work aad sa the wonder
ful improvement la the Orover Diker.
Sept. 17, 1871. Sakm Ogn.
Special for tbe Ladle.
Jonn W. Gilbert offer to bb customers the cel
ebrated PbJladaiptila Kid Foxed " Bal
moral shoes lor 11 7 Misses' ana Children's of
the same make tot a song.
TbeSistkrs of tbb Acadkm r or tub
Sacrkd Heart cordially solicit the liberal
patronago of the ,'wucvolent friends of Ed
ucational behalf cf their Fair, which will
be held during tho .State Fair. The pro
coeds are to be applieo! towards erecting a
new Academy. Septl5-tf.
Dave's Mine."".
These Bitters are especially adnptel to
the cure and prevention of the .ua!ariiu
diseases common to this latitude. As an
appetiser these Bitters are unexcelled.
They are for sale at tbe Opera Saloon,
sep IS
In c.ntquenc of a coming change In our
boiintrsss we will sell our large and well assort a
stock, tiurtxi ma sext sixtt davb, as follows.:
Our best brand of Cauoo nine yards (or one
Next bst, ten yards forone doll sr.
IIkavv Dric, 12X cents a yard.
Ornra Domestic Io proportion, and Hats,
Clotbiho, Boots and "roes, vest low.
Fataca Mimmo, only S!4 cents a yard.
Mu's Focxs, 10 cents a pair.
Wohxx's fTOCX eos, very low.
4 papers of Needles for 25 ernts.
4 l-aperi or Eh-.usb Pms for 25 cents
4 spbols of Otios for 25 cents.
4 pieces Dai as Bum for 25 centa.
Liccs and EMDaoinrsv, very cheap.
Combs and Jewelev, cheaper than ever before.
3 pocket HAXi EETCUKra, for 25oenU
White Linn Tjble Cloth, 75 cents per yard.
lowiLa and Cbash, very low.
It will astonish you to see how low we can tell
groceries and crockery In fact all the goods
rs'Unr la our sieve wU be sold cheaper than
ever iKfaTeV
Remember that this otter onlv Tast's.xir oats
raoa ras sate.
Salem. Sept. 12.1S71.
p. R We still continue the Acctioi Bodisiss.
ltE.TlAItKAB.LE. !
Eight Hundred Worms Expelled.
I think it a public benefit to make the fo'lowing
statement, that I have been afflicted for Iwo
years with constant pains In the stomach, and In
fast, pains all over my body ; no aprx tlte, let me
eat what 1 would It always pat me la distress.
No medicine would relieve me and I grew worse
and worse until now I am a mere skeleton. No
body could tell me what waa the matter with me.
uniil I consulted Dr. J. P. Van Den
ealem, Ore gin, and he told me I was afflicted
with worms, and they were the cause of all my
misery and palna I took the Doctor's medicine,
and h'eexpel'ed SO0 Woimi from me.. They areliVe
Leaches, with long tails, and measure from one
to one and one-half inches in length. I on'y
took six little powders, and they brought the
worms within four hours time. All those'afflict
ed wUhing to see me can find me at Sam Itenlet's
Stable, Salem, Oregon. V. CRAIG.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 7th day
of 8pten.ber 1S71. J.J. MtRPIir, J. P.
Said worms can be seen at Dr. J. P. P. Van Den
Berth's offic s Uera Uoiue Block, C-art Street,
Balcro. sept 8 l'.m.
Notice is hereby given, that on Monday
the 2Sth day of September 1871, the Board
of Equalization will attend at the office of
the County Clerk of Marion county, and
publicly examine tho asse.-ftnent roll for
137 1, and correct all errors in valuation,
defcription, Ac, in accordance with an act
approved October 25tB, 1S70, page 52, laws
ot 1S70, and will continue in session during
said week, or until their labors are com-
pleicd, and all persons aggrieved, will take
due notice nud act accordingly.
Salkh, Orcein, Sept. 2, 172.
TnoAS C". Shaw, Assessor.
