The enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 188?-1891, June 19, 1890, Image 4

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In n moment mora sho heard thapnttct
of hi liro foot on tho liita roof.
Sho climbed down and rwtorad th
tahloniul chair to tho ,.liioc whom tlx
found thorn.
Sim .it down on th hod to think.
Hut sho was too mnoh distvirlvd to
think or to sit,
Sho begun joinj up mul down th
Sho had taken hut ft fow turns when
ho hoard a bolt drawn back und t key
inserted in a, look.
Tho door oivnod.
It was tho ono ortonlng Into tho otliei
A stop or tt o on tho Boor,
A man stood before her. Ho was
divssod in shalihy black clothes, A Ixit
torod black derby hat was on hi head,
undor which shotted tho utruting itnd
matted locks of him brown liair. llii
face was covorod with a coarse, bushy
brown kud and mustache, above which
glowed a prominent hooked 1100, the
end of which was intlumcd. Two mere
inf. liorr eyes (vercd ont on her,
"So," ho said, "yer'vo found yor way
Into this here room, havo yor, my lady)'
Sho mado no reply.
Try in' to tind a "way out, oh! Well,
don't blame yor for that. It's what I ex
pected yor to do, so I Used it rhat yei
Ilia oyo fell upon tho discarded valicc
tlt-ess, and lin luu.:hod.
ho, yor didn t hko the nice purtj
div.Hor friend vr.-nt.Hl yor with, oh
" by am I ooniined here?" sho naked.
" ho brought mu hero?"
".Not known." can't say," the man re -
Mini. ,1 iiy IHI J IT COUlllUM HVI1. ;OI
kuowiu' 1 couldn't say."
"Why do yon keep mo here, then!
Oh, tr, I pray you, let 1110 ico, I will
p.iy you han.lMiu-ly if you will let me.
"Oh, no, my ladybird, I couldn't dc
that, yor know. I'm only obey in' orders,
and so you will have to. Let yor go!
Oh, no, that wouldn't do at all"; but J they'd take yor away from bore,
for I don't want yor."
Annie saw the uselossuoiyi of furthet
worus, and slio trusted to ttio ooy.
Tho man continued:
"Here, there's soiuelhtn' to eat for yer
nuu some Ivor pomitng to tho table,
llo walked over to it and took awav the
, ...... v w... : i J
- here. Ho moved the chair on which'
laj thopaiHT to l ie table As ho lifted
tho puvr ho sod: "And hero eomtj
rciutiu for yer. j
lit attention was attracted to tho u.u- j
tilatetl margin, lie looked quickly to 1
the table and saw the ncil was gone. I
twit havo yor boon doin ," bo asked,
fiercely, going to her. A ho did ho saw j
the , pencil on the thr. j
Mo, ho! ervo been a tryin' to kom-;
ciuuicrcate, hev ye.' j
"Ui' ivi'IU-J. Ix.iaijr. j
W ell. did ye; s;ud he, wi mg at her
keen ly nnd suspi iously. I
The , ea .wept over Annie s mind that
it would bo wise to conceal her attempt. ,
ur what u.mj was it." she said, wear- j
Uy. omen are K-rn "How
was I to snd a letter from here?" I
-Truo for ye. Where' wot yo writr
1 dtdn t write anything. 1 toro the
r;Vr'r !'P'. , . .
upm 1110 noor, ami aw
' ' '''v' "au U1IJ '
uiu nui saitsiy mm. no loxikcJ
..v. bo..vh.vwi; u Hiuuiwu, nuu uifu
"I don't believe yo. Not that yo saw
anybody, but yer'vo thrown gomethin'
out for a chance. I'll see to that at onco.
Vcr'd Ix'tter cat," ho said as bo turned
away, ''Tor yer'vo a long ride before yer
With that ho strode hastily out of the
room, locking, boiling and barring the
uoor nicer mm. tier heart failed as she
"l-"" U"U!, ul" I
She saw bolts and bars on tho inside, j
V . ,'T, .? ' up 110
liars and shot tho liolts. She llow to the !
6:her door and bolted and barred that
hno was safo from unwelcome intru
sion. Then sho sat down to wait for IIol
OM know that
tho cry of joy
llolhrook had ut
tered meant that
now of Anuio
bad been receiv
ed. Just what
ho didn't know,
but that the mes
senger w ho had
brought tho in
formation would
bovaluable to
them bo quickly
Ho hastened af
reached tho head
tho pattering of
tcr the lad, and as bo
of tho stairs ho heard
baro feet several (lights below
a rapid rato of tpecd.
going at
He called to him, but tho owner of the
pattering feet took no heed of his call.
and, perceiving the uselessness of at
tempting to follow him, he desisted and
returned to llolhrook' oflico.
As ho passed the door of tho elevator
shaft, it opened to discharge a carload of
passengers, and among them Tom recog
nized tho man who had watched them in
Lexington avenue.
Ho mado no sign of his discovery.
In tho samo carload was tho Shadow,
and to him Tom gave a sign to follow.
As ho entered the office again ho met
Uolbroon going out
"Whero aro you going?" ho asked.
"Going? To help Annio. To rescue
her, of course. Where clso would I be
This reply w as m.,do in a tone of the
jupremtst contempt
"Wait a moment. I want to have a
moment' conversation with vou."
"Don 1 wop me, Tom. You'vo been
particularly irritating today, and I am
hardly in a c edition to bo responsible
for rny acts."
"That's thy truth," replied Tom, calm
ly, "or else you havo a desire to make
the rescue of that girl impossible."
"What do you mean?" cried llolhrook
besido himself. "Havo a care. I am in
no mood to bo trifled with.",
"Perhaps," said Tom, looking him
gtcadily in tho eyes. "liut you are in a
mood to tiialto an eternal ass of yourself,
By heaven, llolhrook, if you leave that
door in tho fraino of mind you are in
this minute, I predict you will regret it
to the very last hour of your life."
llolhrook looked at him angrily, but,
nevertheless, ho was somewhat stag
gered by Tom's sudden exhibition of
Swung that ho had mado an impres
sion, Tom continued:
"You want to rescuo the girl, but
you are going nlout it in a way to make
It an Impossibility you havo taken leave
K of your usual good common sense. Now
give me five minutes und I'll convince
He laid his hand upon Holhrook's urm.
The lawyer sullenly submitted to being
led into Ids privato oflico, Tom closed
tho door after them.
