The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, July 04, 1919, Image 1

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    'ON- 1LE
CHEGOH i;b';s iiotes
Frli.oljril Emu if tM W..
Erlifly Skitcfetl for Infor
. Rtitlfin if Our Reader.
Aa automobile, hw will be held
la Mrahfleld on uty I.
Lakevlew la to bam a aw hospital
10 ot IH.OM.
It K. Mtelpa baa been appointed br
the county court aa tbe t'mstllla coun
ty redmamr. : -:
Mora than 40O.OA9 pound of,!
a ot4 at Ra4 at prices ranging
front 4J t 4t. , - ...
Mor lhaa 100 plonrs of Una eonn
ly gathered at Hendricks park In F.u
gtne for their enaual pleole.
I'U pa are twine preperad fur the
reetlon of a fourstory brkk bulldlnc
for lb Elks lodge of Pendleton.-- .
By ft tota of 1 1 I th aret-car ma
of Portland daclded not la tola tha
Tbnnaa Moonay aynpatbatlc atrlka aa
July 4. . ; ' , .
No lata than 10 odWNowa of mbra
vlaltH Ptadletoa for tba to4ay 41-.
Irlet tonrtotloa of tha - Womaa of
Woodcraft. '
Many buyera wtra prmnt at tbn
wool aal la Coadoa. A total of IWV
000 jtonnda waa aoid at prlooa ranging
from 10 to M eonta.
On of tba largaat loganbarry crop
la tba olatory f tha Wltlamatt al
lay la atpMtad thla roar. Picking baa
bogva la aavoral localltle.
ttacatvara of tba Smith ladvatrlca la
Coea eonnty baa daclded to operat
tba Industries at their capacity and ara
sending out calls for (Oft men. .
Lebanon citlsana are planning 4
jola Laeomb residents, -who have rale-
"4 14000 for tba purpoee, la aa effort
to find oil la paying aaa&tltlee, .
The special bond, election held la
Toledo reeulted In a very light rots
bat a good majority In favof of the
issuing of IJO.000 water bonda.
" Chemlcaia ejected from a locomotive
along tba right of way to kill tba frees
baa reeulted death of three valu
able sows belonging to B. W, Bhedd, at
Shedd. ' :... :',
JUns, Coos and Douglas county bank
ers will net la Kugene July to die-'
cuss questions connected with their
business sad to th communities In
feueral. . ' ,
Th Douglas County Light Wtr
, company of Roeeburg ha applied to
tha public aervlca oommlaalon for pe
mission to rain rates for service ren
dered tas city.'
0. 3. "Tim" fkaley, Identmed with
th development of Coo county and a
veteran lover of sports, 414 at his
, horns n Coqullle, after a week'a tltnees
with paaumoftls.
Inaursoce Commissioner Harvey
Welts has announced that policies
which hav been In tore less than
yssr are void while tbe Insured ars
riding In airplanes.
; Ground bss been broken preparatory
, to ths construction of build Inga forth
first unit farm of ths Oregon land set
tlement Mmmlssiou, three mite South
wast of Independence. V ' '"'
A. W. Palmer, for vral years fore
man of the Dallas steam laundry, bss
purchased the business from, Fred M.
. sum, who has operntsd'th. laundr,
tot ths psst ftw yetrs.
Surveyors hava reached Beaverton
' and bavs started the work of setting
.'grade stakes for the paving of th
rsclflo highway from Hlllsboro to ths
, Multnomah county line, , '
Dr. W. J. Hoffman of McMlnnvllls
bss been resppolnted by Governor Ol
eott as a mmbr of ths state board of
eblropractle exsmlners for a three yssr
term expiring lune J, 1S. ': ,' '
Out of 470 accldsnts reported to ths
stats Industrial accident commission
during tha week ending June it, but
one ended fatally, that; of 01 I- Jen
' sen, a Pqrtland shtphulldar.
H. C. Ostein, former professor of
msthemstlcs la the Normal achool, and
mayor of Monmouth, baa returned from
Y. M. C A. arvlee overe and will
resume bis position as Instructor. .
- Approximately iOO people were pres
ent at tbs dancs given by the Hood
River alumnae to raise funda for the
Unlveralty of Oregon womanfi build
;ing. Ths dance netted the fund l5.
