Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1871-188?, October 24, 1878, Image 4

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3)t (ntcrpnsc.
The principal thing to thank God foi
ls that the Oregou Legislature ha3 ad
journed; and adjourns, leaving most of
the important corrective IcgiVation
called for bv tbo people lost ia the ob
structive chaos of the lobby; notwith
standing the apparent contradiction of
our reasons for congratulation, we offer
thanks because it was pitiable to see
meritable legislation longer buffeted
betweeen the foils of the sharpers.
There is scarcely a member bat that
ought to bo spanked by bis conslitn-
ency, because a better assessment law
wa? not enacted, but between the ira-
piacticables who desired to lax every
thing without deduction for indebted
ness and the seosibles who wished ihor
ongh taxation and a rigorous inqnisi
tion "as to who the thiugs beloog to,'
was inserted the craftv, i.isidious de
signing element in the employ of con
centrated capital, who want the present
law perpetuated, so as to shield them as
heretofore, and he whole si rue tire falls
to the ground ia confusion, leaving the
old order of Ihiogs to subsist for two
years longer. So, too, a Deeued lefoi m
wasdemnmled by every consideration
of public welfare in tho Pilotage Laws
in force on the Columbia river; but old
Flavel, of Astoria, had his faDgs so
fastened in the commerce of (he Stafe
that the prayers and importuuHies of
the boards of ii.'de, ns well as the coca
mercial lights in all Oregon, were with
out avail, and Flavel and his roooopo
list and esacfiog ways will coatioae ns
an evil-eyed "old man of the sea" for
another ca. TheLegislafn.econld Dot
riso above (he allurements of persoonl
interest to enact legislation ii tho cou
fessed interest of the whola State, and
fo our commercial status vill eotrliaue
to be impaired.
Tie soncenlraf ion of c:Dial was so
prreat that a till for the legnlatioa of
fares and freights to a reasonable maxi
mnm never bad any chance f'otn the
beginning, and so the people of EasJ
ern Oregon will continue to be exacted
from. Tbey sent a delegation of nin
compoops (with the exception of
"Wright) who wet e easily guMed
in O. S. N. Co. grooves, and
we have no farther solicitude for a com
munity who williiglv fnbmit to the
yoke and send fawning sjcophaots to
lepresent them.
The Legislature has consented to a
farther lobbsvy of the School Fond bv
failing to restvicf. tb Can eml Looks
company to a uniform raU of toll. The
ten per cent, gi tss tine to the School
Fund, amounts to Dolbiag, as the com
pany pass their own f 'eights f -ee. We
pointed this out and its con-octive, bat
byinr.ction the swindle is sanctioned
and the old order of thiols contiare.
The LegisTat ure has sanctioned poach
ing of foreig.i iDonev-Iouners, who skim
large interest exactions from tho State
and p.ry uolbin? for the privi'ee.
They bnve show a a vcy tender reg rd
for tho best i ite-os's of the c. oii.rtl-its
of Europe, l.!t tho Munoe of it is uot
with the foreigners.
Much morj of wroDgs rnrTghted
might bo recapitulated, but we (nrn
from the dark side of the picture to its
obverse, to view that which the Legis
lature muv reason ibly bo congratulated
for. Tiro count is b :ef: They eopcied
a la7 vitiog snflicient t;x mi the boats
and re's to ho employed iu the salmon
catch to enst In tbepmp gvt'on works,
whereby it may le s ifely ;.ssn-)ed that
the iudstiy may be :i petnated.
They ulso chafed the twenty years
within which time vibt of aciii.u for
the recovery of real estsic deiei toiiies.
totenyejrs. Tfc cnts oil tea tars of
burrowing aod uosj lg around ihrouirh i
peccadillo faults or tiile for the legal!
gentry, for which the special llianks of )
every one else is unqualifiedly due, and !
will be generously given.
So far as we are advised this is nil of
general and far-reaching iutcest that
the Legislature has to be congtaf abated
for, and as the mournful concourse, of
incipient, full-fledged, and have-beou !
statesmen wend their wav iu funereal-
train out into tVie realms of oblivion,
lit us drop a few briny tears over them,
either because they were at all, or are.
Some of the newspaper fraternity
inspired by the coin of the landated,
are endeavoring to hoist some of the
legislative lights to this apes of fame
by liberal puffing. The Stanuvrd thus
attemps to elevate John Ileury Smith,
of Linn county, but the cold clo7s of
the valley being such ;insens.i!e c'av,"
won't stay fixed nn the lof' v pedestal of
the Slo.ulrrd's empyrean imagination.
John Henry miv be loity in sfalnro. and
from his great hiiht may be able to
sweep cobwebs ont oT the sky, but no
ranting, vapid, egoiislle aud overgrown
blunderbuss en claim acqua;Dtance
with the various Gods on t'-at account.
The only thing Jehu Henry did to make
him singularly conspicuous wastoba the
only one to vote against the Portland
Bridge frrwcbi.se, an act demanded by
every con-ideratioa of public intciest,
and only one motive to be thought of
for opposition to it. Linn county
hasn't got an eminect rtan, either pres
ent or rrospe?tir3, in John Hen
rv. His
pertinacious fight forFlave! to eoniinno
to oppress the farmers by Lis unjust
charges for bar pilotage is another in-
stance wbere thia eminent Granger was
found in the enemy's camp. Hias cul -
John Henry.