"1 do not know hut the damago
lone alitNidy. Th man I (iispecUtd of
widohlni? tit In Lexington avenue In In
the hall now. If ha wan within wrhot
he has hoard yoir injudicious talk."
"IViut him out to me, mid llolhrook,'
tpiinniim to th door, "aud h II noTwr
watch any on again,"
Tom placed himself betwwtn Uolbrook
and the door, crylngi
"In tho namo of heaven how can you
bo mioh a lunatlof"
llolhrook Klaml at him. Tom turnej
the key In tho door, took It out and put
It in lii pocket, naylngi
"1 ant oittvotjr Mhamcd of you, Hoi
tmntk: vou act and liav acted in thii
matter liko a mad man. I tell you, man,
this Is a ease whom tho Hon tkin will not
do; the fox'a iklu It thtt on wo want
Lot mo to that note."
HollmHk handed it to him with had
"Of oountel Whero wen you going?
To Mott street, threo dooro from iay-
"An bllot would know that," replied
"lhit which homwf Them ar four of
.hem In Mott it root, thrvo door ftviu
lUlbrHk winced under thin, but hi
replied doggedlyi
"I'd ko to each ono of them."
"That answer prove how absurd you
are. 1V yon realir.0 that a h I con
lined In one only, thero aro three In which
she Is not? That tho chanco of your
linking the right ono first 1 a threo
against one? IV you imaglno tho peoplo
who nlHhictcd her, slid who havo carried
out their plan no skillfully to far, aro
Ihirn Idiots, and that you would not to
recognized tho moment you el your foot
in Mott strH-t? That tho girl would not
1 lu, n,,ii-;t.,.i ... .. .....
! - .- ....... .. ..j .rw.-.v jvm vs'ttiia wnj
Jack liohitnon? I know ometldnR of
thai part of town. Whr, nin llt-,
from the moment you loft'thU ipol you
j WnuU , followed, and when you turned
' rour slops in the direction of Mott atreot
the alarm would bo given. Your own
common sense, if you will ouly glv it a
;lianoe, must tell you this."
Molhrook w:t forced to acknowledge
the justice of Tom' remarks.
"Well, then, what would you dor
"Act Immediately," replied Tom, "but
not rush up there like a mad bulk Uth
ten to mo. The course to pursit seems
! to mo plain enough, Tho Shadow Is hero
' now, in the other room. 1 will ond him
up to Mott street to tako observation,
; and to determine, as nearly a h can, In
j which of tho four house Miss Temple
ton is confined. This ho can probably do
0f tlmi
tor lie 1 excellent at that tort
IVhil.. I,- .1 ..1,1.
l.uMiiess. you and I will go to a friend of
U1i,io-t!io head of a privato detectiv.
n,.,lwy, nll(, wa wiu ,et twm uIm ,
force of trusty men to assist u. But
tUl) it!ll lhiug w mm Jo wj w .
out of lMi building unobserved by th
8pv outside."
:.Seio him and tio him up." ald Dob
.No.- laughed Tom, "that won't do,
We want ,lilu ,0 remain hen unJl,r Ulf
imprion that wo aro .till In thi of-
ll'olbrook. who had coohnl down con-
rfih-rablv. thought a moment
..Tll, otllc comiecteJ ,
waY through to tho rear. Th. Janitor
,aS Uoyj , them ,nJ h, cat
U4 through to tho rear hall without it
U., . n,VlWary t0 g0 out on UieoM w,
ordinarily use "
.n,0 v'erv thing," Ud Tom.
I M solui" wur j him .t "
i "Hold on a moment," lntcrpced Tom.
-St-nd out a trusty clerk to him. and let
tho janitor com. to u from tho roar
I hall, unlocking tho door, a ho comes,
, w that when wo do leave wo can go
This w as agreed and acted upon.
Iu tho meautim two other clerk
went out Into th hall, and in th pret
ence of the tpy had this conversation!
"l!y Oeorgo, it' hard line, isn't ItT
"What' hard lines?"
"Why, I promised my beit girl to tako
her to Coney Island to-night, and hero
comes Mr. IJoIbrook in at a late hour
a,u tl.l9 ln8 not to g( AWAJt for he wiU
have sumo copving for m. to do."
vt-ll, he'll 'bo through by tlx.'
"N,,t ' M'' "Tan and ho have
i ,1,.,, .;n 1, .l w
eight I heard them lay o. That mean
So the HXr spy settled himself for a
two hours watch.
Though llolhrook had yielded, licit!!!
When Tom told him that ho did not
think they ought to make the attempt.
it rescuo until after dark ay about 9
j clocji ho rebelled.
Tom argued with him, and convinced
turn again.
"I siipKj( you're right, Tom," hesnld,
'but tins sus.nso is frightful She is a
iroung. lovely girl, Tom. Think what
u.iv illinium to her "
"Uu.)U yuiir nun J lo all sucti tnougnis,
replied Tom, "and open it only to con
siderations of tho most practical thing-
how b st to rescuo her? That's tho (Irst
thought, nnd wait pationtly."
"Oh, but. Tom, it ia very hard to
"All tilings come to him who know
bow to wait. Coino, you aro in a rea
sonable framo of mind now, and hero I
the janitor."
In a few minutes they bad passed
through all tho adjoining oflices, and
reached the passageway which ran paral
lei with tho rear street To descend
quickly by a comer staircase wn but
moment's work, and the three were soon
rapidly treading their way througli
crowded Nassau Btrect
At Printing House square the Shadow
parted from them, turning to the east
Tom and llolhrook turned to tho west
nnd crossed the City Hall park. Reach
ing liroadway, Tom led th. way to the
second door of a building which faced
upon tho lost office.
Entering nn office in th. rear, well
built man, whose frame waa suggestive
of great strength, about forty-five years
old, nroso and greeted Tom effusively,
This was tho chief of th. private de
tective agency. Tom presented Hoi
brook and said:
"A word or two In private with yoji,
"This way then, Tom." They entered
a small room in which there were a few
chairs and a tablo.
"I want a force of five picked men,"
said Tom.
"All right, Tom," replied the chief.
"Anything you want I'm bound to tup
ply if I can. I owe you too much to
disregard any request of your. What'l
tho job?"
Tom rapidly sketched the fact of the
abduction, saying nothing, however, ol
the events which had preceded it.
