Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1871-188?, May 26, 1887, Image 2

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. We vory much doubt the wisdom of
, tkV'.'ity council jc ionising to confirm
oVxirt Hughes for Kiiht watch. What
ever in.tv have been their motives, it was
pot shown that his rejection was tor scvel till the mail eomcth in.
An Oregon City Girl.
She riselh not with th Kun, neither
gcth she down "with the s;mc. he
isiseth herself u) when the sun U Hear
ing his tenith. Sh nrrayeth ItaiseU in
her "Mother Hubbard'' and adorneth
her head with lust week's newspaper,
She goeth forth and eateih her breakfast
snJ then she roadeth a paper backed
She then
Modkl Fakm. The other evening we
were passing thrown Mt. Tleassnt nd
turned aside to call upon V. B. Partiow.
From the school houso to his pla.'e,
about half a mile, is as One a piece of
Council Moctlnir Sepi'ial Session.
Omsook City CoiNcuCiiAkiiiKiLf;
.May IV, ltJS".l
Members all present,
Mayor stated the object of the, meet-
Notice To 'xiujt'is.
Notice is hereby given that the ssscs
tneut roll jf school district No. 02 and
w arrant is now in my hand fur col lect
ion, ami the same must bo paid to the
STATU or (instiiis,
Cuturv urCueitAM.s. " I
Hy virtue ( a decree nl tiKiM'auri) luitdiinid
til tn citi'till umirt til the t tie nl iit'i'mui Inr
lllti CitlllltV of 1)1 irk mi i a th Isih tl IV til
He Ik
Aurll IW. In it .fill witt'ialn i . W. III'
roud 11s one could wish to ride over. Its , ing to bo to appoint committers, onlerl uha,.rslgmd at 11, J. Uiit'd'uiiT store In ; ?"Um. sml'V." vir
.iii'inltn unit uriler nl to1 l.tttit'd mil
lilt ill ptirt,'l"tnt'e I'l S'lltt tllH'ri'll nf
ivun n uiiv twmu mo ,v uiiv vv, (-.v iuiMri.iiivii ni ii i.nniMt), f I J nil n IV M
contlition was but an introductory to tils t red tss list msdo ami receive rlmn.'itil Oregon t'itv, Oiou'on on or befoi'o June in el uiv
. ... ..St. 1- !!.. .....1 ! l .. . I.,... ...... ' .1 Ill 1. I... I i 1 III lilt Cm
larm, w men is a niu iri vi iivHtiiwr, Biiu.iviiiutiwnij," , n'tu, insi , oi me same win, ij iicchiivii i f,ir,.,,i, .urn
order. Not a stray stick or louse stone
lies about. Well latched g'tes and KOisl
fences protect farm, garden and oiohard.
The bees and chickens are In adjoining
.!. .. .1. .1. I 1... .k,. 1 ...... I...I. .... I...M K,..,tl. dtl.t V...lit iiimn tllA I
cause, omer man mat iissijjiiiju u iirc nfii'rciiiK uto....., - , , , i. .., .i,,.
ublic. nsmetv . politic,! one. While! street. If she receiveth a letter from hnldms and are obedient o he rula-
' the msrsha'.ship, which is an ofuoeof but
I little financial worth, is an elective o:ie,
' and the office of niht watch an appoint
' Ive position, precedent has pretty well
established in the mind of the public the
him wlwn her soul lovoth best" she "3 ul er' " P"
troeth .tnitl.tw- to her homo ud read-' ' u l'orn d . PW10 . re
eth it; perchance sheddeth a few tears
over it and kisseth it. But if she leceiv
eth a letter from him whom she caret h
IVceltog that they sh ill Iwlong together, not for, but wholoveth her, she carryoth
and in voting for marshal they have a it over t her cluim's and there rea.tetii
it aloud, much to tiia amusemtnt of the
girls whcip she findcth there.
le gesth to Sunday school and talk
eth to the liys around the stove, and
keepeth them from studying their les
sons, and tryeth to gel soine.cue to gsk
ni;;ht watch i v.ind niuth if not
more than the vosition filled by votes.
the resen"t ins'nnce the fiycht was
inade at the polls, and Hughes having
'jlwoa elet:te.1 to the non-paying office
should have been confirmed for iheother
posititin, unless he was rejected for cause to take her to preaching Uul night
"oaUide of party politics. The precedent, j ing the sermpn she "maklh eyes" at
for such it is, csn not l called a good the uipus young men in the back seats.
one. Onlv once 'within the history of the) If a ball is gotten tip. "te goeth forth
city have these offices beep separated, j and danceth till tha sun n the
" snJ tlK'ii C. X. Grcentnsn vas elected morning. She then goeth to her bed and
to the
a nl
1 1
refused to have the i is sick "nigh unto death." Her pastor
I heareth of it and iweth to see her. She
- -' maketh a promise that sl)3 will
Under the he linj "A tain pic pioneer j the next tiir.e.
mossbsck," and the sub head, 'Tort-j If a young man g vth to see her, she
'land does not contain them all nor does J meetoth him at the door, and turnimr her
Oreiron C'itv. the' Sunduv Welcome da- quid of chewing-gum, she sniileth and
scribes the pioneer Eldridge of What
com, W. T.
During the '5S excitement, the Tacific
Mail Steamship company wanted to pur
chase from the C!.rly settler in Question j
" some water fiont property cn which to
build a wharf, hut iniau.ing his land j
.had become of great value since so
wealthy a corpujation wanted it, ho sent
the pace up as high as a shot tower, and
'the 1 M. company built its dc-ts at Ks
'nuimalt. A few years after, tldride
himself. El bridge's imagining that his
property hud undue value because soine
ons oTeied to buy it, reminds us not a
little of the oi l snails at Oregon t 'it y
who own certain unused iiortimis of the
water power there. Today the price
ssked for this pro;erty is nominal, but
totivnrow, if a man were to there in
tending to put lie a factory of some kind
the owners would value it at a flgure so
high as to be almost beyend the- teach of
a millionaire. ,
The part th it applits to this lace to
this place has onlv been too true in the
past, but is so no longer The men who
now have control of the water power, of-
inclined to believe they would blush to
be crooked Within the houso Mrs.
Partiow bss every thing the neatest,
ami such plants! Flagrant geraniums
grown almost to trees, and every thing
betokening the best of care. But we must
not fail to mention Mr. Tartlow's espec
ial pt, a. tine bull four years old. This
animsl Is not registered, yet Ini has all
the marks of the tnetough bred short
horn, and is a much finer animal than
many that are buoVs-l. Without being at
all tut he girts seven feet and over. He
is of good milking stock, and his value
would be incalculable to a stock man.
We can wot bettor describe the farm
than by saying that it is a typical New
England home with the all its surround
ings in perfect order.