The Mis-ion Cemetery, eat of Salem,
near the' Home, h bcc: laid off
into lots, which are offered for sale as a
family burying gmuud. Very fine Vault
Lots can also be had. Jlr. I,. II. Jud.on
has a plat of the survey, and is authorized
to dispose of tho lots at low prices. Those
having friends interred in the Cemetery are
rcquotcd to identify tho place, and to make
such arrangements as they desire as soon
as practicable. Apply, also, to A, F.
Waller, M. L. havaira or J. L. Parrub.
By order of tho Trustees,
L. T. WoodwaRIi, Secretary.
Falcin, Aug 2'J m3.
Stop a TO onirnt.
Why stand you here all the day idle?
Why don't you get around aud do something?
(jeorye Frmtcit Train.
Why not buy your lumber of E. D. Towl
at 1 10 50 per thousand feet.?
C. W. Royal is my authorized agent for
Salem, and Wilson Olncy can always be
found at the Mill 5$ miles east of Salem
reaily to wait on customers during my ab
sence, r.. 1. Iowl.
Salem, Oregon Aug. 25, 1S71. tf.
Office No. A. Proat Street,
PORTl.ANIi, in thcmo.i Ifstrahle localities, con-
mstini nl LiiTM. HALF r LOCKS and BLOCK!,
houi- ant pro r-a ; also
1MPKOVED FAR.MS1, ant1 valuable uncul
tivated LAN Pit, located in A. parts of the
RKAL F..-TiTK and other Properly' po
chased for Correspondents, In this CI TY an 1
throughout the cTATGe1 and TKKKITORI W, with
l-rent care and on the most ADVANTAGEOUS
transacted. '
of Temperature
In the fall the difference between the tem
perature of night and day is greater than
at any other time of the year. Ia the ear
ly autumn tbe quicksilver sometimes rises
as high during the day as in the most fer
vid summer weather ; while at night it of
ten sinks to an almost wintry point. The
human body not being mado ft steel or In
dia rubber, sensibly feels these tremendous
changes. To fortify the system against
them, a genuine tonij is required ; and tbe
public has long since discovered that among;
this description of medicines Hustetter's
Stomach Bittors is infinitely the best. It
gently quickens tbe circulation, regulates
the bowels, tones the liver, braces the
nerves, and thus puts tho whole physique
on its defense against the vicissitudes of
temperature in our climate. Few, if any
vases of epidemic fever are heard of in lo
calities where it is in common nso. .As it
becomes more and more widely known, and
the demand for it increases, chills and fever
and tbe billions remittent seem to recede
before it. aud if ever it shonld come into
universal use, these diseases would cease to
be known as the scourges of our low-lying
and marshy districts. That homely bit of
proverbial philosophy, that " prevention is
better than cure," should be especially
borne in mind in tbe autumn months ; and
indeed in all seasons, together with the
fact, that among all the preventives of ma
larious ds se. Hot t .Iter's Stomach Hitters
is ihe most safe and potent.
Be certain, however, to obtain tbe genu
ine article, as countless imitations of a per
nicious character are abroad. See that tho
externals are all right, and remember tbat
llostettcr's Stomach Bitters ia sold in bot
tles alone.
It is said that if a puff of air were to be
blown into a vein of an animal, death
would instantaneously follow, because cir
culation would beatoped. Tbe blood makes
the entire circuit of the human bodv every
seven minutes, and whenever this circula
tion is impeded, or any of its channels are
clogged by impurities which ought to be
carried off, disease follows fever, or dis
order of liver or kidneys, or scrofula, or
dyspepsia. To get at and remove tbe
source of the difficulty, use the old and in
fallible blood puri6er, Dr. Walter's Cali
fornia Vinegar Bitters.
Whose remarkable succets Io curios; Cbroule
and o'jstlnate Disease of the
Tliront and Cliesf.
That have for years resisted the ordinary modes
ol treatment, Is so well known,
In Portland, Orego ,
Rooms at St. Charles Hotel.
