The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, November 12, 1920, Image 4

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Mra. ccra uuncan em. - w,u wllll wh(
here from their how near Spoffortl hi . h0.riul
lor AmniiKf uy.
Weston ladlca bidden to share in the
festivities wit!' Meeilamea J. H.
Williams, E. M. Smith. John Freder
Ick McNoe, C E. Fisk. W. S. Trie,
R. Morrison, Leon Lundoll and H.
Mrs. Haiti Wilney return! Sun-
whero she
i.ini nd it now regaining her
,ur mnt, and U now regaining nrr
Col. F. G. Lucas has returned from t the, honlo of hcr , ,ntl
a three weeks' trip into southern hter Mr am, Mr4, j. V. Smith.
Weston Mercantile Company
In a fast and exciting basket ball
game last evening Weston High de
in this city.
L W. Barnes waa hero this week
-. fhrlan. ' Wash., having been
featcd "Duncan's Five" by the close u ,,y th illntsi ( hi,
core of Ave te four. It was a well
earned triumph for the school.
-At the Methodist church Sunday
mother, Mrs. Sarah McDoiigal.
MclHiuKal's condition has shown
nurkml imnrowment of late, much
evening Dr. Lincoln L. Wirt gave an u cntfourasomont of her family
earnest ana appealing eaurww m frjt,n,,.
half of Near East Relief. All who f T wickcr hai cnlargetl his ros
heard the speaker were moved by a . , hoWingll on orth Bn.l street
fee line of sympathy for the worthy haM of ,ul from Mre.
and distressed Armenian people, ' . Ul..,1(
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Trice and chil
dren were dinner guest at tn
Charlva Price country home, last
Cash for chickens. J, K. Beynouis.
Titirih service. Wni. Beaton..
who are still in urgent "d of help.
The aMea is expected t bring sub
stantial fruit when the Weston dis
trict is called upon for ita contribu
tion. Appalling facta and figures
were given by the speaker.
Mrs. W. M. Davia has returned
w.u. wan. Armistice Day Celebration
We would ask our patrons to make Armistice day was observed wont
good their credit with us that w appropriately and successfully yes
may protect our own. Read our ad. tenia? afternoon at Memorial hall.
Jones A Jones. Weston, by Athena-Weston post of
Andy Barnett made his first trip to the American Legion. The out
town Monday, following a severe at- standing feature was a splendid ad
tack of pneumonia. He waa heartily dress bx Judge Jacob Kanaler of
greeted by many friends who are Portland, whose words rang with the
glad to see him about again. spirit of true patriotism. Judge
George Winn furnished a most in- Kanxler and Dr. C 11. Smith were
teresting experience to his Sunday fellow officers in the 361st infantry,
school class last Saturday when he 91st division, and the speaker paid
took them by auto to Walla Wa'la, high tribute to his comrade for his
where a tour of inspection of the courageous and efficient work as a
Washington state penitentiary was medical officer in the front line,
made. The boys who . enjoyed the Words from hia colonel coromenda
outing were: Arthur Starmer, Ed- tory of Dr. Smith were also read by
ward and . Fred Has. Grant Key, Judge Kanxler. The remainder . of
Raymond Anderson, Ordell Pedcrsen, the program included pleasing music
Ernest Hnuter, Harold Beaton, Rob- by Payant's orchestra; an address of
art Dickson, Allen Kirkpa'trick and welcome by Dr. Smith, who presided;
Ralph Graham. a chorus by Athena High and a
The annual report of Weston li- comedy skit by Weston High, tho
brary filed with the city council last Utter being a colored doughboy
Wednesday evening show 3525 books offering by Nard Jones, Leonard Bul
circulated among patrons during the fincn Md Arden Lucas which. brought
year ending November 1, 1920. In uproarious tribute; an inspiriting
that time 82 new members have been sing song" under the direction of Ji
registered. A permanent Wme has . Williams, in which the audience
been secured for the institution and shared; a piano duet by Lucinda Dell
ita affairs are in a flourishing condi- anj Audrey Winship, and a vocal solo
tion. by Mrs. D. Scott Fisher. Rev. M. A.
S. G. Price has returned from the phinney gave the invocation and the
Umatilla river, where he has been benediction. Memorial hall was lit
visiting at the home of hia daughter, er&lly jammed to the doors.
Mr. Price expects to leave soon to
j ii : ..1 -.!:.
epenu m. .mr ... mre. vu.iu.- Motored to San Francisco,
nia.- .
Howard Shriver, a farmer near The R. G. Salings are now in San
Moscow, Idaho, has sold 145 spring Francisco at the August apartments,
lambs at $125. He claims this sum 421 Leavenworth street, after a mo
is practically velvet, as the lambs toring trip from Weston which they
lived on the summer fallow and kept describe in a letter to friends as in
the weeds down. The instance is teresting and enjoyable. Miss Lois
quoted in support of the argument Saling is already in school, and Mrs.
that every farmer should run a few Saling will soon -begin hcr advanced
sheep, study in voice.
Pasnuale Amato, world famous bur- They made 1168 miles in one week,
itone, wUl sing at the Keylor -Grand, having had no trouble with the cx-
Walla Walla, November 15, under ccption or two punctures anu one
the auspices of Malen Burnett and blowout. ,
Mrs. C. F. Van de Water. They followed a winding road
Shubert's Original Jazr Orchestra through the Siskiyous, paved nearly
of Chicago comes to Athena Opera all the way, and next day came to
house tomorrow evening, November the Sierra Nevadas and Mt. Shasta.
