Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1871-188?, February 16, 1872, Image 1

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r y Q
VOL. 0.
NO. 16.
Sljc lUcckln (Sutcvprisc.
Qusiness fVlan, the Farmer
ehitor and ru:;i-is!ii:n.
I.i Dr.The-s-us LtricK jju.iuih;,
Siagle Copy one year, in advance,
t eh ms of a i) 1 1: i i tisi x a
Transient advertisements, including ah
letr il notice:, q. of I- Lit, 1 u'- 2 r,!l
ForVa.-h su':)-ciiu.-iitin-flt'U;ii 1 '.l!
One (J..!u nu, one year :
H. If " "
y rf-r :
U tiiness CiAvA, 1 square one year. .... U
J-.') '(tiuri .' r,.i',Jc at the rhk u
Su'jsc ij' , it'iJ at Cue txp' ;' of Agents.
ti.1T The Eritrin ofipe U supplied w'th
beautiful, approved styles of type, :n.l inoil
era MACHINE I'll ESSES, winch will enable
the Proprietor to lo Job Punting at all limes
Neat, Quick and Cheap .'
3" Work solicited. . ,
AH JSuiine.it tr.iti ftium upon a Spec..' . ..
n usixess a a nu s
cuas k w.;i;;!:v.
F. a. !;: :;ks.
a. r: "35
F O R t3
OFI'ICS - Cll A It M X'.S ItltiCK, MAI
Nov. lo i71:ti''
J. M . T1I''MPS'N, C V FITCii
sax jjis
a ;
k i jj Oil it
IlilXL KS I'ATii UOrstllL A XI) SOLD,
SriiACl' UF TITLL.S i'UiCXl.vilKD.
oi'l'itle of all property in L::u;om'
City, an 1 perfect plats of f:e same, prep.it ed
witli great care. We will pi ;;ctice i;: t'.e
dittVreut C mrts oi' the Stat . Special at
tetiti )ti given to the c di etioti -f all claims
that uiav be placed in our hands. Legal
Tenders i, ought and s ,M. sepsft
Inr'orter and Dealer in
12 CI 12 H2 ZZ'i.
stat i x :: i i v . i' :: ; -. ! f m i : i t y.
Orrtron (Ji'-V, Orison.
At t
CI pn
I bj s. .
I o t f
' ll.i r '.
AC) Ms'vJ
M V ! X
o ::"; ox c
"V, KF.ttOX.
OEFP.'i: - la Odd F !!.-w-' Tirjde,
et' F i r.-1 :ud Ab't r Sffe' ts. Pi
T i ' pat
oner it ') i:
il l g Oi t Iio -e .es! i
ig slip r or
X it roils o v-
id to - t.w. o.itttless extraction of teeth.
fAitt ie.ial ted,;1, "better than ti.o best,
and h ",',.-',in
Will le 'in Oregin ejty un Saturdays.
Xov, 3: f
Dr. J, H. HATCH,
D E NT I 3 T
The :i atr.m iLte ot'tiinse destrin
tint C7'-
t'lfri '-');(. is respecttiiily solicited.
',S .it is lac lion in all cases guaranteed.
Jj. I. A ' -r j I- adtuilll.-tCXvU f:T the
Painless i - x 1 1 action of Teeth.
Offick Iii Weigant's new b iildirej. wot
i le i. pirst street, between Alder and Mor
isoa '.roots, Portland, Oregon.
' ' SiJ lit. E!X. IXjUTt -e. Oiitast n.
OF''7'Vi-Odd Fellows' 'ieii.pie. c.ie.et
virstan l lLr trcCts lteidetice coratr t.i
j tin and Seve.tt'a streets.
Est ihb-.'i-:1 s'n -e lspj.at th- old st.mJ,
If it'n V', ' ', (V-g(j.-t C'ii';, (.Vv;;-i.
An Assortment ot u aici.o.-ietv-eb'v.
and Sct'i l"a..ie.as weigh:
V, -ks, all of which are warranted
in he a- represeatcd.