Wondotfnl I'nrf ef I Im f tbe
tve. A tliiglner of .1. A. lor
Icr. I4i Kin k,eai r
DR. ABoRN Data ?i : I dm it in duly to
make the following stalemeoL for Ihe past sit
years my dayghter (now eight yeira old) has
been afflicted with sore eyes, and frequeatly una
ble to read, or even to distinguish one object from
another acroaa tbe room. Bhe Is now perfectly
cu,'d. after havt- g been treated by you for three
wevk.' only. I wuld also state that all previous
treatment had proved unsuecessfal ; also that
the ey-lUl were so affected that tbe lashes were
faliina out. Since, under your treatment, they
have grown In perfectly natural, so that now her
ejrea are perfectly natural, bright, and of a heal
thjr aHrance. 1 consider It a remarkable cure,
and am agreeably suiprised at the result of your
treaiment, as I had given up all hopes of having
her cared. Truly yours, J. 8 CARTER.
Lieutenant Governor Holden'a Card
EiE FBASCuiCO, April fi, 1S70.
Having suffered nine or ten years with a throat
and bronchial affection, I applied io Xr. Ab- rn.
No. 23 Kearny street, hi has treated me for
about two months. J feel it my duty to state, for
the ben. At nf I hone afflicted In the like manner,
that I found Immediate, and I think, permanent
relief from his treatment and that 1 consider
his treatment scientific, and that the doctor Is
master of Ills profes ion.
From Hon. James A. Johnson, Mem.
ber of engreas.
To Whom it Mir Coscnv: Raving been a
sufferer from eitarrli and severe bronchial af
feetlon for more than awes years, acd having
found great relief by submitting rmseif to Dr.
A bom , . -nt a few days only, I take plra.
are In saying, br. Aim 0 Whh his new and Im
proved In.trumenU lor I -etl appllctviOO to tbe
luDga, air passages, eves abd ears, should en
courage all who are afflicted in those p ir's to
cherish a lively hope that they may flud quick
and permanent relief. Very truly,
JAMKS A. JOU.NS0N, M. C , Cal.
Card front Wm. Hoaalna, Rotary
Public, Oakland.
Dai Abois : I take pleasure in bearing testimo
ny to your skill and tieatment for Catarrh and
Bronchial affections, liaTlng suffered for mnnttis
and wasted In flesh from IncessKnt coughing,
night and day. I now find myself cured as the
result of your treatment, and I have gained
thirty-Uiree pounds In weight.
Oakland, Sept. 3, 170.
A Remarkable Cure.
Flc-iEMiKTO, Cat" September 80, 1S70.
This !s to certify, that 'or ten years 1 have suf
fered almost death wiih Nasal Catarrh, Bron
chitis and Neuralgia of the head. Ihe palna In
mj head were almost unbearable. My hearing
was very much Impaired, with a disagreeable
noise ia my ears. My eyeslpht was also impair
el In May last. I placed myself nnder the
treatment ot De Aborn, No. ii Kearny Street,
Ran Francisco, Cal., and In a short time Ihe
llronchinl affection was cured, my eyesight was
fully restored, and my bearing Improved. 1 take
pleasure In beailng testimony to the skill of Dr.
Abo n, in his successful treatment of these dis
eases John aluson.
Late Deputy Sheriff and Constable ol Grass
Valh-y Twnrnyliip, Nevada Couuty, Cal.
A Positive Proof that Deafnesa and
Ulahrf(a frt m ttte Kara can
b cured.
On the 22.I of January last, I applied to Dr.
Ahorn, at 2 Kearney Street, ean Francisco, and
placed myself uuder his treatment lor deafness
and ilischsrge from my left tar, that bad baffled
the ability of several phy.-lcUns. Under Dr
Atom's treatment 1 began to Improve at once,
and In six weeks time. I was entirely well. 1 can
nnw hear as well as lever could, and the dis
charge Is entirely cured, and hare b id no sytnp
urmi of a return ol the disease since. As I am
now satisfied that the cure Is permanent, I cheer
lully give Una testimony to the skill of Dr. Aborn.
Pressman Sacramento Union, residence corner
Mn'h ami K streets.