Coos sounty wss given the honors
In sn exhibit of sewing club work at
tbe Oregon Agricultural college In con
nection with the short course tor prise
winning club boys and girls of ths
tats.: V (; - v' ,
Vernon H. Vawter, recently appoint
ed by Oovernsr Oieott a member of
tbe beard t fefeatt f tt WtWrsHT
r$ rffr,, ta nrobaUr tha youassat
man tbl has served on that board,
lit la years of age,
A aetlva campaign sgalnat Canada
thltl-s bss bee stsrtcd la Lias eoun
17. snd efforts will b mad to mo
that or of property oa which
J ZXStrjL SI Wf"
The retail prle of milk wa rala4
I cant a quart an July I by Portland
distributor. Th dvns eama aa a
mult of tha action of 4alrynh a
announcing a rlaa la th whole!
trie from to iltO a hundred.
Goveraor Olrott wrote Mayor Dakar
t Portland, advlalag btm that ba baa
no authority or warrant of la to call
for tha organisation of a committee
, to tnveetlgat th Portland Wavsrley
Baby Horn. ' v.
Approaching tiamlnatloaa for preel
genital poatofflcoa In Oregon announc
ed by tba postoffir department are for ,
Ifarrtabnrg, 11400 afflca, and Ion.
,11100: both to ba held on September
14, at Albany and Tha Dalian, respec-"
The Aatorla city board of school 41-
roctor baa decided to Inatall oil burn
Ing badng jtlanta In tba central and
high arhoola to aupplant tha wood and
coal nlanta, which ara proving too
penalra aa a reault of th high prleoa
of ftiel. ; , ' "
A nw appl coarera. wbleb will pr
eaah to grower at barrnt Uma, will
ftgura la tha Hood Rim purchaaca
Ibla falL Tba aw company, known
aa tha National mit company,
organised by Barney Bunru and Ken
neth McKay. ' - 4
M. C Wilton of tba United fltatea
department of agrlcnltnr. In charga of
couaty trnt work, baa arrlrad at tba
Oregon Agricultural college to naka a
atudy of th method of keeping ree-
ord developed, in this state la county
agent service.
Need of a llvs commercial organisa
tion Id Klamath , rails" la being urged
through the press and many bualneea
men. Th Klamath Commercial elub
suspended operation during tha wsr
oa account of lbs large number of
patriotic cslis for money. ".
""B-'C." Bashnell of Salem, who has the
contract for construction of a new
bridge, to be known as, the "Wallace
bridge, across the Tfamhlll river, near
Wlllamlna. has begun work 'on the
structure end expect to bars It com
pleted wltbla two months, - ,
- That Cbariea Conley the young man
arrested In Los Angelea laat week on
a cbarg of robbing the -Beaverton
bank, la a former Inmate of tbe Ore
gon state penitentiary at Salem, was
announced by 3. M. Riley, of the Fink
erton detective agency In Portland. . '
That th Reddlah farm, north of Eu
gene, -would undoubtedly ba selected
by the stats fish snd game commission
tb pheasant farmT locailon of
which ha been under discussion for
several weeks, was tbs statement made
by Stats Game Warden Cart Shoe
maker. '
Tbs work of cruising and classifying
tbs Coos Ray wagon road grant Isnds
will be completed within a few day,
th urvey la preliminary to ths turn
ing ovrWto.ths government and ths
subsequent sal to th public, of ths
lands forfeited by ths Southern Ore
gon company, "
The temporary Injunction asked for
by ths Phes company, enjoining the
Salem Trult union from tha sals of
1200 tons of logsnberrles, for which
i savv wan anutv aa wsa vi aawss'
down by Judges, Bingham snd Kelly
of the Marlon county circuit court.
No captured German cannon will he
available for Oregon's state capltol
grounda until after congress has taken
action looking to th distribution of
ths material now on hand, according
io a letter just received by Governor
Olcott from" Major Genaral Henry Her
y, assistant chief of ataff of ths
arm . - ; '"": .' ..
Commercial clubs and chambers of
commerce throughout eastern Oregon
are being urged br Public Service Com
missioner Corey to lend every posslbls
Influence to procure passage of the
long and-short haul biU now
congress, which, It passed, will mean
much to the financial and Induatrlal
growth of thla stats. , ,
0. W. H. Lytle, state veterinarian,
received a salary riss of 2400 to 13000
at h meeting of the livestock sanitary
board held In Salem. Hla two depu
tie Were each Inereaaed from tl00
to fltOO. The present officers of tha
board were re-elected. They r Wal
ter K. Taylor, Corvallla, president; W.