- . ,
The Pi ice of Wheat and Other Mat
ters Affecting its Value.
For two seasons previous to this,
owing to very high prices prevailing
far wheat in the fall, the volume of the
crop naa, as eany as mis ttato, aireauy
been sokl iy n.e larmers, out ttie oruer .
is reversed this year, and in conse- j i
quenceoflow prices, hardly a modi-
cum of the crop has yet been disposed o
of. If the farmers are holding in the
iuuienu u.m lM'ft-s m jetriw u "sta'n0" us in the face." We, there
tho level of tho two former years, we fore hve m compunctions to mantle
imnK mey are grasping xor mem
sioiiny, wiiu ine protamines un
against them. Wheat is nnprecedently
low in Europe, and yet in the face of
values lower than ordinary for years,
prices declined fully one shilling per
quarter last week, compelling the Fort-
land buyer to recede from S1.5i to
31.50 per cental. It would not seem as
if it could decline farther ia Europe,
but there is a factor ia our midst that
might easily compel a deduction in the
Fortland offer for wheat. It is the item
of ship's f eight from Portland to Liv
erpool, which just now, owing to a
stress of numbers of unchartered ves
sels ia port, is reduced to the excessive
low ratu of tea dollars ner ton. Now
when the few ia competition for imme
diale loading have chattel ed, it is very
natn'-al to conclude that an advance in
freight-rates will ensue. With the
Liveipool maiket stationary for wheat.
whatever advance there is, must be de
ducted J torn the farmer, and lessen the
offer for his grain. This is a plain and
undeniable reposition. Now the old
est man in the couolrv can not see fur
ther into the 'a;ni roa'ket th..n a tyro
It fluctuates and turns beyond the in-
teveatioa of hamaa agencies. Tbiogs
unseen might happen to double the
value of wheat in tea d.tvs: or within
the same time, to farther depress it,
and no man in Oiegon, or in the world,
can tell in one day wbt tbo next will
briogfoilh except by the guidance of
tho " avsrjge;" so that lh9 hue and cy
sec up by r. few crazed imbeciles that a
ling of operators bave depressed the
market," which is often heard in Ore
gon. is but the blatant mouthing of an
lonorjmrts. Probabilities ottea get
knocked ou the head by facts, aud who
ever withholds his wbcat whea he 5s
ready to sell, pod sbonhl bell ia older
to meet his just dues, from that mo
meot is a speculate-, and must ;aka his
chances wbea he has to sell like a man,
and not ' o blubbering that an "infernal
wheat ling has come'ed the ma'ket,
and swindled me," when he sells. Now
it is not our piovioce to advise our
reuuers. v e uave c vea iuem a square
1 . TTT 1
statement of tbo ma-ket situation, with
the one thing loouiiog up that miorht
depress prices. It mar not ensue, hut
if t, -rr, - v; , ,1 ,
JUJl 11 Vi-egoa laimet Uoes WllU
ins piopen v: noia out migutilv lor a
fair fi eight-'ate. Ten dollars iier ton
; n.iMn..i. r
.uul u J" uai a
Joad, co 'snming a whole jear in the
vonmHo'0'.o. Wbe.t is low: too low
in : . ,
the farmer who designs the subjugation
o? other t-acls, v.boso ambition leads
b;m f.oio co ique'ing to cooquest of
fresh Jields iod pastures rew. We
wouhl ratlfer see wheat 1 wo dollais per
bn&hei tbaa one, bet "what, it is. the
world's ina ket makes it. The world's
harvests gauge it. and it euiin.it stand
an isolated" ecepJauce, higher IhMi the
level of tho world's b-ead-etuffs' value.
We dr not advice to Felt or bold, but
wo hove only wilten thus much to say
that Solomon in all h's glcy would sit
dowa iu sack-cfolh and ashes, aud howl
i-i icexob'cablo ariguish if commanded
to gauge the present roa. Let fr a week,
wiih the jssq-j of liTo or death, and
seven hundred v ivesor widows impend
io the coc ect J e-ly. Sic !,-: yfn. ia
in Co'ismJn.1.
Biliish Colambia i.? in t'oe tl.'re.-i ."f
rep -e.sc nta'ive
Tlie:n r
hera ihe cdimry
seems uppeimopf, '
.iorcams cf tbo e.t'-'io",
)oli'".:d mstiucfc
1 althongu the
- intcrmin-
''( wi'.h tbo sLout3 oc tho fray,
?, i corhia diMifg'ntsliiiig featu-cs
v'-ih lr.ukes their election, recoguiza-
bio as owe own. Tho eashere, the sal
vati6n and hope of immortality of the
country depends oa who shall get the
miaor offices, and the O2posilion man is
generally a swindler, liar and thief.
That is always the case here, aud we
don't see why this common boud of
sentiment is not a sufficient ligature to
biod them m fraternal accord with the
United States. It heralds the approach
of the coming event when the shadowy
line that divides ns shall fade out like
tho aurora borealis, and make of our
destiny, a common lot. All that we
need to make the transfiguration com
plete is to import an Orange society :
of St. Patrick we have a gorge; and
tho beautiful "divarsions" they gener
ally get up ia Canada is all we lack to
make us one and iudivisible. Go on
with your contests. Sir John ilcDon
ald is the nenry Clay of Canada, and
wo hope to see him tho elect from the
Victoria district, as his poroinence in
the new Dominion Parliament will in
sure for his constituents, a measure of
importance they could never hope to
obtain from a star of minor magnitude.