Fire IUo CAVOiit.-Last night about
twelve o'clock E. B. Clements discovered
a tire in the rear of Jack Treinbath'a sa
loon. It pioved to be the barn which
contained Jack's fine colt. Buckets were
obtained and the blase extinguished just
in time. Evidences of incendiarism were
plain, coal oil and pitch being placed
against the north eud. Goo. PrKM a
brother-in-lawofI.il. Mitehel was put
otTthe train here yesterday, and the ev
idence points very strongly to him as the
.ucendary. Hd was arrested by night
watch Connor and lodged in jail.
-rOsusgo Siit. Justice Straight's
court was busy yesterday and the day
before trying suits from Oswego. The
first suit was against E, K. Wijrthington
assault with intent to kill; placed
bonds for t-IJ. Swoon. I suit was
U.stmt leauers. wun ineir j j. Mwnl ftjr M4jU, 4n,j bdttcr.
are making a house to house canvass j j , fioeJ m JhM m)il
in the tenenu-nt distriwts, and are said .nsil c,ara U;lnsn. a .quilted and
to b. largely recruiting their ranks from I (o coimiljillilu witneiWt
lukewarm demtK-rats. It has ten m- T,C8(, miu grew oll, of ,jnlllkl.n
timated thit the object of the n,lt Slimiav engaged in bvall three ir-
afTair is to swell the labor vote in the j (ies am, Mr8 Myora Th'e thM wotv a
epproaching election to sucu an esieni
sayeth, "come in." She keepeth htm
talking till the "wee snu' hours." Than
she lotteth him depart, afiur she mukoth
him promise to "come again soon,"
when she is not in such a hurry.
She never goeth above the ag. of sev-
enl -V-.. nd seldom g.tteth married.
The Ijjbor Party.
The Commercial Advertiser publishes
the following: It is already stated on very
.sold tms iwi piec oi t ater iron j autll(iritv thllt t,0 IJenry George
' .... . . 1 l..l... ....., I. ..a .i1r.,u.lc l.t.ivtin 1t ttri.
pun; gave the towling piece to Ins son, j l '' f j
ii nd with it the bov eventnallv killed ; pare for t le fail campaign in New YorK. ,
t.: if T-t t: l ..... : . M. .... . ... .1 . . .u.ltitl
Recorder Instructed to make road taf
bottk for street commissioner.
The mayor then announced the follow
ing standing committees for the ensuing
year. The first named on each commit
tee is chairman,
Streets and put lie property Biougli
ton, Mader and Johnson. .
Finance Pilsbury, Whltlock and Howard.
Fire and watei-Pratt, Whltlock and
Health and Police MaJcr, Johnson
and Binughtoiu
Application of Hiram Blankinshlp for
street cmntnlMatdhnr was read. On mo
tion the recordr was Instructed to cast
the you of the council for II. Blankin
ship for street Commissioner. H. Blank
inship ditl'dijclared elected.
The mayor appointed Kobt. Hughes
night watch.
On call f oounriimen, application of
R. Hughes, W. R.OmioranJ Jno. Kelly
for night watch went read
Oa motion to confirm the appointment
of Robt. Hughes as night watch, the vote
liemg taken by ballot stood two for and
five against. Not confirmed,
"rtie mayor then appointed W. R. Con
nor appointed night watch and upon vote
the council stood four for confirmation
and three a jainst. Confirmed.
Report of finance committee from old
council read and ordered on file.
dclimiuent and be promptly turned over
to the sheriff for collection.
Dated this Uth day of Apiil
iJMS II. J. llAuiit.su.
Kehoot Clerk, District No, ti:1'
K cans deep sea satiuon,
0 " condensed milk.
8 " peas,
8 " beans,
8 " to.liiitoes,
13 large packages peailine,
Wo have reduced the price on spices
and flavoring extract 15 per cent. We
have good hums, shoulders, side bacon
and Ian), and a No. 1 line of seed corn
ami beans, ami the best line of grass
seeds in this market. Also a No, 1 line
of teas, coilVcs, syrups, honey, salad oils,
sauces, catsups, blueings and soaps, ami
a line line of tobacco, glasswaie.ei ockery,
1 1 iv goods and shoes, which we will sell
below cost, at the WhitlocK Stohk.
A nearly new
for sale cheap.
second hand road curt
C. W. Poltl'KH.
All persons Indebted to mo will save
costs by paying their several amojutsto
Charman Bros, immediately.
Dm. J, A. Whitk.
tinl in lite tllrt't'li'.l ma ili'ilvtiri'.l
n Hi.' i i'l il n nl Mty. Isi tint erium iiiitiiis
lilt? I" "I'll Ultl II H'tU'l III. Ill ll 1I1 ill" In llll lltl
cri-o iml t'M't'.ili' it i'nlitn tut .lit.i'iiiiii I
ri'iiiiiit'iiiiun ul dm Nttnliwusl enrner nl i
linden Alkii iMii itli n l.nnl IVilm tumu's
ruiuilim S.Him i n t.itlnimu rn.ul lenlui
II-. hi uresKii t.i Sllverull k ti. nv II n lltu
tiltl Ifrrll.'rnl rmtl Hnm)ti h.iiuk k ilil r Mil
In !t N..M'n.iilt'rl tllmi'lli'it In tiin Kim lln
clJ.iluiU Mtirilnek l.nnl: llit ut'f Nulla
nlniiK tulil line ,1 rutin In las N ina 'lit nl
mill li.'lii'il Allt'U I'nii itlnii l.tml I'l ihtii
llieiiee i'l ilniii! kiilil lino I" Hit' iln' nl
lnVlllllltltl, Chi IIIIIUH ,.i .It'llK lll"Ht nr l,
Iwiim i ni nl itt'filuii. innr til tml itlix't )
hi iiniilii l (nl SiMiiu nl Hsimt' in"' U)
lln niti Wlhitiiiiilti MtMliH'iii In Him'. inn
tV ttll'l tt'k 1111 I" tml Hi til' nl UlCunll,
1 IllVtt Itlt'lt'tl llfi'll nil' I Will I'll Mnllil ty His
Lull tl iv ill Jim l""'. .illlit' ll'iiir nl nut' cluck
I'. M , it! l!n emu li.nitt" tlnnr In wltek mi i
I'.illlllV, tiriiiill i'i.l'.t'il nt'll HIM Hunt" tlf
MTittuil r.'il f-iilii "I pnhiie tuclinii I"
itio hlnlifiit liliLlcr lur c in in tit U i.lil
OK Hint nriliTnl til'. C 'M lllil ll't'lillllli U.'ll.
l'.iU 1 1IU I Jill il ty nl Ml)'. lvl.
. H KvuiltT.
