Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1871-188?, July 05, 1883, Image 1

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VOL. 18.
NO. 35.
OB.N MOCK, K'lltar a Nil lrirllur.
Term.af Nuli.rr itli.
lairl. Copy, nn f, In ailvtiit.,.,
klul. (,'o.y, K mntiUi. m auv.iiio
Trrm. f Ail ri..il.lii,
' Tran.lanl 4ilvriimiita, ln"linllii
ayy"'rl Kin lit , ( r 'ii.r.'iii iwnha
ttt " .... ...,
far muii utiuitt liii-rliin..- ........
aaaulutt n.oim ymr , ,.....
Wall raid. tun, inn y.'.r
a)aarir aoIiiiiiii. uii-ynar
ktu.ia.. tani, an. your..,.. .....
.tl .Ml
.. I Ml
1 IW
mi .i
u uu
oaiaox loook.1. o. o. t. h i.
Mia tr 'fhMilav n.iliit. t
TiM 'lua In Ui "il'l l'"lio'
Mll, Mala lsu, M.'Mi. r. ui In.
Uru.r r tuvitva lu atmtui.
Il tiril. r of f.U
mOCABIoaESiOB3E, Ho. 8.1 O O F..
MatH.uu III. iw ui nil I'l.irl i In .In.
la aah luaaih, aiT iiu'.'l.i ik in Hi' u V !
a. Mall. M.iitb It ol Uw li.'r ar hive
la la attaint,
TiLLI ENCAMPMENT Ho. 4. I- 0. 0. V.
Wwi at (kill I'tiltii.' Hull, m Hn
F.r.t amiiliirJ U m" i""l J,
rairlarolia lu (nutl lamlUi aM lin-'m.i
ta an.H'l. .
BtLTWO l0n.lEK. I, A. t. k A M.,
Lt iu r..ilr iiii'minli'il'Mi on ,
Ilia Bral ana Hilt ptalnr.ian In '"n ,
Hionlk.at7 ("..! Ini ii I Hi' I'XIi l
a.ntamln.rt'lUli Mil ill M rll i ami
.i 1 m ..!. i ruin Hi" ; 'I i ol Mari'ii I'' III'
o( :.liii'nr. Hr.i tir -ii In ll'nl lml'
lug ar liiUiH'i allinl. It. ' l ml
HSaaala ft So. H. U, . It . ! -aiial
mt U1r4.an, m'.'U ll'-l ainl llnril
ln day'inl i-acli hiiii.l 11 al 7Ji I. M ill
DJiir.ll.im Hall, 1 T- "" H..
, filial ' ua aiBi'n.
(J F WIEffl
r I 13 .! T A Ei 12 s: ,
( r:m u;c; mu mi
(i.Af M??rt'iii(i muii ii. nu am mich.
1 1 1 i' i'nln"iii;r a hi cial'V, nini
I1'. iruiiiijr In pli-iin'iiti ki'jit.
Miiiinri, Pl.iri U. 11 1'l .w. all tUr: liiull
hli..ri. IMn.la. lllll .liua, IU mwa,
w;:tT v:.iH varois.
fall ami f..r i.nr "Ii" . l'lnw of liuil
m'l ulir. lliw.V tlrui "lnr.
An liour lii'foro nIki tin iko of tliltitrH
'I'liiil iiiciimry to tint ilyiiiK briiiui,
Ami lut"l inn nil tin! whiiu,
Then ufli-r onuHWcct piirtliiK wonln,
Shu hi riii"'l iiiuniiK lu r llnwrm unl birds
l.'lllll Hill! It'll tlHlt'l'Jl.
"fwiia Kuiniiii r tlii'ii, 'ii iiiitiiinii H'i",
TI10 friiiiouii Ion w full nil' tint Ixiuli,
Ami aircw tin.' giavrl awtrj).
1 wnmlrr iloMti die Guillen wnlk,
Ali'l inline nil till tilt' Imi'l'V talk
U'U llllll lll'lll'lltll till! lllut'K ;
Ami, ri'Hi in mi llu' curttt-n mMit
Tim (1I1I Ni'rtfoiimlliiinl uiiny let t
I think ul ollii-r ttin'.-u.
"Of JfoMell ('VC. v.licn ul Din I
Sm wnli liiii liy tin! Iliialtiiii; nky,
'Mill MIIIK!! Mill' till' M'll i
(r lifiir.l tli i-hili.ivii in tlm hiiif,
Fulluw inif Imiiiic tin' liHiikul wuiiiii,
Ami rilniiitiiiK i" i.1 -r Kl --
1 1 tit ttlii-n tlm ilnylitflil lii nvt-y,
Ami fliiM jjriiw iliinky mi till! buy,
'Diet! r.ii lif lioiiH ti'iin; 1
AikI in tlx! niilliii-ni n tin' nulit,
ItiVlil ilt'iUKl'lH, iliut t'mi i.i liivimm Bt
('Miiiitiiiiiii iito tlu ir jieare.