With Sir John as the Piemier, the
Canadian Pacific railwav will no-ain f.iliA
' a step forward, and a realization of (he
j wishes of British Colambia be brought
i about. Get everything done in order
I before the era of annexation: we
I waut everything in good condition.
Retraction all Over.
The Libel Law lias passed, as we un
derstand, but just wnat its provisions
are, as amended, we have been unable i
to ascertain. While thus in suspense
it wmild be mettv trood tactics to rub
&n f oU det.jal.fttioos against
neiollbo,3. dress in line, and
.. . fA -n f or b c Grand review. It
uncomfortable to hate
liaU.dczcnliljci su-;t3 Qa hand, with
peniteotiaryf as Scoll remarked,
tL(J sujn;ng aml perspicacious face of
... nnil ,,,nUt. IHe Aaano as and
- - - j x '
Sapphira, Unit Scolt is u gentlcmin ot
linlile vpiaei'. v aud unrijrut-
ness, aud itis a mistake that he is a cat's
paw for the N. P. and O. ir. N. Cos.,
who have villainous designs aga- jst the
State of Oregon.
We retract lor having snggesled
that Tony was suspiciously blind while
using the ya-d-stickover Browa'sp' lut
ing, lie was but obey'ng the natural
precept, "With what mcto ye measu ee,
it shall be meted out to you, "and he then
expected to follow in the footsteps of
his illustrious predecessor.
We recall the intimation that Mart.
Brown has Etolen auvth'og. K-eathes
there a man with soul so dead, who raps
the "pubs." foe what ihey'vo bled, and
taken home from public c ib? A soul
so white and full of rage woul 1 su ely
not his actions gauge by like wiuds on
his jib.
Ve apologize to Irebnd for r-U we
have said agaiost the port of Astoria,
and wheat worth as much (or more)
there as it is in San Frauciseo; thellog's
Back. too. is a veritable obstruction
to navigation, aud ships canuot possi
bly get above it.
We prosliale ourselves before Gro
ver: we bave called him a liar, a pol
troon, an elTemiDate hermphroiiife; all
of which is susce!iblo of proof; and
his despicable efi'o' t to Nieal an electoral
vote in Oiegon, as well as comj'lic'iy
ia the thefts of his administ ra! ion.
makes of b'Oi so mal-odorous a charac
ter that even Democrats are ashamed of
him, and without adding a liM thei load
to his gui'ly conscience, we leave h'iu
like the roi lea mackerel of Job iBau
dolph, of Vi'gioia, to foster in h:s ovvi
putrescence. Thus havitg tvpn r,..ied
ourselves, wo now call MustMy i"o.i'
iDquisitioa of tho new libel v, an 1
letitjaoki'D oLher guilty edi 3 by
the scoo, ard viait condign pu lishmeit
upon Ibecn al1
It Costs onev."
u;1ti- e nn
.A. V V J I T .llV.IIV V Itll . I l t 4 Oil
vessel of ordinary size, such as visit
Portland, is from to frlOO, not reck
omnS lue lnie,usl on 113 vauie, wiuen
i wm amouai to ntviriv as mucn more
vovnw mnlrnnt Jind lnh. M.fvo Imi.llA
Un harbor must be retained, paid and
Me(l iust as if tho vessel were ou the
American vessels wiitcii line
idle, but little more th in tho decay of
the vessel and the interest on her value
or tins reason Luglisb vessel.- fre
I quently take charters at less than stand
price Df wLeat biche.- in
1 t v ' , it ik. . 11 10 . - .1 uau Atir ;.i 11117
I than European ptices justiiy.'
o J
The qp'll-driver who composed this
astounding n.iruJivo Mas not power
fully illotniaated by tho light of iea
son or truthfulness, lilnndei busses of
this kiitd, who f;o off hn'f-cocted, as
tho result of their i!n fledged moral iz
ing, are only celeh-a'ed ii speadiog
abroad a vast anoant o' mis ijforma
tion, which but few ao in a position to
It ib true that most' vesse's arriving
here from abroad have crews eu,aged
for the rooad voyage, but the sei vice
papers arc so drawn that the sailor can
not get his wages uotil Le termination
of the voyage, except a .ery small al
lowance. Tho vefy li'i'e pay he is
tinder contract to receive (generally
!: U:r n twelve dolla's per mouth)
powerfully calicos him to desert oa nr
jiving ii port, in order to belter his
condif'on, by hiring at the better
wap.es p evailiag here; and ho coase
qiie diy forfeits all tho accrued wagce
dne h'lin up to tbe date of his desertion.
F"-n t his c.'csc, it is safe to srv, lhat
t'jo fo e;ga vessels at anchor i a Port-
lord In! oor, await'Qg cha' er, a'o but
hijlf lua.'joed, with fiilors at twleve dol
lais or less per n?oi-th. A fa1! o.ew for
a Iwo ibousaad lon ship willDottxccad
twenty-four persons, tho wage-list will
not aggregate twenty dollars per day,
and the Lard-fack diet allotted tbe sea
men will not add five .dollars per day
for ltie prodsio-jiog of tlie crew; so
that fully manned, a large ship's outgo
is not ia excess of twenty-five dollars
per day; butlvingin port as the are,
but half or quarter manned, it is pretty
safe to assume that more ofjlien aieat
an espouse of less tu rn tiftee.i dollars
per day. Less drawing; of the long
bow, brethren of the qni'l.