Slifrlltol I'Ui'k mi i cm in '. uit'j'ii. '
Notice or t ItlMt i HI I' till- il.
In ltt III illnrt't lH l it" nl j
l. U, l..iii.kli. lUii' iitt'il j
NnlU'o H litirttliv glvrn Hi it ('it iiii.t't'liii'il
h) lllil III Ihi il ti irl In til (title In lint
iimt tin e. mil nl Cltrkiiim ituu,'. flu .n
(iri't.iii. mitt llu c.tiirt It i iivk I, J.int' Till. IvI
III tlie ll.Hir nl illnl'lncll . M. nl i.tl ty liK
limn Inr iiifiiiilii iilmi nl i.l ti " rl 'lint fur
lliu tie irlii nl nliJi'iHiiim In lltf " mm. II .my
llnttj x. N. . WALltHN.
A lmlul.u iinr nl Oil Mt ii'l
It, K ',
Aliutnrv Inr A.liiiliillrilur
For sale or exchange (or voung cattle ;
one Osborne mower in good coudiiion,
on Buckeve mower, in good condition,
one conbined Osborne Kcasr and Mow
er, nearly new and in good order, one
.'e.'ond hand, two sealed buggv and nne
riding pony 8 years old. Impure of h.
E. Cross, Oregon City. "si4
For rare sport get yaur tiolling ouiiit
at the city drug store untl capture some
Mid-Ufa Nisi.
Htati or oriiion,
, LOCNK lirl'MllUIUM
N'litlt'i) t livmliy shell Hint by Virtu f a
tii'iilltiii iditl tinlvr nl til Utuot uul el sail
iiiiilt.r mi1 Sml nl tho Olroitll Ciiurt ul Hi
St itc nl tiit).. Inr tu Ciiuiitir nl i;i tOkni,
it ilt'il M ly tiin. I ".i'l in nut alivrllT iilf'itl,
hi I iv. r nl i Ii. Cnrtiullii, l a. Unruallut
nii.l tl, It Sli.iw. tl ilnn IniihiiM UttUr lit
ti r tit ii nun nl I 1. l . iiifllii iiiiJ l)u flllTi,
uul .ia ilin.1 ,L W. l.iitnur, il,.'iMiilitu, K.r lilt
mil ni i ml LHi mnl too t)i.l iua
i Jn.lw tticut riMnt,.T. lu n.tlil u.JUrt uti
Ui i. 1 in. .1 1 y m April, l7. wlivmlu U
. r.l.fcl timlnlliil iiihi ilil tldliiutLiut lnUrl
nil Inn I In. il iy nl April, ls In inn! to IU
mi, ri if lifii'inl .r.' .itt ii'iiwl In llili uetlim,
uul In tulil i Mfi ..I t'lniit niuirlvil and d
iTilHt'l, I'f 'l'l ir.lliin In liiw. SUJ Unit IDs
.i...'ihm1. ,.,i I J0 lll,liul Hi (111 l4lllslllU ,
nl i.l.l ) i.lniiirnt mnl ma o.i.k mill totiriitn
(in.tt , i mi icti. a, Urn rum tluilor, it ny lutra
hti p ilil t . I it' ilriuinl mi iinrt'iii.
I iii'ii'i. rtt ly vimiti nl i il'l iilliin mi U or.
iltr nl lie i', mini in. Iln ma tit mil nil U the
i, ml ili'lniiil ml rtiini iili tint titttri nl, lu
m. I m i.,t. l.l mil ruhuu .ibni rtilnrril lu ana
In ii'l nrilnr nl cnirl i.i'llloil Hlnl Uniiirtkttl
II ..l.., ItlWlti
lii.itinntiii( hi a p.. Ini 1 ctli S.nilh sinl IS
ninl I l.ini'li Lin ul lliv Nurlliwl viirnaf
nl ( in N .rl iui.t .) i trior til .'llnli Iwtiiilf
unit' (.'ui hi uoviiiiilp inn' S. mi It nl luint
tun l.tttl nl III M III iiili'llo lrlilUu: rnu
mini luniifo Sniith H rml. lliMit KatlW
r.i.t., ihciii't. N. riii -a rml mnl llitmu Wot
.n r. nil, In Ilia pint'!' nl tn-nliiuliin, (iiliUU
luii Uirt'ti (.0 u'tti nl Umt imtli CUk'
mil m i;.iiiity uul Slulu til Orunu, .
lutll nit M.tiiilny. llin '.HNh tUy ol JntlS ISST,
Hi Hit) ti i r i.l lu n i'l. .ik A, ml lilt enurl
lii.ti.i! tlnnr In t'lui'kititi n Cininiy, orei tu
pnuut'il In t'll Hi ii'l sUuvs UvrlLt
rml .t itf t pnliili' siii ilnii m Ih tiiUil
i.ii'r Inr ft II In tt.iU.ly lull) tutjullull Dulls
Him I't'riiiua t'iii. ,
Uitt'il lnl IJIti Uty nl M
Hliorltl ul Cl ick iinn cui4iily, UruB.
Mii'i l.Ps Ki le.
i. s.
City rinances.
To the Hom.rW Mr ' City Coimf 11 ol 1 I those line salmon at the falls.
0 w,m City i
Tk tlnmioec.immltt" priil lh( lotlowlnn
th cltr lliinucliil LUeitient tor lh jrenr sud
Inr My T, JJS7;
IiiaUeitni My 4 1SSS, Ins Inter-! 1 i'J W
Hirrmui lmui during 111 yr 6.STS SI
Total lo-fi'MtKlan .W.l 01
Maps, glolH's and Webster's Una
bridged dictionaries will ho sold cheaper
than Ihev can be bought auywherti else
for cah. Anv communication aildiewd
to J. W. Noble, Needy, Clackamas
county, Oregon w ill rivieve prmupt at
tention. Also agent fur selnm! ile-Us
rm it
an :
that Georga could then he in a position
to make aproiitable deal with Plaine in
the presidential election of ISsS. George
this morning said: "You authoritatively
deny that there is any deal or agreement,
badly battered crowd.
A Fish STORY.-Fish biting? Well we
should just sav so. How is ibis forone
day at the island? The record was kept
bv Charman Eros, w ho are keeping a list
either past pending or to bo lit ide in the :
fer free land to builders of factories, free future, between Mr. Blaine and myself,
power for tec years. There is nothing j a, 0ppos?d to Blaine. Hi represents
tnossbackUi about this. Oregon City J itu I have bjei fizhtin j ag.iin-t for years
will red.iem her record. , . j xll monopoly an 1 the vv.irst f.i.-m of cap-
j italistie ower."
IS IT AVAILABLE, SIR? "Will there be a labor pre.-i.lental
! of the catch for the week. C. P.aboK-k
... .sictirt., WAtts rcso.
ttAttab na, tu&), M ty 4. tvu
Wsier rents
Licenses ....