B. Barrett Keppner, vioe-president;
W. H. Lytle, secretsry. '- '
One thing la sure snout s trnsa
iBBtlC flight It has to be nonstop.
It I not hew mneh Undo Sam owe
but his ability to iy that counts.-
77t? J43ri
L . ..!.
,r r .&.
t- J . . U.
Ut tH lit III thta
Waihlngton. Signing at Vanaillaa
of tba peace treaty with Oermuy for
mally brings to a close the world's
greatest wtr.
Although technical termination of
tha war will come (o each nation only
when tba treaty la approved by tha
ratifying power of that nUon, to all
Intent and purpose tba conflict tbat
began la August. W14, enaw wnen inland of spectator were massed.
tha historic ball of mirrors the ac
credited peace commissioners affixed
their signatures to the treaty.'
With th departure from Paris of
President WUson, the center of li
terest as regards the treaty shift to
th aenata, ratification by which, is
neceeaary for actual termination of
tha war between thla country snd Oer
many;. Duo to opposition to the league
of nations covenant a part of th
treatyand to certain provWona orr,
the treaty llasir. the contest in tn
sansta is expected to b long and bit
ter. : ,v-.i. "
Thirsty Ones Have Chance of Qusfflng
Beer of Mild Brew.
, "Washington- The whole nation
awoka Tuesday to a realisation of pro-
blbltlon. The banisbmont of the "eye
opener" at tb bar, long ago forgotten
In many parts of the country, was all
embracing, .- ,',..
Wartime prohibition, banning for
the time being all distilled liquors and
leaving In a cloud of doubt the future
of beer, taa effective at midnight
Exemption of beer came as's reault
of an 11th hour announcement by ths
department of justice that , pending
decisions in present litigation to deter
mine whether a brew containing i
per cent alcohol is intoxicating, no
action would b taken toward stopping
the aale of beer containing no mor
than that amount of alcohol.
Thus, pending court decision or
action by congress defining intoxicat
ing beverages, sale of the" lighter
drinks will be permitted in Kates in
which there are no regulatory lawa
until January JO,, when constitutional
prohibition become, effectlvs.
- DMiiiiint Wilson Leaves France.
; Brest-President Wilson sailed from "at Bib residence on the Island of Wler
Brest Sunday on his return to the l sen In the Zuyder Zee, it waa ot
Cnlted States. - i , ; - r . .flclallr announced.
: L ' -,. . ,1, r, I,, mi - L r
K W. CA. Industrial Courses in Baenos Aires
, f f , t .-. . ... i f - - if -.'.' ..'. :;J
' i ' " ' 'I V, r
; I ; "'' . I ' 4 ' '. '.' l
k . ' , .A 1 -. 4 : ...a. , , v. ...
t. . . , , 1 , ' " f
i ., i . !!. . . '. V '
' I . ' - " .
--.v.. , i - i .. , i - . - - ... ' - -.
' i ' ,. ... ' .
.... - . ,. .. ' .. ' . " J"
' An American Y.- W. C. A. secretary teaching South American glrte
who have been forced Ints Industry during the wsr to become laundress.
- - . - . - - 4 LV'-'
rs" '""" V
'f f I
RK ChMVl lA Ms
- VerssUle. The most dramatic mo
ment connected with tha aignlng of
world peace cam unexpectedly and
spontaneously at tha conclusion, of thla
greatest ceremony In. history, when
President Wilaon, Premier Clemenceau
and Premier Lloyd Oaorgo deacended
from the hall of mirror to the terrace
tna rear of tha palace, where thou
-With, the appearance of tbe three
who bare dominated the council of
the allies there began a most remark
able and unprecedented doroonet ra
tion, With erica of "Viva Wilson!
Viva CTemenceau! . VI Lloyd
George!" dense crowd swept forward
from 'all part of th spacious terrace.
In an Instant tba three were surround
ed by struggling, cheering masses of
people, fighting among themselves for
ehanc to get near the statesmen
Right Given France to Ask American
. Aid if Hun Attack. . ,
v Pafis. A Franco-American conven
tion waa signed on behalf of the two
governments, according to the news
ps Drs.' It la aald the covenant In-
.ciuiea several artlclee snd specifies
that violations of the peace .treaty by
Germany will give France the right to
request American and British assist
ance. ' The Journal aaya the eolncl-'
dene In the signing of the convention
and the peace treaty the same day is
part of the spirit of union among the
associated powera to ses the treaty Is
carried out . . . '
I. .
Colonel House on Mandatory Council.
