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    ; Weston: Leader '
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VOLUME 43 WMtw' " .
The Most Important Plank It
That Relating to League
of Nations. -
The nwl Important plank In the
platform adopted by the natlolial ra-,
ubltcan convention at Chicago waa.
Jie ana ralatlm Jo the League ol Na
tions. As finally sgrerd upon In th
resolutions committee and accepted by
the convention. It harmonica Iba
views of tba conflicting elcmeuta. aoma
o( which bad threatened to bolt tba
Tba Important planke summarised
ra aa follows:
Republican parly rHiM He unylela
Inf devetlon to lha eoeetllulion of the
United mate
Declares temomlle asmlnletretlon un.
prepared for war and equally unprepared
for poara, and IM demonstrate Ince
parity of tba democratic party has de
etrered subtle confidence and weakened
tka authority of government,
v Republican party will undertake to and
asecullve eutoerory. and reemre to lha
people their eonelltutlonat government.
The farmer la rernanUad aa lha bach,
bona of lha nation and party believes that
Ma rondlten can ba improved by arte
ouate farm representation In lha ap
pointment of gevetnment officials.
Deetaree tha federel farm loan law
ahould ba ao admlniatarad aa ta 'aeMltata
tha acqulettlon of farm land.
lteenlsee lha luellre of collective bar.
gaining aa a means of eet'ebllehlng mora
Tha right la atrtha afalnal tha govera
want denied, but lha rtghle and Iniaraala
' at all eovernment employee mual ba safe
guarded by Impartial lewe.
Compulsory arbiirailon In prlaia In
duairtea not advocated, but faclllllaa for
veluntaiy madiallun levered.
Concratulataa lha republican congress
aa lha enertment of a law providing for
aa eiecullve budget, and condemne tha
veto of lha preeldanl.
rreeidant Wilson's Meslean policy eon.
teamed. We ehould nol recognise any
Mealren government unlaaa It be a ra
aponell'la eovernment willing and able ta
five sufficient guarantees that the llvee
and rlghta of Amrtean ellHena are re
aperled and protected
revere liberal appropriations In co
operation with tha etales tor lha con
struction or highways.
Oppaeed lo government ewnerehlp and
" operation or employe operation of tha
Holds In Imperlahable remembrance the
valor and the patrtoilam of the soldiers
and sailor of America who fought In
(be great war and plrdaea to dlacharga
ta Ihe fulleei tha obllgatlona of a grate
ful nation. party pledge In. If lo earn
est and eonelstenl attack on living -coale
p rlgoroua avoidance of further Infla
tion of currency and promotion of pro
duction. Party reaffirm Ita belief In protective
principle and pledgea Haelf lo revlalon of
lha tariff aa aoon aa condition! make It
dialing policy of t'nlted Btetea for
practical escluelon of Aalallr Immigrant
la eound and ehould ba maintained.
Might of tree apeech, free preaa and
free aaeembly muat ba maintained, but
advocacy of overthrow of government
muat not ba permitted.
Immediate raeumptlon of trade rela
tione wllh nallona with which United
gtatea la at peace demanded.
Republlsana welcome women Into full
participation in actlvltlaa of party and of
Equal pay for equal aarvlea ahould rule
"In all branehea of government In which
women are employed.
Republican party will oppose now and
hereafter tha acceptance of a mandate
for ey country In Kurope or Asia.