Finn tlii.jtX rtxmi r't i n, bnrUI pttriutlS
Costs eolUeiitl In Injuncllnn suit
Ki iirr,uiKKiL rcsu.
Ts eollwlrJ nd ptld m trurr 13 Tl
Balinc on bmul Hy . lsss IS
Trn(rred lo feu. lurid frmn wnl. lund la 00
The Mftcls nl Mental Cvh in t on.
M my ill.e ii, rirtt illy lliiiint nl I'lf nttr
vnii imt'iit, mi ri prml'ift nl it tilt' rtnti'tit I
tlirtll it tt!l tll-llntl. lillsliit... tv.'t' ilinli nftiyl (
InnilM'.tn nmmiiil nl int-nt .1 we.t unl o ri
very prfjinltt' 0 In pliyili' il In' tlui nut lltn pr.t
fe.nl. II. II ir.llli. ILlV pilimiml ire Ii'l ltlm ill', j
Irnlilvi' In lir tin nti.f nrrtt' tl.mi It i ntu' nl
Hie inn. I Imp. nl ml mtnlintt nl II ..It'lifr ;
st.iin .cn Lutina Umt ti cinpfni if Pr ml. I
ini.l'ir In.. ..I li..if , mnl In till tniinri limit i
t'lveivy In lit- I11.1I11 unl lu'n it. I 'm r ippnlll.
Willi 11 tilcli II rt-nt'tvi v.it iki'itfil iiittnt 'I I'litTCt' 1
in,l pdv.ii'tl ill tllly In rent rkil.lt1 nnl . ,
th u lt tn km Him pr. pi'rtir kt,' , I Cietiln'i
ii.t t.ril.'r lwHl'li hii-re .mini vltil niintiit .
ni. I i- miiifr ii'iunt ilie etli ft 1. ( ine nl - I rti.it
Inn Hit. I-. tfUi: tl itn ilii'iiit" r.irt"t it I previni'.
Irter int. I 'il lit. rtifini iltmit c ir ntr .l M"'.'t 1
.ili.l C"ll. Hp Hi. .11 kl'llirv -ill. I itiiT'lle kii.'
mi. I nllli'r.t'.,ni. 'lilt" I'lnnlrl'li .l-'i' Mtin'tnl
II u II nil', III' ll .Mill. ll ml itlnl U'lilf.lt
Always Victorious.
In a former article which we published 'candidate in BS?"
is strongly prob wi'.e
anewered tieorge.
that there
in reeard to the roatl uroblnm Mr. Mersl "It
discover a slur "upon tho fanner, and of-1 will,
llcially proclaims his plan "available
sir." In the article in question the con
clusions were based upon the cior.1ir.3nt
elements ol human nature, w hich is act-
. tiaied by the saint? uiotiviii whether on i sired.
.... r.,, tr. ii. ,. 1., ii. m-nrL-. I Farmers
-hop; thus, Farmer Mvers is 110 diJfer j through planting.
ent in bis feelings or Ins" principles from j tenperancs people are working
i:tr , , , lively lurine amemimeni, an. 1 many nu
NF.V Elf V
Grow ing crops look w dl.
The weather is all that could b de-
and gardeners are nearly
11, L. T. Bairn 7, Thos. Brown 4, W. T. General land
Whitlocs 3, W. T. Burney 3, llendrick
son 3, A. W. Howard 2, W. K. Pratt 2,
Riz"iistine 1, Uoo. Brown 2, By strangers
4. making catch of. 42 fur the day.
They ranged in weight from two to fif
teen pounds.
The Nation's Lawsj akkss vThe house
of reprsentatives will bo described bv
fZ. I.. White in tlia American Magazine
for June, with portraits and sketches of
Toul rscelpu. Ins m't trmlerred s7S ss ;
Frnm wsibf bind . M
From fui)rl tiiud . . U'.l 10
Total disliiurfuifiits ''! 13
cah as H.kSU SAY 7. I'M.
W sler lund
A spoiled cow, seven years old, matk-
4S50 1'! with crop otT r. ght car, under bit in
ty 70 1 left. Anv one seeing such a cow ttill be !
rewatded for taking her up or letting me ;
knew where she may bo found.
Cii.Mii.lK I'iiiii'm:,
1 ii'cgnn City, j
under the
j prominent Congressmen,
hjadtngot" The at ion s Lawmakers.
the merchant, or if he Ihj
what particular jsiint U'twcen his store !
and his farm is ha transui igrified (nym
jthe merchant into tin shirred farmer?
Having pronounced his fclan "available
sir," he knocks ns dovu fciili tne state
ment that "one farn,rr will haul MO
loads of rock."
From the top of the lull to Mr. Myer's
place is not less than a mile, or 52s:) (net.
'A road to bi substantial should lie built
of rock 1 loot in depth and 10 feet wido.
This would require, allowing 8 cubic foet
to the load, just two loads of rock to the
lineal ftstt of road, or 10,50) loads to the
mile. One hundred loads woul 1 make
would nol voto for the third party will
vote for the amendment, as no conscien
tious orson who Is in favor of (he sup
pression of one of thegrsat evils could do
The prohibition club organized before
i the last election, is still holding its icgu
t lar meetings which are well attended.
Tutsi . . ;: ?i
Tutsi in. jaliletlu, Mty 7. WSI t u7 V
urisnsu ma urmitiiiisti
Rock sjiulier ts 0
Wstst plpl l W. It. fni. MO
Pumps 'S 0
Totsl lidromi'nts hw 0
Tutu (Mid on water wnrVa In ditto $44 0
Krptlully milimiuc)
V. PAgi'ET.
" Fur 8nQCll Cunimltl
iii l!iwt'Kt Fire and Murine Insurance ;
( uinia:ij .
This company is managed by skillful
underwriters, all business is transact"'!
on principles of commercial tumor, .m l
claimants may c iuiit ailh certainly
that neither narrow pretexts imr lei It
nical advantages will be urge. I uaainst
honest claims. If 1 1 agent dues nut
call in you, send him word you wan
In nee bin: and lie will lose no lime
i in tin ling you.
