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    i;E63X HIT, il?t USiilv, JAN. 17, 1-7 j
The Wa:iiai; Crescent.
The 1 .it est news from litr.opo throws
a very sombre clan 1 over the waning
Crescent. The Hussions Lure crossed
the Balkans, have defeated tho Turks
in a heavy engjrgt-mcnt, are but a hun
dred milt's from the important city of
Adrianople, and soon will be beating
with their sabres against tho very walls
of Constantinople. The Turks on the
other hand are rent with fends, inde
pendent of their defeats ' by" Russia,
thousands of starving fugitives are hur
rying to Constantinople only to find
the Torte with depleted coffers and
mined credit. Tho very fortifications
around the Byzantine city are said to
"be inadequate, and imperfect and weak.
The Ottomans, furthermore, aro very
mnch irritated at England's course.
The Porte was induced to believe, that
inasmuch as John Bull was pecuniarily
interested in Turkey's success, he
would if need bo aid in bringing about
such a result. But the British lion
after making ono or two feeble growls.
which in do way frightened the Russian
"bear, became suddenly conscious of the
fact that "tho bloody serfs, you know,"
.would not scare worth a rouble, and
forthwith look the high ground of paci
fication and non-interrention.
Eastern Press on Chinese.
Tho stand that many Eastern papers
take on tho Chinese question is not un-
. like tbeir position on railroad subsidies.
They have no nse for such things now;
oil thoir needed railroads are built, and
it is very simple to take high moral
grounds against squandering the public
domain. They have received, in other
"words, all the pie they want, and now
oppose the hungry ones of the Pacific
: being fed with the same kind of diet.
In rery much the same way they act on
the Chinese question. There is no
danger of the Mongolians ever becom
ing so numerous as to interfere with
Eastern people, and'eonsequently they
insist upon a strict interpretation of the
"Burlingame treaty. The ulcer does not
biul them, and they insist upon our
Injuring it, in order that our national
honor may not bo blotted. It is very j
commendable no doubt in our far away
Eastern brothers taking this honorable
position, but where we have to suffer
o for the sake of enabling them to carry
their noses aloft, wo naturally object,
and seriously so too.
"Why Croak T
It seems to be the universal fashion
to groan and lament over the hard
times, debt, taxes, waste, expense and
ruin, and one runs a risk of being con-
. .sidered a heretic who dares to wear a
-cheerful face and suggest that possibly
the country is not going to "the demni
ion bow-wows." But there is a brighter
side to the situation, and in spite of
many drawbacks national matters are
not going on badly. Tho national debt
is under a steady process of reduction,
and most of the States are also able to
reduce, from time to time the debts in
curred, without being compelled to re
sorting to the Tennessee "game' which
costs more than it save3. Tho crops
have been unusually good for three
years; especially in Oregon; the farmers
are paying off their debts and beginning
. to feel themselves once more upon their
feet, and the year 1S73 is probably des
tined to mark tho revival of that pros-
. perity for which v,o have waited so
After Tennessee and Virginia shall
Tiave gotten through with skinning
their creditors in the interest of public
morality, it will bo in order for them to
propose au amendment to tho constitu
tion which shall prevent the disgraco
of repudiation by prohibiting any .State
from going into debt beyond its means
and from subsequently "going back
pn" its obligations. The States rights
people would naturally indulge in
somo very tall swearing over an inova
tion which had no other plea than hon
esty to support it, but if the guardian
ship of the financial honor and credit of
the country is not safe in the Lands of
the States i I should at once be put in
bands whero it would be safe, all
theories to the contrary not w ithstanding.
jTheold "war horses" of the Demo
cratic party are nosing about their
armorial closets and are brushing np
their battered helmets for another con
ieet. Their organs are flooded with ad
vice to "keep together," "bo not led off
-by side shows," look out for indepen
dent movements in the interest of
Mitchell," "vote the Democratic ticket
even if B. Ii. Zebnb is tho party nomi-
nee" and all that well worn thunder
But intelligent people have grown ac
tually heartsick of hearing this Lifalu
tin gush, invariably expressed in the
tamo words, and are prepared to vote
like sensible beings, how and for whom
they choose without any gratuitous ad
vice from ordinary editors.
Tho press of Eastern Oregon, irre
-Bpective of politics, is unanimous in its
condemnation of the course pursued by
tho Oregoniaii on the railroad question
The "only paper" is fas losing its pres
tige, and, if we mistake not, Scott will
follow in tho footsteps of his Trede
Geo. H. "Pendleton has been elected
to succeed Stanley Matthews as Senator
from Ohio..
Oresrou "Workingmcii, Attention.