"You will see," said Tom, finishing
his recital, "that we want your best
men. Why can't you head the force
"1 can and will," replied the chief.
"Have you mado any plan of attack?"
"No, very fow. I have sent my Sha
dow, he's one of your old men, up to lo
cate tho house if he can. He is to meet
us hero as soon as ho has done his work.
Then 1 thought we would be governed
somewhat by what he report. We
ought not to go up thore before 0 o'clock,
I think."
To this llolhrook demurred as an un
necessary d elay. Hut Tom was now sup
ported by tho chief judgment, and
llolhrook was compelled to yield.
"We c;au lav our plana and arrange
tho details when n lnar what tlu Mia
dow hir to report," mild Tom, "In Hit
meantime, Holbi'oul,, Mis, Toiiiplotoii'i
anxiety nlimild bo relieved It would In
a Immune uetion to let In 1 liumv,"
In this llolliiook neipiloM id, mid pio
posed to go there foi lhw llli
Tom said luiighiiDi "I'll go up with
you. You are not in a lit finiue of uilml
yet, and may commit nu not of Imlis
cretlon which would ruin us,"
IlolbixHik was uunoyed, but til liouom
ho tult Hint Tom was right,
Bo descending to the street they found
a cub and drove oil,
When they reached the Imaiillng houm
of tho Tcuiplcton, llolhitmlt entered,
and IVm remained in tho cab Anew
boy passed, and Tom purchased a paper,
with which ho busied hliuself. lie hud
hardly Interested himself In the Hi nt tele
graphic Item, when llolhruok dashed
down the steps, his face talo. and ureatl
'What' tho matter now?" exclaimed
"Mrs, Tomplotou has gone."
"Tho old lady? Done? Where?"
"Annie sent for her; the messenger
nsld she had broken her leg, having fallen
whll out,"
"It another part of the plot," cried
Tom. "llow could, tho old Imly hav
been to foolish n to go after alio knew
Annie had been enticed away out of th
house by a forgery,"
"Do you think lit a part of the plot?"
"I am sin of It Hut this It getting
to bo a deep one."
"She may have been taken tothe sum
plaeo that Anulo was," ventured Hob
"No," said Tom, "the scoundrels would
trover dare two abductions ill (ho open
(Uyllglit In tho same iieighlHrliiHd
tell you, llolhrook, llu are nocomuioii
HHiutulrels. They w in on their IkiIiIiiossl
W ho wa tho linywenger?"
"A woman a respectable limklng wo
uian," 'It' a deep laid plot All of the loglli
ntnto heir aro gouo imw the brothel
killed and
the mother and sister nh-
"What shall wo do now?
pllcates the matter,"
Thls coin-
"No. We'll do just what e worn gi.
Ing to do, Kind Hie girl tlrnt, mid the
tludiugor the mother w ill not UmIiiII
cult 1 111. 1 the 11 1, mid you will ilnd
tho mother nud the murderer, tiet Into
tho cab and lot u drive right Utck to
N arrltliig at
llanford' they
found the Shad
ow awaiting
Ho bad t.itiu-
lied hiiii.vlf u to
the h o use 1 11
which Annie .is
conlliiod by Kiit i 1
fylng hiiiifulf
that ill threo of
them, til Irani.
there w as no pmsible chance for her con
finement I In bail sm-rtvtlisl in inn 1, in if
an examination so conclusive iii.u iii,m B
could bo no possible doubt of II
It was then, for the first time, that tho
thought crossed Tom' mind that tho
note received might possibly Iw a ruse to
mislead them, and so expressing himself
be asked to seo tho slip of pas-r again.
To llolhrook th thought was torture
Itstilf. Ho bad In his possession a brief
noto from Annio concerning tho author
ship of which there could bo no doubt
II made a comparison, as. I the nnman
sliip was qulto evidently dls-iiiular.
llanford. tho chief, pointed out that
the comparison would bo of little value.
In the one instance tho note was written
on flno iaH-r. with excellent pen and
Ink, at leisure and under no excitement,
while in tho other it was written on
coarsa paper, with a common had pen
cil, and evidently under tho greatest ng
itatlon, hurriedly and orhaps covertly.
llolhrook, whoso high hox s had fallen
on falling to distinguish any resem
blance, brightened on hearing the chief 't
Tho chief pointed out further that all
the probabilities wero in favor of tho
authenticity of tho nolo; that It was
quite unlikely, however able the con
spirators were, that they would havo
written a noto so brief, so hurried, and
which bore such evident traces of agita
tion. On tho contrary, bad It been the
intention to throw any 0110 oir tho scent,
tho latter would havo tried todomnro
than this hurried scrawl bud done, und,
further, that it must not bo forgotten
that theso hounds would scarcely seek
to inform the friend w ho could give tho
most eflieienl help of her abduction be
fore he was likely to find it out, as would
bo the c;ise if they took that view of it,
slnco tho Isiy had evidently been waiting
at tho oflico from a timo very clow to
thatof their departure to Mrs. Temple
ton's house, whero they (lrst learned tho
news. On the other side they had only
tho expression of Tom's shrewd fears
that it might bo so to lead them lo sup-
poso that it was a ruso.
Tho argument of tho chief could not
be answered, and so they fell to arrang
ing tho details.
The Shadow submitted that the danger
of an open attack upon tho attlu In ques
tion was, that tho inmates with their
prizo could tako to tho roof nnd make
their escape through adjoining buildings.
.9 had penetrated far enough Into the
fourth house, .without delecLiou, to find
that tho stairs leading to tho attic (loor
wero inclosed and tho door locked,
Ho suggested, therefore, that soino of
the party ought to force their way into
tho attio of 1111 adjoining house whethfr
tho inmates liked it or nut, and tliiistnko
Bossession of tho roof, while the rest
should storm tho apartment in the other
Tho chief strongly favored this plan
as tho only 0110 which insured success.
There wero eight In tho party, and, so
as not to attract attention, it was deter
mined that they should rendezvous at a
neighboring saloon, known to the chief,
proceeding thither In couples. All wero
'ft be well armed, for resistance was to
be expected.
On arriving, throe, with Tom leading,
wero to enter tho adjoining house near-
pst tho corner and, rushing up, take pos
session of tho attic, and ufter a signal
had been received from Tom's party, tho
uthers led by tho chief, well supplied
with "jimmies," wero to mnko nn as
sault on tho Iiouho whero Annie was con
fined, llolhrook was to be with tho lat
ter party.
llolhrook and Tom went up together,
and taking a cab across town woroon tho
ground earlier than tho rest.