Ue;..ii; iiiurs done on short notice.
ud thankful for past Livers.
o n eg o x t r.
li o; Urs for the delivery of nitrehan-di,em-
pickares and frctjht f whatever des
ri.tia t.t anv nu o. ,.i vv, ..... .-..
c i. e
otnntly ana win: ca:e.
' .0cu,p..SGaftVausA .
,..,, A -nos'te tne .dan
0. li r ruiv .-i v-, ,
shin la eling, Portu
md. Oregon.
H. ixUitic e)a, J . -i. vy
. r -r ";UT,r
P Tl 0 P P. I E TORS.
MCr Week .
" with!.
" I5-..
in Art
edging. .
.. i
"A mere type-setter ! still a man
The world, perch tflce. imy wed revere
Unknown, unnoticed, one who can
11 ave nought to hope at,.l nought to fear.
ei where the kingly seepteiv.l hand.
J he limw that wwrs the pricely gem.
1 hat wields Si) well a wide eoiiiniand
Whose "stick' may uiutcb a uiadein.
"A mere lypeseiter !"' let us see:
YVho gave tie; glorious stiiptM to air.
That mark the banner of the bee;
And o.Mii.d the siai-H tisat glitniiu-r there.
Who turned the bolt of heaven aside,
A,, 1 C'-nq iered its ethereal fire?
'1U Uade the lightiiinjr hut niless !i;le
Aluog hu h,jL,ic W;.nd a:.d wire?
'A mere. t.vpe-K-tter.:'1 Search the past,
"i he record of each buttle field ;
W ho nailed uar colors to the nia-t
And di.'d bei.ait.-e they cou!d not yield '.
Wiio tan.;ht our hand to s: l ike t he blo w
'ihioi.h toil, and danger ami distress
i liat severed Kagland's Chain of woe
Who but i tie ui is er uf the -i'l-ess V-
A mere type-.-etk-r i
To bid liie slave ( I
1 hat t v tan v .-lionid o
.same of fear,
IVeedoni wake
ake to Lenr,
.vild old o;ipies.-iuii"s einjtire sh.
Is i'latiKlin a lorj;.'tiei) name.
'i"ha: men no linger ieeie?
Has Prentice lost h:s. soal id" fame
Ur Gn
J lit. pen ol fear
"A mere typc-sei'.er !"' Honored name.
Thai ages yet unborn may bie.-s.
Vi hea einjiires crtin.ble and their (ante
lias .-'.ink in worse than nothing iie.-s !
Show the thing vhos jeers deride
T!ie n. ere type setters hanihle school.
Vn I I'li s!:ow yon ;. a ape ot priue.
-s braiu'e.-s as the d indv tool.
Longevity cf a Good HzA-
Here is a neat little story from
a entuck y : vlivUU twenty-live
Vi'ttrs ago a young man from "that
!ue touiC :i horse-o.tec rule to
i"- - - i i . ,
nunna, wuere ins latiier came
from, ami f.n ins way no nut a man
r ii-
ami his family removing west, s
Iioor that they were, tilmost reduc
ed to slai'va.lion.
1 If had com oas-
s;on on
the wretched group, and
i a ;
:) bill
v. un w
t.i reach
jottitiev s e
about lifieen years the yomiLr man
rc-ceived a letter from the man he
na-.i KcineiKlcd, saying be w;is ;i
prospenms merchant m Southern
iventucky, ami enclo.-mg :i bib
to repay liis loan. After smother
ten years, which included the gresit
reoel'iou and Us
was elected to the
louse ol
the iventucky Legislature, :nt
1 be-
ig a man of
t -L.
iml insiuence,
was e
! ,
insen rspeaker. in the contest
v. !
iich, he had noticed that a
stranger and one of the other party
was his strongest supporter. J lis
curiosity was aroused by this, and
;i ever 1
oge, seen
lied th.e
him be;: re.
m.-'inbvr, "vim will reestil, when 1
niention it, a liltle scene that occur
red when you were si boy on your
way to Yirginisi. It was you who
s:icd my wife from starvation.