The annual report of the president
and directors of tho Northern Pacific
Krailroad compaoy states that during
the year ending August 31st the com
pany sold acres of land, for
which $3,413,027 was realized, which
w&s at tbe rate of over $4.00 per acre;
GGO,010 acres cf land were Bold iu Da
kota, where tbe company reoeived from
tho Government at tbe rate of 23,000
acres per mile, which at the rate of
4.50, would be 3115,200 a mile; suffi
cient to build four miles of road, and
the receipts f.ioui the sale3 of land dur
ing the past year, which was only tbe
subsidy for the 29 miles, was amply
sufficient to build 110 miles of any sec
tion of the road between Daluth and
Slate Land Matters.
The committee appointed to investi
gate "State Land Matters" made a par
tial report on Friday morning, giving
some of the facts and conclusions ns
touching the management of this busi
ness by the Slate Board, upon tberead
ing of which the two houses pissed a
resolution directing the committee to
make futher investigation, i id uliag
the other State officials as well. The
following is but a brief summary of
the findings of the committee:
They examined Filch books and files as
were turned over to them, butconld not
find in them intelligible an account of
the affairs of the State land department.
The journal of proceedings of the board
is not made up uml signed since Aug.
1th. 1871: all since are scraps of paper,
jeld together by an india-rubber band
purporting to contain iniiiuius siui-e
that time. Thev consist of brief aud some-I
ii'ies unintelligible memoranda, and
no person ignorant of the affairs of the
boa'-d could construct a complete rec
ord from them. They contain the only
account of important business, and
yet ao not officially sigued. Since the
passage of the swamp land net exrrava
gent sums have been paid for clerical
services. Mr. Cann has received $1,
800 a year salary from the board. Dur
ing the first four years AJr. iJeiscb-
maa received a similar salary, and
drew at one time 6-4o5, and at anoUier
$ir0, as corresponding secretary of the
LaGrand office. During tho last four
years Mr. Ilackleman Las drawn G,i-.)0
from the board for work that he could
have done in CO days, and also at the
same time drew a full salary from the
treasurv department. The LaGrand
office has cost about 3-1 per ceDt. of the
receipts, not including sums paid for it
iu Salem.
July, 1871, Jesse Applegato paid 81,-
8o0 as 20 per cent on swamp lands; it
is stated that was returned, not
to him, but S. F. Chad wick, ami we d
not leara that he was authorized, so u
act for Mr. Applegato, and Chadwiok's
receipt is for :-l,bu0 instead of SJ,;.1.
Amos N. Ktug paid in Sept. Ji, lbil,
SI, 1)00, ttiis money is said to havt;
. r .
- . . - ' -
1. T . - "... .
to havo been borrowed by Mr. Ci)ad
wick. we found Lis not therefor
among tho papers. Since we l)en.i:i
our labor ho has paid thi a tuo nut,
without, intorest, into tho trtasary.
James Clark testified that in" May,
'74 or '75, he paid Cann, in Chadwick'u
presence, $21 for swamp land in Grant
county, taking receipt. There is a
memorandum in Clark's filling of this
payment, but no entry iu Cauu's books
of it.
n?ong expenditures of board are
largo entries for attorney's foes; Las
well, district attorney wus paid 'j2o lor
a foreclosure, teu per cent for collec
tion, while the law allows him but $25.
S. C. Simpson received $1,024 84 for
foreclosure of a mortgage against A.
Myers, aud II. II. Gilfry .shared larg
ely in such dividends. We found one
instance where the board allowed al
most 20 per cent fee. Most culpablo of
suc-h allowances are to Secretary Chad
wick for attorney's fees, one for $200
for services iu swamp land matters,
the order for the allowance being sigu
ed bv Gov. Chadwick.
Kt-ferritig to the $30,000 receipt
given R. Til. Walker for money never
paid on swamps lands, the committee
reply to the claim of Chadwick that
this amount represented what the total
was that had beeu paid iu by those who
Lad tiled and then assigned to Walker,
by showing that the total paid in at
thatdato was $20,450 41, and recapitu
late to show that "nearly tho who e of
it was paid in by persons whom Walker
did not, and did not claim to repre
sent." Tlie report expresses doubt if a
single doller was aid in on these til
ings. "This presents a transaction
which in the opinion of your commit
tee, is wholly without palliation or
excuse," and they add; "calculated to
enable any person having them, if so
disposed, to defraud any person deal
ing upon the faith cf them."
The committee has only had time to
examine swamp land matters, but say
that "the manner of keeping the books
and transcting the busiuess has been
such as to give opportunity for every
kind of abuse." They conclude, from
what they havo seen, that "great ex
travagance has been permitted in con
nection with all these matters," though
it is not impossible that facts may de
volope to palliate or to excuse many
transactions that now appear censur
able. They recommend a thoroug i aud
completo investigation, and the report
is signed by S. G. Thompson and John
E. lloss of the senate, and Wm. Galla
way, D. P. Thompson and J. S. White,
of the house, of all the committee.
Mr. J. A. Stratton, clerk of the
committee, reports. He summarizes
the amou tits received by Col. Cann,
clerk of tho board of school land com
missioners and the amounts paid out
by him as follows:
Total receipts taken from the books....?.!) 231 (!