5 Parle. The council of four appoint
ed Lord Mllner, Great Britain. Colonel
E. M. House, United Status; M. Simon,
France; Signor Crespi, Italy, and Via
count Chinda, Japan, members of a
committee on mandatories for the col
onics snd. territories detached - from
the enemy powers.
' ; Reported Escape of Prints False.
The Hague.-Frederlck 'William, Ho
heniollern. the former German crown
prince, whose escape from Holland to
Germany had been reported, was still
Buy Coal, Says Government
Tho fnltel 8tHrea Oe.ilogtcnl Mur-y
-aunouncea from tVanhinstrnt ttia nl'
ability of aiHitber general coal altort
ace next fall an winter. Tba an
nouncement la baned, tba gureey
ctatea. npoa a natlon-wlda atndy of
conilltlona In tha bllnmlnnoe flHd.
I'lileaa atepa ara taken at once, tha
ffurvey aaya. to placa the wine nfioo.
baala of Increased production there
la orery pronpeet of a repetition to
noma degree of the, altoatlorf that pre
vailed In tba United gtatea during tba
winter oMOlMSw
The only way prodic-flon ran be atlm
uluted at the preoent time. It U aald. la
by ptaclnff orrtcre with the mines for
coal whk-b will b needed later oa.
Troductiofl during the first Ore month
of the year," reada tba atatement, "fell
ri72.i0 net ton, or aptrofruiately
20 below production during tha first
five month of 1018. llinee dra produc
ing coal now at tha rata of from 8,000,
000 to 800,000 too a week. - An aver
age output Of 10,700,000 tons a week
wast be maintained from June 1 to
January t next If tha country etl-
- www
year ara to b met" . .
Evil of Delayed Order.
At no time during thla year ba tha
, rata of production approached the ra-
quired tonnage. Tba tendency on the
part of buyers to hold off placing tbelr
order Is limiting production, ss tbe
mines csnnot store coal at tbe point of
production, snd wben tbe rush of
orders for tb winter's needs comes
next fall there Is grave danger that
the mines, with depleted labor force
; and the probability-of tesa adequate
transportation, will be unable to meet
tbe demands. Tbe result of aucb a alt
nation would be an Insufficient supply
for tbe requirement of, domestic con
sumers, public utilities and Industrial
user generally. ' "- '
. "It ts believed that requirements for
this year," reads a Survey atatement
to Fuel Administrator Garfield, -will,
be about 630.000,000 ton of bituminous
coal, of which approximately 30,000,000
ion have been need from stocks accu
mulated last year, leaving 800.OGO.000
tone to be prtxluced. Of tills WO.OOO,-
000 ton 178.000.000 ton wer produc
ed during tb first Ave months, leaving
822,000,000 ton to bo produced In th
rerostnlne. SO weeks, or sn average of
10.700.000 tons a week.
, "Thus far this year production tias
been at the rate of 8,200.000 tons a
week. In 101S production was st the
rate of 11,300,000 tons' week.;' - -
"Thla production will be difficult of ae
"complisbment, The capacity of operat
ing mines at the present time with labor
now on tbe payroll Is about 10 lower
than it was last year. This deficiency
may be made up In part or wholly If
the mine bar orders sufficient to ran
them five or els days a week unless. the,
threatened exodus of foreign-born labor
occurs, '..'
. .. Msy Bs Car Shortage.
."Present wage agreements between
operators snd miners .expire with
the proclamation of peace by the Pres
ident. A suspension of mining oper
ations while a new wage agreement Is
being negotiated would, of course, seri
ously Interfere with the production of
emil and if it should occur during tbe
fall would cause panic among buyers
and consumers of conl." '
. There Is no use in gambling upon
this or sny other contingency, fuel ad
ministration officials say. The firm or
Individual who wants to be sure of an
adequnte confc supply next winter can
be certain by buying coal now. There
la- no - other way such assurance
can be obtained.' Transportation also
promises to be a limiting factor if the
flood tide ol demand cntites at a. time
when the country' record crops are
being carried. In some districts It
would appear certnln that notwlth
atandlng the utmost endeuvore of tb
Railroad Administration and tbe util
isation -of Its experience last full, wr
shortage will be a cause limiting bltuv
mlnous coal production, and for that
reason It ts prohleruutlcal whether the
expected production of 500,000,000 ton
csn be sttalned this year.
