The enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 188?-1891, June 05, 1890, Image 4

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noM tub tuky or A uwykk anu TH
MONT 11 litd
eluwe.l sineo t ho
murder, 1 1 re-
maltieil niiito ns
llllll'll f "
lory a it It a J
been in tlio Ik
Klitiiiiifi. Theiw
ties mitlu'rili.'S
wero biitlh'.l In
every uiret'inni.
.though they
c1uiik obstinately
to tluir theory
I lint Teiutilel.Mi
Xt!X Im.l been WiIUhI
1 fur SOUie OIIO else.
On his way down
lown, on the morning follow lug his
walk with Annie, IMhrook had Htopil
Into headquarters, ml had talked with
tha hfeh olUcial who had mipi'litnl him
with ths sample of cloth and tlto dia
mond button. Ho hd discussed tlio
theory with ths hlvh oiUcial. mid was
1 . ' ' V.Ui 1 1
( e.Uot nml wiU b dl"otoo(
tUim.i..iivii I wniit l. xvitlumt
diwHuonim'to JiidHo UurUiier cortun
e.;. of inv life, which. If knoii b
him, onld loan mo his esteem. 1 think
I l,llVl it now, und I wish to I'otnin IU
Tim tlrst thin 1 would Imvo to con
foes would be Hint Churl. i'lorsoii I not
my riKht name, Hllhounh I havs bonis
It now for tw -eni y )': mvl ,mm'
I propose to sot dowti here brlajy
tho facts, to b. ivad by Judgo IhitktiJ
after my death.
"1 wit born ut Hod Hank, N. J. W holl
about W vein old I removed with my
parents to' ri.iiullold. N. J. There, two
years, after, 1 married a yinmtr. i;lrl, who
ilied at the end of a onr ill Ktvil ,lllh
to a d.un;ht.-r.
"Shortly after 1 went l riiiladellila,
V. ,1,1,11 111. O Ih'OU tho Initio of my hf.
! 1 lfcv;mi, invohed with a widow named
' WcssiiK, with ono child u boy, rhe
j forced m into i inurviiK. I iolonlol
'to vlcld. but llw.n uuH'k iiiurriiiKO.
j im"upioHi inlni't'T wun iiu tic-ont-j
iilico. 1 lied from thin alliance, tiiklnrf
j-atv that lifter my lUnt she should
know thu ceremony was false.
"I tied to I'liiopo, nud while mere mi
Americnn. of my liamo exactly, died ill
a small town. Though nwani of it, I
ai.l no ut lent Ion to it. until I learned
through tho Anieilean consul that In
,iuirie bad ben mado by my dead wifo'n
robuiveH and bv tho woimitl WcMnlng.
"n . i ..!..... 1. .,!.-, that from tlin : Tli. n 1 ieri.uad.'d tlio C.Mitll tlmt It w
..... i :.. !,.... tli, iriiiea. mid w ith : invsrlf ho bad died. It waea touo,
the information they p.wsoase.1, tho
thory was nliiusibly tiried.
lie was troubled over his own conceal
ment of certaiu things, and wbilo bo
felicitated Itimsii'lf inm tlio fact that
neither Tom nor himself had said a word
concerning KouutiUii. now that it was
clear that ho was not tho guilty man,
yet ho thought ho oiiftht to tell tho
authorities of tho suspicions they bad us
to reuipleton's and rouutain's relations
Jach other and to tlio dead 1'iein.m.
tut what was ho to say? llo was in pi -
cisely the sarna l
Aouea Uo cotildnt s)vak without
brunjlnjfr tho nttair, and if it
Wl Wn difliasdl fjlofo iKforo, now
hU LfmstiwWi her. and ufter
what M prstoJty a promise ou bis
part not to mm bk kowledi.- to tho ilis
avantno oJ licrsell or rouutain, H was
doubly so. IUsidcs, to open himself to
tho hi't;h officii w ould be to prove trench
Ariins to Tom.
So, without revealing any of his
thoughts, ho left and went his way to
his otllco. Uo dismissed all further con
sideration of bis duty in tho matter w ith
tho thought that ho was so involved by
circumstances that bo could not do w hat
seemed to bo an obvious duty without
doing greater barm in other directions,
and let his mind run on tho joys of bis
walk with Annie on tho previous even
ing and her charming qualities of mind
and person.
Thus engaged, he reached his otllco.
As ho opened tho door of tho outer room,
with more than usual vigor, he was star
tled by a loud crash. A clerk bad so
placed a ladder that ono leg w as imme
diately In front of the door, lie bad
mounted It so as to gain access to a row
of high shelves surrounding tho otlUri),
on which were kept green wooden Uixes,
the figures of jnit years, tho names of
Clients and of estates w hoso atlairs the
olllce had in charge being lettered in
white on them.
When Ilolbrook had hastily swung
open the door it hud struck a leg of tho
ladder, nearly toppling over tlio clerk
and causing him to drop one of tho Uis.ii
to tho Moor, UKiu which it fell so heavily
as to burst oh'il
This was tlio crash which had startled
: for the othet Preston Inul no menus.
'! then returned to this country and
i adopted I he name of Charles 1'ierson,
j fifteen veins had elapsed since 1 left
riaituiel'l, I put Inipiiries on foot and
i learned that the YV.sMng woman had
! never taken my name.
"l filtered business and prospered
' from the Uy.iunlng. I'rom time to tliuo
; I have sent money, through s.'crot
j sources, to the woman Wesslng.
'SnK-.e.pieutly 1 bad liu...' had
' ... l .-' WU'lt-
' ".She bad ju d man iod, ut tho timoof
my inquiries, a man by tho nainoof
! IViiipleloll-umrried w ell and was Imp
j pv, so I did not di .ttiib her.
! "liming my life in NewYoikl mar
i rled a idling gill under tho iiiiiuo of
I nun: ,in. Siiu tbou,;iil slui bad married
' me. It was another mock marriagu. A
I scamp of a lawyer, named Tinker, acted
the part of a clergy man.
"He bad mo III his power for years,
and bled mo freely, until I caught him
in a ncr.ipo and held the state prison
, jver him. Then 1 wus independent,
i "1 lived w iih this woman throe year
lit l'litnant county under tho narno of
fountain. Then tiring of her, 1 Jis
alius, d her mind ns to the marriage md
left lu r, after giving her enough prop.
I.. ii writes of hi villainy I
nd vet tiles to make atnetuis at the
close of a long and evil life." commented
Ilolbrook. . r
"Well," said Tom, hardly reenvred
from his astonishment, "the motive ly
Ing at tlto tKittoni of the niunler U clmr
"Hut who Is the nmrderer?''
"There Ihn tho liiformatlon," replied
Tom, itriklng the pair ho hail laid upon
llolhrixik's desk, "Hut which? It was
not Teuipleton, for ha didn't kill himself
for his own benellt. It was not fountain,
for we know he didn't do IU H Is either
Wesslng, the wxjtJMfslinpsoii or Pres
ton. "
"I'reslott, What Preston!""
"Whv, JaiuiM. I'tesion tho old drunk
ard." 'Y., but w here Is lief W ho ever
heard of Itlmf"
"Whoever hoard-why Itolil Itar.t
I miv, didn't Ir-why, bhws my soull but
1 did toll you, didn't 1?"
"You are arlleulaily lucid inul In
(elllgenl this morning, not to say ejaeii'
"Hut I say, didn't 1 ever tell you?"
"In the course of our somewhat
tended and frequent intimacy you have
told mo many things and loft untold
many others, I upHBO, 1 Hit which
particular piece of Information you are '
referring to in your usual perspicuous
manner, I am unable to ascertain with
out a little more light."
"Oh, stow that slblng! you are never
so uninteresting as when you think you
are sarcastic Hut I say. ilidn f I ever
tell you what tho Shadow reported to
mo alsmt an old man l'reston and
"Never, my royal youth."
Tout, w ho was too seriously Intent
over tho discovery of the paper to fall
into tho vein of Ilolbrook, told with
brevity tho scene in the old house lit
Yarlck street . .
The recital soon won lioU"' "
"If you had told luo this," he said at
Its conclusion, "we would have been
well along in tho quest without the aid
of this documcuU"
"1 cannot for the lifo of me tell how I
canto to tn gleet It, but you see, on nir
side I uev. r knew, for you never tolil
lite, that the mono of Mrs. Tcmplctou1
father was Cat roll Preston."
"However, we have the connecting
link now, and the qn.wtion as to who is
the person is hammed to a very few,"
"True. It must bo either Vemg, the
woman Simpson, or Preetolt."
"Ur Parker."
"All, by tieoige, lie come Into th
game, too, dm-sii I he,"
" Yes, by reason of bis connection uinl
conspiracy with Preston."