The plank on tha league of nallona
"(A) league of Netlone. Foreign pol
icy of admlnletratlon haa been founded
nrtneinle and directed by no def
inite concepllona of oUr natlon'a rlghta
and obligation It baa been humiliating
to America and Irritating to other na
llona, with tha result thai, after a period
of unexampled eaerlflce. our motlvee are
euepected, our moral Influence Impaired
and our government atanda discredited
and frlendleee among tha natlona of tha
world. "
"We favor a liberal and generoua for
eign policy, founded upon definite moral
and political principle, charaeterlaed by
a clear underatandlng of and firm adher
ence upon our own rlghta and unfailing
reepect for the rlghta of othera. We
ahould afford full and adequate protec
tion to tha Ufa, liberty and property and
all international rlghta of every Ameri
can cttlien and ahould tequlre a proper
reepect for the American flag! but wa
ahould ba equally careful to manlfeat a
' Juat regard for lha rlghta of other na
tlona. A acrupuloua observance of our
International angagementa when lawfully
aaeumed la eeeantlal to our own honor
and eelf-reepect and the reaped of other
natlona. Subject lo a new regard for our
International obllgatlona. wa ehould leave
our country free to develop Ita civilisa
tion along the lines moat conducive to the and welfare of the people, and
to caat Ita influence an tha aide of Juetlca'
, and right ehould occasion require.
"The republican party atande for agree
ment among tha natlona to preserve the
peere of tha world. Wa believe that euch
an International aeeoclatlon muat be
baaed upon International Justice and muat
provide methods which shall maintain
the rule of nubile right by development
innrta, ana wnirn anau aacure inatam
i r,d tmeraj International conference
win Peter p are ehall be threatened by
I'nltlial action, so that tha natlona
)iit(.d to do and Insist upon what la
juat and fair may eierrlee their kafluenra
end power fur Ihe prevention ol war.
We believe that all of thla can be done
without the rotnprnmlee of national In
dependence, without depriving the people
of lha Pntted blatea In advance of tha
right to determine for themeelvea what
la Just and fair, when the occasion arteee
and without Involving lham aa parllct
panla and nol aa peacemekere In a multi
tude o( quarrels, Ihe insrlls of which they
are unable to Judge."
Hew Books at Weston Library
Th following- books have Juat been
rvcclvcl from the County library at
I'rmllcUm and have boon placet! on
thu shelves for circulation among'
(oral library patrons:
Fiction Boaher, How It Happen
ed; Urown, Wages of Honor; Fergu
aon, Stealthy Terror; Martin, Fifc-ht-lnjr
Doctor; Nicholson, Proof of tha
Pudding; Todd, Cycle of Sunaeta.
Children's, Classed Bass, Ntuw
Slorlea; Beard. On the Trail; Beard,
Shelters, Shacks and Shanties; Col
lins, Book of. Magic; Dopp, Early
Sea People; Faulkner, Red Cross
Stories; Holbrook, Around tha Earth
In Myth and Song; Jewett, Good
Health; Johnston. Our Little Viking
Cousin; Mirick, Home Life Around
the World; Montieth. Some Uaeful
Animala and What They Do for Ua;.
O'Neill, Kupie Kutouta; St. Nlcho
laa, Indian Stories; 8eUn, Lobo, Rag
ft Vixen; Skinner, Nuraery Tale
Front Many Lande; White, Panto
mime rrinior; Wiley. Children of
the Cliff; Wright, Stories of Amer
lean Progress.
Children's Fiction Asnrud, Ua
beth Longfrock; Alcott, Spinning
Wheel Storiea; Buah, Prairie Roae;
Hale, PeUtkin Paper; Hill, Young
Farmer; Mason, Tom Strong, Wash
ington's Scout; Wlggln, Birds
Christmas Carol.
Kis. Watts Is Honored.
Complimenting Mrs. F. D. WatU,
who will soon be leaving Weston for
her new home in Athena, Mrs. H.
Goodwin entertained few friends at
hen home, Tuesday afternoon. Tales
by candlelight were related by each
lady present and were very interest
ingcovering stories of adventure,
travel and pioneer life, and humorous
skits. The honor gut was then
showered with tokens of friendship
which stimulated the feeling of good
fellowship prevailing at the gather
ing. At live o'clock light lunch was
served by the hostess, the guests be
ing seated-at tables centered with
bright-hued corn flowers. Those
asked to share in the event were:
Mrs. F. D. WatU. Mrs. J. Harl Wil
liams, Mrs. A. J. Mclntyre. Mrs.