Shortage of litbor already Is a fac-
tor that ts cutting down the output in
some coal producing sections, accord-
lng to the Survey's report. The oirn.
tors report that from-30,000 to 4U.WW
foreign-born miners expect to return to
Europe as soon as they can get paws
ports and that many have already re
turned. If continued this movement
will be capable of producing but one
result a reduction of tbe amount of
coal mined in dlstricia where the mine
labor Is largely foreign-born, and' thcr
are many such iliirk-ts. . - -
He who needs ihiI should hesitate .
ao longer, how U tbe Urns to bu?
coal, ... ....-.
J Germane Set Day of Gloom.
Berlin. The evangelical churches of
Germany will celebrate Sunday, July
. as a day of mourning. H will be
requested that quiet prevail and that
Germany make sn earnest effort to
recuperate by consistent work.
German Dreams of World Pow
,tr Killed In Room Whers
Empfrt Was Eorn. .
- , .t .
Parte. In tha Hall of Mirror, .a
tha palace of Versa lllee. where tba
German empire waa bona it yeare ago.
Dr.. Herrmann Mueller and Dr. io
baanee Bell, aa plenipotentiaries of
th Germaa republic, affixed their eig
naturea to tha treaty of peace, whk-b
pnta aa end to German dreama of
world power.
- Tha ceremony, which marked the
and of war and th dawn of peace, con
timed it minutes. It conclusion waa
announced by Premier Clemeneeaa iri
we lerse Mimnn, .
"The condition of peace are now
aa accomplished fact. ""The. proceed
ings are closed. "
Tbua ended tha world conflagration.
- ".j...i
th aaaaaclnatioa of the Austrian crown
prince at Serajevo and which entailed
the downfall of four empire and a
score of minor kingdoms and princi
palities. -
The charter of world peace wsa
signed by all delegates to th peace
conference with the exception of th
Chinese, who wars absent from
the ceremony because they bad been
refused permission to mak certain
reservations regarding ths Japanese
occupation of Shantung." -
General Jan Christian Smuts of th
delegation from ths tnion of South
Africa, signed undsr protest, declaring
objections to certain territorial set;
tlementa and the propose! lor trial or
tbe kalaer and. others beld responsi
ble for the war. He also auggested .
that ths indemnities levied on Gerv.
many were excessive and should be
moderated la Order to facilitate th
revival of Industry to Europe.
The Germans war the first to sign
snd wr followed by tb Americana,
British, French, Italians, Japanese, in
the order named. 'Then canto tbe
smaller natlona.
Wilson Will Act Later
Washington, President Wilson de
cided, he could not legally lift tho war
time prohibition ban before the coun-.
try went dry at midnight Monday, but
he expects to do so as soon thereafter
aa his power haa been cleared oy in
completion of demobilisation. ...
. " In a cablegram th president said
be waa convinced after eonaultatton
with hia legal adviser that he had
no authority to act at thl time.
"Wben demobilisation 1 terminat
ed," ho conUnued. "my power to act
without congressional action will be
exercised." .v,'
Prestdnt Wiiaon'" announcement
provoked a storm of varying comment
in congressional circle. There were
no indications of any concerted move
to obtain Immediate consideration by.
the house of enforcement legislation.
Some of the outspoken opponents of
prohibition, as soon as the house takes,
up the bill will endeavor to hat it
separated and immediate eeaUrj
Hon giTn the part dealing with enj
torcement of the wartime act J
The main fight will be on the definl
tion of Intoxicating liquor, with a
view to the elimination of the word)
"more than one half of on per ctab
aloohot" , : .
Allies Tail Turk to Go Hem,
pari. A note waa cent the Turkish
delegation by th council of tour, ad
vising the members to return to Con-
stantinople a there ia no reason to
believe any agreement can be reached
in the near future because or the
gat difference between the demands
pf thQ Turks tna the concessions th
,m t t
"" m " .
Northweet Phone Strike Called..
San Francisco. Telephone workers
In Oregon, Washington and Waatarn
Idaho were called upon to join In the
California-Nevada telephone strike.
The order waa aent out by Internation
al off cials, following a deadlock with
the management of the telephone com-,
Soldiers who are Importing bride
should be mindful of the expense
should tbelr wives wish to see mot' :
about four times a year.
Russians show signs of weariness
of allowing their crointry to aerve a
a horrible example of whnt be. 4 gov
eminent can accomplish.