"Holhrook," said Tom, after a lini
ment's thought, "1 do not believe that
srty to make her Independent. I had I either 1 lesion or Parker aro In this jiart
son by her named Harry fountain. j of the job."
"I married another woman under tlio , "Why equally so w iili the others."
au,o circumstances, forcing Parker to "Listen to me a moment, lu this pa-
perform tho man iugo ceremony. r, I l.-rsou is at pains to state that Par-
"lie was my slave now. Myiuiniolu
tearing paper Into long ilireus., a ItittHt
when Iiu was profoundly thinking, fl
natly lu wild:
"Tom, soiiiii very singular things In the
way of oiuliislous present tlieiusulve.
You never told mo of Unit Vurlck slrret
Interview, and I never told you that Mr
Teiuploton's family name was Prustou.
Here were two broken links that we
might have joined without the aid of
till paper. Now, here Is another omis
sion," "What?" mild Tom, with an air of an
noyance. "Are you going to make tu
cut a pair of blunderers?"
" Yo, apparently, We never attempted
to llnd out whether Wesslng knew any
thing ul 'out the diamond button?"
"You always scouted the Idea of Woss
Ing being connected with the nlTalr."
"I admit that, and I nut going also to
admit that I cmmi near forgetting to tell
yni that 1 know w ho has worn a pair
proololy like them,"
"WboV for grilcloiK stkel" said Tom
Irritably. "You Increase rather than do
crease l he poi.!liilii!os."
"Kendilek Nohlo, !), you kne
him?" '
"Yes, He Is In the situni set as tic
grove gii I and fountain, t tut,
spiio connectioii can uu niivu
"N rt nny that I Unns'
utust llud nut wln,t hst
' II,. i
r flit tt ity
V litt Mm iit t.Mi K1
KvcUmtn in tlx WMitii,
! h'tiUHil'y lllM.i-.itr,,, asy
l IJU ,,
Siilli-iu, tn is Iv I'M KB I., til
iiniri. Ithitr i kMHUfti't tu.
tv in Mi, i t ihin vr, Kv.
w KlslUKKkU' .,,l.n, Klow.r
D, M. .l"-Ml..rillull,
ot nnvaco.
im oir, MICH
oat h'
lilt Wees-
ul Hut we
lins to say aUml
there lu uvo lionr
risk, ol, l man,
you till ; : 1 1 1 lot lo and ut
on.yor, on- nl , K ,( Ti)( ju
t.Mts. V uh Ml tll0 knowl,.,! , w
po.p ye-., nmv l.nSj0ll, .infiHng
truths. Your cllenis are now llmt claim
ants lo i, lavgu proH.ny,"
'True, That has lHen In my mind to
y f n- sunn, time. Why not go up with
me? lit this cow two mliuls will be bet
ter than one,"
tot us U on the move."
Aft. safely Im-kitiB un ih-
, 'I'D be CnUliilifd.
A II an lira IauMa
Tkts t'IJ ' ef ourj ,1M Uk
H.r-!-..Vil.Ni He. aa tli
Hint. S'l-A(e'i t-rr U.o wluU
rslMfiskw, si,l i,iM ,,, UBhaiwerssnsr
W. IMM, KjimiM,,, UuteiUf, blow.
'r in, ,. , t vf u. . lh, j'uj Ve?,".TrV'
Ai'immwi.k .... i Hn Wt,,. i.. ... .
th. ilnu.,..i..illJ, luii,,',, J
imiers rssi... , y i. u,n nZinTwn '
tlio .iimr ii., o ssi UN.n id. tuJS
(lle. lH,.t. (s llm ihiiiuwh iil
.in. W.MHI. sun ,t, i. A rnulw iimL f
To cure lllllitHsniMk'sirk llasdselis, CoitsU.
psllnn, Mslsrls, fvr ( ,niilaliits. Uke
tli sate siulesrtsla romoity,
T". " ,X ""V1""' Bssas lelhe
twiUri. insf us lMtjr vssissr.
rrlre r ellhrr slse. r, pv uuitf.
I.(.1I1S4...... sii.ii. ,(a0,
MRtlinai ana surgical
this inarriago was ,Sunpon. 1 lie w umiih
lives in New Pochelle. nnd has a .laugh
ter now nkut U years ohL 1 made her
independent when I left her, which Was
only a year no.
"I have a villain of n briKhcr who dis
appeared when be was sixteen from lied
Hank, and e all thought him dead. Ho
turned up live years ago a terrible
Vlrunkard- and "te. I
llie ivl.ilion.-hip, but have given him
momy to keep him quiet, llo want
. rum, that's all.
' "Pallor belie te my pror name is
I'ier.son that is, ho ib es not know lotlio
! coutrary. If ho ib i, he las never shown
; it to me. ...
j "V,,w
"When 1 i-.ud. ad 1 want Judge Haric
ot.' r to istali!i.h tho fact that my daugh
ter, now M:s. Teuipleton, is my heir.
ker had no knowl.Hlue.if his orevitai
ife that bo never know that he Imre
siother name previous to that of Pi. r I
'.s, I reineuiU r; I see w hut your !
liufcof rvtu-mniug will U'." I
"Veil. Now ho did know about tin!
lounvin and Simpson marriages, lui
my inttkvlvw with him bo was only di f
ttirU'd W'en 1 talked of fountain ,Ust
was luwynoiigli to know that U ht r '
Wim no ittk .,.,.,-( ,i... i.'.... i. 1
i "h't
ct'K'inony, t. ,-ther iK k
j h iii oii n ni.n atho.
I'SIIKIi HrtTBS I.AWIl 4lril'R, I
dsioion ( ur, Ur feh. SV, s'.l,j
NllTlt'K I hereby Hb"" "' 1,1 eoiiiplh
nliee ttllli the pl ot Imiiiis of I lie set ut I on
uress of Juno !(, s,n, eiillilid "An I Cur
the wile of timber lauds In lbs Hlnlf" of tub
Ifornlii, th-iyuu, Nettnlii, and tli iHK'""
Territory ," t hus K. Hinder of Porilmid,
t'ounly of, Hlttlct oC'iii Kon.lins
thUiliiV llli'd III Ibis olllm Ills sworn sluie
nii'lil Ko, n:i7, lor the pnrebse of t list NIC i
of Hei'llull No, VJ. lu Tnttitablp N". 'i H.
ItiniKi' No, (I H, uinl will oiler pionf I" "Iniw
1 1 ut I llm lam! soiiiibl Is mure vulunble for lis
tluilier or siuiiu limn for si'iieiilluiiil pur
luiM S. nnd lo e.liilillsll bis i I'llui In idd land
lielorn Hie ltinller and llrerlter of
nlllei. ut nreu.iu I'ilv, Mr . on frldav, the
Hill ilnv of July, N. llo imitifM nn w it
iii'Mi'n; Jus. A. fov, John Allen M'"l Win,
hield of I'uilliind, Miilluoiiuili ciuiiilv, Or,
egiiii; John M.-lmyre nf Hoiolv , ( luekinii
loiiniy, Unroll.
A i v u l n 1 1 persiiiis iliihuliiK ndvernely
lb" sliioe'ileneriliMl IiiimIn sre reqneali'd tu
hie Uu ir I'liihus In lliii mill i, on or .. I.,ie
siild Illli . 1 1 . y ul Julv, Is'm.
tt in M I i'l ! lb -iilNier.
TIMIlldt UMi, AiT JI NI',,1, lw.
iii h i: i on ii t'i io.
PsiTt ii HtTrs I.asii drni r,
liii,i"S l it v, nr., Man li 1 1, Inm i
NUTU'IC Is hereby given Hint In cninil,
am'' vt Illi I he plot isIimim of llie net ol I ou
ur f Juiui ,'t, IhH. enlilled "Ait ei fur
I he nk' nl liiulier hinds lu the Hi in." ul I nl
Ifiiriilit, (tri'iiou, Ne mill, uinl SS n-lili')rl.Mi
Territory." t buries l oiter, ol Handy, oini.
IV iiCt'liiekinitiiM, Hiitle of t)reiin, lias thin
idiy lilid lu this nlllee IiIh stturn aluli Inrnl
No, lU,'.. lor Ihe pureliiiHi. of ihti I') t ol HW
f nnd tola .1 sod 4 of He, Hun No, IS, In
'Jnwit'hln No. 'J Smith. Ituiiee Nil, 7 I'atal,
it int will oiler pruof lo in Hint ths btuil
Miiighl la mure Wiluiilile ur lis Inula rur
; hi, me limn fur mol, itlliinil ,ii;,um a, siel tn
j I'Muhlioh hia elniin to amd hunt liefuie tlie
Iti'Klat.-r and Itei elver uf Ihla ii llleii ntHri'
i K"i, t'My. tin foil, on 1'iliieailny, Ihe wit
'r day of 'Augtiat, s!i. He iinnocs a vtlt
iiieseia; J, A. I'm, t', K. Hhslnr, nnd T.