At the "Workhigiuen's
Congress re
old, v.-c believe,
i ii
ts t. l-oui.s,
its principal business
upv-eared to be
tspoiung jnemners v
ho uei'c not real
.rate they were
worunvgmen. At me
oinr it is calculated the whole paity
will be expelled before the next election,
n process luat ciunot be
out apprehension, for
rarded v.ith-
may reacn
For workingmen we have the highest
opinion and regard, but for their lead
ers, ninety times out of a hundred,
nothing but contempt. Cassius who
attempted to force tho Agrarian lav up
on Rome was a most plausible talker,
and succeeded in sedueinpr the lower
classes into the belief that he was a
public benefactor, instead of the arch
demagogue. Let the laboring classes
of Oregou, before they sign their
names to the roll of any ephemeral
workingmen's organization, ask them
selves who are the leaders of the only
two clubs thus far formed in Oregou ?
Mr. Liawson, an erratic lawyer, free
lover and spiritualist, is tho President
of the Salem club, and a San Francisco
man, of whom no one knows anything
except that he has just come out of St.
Vincent's Hospital, is the President of
the Portland organization. The real
head, however, of -this latter society is
that incorrigible infidel Jl. C. Edmonds
a man who was hanged in effigy in
Union county last year by an indignant
people. He is kind of "advanced
idea" man himself, being a cross be
tween (in a mild form) Robert Dale
Owen ond Theodore Tilton. He has
changed his politics with every oppor
tunity to make by it, and we actually
believe that his sudden ardor in behalf
of the workingmen is actuated by a do
sire to build up his silly paper. This
man at one time worked as a cabinet
maker, but it was very uncongenial
labor, and he has ever since been mak
ing capital off it by having himself ad
vertised as the "Portland Mechanic."
We warn tho workingmen of Oregon
against theso demagogues, and assure
them that it is our belief that the move
ment is started with sinister motives
one of which is to make the leaders
better off at the expense of their dupes,
and another that these hard working
officers will bo ready in tho coming
political contest to sell out to the high
est bidder. Workingmen real work
ingmen, not incendiary idlers will be
ware of such leaders.
It is pretty safe to predict that in case
of a general European war, Germany
will practically annex Belgium. It is
possible that she may do so even in
times of peace, and do it with the con
sent of the little kingdom herself. Bel
gium is a very small territory, densely
filled with people who are industrious
and thrifty. Tho position it occupies
would make it a great accession to the
empire, and unusually good terms would
bo accorded the Belgians if they would
consent peaceably to become a part of
the German Union. Recent utterances
of King Leopold indicate the favor with
which German protection is regarded.
Heretofore, England has been tin guar
dian of Belgium, and has guaranteed
her independence. She will not be
likely to forcibly oppose a union, pro
vided the people of Belgium desired it,
but such addition to German territory
would be obnoxious to both Franco
and England. In case of a general
European struggle, the German policy
would bo to march an army of occupa
tion into Belgium, and take possession,
following tho Russian example iu 1870,
when she insisted upon a change in tho
treaty of Paris. In the event of a ces
sation of hostilities, and peace between
Russia and Turkey, Bismarck w ill cither
have to postpone the realization of his
ambition or else accomplish it by purely
peaceful negotiations. The tone of King
Leopold s remarks indicate that ho is
not averse to close relations with tho
neighboring empire
Sonator Edmunds has recently pub
lished an open letter on the President's
couro in appointments, and it is said to
have so thoroughly concurred in his
views with Mr. Hayes that ho will in
the present session of Congress be
looked upon as the leader of -the admin
istration. If this be true, Mr. Conk
ling will find a foemen worthy of his
steel. Although an old man, Mr. Ed
munds is one of the most astute reason
crs, ready talkers aad incisive swords
men in debate that has ever heard his
voice reverberate through the Senate
chamber at Washington. We congratu
late President Hayes on the acquisition.
mi w f a
xue iemocraiic inuaiionists and re-
pudiators of tho western states, Jknow-
mg that they can control tho next
national convention of their party, are
announcing their purpose betimes
T L 11 t 1 .
ijubi year iuey uemanueu only the re
peal of the resumption act. In 1880,
according to the Cincinnati Enquirer,
1. jj ji ii. ... ..
.ucjr mix uciuauu luo nomination oi a
candidate who will promise, if elected,
to sign a bill to make the bonds payable
in paper. It is well to know this in
season, -uong before that time the
puono crouu ought to be put outside
or party politics, and the peonle nnM.t
to make it certain that no repudiator of
any parry can ever le President.
v. u.uriu w, onusueu witn as
cribing to Clackamas county the honor
of having Republicans fit for the office
of Governor andState Treasurer thrusts
another compliment upon us by recom-
menuing iur. c. i Uhurch for the
oince oi ecretary or state.
Hayes will recommend Congress to
open negatiations with the Chinese gov
ernment with a view to fixing some lim
itation to immigration to ihat country
Edmunds' Amendment.