I itVt', timl nit tlio tiinriiiii;! i;lnr,
Ami lifiir lli Iirtiikt'ra mi tin but,
Tlm vuii'ct mi t i to ttlmri",
Aiwl iln.'ii, ii)i Ifitrn, I li.n to bo
At T'in 11 tliin, iniHi.iimli il mi,
Willi lu-r (iiri'Vfrinori!."
HA31Y E. C1D33,
illwiCf in. iui.-iar.il-Liw, mil W.it)
ONCimi 11 1 r, oitK ioN.
Coava.nioiii t a'n'fi. inni a 'i"'
(lauy. I'nli.oiiiii ur.i nitiiy 1 ... I ..
U llaa Willi t uunU If air r
L L rn ia, T A m limna
Arri)iii:v at i.t,
OfBa. Id lUnk aultilliti, or'.'m I'll
Oi l (IH'I
Allrna hh-I 4'ouu'Sora ul
m.ik i-nst'tr. ouf.ig' cur.
rarat.li vfaw nf t !, I a in"'.
fra.i-. i.i'rt
la kHlIB-M
( 1
liliii ill thu miHO, bimI firod him out ut the
miiiiiiu-r ganlfii, thut it would linve Wn
a big thing for thin world. ,3to, hon-
'LooknhtTH," rniid the grocery irtun,
who had bt-cn liKjkina at th lioy In dia
may. "You Ix-tltrr o rii?ld' home, and
Int your mu fi up nuinii wj-fju drink for
you, and imV you to bed. You uro nil
wroiitf in the liciid, id 'if you are
11 ,t attfnd(!tl to f yirti
f vr. I ti-ll V.--I,
Come 1 v..
hi thinner.
you. 1
'0, ilanrr null in',
hov? thinifi look Ho it
got thu fiw ilitie U'i i
youth. 801110 lit!1."-'
they read them, ':
li&ve brain
you are
Fitahlun .'oleat.
Hud in the rival of yellow this warnm.
Now York, women make their own
(W Bleve to be cn regie uiutit be very
Aineriean ntylua are rxiimlar in Euro
pean eitieM.
()ten net ventilating corwit arc the
kind for the hottext weather.
The Bhell bat ami (lie fan capote are
latent noveltjeu In millinery.
Krrlinh Btyli.'B are morf popular than
rrciich with American women.
JOIJNON, i 1 1 1 W S A T A N Mv I ;
ittwurn nl Cjanvbri-.i-Eiw.
- .
a lvat f I T t, u a -UO N.
Will pratala. in all murn In lh iiil
ialal a't"it In (i mi l-i iv lu III. I'. 1
laa D.tl.' In (lr..c l I III. '
.mc.i.r ir
i.nr f.ii
ym fittlni! then' for half an
hliirinu.' at vai aiit y?" Kiid the
11 n junl tolliinf
a 1,0 ha not
(,". jfoti in hia
ukc tiiiiiua aa
'.hiiilt" anythinj ! Wiirred floimees and Bhirrwi draiipriei
fur tlii-nixflvett, luit i m . thinker Irom apjiar on many new tOHtumeg.
Thinkerville, uml my inu-KitWlion !! Tlio dram-rie form the tournure or
the diekciM with am. : Tuam k notliinit I j buatlcfi of drexMn ut out by the beat
read alioiit old limef, b'U what I compare . drewmakera.
it with the (fiuuo line of iwainean at the J q-Jie newent notion in ulecves in to have
pii'M'iit day. Now, win n I think of the but one warn, and that on tlio outide of
iUMto. ibiswinir their i the Urm
"uma "'.'.!' L.JJJ ,
of the plant hIioiiM be drawn tnwether
over Him hud and tlm plant net hi that tlm
bud ill jiiNt reach the wirfiiee of the
(friiimd. The. noil tdiould be well pressed '
BKainut tlie rtxiiri ol the lilant, unina care
to leave no hollow f puce lloW it. I'lanta
are often lostt bv the eareleKsm-xfi of tho 1
I luhon-r in iiretiiiL' the earth to the upper
fee to it if vou would have health v I ",r' the mot, kavin the lower extiem-
ho that they ar never without a!t ! '7 'u ",l UtV", ? n""'e "y,, ...
ami charcoal.