I, I', tl'lKinnell of I'urtliimt, Muitioiuuli l u.,
,"(iri uii; J. Mi Int) re, ol Handy, Imi Ioi'ui.b
eouiilv, liii'iiun.
Anv sinl nil perantia eliiliiilng inlirrwly
the ulnae dei't ihed luliila nre reqiieaied lo
llie I In i r elninia In Ihla ultliv or Ih lore snid
tith ilny of Aiinust, 1 h .
J. T. API'fltHiiN,
4.'i lu M i -:i HI. Iti-Ki-ter.
I oi i i: i on ii A i io.
IMrrn Hrvrrs l.twn tirni k. j
t firv, or,, Mureli la, iNst.i
j Nit Tit K l herehv pis Hint In euinpll.
mini ill, iiu, pro. l-ioiia uf I licr net ul t'uie
I ;ri a uf June :f ls, -ntit,.., ",u si t Cur
llm anle uf liinU'r Inn, la in the alali a uf I'ul.
; ilurnui, iiri'fuii, Neiii'ln anil N nahinirloii
leirllury, lima. MaeKiiirn, of 'liieunm,
t'olllilv ul I'len e, Hlii'e u WanhltiKlon, lui
hlaiiliv tiled III tloa ullie.. his ailoril
"laleliii-ltl Nu, P.l.,'!, ha' the l-ureliiihi. u the
M: an, I V
i'H T
P.sat, Bl.'l Will
t)s til
205 StCONO STUtlT. Mill T.i.... i il,.,i ik. I.V..1 II i. i
si. '., N.V; k.l'f""""' ' '! v iltoISJC.Tlo.,e lhl.ll ..r
X 'f '.V Mure' ihe ltefrii, r
'KlVATI-s' lHi:AKI".fi.' "W 'lh''l'i rrt..ii l i
.llaidM-a ul
emilM iet la.uirt ..
ri'iiaiitrr !,, 11,111. I lm I
llMvsl i'l'SiH mtk 1,1a. hfii t
Kim.ii rsiian lbs J- .iiU kass-ir' " i,L ! ru. rv-it "" 1 " " .1" ' ' j
fl. . ... . .rlll. Ili.1 I. ... . .1' . m ... .
un wai wnni ssi - -. , ,M i,, ji ,n.ll.iv
tlto lnuntaie
or not. wi i .
'r a Hie, kiwtw m'
ll lbs ""')' usture io
!.... 'ul''-,i"",l"" l'"s d thus
pttrel' '"''"J "' W'ssl. IWIng
.,,. "If'tablo Slid siigar-ruatml. Iliry
,.le,,t , lBk ,,, , ,
"Alter many
mwr s run
f-l .M
Nv i, ( r-1-.'iioii
Nu, 4 Ninth, Ituuirr
ulhr I tiail lo ai.,,-
liiiile I iilonl'ie lui
iierii nil in id pur
s elniin tu aai'l
it 1 1 I KeieUer ul
11 v. Iltrfuli, on
TUt fsilnv, t! 7th day or AuKit, I'l"'. IH
names s'a tlin. . ;' V. A. ( itliuru, slid
S.J. Weleh of I'lirthoiit Mulluomnb t o.,
I "WI Sfissssssssssssssssssaa
TiMliritl.ANf), ACTJl ftE . I7,
nor m i: roil vt iii,m: i io.
IJantrii HtAu I A KII rl l K, j
(iHS'ios t iTT, tir,, Mnrrh l. IW.
;..iTH'i; Is hi rcliy given that In eoini II
sns' ith llm rruviiiuiiis nf ihe ml oll'ou
r"a,i of June II, M7, mitllld "An net (' rthu
L ol IIiiiIm r Uinila lit Urn Hlntm of I nlllur
iilu, tin 'truii, vsdu, und Wsahltiuluu 'r
rliui v," juiui 'A'. Tail, of Tucoms, t uuniy
of I'ieree, Hlnln of V iisIiIiikIuii, bin this
lay Me, I lu Ihl iirlii'i) his swuru alnlii.
IIM-tlt No. IIKI, fur th plltehnae uf thr H J-j,
NVV i-i Biid H N K (i of Hi'i'lluii No, 22,
III Township N". 4 Huiilh, lliintre No. li
iinal, ami w III oiler pruui lo nlum lJuit I In
land nought Is llinll! vnlllllhll! fur Ha lluiher
or alone than fur ngri. iiliunil purpuaea,
llllil In I'-liitillau Ilia I liilill to aiiiu , III IM'-
(me Ihe lti'i;iler nud lieeel wr of Ihla nlllee
nl llri'Kuii I ilv, Or, on I huia,iiv Ihe 7Hi
ii,:V of AUKiial isisi, lie Iinuiia lis tn-
lieal-eal TllOa, M III alMII'e, ul I le u.lill , li"ll,;
I',, I li'inenia.uf (.in vuti Cilv, "r. ; W, A. I a
huin nud N, J, Welrli, ul 1'uiMiiud, Ur.;
A uy II mi nil pi I'auiiaehiiliiiiif ail vera, h Ihe
llhuve ileerilrl il lillliia nil i',IU"ilei lullle
Hu ll' i In 1 1 i h III Ihia iillii . on or In hue aai'l
7th day of Au;;iial, .sli,
4 .'t III VI W, Itegtaler,
't 1 M 111 it I, AMI, AIT JI'Nf- ', I"'"" I
Notice for Publication.
t .miKiiHMir.s I. mi Hfi" n
In tjuii t il v, i ireixi hi, Mioeh I I,
N'uliee la liirehv ('iteli Unit lu toin,l I
nine wh!i the pnn'iduiis ul ihe m I ul I mi i
gri-as ol JinieU, H;s, eiillllnl "All ml lur!
llie sale ul lluiher lands in the Hlitli a ul ( ill- ;
lluriiln, I" iruii, Nrviula, nnd WnshlnKlon I
farriiuiv,"' Itoaa, i iniiiiy
nr King, Hinio of V.miilnyliiu. bna ,
this ilnv filed In Ihla nlllee his sworn j
alllli llil lit Nu. V.M, lur the piir.1,11 1 Ihll j
N W ol Heet loii Nu, 2, iii Township No. j
'JHoiiIIi, lltti.K'' No. II fii.t. and vlll oiler I
i.ruul to ahow lluil Ihe hind auutfl.l i nmre j
valuable lur lla IlinU-r or aliin thiol lur uir j
rieiilltirul purpna. a, and lo ealnhliah In-
rlui uel laiel Is lute the It. ei-ler nnd
liniinr ol Una ultiie nil in t'uu inv,
irui,, on Tui-ahiv, the ftlh ih.y
la'ai lie I'Sliea us Willi!
W. leh. of I'urllauil
M u in mo i st.
Is ins Cm" i lT I'm r or tin nUu
aus. run mr. un sir ir t.1,4. Hu,,
1 lium is f Im t um 11 1
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lui Ilea II Hurl, 11. !
w llllaiu II Nurioii, (
Juiui H Surtuli, I
Z t, Ni.riiiii,
K.I win It. Murom. I '
Kllshatli K H Nntiuii j ,
lti'li'li'laiila, 1
'In Harriet V rn-We, K,nel 4
1 iiitrma 11. ri'iri'iii, tiiiumii, n. ,,,4,
Nurtuii, .. r, NxiI'.ii, Mwin , ,,
r.iiniieiii r,. 11. ru'tti'ii, inn t.j
In tun niii iOiif llm HUla til tin,.-.
Iii'ri'hjr ei,ioiiaii'li"l niel ri"eih,(i
thn l.u'e i'l,ltli-,l r',1111 1,1,
I, In Oil ul Hi 1 I'lai'iiin nii'ii a n a 1 1,
t leu! niul 1 tiii.i' In llie 1,11,1
l.lii'iiit . "iirl nl llm "tale 1S1 u.
l-li. r
1' Uif al;
1 r of
u,,y lerfj
'I il'iawur
I'lr lo II.,
'I l''ii,
i'll''l II. B
1 iliiai c
N. J.
M till 1 11 l'u nr.;
Krsd Hea.rr, nf Hmnly, I lie kuuui" 1 nuiiit,
(irrgini; J. Hlurala rK, "I' llnaa, Kb If I ullll
IV, WaahliiKloii; sed N. Mera, "I liulhi ll,
King t mnity; Ws-liiuv'inii.
Anv nn.l nil aruna ihiiiiuiiK" nd
veraely the slmve item -ribed ho da nre re
iptesled lu li le I heir 1 ho ma in llna ulll, on
ur la-lure amd ath ilnv nl Aiiimi-i, ln i.
