The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, November 19, 1920, Image 1

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' Oieeon News nous .
Birthday Surprise Party
liwrll Duncan, one of Wcstoii'a
nun I ji -pulnr young mi'ii, reached the
Hi' of twenty -on" year last Moii
dnv mul Im'immio I In- liniment victim
" 1 1 " f mi uncxH--ted observance in hi
Redi Wipe Out Wnnael'i Arm) or at the hm of Mr. m.i Mrs.
ivrii u (iirri. n urn i wthv
the huiiMi At tins unumI rvi'hlnjc hour
e: hill.'
and Muter Whole Crim
ean Peninsula.
accompanied the atudents eompri.oiu;
the cut in th school play, to IMi
JaatVveiilng. A rainy day preceding
the "evening, made the roads diflVul:
of negotiation.
Ik'rt Pierfol came over from hia
of On
U Constantinople Th. army
Krai Wrangel, the and bolshevik lead
l-ome him. A moitt delightful evening
wan imined with games ami munic
ft In aouth lliisala. baa bn wiped out fr Uivrrniunii, and a twu courmj
and a number of ble g.n.rals have UIHt.(iii waa Hvrvrd. Thoaa present
committed tulclde. were: Misses iMlie llrandt, Kiithrr
A mob la Hebaatopol haa pillaged Davia, P.liza and Vira Morrison,
he found a Jovial company of young ufc.
iH Aide, dremied In their bent, to wel- , . k...
... ' .a A..uuitulv.nn '" I'1" in Hkni Ut Saturday. Kir
tb American Red Croaa storks.
Thirteen tboussnd refugees have ar
rived here from Brbaainpol, hut be
cause of the lack of accommodations
In J he city, they are etill aboard ship,
ni pored In the Doephorui.
Heeral thouaand'nior. are due here,
and iria und.r.tood have ba
permitted to take paeaaie from the
Crimean rlty. It was foflnd Impoaal
hie to provide ehlpa for the entire
population of 10,000. Two thouiaod
wounded men also have arrived and
have been dlatrlbuted among the
Trench and llueelan hnepltale.
Babaetonol fell to the Ruaaian aoviet
fnrcei at I o'clock Sunday evening
after the evacuation plana had been
fully carried out, according to word
received here. Oeneral Wrangel, it it
atated. ii lb laat to leave, going
aboard the cmtaer Kornlloff. cheered
by hla troops.
A fire wblch originated through an
areldent d.ttroy.d the hlahly valuebla
atoree of the American Red Croaa at
Mr. and Mm. George Banister re
visiting at Witsbnr,, this ?-.
They wilt leave soon to upend tho V'in
tir in California, ami Mr. aid Am.
Ralph llaynle will occupy their rel-
lenr on Fifth atrcft.
v - i. . ..I ilia ti-ath lifimn ni nr ale and visited IIIH par-
ill hia unual work -a day attire, . . t Mr . 1Inl)Mniwl UI, from
K lnulul ...... 1 .... M U J.f lltl. .. .. .... - I
Pendleton by hln two BiHlerii, wra.
rn and Mra. .Smith.
The little one waa 111 thirteen day, Mr. ami Mra. l.unen uannon imi
followiiiK the eating of applea poia- ilauKhter Horeiiee have iron.- on a
oned from the effecta of apraying. trip in Port land, Markhficld, and mi-
Th parenU have tho aympathy of aildy California. Thj in Mr. iiagn-
thclr Athena frienda. "' first trip to the coaxt.
Miaa Zola Keen- waa operated UHn Mm. Cetiie Sturifia arrived Wed-
Wednewlay at Walla Walla, for-rcluf neaday morninif from San r'ranciwo,
tnnn a loii-landiiiK caae of inteati- and ia at the home of her pnrentt.
nat trouble. The appendix wa re- Mr. and Mra. F. II. Iloyd, on Fifth
moved and lr. Sharp, who aemated alni't.
in tho operation, rcporta tle patient F. K. UGrow made a i)paiiie trip
to be nroirrcaeinif far better than waa to Portland thia week, and also took
V . vxfiecUd by the aurgeona. However, in tho biC etotk ahow.