Give them a deep rich tv.il, uml in thin
ning leave them at leant a foot apart.
hie. ll tho il.int bed is net well moUt-
ened bv the rain to the depth of the roots
of the planltt it nhoiilil lx! tliorouglily wtt
bv artificial means bet'ore drawing the
aeiiH-H, I wonder what tiny would have
tlono if there hud ,'oeeu a law aguinut
haulini; eine, an Ihcr in In Wittcoimin
to-day, and I can nee countable with a
warrant for the arret of the Galilee fndi
ermen. unatchiiiK the old apontle and
takiiia them to the police nation in a pa
trol wagon. I know :i i. wrong to think
ht;e that, but how ran I help it. Say,
(tuppohe thofO fi.-he. : .en had been out
hauliii,' their ecine. and our ntinioter
tilioul.l t ome along w.h hia otid clothe
i .. .... i. ..ii-iA.i
,r,r-v, to the bad boy, a, he Hati.1. "". . . '
.Ibvtl.eMoxe one of ther-e fiiWy , r-ei. umt in -..a. ...... ...... a.....
'Tin pitv, but 'tin trne.that hiiKtle and
very full urajieriea grow in fashionuLle
White veiling, white crepe, and white
foulard make pretty coaching and garden
party costumes.
I.inen galloon, colored India cottons,
ler.thcr, ami tw ine are combined in novel
trimming for Bcaide arid mountain
The trimmings of cnacliing coctume of
solid foulard, veiling or crepe should be
of fny figured or flowerad bilk tapeatrj'
Thete will Hpen aooner if planted rath
er thickly; almtit an inch apiut in the
row ia the proper distance.
ix.kct powder.
It is naid that 1'ernian iriKect powder
dmtted anion); the ...... .owU will
rid them of lice.. Cms a mall oel.owu.
"A little oxalic acid put iil the water
in w hich you w aidi your bands will re
nifive the utaimt enticed bv i-iillin'f tMitn.
to-. Lemon juice will take away t.rv ! s,ul1 1 neglected they will not thrive.
atain." ' The foul odor of a filthy Htable must nec-
! eHarily permeate mt only tho uniirial's
oittAVY bi'tteii. ' hide, biit it has been proven that the meat
"The Team- look of butter nmv of t'dl-fed uti'cr fattened under these
not i in niTu therefore, reasonable that owners and
! eSeSinee' ti ami
Tliere is pos-jihly no more repulsive
, ijrht than a dirtv cow stable, and one in
w hich dairy cattle are boused, is cpe
iallv offensive. Jt hns been deiwuwttrnt
el that cows neglected in this renjiect
fail to yield a perfect flow of milk, and it
is reasonable to suppose that such is tho
case. The richest o( ftsxl may be given
to them, hut if their condition in ths
they are three or four inches high, esX!C'
inlly ii the weather is warm anu dry.
The roller checks the too rapid growth
caused by the warm water and promotes
tillering at the roots.
iU relation to health, even as a source of
a Mt-.l liv tl.e sloxe one ol mere ioiv ,
rtioriii.,,;, w h.-n evcrvhtalv f. els like j hook.and put a K.S on the lus.k and I.o of Memory.
mam-lmg. wi.h hi liners cla'ped "Ht his line mar t'.e (Wilee fisltermen
' , , ,, t. I '5, it o.' I. i,.. an.i go trolling for lasf bat do you hen a Michigan County Treasurei
,r..uml l.i.i h Kii.g mi t!.o.h I.e ,...,, I'll.to defaulted last fall everybody began won-
.11.1 not know cm.h M l.i-t him to he.!. c one fl l.i-rnian of the I-.ble ( J u y &
"What v,.i. thii.kiii,; nbu.it any wayr "'u '",v,! '-'"M llbout tl,e ?al1 limdlv tl.rided that he did Jot drink,
-i t ..i a il. ..... ii. i , . i .
i-'i-rin-' w l erc vou would ' "i '"e juui'.eu ni u.-in i nnui t ;itii,u:e, enew , sinuKe, care lor norces or
tliev w ouM have thrown stone?
" Am w
1 . I t.,..l ;r u'i li-il inn bla nrk si'l !")"
i:o ...el. a f,.g as this, an 1 He re bu,l in ll.,' wau-r wher. they were trolling, or
Wen m. (., h-r-i on Mount Ararat, a,.d h"vo tu.d h.m there was good
'nt.hmlp.-.dlvwid.hisexcursii.nanditroIHugiiruimdrt j-.mt ids.nt a half a
nl,,,, a larni:., . nl hid iiH mile up the shore, where they knew he
Ulll-1 .'"o r:' i n
I.. II.... ,,t Miiil-i.-
aji I '
f a wti k, the wav a
l.ike lied to our minis
1 ti II you, boss, it is a
y to have an Imagina
tion," uinl the.Liy put his olher knew , ulI1(,y (r to the heathen and forgot to
in the sling m.e!- by the clenched finger take a rece pt, lor it, though its barely
ban ! - i I rt.V-.lJor the groeery
of W;l
imtii r
"i V
V-".'' : ' -v.
isi. o. Arrm:v
ATTOKM-V ami lit Axr.t.Oll
Vt I .aw.
t 1h VU MIH. a I'l'af i r-i-k, lti"l.illn
m. ...... i, til win. m Si. li.'ni4 14.
j iti-r a. ml .! wiiii i..i.. tr. at"' ' , le would have to Ik-
1 .i, niilorw", I If in t a ar-in - n-1
!r I I i.-..i..M. o-nnmai..! a I tr ru'ium mi" j
villi ,n i. Ii.ru- an. i turn .' n nu t . rr
irar, I I.I. r. . rti vp ..-m. In Uni
111. .a- viantltl I" Itiv-at lia.l Ii-II-r ap, y
I If a II .i..