J. T. AI'PldtHi.N.
4 .-42 lo SJ. It' fi-ler
TIM It fit l.ANI), ACT JINK 1. la's,
OTM I! I Oil I'l IILM t l ltl. Kutis I, s s tinier. 1
Oiiki.u fur, dr., Mn' h 17. H. 1
Nut ire i her'ehy giit-n thd In euiii.iiinee
Willi Hie uf Ihe 11 1 ul 1 01 i:n f
June 3, !;', entilled, "An net f.-rtin- nle
ol liiulier in the Huila uf ( ulilurm.i,
in,,, N.-iada. nud -h!liciou leru-
lorv." ItetiW'iim '1 iw tiflMoi.
I uioily nl t liii kaln ih o-i
ul llui neat ri'Ki'liir frill
I ..nit. I" wit.
1111 M'llul'iV. Hii III.!
A I' lai, ami full llie I ,
yiiil Ul an tu H,n-,r i.
,I.,IM Uu- lihillllill III ,
till- li'lli'l ili'in ileh-il In . I
A il el,-i- ai unit ,i Oi
, I. Hi, nit In iui'1 lu llie
(.rui I a.,a aioipli'il lit l ui
ol ur"K"ii, in wi
'till, U I allIt llilll uf III,. I),,tln'.li,,
uf Z t.' Nrt"li ami 1 , r,,lti. ,s.,r,
.Nuiifieuiiuii Nu vie. 1 luie.i .So, e,
In, 11 l.nml f tn I III tii-lfi iiii .,(,
I j. I. . n sinl 11 in 1 1. i,.,,, j ,
A r.aai ui " iti.uiu'iu- iiii-ri,i,,t, utit
niul ili'erll,i"l aa ,,,h,M H lt .
a e, Hit V eleiOi, um in,, I f, i r)llt
ll.ii 1 1 I - n.-r ul llm .1, ,
1.1 thrl.e r,i,l N, elisiii; ,(,,.
elinnia. inirner i-.hi ;i .Militiu, j,,
,.1 el!4ttia; tlilllll'U Meat u; .' chill.
aiultll in a. eii.iiiia in tn H,..f
euiit'iitiiiiif ei;i.i ai ri-, ii,r.-ti.r wtJ
auiiftllar, His Irui-iiii-iiii, lu-raiiiij,,,,
n,Mirl. liani'i'N li-ii-lu t,i-ii,i,,i, ut
wim ,.ett,iliili,K , tint z. b.tttfJU
rrrti ..rtiii-r 1,1 piui l-ri-iuiivi h l
ul lur la-iilli Ilia iee-ai,,!, Mi n,t ,lt,
asi.imi'1 Hie elivi'ioii i- ,,f Aij Ir
llm alierlll tu t; S nl yr n..,.,
(lirtinlill a euii,,Ulnt an, I iimi t'li(lt,
lull a. iili-a'ui.if jw'ii'Hi i,e,i ii4 utt
ai etvl -U1 llail'lwii'iil lu.l )r X (j
that Hie , ill. I. II tliay Ul a.)u,t , iiMlli-r ul arfhl ,rrnil.ei, ,k
miii-v iriuii Z. .; Ju.ii- u lull I
Hie eiuiraiiei' Iruln Iv i lrf ka,i
M Suit-, 11, ui el .,rlii hi ,,iuniit,f.
Iien-iu may he iren-.-,l tu la- U
vui-l, mi'l i,l 11.1 luri e mH fSee
aliuvv millir.l ilefi-ielAiil uu,y i
make, i-ieeut mul iteilvrr tn 11,1 j,
ilie, I 1,1 (,,live)alien nl ail llirll n,
Hint Inleri at In aaMt lueiiioei tit Un,
ami Ilia) l l-ii!liu-i l.jf ,, )j
t nun lu 11,1 II lur lliein, m,l thsi Ui.
may liMve nieli Itntlu-r ami .iiiir f,,
lialurv ul tin I'aaij ma)r ri',u. iwj
e, ala ami ill.imr.uttit-Itla uf tlilliult
1 Ilia feililieiitl'lt! ul aiiinuiulii i
ami j'ir-waiil In aiiunli r nl 11, ,1, f i
ju,li.-e ul the al, .11 rmuieil c-,ni i,,
Mi til: 1 1-1. A I'klnm .i,, r'ilHi
'In lilt I'.UMV I'm Kt nr 1 1K SttTI
i.,u, inn t.l .1 has ui mi .
Ill he M iltar ,
if the r:Mlr el JulUil
i-t; 4ients. ui iirec-i. t'lti, 1
' ttrV- J. W. Tilt, f Tsitii
11- ..ii... - j 1 " ' ' r'' ,:
-'tl eijlll 1-1'-''"l, elaV. .' VVl
ilu -n., , iL.i 'i'i 1-1. ,la six- risiuet-ii
lutiit-fullitvitlii; 11 ,nie.l I..,
'' Iteiiiil nun I nw liMrnu, ul I ueuluu, j Mi Nary, ilwi i's.i-,1, ami lu ail ai
t'nillitv nf I'M' H P, Hlnle ul 11 usllllinun, lilis 1 iijr is ui.ioh .1 e. -.iu..,h, ,
I.,,, .l.v iii llda ullll Ills sworn stale- ." '"""". " ." . '""ih
, :. ,. ", .j,. ,, ,1,,, I,...,. ,, il. ,,l. ' I lo'rell. " r llrmrlil. t.. i la-mi-ni,
llielll Nil. P.S.I for Ihe l" "II- nl UH lula f .rll., J, ,;.
H and 4. Bi ll X S. -S" '"' ": """ V". I, I ..i,y. J ,,e W ,,e .,) w '
III luwn-,iii N'o- - Hil.lh, I, llliue .No. li un, ii,,i,i.. ul llu- none i,l im-ji
V ,,.( -.,l ,11 oiler ri'l to hnw Mini the , es. n nl ),,u bot liairl.) viU-4 ai,J 1,,
lalt. w,Ui), ih innril t'jluilble lur Its llntla-r a-l-'iir at llm . .unity l.,,int nl Uit Ktb
irtn'', ,..,. l,,r ni, till Ural pur la is, lltnl I lur I Uekamaa e.aiiit), at th. Omr.
tofl', ,,, ,.Ja to said hunt ,.f,,rf !'""'"" '"V' t'r.'S"". M -oli,,
Ih. Il1: "..'". Liver of tin. ullie,- at I '""..".. !''." -..
t'i-iei 1 , , . - . , . nra: un)-ui oie JU1 lef in ui 1 yun
V f 1 tit. 'r., I" " - " ".'
al ' M' lla 1 in tn.-- it-, . iu.e-sis :
it- . " - ' , .r .1 lai.-.. ..
1... 1 ,. l ... i -a- uiM.rn. ns 'I--- -- u.
v..t . r urn l w . :r ...i a. sj . is-,, ia
,,"'1 fred H" f
,4 -.r M
years rttsstlenrn with
a a reiuiMly f,,r
Rtn.lllig I. tint 1 smmlHTuf allinma r..,,..i 1.. .... '
could l, ideittlled with the tie I f I"""," "' "", vvt- l iihnr l ii,lti,',
son. lVnco lis dUtui.ity.. 1 1' iT!1 .' J".llr" l""'li m to
kmm-lclgs t,f ih, ,,miurA. . TH .iT ..." . ' ,'"''. '"is" pprM iii t
which at tlin ting I duU
him. Several of the clerks sprang to j
save the box, and as they lifted it up it
ftdl apart, scattering its contents.
"What papers aro tneyr askeu lint- ji, m iiU papers eftabiii-hing that f;ut
troolr, viewing tlto wreck ho had catisnl. j aM(,, U tho i'liemicaJ, m a box (
v-"01d ones, I should JuSc, Tfplied I 1 )10 charietf tbe ttresidcitt, uiarkcst
Clark, the tnannging clerk, bettdins over j .r0 Ih, .Wiie.,jliJitJUw.ttU'.r f ib
nnlehrnnanf that meksursS UO. ''Xhrtian'r ' v "".' ' i WHO
r"v .- 1 o -a aui I",,.,-
'rta oiisj.w Bampeon, iiurooa a
coi.-. tji tjiat b.n, Isi" at escapee
Jftlie-r "t!f"MI f"Ftr siiJI
CloaftiWVi - "I, ji tv
I 4 . Ani60ik., i": , - small tin box.
What U th..' Vsmi.,4 tf ;lbrook.
"I don't kno.v," mit the clerk, plrUnR
it up. "Iiortk for tss key," finding it
locked and tliVkey tiot in tho lock.
The ofllce boy pawed over the papers,
but could f.nd none.