She told me time and again that
never did a morsel of food tate so
i sweet, so utterly lel;cious. as tnat
you gave her then. She was just
six years old at that time ; bul
when site saw your name, during
the late canvass, ainon-r ib.-.
ie iate canvsi
li'iit. pridialdi
c:md;-.,ates for tlie
te, laid down the
lav,s as to jjow I was to vote.
1 his is all. Xeither shr, nor her
father Pot' mother, m
si ter, nor m s.elf, c;
;r hi
oilier nor
ever foi
s. 1 1 '! r 02
A1U.P Likp.-
There is St set of peo-
p!e whom L cannot Lear
tne i links
ot h
e very
able ;
i i
'ord is
propriety whose
precise, sum
movement, is un
but who though
xct -pt ion-
verse t
ti-.e categories of polite behavior,.
have not si particle ot soul or cor
diality about them. Ye allow
that their iminners may be abun
dantly correct, There, may be el
egance in every gesture, and gr:u:e
fabr. --"s in every p'rtion; not a
smile out of place, and not si step
that would not bear the measure
ment of the- severest scrutiny.
This is all very tine ; but what, I
want is t'.e heart and " tu: y of
social intercourse ; the frsmkness
tiiavspivads east' ami animation;
the eve that speak alfability to ali,
Unit chases
timi.liy iroin every
IT t
bosom, si ml U
ns every man in the
company to oe con
indent and has-
fhis is wl
at 1 Coneei ve to be
the virtue or tlie text, and not the
sickemng lormalit v ot t hose who
would reduce the whole of loiman
life to a wire-hound system of mis
ery and constraint. Cmhunrs.
- - ,
(iooi) Dr.i iM i io.s. A modern
fashinabie wedding is iieiiued to be
a grand, crisis of clothes; the
'bride" a peg on which linei v of
all kinds is hung; the "bride
groom, a sober black object follow
ing tlie bride, of no account in
particular, and yet without whom
there would be no fuss and the fun
could not go on."
T.i-rr-r? . t
-Enraged Parent-
! "Did you throw the half-brick at
. ...
random.-' eep'.ng l.'oy ".o; I
threw it at Johny "William?.5'
"Ami li'l you stike him on pur-
pose ;
"Ao i struck Iniu on the
Grant's Jets.
x oik Vorl:l fiirni.slics
he iolloviiii;detai!eil statoiiK'nt of
liie tiKitiy iiestioii:ibo'transactioits
m which our present Ka.licul Chief
.Magistrate is enaied:
The President'.s reconuiiendation
that the Government purchase the
telegraph lines of the L'liitetl States
is a job. It is tbe last ami worst
ami greatest job of his otlicial
As President, Mr.-Grant pushes
ihe use of the Seneca sandstone in
the public buildings, sidewalks,
etc., ot ashuio-ton. As stock
holders of the Seneca Sandstone
Companv Mr. Grant si ml his mili
tary entourage pocket the profits.
As President, Mr. Grant pushes
the purchase and obstinately' main
tains the war power protectorate
of Santo Domingo, Success there
in now impossible would have
feathered his own nest ami the
nests of all the "White llou-e
As President, Mr. Grant ap
points or removes internal revenue
oilicers at Chicago. As a thrifty
investor Mr. Grant sees his brother
Orville, by foreknoledge and influ
ence m appointments and remov-
a is, imike
himseu and his whii-kv
As President, Mr. Grant dictat
ed, before and on Plaek 'Friday,
the policy of the United Stales
Treasury Department in all
. reet. As a loud husband he had
the pleasure of seeing The .1" isk-
Gould-Corbiu iob pay over 5,000
on the risk and Gouid t rsmsaci ion.