Ellsworth Woods, Mrs. Elmer Tuck
er, Mrs. Sim J. Cullcy, Mrs. Lillian
Fredericks, Mrs. L. R. Van Winkle,
Mrs. J. A. Lumsden, Mrs. Frank SnP
der and Mrs. Mry C. "McNec.
- i
Geo. W. SUggs is In the Rattle
snake flat district this week, look
ing after tho extensive interests of
Staggs & Sons. Ho sends word of
copious rains and a promising crop
(Jesso M. Wise. May 0, 1020.)
Did you ever view the cloudland,
Late with heavy thunder stored.
Paint beneath the touch of Gods
The rainbow promise of His Wordt
See tho lily blooming fair,
That glorifies the sod;
See beauty everywhere,
Paint these words, there is a GodT
Before Him reverently bow,
God is painting for you now.
Did you ever feel His Presence
In tho woodland murmuring; '
Did you marvel that His Silence .
Should yield to cavern echoingsT
Hear the sweet throat-bursting birds,
A -choke to speak their joy;
Do these God-spoken words
this harmony:
Before Him reverently bow,
God ia apeaking to you nowl
Notice of Final Account
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In the Mutter of the Estate of John
J. Heeler, Deceased. .
all persons whom it may concern
that ChriBtina B. Bcelcr, administra
trix of the cstato f John J. Bceler,
deceased, hns filed her Final Account
and Report in tho administration of
tho estate; that Monday, the 10th
day of July, 1020, at tho hour of ten
o'clock In the forenoon has been ap
pointed as tho timo and the county
courthouse at Pendleton as the place
where oil objections and exceptions
to it will be heard and a settlement
of the cstato made. Dated this June
Teterson, Bishop A Clark, Attor
neys for Administratrix.
PuD Together for an
American Merchant Marine
Tha war resulted In tha creation of great merchant
marine 10,000,000 tons of American ships which coat us
tverybedy agrees that vre must keep this fleet set ths,
If wa fall back fo pre war conditions when only 0 per
cent of our foreign trade waa carried In American ship
Ws shall be In the posllloa of department atoro whoee
goods are delivered In Its competitor's wagona.
Coiigreas Is considering legislation which will perpHuste
our wsr-bullt merchant marine.
Until this Is dsns tho ships ws hsve should net be sold
te fase cendltiene svhleh, prior to the war, resulted In tno
deolins of our merchant marina te Inalgnlflearto.
This Commllteo calls gtteiitlon to these facta becauae
right solution of our shipping problem is rtui to the future
prosperity of shipbuilding, but equslly tltal to the safety
and prosperity of the nation.
tend for free espy 'of For an American Merchant
Commit!) of American Shipbuilder
II. V. Maslin went to Pendleton
Tuesday and cashed in on bounty for
four coyotes, which he recently cap
tured in a den. '
There is probability that a change
in the location of the flag pole will
be made before the hardsurfaca is
placed on Main street
More gasoline was received out at
tho Standard Oil distributing station
this week, but it is being conserved
for harvest demands.
Robert Coppock has introduced
very practical method of mowing
grass and weeds in the street adja
cent to his property in Fourth street
Instead of the scythe and whetstone;
Mr. Coppock selected a shovel and
hoe, with the result that no part of
the vegetation is left to sprout again
this year. It's a capital method and
worthy of emulation.
The third carload .of distillate to ar
rive in Athena, through distribution
on the psrt of County Agent Bonnion,
was unloaded by farmers here Wed
nesday. The condition of Mrs. Roy Cannon
who underwent a surgical operation
at Walla Walla, is reported to be as
well as could be expected. Mrs. Can
non had been seriously ill at her home
north of Athena, for several weeks,
and before permanent health could bo
restored an operation was found to
bo necessary.
Miss Vcrnita WatU was a member
of the gratuating class at St. Hel
ens Hall, Portland, Monday evening
of thla week.
Rev. B. B. Burton will preach at
the Eastern Oregon conference of
Christian churches at Pendleton Sun
day afternoon.
Mrs. Fred Boyd is in Portland this
week attending the sessions of the
grand chapter of tha Order of the
Eastern SUr.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor McDonald,
who accompanied Mr. and Mrs. E. A.