Holl rook took tho Ikix and turned it
around anil around. On 0110 end bo saw
tho It ttora "C. P."
"What can it be?" ho suM, struck by
the initials. "Bring something to break
it open."
He carried it into his private room,
and there they brought him a hammer
ar: J a broken dining kuifo.
With theso lie broke open tho box and
found it filled with papers.
The first ono ho lifted from tho box
was a nolo long since overdue.
It was drawn to tlio order of Chui h;!
I'ierson and signed "A. r. Duncan."
"It is as I supposed," ho muttered.
"It belonged to I'ierson und escaped tho
boys when his papers wero relumed. t
must have been iniKplaced in that box."
He lifted out other papers. They wero
all overduo notes, drawn to I'ierson's
order and mostly signed by Duncan.
Ilolbrook did not know and did 1101
care who Duncan w as.
Ho turned tlto contents of tho box out
on his desk.
At the bottom was a largo bluo envoi
ope tied with red tape, and eealed w ith
red wax back nnd front over tho tape.
The tapo was wound around tho nar
row BJid then tho long way, no that it
T 'could not bo opened without tho seals
beihg broken.
' On tho back was Inscribed!
"Private papers of Charles rierson.
Not to bo opened unless upon tho writ
ten consent of Charles Piorson, or after
bis death, nnd then only by Judge Hark
ner." "ButJudgo Ilarkner died beforo lio
did," said Ilolbrook, talking to himself.
Ho balanced it in his hand.
Should ho open it? Who was to utop
Mm. and who was thcro to say nay?
And was ho not the executor of J adgo
He broko tho seals. To open tho en
velope ho was compelled to destroy it.
It had liecn fastened with gluo. Tho en
velope was ono of tho kind lined with
He toro It open and took out a written
. i m 1 1 -it
papor. It was a sneei 01 icgai 1 v
ten on both aides.' 1
The contents of the sheet had J
penned by tho same hand on had w
the inscription.
It was signed "Charles rierr
"1 mp.teal Judge milliter to lulvine
S Kw. Teiiipl. ton tliut il I.t my vvli.h that
'g:,0,000 bo given to Mrs. Wesslng, of
Philad.lphi.i, if alive at tho time of my
I death.
:' "That S.'-WX'O b.t given Mrs. Fountain
' If iilt!it my death, and if not then to
Iter son Harry Fountain if ho bo alivo,
: but if not of a,;e to then bo held in trust
i for hint by Judge Harkncr. If bo l0
dead, then thu sum to bo divided eipially
among .Mrs. Templcton's children.
1 "That fiW.iJOO bo given to Mrs. Simp
! son under tho tamo circumstances nud
! conditions as the gift to tlio Fountain
1 woman.
I "I (le
irn aNo that Mrs. Teuipleton
hhall pay weekly to my ucaiitp und jail
bird of a brother, Jauica Preston, Sad, In
the li" '.' that he will soon drink himself
tu death.
"I 11111 unite roiiM-ious that this Is not
a will, hi
11 uoniaii
obey tin mi instructions.
"Cii.tni.r.s iTuitsoN.
"New York, April 10, 17-1."
Ilolbrook laid tho paper down, ove
whelmed. ,
T WA3 iii 110
viablo frame K
I mind that 'fu
turned out off d
'. iff
v II
ii to rend the
jumwit so Bio
fularly broutrh
rto his notice.
"Judgo Hark-
ner bus freouent-
ly urged mo to
1 wuko a will.' I
Vk22 tot property
has grown to be
largo. It now
amounts by Un,
last inventory to
over two million
w m a
on tho
f 0 1 1 o w 1 11
night ho hi
deuvored b
Fouutiiin. 1
been mint
fill, and hi
ow had hi
nblo to as.
taut tun
Tom wJi foot
disemni;. and
be made up bis ftf'" Hit Jhruok
hud not succeed'1' 111 eliciting A thing
,,p vi.h.o from l',,"':'. I'o would ivo U;
,1 nhnli, ii.'ter and confos.Ju'iiiBelf
Tho llr1''" "H'iuIos lifter a feu man
wakes i' t'") """'"'UK and ices tho
freih "cl,'1!(', 'f tin" day ureiu bluest
(Jf t Iwenty-four lioura, nil oil this
pillar morning Tom unsJred with
.iaii-1 tho old Oniuiri pWosopher's
ioiih ipiestion. Life wasit worth
Ivlliu. JI,) hro toI hair biouWrt rinlenr.
mgtogivc thoniiHwcr niUtionul em
J.utbytho tlmo thai ho lid disposed
of his inatuLinuli cup of cieo and lit
bin cigar tlto mental boiion cleared
somewhat and tlio vapors liiriin to dis
- 1
; appear.
iiy tho timo bo had volkod a half
dozen blocks mid felt tin joy of exer
cise, ho bvm to pluck ij somo hope
and to manifest n curios as to what
Ilolbrook might have to Ul him.
Ho by no means anWipated such a
soiiHution as ho was t.i ejorlonco.
When Tom entci-eu IJilbrook's ofllce
I lie lawyer was aim ing rtit of the win
dow, Tho only return bo mtflo toTom'ssalu-
liil ion was lo blind bier the document
which bad overwhelmed him without a
Tom took it, turned tho paper over and
road tho xijrnaliiro and dato.
"Tho deticol" m exekiimed, and de
voured it rapidly, W
"Holy juiupit.-g Jehosnpliatl" ho cried.
"AVhatnit nldneainpl Ilowunbluulilng-
i.s,t r,cklesal)tt!mmf)1 tilZ M
drunkard. ' 1- 4 ("l,m- '
HTyettts previously. The U, m.
w til reinenilier, wanted W a ..
Parker that he certainly was
brother, because for fifteen years Pb ron
nail pahl him money, and you must gly
full weight to tho answer of I'urker, that
it made little difference whether money
was p:iid him because he was a brother
or whether it was because he possessed a
secret which Induced old I'ierson to g!v
itiiah money he was brother enough for
thuir purKsea. Now this argues that
Parker was not fully acquainted with
tills relation, and that he really outer
t.Jned doubts of the verity of tho
bfotherBhip between the two that tits
rdation, if not tho acquaintanceship, bo
Uvcen Prestou and Parker had sprung
ip since Pierson's death."
! "I see, I see. Yes, your reasoning it
"Now," coiitlnueil Tom, "whatever
f lso wo may think of Parker, it won't do
,1o tako him for a fool. And fool lie
would have been to open up this nroi
t if Mrs. Teuipleton Is as good P- I 'l11"0"' "y "is own motion.
, as her mother was alio will f'K on tlio heels of tho murder, if be
nan oecn guilty or It, or Implicated in it.
Tho fact that ho and bis client would
liavo been benefited by it would hav
been too patent, and If he know the rela
tion Teuipleton bore to the property, he
had every reason to bellove others would
know it; and with a guilty conscience
would think that that fact would bo the
llrst to bo pitched on,"
"I am disposed to beliovo with you.
"You will, tho more you turn over In
your mind that scene in Varick street
und my conversation with Parker. I'll
send for tho Shadow, and together we'll
go over tho conversation again, and I'll
write down both for you to study at your
luisuro. It is quite as Important to got
Ukiso out of the case who did not do it,
as to get thoso In who possibly could
have dono It."
"That is shrewdly put, Tom." reiilled
Ilolbrook. "ilut you do not forget Park
er's call 011 me?"
"No, I do not That call, In my judg-
iiont, was to find if possible whether or
lot I'ierson had boon engaged in mock
matrimonial scrapes prior to tho Foun
tain episodo, and of which ho had no
knowledge. Now, tako fast hold of this
(act: Fountain could only be a disturb
ing claimant In tho event of thero hav
ing been no provlous marriage. If Parker
had known of the marriage of Carroll
Preston, tho Issue of which was Mr
Teuipleton, ho would not have been at
all disturbed by my precipitation of tho
Fountain uamo. Ho was visibly dis
turbed when I falsely assumed to know,
what I didn't then know, that Piorson
had onco passed aa Fountain. As for
the driveling old idiot of a brother, he is
too far gone in rum to have ever con
ceived or executed tho murder,"
"I think you have made out a cuso,
Tom. At all events, if the othor lines of
Inquiry fail, we have the precious pair
to fall back on."
"Now, if you agroo with mo, as you
teem to, then It follows Unit thero aro
only two left the Simpson woman and
Wesslng. "
"Well, then, let's considor theso two.
About Simpson wo know no nioro than
this document tells us."
"As to that, I'll havo to send the
Shadow to New fioehollo to iniiko In
quiries. Ilut I want to noto a fuel.
Thero aro only left now uudor our
process Simpson and Wessing"
"And Wesslng was at the place of
murder when the dued was dono."