By the bye, will not Mr, Stewtut
disclose how it w:ts invested 'i
As President 31 r. Grant nomin
ates persons to ihe civil service of
rite ( nited States. As plain Mr.
ira:it lie receives trom them
by the score from
s eolfao'e :t Lou..-'
i I i
! ;
a u i i- its i t r itn
nt .Mr.
iv recommends lavora
,.,.;,,., i' ,i,
. vs noneM .tit. v.i rani, o ne nas
iio'igiit one year ago (through
"Friends ot course) 5,000 shares ol
Western Union Telegraph Com
pany stock at 44, which to-day is
worth (is, lie has made four times
Ids annual salary, and what with
the power of his oiMce and the
margin ot pro.it siill remaining (on
a par sale to the United Stales)
j ' i
open to venal Kepresenial ivcs liKe
A- i
the late Thad Stevens and carpet-
bagging Senat oi s.
Air. Grant stands lair
to mak
ms odiee pist siDout twice as orout-
as his re-election. ( irant is a
jobber. So was Tweed. This is
his tone. This is his conception of
public and private moraiily. He
is not. indeed :ui absolute thief, but
(irant is last becoming a millionaire
by precisely the same methods
which made Tweed Vich before he
turned thjef to oCt richer.
Grsliti's S'".ii'c:i snnilstotie iob is
weak lmutition
of M weei s blue-
r .
tone (luarry po. it is even more
scandalous, for
the Seneca sand-
a miserable stone
costl y,
i '.
ps badly in cutting ami is not
dursible. Twceil'.-
tone wsts
.rant nor 1 weed see wroii"- m
such use of otlicial position for pri
vate protit.
Ci rant's telegraph purchase job
beats Tweed's County Court-liouso
job hollow. Tweed's mt pr)fit of
the AO,000,000, tracked in Mr.
riideifs allitlavit,is a llea-bite to the
profit which will go straight to the
pockets of Grant's "next friends"
when the estern Union stock is
Us highest, (irant will
liigher than Tweed tor distributing
the cost of his private gains over
the b;tcks of forty millions of tax
payers. For Tweed cruelly sad
dled his extortions noon one mill
ion. Put as betw een Giantism and
Tweedism, morally, there is little
to choose.
55 rp
The Louisville
Li'.hti' slings
the following at U.
S.Grant's ileftmlers and apologists ;
"Vv'ill the Xew York Tinas and
the Louisville (Jom ntrrrinl dare to
deny that on the t2:Ll of May,l S30,
John liussell Jones of Chicago
deeded to President Grant ninety
seven acres of land in Cook coun
ty, and that on the same day John
Kussell Jones was appointed Min
ister to Pelginm? Or shall we be
obliged to publish a certilied copy
of the deed now on file in this of
lice Ot!) Mauu G was never re
garded as a paragon of neatness ;
and if "cleanliness is next unto
godliness," as Saint Paul asserts,
it is to be feared that the old lady
never attained to the latter state.
Not only was she any thing but neat
herself but she showed :i sovereign
contempt for the quality in others.
Speaking of neat people, one day
she remarked that her son Josiuh
was one of the most particlar men
in the world. "Why," said she,
"lie threw away a whole cup of
coffee, the other morning, because
it Lad a bedbug in it !"
Rough on Eevcls.
Cincinna'i Commercial Washington Letter.
T heard a good story told of the
colored ex-Sen ;itor from Mississippi,
the other day. Pevels, while in
the Senate, was petted somewhat
by the Xew Enland peo,ple, and, I
fear, somewhat spoiled, for he had
not beep, in t he Senate a fori night
Uefore hq had adopted the practice
of Mr. Sumner, of never receiving
jpiv cards while the Senate was in
session. Every other Senator, if
lie gets a card from a person, goes
out into the hall to see him. Mr.
Sumner instructed the doorkeepers
never to bring him a card during
the sessions of the Semite, ami ?dr.
Revels followed his practice and
became, of coarse, a little unpopu
lar. Put that is nothing to the
purpose. Uevels received many
invitations from Xew England to
lecture. Of course he could n"t
make a decent lecture, and he
was no speaker, but he was a col
ored brother and a Senator, and
they made the most of him. He
was, as all know, in the Senate but
a short time, yet he made it pay.
lie w;is rarely in the city, ami ac
cepted all the invitations to lecture
that came to him. While being
made the mo't of in Massachusetts
the ol
element, 1
frequently heard the name of Mr.