Thoy left tho cab, after having given
Instructions to tho cabman to station
himself In Hayard street hulf way down
the block, and thoro await order.
Guarding themselves as much as pos-
liblo from observation, they strolled into
tho street and located tho house iu ques
tion, i hoy wore slightly disguised, arid
thought they risked nothing,
I piissmi iim lioium hut a tiiiV
paei'nwlion Holbioolt felt It tug on llm
iklils of Ids eiint Ila Imiked down and
tiiw i:n,;,;n, In In liny wliiiiu ho took for
1 lv,i;ni', and win uiioiit to ilrlvo hint
kwiiv lieu the lad said:
"lie you ifolu' to IiumIi IiIiii now? It
llu'l up ileio,"
llollirook would liavsikett hnrthly
0 him, so us to rid himself of tho an
noy anee, when Tom wlilspereili
"ll Is I ho buy who brought tho tmto to
Thou, speaking to tint buy, ho saldi
"I'oniii hero with 1110," and led lb
rt ay into a tielghUiring pnnsagii, whero
lliov could partially conceal theinselvo
ly the dool,
"What do you inoiiii by 'trashing1
lilin?" mketl Tom, kindly mid emiour-
"I'e woman sod as how wen you com
, J"'11''1 llU ".v" 1111,1 nllop 'Int.1
"What woman?" asked llollinMik,
WUI 1 '"'u" ,l" l"M'"' 'wm lo
yon, hlie promised, she did.
"Whore is she?"
"In do nex' hoiino, Nlm's upstair oil
jo top Hiiro, I o until ain't dcro. Ho went
tway Just iifurii you eoimi, Yer a goiu'
to lii-k lin. ain't yer?"
Veil just lut wo are," said Tom. "You
11B t". 'I""'t you?"
Oh, my eye, don't I?"
"t'os bo's kicked meolToti and ulTsu,"
"What is ho to you?"
"Nolhiii'. lIoeulTs me over do head
wnievor ho gits do chance,"
"Wliv diK's bo do tlml?"
"I diimio. I'o he's Ugly,
keep oul'on his ballwav."
".Mi,"sal.l Tom. "ihrw
the ladv?"
Co I won't
"I gut on do rof and talked to her
tin' de skylight."
j "Oan you tako us up there?
Qv coiirno I kin. Wo live tin tu do
nttie, rit;ht hero, Me uilthor Is gone
an ay mid 1110 fuder is drunk over der
in the any limit. Ilore's luilnidy uu dero
Sluy In-ro 11 moment with the boy.
H.'lhnsil.," said Tom. I hi sought th
chief and found him. Hurriedly bdling
him what ho bud learned from tho Isiy,
lie bil d him to send the Shadow and two
lie n I follow llolhrook and himself,
Hinl jAc I liliu to Knard tlin tiaiwutcfi to
the Iioiimi III w hioh Annie was cotihued.
Hurrying buck, the five wero con
voyed by tho ly to tho attio. Th
joiinplor show ed them how ho mounted
to tho rd, und In a moment they wer
on it.
Tho p.ixige over the roof was perilous,
for it was nn old fashioned high roof,
sloping ut a precipitous auglo from a
s-ak in the middle, both ways.
The Ihiv, ho ran over tho roof like a
cat, and with tho agility and eonfldenc
of one familiar with tho font, showed
them tho skylight
Turn put his mouth to tho broken pan
and iiiuilu a sound
"Hull I.U!"
Ho heard u liioM'ini lit Is-llcttlll.
"lift, Miu Toinplotoiit"
"Who's that?" was the answer In a fo
main voice,
"lie quiet: help Is near," he mid.
A cry of joy was beard.
"Aro you nlom?" anked Tow.
"Yes, quite alone."
"Stand fait, then; you'll tie quickly
fris-d "
llo pulled at the fmsuoof the skylight
ll as
lwoof the men drew "Jimmies" from
their hh Lcm, littod them together, and
hueited them under ono Ida "Crick
crack!" iu a twinkling It was pried oft.
"llli, 1 h, oh, golly!" laughed the boy.
Tim moment tho skylight How off, 1
light flashed up from Mow
A nine bad lit a candle.
lhilhrook iilleuipted to dose. nd.
"Wait," she cried The d .stance is
too great to jump." k
They heard a nol Jof 'something being
uraitgci. f -'4
"Now you can JutBt,ab said.
llolhrook lot himtolf drop, and ho fell
on tho U il Annio had dragged under th
llo caught the girl, who was trembling
with excitement, In his arms nnd cov
ere. 1 nor laco Willi Kisses, llo mur
mured und moaned over her; ho laughed
and cried and embraced her again and
lu tho meantime tho other wero turn
bling down one after tho other.
It was not until long after, when Tom
was in lin led tho next morning, that
ho reali.ed that no one, not oven Annio
herself, seemed to think It strange that
llolhrook should havo hugged and kissed
her in tho frantic manner ho dlL
At tliu timo bo was too bur. Ill
mind was working with abnormal ac
"Wo must get tho girl out at onco,"
ho said. "Hero, llolhrook, stop that
mm iciHiwiml tako tho girl nwuy.
"llow?" Hiked llolhrook, ready for
action, now that tho first excitement wo
"l.j througli tho skylight Quick.
"Hut how can wo got her up there?"
a-ilo'd the Shadow.
"I know," broke In Annio. "Tako
that bed away."
The bi d was tossed on ono side, while
Annio ran into tho next room and began
to drag the table toward tho room.
One of tho men took It from bur and
carried it in, nnd an sho directed placed
It miller the skylight
"There's a chair In thoro," the (aid:
"bring that."
They comprehended her purposo, and
It was placed on tho table.
"Up you go, llolhrook," cried Tom.
llolhrook climbed liko a cat and waa
on tlm roof iu n twinkling.
Tom lifted Annio by main force to tho
top of the table and then on to tho chair,
springing up on tho table after her,
llo lifted tho girl up by tho waist o
that llolhrook could got a firm grasp of
her arms.
She was then drawn up on tho roof.
"Now, Holbroolc," cried Tom, "away
with you. Quick I (let tho girl out of
harm's way as soon us you can. One of
you," ho continued, turning to the chief
men, "go with them to protect thorn.