"Precisely, There's our first line ol
Ilolbrook did not reply. Ho was In
tent on his thoughts, and was nervously
J!0 & '' "inrli. ,,f this inedlelim fur Mm elms
-a u,,,era l navB ,,.,". rt ,
UHKliinlun, llrysn,
I had tried ulinnst everything ,.r
Ulle liver riiiiinlahit l,.u' .;.n
r. 1,-f ,llllt , , Avr.,
I l,',',1" "valuable."-w. K WsumJi,
TI J--aal Illinois .t a,!,-,,.,,. Ill "
Aycr's Pills
'"f 111
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co. Lowell, Ma,
til 1 sll liniml.i.anj I Iraki. In Uadlclatv
1.UM iSek,l a, A t'v I iilaMoui4le..aajf
mumniiv. VK Stl I ''t rl' y' ''- '' -Sawlkir
ball--n rnrluS!y "! li, a. an. ut tin I II, t'ltria . ,r u ami hCj, 1 itrara em. i,
Ai. nil kiln) iftowih inituvrtl It.-m nv trl
ullt.r Iw.h, f ' .iillr-lrlH r hi'W sVtJIttii im, ur
'l"f I Htr iht-v i'y i r
Thn t t-slHi (-il with ttt? M. I.ot tn MmH' l,
i-t-x f llr tr t huinr4 Mvilt oil thf
fat (lie tM.
YDlNti l.lir.H,
n' K'ummtit., mtv ii-r uU itum 111 4t h-rt, ati'l I rriVIr on ymr hu, ttn l ih it
tm t-iMltil l'tik M'Uk Uixti'f rttr l.vr i U i
Hk, 'V itl ifiinnr i(itl fi maitrttt,) a''1
".r nt IU dutiful I. t imiiIc k it lit
st'Tht if" (ttmuh Oir nu-'lu lui mill t v
I Int, j i n: t U '. !v 1 1 nit?, I ' I'ikn.
i i u i- Ih i tt( iji A. M,rnjM , mn 9 u 9 I' V.
I K MilU i I'irJ inplts l.'ltltn.
tr tt ii it t i. li " ' r f' li"(!iitlj;.
in Mtiti imui i ' i' vrMiii v
i . -.t iv. ,,.(.'. m un: i mV.
waammmm iiiinii in
i .uv . rr-
t . . "-n i i s i - , , .
Wl-tiist.. 11... nil.,, .,'. l"l"we .iewrine.1 i: i us un- ,
-t. Is
J. i
imf nf A n
A I'l'l' l!M iN ,
ilie l.',eir . 1 11 1 1 1 1 a III Ihla ulll, e .ill ur la lull'
Ullll .".Ih .1.1 V ul Atl.:tlal, I H SI.
J. I . A I'l'Kltsi' i,
Hun n in itesisii r.
an 1 lln rr' eati.r II any riiit, a
iter ailuiiiil nnl Imi ,llrrelllin .till
MM. tt4i'iuilalr-itnr nl asiit ri-lala tu
Utility late ami luteti-.t nf amUilri,
'"" st-' " u iiiu f-ni
it1.r.j...'i!l.,!r ft nr-mfimj.,
tlu.1 the SHI-I llee.-sse.l inav tialAi h...
I tl! ll,irilllf he! 11 It'll 111.' atf 'UU at Y. L. i t,
.-- irti.TT... an, I
tOI K i: l oll I'l III. K'A'I !.!
t'xiTKii St tis b.sti tint. r. (
Uiiiiiun t ii v, nr., April l:i, Is '. I
Nntiee la helrhv iritetl tlml lite fiill.iwillK- 1
nitiiit il settler hits hle.1 null,, i nf , inteii-i
tlun In liiubs linul irunf in siiiHrl ut' hia I
el. um. nn, I llmt amd priaif nill la- mmle he- i
lure the riKi.ier and r.-.eher il lite I'. H, ',
'nf.UKlt l.AM, AIT JIM". I. IS'.
.Mint i: roit rt iii.k' t iio,
MMlKH y-tATK. I. Mi tll rll -. i
f.' ' 'i
Wasting Diseases
Wonderful Flosh Producer
Many havo Rninod ouo pountl
per ilnv by itn um.
Scott's l''mulnion U not a so
crot roinody. It contains tho
Btiinulutiii"; prtijxirtios of tho
HyjiojihoHjihitos and imro Nor
wegian Cod Livor Oil, tho po
tency of both hoinu liiriily
inert-used. It in uhou by Thy
eiciuns all over tho world.
Sold by all Drugglata.
BOOTT & BOWNE, OlieoiliU, U. Y.
Wlien Ilsliy wss slelt, wn gnvs hsr Csslorla.
When alts was a ChlM, she erled fur Cmtorla.
Wlinn sits Ihs siiic Miss, slio clung te Csstorla.
A lien she hml Chllilreu, site gave tliout Cnalorl.
tlniiilnlfi i t.rrilil llvrr, slrrnirllirn
II.K illsr.lllr nrnaii., rr,ilalc the l,oel
nd are uurqimlril m an
In tnslsrlnl ill.ti let. their vlrlam am
Srhlrlv rreusiilrril. na tliev mm. Neu
lUtr ,riNl I lea In IreilnK I he sl.l.u, tls.n,
llmt pitlsitii, l.lrKHiilly ailnwr-rtutteil.
Ihaw auinlt. J'rli e, ll.l eeiila ier kin,
Office, 39 & 41 Park Place, N. Y.
land nnlee nt t livirnn I 'it . I m-L-i ill. un I'li
due, June H, lajn.vir: Msllum Itiehnh isoti,
lliniiealeml I'nttv No. fn.VI, lur Ihe l )la-.'.
I Sinl 4 mi'l NW'i, uf ,iV f, of see IT, T .1
a. I! -1 K. lie nnniea ihe lullmv Ug wit
nes,a lu vr,ive ,. i , mln, nuns n.ii!f.iee
'i l u" nnd i nlli. ilium uf, aunl hind, :
! . t. ttnr.i, lei i.iri;iiii, K, .Musnr, st-j.l
ill. ArinainiiiK, nil ul' Viuiii. ('litekn.taiKa
Ifslisily.or.eii. . J. T A ITI-iHSt -.
J' ' S-irtlV.-bl fl ' ,, , liegi Iter.
t ;---;7h,
xh ki: i on r ,M , lo.
I 'lTSnsiTTBIl.,,,,.pi.K,
dSKunll I ITV, nr. Ai.iil is. Is). 1. 1
tne liui.i.-r ul tne lir.i
Hie iiiTi-iuniiei ,i.-M-rii-i-,i real f.t.i. .
eiaim tlml II. II. Jelnniutl, ailmiiiutri
kinl . alMte new liaa ur iierealtiir b-.i
atfainal aul ir ti at v.-: all a. ,ravnt Uit
i.illi"ii ul II. 11. JtihiuMin, a-liniiiliiri
sut estate 'Ihoralil real -ri')ierty lit,
nerthe.l aa fullnn.. I.i-vilt:
I;, eiiMiih. nt a iinint (, 7V t-lmiii. -
Itliliules Ve.t frutii the smith ill".! rnrsei
I llullattetl l-aiel t nl VS In II,,Iium.i
in 1 .1 M, It I h. ul the W tllain.-lt hi-rnle
r u nn tn.: Ilu'liev Nnrtti ay .1, rtm atet VI n
! Inst -srsllel Willi the amilli
! eUliii , v-i elninia theiiee inillh li l.t'ii.
a at, .lie. Ilkelie. ttesl li JU elniin. Ul
! Hienee imrlli V is elialna tn s kt,ii; i
s.iiilh a, .linreea t est t t I elialll. tn. K
the S ept huiiti'lm nf ani.l el.ilin; ihruw
i.' liiltmtes It est .'i'i ehnlli. tu rUm a
thenee III, rill I.t ili-nri-i a .SI tulllillr. E.
elmlti. tn tlin hill hetuet-n '1 i aliil I-
tin-nee m'.t nn lemn.hlii line ime rbt
tiienu- nutiii ilenifM k.
j eUmt Itliv .Yi eli ilii in the uiual Sen
1 run er ul a trai t nf l.n.l tlee,rl lit' iiu
.illeo la In-rehy siven Hint u
llme.l a. tiler Inis hle.l tlnlle.'