Washington, Jan. Id. The following
is the amendment to Matthews resolu
tion offered in the Senate by Edmunds: j
B- ii enacted. That all bonds of tho j
United States issued or authorized to
be issued under "the acts of Congress ;
are payable, principal and interest, in
gold coin or its equivalent, and that
a:iy other payment, without the consent
of the creditor, would be in violation of
public faith and in derogation of his
Whereas, It appears from the recora
of the mint that the total coinage of the
silver dollar has been $8,01:3,838; and
Wiikheas. The silver dollar of the
United States has long been absolutely
obsolete as any substantial part of the
money of the country, and that which
had been so coined was almost entirely
converted into other forms of metal,
and did not exist at the time of making
any of tho existing loans of the United
r. . . .1 "a. 1 , -
btaies, or inoso irom wuicu existing
loans have been refunded; and,
Whkkeas. Bv the provisions of the
coinage act of 1S73, passed on tho 12th
of February of that year and the revised
statutes enacted on the first day of that
year, all provisions of law authorizing
tho coinage of such buver Uoilar were
repealed; and.
Whereas, Since' the passage of said
last mentioned acts, gold coin, which,
by reason of the premises, has been the
only existing lawful coin tender and
standard of value for all payments above
the sum of five dollars as it had teen
the only one iu fact, of many years be
fore; the United States borrowed in gold
coin from the people of this and other
countries the sum of not less than $592
900.700, at a rate of interest lower than
that of any loan ever before made by
the government and payable in cojn;
Whebeas, Holders of all government
securities have a right to expect that,
however much the United States may
change its laws so as in fact to affect
their interests favorably, it will never
evade or repeal favorite legislation eith
er for the purpose or with the effect to
make money at tho expense of its cred
itors; and.
Whereas, Differing from a transac
tion of affairs between private persons,
public creditors have no means of en
forcing tho payment of their loans, it is
a duty of the highest obligation on the
part of the United States to pay it
debt in such a manner as to meet the
expectations of its creditors, and to re
frain from taking advantage of the
cheapness of silver by reviving other
obsolete coins, or obsolete or repealed
coinago laws, in order to provide for
payment in silver.
Whereas, The substantial present
value of silver in a -dollar of 412
grains being only 02 per centum of the
value of a dollar gold, it would also be
unjust for tho law making power bv
new legislation to compel nil private
creditors to receive from their debtors
such silver dollar in payment of pre-ex
isting ilcbts and equally unjust and even
more cruel to compel tho great number
of citizens of the united States who
subsist on tho wages of their daily labor
to receive payment for their work in
money, either depreciated or debased.
A Mysterious Aiiair.
On last Saturday morning, Mr. D. G.
Leonard, tho proprietor of the bridge
property at the lower crossing of John
Day river, in this county, was found
lying in bed at his heme, in an uncon
scious condition, with a hole in his
head near the right temple, supposed
to huvo been made with a bullet from a
small pistol. The house was full of peo
ple at the time and yet uo ono heard
the discharge of any lire-amis or any
other unusual distui banco Dr. Logan
has been in attendance on the wounded
man, but, we learn, has little hope of
his recovery, although our last tidings
were that he was some better. At the
last term of tho district court, Mr.
Leonard commenced suit for a divorce
from his wife, and it seems they have
not lived very happily together for some
time. Under these circumstances she
has been arrested on suspicion of hav
ing committed the deed and brought to
town by Sheriff Cros.scn and lodged in
jail. Her examination is set for to-day
when probably something moro may bo
learned in relation to thio mysterious
affair. Dalles Mou n ta'.n eer.
Tho following are tho votes iu the
Senate which are relied upon to furnish
the twenty-six votes necessary to sus
tain the President's veto of tho silver
bill: Twelve from New England, two
from New York, two from Delaware, one
from Maryland (Dennis), ono from
Georgia ( LTill ), ono from Mississippi
(Lamar), ono from Michigan (Chris
tiancy), one from California (Sargent),
and ono from Oregon (Mitchell). These
tweuty-two votes are.considered certain.
The remaining four votes are looked for
from the following six, classed as doubt
ful: Booth of California, Windom of
Minnesota, Eustis of Louisiana, Chaffee
of Colorado, Paddock of Nebraska and
Grover of Oregon. It is also hoped that
the moral effect of the President's veto
will give it one or two additional votes.
Fish Ccxtche. The California Fish
Commission state in their report that a
quarter of a million of Sacramento sal
mon were placed in the Truckee river
about two years ago, and next summer
will probably be found in Pyramid Lake,
where there is an abundance of food.
Since its organization the Commission
has placed in the streams of this State
8,350,000 young salmon. From 6,000,
000 to 10,000.000 eggs are annually
hatched on the McCloud river, at the
United States fish hatches y.
A correspondent of the Roseburg
Plalndcaler says Dr. Souville Mathieu,
who has been advertising extensively in
Southern Oregon, and has gathered in
several thousand dollars from the green
horns, is a San Jose barber. All of the
quacks on the coast are lleeciug the
people of Oregon.and while other States
have a law requiring practitioners to
have a regular diploma, our Solons re
fused to pass a similar act.