13th, in a return engagement, after a They saw beautifu rivers containing
successful tour along the coast and thousands of salmon of all sixes, and
through British Columbia Singing Mr. Saling was brought to wish that
Novelties and Melody Jazz. Dane- he had taken his fishing rod. They
ing from eight-thirty .to twelve, say: ;
The Latest Music, One Night Only. "We hardly think the Columbia
L H. Dowd was here 6n a busi- highway is entitled to boast of much
ness visit this week from his farm superiority over the Pacific highway
near Washtucna, Wash., and while in the way of scenic attractions."
returning home stopped at Walla
to visit his brother. Mr. Dowd re- '
ports conditions as fairly good in his,
district He has finished his haul
ing and seeded 400 acres of wheat,
leaving the remainder of his crop un
til spring.
Wilbur Fuson, who has been as
sisting Hugh Lieuallen in farm work
near Helix, has returned to his home
in Weston for the winter. Local fans
will endeavor to persuade him to re
main next spring and enlist in the
home-town ball team.
Dogs attacked Frank Greer's flock
of sheep last Saturday night and
badly mauled a number of the woolly '
animals,; although none were killed.
Monday night, supposedly the same
dogs made a raid on the sheep in
J. A. Lumsden's alfalfa pasture be
low town, but before they could do -much
damage. "Lum" drove them off
with a fusillade of shots. Several
Child Welfare
FT 1
V. I
- ' f
E - y i
Soys and firU who learn early to
talrav nrnnF enrm nf thoir toAth
town dogs are said to have been rcc throots ear ttomachtt hava
ogniied as among the marauders. wa(Je a ,ong tep toward heaUb7
Contractor Ashworth has finished manhood and womanhood. Through
building a neat five-car garage for J. ltg pMio health and nursing serr-
A. Lumsden.
Threshing from the shock was in
progress this week .in two or three
inches of snow on Basket mountain.
This unusual harvest scene for the
season was witnessed at the William
Warfield place on Basket mountain. .
Mesdames C. H. Smith and E. C.
Rogers entertained most delightfully
a company of friends at the home of
the former in Athena, Tuesday after
noon. A number of war relics wer
exhibited and explained by the host
ess, and were viewed with much in
terest by the guests. Among the
ices, the American Red Cross alms
eventually to reach all school children
with 'teachings regarding disease per
vent Ion and health promotion. Here's
a school nurse treating a little girl
for sore mouth, at the same time im
planting a valuable lesson Id teeth
brushing and proper diet.
Six crates containing li pairs of
young China pheasants from the state
game farm at Corrallls were shipped
last week to Juntura, in Malbeui
Begins Monday the 15th Closes Monday the 22d
TRUTH hurts no one. We do not hesitate to state in adjusting
our business to the new conditions it becomes necessary to
turn thousands of dollars of new fall merchandise into money.
The need is imperative the demands on us must be met.
WE MUST LEAD in lowering prices. The tide is irresistible.
The entire northwest is demanding a 30 day basis of ac
counts. "Lower prices to the consumer" is the slogan of the
times. We are adopting this plan that we may save you money
on merchandise.
Men's Khaki Pants
200 Pairs
$ One-Third Less $
Mens' clothing elwill close out'and the
suits for boys and men are-marked accord
ingly. -
Men's overcoats, mackinaws, leather
vests, shirts, are greatly reduced
t Men's Hats
Through error in shipping Ive are in receipt
of a shipment "of hats that we are instructed
to sell rather than return. We have marked
them low but for this sale will throw the en
tire lot out at 20 percent less. The shipper's
blunder a saving to you.
Every shoe in the house reduced. Big
lots to close-out. TThey are cutfsome 25 per
cent, some 20 percent, all REDUCED.
- The shoe section will be your greatest
Xmas tics for one-third less;! a big lot
just in.
Men's cotton gloves' 8c.
Every Ramson'i Overall in'the house for
this sale, $1.98; one pair to customer.
Blankets greatly reduced.
Sewing machine oil 19c
Women's .Coats
down To;m wa ruccs
All $75.00 Coats This Sale - -"
$60.00 " " " -
" $50.00 ' " " - -"
$45.00 -
Throughout the List, New Rich
Plushes and Cloth Coats Alike
Splendid lots of LADIES' SKIRTS, to close
out at less than cost of material.
A special lot of ladies' and misses' coats;
good, heavy materials, good style, worth to
$30100; this sale, $9.89.
$35.00 coats for $13.89. Broadcloth, Vel
our;nd the trimmings are, worth the price.
Your choicej ofjjiny trimmed, hat intho
house, comprising hundreds of dollars worth
of new fall creations. Many just in and pro
nounced beautiful. Hats priced at $18, $15
and $12 all go at $4.98.
If .these last the first day we will be sur
prised. 36 inch white outing, standard quality,
47c; no limit.
Fine lot ladies' waists, some worth up to
$5.00; to close, choice'.$1.98.
One lot of women's waists worth up to
$3.00, now 98c.
Silks one-thirdjless.
- - - - - ....
YOU have attended our former sales and know the genuineness
of each statement; this will eclipse all the others;; we are de
termined our change of policy will immediately react in favor of
our customers.
MEVER were such price reductions. Goods already marked
down are cut again. Piles of goods every where priced at
seemingly impossible figures. Weston will appreciate this buying
opportunity, ; The money must be raised. The prices will do it.