Ileal l-'-UI.. .. tea. fh-if Ii I liy.
i nti
will pri"T'P maiitiip nmn.i n. ..... .... n a ' t
a I a. Inil.l hil- .tl.in an I - niniv lV AM? USHIMS TAlKM-.
uit 1nin M..
Fiaa .'rwlry mail" I OMli-r.
Math Thuma. fit ita ami 11 1 buur
clorktanit allltam Mai lira, dry and
alrat wlnttrra vlih tlio liitrai hn.r..ir
Mcala, rlicaprr IIisii any i.Htrr luiiua In
town. N It knur III rupu'a I'm H urt!.
Ori ru, Mi. J.I. IVvl
Of all il"..'rl ll.iin. k- l t on liatul.
Cri;ilrln)! !onc nt Sl;urt ulirf.
rhrapi'll llnuaa In my lln In I'nrl'an.l.
y. r ai t u.
nrenn nr I, lHfen I'ak tt Mark.
Mcrcliant'H Excliango
MAIN NT., Oltl.C.ON ( I I V,
Ki paaunlatitljr na liaml lit. Ii nl nrnn
Ii lh. ( liy. HO p I., ami Irj lilt new
0T miliaria T11X3. t
AI.Ktl IMI'tllll'Kfl
Mllwaakla, (l.l.ajn anil llnra llrar.
JACK TltlMJIVi'll.
riopi lei or.
oh i'( .(3NT t rrv.
Tliis r.tvtiiih' oil 1 1..t vl !m u'-
licoii Hliltctl mid rciuni
llvorv tiling is liivt-clns?
lute i r r.nuril arnl Lmljiin.'
cxci'i'iliiiolv ri'ii-ionnlilo.
r. uml hi the freshet unlit idl the
miiU hti'.rve.l, , lal the aik bii'l sirui . i!
ii:ig-i:ii. !,i,i- .t a huh' in bt r l.o.toin. 1 1 tvt a lt ago?
i llv. u. we i nn ull congr.uulaie "t"- sad thing for a I
elves that Nutih luippened to blunder n
to that hr h groimtl. If that ark bad
liecu lift . ei her I y Winj fuundered. or
(...inif blotted mi hv '"tihms l-e-iU'-e
Nut h was nn I'imlM.mr-, it would hrve j
,.'t eol ( work 'tiv'uig t" 1'i'i i !' i 1
..1.1 1.. (1...I .... !l...r A.i-'lil fl tl
1. 1'. I' . . 11. I.'... ,'V .....
ninth, out of dirt;""'
and waler, and they might have gone
wrtuef again, and failed to ruUe a family
and where would we have Wen. I tell
von, when I think of the narrow crapes
we have had. it is n wonder to me that
we havf gut nl"ii;: is well as we have."
"Well, when did you get out ef the
a-'vlum," sj.id the grocery man, who had
been sfandiiiir back with open mouth
looking at the buy as tlioii-'h he was
crazy. "What you want is to have your
head soaked. You are peftiru ro you
r. n. h mil tun f ir uilll that Pillllll llliml I
of v..urs. In nWut nn other Ve,,r vou i gl W'h. (whom the Is.ys called, 'go
.. m! ... I.;- lit ......if 1 1 nn old bald.' and the Wars had a
II III 1. toil I'. I ill. ..I in "i ... ' ... - . i
don't think vou are reforming verv lunch on them,) got his plug hat, pa
much. It is w icked fur a l-v of vour , "aid school was dinnissed, and I could
;zetonr,.'U,M,g iinstNUfh things. Your When the minister w a telling me
full.- l.!...r K-ml von to Culle-e." !"t the gianl Elijah going up through
"What .In I want to C to college for, j the clouds in a chariot of lire, and I ask
, , , . , ' oil the minister what be thought Elijah
nml Ik' ii heartless haier, and poor banc ; , . , '
. .. . , i.i ' .K , I would have thought u ho had met our
ball I'laver. I can be bad enough nt , .... .
t niii'n ii"'. .....v......- .
women or rpe--u!aiion, anu a ehuic.
member aimed wi;ii these facts happen
ed to meet the defaulter, and said to him:
'It doesn't really seem to me that you
really meant to steal.'
'(lit, of course 1 didn't.'
'lint you are $13,000 abort and can't
ncc Hint for it?'
'No, I an't.'
'Weil, Unit's curious.'