Harrison. Jte nnaiiy askeo
of his newlv-mtule friend.-
ri i- ii i
st m e
this man Garrison" was.
i.:3werei m
rreatest astoni-h-
meut :
"Why. don't you know "William
Llovd Garrison, the great Aboli
tionist " Xo," he rejilied, " I doift think
X know hiin. Yhere is he from?"
" Why, he live lie re, in Massa
chusetts ?'
1 .1
on t mean
thegrtdit Senator; " I mea
.v.as I:e a s.sive :
I bi-iievc the answer
question was never giveib
A Law -icu-lik :: Ansv.
to this
prominent Lawyer was hailed while
passing a jewelry
proprietor, with :
t re
by the
in lu re a moment ; we
thing for you to solve.
have so me
lt" si man
brings his wsilch to be lived, and
it costs me- ten cents to do it, .and
I keep it a week, and charge him
six. dollars, what per cent, do I
make? "We have been ligiiring,
anl make it IPM) percent, and haye
only got up to on" dollar. How
much d.o vim say it would be at
six dollars?" Well," replied the
General, t; I do not wonder at your
perplexity, for it is well known,
and the celebrated Babbpge calcu
lating machine has deni .mstrated,
that sit certain oob-'o ..nrvii o
, . . i" "
numbers tlu- law governing them
es. in mis case the law
would change, and long before it
would reach the six. dollars, it
would run out of nor cent, and
sts larceny.
i lie London Crystal Palace aqua
rium is four hundred feet long and
seventy feet broad, and the' total
capacity of all the tanks is 200,000
-gallons of water, weighing a mil
lion pounds. Of sea anemones
alone there are already in the aqua
rium over three thousand specimens
These riower-Iiko animals, being de
prived in their captivity of the
ocean currents which bring them
their food, have to be fed at fre
quent intervals, each having given
to it a morsel of fond suited to its
si. 70.
-o- .
:ttt:cs Si
xs." The storv
pegro who prayed
earnestly that he and his colored
brethren might be preserved from
what he called tlie ''upset tin' sins."
Tirudder," said o;;e of his friends
at the close of the meeting, "you
ain't got tlie hang of that word.
It's beset tin', not upsettin'."
"Prudder," replied the other, "if
that's so it's so. Put I was pravin'
de Lord to sabe us trom de ton of
intoxication, and if dat ain't a up
settin' sin' I dumio wat am."
The greatest part of mankind may
be divided into two classes that
of shallow thinkers who fail short
of the truth, and that of abstruse
thinkers who go beyond it. The
latter chi-s. are by far the most un
common, and I may say by far the
most useful and valuable. They
suggest hints sit Lust, and sluTt
difficulties which they want, per
haps, skill to pur.-ue, but which
may produce very line discoveries
when viewed by men who have a
more just view about thinking.
Jhivid Iluint.
Never was a Poman province
won at any cost of blood and treas
ure so shamefully oppressed, even
in the days of barbarism, so-called,
as is the South to-day. As an in
stance: Xew Orleans is taxed ten
cents on every dollar of real and
personal property, m the city.
The Picivjune says:
are !
merely working for our subsistence I
our victuals and clothes, all our I
profits are absorbed in taxes."
i ' J
Elcepin Together.
More quarrels arise between
brothers, between sisters, between
hired girls, between school girls,
between clerks in stores, between
apprentices, between hired men,
between husbands and wives, ow
ing to electrical changes through
which their nervous system go by
lodging together night after night,
under the same bed clothes, than
by any other disturbing cause.