A. S. Bvrv, Agcnl,
Oregon Citv, Oregtm.
hi r tint' dill l if 'I I nil ' l'i Hi er Hi
tniii ti'lt -iii'l t'n' fcl.Lii . ISrr,' gre ! nr.r mi. t-i
Pennine rii'ti "' I "t I .t.l., itll l tu time eipt l .ill
tlil..irltli . nt Ilie Iilti.nl I tlf nreifll LI.....I
p irlller s i-ui.-Iv t.'t'ft'ti.le i'"ii.p"'Hi.l 1 1 " ,
I' I I ire ill .li.ei.e ,. l i kl lni'tv unl ,
; yr .1. 1 tit. i-e e i i. '. I in Unl' ir" 1. 1 ..l t PU
t. I , ill. lip lit-. It Si, It lienlifll I't-IMp Sri
li, .s.'r.il.iN Irii-tlili., nl (nt siiiu i.hiiuii i
It. ttl .'in lr. lt ml i'l Mill llii'l It "Itt.tt
lt l,. l.nl. In lt I ill. 1' ti Itii .h .... H .l l every
where I 1 1 p r ' 'tt e ii Ii ni I r n
HI III vl ore. ill,
I'.uinl u il I'l .ek ml isl
ny tlritm ul mi isi iitlnti sud ardsr of
il I., lei till nl tiid utllsr lb sl
ul Ilie I IriMtll I'uiirl ul llm Slit ul Or,
u. ii ,tr In iliiuiiiy ul 1 lt'kiu, dsl4
Ine ;Tin tl ty nl April, A U , s7, lu ni stisrlf
itiiHiii. in livnr nl K K l lnrin.it, plslutlfT
uul iui.i inn. S I t in, ileieiuUtit lur (lis
mi i.n.'iii .ml I ,'Ltti J iini sud otutl iiimw a
t.nluut"uL rt'iuleri'd lu .tld euiirt uu lli'Mu.dy
ul April, lvV, ttln tflu It mm itrdr.d llisl tlis
lulert'.l ul ltd detuud ml, mi Sept Mh. IswL la
ninl In tin' re it i.l 'l uunn.il. .r ailseliwl la litis
,. lluii mnl lu Id unler ul I'uiirl tein. sud
tleai rllit-.l-lu. a.ilil liiitlltly III pUilitllt s ,tl
in uu I ii'uve n uiitiil llirlorety lrtullhs
ml, J i.liii'iiu'iit mi. I unler ul ! euiainsad
luit iu n nil nil ul (h said dulaudsul
rln il Ilile and luleit'tl ul In sud In In said rml
al lie itliuie ivlerruil In and III said urdr (
e.i.ui .pi-nttltt and ilitaerllied as part ul lit ll,
. 1 N.t .. ul WailtliiKluit Williams la Ttiwn
! .'tip lutee S.iillN ul ll.iuil Iwu k.al ul (Ik W ilt
; M.r.t.i 1 I nk uu 1. cniuiiy. iiru, btnmlii
. pi 1 e i tlua L i.l nl lit S uillial ourusr u4 IP
N K nl see ll In taPt l.iwmlilp, rulintu
tiieiii e lletl : 1'li.ilu., Ilieues Nurllitl rltalua;
tliein e L i-t en tin In ilia hit il I'harln Wal
ker i'l iltu itienee Willi a tldelalm hit snulb kt
iPwret'. Ii inilille K it Hunt eliallis lu IU
in t iiiitterly euriier ul aald Walkar elalw,
pitnit'e Mlltl ;t . tit oil ttll In 111 ptatf ul beflli'
nii.tl c.'iu 1I11I1K Inn ers, luur r laa. 1
will mi M. unl iv lit SiSliday ul May, A. !., 1H7,
m lite Iniiir ul nue uePa k P M al III Cunrt
II ,.! il.M.r. In l I ii kaina uutiti, oriiu, pru
err I I 1 eil Hie ail, I Ihv tleacrllta.1 ral slatn
al p il.lli' luetluu In Ilia Ittflteal lild.Ur lur cash
piaillat) ild em'iillJit. vnaia and seerutfii
e ..l WM KNUillr,
lined 111 JMh d.y ul April, A P., I Ml.
NlstrlJ's sals.
fl tl.N l'i S ll.ll I' . 1 ..' '4 iff t
Jog. Ho"-Vcard'
.,11.' I)?
ll lit
I liar
iovernor Larrabee, in a letter re
plying to inquiries as to the working of
prohibition in Iowa, says that in eighty
out of the ninety-nine counties of the
State prohibition is enforced, and in the
remaining nineteen counties ii is purtly
enforced; that no property has been do
predated bv abolishing tho saloons.
their places being filled by lttcr and J passage of the Uestriction Act up to lie-
There is a Mipular impression abroad,
savs the Alta, that the oration of the
Restriction Act has not very largely re
duced the Chinese fiopulatioii of this
coast. Without adverting to the iutlu
ences that have generated this belief, the
lecords kept at the Custom House and
Iiltllllti'll Ilie uu,. I V tlnvl.le lieeilil.il rullllm an
ei. ..t'I Ir itn Ilie I unity em le ,tlil l-jf 11 111 t'ter
It iml eiu 1K..I in a ' L il"'r nl l.'.ie Itie'iljla
11. ir ttt. I -.till pnitrttl. .Cn Mill .ill Ini
meii..iv MiUluii. tv tut iHta i unl ir I I.l ul
tie are ileal I'm ,"trr tn-l nrti.ir Itie ae.
1 gniek I. Hie nr I. rernl'.r. In k'.'H ileum
I solid l..r fire il Ha ainl 'ii' I r .until .. A
I HAM l.tiKI ,t in. sn Fr iiiDl-e-i. il
'i lie Face.
The care of the complexion has be
come an accomplishment that no I t !y nl
ri'liiii'd tastes can allord to ignore, ninl
in leadini! micictv citclea it claims as
much thought n do the fashions. It !j()V, a- lite "Sin ''T Mill'' in
an acknowledged fact Hint the variation e .
of our climate are very severe on I he Hlr.t il )N t II t , lur sain or rent, mt
coiiiplexitin, noticeable by a toughness. (,av (l r,s. luiiuii'v uf II. '.. Will
andtlrvnessoltheskin, and liictiiiiilei.itl j . . '
this -ff'Vt it becomes nete-s.iry to call Litns ill Ilie 1 ;ilrs, ur
in llm ui, I nl art I n l.ni mdect inn nl t his ImIIVCiiV A- t, I t l V
the bonks of the steamship companies j lll(.n, ,lM, ,,,,,,.1, nlr(. n,nni,t . cxctciseil. ' '. " ' '
show ht it is very erroneous. Tho Cm- It is well known to chemists that many j ' 'remi ( ,lty, - iCj-'mi
l..en II....... r,r.r,UIU,la.t Hill ailii'.. itlH I (( ttl SO-Calll'll " UlnnlllS, "Hillllls.". I I
i renins eic , contain ica
r omi ts. I
t:.i sir or t t.n t.aall
An i'l .11 nut urdef nl aal htvlttf ia
.11 '1 .'it n( an I 'in ler Hi ! ul til elreult
1' . itt .1 1 19 si it,, u 1 ores' tu lur tit cuanly ul
t.i.a.ui . tie irtiif dit lu jilt tlay ul y.