'Yes, tsiwerful curious. The more I
think of it the more I WUevc 1 sent that
A society for the prevention of cruelty
to animals recommends the following
Mulch your newly planted fruit trees. 1 rule." lor the treatment of balky burses
It keeps uown weeds, ami t.y hoMinj: the
moisfurewiil prevent injury ironi drought.
Straw, of course, makes the beat mulch.
Coarse hay, leaves and saw duat are ail
from here
f)u( grocery
f if your j a
and have
n talk wmujuj. ..r iiut. I Ul wander
in;;," and the griK-eiyman went to the
ihsir and looked up ami down street to
see if somebody wouldn't come- in and
watch the era r.y boy, while be went to,
break fait.
''(), pa and the minister can't make a ;
first payment on me yet. l'a gets mad
w hen I ask him .ruestious, and the minis
ter thinks I am past redemption. Pa
said yesterday that bal hies was caused,
in t verv caw, by men' wearing plug
! hats, and when I asked him where the
possible that I gave it as a donation to
some orphan asylum. I wished the in
fernal m erv w as cleared m.'
Ijiurontt Chicago bto;er cleared it
up , by wl.is'ring ftuhiivs," anf the
alisem-mind'-d maiivi nt to ptin'ii per
fectly satisfied nt last as to where the
money went to. Wullist. News.
1. 1'at the horse upon the neck, examine
the harness carefully, first on one sido
and then on the other, speak encourag
ingly while lining so, then jump into tho
wagon and give he word go; generally
he w ill oWy. 2. A teamster in Maine
witex TocTTGiua.1. I avs be can start the worst balky horse
Cut grass v. hen in bloom and it will by taking him out of the shnits and mak
make more nutritive hav than if cut hit-1 mg him g round in a circle. If the first
er. The amount of water has diminish- i dance of this kind does not cure him, the
ed, and, therefore, shrinkage w ill W l.-ss. ' second w ill be sure to do it. 3. To cure
In lute cut hav the increased fibre makes a balky horse simply place your hand ov
1; more indigestible. er the horse's uuse and shut off the wind
j until he want to go; and then let him
tocacbo and cabbages. go. 4. The brains of horss it npi. ars
, It is now snested that a few tobacco ! seem to entertain but one idea at a time ;
plant cai. W grown advantageous! v am- i thus continued whipping only confirms
ong cabbage ; in fact, i.irmers w ho have his stubborn resolve. If you can by any
tried it insi.-t that a good crop of cabbage , means give him a new subject to think,
mav bs irrown in tliis wav. where not a ' of, you will have no trouble in starting
scund head has Wen seen for two or three him. A si mple remedy is to take a cou-
eorn K1LK.
pie of turns of stout tw ine around the fore
lc?, just below the knee, and tie in a bow
i knot. At the first check he will go danc-
A. ('. IMII.I'.Y
.'.f. If las'
m a nfitr, onnr.ut.T itousit.
Kraal.ar.rh Kv.i y Day. nll'HlMf
H'S, Wl.ll. IU CKI TS, l lll ltMa,
I'AII.M, k ..;. II tint i. I H,
III fact everything lu the t'tMiper line.
C ma anil it" on llir liver bank, rk nf
lh Mnaotilii Mull nii'liO'l-'
jAcon maim:..,
U aviso rtinriTA.or.il thr a hove
llrawrry.wlHlii'a to Inlnrin I he pntiUi'tlm
he la now iirepnretl to iiiiiiiiiliu-tiiro a Nn
iuaiitv or
a (omt Mfsn ha nlitninocl nnywliora m thn
siHia, tirili'r.aulliiili-il ami nriiinn'ly niif.i
w xsnr.v.
or lle.llenl I.nUo Vnter.
Parties wishing to obtain ti e WASIIKE
It I it 'El IT, can tin so by .-ndinir III on
with Ihrir naine nml poHtijIlire address to
j. M. lUtoN, Di'rgtm C'ity, t)r. iil'JU-lim
m Ml
borne. Tho more I rt'.ul the mare I
think. I don't Wlieve I can ever I e
gootl enough to go to heaven, anyway,
and I i;u-MS I will go into the newspaper
business, where they don't have to be
good, uml wheie they have passes every
where. Do you know, I think when I
was built they left out tl Cog wheal or
S'init'thitig in my head. I can't think
like some hoys. I get to tl-l iking about
Adam and Eve in the (.iarden of Eden,
tind of the thide with the cloven hoof
that flirted w ith Eve, and treated her ami
Adam to the dried apples, and I can't
think of thin ns somo Wys do, W illi a
lig leaf polonaise, and fig leaf vest. I
imagine them dressed up iu the latest
stvie. 1 kno it is wron.jr, 1ml that is
w hat a poor boy has to stiller w ho has
i ...... . i.i t .....