Shadow, run down to tho chief and toll
him to 001110 up hero the way wo came
with the rest of his men. I have art
Tho Shadow disappeared.
Tom was tho general commanding the
forces, and lie did havo an Idea a great
Ho seized tho candle und made a rapid
examination of tho rooms, llo satisfied
himself as to how thoso who came would
enter, and ho quickly determined how to
dispose of 'nis f'orcos. Finding tho door
boiled and barred from tho inside, ho un
barred and 11 11 1 n il toil them.
By this tiini) iho others had arrived.
"Havo you found her?" asked tho chief.
"Yes, and llolhrook has carried her
"Then tho job lu over?"
"Not by a long shot."
"What now?"
"I've set a trap hero, and wo'U catch a
"Tho man who abducted tho girl?"
"Yes. Havo you bull'seyes with you?"
"Yes, and shooters nnd handcuffs. "
"(Joint Then we can put out this
light. Hold on."
They wero startled by a nolso above
their IiciuIr
To bo continued.
l'lirk I'lnco is l'opular Tropci'ty.
KOI K I! Olt 11 III.H 1 km.
!tMifiiHmr (.SNtiOrrier,
Olismi ('in, Or, May y, .m
Nolle hereby iflven 1 1 11 1 the tS.llovUnK.
iiiiined si'HIor litis llloil iimIIoo m lii-iniim-tlou
lo liiake lin: jiriinl In surpurt nl his
Olllilll, llllll tlllll Sllht I'l'liill'wlll lio IHIIih' ho-
lor the Iteglsler mid Kooi'lver 0I II10 II, H,
Inild tlrhi St Uli'lMll I'lly, Ori'Keu, 1111
TupwInV, .Inly , I sni, yn' Allien Hunt,
lloiniKlettd I'.nlrv Nn ft( 17, rue llm W i
of N W H. of Moo, A, 4 W, II ;i Kat,
names ilm fnlluwlng wiinrm, to pIIIM,
ouiillniious rol'loi,i o Uiihi ninl 1 't , I ( 1 v in I, in
of, Sill' I llltld, Via ! (', lli llltiiili, I'. Mm liilkn,
M, Moi'linke ninl J i,i,,inlll, r, nil ul
Mnelilike, t litoksiiiiis i niuiiv 1 n umi,
J. I',' Al'I'f.llstlN,
N) tl ' UyUvr.
oi h 1: t'oit ri iiur t not.
I'Nirni MrATM I.inu or, n r, i
niimms t'm.Cr,, Mm J 1, I -11.1
? ul lii Is hoii ln (i' i n 1 u,( in , , 1 , : 1 1 1
nm 0
I lie iriiviliin nl tho (Hi ul I'm..
IMV-K III .lllllll
... ii 1..- 1.. 1 , , .
It, his, 1'iiiiilod
'An net Inr
the sale ul IliuUir luinls In the Si,,ii
the !
I ( nl
ll'oi'iiiit, mi-nun, Nsti.ihi, ninl n,,,lniiioii
Teri'ltnrv." WI111I011 ('. (lioll. nl Mini.
County of I'ohiiiibiii, Hliiio ol uriiniii, him
till) lint lllo.l In tliln ollleo bin nyuilii nlule
lliolll Nil. yo- It. Inr tl,n 1,10,1,11.,, ,,1 11,,.
Mf, 1; nl (Section No. lit, In ,n, i,l, jN,,
Soiuii, itiiiiKoNnii i-:i. ,,,t mu ii, r ,,,i
lin iniei,., , nn ill, in on 11, III llllllllll
purponea, ninl lo .li In- , .,jm ,, i,
Inild betorn lint (eil-ler Hud lt.e,o, i,
tllla Hill, (i ut tnvpiii llli, 111, no I no-hit,
III IM day nf hnile.iil.oi, -ii, lie imiiii
BS Vtll,ial-: I', II. Wheeler, V. lliollf,
nnd I.. W. ItnivMi nl I', nil, iii, i. Or , J, II
(lllllauf llunteia, (li, K
Any and nil i-ri vnn i, ,k u K, im ly
lh simtl' llonorilil',1 llllnla SIO le (llr.e,l to
u Ibolr ebtlnia in tnli mil,,, on or hi (n o
nld '.' Ul ditt of hi I en, Ih r, I l.i
J. I . A I I'l lISi iS,
tl IU It Iti-oi.tor.
TIMHKII I. A Nl, A''1'.II'.K a,
l.'mri n Hris I. inn ninn, I
Oum.os rir,-ir., Mm Isai j
NdTII'K i lierrl.f HIM'ii Unit m ,,,,,,,
Slieti tt itll Iho pint Hi, nm nl I i,e in I nl I i, n
Itrvss of Juno :(, ls,s. n,i it I. ,) i,,i u,f
tho aillo ol lllnhor Ittnihi Hi tin- h-liitr n ( ul
Iforiilit, I Ihkiiii, Noittihi, ninl M n-lilni-tnii
leirltort ," Ailhnr liiilnnw nt 1 1 , ,. t
Itnor, ('niinly n Wtinou, Muio i, iiteumi,
lina tbin ilny lib ,1 In tin- niln elon nuiiin
tlltolliout So. '.Hi I, lor the i n- liiiM- ill Hie
H l, nt NW t, ti u,i K 'jnf.sW i, ,, ,,i .
Iloli No. -.Si, In 'l.inii.lon Nn .-mill,,
ltnll;e Nil. M tnil. unit Hill niter ,,1 In
alum tlml the html nnli.:t,l In 11,1,11 , iiinulili-
fnr tin UuiU-r nr stnnp llnm ,ir rnin, nlinuil
pllrininen, llllll In i -lalil l Ii loa i hiiin In -,il,
flltlil Ih-Ioio lilO Iti Htilrr lllel b, ,,ui'r nl
Ihln ollnn si Hrv.'mu llli, nuvn, on
WrdliP-ilat, the Villi iln V nl --i I, n.her,
Israi. II.-Inline-, n- lli,i- ,M ,,,,
J. I". Iiver I., b. Mi.r.e. nnl I. S.,il, i.i,.
all nf ll.m.l Itltrr. t ln enllnlv, 10.