I I ..." t' me i. .'lerlit dlreeled. In lafur wf
s I 1 run piilulltt. an. I aialn.1 Alaiandar
I. 11'ir 1 ,":,'ii'l nil, In Ilie um ul sevaiitv 1
an 1 . in' I ill tt. Willi liilei.. l. an I Hi lurtli
..on ul t.ue loin. ire, I alt I I well I r IS S7 ll)
tlnlura. r.'.ta. iiiiuii a Jiuliiiiiaiil rviuler.! la said
e uirt i ll Ilie .'l-l ! tv ul April, It7. wheraUl ll Is
t.iri.ivr nr lere. I t.i il Ilia iimpariy liral.,lur al
I ..ii. .1 In no. art I. ,11 La t.iid Pi satisfy ssld
J't'littuei.t ami ei.aia
I neri'l.ire. Iiv vtrtn nl ht aeullna ii, or
der ,, I tie. I lure levied ittftli all ul tit ssld d
len I ml a rlfiu. Illle and tulere.l ul. In and IS)
I le r il pmpert v lu o.l ei'iiil,iu ralerred 10
and iieieint'.r alt it-tied lu Ilil setlun, tsslug
,,i. iimuliere,, ilirett. luur, ttvs ami six, In
Plunk iituiH-r eig ity Hire In Dragon Cltr,
I, l I'oily 1, 1 iii-k lilt ta alt.) ul ul OtastlQ stud
; wilt uu M 'll 1 1) laa all day nl Inn. A Ik, la!,
1 al tan Iniiir ul un u Its-k V. M , al Ih ouurt
It. hi. a tpinr In aal.l c-tjuiy aud lit pr.M'd lo
.le.ltli altuvt'ileat-rlttetl r tl iiruiany al publio
I a n't 1. ni I 1 IU blitua.l lil plar lur vaate. to saltsl
la eai-i'iitinii. eta'aan.i at cruilif c-ml.
lute I una lt'i di i.l Mty 4 U , IM7
WW gaianr,
S 1e1l1T.1l l ink njivs C iiioiy, Urga.
mote legitimate business; and that the
only elfect uion the population lias been
the removal from the State of some in-
tl.... . n.l. an.l I1.1H a f, wit f if en 1,1 l ie In
' ' , v ., . . ,, ,n- ing with a itellar fur potatoes etc,
;nake a mile of road would require lOo 1 ' . .
iarmcrsto haul 100 loads each, or if Mr. I
Myers wishes to buitd the road with bis
..h n tnitan n ' ll . 1 11 fulll til (19 till fl U
i...L 1.t -ion ,,....,, hereafter muke his home with Mr. l'in
I ragtJ na b nui. lain, .j... . ... .
year lie could in eight years and nine!
month gvt a good road to his placo.
The Spiritualists are erecting a large 1 corrigible dispensers, and, iorhaps, some
tabernacle on their beautiful grounds t incurahlo corisumers. The Governor be-
lievos that public suntiment is strength
ening in favor of prohibition, and tha. it
is an established iower in lows. It
should be reiiioinbered, in uoiileuiplating
Messrs Mad. lock, I'lu lps and Thomas ; this happy result, that Iowa has the itn-
niense sdvantagu in dealing with the liq
uor cmeatiun of having no large cities,
only three cities of over 20,000 popula
tion being found in the slate.
uu.! oilier' i, l ... i ... i t..i:r,...:..
iiiii'i'iiii. i i i mi ii i.i
iioistitmiis siilislaiiies, the long conttn- , r t l liliut iw i iiiiininiu
iiilaiu le
ices, the
lleil use nl Whit I) m tl.mgetiitis.
which will be ready for ue by the time
of their first meeting which will begin
June 23. Mr. J. II. Ewing is the con-tractor.
Ulancbard are putting up a large build
Thos. rinnell bus just erected an ad
! ditiori to bis house which will be quite
a convenience to Father Noyor, who will
i nell.
The Bennett saw'tnil! near Imre is a
cerntior 31, lrt.SO, the number of Chinese
deuartinz. from this imrt to Ciena was . new loil.it pre .wrathm. Wisdom's lit
48,078. During the same s.'riod the ar-! ertine, is guar ml eed under a fot fmlar.. ,
rivals number S-..412. showing an evcess f iM ,, ,rtV(. ,,,' Vrl
of d.'p irtures o.'er arrivals of i). j .r;,,, iti , ttt ()in n, and ! one nl the
This is far from represe iting the actual liiiinlif.ls who pronotiin'e it the most d
decrease of the Chinese on this wast. I li'flitful toilet arlii le cy.-r p.ti lii, . d.
tl isilnm a Uoiieritne l sou. ai utiv cimiis
, ('."-oa k ( iilironilit It. U.
And l.'uiiiii'i'tli'ii
I'.iro Ir.iia I'"'
nd it Shi Fr nn'l.fiaj I.liulle I
I iili nut - I,
however, for neither the deaths n ir tho
Eastern emigration is taken into consideration.
Anew vaiiely of pntssotl biick, made
of ashes and cinders, is now being
manufacture! in San Francisco. Savs
t I . !1 f... ., 1 1 I
J lieioioor neview eiuiima nti " ,el i qHljty.
head In these remarks: ' Mr. O
great convenience to this pl.ute, as lum- j tlie Eiaininer of that city ; "The result
her can bo had cheap and of the best ! is a brick of unusual solidity, handsome
W. Vetito is the only invalid in
It is our Bincere prayer that the good i tlw neighborhood and his numerous
. J,ord would deliver us frirnths brainless
agitator of the labor question, F.y his
inflatnatiiry and bombastical speeches
..liai docs-our uoblu causa more harm
tlian g'od. When level-headed men of ;
thought and judgment meet to discuss
i the adverse condition of the industrial
classes, and to devise a reasonable
rjmedy for the sama, tho-6 you w.ll find
b'nn ii" the midst of them, cockai and
prim-jd, and rea Iy to go off at a mo
ment's notice, discharging volley ufter
volley of flushey, insipid nonsense to
the disgusUof his hearers. 1 1 in favorite
I .topics are: The bloated bondholders,
the grinding monopolist' and the
greedy manufacturer. These he de
nounces wholesale and retail, without
any discrimination, as so many agencies
friends are in lioss that as the warm
weather comes on his health will be bet
ter The friends of temperance will hold a
picnic at this place on June 11. There
will be good speakers in attendance. All
are invited,
Business is brisk and all are happy.
Ilil KZY.
in apiiearance, of a most durable char
acter and made, entirely without burning
or baking. AH man tier of experiments
have been tried with tho bricks In the
way of subjecting them alternately ,o In
tense cold am boat, but without any in
jurious effect The best quality have
been boiled for hours, without cracking
or showing s.iy signs of dissolving."