tin imagination, nun wuero tun t gei
the imagination? This, confounded im
agination of mine show s me Adam w ith
a plug hat on, just like our minister
wears, and a stand up collar and tight
pants, and peaked-toe shoes, and Eve
is pictured to mo wtth a crushed-angle-wonn-eoloretl
dress, ami brown striped
stocLlngs.iind newspapers in her dress t
niako it set out, and if hat with dande
lions on. and a red purasol, nml a lace
No. 01, Mftnint Ntrort, I'lirlliiml, Or.
iia i.r.:MTo v qt i vx,
Mr rtttrkcnalo A Qnlnn hnv niionetl n
tie I bur nt 01, Keen, nl at rent, niif tlnnr imr'ti
fl.li Piilitci' I lii-iil ri nm! will knii th" lual
of l.li.uom and CliJ.-rit, A ill c quiet pine" to
aslllu. ' ' S iir.!llir
Job Work done at this
U N K U T A K I'. K S .
.. nil t:.iaki.a uluiivanll till 11(1. 1,11" III
in., -ma onlslile Irlmnili UN, Tttti .l hki. lUoout
( ni-m nti'r urn Ii nrall ili acrlnl Inim rxooutr'tl
with iioitlnes Ifitl illsiHi't'lt. Hhn. ii.awlli'
I, in llaniiiin Hiiltion. over l'nllt-r A sun it
bliiekauiilli alrni). in'' -7.11
Probably Hade it lo.
In time gone by a wholesale nieretiant
in this city had tlie reputation of Wine
terribly bard on a debtor w ho met with
ill-luck, and it was erefore with a sad
heart that the Poiighkeepsie grocer, who
had Wen obliged to close his door, Bent
him won! and waited his comini;.
'I shall lake your house and lot, of
course,' said tlie creditor.
'Of course.'
'And vour horses?'
'Ami your wife's jewelry?'
t ertainly.
'And vour bov'B ponv?'
'And ami, look" here, sir; are you
hitling anything from me?'
'My dear sir,' replied the debtor, 1
want'to reserve my grandmother' tomb
stone. It has not been put up yet, and
itantls in the barn.'
'Want to reserve it, do you?' mused
the creditor. "Well, I'll see about it
I'll see if it will pay me to have it cut
down for the baby my daughter lost last
week '.'Wall St." New s.
A farmer who makss a great deal of .nig off; und alter going a ..liort ttisUncp
butter aks what sbal! W done with the! you can uet out aud remove the glrmg to
Bour milk. Feed it to turkeys, chickens prevent injury in your further drive. (
and pigs, or if you keep none of these, i " ul u ,
make it into coitago cheese t'l il "".
rcowixo. . . , , ... ...
American Cultivator: "A cre.it mnnv
fields, especially those long and narrow
nrj always tilou'cl the f.nm nv. sim
ply changing the direction of "working ! It is the manufacturing jeweler who is
will often make a great increase in pro-1 posted ou the beauties of silver service
d-.ietiveness. The furrow cut across the 'reform.
..i.i i;...,.. ..c c........ : . i i... . ! a i
same stones, whihwiew soil is om-ned to I !t ''at b""T'S -W,ih th.e 1,,,0t u
a j glliuil Ol n uuirn'iii uui.iui-r inn u. ctti.
t are worn uv some oeues.
A popular and appropriate spring dish
-Frogs' legs.
the grow th of plant roots."
Ma limi. lfa.1 T?i.-utl vt liiTintir viull'tiil
As soon n the early crop of potatoes , dr,.us recentlv nm showed their mad
has been harvested you may plant sun- i n(sij bv tlr:nkil'is K.IIU,;KK..
tlowers. nit the seeds m twelve inches
apart each way and when thev are a Fair ha some of the qualities which
foot high er.rth them up and they w ill ; made Tabor eminent, but hicks hi
need no further care. Ii you keep Wes i charming freshness,
the h!iKsoms will la' vnhmMe. while the :
seeds are excellent for poultry aud are! The man who blows out the gas upon
iu demand for making toilet soap.
retiring is father to tuj ooy . u
ignite his cigarette by touching it too n
electric light.
down throiiuh the cloud on a bicycle, he
put his hand on my head and said my li
er was all w rong. Now, I will leave it
t If tl,,. ..-.iu i.tAi'llifniT min.. nhotlt
V w . . . . -! 1 1 ....ll.A.v ai.t-tl.ui.r llu.t tu thrown to
that. Say, do you know what I think j "Y,. . ,,,?,:,.;, iwle eo out on
i.. i.. .1... . . . . . .
Thev bavj a gre:t deal of fun on the
coast of Florida, w ith sharks. A shark
most beautiful thing in the
is the
No, I don't," said the groceryman,
"and if you want to tell it I w ill listen
jlist live minutes, and then I am going
to shut up the store and go to bretikfast.
You make me tired."