Una rt'irmkn linul limul in an
n fullutt itlf
II ins um
afV"N ul hi.
in- I ir
t'llinil. IIIKl thill atlid lirinil will be mii.ln lM A li. in ill nil I.erMina r laimir.
laitil nn-ithuv, a'seriheil laiuia nre
fnrellie lteirisleri.ini lieeul
i. A n
Bui V. S. Inn, I tie n
ninee nl Oriini t ily, tireeut en .Mun,l,,v. ! Ii.lheir riunia in lh .Hit,
j line n is'.i, vi: KlImtlT. I'realnii. Iloiue-' said Ml, , si ,f A umil. 1
aienil l'.nra,Jku u ur (i,,, -a; tt ,, fJW i - '
ul Neeliuii II, TMvsssiji u isutilli, J
r-nst. lln liiiiiies the hilhiwini! witnesses In I
i-i-.i- ma .aiiiiiniiiitia n snenee tllaiti uinl
.iiltivniinn -, a, ,,t. Vis : J. liiehev
l unl, H llenkle. iiml J. Wt-leh, all l.r
I'litinisena, t'lHekiiiiins (inn,) v, nivalin.
J. T. ArrKNsoN,
In I! iM-l iH-l.l. li.'Kister.
tiiit...nsi i irl, t'r., Mnr. li I I, 1 -i.i.i
Nullit. ii berehv jriteii thai ill eiuui'li
ttiue .nlir he 'ruvisiuna nl the net ul" I'ni,-k'iT-.n'
.line .1, ,a;s, eulitIi-,1 "An el lur
tliesnle ul iwnber luinla in Ihe Sinies uf I'nl
iiurnm. nref nn. Nevada, nnd Valdiii;liiii
'I'ei-ritiiry." .Nulbnit Myers nl lluihell,
ill v ill k iln Stille III Wlishilii-tull. litis
lliimliiv ilii'il in tins nlllee Ins suin slnte- ejaint line
MieillSi.. ll'-ls lur Ihe nn-luise uf till'
h 1., ul rs.ctiiui Mi. .'.lit i.iwiisi, i 1 j MeK iiiiey sinl wt( in n.uil iirl.
IS-illlU, IJlince r.asl. lin.i Kill uuer ,ruui i (,,, r,l,.,t ,, j,j j-,; ,t
tu all. 1V 1 lull t he 1S.I..I.H illicit Is thure in Hume i nf Ihe reennla ul ihi-.l ul si,tll',i
lur its liiiiln r nr iHm.e than lur ak'rietillitrnl ' t nuei,, ami Miin m .nemo: tiirnr. t
I'lirinis. -, nnd In establish bis elniin In said 1 ifnit sml :s. umiutea un tstrtrw:
nnd hed.r.. the Ue.jt.ier and 11. . eiver ..( , '' M; l-"H.ti i u laf
.i .,, . ... .... 'l-.,... i.... 1 "'! ntstit clitl: ISeiu .' NuuiluiieMi-rlr
: i us n uiv, ,.i . Kuu ii , ' ' iiieiuulera ul Mhl rtirl tn tn Interna
Ihe ,'ilti ifny ul Aitcnai, .s'.l. lie tin s Hs ,,. ,,, MlIh ,)u, ,, ,!,(,, n,,,. iran
Kiliies-U'S ; N.J. Mekti nf rorthtinl. Or, ; n tlie si.t.1 'rimti.lrin line tu llir lmr
lerrv Stiver, of J.oss, Kinr (inintv, Wnsli-iul tlie aaiiie with llie Kunthwekterly to.
iiiKhtii; r ted f-nnv.T nf .s.'ily. I hieknnins I line ui aunl m miiu-t claim; thenet si-, Or.; it ml J. Stiirala-n. .'I It. .-., Mux :"''.' r. uu j.e einiu line w. is.
l-.mitlv. IVashinttiitL I T'l" ' . . . "'.. " ru..''
, lent f.Miml reei,rl-il nn isire ss.c. ..f
li-e,la lur atiht t'iniitty m It, 1 Stale . lli.llf.
i. il.'itreea VI i-M l, aehaiiia Mantou,
r null liuiniiUrv line ul aanl A. f. h
J. T. A ri'l'!. ? S iN. i .'I""" : lltenee Ki at nil cite in line 1,1a .
4 lai.. j 9 nii. '.- i, eeister ! 1 1; im',". sunn i, viiain. unpai
' I'll'
illl-se. til ,
i ur liefiu I
' -no i m i:
The A M mi um i I'lttrritfTi v k Ta li irr I.kaoits
Is llllhllallllltf H llliwt Ullllilhhi aerlisi ut I'm IlT
ilm iniieiila. Tli.wi are ins'i'iinsl with a view
to stale the f ants anil arutiiiients fur l'mUsi.
tlnn, whether In tlio Interest tif farmers,
Minimi's, inereliniitx or irifiwlniiiil nmii.
Knell laaun of the series amieals te thnaii on.
SiikisI In si'iiiinite IniliiHlrles.niKl presenniiii.
input ii I ili rants Hiiiinirlsniw of wimea, eiwt
of livliiK, anil ot her argument! showing tlie
liellelltsuf I'rotiKitlun.
Any slitgla nnti will lie sentnn reeelrit of I
emits In alnmps exiiipt " Winres, blvlng aud
a ii. in, wiiieu win lie mini, mr Willis.
Thuwlmlo Hat will be sent fur l.leetitsnr
any twelve fur 2ti cents, or any live fur 10
cents, puslage pnld, Order by uuuibur.
NO, I'ldltaL
l"Witiai, Living suit Tsrllt." R. A. Hisrs-
Huns ,. in.
S-T1im Ailvaiiluneaof I'mteoim'Tsrl's'io
tin. I.ultor ami IiuIiiHtrlni .if the
Hlalea." Klrat I'rlie K..ay, 18S7. Cbaw
rnllli It. IlKNNISII , ,. 8S
" Iliiinu rruihletliin Iiii1I.h.inaIi1h Ui s Slip,
ply, nt Uiw I'rlni.a, nf the Manufni'lurisl
',,1,1 in. ,,ll I lua ri'ipilreil fur the I'euple of
' the Wlilli il Hlalea, anil Ailisniate llimie
rriallletlnn nf tliean CulniiiiHlllli-. liiiiiiie.
.Ihle wlthuut s l'mttH.'tlve'1'arllt," alrat
1'rl.n Ka.ay, lass. (1. D. Touo., SI
4 " Wlmt are Huw M alerlnl. 1 Wmilil ifroe Haw
Material, lie Ailaantiuionll. tn the latlair
sml lllitil.trli.. of thu llilllvil state.."
Unit 1'rlr.H Kaanr, ISaU. Ilusiull I Unix M
5- "fsllaeli'a of Free Trail". ' K. f. Miij.h!T.
II 'Hume Vlnwaon the 'I'urirr by aa Old Uual-
lie.. Man." tlsii. tllui'KH. 89
T "The 1'r.itiietlveTarirri lu Ailvautaire. for
thnHoulli." 0. L. KliWAMiai., ....,. M
-"Tlie Wonl Intere.!." Juils" Ws.I,.wiwea IU
a "I'mtentlnn ... Vrue-Truile." Hlauirloal
Itevlew. I, ti. IIaiihim.S SA
10- "The Karnier and the lurlfl " Cel. Tuoaas
II, , u
11 ' 1'niti.etliin us Public 1'olluy.1' Uicouus S
M-"Ili ply to the I'mahient's Free-Trade 11m-
.IIKI'." It. p. I'uiiteii 1
IS" Work Inininn ami the Tariff.''
14 "The Vital guiutliin I Mhe.ll Amorloun Imlus-
ti l... he AlnuiiloneU end American Mar-
krt. Slirrenilerwl I
Is hiiine In tliirinan, with Addition... i
llr-" The I'nniress nf (me lluudreii Yekrl."
HntlRIIT P. PoaTKit a
17 "priitei'tlun fur AnierleailHhliitihiff.''. .. s
lsuTlinTsrirrM.)taTal." HuMiciilt. Pniieu',' i
111-" Why Itiahmuu Should He I'mUiiitloulaU " i ,
i "I'rninellon." K. II. Ahmiixiws X
l-"Wlint la a Tariff?" Amwerstos Alorkini. '
liuin'. giuiatlnn... , 1.
t!-"The Anitiiieau Wool Indudry." js. ii, ah- ,
mnuws . , s
jn "Wages and Coat of Mvllnr." J. I). WltSt, 4
M4 " Knul horn Knrinliirl Indiiairleii." . ... Z
!!!" A Short Talk to V. nrkliiKlneii." ,, I
WO" Prutnetliiti and the H'tu-Juer." UetiaUir 8. H,
CuiXOH lg''
The Amkhkun BensnatsT, weekly devoted to llie
alMnuHKliin of alt phaaea of the TarllT question SB
syiuir. Hiiniiileeoiili,. free. AdilreaeAfnerlran Proa
teetlve Turin League, Sll W.SUtl Nt., New Vsrs-'
III! I MPKTV ,,i WlwnsaMsHsts f
l fjfra?ffil una
nnt I'l i io.