Victor Emanuel, king of Italy, died
on the 9th. nis son, Prince Humbert,
will step in and take his seat as one of
the crowned head of Europe.
A fire at Honolulu destroyed 250,000
worth of property, on the 8th, in tho
Explanade portion of the city.
Telegraphic News.
Washington, Jan. 9. Luttrell and
Page had an interview with the Presi
dent yesterday in regard to Chinese
immigration on tho Pacific coast. They
preseuted the resolutions that were re
cently passed by the California legisla
ture on the subject, and tola the X'resi
dent that both political parties in the
State were united on this question. The
President said tho snbject had been
caretulJy considered by the Cabinet,
and while he sympathized with the peo
ple of California, yet the Chinese had
treaty rights which this government
must respect, lie would, however, call
the attention of Congress to the subject
that negotiatios might be opened with
n view to fixing some limitation to im
migration from that country.
Nv ASHiNGTON. Jan. 13. Offices estab
lishedClear creek, Columbia county,
Oregon, n. D. S. Luther. P.M.; Dnfur,
Wasco county, Oregon, C. A. Williams,
Jr. Al.; V emouia, Columbia county, Ure
gon, D.F.Baker, P.M.; Zena, Polk
county, Oregon, P. F. Clark, P. M.
Discontinued Mt.IIood.Wasco county.
Oregon. Name changed Whittle's Fer
ry, Lake county, Oregon, to Plevna.
Postmasters appointed A.J.Wetherby,
Express Ranch, Baker county, Oregon;
Wni. n. Roberts, Plevna, Lake county,
Oregon; Henry Tullis.Newaukuni.Lew
is county, W. T.
A formal application has been made
at the general land office for survey of
a portion of the old Fort Dearborn res
ervation as public land still subject to
entry, although it embraces all the bus
iness portion of Chicago south of the
Washtkotox, Jan. 14. Mitchell's bill
for the protection of salmon fisheries
prohibits the taking of salmon in the
Columbia river and tributaries, by any
means whatever, between July 26th and
October 1st of each year, and imposes
penalties of at least 1,000 for the first
offense and 1,500 fine and 12 months'
imprisonment for subsequent offenses.
Minute regulations are prescribed con
cerning the taking by gill nets, seines,
wires and traps, between April 1st and
July 2Cth, and similar heavy penalties
are imposed for violation. Tho bill also
prohibits throwing into the stream saw
dust from mills or waste liquids from
factories, tanneries, etc., between July
1st and December dlst o each year, ua
der a penalty of $500 for each offence
One half of the lines are to be paid to
the informers and tho rest devoted to
the propagation and preservation of fish
under tho direction of the commissioner
of fisheries
New Era in ISushiess.
Ono of the hopeful signs of a new era
in tho business of Portland is tho ap
pearance simultaneously in about forty
papers of this State, of the advertise
meut cf Messrs. Hodge, Davis & Co
This is one of tho leading firms of tho
Pacific coast, a consolidation of tho
firms of T. A. Davis & Co., and nodge
Snell and Co. It is a good omen of tho
future, and we hopo the examp'o set by
Messrs. Ilodgo, Davis & Co. will bo fol
lowed by others of the leading mercan
tile firms of our sister city. In no other
State of this Union will you find the
interior press ignored as they have been
ignored by merchants in Portland. In
no other State will you find a oommun
ity of interior people, country store
keepers, farmers, small traders, etc., so
independent of the metropolitan dealer
as t!oy are in Oregon. This is the nat
ural result of the policy pursued by the
metropolitans: Californians everywhere
are proud f San I rarcisco, tho Mi i
sourian is proud of St. Louis; the Illin
oisan is proud of his Chicago; the Ken
tnckian of Ids Louisville; tho Buckeye
is proud of Toledo, Cleveland, Cincin
nati etc., but hero in our own beautiful
and prolific Oregon, none scareeW out
side of Portland feel any pride in that
city. For one we suall bo happy to see
a change cf sentirneut, based upon more
liberal ideas of business on tho part of
the mercantile community of our sistt-r
city, hence wo refer with pride to the
stop in this direction made by Messrs.
Hodgs, Davis & Co. Asforian.
State t"ews.
W. J. Barry Lns been appointed chief
of police at Astoria.
The Salem Record is tho greenbackers'
organ. "What's the matter, Norton?
Graham, who killed Ochiltree at Pass
crock, has been held to await the action
of the grand jury.
The O. S. N. Co. will build several
new steamboats for the Columbia river
trade this season.
The lead pipe game, in supposed 820
rolls, has just been intruduced into
Marsh field, Coos Bay.
A new paper called tho Independent
has been started at Pendleton, Umatilla
county, by Lot Livermoro & Co. It
Gnakes a good appearance.