Anv and ll In r,nn i lninoMt n.h. i-, It-
the ulnitt-ite-u rilml InliiU nu- li nn, ., , '(l
lllr their rhilinn in tlilanlln e nn ,n I,, .,ie
aiiid ;'llll lint nl S i Irmhi r, S-
J. T. Al l I l:SuN',
i! ! H i;.-i.ior.
tDsta IUIijt was at, k, i-ni- her ('ant.tri.
WIm-s alios s (liilil, aim eilnl fr nl.
Wuwo sIm Iweatile Mian, alni .'Inns' tn 1'iuit.nls.
M'bsa sua bad LlilUron. the (e Hu m ( utort,
' I now lutve n I'ull Line of
HarJwtro nmi Stoves. Sole .Vent
for Slltierior Sloven ninl Ilaii'eH,
TlieOlivirl'liilled 1'loWH ut if 1 nn in.
Wo hitvo coiinet'teil with the Iuhiho
a First C-ltiss riumlier mnl '1 inner
anil work in this line will Is- tin
rriiiiiptly ilone ninl ns ('lieni ns any
could ilesiri'.
R. D. Wilson.
Upponitu l'ost ( lllioii.
ATI A NT! ns 1CX.
v x.,rsair:r,ssj
7 fit -ski :i'Ti I
""" H 1 I'HIH "
TfMliiriii.ANIi.An'Jt'NKlt, irs,
ftOTM li I Oil III. 14 VI -.
I'MIISIl Hiatkh bANti lirrn R, I
Obwiiin 1:11 V, lir,, M, U, IsiHI
Nnlliit la linrnliy hIvmi Hull In 1 l 1 r i
w ll li Dm jirovlnlniia nf His m of iiiiimHmn of
June 11, 7, lin, I "An m fur lin- milonl llm
lir IhiiiIs lii tin, HlHies ill l sllfnriils,
Oilmen, Spvn.lil Sllil WsahlllltiiU Tsirl
liny, Dsns Jiti.nii n( Aim Ul.
id AliiaUl, otiiirity
of I i-H l, inne ul W a -III null 111, hn tills
'I")' llli-il In thin mild n awnrn alalvlionil
Nu isaiii. lor His iiri'liiil tlm HK '.ul Hiwtlun
N,l IS, In 'I ewii.liip f.11 'J s.niili, luniio Nu 7
fcsai, ninl Hill i.llur ,n...f in allow Hint ihs In set
ulit la mine vnlimlilu Inr Ila ilinlmr or almis
Hi, 01 (or nu rleulloi , nirinai'a. ami In r.l-h
lull lila oliilin In until In 11,1 liotnin Ilia rttflitnr
11ml 11 celli't ul llila 11III1 nl (Hi-Hi, 11 t lly, Ul ,
nil I ne. .1,,, , Hi,, ; u, I ,y Hiliinlir, Intnl.
Iln Iniliiea Ha wllioaana ft M ll k llmilnll ami
11,1111, Aliilrlauli ol l.lllln Kail., I.nwla enmity,
Ha hllnilnii, W A Calniill ami N J Hsli'li (
r"ltl,ill,, (lintfiiu
Any ninl nil imianiia 11I1 tmliiK ailvr-ranly His
illito n ilenerlln-il Inlnla H! ri',il til Ills
Hii ll i t in in tlil. iiiiicb mi i,r lielum asiil anil
ility ol ,'i(i'inlir, Inisi
11 I i s w Hi'ui.ii.r
'I I MU HI I. A Nil AT I' JINK , IM,
O I II I! I OH HI.IC lot.
I'snrn Miarsa I.ikhiioh ,
lOimins l itv, III., llm u aul
N. , ni
llerfiliy alum Hint III i'lillilillalies
Willi ilm prnil-lmia iifllin net ni ruliHiaaa iif
Jniiu 1, h?.i iiini,., I au not Inr ih anlt ut tiro-
1 "' llm Huira ul ( lilnriiln, l)i.nii,
j " ',,""!".'' ", r:llk
Ilia a,iln 1 nl ni.inn I Nn. Jlk.a. I,,r Ilia nurilhnaa
el llm NK 'j el Mael,,i No fit. III 'InMllalllli Nn
J f,,nin I,' ,in.' i, N 7 Knal, a let will i,ll.-r imul
riiun Hint llm latnl anuiilil I tiiurs vsIubIiI
inr ila itiiiiiir i,r aimi (linn (or aailmiliiirnl
Inirnn.ea nin u lila elnliu In aalij
honl ln-ltiB ilm lo-ulkiir anil lisevlvi-r wl lint
miu n nt linnnii t II), liii-a-mi, nn lur.ilay Ilia
ilnl il.iy nl nu.liilinr, Inn) uanii'l mil
!,.,,, Ilnna Jmnali, nl Aln.lal l.wla I n,
ttiiatiliniieii. Iln,, Alnlnia j.llll falla,
tenia i Ill r , tt ,. .ll I n ( I mi . tV A Calmril all,
N J t i-lrli i,l rirll,iint, urt-at nu
Any ninl all ,ri.nn i-lniuiliii ailvsraaly III
almiti im.erllia, Inlnla ai rriiir.lHj (u fll
llielr el-nnia In tlOanllie nu or Imtnra a,il,l iSnl
Is) nl H.-lm,r,, IkjU J I afl'I.HsIlN
Ij ll ln-itnr
1 I M III It I, AMI, At'T Jt'NKS. I;.
oi i i; i oit im lil.U iio.
t'NiTali Ml naa I sn llllll I
linini.n Cur, ii May I', IniSI
,S.,ter la tinaliy s'wil ttiat In rniitillalir
nitll lint OnvUlnlia nl (lit, ael nl t iiliia.l uf
June ,1. In n ollllllr l All Bel lor III am nl Ilia
her lioi'l In llm ntntna nl t nlllaiiila, Oltfnll,
,Sfvii,,i aiel tt a.lilllltltil! 'I erillnly," t lin
S hievena til At't-rtlfM-n. eutuily nl I'liWinlla,
Smlii nl W nalillmleii. haa 11. 1 ilny nlml IM tllla
i-ltiri, ton annrii alntnuii-lil Nn aoi.l, f,Mti li-ir-t'lii.a
nlltm!-. i nl Hi-ellnn hn 11) In luarll
Ion V. ( M. ... 1 1 1 luno Nn 1 Kaal.