SiCBimisTv, ept. 19, 1S70. aug29
Ha cnprrc-flcnted luerni In the treatment and
cure or Utafaciii Uiaclitvr frtm ih
Kara, Unizlag KoUm In the Head
atarrb. A a tit ma, BroMChltla, and all
TAroat Bronchial and Lung AfTec
IIohs. Alto, all Diaease of the Ke, and De
rangement of the Blood, Heart, tftomac'., Liver,
and Nerroua t-ystem.
All ca3-i of Nervotw or GenerarDebility, Pre
mature IrcMj, e c , are tre;.td by Dr. AB'-RN
with iuch .rondcrrul sm-reaa that many eate, af
ter a fe-r wet-In treatment are tcarr; recognisa
hlr, iiK-h a change having been wrought in them;
as th-.-f bare Invariably In a ahnrt time gained
from ten to thirty pnai ds In Weight,
Convalescence and recovery are rapid under
his new and scttntiflc mode of trratmeot. But
vrry fw, H any, men of hta age in the profession
havebn so uuivenally iuccc uful at Dr. Aborn
Combining all hit knowltdge, skill and ezpert
ence ia his pcil branch of ihe profession, all
that the inventors of Uie age or the late discov
eries of mrtHcal science have brought to the aid
of the modrrn practitt ner. Dr. Abrrn is pre
pared to trat wPh almost onfall nc succ s all
surh caes as n ay come under hi- care. He has,
within the iast few years Introduced Into bis
l-rartieemnny new and important remedies, with
novel and effectual modes of application, with
hii-h, during his pro (rational career, he has pro
duced the most successful and satijiartory result
Dr. ABOKN, for twelve years pat, has devoted
himself exclusively to office pra- ttce for the
treatmmt of ob4 inale chronic rtltesnet, (special
ly such ca seit as haveresist-d all the onlinarT
mod- s of practice, lie has thus tx-en enabled to
treat at least five times as many patients annu
ally as he possibly could had he treated Lirm at
th-ir residence. Thus, he claims twelve years
ofnee practice, exclusively devoted to special
chronic diseases more than equivalent to sixty
years' experience In a general practice.
r.tery physician is more sue restful In a certain
clau of diseases than In others; and he who
devotes hi. thought to a speciality is bt'er pre
pared to treat h in that particular than ope who
it etigii,ed in general practice.
IV o Painful Operations.
rR, ABOIN docs not subject his patients to
any painful or unpleasant opeiationa. hta treat,
men I is mild and safe Inr the moat delicate child
The affiicUd are htrrby Informed, that after the
Brst visit, for many nf the nisciars which he
makes a pecWlty, ihey em take ihe treatment
nome nnn use it until currd, without pain or in
terruittlon to their usuil avocailau.
Card from Cbarlcs X. Fox, Esq.
(O.Uce nf Campbell, Fox t Cmcll, Attorneys
and C uuceliirs at Law. No. ori California St
Fae Fa acison, leb. 17th, 1670.
Were it not for the tood which I hnpe It may
have done In sufferinr humanity, by lnorminc
them where they could find relief, I should re
gret having given Dr. Aborn my little testimonial
of the tent . of January, for the demanrie tna'le
upon my time, in an wenng Inquiries in regard
to him, have been more numerous th in profitable
to me ; and still U ev e tne.
To save the neeess ty for further person U ap
4icat on. let me aay to thoae wht, care for my
pinion, that time haa only strerg-hened .my
first favorable opinion of Llr. Atx.rnt and my
confidence to the permam ory of tba . ure effected
by htm All my difficulty aroae from catarrh,
which had become oi a srl u character, affect
ing the hearing and th fliroat. givii g me at
times acute pains, and at others rumbHng aounds
In the ears, frequent headaches, and ao seriously
affecting the bronchial tubes as to sometimes dis
able me from public speaking. It bi also gone,
and the change was produced, not by any spe
cies of charia'anism. as many suspect of the
Doctor, nor by the a'-surd practice of putt ng
medicines Into the stomach which was not af
fected, bat by the skillful application of medici
nal remldies directly to the parts which were
disea-ed. I have found the Doctor a gentleman
in hrs Intercourse and busine's. and the iudm-
m nl that 1 have formed of him professionally Is,
that he Is a regular physician, tboroug hly c
qoainted with the ot tha humsn body.
and possessing a remarkame aeiree or skill In
the treatment of those diseases which he maces
his sprcalily. CUA8 N. FUX.