On Birch creek, Umatilla county,
diphtheria is very fatal. Twenty-four
deaths within the last few weeks have
occurred within a few miles of Pilot
Al. Tlowland has been arrested at San
Francisco, charged with the seduction
of a daughter of B. H. Price, of Salem.
Al. left Salem in a hurry last week, but
he will have to come back aud face tho
On the 24th nit. Samuel Dodge was
shot and killed in Warner valley, Grant
county, by Wm. Wallace. Both were
wealthy stockmen. Full particulars are
not received, but it is known that the
affair grew out of an old feud.
The Santiam Canal Company has been
reorganized, under the name of the
"Albany und Santiam Canal Compnny."
It is the purpose of the company to en
large the canal and place thereon a
number of boats for the spring and
summer trade.
Territorial News.
Tho coal mines of Tuyallup are said
to have run out.
John Bock was pretty badly frozen
recently near Shoshone falls, Idaho.
Somo of his fingers and toes may have
to be amputated.
Mr. John Van Woemer, mail carrier
for tho Chehalis route near Olympia,
and his father, were drowned in the
Chehalis river last Wednesday.
Tho bark Lady Lamp son ran on a
rock near Esquimalt on the 0th. She
is half full of water, with little proba
bilitv of tretting her off. Cargo is near
ly all ruined, chiefly merchandise from
London, " '
News lor the People.
If Ion visit Portland and wish to bnv a
firm suit ot clothes .u n. low prion, call iit
Ackorinan Pros., corner First aud Washing
ton streets.
A Grocer in Trouble.
Pniffin was seen this morning in a ter-
rible r;
ae and tfving her grocer a piece of iter
for sending her n box of poor Yeast
r, thereby 8poilinfr a batch of flour. The
's hair stood on end, and just as soon ns
his br.'Hth lie said, "Now, madam, if
ill civo your tonirue a vacation I will
you w
t you with a box of Donnelly's Yeast
r, ice oesi on uns coast.
A Gentle Hint.
In our stylo of climate, witb Us sudden
changes of temperature, rain, wind and sun
shine often intermingled in a single day, it
is no wonder that our children, friends and
relatives are so frequently taken from us by
neglected colds, half the- deaths resulting
direct ly from this cause. A bottle of Boschee's
German Syrup kept about your home for im
mediate use win prevent serious sickness, a
larr doctor's bill, and probably death, by tho
use of three or four doses. For curing Con
sumption, Hemorrhages, Pneumonia, Severe
Coughs, Croup or siny disease of the Throat or
Idlings, its success is simply wonnertul. ns
your druggist will tell yon. Clei man Syrup is
now sold in every town and village on this
continent. Sample bottles, tor trial, 10 cents ;
regular size, 75 cents.
At Salem. Jan. 0th, Mr. J. E. Mann and
Mrs. ISelle A. Cox.
Jan. 12. by Rev. T. II. Small. J. F. Nichol
son, of Clackamas county, and Miss Altha K.
llagadom, or Marion ccuruy.
At the residence of Mr. Chas. T-ogas in this
city, Jn. 10. by the Rev. John W. Sell wood,
Kichard J. Monroe, or lewistori, idalio, ana
Mrs. Kmraa Staender. of this city.
yVol:oi"iiiMxi Bros.
Will romove to Dcmrnt'i CuIbllnT,
(formerly occupied iy X. Selling) about
the firatof February, and will ojeii oat
with, the finest stoclc of jroods in tills city.
Oregon t ity alxtut the --'M ;f AuiruH. 1 he
following is a description of the s.t.-ui-: On.,
brindle, horr.s stand uo; the other, pule rd,
with white sxts on f.ice and h-icr;; Loth
marked with undi-r bit :ind s.I;t i:i the -iir;
hot h small six-'. I will give &50 to any one
returning them to me at Oregon I 'it y, or h'
for information of their whoreahoiit.
Jan. 17, 187S-4t. JOHN WILSON.
U. f. Lan d Okfick. Oregon City, 1
Or'gon, Jnmi.trv llth.lSTS. (
)M PI. I 7 !! A VI.V U ii K K.X EXT K It IC.D
uigton county, Oregon, wn n a m hm-
cnnc"ll:t ion of sitid entry: the s;iid vrtjes
an; Ikt- hy summoned to appear nt hiso!liee
on the l'll'h dav ot' February, lSTS, at 1J o'clock
A. M., to respond and furnish test iniony con
cerning said alleged abandonment.
h. T. liAHIN, It. gister.
T." Ii. HARRISON, Receiver.
Jan. 17. ISTlt
JOHft ORikm &CO
We will commence
Preparatory to Mock taking. Tho ntn
itiuluterf re.'.rnanl of t!e past year 1I1
!e offered at prices that trill sliow tlie
public tliiit we mean business. In the
fcllowinfr Irprtnieiila we 5ire laid out
Iarje lots, wliic! we will sell 25 n.a CO
wr cent, below rejfnlar prlcesi
III !! Canluiieres,
C'oloreil Cuslimcres,
Dresa Goods,
Wa terprtvafy,
Li Junkets,
Tablo Une,
Hosiery &nd L'aJerw
Felt SKIrts,
IVliito Flunnaltt,
Colore'.l Flannel,
And Fancy Goods.