Also, further amounts dejiosited liiii-jx xn
Aiauuijra total or receipts fo(i,!l.3!) 91
. -uiw i o .i.nn-r s receipts u,.iss JS
Knnvr receipts 23,915 01 $ 14,013 30
.iukmi a. oiirerence ol f 1'' 3IS OS
Or, if t he ?H,i)28 S item be wrong, of. .....o,(il7 20
no describes a large ntiml)3r of pi
pers Mr. Cann pointed to us vouch
ers, that turned out to be snnnlv bills:
some of them showiug no evidence of
uaving been paid. All these havo been
credited in tho foregoing account,
which could be reasonably construed
into being a receipt for money.
Tl;o clerk does not vouch that the
abovo is a correct statement of the
swamp land commissioacrs accounts
does not th'iDk any correct statement
can he made up from the books. Vol
umes "A and li, which seems to have
been the only account books kept, are
full of erasures and interlinations."
Some entries are crossed out, and yet
the figures thef state are added up
with the resl. Others so marked are
not included. It cannot be determined
from inspection whether some entries
are charges or mere memoranda
The clerk thinks the original papers
and tiles will have to be depended ou,
and such other evidence of money pay
ments as may be attainable, involving
an extensive correspondence, which of
course he could not do with tho lime
at the disposal
Of the one hundred and ten mil
lions of imports into China during the
past year tho fraction cf a Iiit!o more
than a rollion aDd a half oniy fell to
theidiare of the United States. Ami
yofc fifty four years aero our trado
amounted to four and a half millions.
Sfato Xeivs.
Fm e is $5 between Coos bay and San
X. N. Stevens has been elected State
The gross value of the taxable pro
perty in Umatilla conuly is 2.203,172;
indebtedness, Lu7,2in.
Tom DeWitt, a colored barber of Al
bany, has fallen heir to 31,000 by the
death of a relative iu the South.
Wm. Phillips, engineer ou a pile
driver at Portland, was drowned last
Saturday night while drunk and trying
to get on board the scow.
Jackson county wool growers,
through their agent, Alex Martin, last
week sold about 50,000 pounds of wool
at ltoseburg for 10 cents jer pound.
John B. DeGnire, a Marion countyr
charge, committed suicide in the poor
house on Thursday. He was an old
man. and tho act was caused by
. '
A. O. White ot Wilderville, Lake
cour.tv caught a fawn last week that
had only iie foot, and one leg was oft
at the hock joint, and the other two
legs were covered something liko a lib-
James C. Corum and John M. Cum
mons had a row at little Butte in Jack
son county last week, which resulted in
tho former shooting the latter through
the fleshy part of the right leg.
Tho body of an unknown man was
found a short distance from Ilarrisburg
one day last week, in a straw-stack
which had been lately burned. The
charred remains presented a ghastly
appearance when discovered. Who the
man was, or how be came to be in s ch
a condition, as yet remains a mystery.
Poseburg Ph inden?e : Joseph Per
ry assaulted and severely beat a man
at En. pi ro last week. Berry eluded
pursuit i1 id went to Coaledo, at which
pl:'.: La gv.t into and altercation with
ihe "wroa;; f. Her," and Berry came out
rccotid h,:i I w i'.h a fatal cut in the ab-
7tr,'d ;.';('',- savo that i in pro ve
leoni s o,
il! kinds arc going on at The
It says:: On every side of us
i i e noisy clink of tbe hammers
1 m -s . w-. 1 1 n-1 I ? ia m inn or nil r 1 1 v .
' . . . i c- i -v I rt n it l fti, 1 111 hf PVl: 111 ffS
i. cnlicfnTit'.'il imiirnvfnifnr flTlii 1 l'OS
perily. Thero is no town to-day in the
state' of Oregon which presents so many
evidences of advancement as the The
J. Olsen. formcily a watchmaker in
.Astoria has skipped out, leaving sun
dry creditors in tho lurch. Ho left
some time ago to lay in a stock of jew
elry, since when nothing has been
heard from him. Tho balance of his
good3 have bevn attached.
Herbert, a blight little fellow of four
years, son of Copt. J. W. D, Gray of
Astoria, was drowned at that place on
last Thursda; aflvvnoon.
Portland JlaiLe).
T.oril trr-.'o"-:- OD'i huyinpr. !!) 4 wiling.
I'l.H.r : ' i.'.. $" 10; superfine, $1 15.
Wh - iit-Ji Vi $ cental.
O il s-r nie. hi.shel, sacked.
i !'..-irl.----U contal.
j faeou-.-Sides 11c.: hams. 12c-? 18 ; f-iiou h'ers,
i 7,!,,-e.
ia-.! In ker. lie; In 101b lias, UJvC
i laiti" l-'fe.-'o roll. 2.V'fe.
I !'(: ito; s- . j -.-, 55u ' t hshl.
hriuts I. d apples in sacks, 4c. ; kegs,
i ; plums, pitl.ss, Jl!2o. ; peacJOS, lie;
primes, 17.
i u eke u s 1-' lr- W n , 3 tK'Kt H V tloz-'ii.
Ifliie.s lr.v. l-'.e ; salted. 5c ; culls, Ji iir.
T.l!1 W tie ii..
Wool Is (,Jle.
Keed Ilra:i, fU(V?J2 15 ton; sliorts, iriJ ;
oil cake, M i.O.
Hay Haled, ? ton : loe, $D.
finions-l'iHl :4 Il.