Another Wonderful Cnre of Aeh
ma and Bronrhltla, after all other
Metaods had Failed.
8ai Jose, March 6, 1S70.
Tills is to certify that I have been afflicte-i for
over three years with Asthma and Bronchitis,
and had tried every means in my power to ef
fect a cure, and was told by my family physician
(an honest and good doctor) that I could not be
cured ; and 1 bec-tmeso weak tbat I could acatce
ly walk op a flight of stairs, and 1 happened to
see a card from Lawyer Houghton, stating that
hi was being treabd by nr Aborn, Ho Ti Kctv
ny street, Pan Francisco, and was getting great
relief, and I thmight I wc old go and ace ihe doc
tor ; but 1 ha t litue hope at get log relief, much
less a cure. That waa about the fifteenth of
January, 1S70, and to-day I claim to be a well
man. I am fifty nine years old. My Mother
and sister died with the aame disease. I send
this card, unsolicited, to I it Aborn. thinking
mat u micni meet the eye or some or my ac
qoaiotenct that aiijh, be inlcriuf Id the tame
10 DI8KA8K3 after the usual routine of the pro
feeaioo have tailed, and the many teetliuonlMs in
his Boeaeaaioa trout prominent and influential
I nea wbe are veil known will substantially prove
Dr. Charles Wilson,
. "
Dr. Wilson has made the study of the rye a
special!), ab'l has practiced ulih good succiss
Several Years..
Ue Is prepared to perform all operatlera, anil
I, s had einerl' nee In or-eratiog by the most ap
proved methods. All
are-treated very snccessfally, accordiDC to the
most r-cientiflc and approved modern opthalmie
practice." Feisons alllicted with dlseasol Eyes
are invited to
Give Him a Trial.
Those who da not receive permanent benefit,
will not be required to pay for treatment.
jSTow Heady ! !
Is now ready with
Largely Increased Stock of
And every thing pertaining to the manufacture of
Moois aud auues. A larga asauruueut ut
Oak Sole H-seatliei7
California and Oregon Kips,
And every description of
To the Trade.
The large business I nave auecee led In estab
lishing with manufacturers and dealers In the up
per counties has icduced me to invest more largo
ly In Rtmds lor their accommodation, and I In
vitc attention to my present stock.
John W. Gilbert.
Salem, ?ept IT, 71 It.
A. P. Hotaling & Co.,
Foreign and Domestic
Wines and Liquors !
431 JaokaOB St., San Franclaoo.
prises Fine Old Kentucky Whiskies,
Old Harmony Sherry Wine,
For which two Gold Medals were awarded, and
one Silver, by the California 8tate Fair.
Hcldalck Reims Wine,
Kws;Blo cilcejiEOt Wine,
Caustenae Me doc Claret.
Kngllyli Ale a4 Porter,
Scltrnoarct, Frere;Bedw.x Claret,
Hoatetter'e Bitters,
Plantation Blttera
II of eland's Swiss Rltlera,
Landsberger'a White Wine (Sanoma),
' Angelica Wine.
The ahovs invoice of Liquors Is one of the
JJoBt Soloctod
Ever received in 8slem, anil will be sold at Pan
Francisco Agents rates, with carriage.
J. W, SOI'TIIKR, A(ent.
Successor to
Ci?nrs and Tobacco,
Off son.
Goods Delivered to all Parts of tbe City,
Balem, .dug. S.Tl. dtw.
Cash for New Wheat!
At the Fair Ground Station, north of Balem, will
One Dollari Gash, i Bushel
for Wheat delivered there.
Sacks Fornishr. Require1.
Salem, Aug. 9, 71.
Cray's Music Store!
623 and 2B mamor- ,. Braaob, 121
an Fran'oo JV,. Portland.
er. Wholesale ajid Retail Dealer in all kinds
of Musical Merchandise.
