The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, December 19, 1919, Image 3

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Ford roadster
Auto Co.
for null'.
We will be able within
two weeks to deliver
Dodge Cars of all
Christmas i.i near. Have you thought
NOGRAPH? It's a musical wonder
-the finest phonograph made -and
would be a splendid gift.
The Christmas Bazaar held Satur
day afternoon and avtnlng at Mem
orlal Hall under tha auspices of thi
Woman' Boclety f tha M. K.
Church, South, was divided success
notwithstanding snow and extreme
cold weather. Mr. J. II. I'rlre pre
Lllx-rty aiii over the fanry work booth,
Mra. E. M. Smith and Mrs. A. J.
Hue ua for bob-sloda. WatU A Kog- 8Urmt r were In charge of the cooked
era. Athena. display, and Meada.nea W.H
Mr. and Mr.. J. L. Hodgson of U " nd Cbarlw rrica auperinUnd-
(rosso are visiting in Woton. J tb ""l? of,h lin' "p'
... - r. . i n t. t per. Mna Edna Hollenbcck a Sunday
Mr.. W. E. Drl.kell ha. been quit tho C(M c(rU
ill he pant week, but i. Improving ,(((J wUh tmpc iU(py
"l"''" ' , of dainty and novel "giftics.". The
J. M. Wroe, A. C. (Jould and John prooced, amounted to about 76.
Hyatt were recent visitors at Bur- Ierm(M1 nior
bunk, Wash. mith Co,ff hM retun,,,! nome for
C. M. .Schneider and family left lhe chrinlm holiday.. He ay.
Thursday for their new home near tn,t philomath wa wholly unpn-
Washtucna, Washington. 1)lrcd for the M.vcr tiM, whirh
Mr. Cora Hilling of Walla Walla reached a minimum there of 18 di
ll (pending a few day at the home greet below tero with two feet of
of her .Inter, Mr. Ernest Ross, anow. In a region 100 mile aouth
Uwcll Hyatt i here from U of Portland and 40 mile from the
Crowe, Washington, looking the old cent, thi aort of weather wa. un-
town over to tec if it I .till all here, prccedentcd. Water pipe are not
Mm. J. M. Banister is bemoaning burlcd l rWta-lh
the loss of a diamond ditalre which vcr town' n,, th PH
dropped from her ring aome time du- "hivered In warm-weather houses.
riiiK Tuesday. The ficree.t winter weather in
W. II. i. feeding a large vn in this ection -some say the
coiucii ever nirown-onwc i uesuay
with a warm and welcome chinook.
It Tint visited the mountain., and
then awept down upon the lowland,
. ' dissipating a prolonged cold map.
mile . , . . , . . .
IOC lowrpi u'inierKiurv w rvt;iii-u
Friday night, when the official record
wa 22 degree below zero. L'kiah,
in tho aouth end of the county, re
number of China pheasant and bob'
while, in the barn-yard on hi ranch
touth of town.
Apple for talc extra good rulla,
good keepers, any amount; 'i
iat of Cobb station on the Interur
bun. B. F. Haley, F'rcewatcr, Or.
or you can order
now and get your
car in the spring.
(Phone 241)
O. A. ADAMS, Proprietor
Butter Wrap onlirs prompt
ly filled at the Loader whop.
at once
Second-hand Sad
dles. We will trade
new saddles for old
Harness Oiled for
$1.00 per set.
Harness Store
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon fur Umatilla County.
Iiviie C. Cuyot, I'laintiir, v.. Krncst
II. (iuyoi, licf.ndmit.
To Knicht II. Guyot, Defendant
above named:
In tho Niutio of the State of Or
rKuii, You urc hereby required to ap
nur ami imtwi-r the complaint of the
plaintiff filed luminal you in the
above entitled suit within nix week.
Mini Esther Williams, who i. at.
tending Mill College, plan, to arrive M CKtiimtleii minimum of 62
in um ftunoay to anare in the j,., the bulb of mercury fAyy.VAWA'
William, home. Miu m WtIl)h wM hold no ft
Mm. It. G. Kaling came home from niore cta5,el in nomc nTiec and
Portland Sunday for a holiday c,r, of tte slck until ,rtcr j,nutry I
with her family. Mr.. Saling ha 5. Cold wc,ther i, given a the rea- it
been taking Icon, in both voice and ion for poatponcmcnt.
piunu at Portland. r
After recovering from smallpox,
Hobby Graham wa. threatened thi.
week with apiendicili.. While very
.eriou. the flnit of the week, hi con
dition ha. kince improved.
Rev. A. J. Starmer ha bought a
liuw Ford touring car from O. A.
Adam, of the Liberty Auto Co. Mr.
Starmer ha. driven hi. old Ford no
leu. than one hundred thousand
Mis. Thelma Anderson i. expected
Mrs. Barnes is S. A. C. Hostess
A delightfully informal meeting of
tha Saturday Afternoon Club wa
held at the home of Mr.. W. A.
Barnes December 13. Owing to se- n
vcre weainer conaiuons many -member
were unable to attend, although
even responded to roll call. Pro
gram number were aa follawi:
Paper Oban, Entrance to the
Highlands Mrs. Ellsworth Wood.
Paper Inverness, Capital of the
Oregon, Highlands-Mrs. F. D. Watt.
to arrive from Homestead.
Monday to pass the holiday vacation paper Aberdeen, lhe Granite City
at her mother' home in thi city. jirs. , R. Van Winkle.