SatlUday AlterSOOn UUD mm Kw,nB wjn bKrd to remain Mi Vira Morriain of Weaton waa
The Salunlay Afternoon club met bed-fant for a much longer eriod in the city a couple of daya thia week,
November 13 at the Homo of Mra. J. than ia uaual, nay the doctor. s - the Kuent of Miaa Eva O'Harra.
C. Trice. After roll call, which waa R.ina have asain interfered with Tho attractive bungalow on east
anawered by quotationa from Dickena' the progrcaa of atreet improvement Main atreet built for Mra. Ann Tay
Wavel O'Harra and Ruby Price;
Mra. Frank Smith; Mcaara. Rulon
Smith Carl llrandt, Carmen Oliver,
Darwin Hall, Herman O'Harra, Lyle
Webb, UnJer O'Harra and Lowell
lor, haa reached completion and Aunt
Ann ia now moving; into her prop-,
John Wall and Claude Sanders will
leave for Portland today, going from
there by water route to San Francit-
ChriMmas Carol, a paper on Dickens' )n Athena. The rock base on Jeffer
Hiatorical Novels, by Mrs. M. W. n,n street had been spread and ia in
Pedvraen, waa greatly enjoyed. Dis readiness for the hot stuff as aoon as
russlon of the topic was led by Mrs. the weather will permit The work
Payne. Current Eventa, led by Mrs. jn(r crtw hai been transferred to Pen
Wurxer. followed. Mrs. Emery dleton tomnorarilv.
Staggs was elected to membership in Mr and Mrf Theodore Russell of . here they will spend the winter,
the club and Mrs. Iliinney and Mrs. port,nd wer, in th, city Sunday, at- The boys hope to find employment in
Winn, two recent members, were wel- UnAing the jLynie-Banieter wedding, the Golden Gate city,
coined at tho meeting. A dainty 0thcr out-of-town gueets wera Mr. Fell In Front of Plow,
lumh was served by Mrs. Hodgson Bn(J Mn E H jgrd 0f Waita- N. Burokcr met with a serious ac-
and Mra. Wurrer, asalated by tho huTg. Mr tm( Mrg qj McConnell ci,icnt last Friday while plowing on
hostess. Mrs. McNce waa present aa of lMix. Mr ,,,4 Mrs. C. E. Fisk of the Charley Betta place south of town,
a club guest. The next meeting will .,.,.,. Mr. C. , Kmjth and lira, a sudden iumo bv his team threw
II. B. Grant haa li-n elected mayor
t Dallas.
Ilippnt-r'a new I0K.000 hotel will
aoon be open to the public.
The eehool houae at Bpray, Wheeler
eounty, waa totally deatroyed by fir
laat week.
The 1920 tax roll shows total valua
tion of f37.174.-t60 for Uxable property
In Marlon county.
Harney county at the recent tlectlost
passed an Initiative bill placing a S
eent bounty on rabbits.
Asseasnirnt rolls for Coos eounty
have beeQ completed and abow a total
valuation of 23,442.li2.
Out of 361 studenta In a Balem school
examined by the school nurse, 170 wer
found physically imperfect.
The total rainfall at Marshfield dur
ing the month of October waa 10.14
Inches, breaking all previous records.
With f 1100 on band and a budget
of only 2o00, Cr-sweU will probably
have the lowest tax rate of any tows
In the state.
The annual whool budget of Med
ford, an increase of $10,130 over laat
year's budget, waa passed by a vota
of 183 to 13. '
The annual teachers' tnatltuto ol
Marlon county will be held In the high
school buimir.g in Salem, November
22. 23 and 24.
The Bend Commercial club closed ltaf
three days' membership campaign with
- a total of 366 members and pledgee for?
a $7500 service fund.