J(a. 10. 73-tf.
In the County Court of Clackam County.
State of Oregon.
In tho matter of the estate of Austin G. Beebe,
deceased, and the application to sell the
real property of said estate.
I other persons unknown. Interested in
said estate. In tho name of the State of Ore
gon, you and each of you aro cited to be and
appear-before this Court at a term thereof to
be held on Saturday, January 2tith, 1878. at
the hour of one o'clock P. M., to show cause.
if any exist, why an order should not be maae
by this Court to sell the following described
real property belonging to said estate, to pay
the debts thereof, to.wit :
Tho West half of the E. M of sec. 8, and 45
acres off the W. side of the E. Ja of the E. X
thereof in T. 5 S. R. 1 E. of tho Willamette
Meridian, containing 205 acres, and situate in
Clackamas countv, Oregon according to the
petition of O. W. Fish, administ rator of said
estate, filed In this Court. December 1st, 1877.
Witness m v nann ana me seat oi
said Court this 13th day of
December A. I). 1877.
dec20,77-4t. County Clerk.
THE P. O. O. S. CO.
steamers every five days between
Tassmgcr Accommodations rnsGrpp.sscd.
Tickets for sale at J. M. Bacon's bookstore,
Oregou City.
For further particular! apply to
J. HcCKACKEN ti CO.. Affents.
rortland, Oct. JI, lS77-tf.
Oregon City and of the Willamette Val
ley, that he is still on hand aud doiD ir h i-
ness on the old motto, that
A Kimble Six Pence is Better than a Slow Shilling
I have just returned from San Francisco,
where I purchased ono of the
ever before offered in this city ; and consists in
part, as follows :
Boots and Slices,
Clothing, Dry Goods,
Hats and Caps,
Hosiery of Every Description,
Hardware, Groceries,
Oils, Paints and
Sash and Doors,:
Chlnaware, Queensware,
Stoneware, Crockery,
Platedwre, Glassware,
Jswelry of Vriou Qualities
And Styles, Clocks aud
Watches, Ladies and
Gents' Furnishing
Patent Medicines, Goods, Fancy No-
Rope, Farming tlons of Every
Implements of Description
All Kinds, Carpets,
Mattings, Oil
Cloth, Wall Paper. it.
Of lb fcbOT list, I can say my stock is ,tU
ever offered In this market, and was seleted
with especial care for the Oregon City tradAU
of which I now oiler for sale at tho
Lowest EVIarEcct Rates.
No uso for the ladieR, or any ono else, to
think of fjoing to Portland to buy iods for I
am Determined to Stll Cheap and uot to allow
myseii to bo
All I ask is a fair chanco and quick; pay
ments, believing as 1 do that
Twenty Years Experience
in Oregon City enables me to know tho re
quirements of the trade. Come one and all
and see for yourselves that the old stand of
can not be beaten in quality or price. It would
be useless for me to tell you all t he advantages
I can ofTer you in t he sale of poods, as every
store that advertises does that, ami nroojibly
you have been disappointed. Ail 1 wisa to
say is
Conie, ami S?c, and Examine fur Yonrstlvcs,
for Ido not wish tomako any mistakes. My
object is to tell all my old Irit-nds now that I
am st ill a live, and desirous to sell poods cheap,
for cash, or ii j on such terms ns agreed l?;.o;i.
Thankltvr all for the liberal patronage hereto
fore bestowed.
Main Street, Oregon Cify.
Jx'fral Tenders and County Scrip taken at
market rates. THOS. CIIARMAN.
CVol'.OiiO lbs wool wanted by
nov. 1. '7r-tf T1IOS. CIIARMAN.
e th"Ijvery stabl- en Kifib street, Oregon
City. Oregon, keeps constantly on hand
nir;iee, ;C'u.rria-e3
and flatly. Butlule
iisi-l Cu;;,y liorses.
Prices Ilca.onaUle
Oregon Cit3, Nov. 5, 1S75. Proprietor.
V Oregon City and vicinity that he is pre
pared to furnish
Fir Cedar Lumber,
Of every deecription, at low rates.
Dry Flooring;, Ceilinjr, Iicistic,
-Spruce, (for shelving), I:ilt5ce,
Pit Ueis, ru;I l-'ciice-i'osls, Cedar,
Co)iz!int!y on hand.
Street and Sidewalk lumber furnished on
the shortest notice, at as low rates as it can be
purchased in the. St ate.