Multon Stie-p-$i 7.V?2.
trejro City Market.
Wheat Sie r Ludiel.
Oat a 42c bushel with sacks.
Barley Choice brewing, 7-ic i'l bushel ; feed,
Iotatoes OOfiifflc v1 bshl.
Onions IH one ir.
Flour $1 50j..?5 i bbl.
Dried Fruits Apples, 3c 1c ? lb; plums, 10
Apples 2Sfii.1t) V bshl. loose,
flutter 2oft"ic Ih.
Chickens $2 5U(..1 00 $ dozen.
KggH "ic dozen.
Ilaeon Sides, Woi,l2lic. $ ft ; hams, :2f5H.
Lard 2Hc 1 lh.
Hay $12 (.i,?ll ton.
Wool llW.Lisc lh.
Hides Ci roe n, 5c dry, i:;ic v lb offered for
Mill feed r.ran, $15 IS ton ; shorts, $20525
t? ton ; middlings $27 50 ri ?.52 5o t ton.
Fresh meats lleef, dressed, 3 UiaH Ic lb: on
foot, 2e; dressed lios, Co; mutton sheep.
S-1.5 6 $:75.
M AltHlKD.
IIUOWN -KKISKIl In Vancouver, Oct. K
4S78. by .S. I . Muxon, J. I'., Andrew F. T.rown
and Miss Mary K. Reiser, both of Clackamas
county, i )refron.
STANKAUD-NEFF At tho residence of
Jesse Chitwood (bride's parents) near
Damascus, Sunday, October SUn, 1S7R, bv
ltev. Jesse Jones, Mr. Charles .Standard, of
Clackamas, and Mrs. Anoliim Ncff, of
Douglas count v.
Kame Changed.
In tti k County Court of tiik State ok
In the Matter of the Petition of Josrph Iiiuhlclcy
for Cha.ujc of A'amc,
o.'H alter due hearing, said jet it ion is grant
ed, and tiie name of petitioner is changed to
that, and will hereafter lH Jonkimi K.y.
By order of J. K. WA IT, County Judge.
Attest: W. H. 11. FOUTS,
County Clerk.
Oregon City, Ogn., Oct. 21, 1S78-4W.
Office of Thomas Charman, Oregon City,
for furnishing I.ogs in the Boom at. Canomaii
for the h'aw-mill it t he Basin. Bids for nn"
year; commencing January 1st. 1S70, and
ending January 1st, 1MS0; also Bills for haul
ing for su hi Saw-mill for one year to any part
of t he City or Caneina'.i.
Bids mi st be closed before tli 20fh of No
vember. FBEI) It. CHA11MAX.
Oregon C'ify. Oct. 21, i37t-td.
1. Sheep on De.rbiii's p;nce, 2 miles from
Salem, which will be sold at a bargain.
Terms easy. MRS. A. C. I.AltOCQUK.
Oregon City, Ogn., Oct. 21. 1S7.S-2W.
.i.)rF pay the highest market price
casu down. Farmers would do well to con
sult r.s before selling e lsewhere
r- , ... AI.r.IlIGHT &. LOG US.
Oregon Ci!y, Oct. 21, lS7.S-tf.
Oitrco.v Citv, Oct. 17th, 187S.
Missus. Rowkn T.uos..
h'u,rl ,VtV.!:Yur yast powders are the bi-st
I have ever used. Thev iIi spi-v,. nil i.-...
for them. MUs. La itoooirr.'
Howen's Preiiiinin Vm.t n.,,. .1
be had at tho tol'owinir firms: !I..I. irardiio-
K. U. I-ellows, W. A. I'hillips, and Mvers &
Lro., ol this city. ocl. LM-lt.
C(,ujh Di-eps.
At this sonson of tho year it is well to check
a cough or cold at once, and the very best
article is O'trtunir Vcart.ihlp Ctmnh nv,...
and you will be convinced after Von trv ;i
sample Ixrttle. Only L'.jcfs: for s.-.le iv
A.Harding, oct. 2l-it.
inhabitants of Omro.i City and vicin
ity that he is still on hand na doing busi
;. at the oUl stand on Man s. c , three
. 1 1 irc niri ii in i uuu r5i-'
I 1 11UU r5-'
5l!iM2 ehi lili sVil asctronp- for !
IIIlTl-UcHlVll" , ...... " ,..,,.n. 1 V
o ran l)UV ill I'orilanU. -M
otoek consists'in part as follows :
Dry Goods and Fancy. Goods
Uulics' and Gents' Furnishing
Pf l-ftmiery, Jewrlrv of ar!oisqualil leK,
(lock tty tlie Kret Makers, ;lu.M
Ware, n ina Ware, Y ankee No
tions, 1'urket Cutlery, xhiic
Cutlery, Platetl Ware, ami
Crockery: also,
Hardware, Fannin:: Itciisils,
liojii', Grain Sacks, and
Groceries of all Kinds.
tho market: Bostox 1kih Svrup on
flrop-oTi Pitv onnlilps me to know the re-
miircments of the trado. Come and examine
my coods. and you will sec for yourselves
that the old hrni of
Pannot bo beaten In nuality or rrioo. Small
profiLs and quick returns is the Hie or uusi
ih'SS, and 1 am di-termined to soil cheap, and
not allow myself to be undersold by any
limine in Oreiroii City or Portland. I would
iiert'lh.ink my frii-mis for their patronage in
tlie past, aid would assure them that my
new arrsn;r-meiit. of st IlirifT eurruxfrrfi for
cash will enable me to give th-m b' tter bar
gains than ever. U. A. IlCCilllS,
" B! a in Street, Oirjton t'i'.y.