The World says: It now turns out that
the Cnited States is not audi a great na
tion ul toers a several of its neighbors
who pretend to lie in a high stato ol civ
ilijatiiitl and culture. The consumption
of till kinds of liquors, distilled, vinous
and malt, in the United States is 12 gal
lons per head a year, ugainst '.'4 in tier
many, 34 in Great Britain and 38 in
This is the third week of school. De
portment is quite good, and average dai
ly attendaiu o of 11. Thirteen pupils ure
With the exception of colds health is
generally good.
The farmers a'e about done sowing
I their grain and ore planting potatoes.
Meadows are doing well. The cool
The name of a village in Wales con
taining seventy-two letters and twenty
two syUbles is Llanfairpwllgwngvllgert-rohgllgcrchwyrnhyilgogerbwllzuiittsilio-
gog'igcti, and its meaning is literally:
"M. Mary's whito haH puo, near the
turning pool, near tho birlxol, very
near the pool of Mantsilio fronting on
the rock ulut of Gogo."
dxisiing for the special purpose of de-1 lias been favorable to the
irauning an . .....n..K .... , u. j growini, o( ,. , ir),Ment crj,
working; people.
In Boston, on the l'lth, inrl. died th
man to whom is duo tho credit of inaug
urating the llrst reduction in letter post
age in this country, I.ysaiidcr Kjiooiier.
IL riisiiner of in lui'iiig the government
jlidopt lic.ior rates was by starting
4 opposition route, and was character
UU' of the in in. I In had reached the ad
vanced age of eighty-one years ut the
ttmj ol his dn.ilh. When ho started his
-mail route letter pristage from Boston to
New York was 1-J,'.j cents, and be Car
rie I ths letters for live cents. The da
rtirtuictit succeeded in litigating him out
of thj busiu jst. b it c ingrjsire itio id 1 1"
lutter postage at thes next s?si:o i, sj his
wi'ject was attained.
promises 10 he abundant.
Fall arid spring sown grain scorns lobe
The hardest fought campaign in tweti
ty-four years was waged against Blaine
in 1HH4, when ho was defeated by only
1000 votes, yet the damoorocy say ho is
(he easiest man in tho republican party
to beat. Just match him for another
heat and soj if the "satislled" djmo
in excellent condition. A. J. Mtsimi. crats will run with their coats on.
The KemiilusorF.x-li iveriinrf.Hihs.
The duty of escorting tho remains of
the late Ex-fJovernor (iibbs to this stato
for interment has been delegated to Ir.
Watklns of this city by Oovcrnor Ten
noyer. the doctor. is a hrother-ln-.aw
of the late cx govenor and will take a
personal interest in the execution of the
commission, which render his appoint
ment a most fitting one. He will start
East in a few days and proceed as far
as New York, arrangements having ul
Tho house of t.'oufucius, built rHX) years
twfort Christ, was recently burned, and
with it a collection of relic of the philos
opher which cannot tu replaced. The
house had been occupied by an unbrok
en lino of thu family of Confucius for
I iii.uelv 'ClKI V'l. uea
I'emctry Notice.
J. ll. Hlover wishes lo announce lo the
citizens of Oregon City that be i pre
pared to attend promptly to any work of
(.lad Titling.
Win-it looks very sickly.
War! weutner tins come at last.
Win.' Shaver wields the hazel among
forty precious thorny vines.
The "Hundny school has recently been
organitcd for the summer.
Elder Wuddln preached a sermon on
the amendment last Honday.
A well known young man with a name
that would remind you of him who ex
tracted the first clnptriu fluid from the
chuds, was eager to show his girl Imw to
milk. -A'ter settling himself by that cow
with a switching tail, the "tormenting
nuratino" ws scoured to the milker's
leg; then the extracting of the lacteal
fluid was begun in a business like man
ner. Thu old cow gave a wink, three,
kicks and a bawl, anil spun the would be
milker about the corral, knocking over
rot ton ituuipi am! plowing up a rich gar-
dun with his elbows. Finally the cow
went 0i QUO sido of a sapling ami the
young man staid with tho bush and the
tail staid with his leg. Thu cow went on
with a determination never to he milked
again by a beau. After tho milk pail
was removed from the young man's head,
and a temporary post inoitum examina
tion held, it was declared that no bones
were broken, except thecow's tail. After
regaining his footing, this man of light
ning declared that it was the only net of
his life he was ashamed of. Nothing bus
lss;n seeirof tho young lady since.
ready been made for thu proper trans- Idling up and cleaning up lots m tho
fer of the rcimtins from London to tl at' cometry. Ready for lusi'icna ut all
city. fch'suui. . times.
s-r bottle, by ('barman Bros, City lirug
More, I begun City, Ore.'im, aim give a
beautiful picture card with every buttle.
Ileal Eslitte Transfer.
Eliza A. Bollins to W. I Nut'ing
NW of HW 1 ami lot 2 in S c
1.1, T 2 S, HUE, 70.40 acres
N. W. Wallace and wife lo II. Ilil
leary undivided 1-0 part of lot 2
and X .'.j of S W 4 of SE U nf Sec
ft, T2K. It 3 E, 40 acres
J, W. Luther to J. A. Davis pt of
Sec 2!), T I H, H 2 K, 3 acres
It n It tl pli Koetnnrati I wife to James
Shaw pt of Win. Holme A wife
DEC 1100
John H. I.arkins and wiletoC. N.
I.Hrkins and wife SW Vi of NK
)i and SK )i of NW H of Sec 25,
T 4 !. K 2 K. Hi) seres 1
O.AC. H. U. Co. to N. W. ltiindall
-NW yx of NW !' of Sec 21, T 4
H, H3K, 40 acres
H.C. Stevens ntid wifcloJ. ll. Mor
ton t Hi acres morn or loss noar
Damascus, in T2 S, U 1 E
Martin Bashor ami wife to J. K.
Bashor-W of SW i of ec 1
and K )i of SE 'x of Sua 2, T 0 S,
U2E, 10') acres
E, Mendenlnill A wile to J. Curler
-i.pt of (i. Walling D L C 20 mires
A. I.cnhai t to J. (Parlor pt of (j W
Wsllin D . C.30 attrcs
(!hus A. Chase and wile to H. M.
Buck pt of A, 1), Foster D , V
pts of Sees 21 , 22, 27 A 28, T 2 S,
H 3 E, 212 iicics Love and uircc
tion v.
(. A C. It. K. Co. to John Wil-
hoit-NK )i of NK '4, S i of NE
)i sml SE 4 of N W )i ol Sec 21,
TOS, It 2 E, 100 acres
O A C. It. K. Co. toU. W, Jones
NW JtfofNK M of Sec 11, T 3
. 8, H2E, 40 acres
A, K. Wise mnl wife to Win. Boyd
pt of Sec 34, T 1 H, It 2 E uti.l
Sec 3, T 2 H, U 2 K, 50 acres.. . .