"Well, I think the finest thing i that
story about the prodigal on, w here tho
b y ttsik all the money he- jMiild scrape
up uml went out west to paint the towns
r.-d. He spent his money Iri riotous liv-
armed with small alarm
. . . - ... i. .o i
elocKS, niHiiu ns nig as a case oau, umt
throw them to the sharks which sport
about the boat looking for something to
eat. The shark wallows the alarm
clock w hich is set to go off a few minutes
later. Pretty soon the nlarmntrikes and
ns it gets in its work, the shark Wgins
to flounder around, looking scared, trying
to throw up tho clock, nml as ho turn
pale and says his 'now I lay me,' nil the
time jumping out of tho water and Wg
ging to be forgiven, the people on the
boat lauuh until their sub's ache. U is
rough on the shark at first, but we nn
ing and sjiw everytbi-.tr, that was C""g derstaml some of the ahark get to like
on, and he got full of l.-) ine, and struck i it, nml many have known to Hop "out on
all the uaiiL'S of toughs', 1-lh uial mid I the shore and go to a jewelry store and
, i . i nsk lor a kev to wuni up tne cicvk uiai
female, nnd his . .ituuh went back oil ,., Tlli, ,,. . ' ,, .,,,. iik.
him, mid ha had mulari.i, and finally ho . t;sn 8tory, but we got it froin a w itness in
the slur route trial, anu it ought to ue
true. PiH'k'sSun.
got to be a cow-buy, l-erdirg bigs, and
had to eat hilsks thai tho hogs didn't
wind, nnl to: pretty low down. Then
he thought it a pretty good scheme to bo
getting around home, Where they had
three meals a day, and spring inntrossos,
mid he startetl home, beating his way on
oils on, unit u reu iiito.Kui, .,uu w.ii i
,, , - , ,. i i ... the trams, nml ho didn t know wl
landkercluef, which she puts to i er hps .
, . , ., , to , ,i ., , i, the iU man would receive him
ml win ,h wi.h her left eve to themasli- ,
A canning factory is Wing built at
Wnverlv, Ohio. They are contracUng
with farmer to pnv iu the proper seas
on 3 50 per ton for corn, S 50 per ton
for Burnishes. 85 cents per bushel for cu-
cucumbers nud 23 cents per bushel for
Notice is hereby given that there will be
held ii public exi'iiiiinaiion of i,pplicaiitn
for leitcheis ecitilieules, ill ( lacluiimis
Co., on Friday and Salurtlny, June ll'.Mh,
and IHIlh, 18kl nt thu court, houso in
Oregon City. t't'inis liAinn
Pupl, Clackamn Co.,
er who is afuudiug by tho comer ol the
house, In an iitlidude, wliilo tho tail
with the dart on tlm end is wound around
tho rain water barrel, so Eve won't see
if uml gel seared. S.iy, don't you thinlc
it Is better fur u hoy to think of our first
parents with dollies on, then to think of
them almost, naked, exposed to the in-
cieinency of tho weather, with nothing
but fig leaves pinned on? I want to do
right ns near as I ecu, but 1 had rather
think of them dressed like our folks me,
to-tluy, than to think of them in a cyclone
with leaves for wearing uppurel. Say, it
is w rong to light, but dou't yon think if
Adam had put on a pair of boxing gloves
whether i tomatoes.
nruis or pointed Ixiots, but the old man
came down to the depot to meet bun,
and right before the conductor, brake
men and tho passengers, ho wmin't
ashamed of his boy, though he was rag
ged, and he looked ns though he had
been on the war path, and the old man
fell on his neck and wept, and took him
in his hack and had n veal pot for dinner
That's what I call sense
men now adays w ould havo ordered hhn
out of town. What, you going to close
up store? Well, I will see you later.
I want to talk to vou about tomethiiig
that is weighing on my mind," nml the
list in time to save ins coat
The most pitiful case of insanity on
record is that of a Vermont man who
constantly thinks that somebody is about
To keep peach trees healthy it is nec
essary to guard against overWnring. If
the tree have not Wen well thinned aim
pruiieu in eany spring, go over them t0 ,ake UJ( a t.une(.t.;oll,
n iteii toe nun is nan rowit, anu u rois
tered too thickly pull oil" inferior speci
mens. If weakened by overWaring they
fall an easy prey to disease.
sotayios op citor.
A bee often meets with reverse, but
as a rule he is often successful in the
A man in Rochester ha such a crack
ed voice that he rarely says anything
without breaking hi word.
Western grain irrowers, gavs an ex
change, persist in planting corn after!
corn. Tlie result is that they have bred !
a worn w nich t uts the roots and which !
lives in the ground from vear to vear. As i
i, iu ,.u. ,m.rt-,.turl' ltd OT idtt.n.. il..l.Alli In !
on having com planted on the same field i A California mnu choked himself to
in succession, lio.nl husbandry, which j death with a tape measure. The coroner
demands rotation of crop, will 'therefore j verdict was that he died by inches.