Oct 2f, l8TS-tr.
otic:-: s hf.tif. by civk.n that
there an' now funds in my hands
applicable to I he payment of County Orders
endorsed on or b'-fore Jariuar 3 1st. 1S7S. In
terest tie l'o;i will not he allowed alter this
date. K. S. I.K.MKXT.
Tr asur;-r of Clackamas County.
Oregon City, Ofrn.. Oct 21. Jt7S-tf.
v Hf ;"d.
r. - - i r
: SAT-10,
Parties purchasing feed must furnish
Market price paid at all tims for wheat.
!:. if. C. TAYI.OIt,
Aent at Pi.rlluit-.l.
Oregon City. Oct. 17, 1S7S-1 f,
AtJministrator's PJctsce.
undersigned administrator of t ie- estate
ol Marcus . Spauuiing, dee.'.-is -d, iti imr
Miar.ce of an order made by the County Court
of Multnomah county. State of Oregon, on
t he !'th iay of OetoiMT, 1.S7S, will, on the2'id
day of November, 1.S7.-S, at. 10 oVioek, a. M., of
that day, and at the Jroiit door of the Court
Hons' of Clac'iv.-imas county, in Or-'gon City,
sell at public auet ion, to the highest bidder,
for cash (gold coin), the following-described
real estate, to-wit : The undivided one-half
int rest in the east half ol Lot No. three tii) ,
in Biock No. two (2), in the lown of Oswego,
Clackamas county Oregon. a"-eonlini' to the
plat thereof. ' V. W. SI'.V IT Id HNtf,
Ad miiiinrator.
Oct. 17. 1S7S-5W.
m. PAUL oobgh, m, 0.
October 10th, I.S78-ly.
Oregon, October l), 1.S7S.
received from the Hon. Commissioner of
the General Iaml Orlice, dated August 20. 1S7S.
all lHTSons claimiivg lands in this Land Dis
trict, under the provisions of the Act of Con
gress approved September 27t h, 1S5D, common
ly known as the Oregon Donation Act, and
the amendment thereto, whoo claims were
located in advance of the pubhesurvevs of t he
United States and have not been detinitely
located in connection with s ch surveys, are
her. by notitied to come forward within thirty
dar.s from tlie date hereof and furnish such a
deseriptiou of the particular tracts claimed
by them as will enable t heir definite location
on t he plats of t his office.
The .attention of claimants is part icularly
directed to the fact that in default of such
notice their claims are liable to forfeiture un
der the provisions of the 3rd section of the
Amendatory Donation Act of 1.S5I, which pro
vides that 'nil persons claiming ri.mation
under this Act or tlie Actsof whicti it is amen
datory, shall give notice to the
Surveyor General or other duly authorized
officers of the particular lands claimed ns
such donations within thirty days after being
requested to do so by such oilleer; and failing
such notice in either case, the claimant or
claimants snail forfeit all right and claim
Donation claimants and those holding un
der them will best subserve their own inter
ests by giving prompt attention to this notice,
thereby avoiding the possibility of having
their claims declared forfeited under the pro
visions of the Act above quoted.
Claimants who have not made their final
proof and obtained patent certificates for
their claims are requested to furnish such
proof and take the necessary steps to obtain
t heir certificates without further delay.
1.. T. B.MtlN. Register.
octlO-lw. T. 11. HAH III SON. llec.iver.
Final Settlement.
In County Court for the count. of Clackamas,
State of Oregon.
In the matter of the estate of W. C. Harvey.
1. 1) aniel Harvey, ad m inist rator of sahl es
tate, has filed his final account as such ad
ministrator n said Court; and that said
Court has duly apointed the 11th day of
November, 17S, a day for the final sett lenient
of said estate, and for hearing objections to
said final account. DANIEL HAKVEY
E. L. Eastham, Atty for estate. Adnir
Oct. IU. 1S7S-1.V.
GherifTs Salo.
out of the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, for the County of Clackamas, to me
as Sheriir of said county, directed pursuant
to a decree of sai l Court, entered September
:8t h. 1S7S, in a suit, wherein J. N. Stewart w is
plaintiir, and It. F. Stewart and Martha
Stewart were defendants, commanding me
to make sale of t he real property hereinafter
described, I have levied upon, and will, on
Saturday, .November KUIi, 1S78,
At the hour of 1 o'clock, p. jr., at the Court
House door of said county, in Oregon Citv
proceed to sell at public auction, to the high
est bidder, for gold coin in hand, to satisfv
said execution, the following-described real
estate, situate in the County of Clackamas
and State of Oregon, to-wit :
lleginning at the southwest corner of sec
tion No. 32, in township No. -I south of ran-e
one east of the Willamette meridian ; rini
ning thence east 100 rods; thence north '.TT
rod; thence west 10 rods; thence smith 117
rods; thence west 1"0 rods ; thence south 100
rods to the place of ln-ginning ; also begin
ning at tho said southwest corner of sect ion
o. .u, nrst atiove named; running tli -nee
east TM ro.ls: ttienee south :',2 rods; thence
west "i0 rods ; t hence ririh 32 rods to the place
of bosfinning : being 10 acres in section No. 5,
of township No. 5 south of range least of said
meridian; containing in all the premises
above described, IIS it eres uioro r ls
SherilT ot Clackamas Count v.