Miss Anderson is a member of Home- hour of social chat followed, K
stead's school faculty. during which time light refreshments J
llasKct mountain is temporarily were served by Mrs. Joseph Wurscr $
t . i m. . i i it L rA
of the dale of the first publication of population. Liaron.i nnca ana ana me nosiess.
ii .,ii..w.mM uii nr tif(rt xaniuy nmvc movcu mj in u in n pine wr, iv. lorriaun win vnwrvaiu
Fri.Inv. thi, 2d tlav of JAtmarv. 1020s fnn tradcU by Sam Key to Tom club at
V . a".... I.I L''I,...J LV.-
Iitislmas living
of the kind of the gifts that
are appreciated is rendered
easy by a visit to our store.
We are sKowing Wilton and
Axminster Rugs, Tapestry and
Leather Rockers, Library Ta
bles, Dining Room Tables, Ce
dar Chests, Dressers, etc., etc.
DeMoss Furniture
(Phone 122)
to Tom club at her home the afternoon of
.. . ,4 f:..i.l.l l.l..t...l h.iv An. I William War. IlM.mhr ''1
ami you win taxe notice mat 11 you " - ..... -
fml to o i.piH-ur and answer said "" have movvi their familie to
com plaint or otherwise plead thereto Frecwater for the winter. SLlT VXi KaSOQiC EecUonS
within said time, the plaintiff, for Mr. Leon Lundell ha. returned Crescent Chapter No. 47, Order of
want thereof, will apply to the Court from a visit with relatives at Mil- the Eastern Star, elected officers a.
Mi the relief demanded in her said ton. During her sojourn in tho follows at a recent meeting:
complaint, namely for a decree- of neighboring city Mrs. I.undell under- Korah Watts, worthy matron; C.
llui t'ouit dioving the bonds of went an operation for removal of j,;, worthy patron; Catherine
matrimony now and heretofore e- tonsils and adenoids, from which she Smith, associate matron; S. A.
ii-tmjr between pluiutiff mid defend- is recovering satisfactorily. Barnes, treasurer; Alice Trice, sec
ant mid fr other equitable relief. The district convention of tho rctary; Gladys Smith, conductress;
Thi. summons is published pursu- Knights of Pythias has been post- Mamie Barnes, associate conduct
ing t an order made by Honorable tuxl until Monday, December 22, ress.
Gilbert W. Phelps, Ju.ljro of the cmlst. f unfavorable weather. It Weston Lodge No. Cj, A. F. & A.
because of unfavorable weather. It M., has chosen officers as follows;
will be held In the I. O. O. F. in- Joe Hodgson, worshipful master;
stead of the Eagle-Woodman hall. Clark Wood, senior warden; C. E.
Weston Mountain thermometer
registered twelve degrees below xe
ro Friiiay morning. Robert Hopkin
KU.stiiiued a serious loss in the freer
ing of &00 uckx of initatoes. I. C
Hopkins and Tom ltoohcr also lost a
quantity of tubers in the same way.
A "little palace on wheels
8 3
Tbe Farmers Bank of Weston
above entitled Court, on the 17th day
of November, 1U1'.; and the first pub
lication of this summons will be
made in the Weston Leader newspa
per published at Weston, Umatilla
County, Oregon, on Friday the 21st
day of November, lit 111. The sum
mons "ill be published for six roii
mutive weeks in said newspaper,
the Ini't publication' to appear on
Friday the said 2d day of January,
is an
lutcd this the 17lh day of Novcin- apt description of the Light Four J
ber, 11)10. Overland sedan bought by Dr. watts
PETERSON, BISHOP CLAKK from tho local agent; Dr. Kcnnard,
Attorneys for Plaintiff. a3 a Christmas present for his son
Residence mid Postoilice address; Worth. It is a beautiful car, ele- J
Prcston-Shaffcr Milling Co.
Established 1865 '
Athena, Oregon . Waitsburg, Wash.
American Beauty
Pure White
Made of selected bluestem in one of the
best equipped mills in the Northwest.
Sold in Weston by
, i
Weston Mercantile Company
Pendleton, Oregon, gantly appointed and finished in au-
, tomobilo blue.
Asked about the cattle situation,
J. P. Lieuallen, president of the
stockmen's association, reports it as
very satisfactory. Stock came out of
the mountains in good shape and is
so far doing well on on winter pas
ture in the stubble fields. Fortunate
ly for the stock interests, the severe
cold snap came early in the season. .
Delayed by the snowdrifts, J, G.
Jones did not get in with the moun
tain mail Monday until eight o'clock.
At one place he was an hour in car
rying his government mules over
crusted drifts for a distance of one
quurter of a mile. Tamarack church,
about ten miles east of Weston, is
now the farthest point on Carrier
Junes' route, and there he encoun
tered 18 inches of snow.
Rev. W. S. Payno returned homo
Monday from nn extended period of
evangelistic work in behalf of the
Methodist Episcopal Church. At Bu-
cna, Washington, hp conducted
fortnight a revival that resulted in
104 conversions. Ho wa at Grace
ClNrrcli, Walla Walla, for fivo days,
and there 35 conversions were his re
wurd. Cold weather interfered with
his meeliiiKjt at Selnh, . Washington,
lie" goes to Toppehish January 11.
Fisk, junior warden; L. B. Davis, sec
retary; S. A. Barnes, treasurer.
A joint installation is planned for
Friday, December 26.
Baker's Goods
Phone your dray orders,
93, or call at store.
Davis & Ellis
Reports from Washington state that Christmas
shoppers are spending 265,000,000 a day on luxur
ies. For the shopping days of December this would
approximate three and one-half billion dollars.
The Government views such squandering of money
as a serious menace to our economic and social sta
bility, and appeals to the people to give War Savings
Stamps and Treasury Savings Certificates as Christ
mas presents.
ll I isf III II S i
sm most
Nice Jewelry, Ivory, Stationery, Christ
mas Cards and Booklets.
Goodwin's Drag Store