I'Piae , 1 1 . .ii a tn ule nl AallUnd with
ai.iji'a t. Hie t ililnrina, tirvKuii and d.i!iu
nl ki l.'utiipaiiy.
Only I) Mile, ul Sinking
I line Letweeii Ureijiiti I llv ninl S.tn Fralii'l"' !,
41 liu'tr.
CAiisuiisiA rxrsBaa thaih. hii.v.
a.iuiti T ' iyTisvf .Virih.
1 i r a I U ni' l'..ril tii.l Ardie 1 1 a
.S nl r U'llB Ort'Knn I Ity l.eilt'l
S.u. a Arrive A.ul nnl l.eive
l.i,c tl r.in'lier 1 ruins. P.illy, Ksi epl Sunday
siaia M. I'ltte I nril ili'l iirrne ,t . r
V ns, N. l.i'.iva (irei''ii:iiy
i in e a I Arrlie Lueene
In Ilia Circuit rutin ul Hi Slat ul 0utl lut
111 Cnu lily ul 1 Lu-kamaa.
J K-.ili Sp iniiler, p.aliillil
1 4 lleaMlUne and
Lit llaaaeltllt. di'lendalll,
l u r' A llua.rlllii ulie nl Hi ab-iv namad
di'tftitl ttila In tlie name ul lit Slale ul Ornti,
)u are tit'lt'liy Riiitiuiuiieil Ut b and spltaar III
Ine tie tie it lined eutirl al a Irrnt nl th aalil court
I.. In Ih iiuii nil. I lield lil alter III aaplrallun
n I all wei-ka Irmll lite dal ul til Srat pultllen
liuii ul I it la atiiiiiiii.ua. ami ana war Ih ,imilalnt
Ilk, I afrtiiiat )uti lu tli al.in eiillllrd ouurt la
lliv alHiiaitiilltled e i..
And )."i. K. A. Ilialllna will Uk niSle
! tint II )uti till an In iln lur waul llieraul Hist
1 pLifniltl wnl apply In Ilia tuiirt lor Hi rlll
j ilem til led III Ilie '" In I'lw 1 III. to wit: fur )ml.
! iiinnt 111,'Hiiiat vmi lur tlie sum nf llir litindr4
, d.iltir. In i s it.. i.l i n In sud lnirai n ru
' siiii v Ilie .III day nl IHs'enilier, Inm, al Hi raia
nl ti-u per I'ent. per aiiutnn and slau lur twanty
(lie duiliira ailnruey le ami Piro iaia and dls
liiii.t in. -ma ..I tin. aril. .it and lur an nr. lar 10
I .i'l! I if pr .pint, wnti ti ii i no atttuu4 tu par
aal.l amiiiini pryeu inr.
I til. a nnul I p. it. II. had hy lildar al linn,
Frank 1 11 !r. Puttie nl Ilie almta entitled ooiirt,
tlui) lluule and elllereil ul raenrd lu upQ Otnirt
uu Hie f in any ul April, I;. sud Is puiillshvd
lur tut' ril.l 1 1 ill'- uu llie.'.lll ilty nl May, laa7.
Jiiiismis, it us Int. mas.
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Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars
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Arrive !
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Buy your drills of f). A. I I.irtli nj who
keeps only pure articles, and net a hut'd
sonio lithograph card with each twenty
five ceut ptirchaso.
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I.KAVI! - (tii'itiiii i:!ty , . . H A M
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.Nnl Ice or Ailtul ilstiatiir's Male.
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and rLiIu, uu
H ilurd iy, Hi 4th day ol juns, ISS7,
At Ilie Imiir nl uu n'oliH-k, P. M , Ih lullnwlnf
ileat rllit d tr.u l ul land lielui near tliwrm sud
III aild rlai'kaiua l uuuly and Stat ul Orffull,
lu wit.
I.i'u lit ul n si still r (intrant enrner (in lh
H i. n It li.uindary nl Jea.e llulliM'k' land
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Mi il'll iil, tlii'tiis mi clHlin lino, North SI tla
Itreea, it-i itilinilea ta.l .IJ (lhalna to th land
nl A (I. Vtalliuil; Ihelie Nnrtll dears
ami :i.i mliintea Weal 17 l.'ii'halm to Ilia land
ul tt N. I'mxi-ri thane Smith S tlesree
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Term ul lit' CASH,
J. I. k m i r,
Adiiilnlatr il'ir nl lli Uls n( Juaa Hulluck,
Kxi'ciilor'i Notice,
Niillcc I herehy ul van that th uuderliid
h i lii'i'ii tluly apiiiiuld rsecutur u(lhll
nl I'lillittnli r Lee, iltit'tnised, lata ul th o. unity nl
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ililu ul Hit tiulle.
Ii.ilt d April . 1SS7,
fill Lii'iinli.r nf thn ui uf I'lillsmjar U
l.cf irrts
llemalnhiK In tlia pnarnlllefl at Orison City
:lu k .itii ia (tntinty, U'eunii, May 'i,ss7,
(irsven, Juhn K. (lerbnr, J null). 2
(jerlclilen, Mr. Ph., 9 lliinsun, .lull 11 A., 2
isiituiy biho.j iiiiihiiiijiuii, .ur. 1;. 1.
liiir, Clinrlis
HohcrniiiKi'r, John
Hh'irp, Mrs. H. J.
Tito Kirl,c;,( llllliiiirolis In, iili of the Al
Samantha .t Saratoga!
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Inw neck ilriutHliiK, put dun tie hi her I11I111
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(imtily lllimlriili'd by upper, Ihfi rtrmwned 11 r-
I.IM uf Puck Will llliiiln illy. I'rli'f t l.'.n
IIKKIIir AtiKNIS W AM I D. A. I. lies A I,.
Hiiicriifl St I'll 1'iilis, Sin FiMtKilum, Crl,
Ntilli iMif Aiiptiliitiiifinl, of Administrator.
in the 111 itler uf llm K.llla
uf Willi iliiH. Itia,dii(tiiiil
N'Slce I hereby kIvi'S tlut Ilia un Wnlinad
tins bean, by mi nrtler nl llm lluiinrabl Luiiniy
Lniirl uf CPit'k una llnutity, ()rinii, duly sp
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by untitled tn pmaitiit tlimtl In my Ktlnriiay, It,
L. Cniaa, nl (lli'itnli Lily, ores'. tu, wtllllu lis
liiutitli frmn I e rt Uu ol ihls Duties.
in nam u. dcorr,
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A'lril U, IShV.