Dudley home from California, recent
ly, have returned to their home in
Long Beach. '
Master Kenneth Emmel is enjoy
ing a two weeks' visit with relatives
at Portland and vicinity, having gone
down in company with his friends, the
McEwen twins.
Miss Thelma Saling, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Saling of Pendle
ton, former Athena residenU, was
married this week to MY. Rodney Ov
Durst of Portland.
Mrs. F. S. LeGrow left Tuesday
evening for Seattle, where she will
visit her mother and sister, - after
ward joining Mr. LoGrow in Portland
for Shriners week.
Marion Hansell represented the
Athena Gun Club in the National
Shooting Tourament at Walla Walla.
Marion made his best score Wednes
day forenoon, when he broke 95 Ur
geU out of a possible 100.
Fay LeGrow, Marion Hansell, W
S. Ferguson, Sam Pambrun and
Ralph McEwen will be among tho
Umatilla county riders in tha Mystic?
Shrine mounted patrol at Portland,
next week. They will leave Sunday
for the metropolis.
Dr. and Mrs. C. II. Smith were
dinner gucsU of Mr. and Mrs. John
Banister of Weston, Wednesday even
ing. A basement has been excavated un
der the WatU residence, recentSy
moved to the corner of Third and
Jefferson street A new porch and
other improvemenU will be made, Mr.
and Mrs. WatU having decided to re
side there indefinitely, and postpone
building their new home until such
time as the cost of building material
comes to a lower level
WatU A Rogers sold the first hay
tedder to be delivered to a farmer in
this part of Umatila county. Tilraan
Beckner wa the purchaser, and he
will use the machine after the fash
ion ho used others like it, "back
where he came from."
A wedding of interest to the people
of Athena and Adams, where bride
and groom have legions of friends
and well-wishers, was solemnised
Wednesday In Walla Walla, when
Miss Laura M.clntyre of this city, and,
James Thomas Lieuallen, Jr., of Ad
ams, were united in marriage.
Mr. knd Mrs. Frank Craham of
Pendleton visited friends in Athena
Mrs. Robert Proudfit and daughter,
Mary, accompanied Washington rela
tives on a motor trip to Portland and
Sound cities, leaving this week.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. kcFadden re
turned from Corvallis and Portland,
Tuesday morning.
Athena dropped another ball game
last Sunday-this time to Milton
Freewater on the Hyphenated Hope
fuls' rocky lot, score eight to a goose
egg. Both Dudley of Athena and
Jordan of tho enemy's forces were
touched up often the difference be
( that the M.-F. crowd hit 'em
where they weren't, while Little
john's bunch kept on qualifying as
the champion hard luckers of the
league, smashing the ball almost in
variably into- a waiting mitt Clark,
the first man up for Milton-Freewat-er,
clouted the pill out of the lot for
a homer. Next Sunday Athena plays
at Pendleton, Helix at Milton and
Pilot Rock at Walla Walla. Especial
interest attaches to the Miltori-Helix
Mr. and Mrs. George Banister are
in Portland, visiting at tha home of
Mr. and Mrs. H. McArthur.
Miss Mamie Barnes of Weston,
spent the week-end at the home of
her brother, J. R. Barnes on the West
Side. , .
The city council has definitely de
cided to adopt the cluster light sys
tem for Main street and the stands
supporting cluster lighU will be dis
tributed at convenient distance on
both sides of the street A represent
ative of a comparjy manufacturing
; the sUnds was in the city last even
ing, and met with members of the
The supreme court has handed
down a decision in favor of Hey Winn
vs. Moses Taylor, involving land
. xenul money in the sum of $4000,
approximately. Homer I. watu oi
j this city was attorney for Winn-
v -
All Saints' Guild
AM SainU Guild was entertained
by .Mrs. Mary C. McNee and Mrs. H.
Goodwin at their home on Normal
heights Thursday afternoon. After
the business session, a Garden Con
test occasioned considerable inter
est, jthe winner being Mrs. Will Nor--Dcan.