There is nothing that will 'derange
the nervous system of a person who
is elitninative in nervous force, sis to
lie all night in bed with another
person who is absorbent in nervous
torce. The absorber will o-0 to
sleep and rest all night, while the
eliminator will be tumbling and
tossing, restless and nervous, and
wake up in the morning frttful
peevish, fault-finding ami discour-
l.r.wl X'
eu. ,,o two persons, no matter
to they are. should habitnnllv
sleep together. One will
and the other will lose. This is
the law, and in married life is de
fied almost universally,
air of
The manner in which a newspa
per paragraph sometimes makes
the rounds of the press, has, per
haps, rarely been better illustrated
y tne lodowing, the original
wliicn was first started by the
'cant' Uosf, in Xew York, and
was sunt,! v thus:
loyu- i ne pos
tie of whist, under the old dispens
ation, is said to have died full of
years and honors.,' Copying this,
the day after it appeared in
the 7Jt.',-.' the Xew YovL liW,7
added: "fhis is not true, lie has
merely fallen asleep, waiting for
the last run; p." This, again,' was
taken up mid' passed around in the
following order: "Wonder if the
grave digger held a 'full hand' of
spades?" .Lt mist' We Conri, r .Tow
tin!. "He doubtless met the dtiee
with a grim-ace.' " hi-.ut.jo .Kce
uitt'j Jitui'tml. "And is now ex
pecting I he Angel Gabriel to 'order
himup."' Ac'- J nrk Cinnmcrciitl.
"It is cruel to talk of him thus after
he has 'handed in his chips.' "
J'iffx'tUf; L nth r. "True; espe
cially as it is perfectly obvious he
has now tt 'play the dummy.'"
Tifnsr'Ue Cmifhr. To this we
would humbly suggest that it.
seems rather hard to have all the
papers ot the country play this
"cut -throat' game on a man who
has to "go it alone.''
"Wo concur heartily with the
Cincinnati j'Jnuiir in saying that
we nave had strong prejudices
against General Logan of Illinois,
but really he is behaving quite ad
mirably this session. His, scathing
rebuke to the Administration lead
ers for opposing the General Am
nesty bill because, forsooth, it
won hi
Xort h
reheve Governor ance ot
Carolina of his disabilities.
and render hire, eligible to his seat
in the Semite, which a mean carpet
bagger by the name of Abbott is
Trying to steal from him, w:is well
timed and manly. Poth the Scu
sitors from Illinois were formerly
old Democrats, and occasionally,
in their independence and in their
scorn of political baseness, we see
;x spark of the old fire. It is dilii
cult for one to throw off entirely
the effects of si good early political
Most remarkable case of pet
rifaction is that of the body of a
lady well known in
On attempting to re-
move ih
from the College
Cemetery, for interment in Moun
tain Home Cemetery, the sexton
found the collin so heavy that he
had lo procure the assistance of a
number of men. It was then rais
ed to (he surface, but in so doing
the cofiin was broken, and revealed
the marble-like body within. An
examination was made1, and the
features were found to be perfectly
preserved; even the petals of flow
ers upon her breast were marbleized
and intact. The folds of her cloth
ing and everything were wonder
fully preserved, and the whole
were statuesque in appoarsmce. It
is said the cofiin was full of water
en openeo
L pi
ALL lib
wives who pant for freedom will be
glad to hear that Indiana still
stands their friend, The total
number of suits for divorce, brought
in the Allen county (Indianapolis)
Courts this year up to the present
time is 1,200. Of these 1,0S0 were
grated and 112 dismissed. Forty
one divorces were granted in one
Du. Xewmax appears to be a
handy mar. to have sit the Capital,
and excellent at certifying to the
piety of candidates for office. Af
ter having certified to the piety
of Senator Harlan, he cr.uld not
probably have any scruples of con-
science in regard to vouching for
tfiat of General Grant. He is also
celebrated lor his prayers, having
composed a prayer for the North j
Pole. A" i &n?i. j
eancr than Tweedism ?
Prom the Xew York Sun (RadicaP.
Xearly every day brings some
fresh development illustrating the
resemblance of Grantism to Tweed
ism, even in the most minute de
tails of the methods adopted for
plundering the public.