Give me n cat 1 at t he
Oregon City, June 10. 1S75 :tf
Transient Hoard, !1 to SM per'' Djt)
Stnirle ?Ienls ..50 fenK
ltoarri !r We-k
Hoard and L.ocIiinnr perweck "i'O CO
The Table will be supplied with the best the
JU.'irKCL 3(lIOrU5.
Ball Suppers furnished on short notice, and
Nov. 19. 1875 .-tf
Dialer ix
7The highest market paid in cash for all
kinds of produce .
One door south mt Postoille,
Oregon City, Sept. 13. 1877-if.
jMVT "T"V Great chance to ma tee money.
VCX ijJ If you can't get gold you can
get greenbacks. We need a person Jn every
town to take subscriptions for the largest,
cheapest and bestTllustrated family publica
tion in the world. Any one can become a suc
cessful agent. The most elegant works of art
given free to subscribers. The price is so low
that almost everybody subscribes. One agent
reports making over $VM in a week. A lady
agent reports taking over fi)0 subscribers In
en days. All who engage make money fast.
You can devote all your time to the business,
or only your spare time. You need not be
away from home over night. You can do It
as w'ell as other3. Full particulars, directions
and terms free. Elegant and expensive Out
fit free. If you want profitable work send us
your address at once. It costs nothing to try
the business. No one who engages falls to
great pay. Address "The People's Journal,"
Portland, Maine.
sib mm. & pahkep.'s
.. :.f..:.C. '4
Agent' for
Clackamas County,
And the State Jn general. This Is one of the
best wheels in use on t he Pacific t oast, and
gives perfect satisfaction in every Instance.
Any one purchasing a wheel which does not
come up to the guarantee, if properly put iu,
the money will be refunded and all damages
paid. For further Information apply to W.
M. Wallace, at Cutting's Mill, near Viola,
Clackamas Co., or at this oflloe.
Sept. 13, li7.-)mos.
Washing Machine..
gee tSais Itlsielaiiie
Doforo Purchasing Elsewhcro.
Pul!irt attent ion is called to this splendid
Machine. It is an Oregon invention, ana
took tho
First Premium
It will be
By a responsible firm. It contains Tour cor
rugated Rollers, equal to four wash-boards'
working in unison : will not injure but tens
or clot hes, and is the raostt useful and perfect?
machine ever offered to the public. Patented
October 18, r77. Being manufactured her. In
case any of its parts are broken, such part
can be replaced at a low figure without buy--ing
the entire machine ; and such parts will
De supplied free wnere mere was a aeieci in
the machine sold. County and State rightw
for sale. Address
A. M. CORNELIUS, Patentee,
dec.l3.77-tf. Oregon City, Ogn.
Having opened a free Intelligence Office, for"
-he purpose of assisting newcomers to our'
State to all possible means at my command,
where ase kept, files of all leading newspapers
tory. I have also determined to establish a
land journal, to be called
and Real Estate Agents into closer communi
cation with the thousandsof Immigrants who
are arriving in this city with a view to the
ultimate purchase of lands. It will be printed
ill l " .tiiti in n --('.ijn 'Fii.i, iiif i.'tr1 , -Ji i"'
inches, and wilt in- devoted solely to the pur
pose for wlii.'h it is established. The first
edition of r,(i:K) co;ii"s wid le issued alout
the linh of February, I$7S. and as olten there
alter as t he influx of immigration demands.
irt rin.iil.t, nuu'CTuiiui, tA,m r.nrlit tiqirn M tk
1" V. . .':im u: iitn:i- ititii uinn uui I i. ,!.
sale wiil he condensed to occupy ten lines (TO
words) r less, and will be charged for at the
rate of one 1-Har ach.
Jt is more I han probable that from twenty
five t'.n.iis ml people will b" added to our
population during i.tie spring and summer ol
i7S. Near'y ali ini migrants who come to
! Orego?! .".nd Wahi'i-f.-m Territory land first
at Portland, and wi'l recieve a copy of this
paper, as it wilt I e distributed gratuitously.
Ii will therefor" be ; best possible means of"
1. ringing lands ai;d other j r.jj-erty for sale to
t heir not ice.
I er ript ions of property for sale may be
written out in full, givirg character, location,,
price, t"rms of sale, and al! advantages oi"
schools, churches, roads, etc., which will be
editorially condensed to the required space,
and the letter numbered to corres. ond with
t he deseript ion, and tiled in lay otMce for re
ference. No charge v.ill be made tor sales,
arranged thrnuirh this ag'r:Cy the only fee
required bejnc i'.i: dollar for each description
inserted in tb" Land Ki oistfr, which must
I forwarded with the description. It. maybe
sent in silver by r gisu r.-d letter, or by po'staT
order at my r;s!:.
Correspondence on all subjects connected
with the development of all port ions of t he
State and Territory lespeel fully s.:ii it: d.