In a unique sketching frolic,
Mrs: Hugh Walker of Wasco, Ore
jron, and Mrs. Lilian Fredericks were
declared , winners. Refreshments
were, served during the hour re
served for friendly chat over the tea
cups. Those present were: Mrs. L.
8. Wood, Mrs. E. M. Wsrren, Mrs. C.
0. Pedersen, Mrs. Jas. H. Price, Mrs.
LilUn Fredericks, Mrs.'C. E. FUk,
Mrs. Sim J. Colley, Mrs. J. Hsri
Williams,' Mrs. F. D. Watta, Mrs.
"Will NorDean, Mrs. Elmer Tucker,
Mrs. CharleaF. Bulflnch, Mrs. II. A.
Walker, Mrs. Ily Winn and Miss
Fy Warren.
MeM Jim Wm Climb, Too
Fred Foster, who has charge of
the Thompson boys' sheep on the
Umatilla river, was treed by bald
face bear not long ago, and stayed
up the tree for qujt IH. Fred
took a shot at the bear with his
trusty pistol, not knowing that she
was a mother bruin with cubs in the
neighborhood. She charged him, and
be made baste to climb a ree. He
then discovered that two cube were
in a neighboring tree, and that he
had been between the mother bear
and her-family. Deciding that dis
cretion would bo the better part of
valor he did no more shooting and
kept discreetly on his perch until
the bear family departed. We hear
Ia the effect that Jim
Jones is going after that baldface.
- Claud Davis, late of Molsun,
Wash., will again become a resident
of Weston, whose people are pleased
to welcome his "return to the fold."
Mr. Davis has bought an interest in
the pool and card rcom resort of
O. W. Melton, which will be conduct
ed hereafter by Melton 4 Davis.
Mrs. Davis, who is at present in
Walla Walla, will join him soon at
Ia the County Court of tue Htate of
.Oregon for l iuatilla County.
In the Matter of tbe Estate of John
L. Brown, deceased.
To Prank Brown and Ella Brown,
hla wife of Holdman, Oregon, Harvey
A. Brown, William L Brown and Clara
Brown hla wife of Helix, Oregon.
Jamea Brown and Golds, Brown of
Ephrata. Washington. Arthur U
Brown of Touchet, Washington. Eva
Thome or Holdman, Oregon, rjimcr t.
Corporon of Weston, Oregon. Floyd
Corporon of Baker. Oregon, Earl
Lundwell (or Uindwall) a non-resident
residing at a place unknown.
Gene Lundwell (or Lundwall) a non
tealdent residing at a place unknown.
Elph Lundwell (or Lundwall) a non
resident residing at a place unknown,
and all persons Interested In the es
tate of John I Brown, deceased,
OREGON: Tou and each of you sro
hereby cited and required to appear
on or before Wednesday the !lst day
of July, 1920, at ten o'clock A. M. in
the County Courtroom of the abovo
entitled court In the City of Pendleton,
Oregon, to show cause If any there be
why an order of sale and license to
sell tha following described real prop
erty should not Issue to Harvey A.
T..,.n MHmtriiBtrator nf the above en
titled" estate authorising, directing,
empowering and licensing him to sell
the following described real, property,
Commencing at a point on the Went
line. Thirty-six (S) rods South of the
Northwest corner of the Southeast
quarter of Section Two (2) In Town
ship Five (S. North Range Thirty
five tS5 E. W. (.. and running
thence East Thirteen and one-third
rods, thence North Twelve (12) rods,
thence West Thirteen and one-third
rods, thence South Twelve (12) rods
to the place of beginning, containing
One (1) Acre more or less.
Also. Lot numbered Thirty-three
(SS) In Block Seven (7) in North Mil-
t0 Also, Lots numbered Thirty-four
(S4) and Thirty-five (S5) In Block
numbered Seven (7) In North Milton
(Now known as Wright's Addition to
Milton), all within Umatilla County,
at private sale to the highest and best
bidder for cash or In such manner as
the court at said hearing shall deter
mine for the beat interests of the es
tate and all concerned therein and
ahall order and direct.