What might be consided an appro
priate response to an oculist w ho call
his attendant ? Aye, Aye, sir!
rid farmers of this jH'st.
A good horse power on a farm will
each year save in any times the interest
on its' cost in furnishing power to do n
great many things that would otherwise
have to be performed by hand, such as
sawing wood, cutting feed, grinding
grain, ite. ; and with proper care it could
bo made to last for years.
A correspondent, of tho London Gar
dener' Chronicle objects, with excellent
reasons, to digging among strawWrrit s
A gotxl many early in mo season ; ins practice is to give
me lieu ll j;iaui tui iiicvuis v. Mv-iiiiru
immure iu autumn, uml in Fining place a
lit tie spent tHiibiii k uroliud eiwtk plant
to keep tho fruit clean.
Most farmers, say a writer, maintain
their garden spot too hmg in one place
fur profit. In city or village lots rotation
is not possible; Cut with the farmer it is.
He should lose no time in getting hi old
garden seeded, and this year or next
plow up a clover sod and mauuro it heav
ily for a garden spot. 1'nless the clover
is' the main sod it is not safe to put gar
den crops on it the first year niter plow
When mixed with hay and other dry
feed, parsnip are valuable for horses
and cows, the feeding Wing commenced
gradually, ub with root generally. They
possess nn important advantage over oth
er roots, in that tho crop may be safely
ieft in the ground nil winter, as freezing
doe not injure them when thev thaw
out in the ground, mid thus the InKtr of
late nutuinu harvesting is avoule I. thev
arc easily ring in spring bv ploughing ;a
furrow close to the row nnunwny from it,
and l ulling them out by hand n few
bushel being taken out at a tune as they
nro needed. A quarter of an acre yield
ed 100 bushels last year on our ground,
or 400 bushels per acre, notwithstanding
the extraordinary drought. As the tops
start to grow iu soring they uro rapidly
cut oir with sharp hoes, mid thus the
root are kept for feeding for several
An English gardener announce eight
plants from a recent cross curious ll not
iisetul ol guosetierrv and UincK. currant
bov got out i
tail Irom being caught in tho door.
...I .1 - ......... 1,,0, l.n, tl,.. f.,il,nt uf .ill ilitfnil.llt 111- M li t.O'U
, , ...... .., .. 1 win ii iiiu i: iniiiiniii lump .'ii, i i...... .ti. ..,...... .... . . ..... ..... ...,.u.v.k.
When lie i.iunil the tievu was getting ioo; , , , . m troti "fhi bv the flowers are more like those of
frchh iihout Iho place, nud knocked him fc(oro till further notice. the gooseberry; the anthers fully formed
out in B coiioU of rouuds, ami ban:tf iiiwiu-r." 1 Wr tho pollen detective.,
Tho plant should be drawn from tho
bed, one nt a time, and carefully placed
in baskets or in the body of a wngon for
removal to the field nsstioii iiftern rain ns
the soil will admit of stirring. New
V,u ll.ol lrtl.li. Qiilfivon iu L-nt.vlitA.I
we shall expect no more musical ooka
from him, fur the good book tell u that
when tho knight cometh, no man cnu
A new paper in New York is called the
Lamb. The proprietors will probably
have a hard time to keep the wolf from
the door.
Manv people who changed their place
of residence on the 1st of the month havo
already discovered that they May day
The Grecian authoritiet now exclude
Americian pork. Greece without ixirk
must he almost as bad a pork without
People who think themselves smart
go nbout asking questions like this:
"Can a rope walk?'' We say yes when,
it is taut.
Pr. Potter, of New York, lament
"the decay of enthusiasm." He should
watch the small boy on the morning of
the circus. '
A correspondent of the Until Time
ow ns a barefooted horse w hich has not
been shod iu nine years. The hoofs are
toiiuli and smooth," and the animal has
never stumbled or met with an accident.
Some of the advantage lire : Saving on.
blacksmith bill, no wearing out of tho.
stable Hours by stamping; no lameness
from defective shuing; no bulking or
calking in mow.
Drained Jnml dries out so goon after
rain that labor is detained but Hide, ami
Bcetl iu such condition never rots in wa
ter soaked soil. It will also stand tho
.1..,. i. i i.- t
, , , . . . i- . ,.-, louuuiu. uciu-i. r.M-ii mu ttiiift otioii-
grouim may oe p.aui. u o .ei .. e . iua Hl.rvmlt hmwr ,,, llo,U.t,d Umt ,
ruin, but old should not, lest it cake a- .j u; , d b k , .
romid the plant when dry .ind n o it. , j d , d X
Ait expert mail can transptan u o , h , f , , , 5 ;
v 4:m lH,r,d,Vv' f he ,hnf " 0 4 ' t ir' ,v, I become like adoW brick-,
'Stoop and pdn.it a , wholi; davs lhc lcaveir ,
t - - . vw
k -
- V