and Hill i.llir iiik,( in aliint llial Hi
t,oi. annnht la tnnri- vnlllttUIn (r It ilmbrr nr
l, nn- lli.iu (,-r nulit-nllnrnl nrnnara ami lu
t il' III. elnliu l,i arinl latnl brlnr III l!(
10 f ,in. lirei-lirr nl till, nllie nt I Ill-poll I 11 y .
in, -,ii, nn I Inn., Iny tlm IN tula, u( ni.,tiniilH-r,
1-n, 1 1 u inoiit.. aa wltn,-. ra J K Alll.ull,
K ll II ilea ,,( M,rl,lvn tt ".III 11(1,, II , H A IS
I, ,,ill ninl N J ttnlelml r,,rllnn l, III
Any mii, all i.nt.nna cUlmlng ailisrarly III
a I,. . . I r .i 1 1 1 ti, I Intnl. am r0,i, In (ll
II, i-)l rinliii. li, llo. nltier nil nr liotnra aalil l-lrj
ilny nl iM't-innWr, vjo, -', AITr.llStiN.
lv 14 In-, mar.
I IMUCIt I. A Ml. Al T Jl M-.:t, IsTS.
O I 11 i: oil III. M A I io.
r.MIt Ii NTITIS l.iMillineS. (
I'lll-nnSJ Clt, Hi Mllf ''I, l.-IH.I
Nnhee I. In-iehy uoen t .tut ill eniii,iilllee
mill tl.i- prut ll..i nl Iho m l nil imie., ,,(
June t, n,n, , nlltle,, "All art Inr tho !
..I tlililn-r liilnln in the Htnlea nf I'nlit.iriiln,
inegnii, .Simula, nn, ,biii?tnn lorn
imy," Mnilm, 1". .v, l, Ibnul lilu-r.
I ..nn ly nl WiKin, Hinti- nf llrrKoii, bus
tin. ,,n lile.l in linn nlln bin BHurii liito
ment ,n. '.li,'!!, f,,r tho nri l,-e nl tin- bK
nl fvellnli Nn. ,f.', t, Inmi-lilli Nil. I
Vntli, Jim,,.-B Nu. s Kimi ninl olb-r
I '" nhnw Hint tin- IiiiiiI BntiKht la none Inr itn liinU r nr atnni- llnm lor
Kiiln lilliiliil .iirira, ninl In bin
Iniiii to "ninl I. in, I In lore the Ki nkier nn. I
Keeiltirnl II, In nttln- nt I Ir, fun ( 'II V , I T. ,
nil tnllil-adilV, Ilir '.'lib llnV nf S' U-iiiIht,
nl, lie l.iitnrn n Wllliennrn: A. I'ln-
l.rnw, I.. Vmlriitb, J. C. I its a-rn. nn. I (,. K.
Mnrr, oil nl II.. i., I liner, nn.ii imintt ,
AeVntiil nil InrMinn rlniliiini; n-lvrr-M-lf
t e iiUiM- ill -eiibril liniita lire li-ijlle.ti-. In
tile H eir eiulin III llilnnllno nil nr Inlule
.-net .'Itli ihiv nl S plelnln-r, tnai,
j. r. a i i i i:siv. I
i. :u H Ili-K-iau-r
I'sithi Suns l.isn (iner.
1'itnniN i itv, nr., .Muy bi, Inm
N.ill.e is bi-relit- (ivi-n ilmt In e,im,.
sine with th nn i-l.-n. n I tin- ml ul ( nn
urn. nf Jims ,'t, l,S, entiileil, "An si-l (or
the null! of limlnr Inn. In In the Hlntsa of
Csliforni. I'ri'eu. Nrisds slid WsahliiK
tmi I rininrt , " Sain C, .Inhii-ilnii nf pnrt .
linnl, I 'mint V nf .Mlllllinlinili, Msle nf Or
ve ni, bit ilnv tile. I in Una nltier Ida
mom aiiiii-im-iit No, '.iwi!i, r 1 1 it- ,urehsxi
of tin- -W (, nf f-eetion So, i, in 'lowti Sn. 1 ,-oiiih, ltnii(p No, 7 I t, mid
Will nltrr prnnl In nl,n ,ltt 111 Imill
,ni(rl, I I-ii.uii- tiihiiihli- fnr Ita tlinU-r or
.tone tloin lor urn. li 1 1 ii y nt i 1 1 r -i n, un.l to
t" Inn iLiiiit In mild binil In-lnrv tin
rei-l'ti-l Mint n-i rinT nf Hon nlllii- nt OitkoiI
l ilv, t r , on Weill i-vlnv, the 17th tly nf
,-.ii-ii,U-r, I h He linn, rn nn ttitiiennra:
It 1' l iillmt, V. A. I sn, I N. J.
Meh had I'nrthilld, Ur. ; t'. N. Mrti-na nf
Alienlerll, V ll.lltiLt,lll,
Ant ninl nil n-r-.niia cluiiiiini,' sdwmelv
the nlmvv .li-eillml luiela lire reiUt "-teil li,
liletl.rir . hiiinniii Hon nlbee nn or hi-lnm
-si, 1 1 V t : ot.N-ptt-niU'r, l-'.n.
i T. Ari'i-:i:5(',
l' 1 I I l!l;lllT.
TIMIIKIt I. AMI, ACT .11' NIC 3, (sisi.
MI I M li I OH IM 111.14 VI IO-N.
I'si n n Sr.trrs I ash Oiner,
t'liioiis Cnv, nr., Miireh II, ls:i.l
Ni 'TICK in hereby K'ten Unit in roinpll-itnei-
wit h li t- prot mil m nf tin- net ut Con-ure-n
u June .1, IN'.n, entitle, I "An set fur
the nule ul timber hiinln lu the Slsu-a ut Cub
ilurmii. uri'iiun, Ni-t iubi, iin.l ii-liieejiiti
l i rniurt ," Chnrlen Cotter, of Ssnilv, Conn
tv nl t 1,1, lillllilln, ,Xlltl' nf ( Ireful), linn thin
ifiiy tiled ill thin ulliee hin sttmn alitli Ini-iil
Nii. bkin, im- tin. i iii r, ! i n -.- nl the K u ,sV
, ami lutn .1 ninM ul Neelion No. IS, in
Tottimliip No, Suiilh, Hun),'!- No. 7 Kunl.
in. I w ill i. Her prnuf In i-hiitt thnt tlm Inild
nontiht in more tiihiiihle lor its tiuiln-ror
-.tune llniii (nr llpli ulllltlll pliri'imen, mill to
e-iiinu-ii inn eiiiiin in mini iiinii la-lore Hit1
lii'lii-ii r ninl Iteeeiver nl thin nlllee nt re
KniiCil v. Ori'iion, on t eiliiewlnt , the nth
tiny uf August, lntsl. He niiniea nn tit-ne-.i-eH:
.1. A. Km, I'. K. Shnf'i-r, ninl T.
l :. I' I inline 11 ol' l'..rllan.l, Multnoiiinli Co.,
'Iiiib..ii ; ,1. Melnti re, of Sitiidy, I'lui kitiintn
eouiily, Oreiron.