I k"e;i a r-.gisHr in my oti c" in which ar
entere.i nn- want s of al I pa .; ' . '. Hi" Mate and
Territory for laborers, mec'in:-.;es. merchants,,
etc., which Is wn tor the fre ins e: ion of
licwoonvrs. Notice -.f s i.-ii Willi's resp-'Ct-lully
solicited, AU matter intended U,r p:tb
lieatlon in th ' land !vfiy-r must, be writ tot:
oil one side oi" the paper only, and be in prior
to the nrr-t of February. 17S. All d scrii tions
of projw-rfy for .!.- will b" inserted in the
er.br of their arrival those coming tirst ort
t he outside pages.
Relieving that t k's : ne: io it ;o:i will Lcirrea! ly
to the fidvii ;i; age of bo'h bt.'er arai seller, I
respect tu My solicit the pat r -a oi t he pub'ie.
Address all coaitiiuhieat ioi.t. to meat Port
land. Oregon. i. "?!'. STt:.vliNr.
Portland, 0rn., Tuc. -Z, 177. ja Mf.
G u a rd !anT3 Safe.
Jjl pursuance- r.t i:n or-.h r of the t'ounty
Court of Marion "county, -re iron, m.-mc on
tllO ISIiniH ('Sl'lH'iii ,, .1. I', mi, 1 Hill i-.iei
for sal.-" to ih" highest bidder, nil the riirht,
tille ar.d interest oi 1 'iv V.'rignt, Orr Wright
and Ella Wright, minor heirs of Joseph A.
Wriirht, lec- aseu, of and in and to the follow
ing described paiv- !s of land situate in I lack
.unus count v, St-.l e of t'regon, to wit: Lot 3
of section I'.i'and the S. V. H of the S E. ?t,
and 1-ot 1,?. Sand 4 of section -jm. all in T. 4
s., i:.iK. of the Willamette Miiitiiau, con
taining lift acres more or less. The interest of
said minors being each an undivided one
third interest in said above described land.
Said sale will take place at the Court Ilonse
door in Oregon City, Clackamas county, Ore
gon, at the hour of one o'clock I'. M. on
'l'nesday, tlie 29tli dnywf Jajuiary, A. i
U7S. Terms of sale gold coin in hand.
ii. i . i;.ji."mjx
Guardian of said minors.
Pec. 27. !S77-.t.
Administrator's Safe.
5 creeof the ( oanty Court of the County
of Clackamas and .-tate of regon, made and,
entered on th. 4th day of ( H tobcr, ls?7, the,
undersigned, administrator of the estate of
the estate of John Gray, deceased, will sell at
public auction to the highest bidder at tho
Court House door of said county, on
Saturday, January 19th, 1ST8,
at the hour of 1 o'cIock-P. M. of said day, All
the following described, real property, belong
ing to said estate, and situate in the County
aforesaid, to-wit : A certain lot of land, de
scribed as follows : The N. K. of the S. E. fc
of section 20, and the N. H of the S. W. and
the N. W. of the s. E. of sec. 21, all in T. 4
S.. R. 2 E., of the Willamette Meridian, con
tain ing lfio acres. And also the following de
scribed tract, being in T. 4 S., R. 2 E.. of saldi
Meridian: Beginning at a point 2 chains
East and 20 chains South of the N. W. corner
of sec. 21, in said township ; running thence
South 20 chains; thence West 2H.75 chains;
thence North 20 chains: thence East 29.75
chains to the place of beginning, containing
50 acres.
Terms of sale : One-half of purchase money
to be paid down In erold coin ; balance in ono
year in like coin, with interest at 10 per cent.
r.acii tract to ik soiu sepaiaieiy.
JOHN NOVER, Administrator.
E. L. Eastiiam. Att'v for adm'r. dec20-4t.
U. S. I.AS-n Office, Ohkoon City,
Oregon, January 9, 1S7S. J
J at this oftice bv R. C. Patton. of Washing
ton county, against A. E. Incraham for aban
doning his homestead entry, No. lSH'.l, dated
August 21. 1871. upon the nort h-east Quarter
section 20. township 2 north, range 2 west, in
Washington county, Oregon, with a view to
the cancellation of said entry: the said par
ties are hereby summoned to appear at this
oftice on the 7th day ot February, l7rt, nt 10
o'clock A. M., to respond and furnish testi
mony concerning said abandonment.
I,. T. HAH IN, Register,
Jiilfl,7S-lt. T. R. HARRISON, Receiver.
JJ the firms of T. A. Davw V Co. ;ind
Hodge, Snell fc Co., heretofore engaged' in
the wholesale Drug. Paint, oil andUlaKs busi
ness, at Nos. 71 and 75 Front street, respective
ly, have this day consolidated under the firm
name of
and w "continue the business at No. 71 Front
sireel Dlilfurther notice.
1 , A. DAVIS,
GH' . W. SNET.Ii,
Portland, Ogn.,
January 1 IS7S.
Sale at this office. Just ices of the Vaeq
can g uDjthing tu their line.