Bole agent fur the f cific Coast for the
and other Brat class Piano. A Is", the Werld
I3vixciGtt Orgon,
At oar Portlan1 hoase we hr the L.'gcat and
moit Compt-rte tock of
On the Coast
and rent applied t purchase.
Any piece ef Muaie er Book mailed free ea r.
ettpt of ptibriiher's price
A'sDiTB WASTED in every town la the State.
Address O 1, DePKAfca,
Manager Gi ay's Mod-ftore,
Portland - - Oregon.
Dit. Van den iiEKan.
From Prussia, ihe Great
Worm Extormluutor !
Office, Opera B'oek, Conrt ft,
, Halcm Oregon,
I ate of San Franclaoo, Cal would Inform Ihe
sick rcnerally, that about forty years' erenalve
practice of medicine and surgery fc Europe sad
Ihe Unl'ed Slates of which twetrty-one- have
been In Cil'ornla, has by dose observatloa and
great rsperiments, come to the conclusion that
there are more acute aod cbroule diseases caus
ed by worms, hydadlda, animalcules ar ether
species of entotoa. The public generally, er tbe
profession at large, are not sware ef Ihe number
of patients who are treated by eminent physlclaat
for this, that, or such a complaint .wtthoat any
retief. If the disease had been nnderstoo-f. a
few doses of Dr V's iSuCcriffa Worm Rumtdw
would hare Immediately eured the complaint,
and have saved a great many lives Dr. V.baa
collected a large variety of California roots and
herbs, which, by analysing, doe obversatloa
and extensive experiments. he can conscientious
ly say that he has dlscot ered new remedies for
the successful cure of the following diseases :
SFaT riylT nnav Chronic affections of the Liver
and Kldneva, first ac4 Second stages of Coo
sumption, White Swelling, Palsv, SpematorrheEt
or local weakness. Nervous faehlltrr." 2llnlJo
Fi'a. Rheunatlsm. Neuralria. Dlarrbma. tnenntta
pence of Urine, Gravel, Hour Albue. Diabetee,
Dropsy, and all thoae diaeaaea which are known
niuler the name of Venereal, such as Sjphills, In
I It forms Gonorrhea, (ileet. Stricture, False
Passages, Inflamatlbn of tbe Bladder and Proa
trate", r.x airiations. Pustule, Piles, Pin
plcs, Jlotchrs, and all Cutaneous Eruptions of
the skin. Cancer Tumors cured wllh or without
opera'.lon. In Recent Veneret Diaeaaea, the Dr.
sffu.. rM i t a a i
-' -J vm ,,vu, www j ui bv marge.
For the Eye, Ear end Throat, Dr. V. possesses
new and invaluable remedied.
Dr. V. would advise those ladles troubled with
Irregularities of the Uterus to try his new reme
dies and get cured.
Dr Van Den Bergh's Infalllb'e Worm Fyrup
for children. Price, f I. Warranied to expel the
worms, or the money refunded
Dr. J. P. P. Van Den Bergh's, Hair Tonic a
sure cure to destroy all animalcule of tbe Hair
Follieles, prevents falling out. and promoting the
Growth of the lialr. Price, $1.50 Warranted.
By coatalting and nnderarolnsr a
simple examination, the afflicted can
learn If their dlseasease Is caused by Worms or
not; at all events, Dr, Van Deo Bergh ean tell
them from what disease they are euffering.
Consultations and examinations FEB ot
charge in all cases. Dr. Van Deo Bergh guar
antees. In all cases, to expel the worm, and cure
all diseases he undertakes, or no charge.
Supposed Consumption u. Drt-psj Cirtd 11 i,
New Pin.
