The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, July 11, 1919, Image 3

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, and Poultry Supplies .
KaUc o( rinal Account
In th Count C.u?t of th Stat of
Oregon fur Umatilla Cuunty.
In the Matts? of th 'KtUt of f.
well Thomwn Dougls, twremxJ.
Nolle is hereby givn Unit th un
daralgnoit hat KM her final account
- and it port in th abova entitled mUr
and that th abova eniitled court hat
nxad Saturday, tha td day of Aug-uit,
m, at tha hour of 10:00 o'clock a. m.
of aald day a Um tlma and tha county
court room in tha county court hvuaa
t I'andlaton, Oreyon, aa tha placa for
hearing aald Anal account and report.
Any and all paraona having ohJoc
tkm or axcaptiona to o(Tr to aald flnal
account and raport ahould maka and
ftla tha aama with tha dork of tha
' kbuvt entitled court on or bvforasald
tlma, or appear tn paraon baforo aald
court at aaid tlma and placa and offar
' aald objection.
Data of flnt publication July 4. 1919.
tURaimr Euiamth DottotAs,
Exeutrix of tha hut will ihI Ut
mant of Oawall Thompson Dougiaa,
(No. Wl '
Tha rarmara' Bank of Waaton, atW
ton, in tha Stale of OrKn. at tha
rlo ofbuainaaa J una ), MVi
Loana and diacounU 1185,108 67
tlvardrafu, aacurcd and un- .
aeeurad .. IW 70
'. Honda and warrant i 13,H M
Banking houaa 8. WW 00
" Furnltura and flxturw. ........ I.ouo 00
OlbarraalaaUtaownad...... 29, 33
Duo from approval rm - o -
banka 87,643 27
, CUcka and otbar caah lUtm 1.008 W
Caah on hand 8,261 23
Qthor raaourta 0t "
Total 1......... 64
4 Capital stock paid In f 80.000 0(1
8urpiofund.r. 16,000 00
Undlvklad profit, ! ax- t a
panaaa and taxaa paid .;... 6,711 88
Due to banka and bankara... l.KMI 66
Demand certificate of da-
- poalt.; 4.W1 07
Time and 8sv!nga dopoalu 4h.m1 76
, Not and bill- redltcounted. 7,750 00
Bill payable for money lw
ruwou w
Other llablllUe . I.MO W
Total ......,-..m.....'....I2o1. 64
State of Oreton, J,
, County of DBtlll, .
; I, E. M. Smith, Cashier of the
' abova-namad bank, do solemnly awear
that the above aUtement ia true to the
beat of my knowledge and belief.
E. M. tsHlTH, Caahler.
, - J. H. Price,
O. W. 8TA008,
F. D. Watt.
HubacriUU ami worn to before tn
(SEAL) , Notary Public.
(My commliwlon expire Nov. 13, im.)
Atlorney-at-Uw ,
Praotloe In all Suie and Kednral
Court, f '
Everett Tru on The Job
"Ct'y" Jom, and thrt other
WwUin boyt wvre ratlnir wtrni;.
on at nlfht In thlr rKn at a iVn
dlctoti hotel, following a good time
at tho IVmllvton celebration. Tht-y
found mow enjoyment In ctmveraa
tion than occupant of adjoining
room, one of whom rudely Inter,
rupled them by throwing a lighted
bunch of firecracker into the mldtt
of their congenial circle. Thinking
someone had opened a bombardment
with an .automatic," Caaey" Jumped
out of the window onto tho roof
of an adjoining building, where he
remained, en dhthabllle, until tho
enemy artillery ceased to fire. He
and bis 'young companions then
went back to bed, where their sub
sequent conduct was marked by
"modest stillness and humility.""
The firecracker tower Is suppored
to have been Everett True. .
The case agianst Homer 1. Watts,
whose residence at Athena was
raided by officers and a quantity of
liquor seized, was dismlHsed Wed
nesday in Justice Parkes' court at
Pendleton. Tho court stated that
it. did not find that Iho liquor in
tho case was being used to main
tain a nuisance, and ordered It re
turned by the sheriff to the place
where It was found.
Tbeatre, Alheni
Saturday, July 12-A big double
special fenture programGeraldine
Farrar and Fatty Arbuekle-Farrar
In "TheWorftan God Forgot," and
Arbuckle In "The, Rough House."
A mint of mystical Aztec lore witlt
I urrsr at her best, and Fatty in a
barrel of rollicking fun.