Anv nud nil persons fhiimiiiK uilversoly
the iiliuve denerihi'il liilnln lire reiUeslcd to
llle their elniin.n III thin ulliee or helure sniil
nth dny of Aujtust, 1MIHI.
I.'. 10 -1 HI Ul. Ki'BisU-r.
XITK i: I OH 1 III.H'A no.
t'NiTKuHTATKa I.sNnorriei, j
oitmius City, Or., Msy l!S, 1 rnvrtl. (
NOTICI! Is h.ruliy Klr.n, thnt the Mlmtliiii
llaiimtl nettl.r hna in. lie. uf lila llit.litluu
tu in ii k t- Uuul iirnnf In upiHirtuf lila claim, ami
tlutl KM, I prnnl will hit in. In. lift.. re th Kixinl.r
unit Iteeelvi-r nf the II. H, l-illlit Oil!.. St llri'ltuli
City, or.Ron, nn Tliurailiiy July 17, lhliu, vis:
Huliiiitl W. tirlttlth, lltiiuvntenil Kntry. Nn. .'moil,
fur tint went, i, ul aniiili weal ' j of aeotluii 8,
tuwiinlilp 4 sutith, rmiK 'J f-HMt.
lie iutuus Die fullnwiiin wltueaaea tn prove
hin t-i ,i 1 1 1 1 i t it it i n ro.lili'iu-i) tiinni mul culllvntinii
uf anlil liiml vis: J. T Kviina, J. K. betvla, Jullll
liiit la nml h lliillartl, sll n Kerns, Cliieknmaa
ouiiiit v. lirt-Knii.
M-tiJ J. T. Al'I'KHHON, Ht'iflstor.
Office is the Best. Try It.
Guaranteeing More Power,
water tnan any otner
Wheel, and the only Tur
bine that will
work successfully
under High Heads,
under Heads fro m
3 TO 300 FEEL
( Tl M HICK LA M, ACT J UN K :i, M.
I'NITKllHtATM UflllOl HI . j
OimniiH Ci t y, nr., Mi- W, I""' !
NoTtCK Is hereby given Unit in eonipll
unto vtllh ibv provision nf Ilie in t ol t mi
greas of Jim II, IHVM, i-nlllleil "All ml lor
1 1, anliuil limber lauds 111 Id Hlsl-s id t ill-
1 iforulii, (.iii-koii, Novnda, snd WiisIiIiikIoii
Territory." t'lm l' unsn-r m 1 umhuhi,
I'minly nf Mullnoiiisli, Hlnln iifdreKoii, ba
tbla ihiy tiled In this nllli' his attorn fui"-mi-ill
No. 111:17, lor tin imrehsMMif llm HI. U
or Heellon No, VI, In i'ottinhli No, 'i H,
l(nii!o Nn, ll and lll olb-r pnnif lo show
tbiil llm hind aoiiuhl in mm tiihiuhl'' fr Iln
tliiils ror nlniiB Ihiin fur sKileu't'iriil pur
lumen, Mini t tllhllnll Ilia i liilin lo asl-l Inml
hclmo Iho lti )(lnter slid llei el . er of Ihla
ollleo III Ote.iill I'll v, nr., Oil I rldilV.Ihe
1 Mb (lav "1 Jiilv, s'l, llo niinii-n ii" U
liennen;' Jus. A , (o, John Allen Ilnd Win.
Kiel. I of I'oitliiinl. Miiltniiiinih 1 IV, in.
.Iiilni Melnlvni nl -Hiitt y , Chu l.inuiin
I olllltt', I Ireifnlt,
A li V ninl nil pel-nuns iliilmlnx ii-liemrlv
I he nlini it ilrneiiheil liilnln llle re.iie-led t"
llle their ehtlinn In ILianlllin on ur l-lute
anlil I lib tint' of Jiilv, l"l'.
, J. T, AI'I'I MKt'N.
I'l 10 ,Vl I '.'( 11 It. inler.
l l( i; I'OII IM III. M A I IO.
I'si rm Krirn .sn n i ii i . (
llMKlluS t in, nr., Mn) li', IS'ai.l
NOTM'K l hereby Miven thnt It 'I'll-j
II urn tthh the I ruvinlnlia nt tin- in I nt Cine
Kit an uf June .'I. n'i'4, a-1 , 1 1 1 1 . I nu ml Inr llo
tile nl limber htinln in the flnlea of I ulilur
tun, lin-eiin, Nut inls, nml snliini'tnii Ti-r
rituit," ItiiU-rl II, I'.iitt-a. nf AlH-nlrmi,
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ridit, title mul interest in niul to the M. K.
i of see. IJ, T. H, 11. '2 K., In-iiiK lM aeres
more or less; niul will sell on the Tilt duv of
.Inly, A. 1). I!K), lit thehnlirol HloeliM-k A.
M., ut the court bonne in Citron Cilv in
said eoiintv nnd state.
W. V. 11. SAMSuX,
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Juiif-I, 1-5M. ' ;,i
The New Remedy. - Absolutely Pure.
Thousands Already Cured
Within only ten months Oils truly remnrknhl. m.illcltm has fouiul Ita
foilo the very best liuullien, beninis. , i uKi, tiik mi. Nn .llseiise tot now
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Sss. Vlurriso.ii a.. I'wrl luntl. Or.
JCxoliislve Am'iils for Chiekainim Cimiity, Titos ('II AH MAN A SON,
Oil-Kim tUty, Oregon.
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Noliee i lieii-iiy uivti that the lollutvitifr-iiiinit-il
M-lllt-i' has ii ii iimiiv n( his intrn
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Head of Water and Fcwsr Boquued.
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