(irant has a Poard of Public
Works in Washington, which has
been shown to be as corrupt and
lawless as Tweed's Board of Pub
lic Works in this city. Tweed and
his accomplices had their marble
qu.arry for supplying material for
public buildings at extravagant
prices, and Grant and his friends
have a Seneca stone quarry used
for the same purpose. Tweed had
i l
si swarm of his relations provided
with soft places at the public ex
pense, and Grant has pensioned his
connections and his wife's -connections,
to the remotest degree of con
sanguinity, upon theFmited States
Tresisury. Tweed used money free
ly to control the action ot the State
Legislature, and Grant lias used the
Federal patronage lavishly to in
huence the legislation of Congress,
and has gone to the Capital in per
son to lobby in the interest of the
mercenary San Domingo Ping.
Tweed even went so far as to clutch
at the deposits of the industrious
poor in the savings banks, and now
it appears from a letter in the Sav
anait Xro:s that the Freedman's
Savings Dank and Trust Company
in Washington3au institution which
holds in trust millions of dollars be
longing to poor colored people, is
managed in the most reckless man
ner by a set of desperate svieeubi-
tors in the interest of the Seneca
tiwov. iuu, oi v i nca i ijTiaiil,
r w 1 ho
most distinguished member.
The correspondent of the JVefs,
who appears to be as familiar with
the interor workings of this bank
as was Capt. O'Pourke with the
secrets of tlie Comptroller's oilice,
distinctly asserts that attempts to
draw out any considerable part of
the money due to depositors would
result in a wreck of the concern.
He says that the bank has loaned
money to the Seneca Stone Com
pany of a fictitious value, and that
$250,000 of the freed men's earn
ings have been spent for a banking
house built of Seneca stone. He
ui ther says that an investigation
would sho v among the assets of
Ihe institution shares in the stock
of other s.-ivings companies, placed
at a fictitious value, the officers of
which are also oficers of ihe bank ;
corner lots enough for a city, but
many of them of doubtful value;
near;' a million dollars worth ot
contractors' accounts against the
old and new governments of Wash
ington ; and stock of fancy paving
companies on which loans have
been made. Ihe Hon. Henry D.
Cooke, the Treasurer and heaviest
stockholder in the Seneca Stone
Company, who yeas appointed by
Grant Governor of the Territory, is
Chairman of tlie Finance Commit
tee of the savings bank. Other
members of the Finance Committee
su e spoken of as notorious jobbers
suul speculators and sire charged
with borrowing the funds of the
Lu:k which they control, in viola
tion of the provisions of its char
ter. The details of loans inside un
der circumstances calculated to
create the gravest suspicious are
given. with great particularity, and
other disclosures of a more start
ling nature are promised.
These charges may or may not
be sustained by proof ; but they are
conlidcntly made in the columns of
a respectable newspaper, and are
republished in the Washington I'a
triot, whose editors msiy be suppos
ed to be competent judges of their
credibility. If it is true that the
savings of the poor negroes have
been misappropriated or hazarded
in the- reckfess manner described,
it. only goes to show a little more
clearly than heretofore how closely
Tweedism and Giantism assimilate
in this essential characteristic.
PobL-ingthe negroes, however,may
be considered a Jittle meaner than
robbing white folks; if so, it is but
just to Tweed that his kind of rob
bery should have all the credit to
be drawn from this nice distinction.
How Loxt; ir takes to Pi:ad
tiu; Bidlk TiinoueiH. Elder
Weaver, a man who has preached
the gospel with good success for
forty-five years, who is noy settled
over the Bsiptist Chuich in Yolun
town, staled in sin address to the
Sunday School in the Congrega
tional Church in Jewett City, that
he had heard a man say that he had
reati the Lible through m stxtv
hours. Determined to ascertain if
he had told the truth or a lie, he set
about it himself, and read the whole
of it aloud tt) his wife in fifty-nine
Incurs and something over thirty
minutes. He read sometimes an
hour, and sometimes two hours a
day, keeping the exact time, with
the result indicated above.