Sunday, July 13 "'The Firefly
of Franco," introducing Wallace
Reid and a capital cast in a story of
love, war and German intrigue.
The Pathe Weekly and funny Moore
comedy. ' . -'
Wedneday, July 16--The great
Nazlmova In "le for Eye," the
fascinating story of a child of the
desert, primitive In morals and
ideals, whose love for a Christian
brings upon her the wrath of her
African tribesmen. The wonderful
filming Of this picture curries you
across the blue of the Mediterran
ean and into the blazing colors of
the walled town of Tangiers. Sit
ting on tho magic rug of Bagdad
you feel th tingle of oriental at
mosphere, - and with Kipling ex
claim: "Oh, East is East and West
Is West, and never the twain shall
meet!" A great picture, with the
str of a thousand moods,
Mrs. Xanlippe Fonnimorc is visit
ing at tho- home, of her mother,
Mrs. Mwy E. Rwvt's. .
Walter Ih-aiiH-r left yesterduy on
his return to the Cumeron ranch
near Nobleford, Albert.
Mr. and.Mf. J. If. Price motored
Tuesday to liingham Spring for;" a
few days of camping and fishing.
Second-growth dry cordwood, fir
and tamarack, banked out in coun
ty road, at $5.00 per cord. Carl
Drutscher. -
Services will be held Sunday at
3 p. m. at the Episcopal church in
this city by Rev, Alfred Lockwood
of Pendleton.
Mrs. II. P. Smith Is reported to
le Improving, after submitting at
Walla Walla to an operation for the
removal of a tumor.
- Captain C. II. Smith sailed recent
ly from Europe, and si?nt tho
Fourth of July on the broad Atlan
tic, bound for home.
Thieves broke the hick to Frank
Sating' garage in Pendleton Mon
day night and drove off with his
Ruick Six touring car, ,
Mrs. Florence Emerson and her,
nephew, Roy Erb, who is just
out of army service, are visiting
here from Greer, Idaho.
Reports from the Pilot Rock
neighborhood say that the crop will
be very light this year. Only the
best wheat will make twelve or fif
teen bushels per acre.
M. C. Eagleton and family have
moved to the garden tract belong
ing to the II. Key estate, on Pine
creek below tqwn, which they have
leased for a term of years.
Jack Clthens drove over from
Walla Walla the other day In his
home-made car. He picked the.
part out of a junkpile and put
them together making quita a ,
nifty litlo "bug."
The family half of Weston's new
hardware firm arrived recently
from' Spokane, and are now com
fortably domiciled in the E. C. Rog
ers midenc on Water street. They
are Mrs. R. V, Jones and Mrs. Nel
son II. Jones and two children,
Maynard and Audrey. ,
A party consisting of Mrs. J. H.
Williams, Mr. and Mrs. H. Good
win and Mrs. R. G. Salinsr motored
Tuesday to Pendleton to attend the
Chautauqua. Mr. R. E. Milard,
flutist on the Chautauqua circuit,
returned with the party ! was the
guest overnight , of Mr. and Mrs.
We have recently taken over the Hardware, Implement and
, Lumber business previously conducted by Messrs. Watta & Rogers
at Weston, Oregon. The ftock ia being replenished and large
shipments of goods are arriving almost daily, and more will fol
low until we can offer you one of the best lines of HARDWARE
and IMPLEMENTS in Umatilla County. : "
We are contemplating extensive alterations in'the Main Hard
ware Building and will also add a nhow room for Implements,
where we will Be able to display, set up. a complete line of Farm
Machinery. .
It will be at nil times be our aim to carry everything in our
lino needful to the community; and furthermore, nothing but
goods of quality will be handled by us. If at any time we should
have an inferior article we will be (rank to tell you, and will sell
it according to its merits.
s It is a fact known to all that "everything is high," but we
will do business on the leat margin of profit possible to insure the
safe conduct of the business. K
- We will treat all alike and give everyone a "square deal. We
want you to come in and get acquainted and make yourselves at
home. . .
If courteous treatment, square dealing and good goods at the
right prices are any inducement, you will trade with us.
Make this your Headquarters while in Weston.
Jones $i Josaes
Hardware, Implements and Lumber
Weston, Oregon
, P.-S. Success to our Predecessors.
. Yes, we have "Stogies."