Oregon Citv. Oct. 17th li78--l,y.
TifE HAVK Jl -i at,' tn t.it a i,ai:;e
and complete Stock of io.ls suitable
to this season of the ocar. Our stock consists of
Ilhtck Siiks,
Kkick Cashmeres,
Colored Cashmeres,
Black: and Colored
Jialcct Clotli.s,
oVrohairs and
Camel's Hair Ooocls.
A fine line of New Style Dress Goods at ?5
cents per yard.
A full line of I-iulios' Cotton and Wool
Corsets, Kid Gloves, Fringes, Embroideries,
Laces, Huching, Bibbons, etc.
A large Stock of Felt Skirts irom 73 cents
A Fil Stock of
We have very heavy Canton Flannel at 10c
ter yard.
A heavy Shaker Flannel at 20o
A heavy Wool Flannel at S5c
10x1 Bleached Sheeting at 25c
5MK) vds slightly damaged Sprague Prints 5c
per yard. ,
A Full Stock of Blanket 3, Bedspreads and
We have several ejpecial Lines of Goods, in
which we are offering Great Bargains, of
which we wi'l make special mention later.
All we ask is an inspection of our Stock, as
we know we are offe.-ing better inducements
than are offered elsewhere.
Orders from the country solicited, and
nromntlv filled.
Samples sent on application.
J. F. D. Wh INKLE & CO.,
241 First St,, t or. SuIrioh, Porliaml.
1SSS. FALL ST00K-1S73.
San Francisco, with the best selected
gtocts: ol Goods,
I would call attention to tlie
Which I will sell, for Cash at
i The same have been bought at Bankrupt
Sales, so 1 can give imlueemeuis.
before purchasingelsewherc.
The following can be had and I
Dry Goods. C'lotliisi-,
Winter Wear.
Hoots and Sliocs
Hats mill I'ii js,
Groceries Crockery,
Ilui'duare, tilavsuare,
Cntlery nn:l Plated Ware,
Paints, Oils,
Wintlo-iva, Doors,
a ncl Uliisds.
All kinds of produce liought and sold
Oregon City, Sei-t. 10, lS7S-tf.
3 i5 er r"3
O It E t! ON C IT V, O R E C 0 N.
T V. BH 0 0 sf
Trn ttifir Uoard, S-1 f f-'i pf-r I?-t.v.
? i ;r 5iesil .'( i-nlK.
Hoard ;;er Week S.I VO
Hoard iiud L.od;;iit$r, pr imh. "S. 0
The Table will be supplied with the let the
market aiforiis.
list II Sup)ers furnished on short notice, and
at reasonable terms.
Nov. 10. 173 :tf
I have given Tins rorri.Ai: Iir.rsF.
a t borough r nov;ii ion from ddlar to gar
ret, and promise to make it. a li.uw s -eond to
none in Oregon, this side of Portland.
Everything will lie done to .ulvanee ihe com
fort of the guests. The lloue is large an J
com moil ions.
Hoanl end cljrinj; per week S-
liounl er week 4 0
Meals mtd I!e!i, each JS.
Free Coach to and from llie Hotel.
Oregon City, Aug. 30. l$73-tf.
F, IV. STEWART, riu.iri.tor.
A resort has been opened again by the 1.
dcrsigncd, who wi;l keep a well assorted sti;
Free lunch daily from 9 o'clock p. ni.
Lovers of this scientific game will find
fine tables at their service.
Old as well as new patrons are invitf
"call and smile." F. V. STEWAKT
Oregon City, October 3, 1S7S.
73 Fiist Stieet,
T: ,': .,V;ur,'r's Drew ery, at Portland, is cer.-J
"""'t'j il ou uraugnt at
Lie puonc 10 call and give it. trial.
""b -ity, .March I, lS78-tf.
GHBIS. Z A U f J E H i
vinre.n,e me ivaiiroa a Lepot,
J A. In the City. Give him a call. Jya-tf.
which I will sell at a barirain : situated
miles lrom loiUatd. and IJs miles fromJ
Clackamas Station. For further informatioit
Inquire of I'.ort Phillips at the Postofilce i:
On-gon City, or at Clackamas-Station to
Oct. 3,78-tf. W. 1I1ILLIPS.
V. S. Land Office, Orbjos City, )
Oregon, Oct. 1st, 137S. J
at t his otliee by Francis S.Johnson against
Lerry S. McCraken for abandoning his hoiii'
stead entry No. lot,fl, dat-d February C. S72,
n)Mn the south lialf of southeast iuarterf
sect ion it, T. 5 S., H. 1 E., in Clackamas coun
ty, Oregon, with a view o the cancellation ot
said entry; the said parties are hereby sum
moned to appear at this otliee on the 41 h day
of November, 1S7, ; ' -e! .1. 711. ! "
spond a rid furnisli t - -t i 111 - 1 ' : - .- 1 ;: ; .
alleged abaudonnv
L. 'j i'Ai.V, i. - -.I.-;-.
oct3 4w. T. 1.. I!.:u;im? !:. ....
BLANKS OF KVi-'.l.-V IKS- iiiP
Sale at t his otli - . .?ut K- ot
can getanything in' ir Lt'e.
he 2
a .i