Thla ciUtlon la served upon you pur
suant to and In compliance with an
order to show cause made and entered
by Hbn. Charles H. Marsh, Judge of
the above entitled court and bearing
date the Srd day of June. 1929. direct
ing personal service upon such of yo
as are within the State of Oregon and
that the rest of you and all others In
terested In the said estate be served
by publication of aald citation once a
week for four consecutive weeks in
the Weston Leader, a weekly news
paper, beginning with the lue of
June Uth. 1920 to and Including the
tseue of July 9th. 10.
Brown. Clerk of the abovv entitled
court, have hereunto aet my hand and
seal of the said court this 7th day of
June. A. IX r. T. BROWN,
County Clerk of Vmatllla . .County.
State of Oregon.
i ii.i.iwn uikhoD A ctMCf, At
torneys for Administrator, Pendls
ton, Oregon.
Governor Coolldge of Massa
chutetts Named At Hit
Running Mate.
Chicago. Warren 0. Harding. Uni
ted Slates senator from Ohio, was
nominated for the presidency Satur
day by the republican national conven
tion on tbe tenth ballot, after a dead
lock which bad lasted for nine ballots.
As bis running mate, the convention
named Governor Calvin Coolldge of
Massachusetts, upsetting a plan of a
combination ct the' Harding backer
to nominste for the place Senator
Irvine U Lenroot of Wisconsin. Cool
Idge wss nominated by Wallace Me
Camant, Oregon.
Harding Wa Dark Horse.
Entering tbe convention as candi
date distinctly of tbe "dsrk horse
class. Senator Harding got only 44
votea on tbe first ballot and on the
second be dropped to It. When tho
convention adjouAed Friday night at
tbe end of the fourth ballot he bad L
In all-night conferences among the
party chiefs, however, he wa men
tioned many times as tbe most likely
to break the nomination deadlock
bould neither Wood, Lowdon nor
Johnson tsks a commanding lead Sat
urday. They failed to do so. Wood
and Lowden running a neck ssd neck
race for leadership on foar ballots,
while the strength of tbe California
candidate dwindled ateadily.
Meantime Harding pushed his total
to 123, Individual delegates from many
states swinging to him from the
columns of. the leaders and of various
favorite sons. Tbe Johnson managers,
fearing a landslide was impending,
then mads a last play to sav the
tyho Received the Republican Nomina,
tlon for President at Chicago.
fortunes of their candidate. They mov
ed to recess fcr a couple ot hours In
order to take an Inventory and seek:
a new combination. The Wood and
Lowden forces, both virtuslly at th
peak of their strength but dishearten
ed at the long string of ballots without
material gains, fell In with the recess
plan and the convention adopted It
Succession of Conference Hold.
In the dramatic succession of eoB
ferences that followed, the fate of th
candidates virtually was sealed. Soma
of the Wood and Lowden manager
tried Ineffectually for an agreement
which would hold thetr delegates in
line and kill off the Harding boom.
Some tried to get a Wood-Lowden-Johnson
agreement to adjourn till Mon
day without making a nomination.
It was the parleys between th Hard
ing and Lowden men. however, which
apparently bore the most fruit when
the balloting began again, for Gover
nor Lowden cam to the convention
during the ninth rollcaU and, revers
ing a previous plan to go before th
convention itself, Issued instruction
from behind the scenes releasing hi
Instructed delegates.
Almost as soon as the alphabetical
call ot states began after the recess
the ground swell for Harding demon
strated that it could not be fore
stalled. Connecticut, when her name
was called, took 13 of her 14 votes
from Lowden and gav them to, Har
ding. " -
J. R. Reynolds, local junk merch
ant bought two Brown-Lewis com
bines the other day and dismembered
them for shipment at his establish
ment The transaction, is a reminder
of a much touted Walla Walla en
terprise that .. started . auspiciously
but ended in disaster.
r- :
of law and; tha declaion. 01 tmparuei