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ross are wel
comed back to Weston by their
many friends In this community,
having decided to again make this
their home. Mr. Ross has disused
Splendid Programs to be Presented
by Ellison-White Talent
BUTTER WRAPS at Leader Shop
Sixty (minimum)................. $1 00
One hundred 1 35
Two hundred 2 00
Each additional hundred.... 0 60
Weston is in gala attire
of his land and leases in the Pilot big week of Ellison-White
iwichhorhood. where he has
successfully engaged in farm
successfully CTgid in farm- strung Rcro8S the prin
He also so d his entire outfit . .
with the exception of a few work
horses, -7": . s
David Cook Sanderson, editor, of
the Freewater Times, w'as founfl
dead in his bed from heart trouble
In a Portland hotel, yesterday. Mr.
tuaqua, beginning July 14
for its
cipal streets and every show win
dow ia gay with attractive litho
graphs. -
Hazel Alexander is director and
Vivian Lee is junior supervisor.
Th tent will be erected on the
Sanderson was born In England C3 normal school grounds. The daily
veara airo. and for 25 years was a schedule includes children s hour at
Methodist minister in Canada. Up- 9:30, afternoon concert af2: 30, af
Preston-Shaffer Milling Co.
' Established 1865 ; V,
Athena, Oregon . .ValUlur, Wash.
American Beauty
Pur White -
Made pf selected bluestem in one of the
best equipped mills in the Northwest.
Sold In Weston by.
Weston Mercantile Company
on taking charge ot the Times ten
or more - years ago, he became one
of the most successful country pub
lishers In this section.
The Milton Eagle relates what Is
considered a miraculous escape for
the Owen Obert family when their
Overland car turned over on a steep
grade on the north, fork of the Wal
la Walla river and rolled to the bot
tom, a distance of ' several feet.
Mrs. Obert suffered a dislocated
shoulder and a broken collar bone,
while Mr. Obert and the two child
ren sustained only -minor bruises,
ternoon lecture at 3:00, evening
concert at 7:30 and evenftig lec
ture at 8:00. Season tickets are
on sale at the store of the Weston
Mercantile Co, and at Goodwin's
drug store.
The principal attractions ate".
Monday Afternoon Venetian
Trio. Evening Concert Prelude,
Venetian Trio; Impersonations by
S. Piatt Jones, humorist.
Timutilv A ftJrnonn Concert. The
Victory Orchestra. Evening Pre- jj
lude, The Victory Orchestra; Inspi- J
rational Lecture, "Getting by Your
Hoodoo," by Sam Grathwell.
Wednesday Afternoon Prelude, w
The i
Ciy " Ataov j-tco wticro ioft baTcrnge are sold. ;,
gX Bended la 3 mi rtnT
' Botttan ami CUtriiluton, PORTLAND, OREGON jEtf
well known upland farmer, m The White Hussars; Lecture,
where he bought the Jinks Taylor herd. Evening Concert, The White
alfalfa farm of szu acres, edgnty Hussars.
acree of the placo Is In alfalfa and Thursday Afternoon Prelude,
the remainder Is pasture. Mr. Pier- Smith Stockwell Company; Cos-'
sol took over a, herd of dairy cows tume Lecture, "New Zealand, the
with the . place and will engage. South Sea Utopia," by Leila M.
largely in dairy farming. He char Rlomfleld. ExeningConcert Pre
tered a car for his household goods lude, Smith - Stockwell Company;
nH iu drlvlnir his farm stock aver- Lecture. "Four" Years With the
land, - j
Hie Farmers Bank o! Weston
- Esteished 1891
Fighting Canadians," by Lieut. J.
Friday Atfornoon Prelude, Roy
al Hawaiian Quintet; Lecture, "The
Maker of Men," by Capt. T. Dins
more Upton. Evening Pageant,
.... t . , r. ! i ,
" - 7 " . . unc e, Min s luxDeriiueui. juuiui
arms she stumbled over a project- Chautauauans; Closing Concert.
hw root tnis caicnmir ner iwv r..i ti
Mrs. G. W. Staggs suffered both
a fracture and dislocation of her
right ankle In a recent severe fall
at Bingham Springs. While walk
ing with a little grandchild In her
inr root th s catching ner loot
and .causing , the serious . injury
stated." She was attended by Dr.
'Boyden of. Pendleton and is now an
inmate of St. Vincent's hospital,
where she will be compelled to re
main for several weeks. She may
not be able to discard crutches
three months. v ."'"',' '
Royal Hawaiian Quintet.
James Botterer. 28 years old
hroke his heck in divinir off
high eminence: Into the Umatilla
river at Hermiston. He was rushed
for to St. Anthony's hospital, Pendle
ton, where his death occurred.
enables one to take advantage
of any opportunity.
Bank accounts supply; the
ready cash.