I'NITItll KTATtS l.tXIllltKH r. I
HiitijiiN I'i rv. Or, May I'l, IsinJ.i
Nnli.T la hereby jtheu that the fnlluW in;.
tallied sen ler has tiled liuliir uf his inlen
ttiin t.i make llnul pruui' in upairt nf his
I'hiiin, sit I lluil , mul will Is. untile Ik-
i lure ne liepMer IM lieeeiver nf the l S.
1 .! t II I . . ...
. 'iiue ut .in'L-illl I V Ills., ,,,11
lay, .Inly H, In (I, vi : ' Allien ll'unl.
MI7, fur the V 1.
lluliiestcm Mitre
ut ,111 .1, uf See. t. Ti, 4 S II .'I .'i II.,
unities the InlluHinu illiesses to prxvp his
eiiiiiiniiniu resiilm iv tiputi ami enlliuitinn
l. xiil. I V. lleiiiniiii, 1''. Miielmk,.,
.M. M.ielinkn ami J tiruasmiller, all nf
.ineniiKe, I lilt klliniuH enlinlv llieenn
J. T.'Al'l-KliSON,
M " lteKisler,
l'NITtcn HTATKS I.ANn Oi-rn-s. I
..,,,.,. , "itmioM firv. Dr., Msv W. Min.
Milll I'. 1 hereby given, llmt the InHuwing
nameil aeltler hna Alr.l nmlee uf hla lutuiitloii
lu iiiake tliml pruof In an,, ,,,-, ,la ehilm, ami
tlutl aalil proof will !.- nt, bu. before the ll.!.i..
sinl the II. S, I. mi, I oil,,-,, tiregmi
I uy, tlreiotl. nil 1 lnir,l,,.- I,.K. 17 lum i..
Itulnml ilrlllitl, II L-. ..'.. ..'.'. ..v.'
, '" ",,n-.,-n,, e.uuy, is.i. ..soil,
Inr the H'l'HlV. nl a, ,1,1 1,,,..,., I ., 1
township 4 south, range . real
llo names the following witnesses lo prove
ma eoiiiliiiiuiiK rrshlene,, npm, ,111,1 cutti vHttmi
of.iihlliuiil vl:J. T Kvnna, J. K. Lewis. John
Unvla uinl V III 11,11,1 all nl k-..r... ei...i... ""'
etiniily, tirrgon.
ftl-ii j, t
Notice for Publication.
4 KITKIl HTATKS I. ..Ml Omt'l,
I Ir, i;uii t lit y, t in r, in, Mm-, h l.), JS'lit.
NOI'll'i; is hert'ln civen liuit in euni'li
stiii' Willi tli .m isiuns uf the net ut I'un u June :, Is.'s. eniiileil "An net lr
Ihe sne ul liiu lur I viid. i.i Ine (slates ul (' ul
ifurnin. t ireL'.i .,t, Nevada, and Wa-sliiiiKt.-'li
lerrilun'." .Iiillitts Sjursheri.' uf linss, ( niiii
' nl Kitic, ."sinte ul U h-Ii i iiL.-t.,ti, has
this day tiled ill Ihis nlllee his .atnirn
atllteineiil N,i. I.H.I, fur Ihe plirvbnse uflhe
lots I sinl '.'and S ,, X V. i ul Seeliun No.
I, ill Tnw nsbii Nn. 2 Sum Ii, Kane Nn. t; ,
Kust, aial will teller Ja-unl" I,. slui.v Hint ihe
linul w.iikIiI is 1 ituiv val'.iahli. I'. ir its liiiiU-r j
nr slune lli.-ui fur strrieitltt.rtl piirpuses, an.l I
In estnlilisb Ins elaiiu In said land helnie !
Ihe l!et;ister 11 ml lieeriver nf this nlliee at )
tltVlSUII tlieiilll. .111 Tnnvihie lh... ',.!.!
...I ui ..u-iist, 1,1,1 11,. nttmes its tut-iiesai-s:
N. J. Wt'leli, . rurll.iml. Dr.; ',
.-1.1. r, ui iiii., rt ins; t niintv, aslinutin;
N. Myers, til' Hull tell, King t'nniitv, Vnsli
niklun; uinl Kred .Seaver, uf Sandy, I'laek
llllllls t'ounly, t ir.
Anv nnd itll eraniis eltiiminir, ndverselv
the iilinve-ile.seriln'ii liunls .nre iviiicsted iii
hie their eliiiins it, this uili( e un ur In liire
Mini fml tlnv nl Vnusl, IH'hi
j. T. a rri:i:soN,
MeKitiiev rliiiin line- thence rut
lilt nil the Ileal liultliilrt.-v liuenlMlil
1 llminse eUliii; thetiee Snnih'tn tne pUr.,
giiutiiiK, ejut liainu j'.u aerei. ninrenrler
l.noe by nriter ol the llu IV. L Whw1
ul anlil Cnltrt.
llut...l VI,..- It lh.Nl
Wltnesa iny Imiel ,id seal of
Conn ihla mii day ufilsy, A. IL,
II. IL-t'll-s-O?
' Uy W. u HtTieci
Al-PKltSDN, Iteglster.
" - 7 - ,1U tllHUN OIJUflKt.N.r.- USLLSS,
IL ATI flWTfl na 1 TEX.
PTTflnr)53K"' loaror failikj airiBooiii
llan.ral and NKKVOUS DI' Bll.lTVl
fi. niaiyarn aim.', ritrrts
11 .. nM. um n a,,,, u,r, , , ,j4
So,.t.aa).tiBlVKI,ol'SIOlll,4.4laol Alllll"
Sh,i,l.l.l. .ahull., IIIISS lllMTNST-K.a.St. ! . l.r
Adlrm ER taBOIOAl, CO., tUHPALO, N. V.
Office Is tho Best. Try it.
I-.'t '.iii lj-Ii.,VJ
.O in i; roil 1.I.K'TI
I I'MTrti STATa I.anp Ornri.
inimins fiy. nr., M'ty Svl
.Nurti rl lirreby giya Itisl the wl"
va.i t tns ille,'i."H'-.' ot hi, ,,,1,1
,'J.. ,':." I, s I.. ml oiIm'c 111 or-
U lili'iiiute. '''''"'-,H,IK::!r.5.
aiilimstUM 4 ".i.n"
r,ul:i' 4 ens
ile OH ins'. :,e lti,.
I,l emit li,u,.t.'ei.l..i.e iiih s 1 .1 0 il li ef
ailhl 1. Mid, A': J- I'- ',"'' J 1 v Ma t
furrliiaii.Ml'avIs, sll of t urru'"'"'1
for tlio -rjl) 1
rHRR, Mni i:t npitht-tion lo
A, UsiMtt. M FifUi Aw. Ntf 1
The Nuw Remedy, - - Absolutely Pure
Thousands Already Cured
Wllihla ejlljr leu Inoinlia this truly remnrlahle nieillclne li found II' 'f
m.o tne very eesi laiiitnea, nes-nitse II .1 list, tiiksi.'k. No dlaeaw ttr
en ul' lo realsi lis womlerfitt altaeks. It costs uuOiiiig to ini't.ligsl.
(or hook eoiita.'nlng lull Inlnrmstlntt.
It t II I 11 ' TUS It4I- 1.11 I I It 4 0.i
sass Tlorrioon ., a0rllnnd.l
r.t liilve A,.uia 1 " I'Ut'k Unas Cotim.v. THUS Clt AKMAN A SON,
Hi egou City, Orel1
r-.-- nn,, Ivi!!,), 'SiviiVAi vj 4, It OiljllllXOt
."o" chiM "i r1? 1 w vt r1 r"!,le
uiHto. Muitiren Inlto it w itlir SI vt'ort. !y dmints.
-a 1
Guaranteeing More Powor, using Lesa
Water than any othor
Wheel, and the only Tur
bine that will
work successfully
under High Heads,
under Heads from
3 TO 300' FEEL
Vf- -M' V. :
w "-t: f t'r 1 1 - - . ,. ."'l f.'.. ft
rm1. . '. .s- 1 . i..", ...-la. ' . ' a: jj.
Wj'lk-. '"'. ' ' ' tY -a? i f 'J..1II.SL ,.-
- ?,'" , h ' -;" - JlfalVi (':' ,4 "VI Ii,
I-..'.' W ... li iV',1.'. av V"
v v vi in
" ; -';K ri
1-' .4' fi'-..' . tu 1;: . .V
I , ' . T"ll''''",r''SWlSWllllUwmatfMiaeeM.a--. . , .
: ' ' - 1 t . a
o no LintrtTy st., j
i.r.w YORK.
iJ tn 1
ti an ?-S"1
A .1.
1 1
Lr .
t n
I " ,aS VV.i
v ' -tl
-9iHtMffrmtu . waaqjsr. vjswswsmr