Delegates to Assembly
Keen to Meet World
! Problems. A
deneva. Determination to teeet !
trlcate problems la world affairs aad
to lay firmly the foundation stones ol
the league of nations waa evident in
the demeanor of delegates of forty
one countrlea when tbey convened here
Monday for the first session of tht
assembly of the league
Paul Hymans of Belgium waa elect
ed permanent president of tho league
of nationa at the opening aesslon of
the league's assembly. Ho received
35 votes to four votes for Preaidenl
Motta of Switterland. and ope each
for ex President Ador of Switzerland i
. . . . 1 . S)
ih. TZLn Z. In trado coZr. hrW W,lh th' C'Ub J 'ith. Dr. and Mrs. Fred Lie him from hi. gang plow on which he
Si .Z ZZ ZT .rm. wsal. M'mwW h""- ' Pcmlieton; Mr. and Mrs. i. T. WM nding. in front of the three plow
id Th. Amerl an M cZ. Con- , Licu.llcn and Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Lieu- Uarcs, hi. head and face being cut in
LnJJ!X?!tom!L) esr- hrmn wcr b,,5lly T IIen, Jr., of Adams. frightful manin-r as a result. Eleven nop a. la aiding the w t.r thU week in digging apuda, 'J ' . . Miu h wcrc uken to cIose the gash-
s: r ? nr- ttrsss Smss r'zsrx
- . air tiainn iiivnic. fc--- -- - -- o -
Bebaatopol. numbered more than 100
COO as proved by captured papers.
Twenty thousand of these wer. rsv.
airy divided Into three groups. Th.
cavalry under General Mudenny, who
left fhe antl bolshevik forces and Join
ed the bolshvvlkl. suffered heavily,
according to. Wrangel. particularly la
large and the quality extra good
throughout the entire mountain dis
trict. The Weaton Mercantile Co.
has been shipping some potatoes in
r.r lota to the Yakima country, and
Taxlcab service. Win. Beaton.
Ralph llaynii
Afur playing the nifty Umapine
High school football team two games
ono of which waa a tic, Athena High
will take on Hermiston for the last
- , .
it Is thought that these are Intended
to bo used for aeod. So far the Mcr- r" tomorrow afternoon.
cantile, which is represented In this Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Ferguson were
matter by Lester O'Harra, haa been in Portland this week.
nble to secure a price netting f 1.50 a Several auto loads of Athena High
ack to tho mountain growers. school pupils, teachers and patrtns,
"State-Wide" Telephone Service
Our efforts are constantly directed to the extension and im
provement of "state-wide" telephone service. Large and small
communities are dependent upon each other, commercially and
socially. Good telephone equipment in the cities and towns of
Oregon, with good construction and well maintained "long dis
tance" pole lines and wires between, mean their mutual conven
ience and profit. m . a f, ,
The value of any telephone is proportionate to the number
of other telephones which may be connected with it In Oregon
there are approximately 138,000 telephones connected with our
system. Ideal telephone service irieans the prompt connection of
any one of these with any other and the least possible loss in
strength and distinctness in the conversations that follow.
Our entire plant is engineered and constructed with the ob
ject of rendering a satisfactory "state-wide" service sufficient
in facilities available and with these facilities efficiently main
tained. JFor this purpose the telephone equipment must be bet
ter, local and trunk wires must be of proper size and type, and
central offices and switchboards must have additional apparatus
, to accommodate and care for the long distance circuits. j
Before the troubled period of the war we alwavs aimed to
maintain "spare"'or.reserve plantthat is- plant ahead of im
mediate needs, thus insuring prompt and more satisfactory com
pliance with demands for service as they arose. During the
war this reserve was exhausted as the materials we use were
required and properly taken by the Government and those in
dustries given priorty consideration. ;
With the reconstruction period, as is the case with all other
lines of business, our problems have continued to an unexpected
degree. We are still hampered by shortage of materials and
delayed deliveries.
We realize the requirements of our long distance patrons.
We have a comprehensive and well defined program designed
to provide additional toll circuits sufficient to meet the present
and constantly growing demands.
The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co.
a very cheerful patient ana acmes
any undue pain from the injuries.
A Stag Banquet.
Homer Watts, Hvho returned last
week from his Canadian hunting trip,
entertained a number of friends at
a stag banquet at his home Saturday
evening. The piece dc resistance to
grace the festal board was moose
meat, spoils of the Canadian chase,
served in hospitable hunter style.
Mr. Watts was assisted in serving by
Kay Logan,, who accompanied him on
the hunting' trip. The guests were,
M. L. Watte, B. B. Richards, F. B.
Boyd, M. W. Hansell, F. S. LeGrow,
W P. Littlejohn and Harold Haynie.
Scalped in Auto Accident.