This Is to certify that I hare been sick a kng
time aod doctored for different complal its. t
bad a constant cough day and night with exeeT
sive expectoration ; swelling of the abdomen and
legs, which was pronounce.! dropy, nev ir free
from paia or misery; io feet, I had givro np all
hopea, when 1 waa induced by some el my friends
to cofisnltDr. J. P. K Van Den Bergh. He told
me my complaint was Jiot consumption, but the
cough expectoration and dropsical efluaion was
created by peculiar worms en the liver and gall .
bladder, what the doctor calls Dlsteena Me;e'l
cum In November last, 1 commenced bis treat
ment, and from that time I grew better and bet
ter, and thanK God and the doctor's medicine,
the cough expectoration, dropsy and all my mis
eries have left me entirely, and 1 a new strong
and healthy again My present weight Is 1M
pounds. Persons with similar affections ean see
me at my residence. No . 639 Kearney street be
tween Jackson aod Pacific streets. 8aa Francl-co. .
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this l.h
day of July, A. D. 1570. JOHN GORMaS,
Notary Public.
This Is to certify, that Dr. J. P. P. Van Dm
Bergh expelled a tape worm from raw, measuring
over Anu feet, and containing 43,000 Joints, with
only one dose of medicine. 1 i
that I had been doctoring with the meet eminent
physicians of this city aad the Called States,
without benefit for the last tire year.
Subscribe d and sworn to, AprH lh, BAS, be
fore me. UKNKY HAIGrir.
Notary Public.
This is to certify that I was afflicted wi'ha
Cancer Tumor, which grew rapidly and of a large
siae in my mouth, on my lower Jow, aad troubled
me a great deal in eating and speaking. 1 eon
suited a good many Burgeon and pbysi;lsoa,
aod 1 could find none which would aalertake to
remove It, fill I consulted Dr. J. P. P vaa Den
Bergh, and he removed the tumor aad pert ef
the lower jawbone, by a skillful cperatioe wt'h
very little loss of blood, and healed the remain
ing wound In a remarkable abort time ; aad t
feel very Uiank'ul to the Doctor for relieving and
curing me of a Cancerous Tarn or which eauoeol
surgeons thought would cause a lingering aod
painful death. CHAR afi MILLAR.
rtibscribed and sworn to before me, la Baa
Jose, this I3th day ofDAember. ISM.
T O. MINOR, Notary Public
I take this method to express my sincere thank
towar Is Dr. J. P. P. van Den Bergh. In Septem
ber, liVi, I was brought from the mines with a
malady that waa pronounced by a great many
physicians to be consumption, aod every body
saii 1 must die The cough aod Dyaentery troub
led me almost constantly no rest day or sight.
I was recommended to Dr. ran Den Brrgh ; his
medrciue gave me relief, and in a short time 1
was re-tored to perfect health, and 1 e-a nappy
to say I am as stout and hearty as any man can
Wltnea.T. A. HAAS.
Ban franciaco, April 9th, ISM.
HEN RT HAIOHT, Notary Public.
Thia ia to certify that I was afflicted for tea
year. I consulted Dr. J. P P. van Deu Bergh,
and he gave me one doae ef medicine which ex
pelled a Chain Worm in firs boars tinu., meesur-
urlng tweniT-eight feet la length, neck aad bead
included, aod about a tea-cup full of Aacaridea,
(i in Mrorms.) anl all my ailments aad osiacrtee
have left me; also aa eruption of the skin, which
baffled the akiltof eminent physicians for the last
seven years, has since entirely disappeared, aad
left ar body clear of any pimpiee
Bwora aod Subscribed before me. this Itta day
ol October, I Mil.
R. M. ei.MO.N, Notary Public.
coasi'MPTioa cub bo.
I take this method to express say sincere
thanks toward Dr. J. P. P ean D o Bergh. In
reptember, 1850, I was brought frees Ihe mines
with a malady that was pronounced by a great
many physician to be oonsumptioa, and every
body said I must die. Th cough aad DysMrtrry
troubled me almost nrnrtanllj o reetdayor
nignt. i waa recommended to Dr. van Deo
Bergh hi medlclo. gave me reflet, anfl. la a
sbcrt time I tree restored to perfect health, aad
1 am happy to aay I as a eaoat aad hearty aa
Djr man can be.
Witness. T. A. HAAS. .
Baa Francisco, April 9th, 1851.
ggy-Dr. van Den Bergh's celebrated
Chemical Steam Baths can be had at
any boor si bis office. aug.5-