An enterprism
r Xew Englander
i r,in,m;f A IL"
loat on the n ei oangt..
. i.:,.. I. ..niccnri'
ls ftrp.r.f.ism TJ
Fact and Fancy.
A tight fit- The delirium trem
ens. A sad dog one Avho tarries long
at his AvJiine.
Sixteen railways of England owr
8,400 locomotives.
Pour people meet a violent death,
every day in Xew York.
An enterprising editor of Wyan
lote dates his letters thus, "Y &
"Why is a beefsteak like a loco
motive? It is not much accon
without a tender.
In dress a lady should aim. ab
S mple elegance rather than osten
tation of display.
The Pussian Grand Dukes only
have $25,000 a year each for.
spending money. Poor boys !
If you should lose your nose,
v.: hat 'would you do? TsikePthe.'
first one that turns up.
A Detroit wedding was "post-,
poned" by an affidavit handed ill
by si discarded lover.
That New York Custom House,.
''ring" is fearfully loud. It is heard
sll over the country.
An honesst man gathers no moss.
A rolling stone's the noblest work'
of God. 1 V. Xasbn.
The velocity of the galvanic cur
rent in iron wire does not exceed
1,800 per second.
Sol Smith liussell, the actor, has.
been baptised, and contemplates,
studying theology.
Three hundred and five murders,
in Xew York city last year, and,
nobody hanged. ; q
St. Louis has a Free Thinkers
Society, and Louisville caps it
with si Free Drinkers' Association.
The County Pecorder at Boston'
employs twenty ladies, besides
three male clerks, one of whom is
a mute.
Baron von Schlosser, the success
or of Baron Gerolt sxs Prussrau,
Minister to Washington, is. remark
ably gifted as a musician. O
A Georgisi negro lighted a papec
bombshell, and blew it up to. hasten,
the explosion. It was a sad "blow;"'
to his family.
Mr, Low-
got "high
on egg-;
nogg, at Columbia, Ga., and was
brought low by a little pistol in
the hsinds of a boon companion.
Chang, the giant, has found Q
young woman, in Australia who.
has consented tq change hey eoinlU
tion. Xp cards.
The public is getting pretty
well bored with the numerous re
ports of the Nev,T York Board of
Over the door of a cobbler shop
in Providence appears this legend :
" Boots and shoes is made hear
ladies and shentlemans repaired.'
King Louis, of Bavaria, broke
the msitrimonial engagement with
his cousju because she ate prunes.
Such a lover isn't worth a lig.
A hundred and twenty Cash?
mere goats have been imported,
into Utah, where they will be'Utah
lized in the production of shawls.
An old lady thinks the Bonds,
must be a family of strong religious
instincts, because she hears of many
of them being converted
Minnie Ilauck, the American,
prima donna, has been offered by
the Empress of Austria the position
of contratrice to her majesty for
A young lady writes to a friend ;
"Miss Smith is staying with us.
We went out sailing yesterday. I
didn't know there was so much in
A quarry of round-grain marble,
200 acres it) extent, hsis been found
in Brillion, Calumet county, Wis
consin. It is of a pink and whitp
color, and is equal to the Italian.
" Loss of a China packet ship !"
exclaimed, si simple minded old
laday, as she laid down a newspa
per, " I should think so, when not
even iron sire always sate."
A Xew York justice became en-ra-ed
at a witness, and told him if
hefspoke that way again the Court
would forget its dignity and punch
his snoot.
The Cambridge young ladies re
fuse to accept courtesies involving
ui outluY of lucre from the Har
vard men. They even insist on
-ivin" for their tickets to the col
lege assemblies.
An English banker's son has
been convicted of a mania for
breaking widows. He would hab
itually shoot at the largest and
costliest plate-glass with a catapult
and stone bullets.
"The best way to find out is to
put a ring on it," was the blushing
reply ot a young woman to the re
mark of her lover that he hoped
her "hand wos not counterfeit."