Dr.. Sharp and Smith had a task
of some proportions the other night,
when a garage man of Walla Walla
was brought in for repairs, his
scalp having been almost torn
from his head. The man with two
others was bringing an automobile to
the McEwen ranch, when the car in
which he was riding overturned, the
windshield cutting his scalp from the
nape of his neck to his forehead. Ho
was taken to Walla Walla next day
by his companion.
Chautauqua Leaves Deficit:
The week's chautauqua entertain
ment closed Tuesday night with a
Night In Maoriland, one of the best
numbers on the program. The num
bers as given on the program of enter
tainmcnt were good as a whole and
gome of them were of high order. The
attendance was not sufficient to finan
ce the course through without a defi
cit, which must he raised by those
who sponsored the chautauqua course.
i tut aecona annual convention ana
show of the Western Walnut associa
tion will be held in Portland on Wed
nesday and Thursday of this week.
Threshing machines are still running
on Basket mountain, east of Weston.
It is expected that all the grain will
be threshed by the end of the week.
An official postal bulletin announces
the restoration of the ' pnstoff ice at
Riddle and Butuerlin to the presiden
tial class, effective as of October 1, thia
The Oregon Agricultural college stu
dent livestock judging team won the
lntercollegfRte contest held at the
Norihwest Livestock show at Lewlston,
The concrete pavement between
Pendleton and Walla Walla, with the
exception of nine miles between Wea
ton and Blue Mountain, haa been com
pleted. The Oregon public service commis
sion has Issued an order granting an
Increase In rates to the Ca'.spooia Tele
phone company, with headquarters at
and Leon Bourgeois of France.
' Wben M.. Hymans, who bead tb.
Belgian delegation and Is a former
foreign minister of Belgium, declared
tba first session of the aaembly open,
'the hall was crowded with men and
women and there were several women
among tbeMelegates.
M. Motta, in hia greetings to tht
delegates, thanked the peace confer
ence for having selected Genera ' as
'he seat of the league of nations and
also thanked President Wilson for
calling the meeting of the assembly
' here. :
The first session of the league as
sembly waa greeted with the ringing
of all the bells In Geneva after aev
eral minutes' illence by all the people
' of tbe canton. President Motta of
Switzerland was followed by M.
Most of the 'South and Central
American republics have full delega
tions here for the session..
Tbe United States waa not repre
sented officially but throughout tho -session
there will be present American
"observers" who will keep Washington
fully informed of developments. At a
meeting of the conncil of the league
Sunday arrangements were made for
the United S rates to have a represent
tlve on the financial commission, as
well aa the commissions on 'economics
and mandates, should she so desire.
Under recent arrangements I am in
a position to offer loans np to $5000
at six percent F. G. Lucas.
Cash for chickens. J. R. Reynolds.
The pear crop of the Medford dis
trict of the Rogue river valley will
rfbt go over 790 cars this year, of
which T87 cars have already gone to
the eastern auction market.
Miss Grace Arnold, who Is reported
in newa dispatches as reaching the
United States after harrowing experi
ences In Russia, is a Lane county girl,
her home being at Pleasant Hill."
The annual convention of the Older
Boys' conference for western Oregon
will be held in Salem December 10,
11 and 12. More than J00 boya will
be In attendance at the conference.
Indications of oil at the Colnt 8t.
George diggings near Crescent City are
better every day and recent develop
menta point to a gusher being brought
In. The drill ia now down 420 feet.
The state highway commission haa
made a proposal to Clackamas county
to build the bridge at Oregon City and
pay two-thirds of the amount, the
county to have three years to pay lta
-TiW" " "
Htrtater tvery
Service Motor Truck
will carry this new em'
tlem on the radiator.
HE Service System of SCIEN
" nounced everywhere a phenomenal
8uccess. I n thousands of testa it has
set new standards of motor truck -reliability.
shocks and enceaaivo vibrations before.
thev reach the engine, transmission, diner
t entUl and other vital points.
Thus in Service Motor Trucks th. most
destructive enemy to life and efficiency i.
conquered. Remarkable records under all
conditions are made possible. Normal
power and speed under most strenuous
read abuse are maintained for years.
You are invited to inspect thia feature at
our display room. '
Miller a Booher. Dealers
With the Jtaf Pyramid on the Radiator