The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, May 09, 1919, Image 3

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. 'FLOUR- ,
f Yellow and White
1 Wa will crush your cob com for you, or ahell and cruiih It;
or, If dry, grM It into corn mew.
S h QU Of 111' JLj1S.
Iwal observers were somewhat
Interested lhl wwk in the move-
menta of Mayor Iinnister white jj
burning off his tubll. Hitdiing
hu harrow to a long chain, he at-
Uched the other end of the chain j!
v kl.. ni..nw.l.ilA mill ilramfHl the
Id "All of a harrow around the field, carrying J
burnlmr atraw aa he went. There K
...... r . t . . t 'aro Lhtnui who aay that if the wind I
J. n. Torn ia renurietf iu nave in-, -..i ... -ml T
vested In a Wlnton i touring- car. '. 'p"V ? ' " VL k!. "J1 8
wmwurog with wiuin iui ii ,
Mr. Heath of Ilermlston la mov. lne car mjfht have gone op in
Ing to the Charles Marshall plan? on -moVe and the mayor hinwelf .been
Reed and Hawley mountain, y scorched a bit. Hut nothing like
tftrayedA light hay two-year- 'Ihla happened, and the stubble was
old mule branded D on left shotil-' deposed of in abort order.
der. Reward. S. J. Culley. ' '":! Veteran farmera say that fall-
Voiii Eggs
Everybody's going
Sudden Peggy."
Pilot Rock wanta to play ball at sown grain "in the Vtcston country
Weaton during the pioneer picnic, doesn't
That Old Ivory Bedroom Set
when you see it in our window.
when you see it in your
Ass Mime Store
Hie Farmers Bank of Veston
EsfetM 1891
Everybody knew the "Empire Builder," Jamea J.
Hill. See what he says on thrift:
"If you' want to know whether, you are
destined to te a success or failure in life
you can easily find out The test is simple ,
. and it is Infallible. ' ARE YOU ABLE TO
YOU WILL LOSE, You may think not.
but you will lose as sure as you live. The
seed of success ia not In you." v
Furnished and Printed tit the Leader office
J . Sixty (minimum) .r..:...."...:; $1 00
' One hundred...... 1 35
Two hundred .'. 2 00
Each additional hundred 0 60 .
Preston-Shaffer Milling Co.
Established X865
"!' Athena, Oregon ! WaiUburg, Waih.
American Beauty
Puro White
' ... . .. '.'" . . -; . .
Made of selected blueatem irk one of the
best equipped mills in the' Northwest.
"Sold in Weston by
Weston Mercantile Company
need rain exiiecially jut
,ik .nm nihrr Umatilla county now. but that molature later on
team. - -will be appreciated. A good aland
A. W Lundel. h be. sppointed
Umatilla county sell ing r agent for ;.houldP pr"fit by rain at the
the Weyerhauaer grain tanks. prnt time, according to ,me
Recent front have nipped ' the observers. Others aver that dearth
gardena hereabouta, and are report- ,,f rain is not an -unmixed evil, as
ed to have damaged wheat in some jnotead of spreading out the grain
localities.' rooU will go down In search of
Mr mnA Mr. A Uraon were molature. And now let the weath
Jl'Td'illS rri-da rit up and Uk. notice to
Kwater. vWting at the DeGrsw what is and what is not required,
residence. The Milton Eagle report that
If the parties who borrowed my II. L. Frazler has purchased 90
gardm rake will return it at once ocrea of farm land six milea west
I will be very grateful. Mrs. M, of lone in Morrow, county, paying
V Kaglcton. therefor the aum of $19,680. or
" , 120.50 an acre. The land is unim-
t William Sanger. .W Klnrnw. J, othcr Mng farmed a
Jack Stewart and the Walters boys J1
were buaythis week moving their Kw ytm ,g0'
cattle to mountain range. ; , . Don't ml "All of a Sudden
forvfee are announced for Sun- Peggy.
day afternoon next at three o'clock ,
at the Episcopal church. Rev. Al
fred Lock wood is coming from Pen.
dlcton. t , .
See our attractive showing of
new hata juat received for Saturday
and Monday display in our milli
nery department. Weston Mercan
tile Co. .
Mrs. R. C. Baling and slater, Mrs.
L. A. West, motored to Walla Wal
al Tuesday to attend the f unreal of
the late Mrs. Garfield, mother of
Mrs. Ethel Scott. ,
- Charles Pedersen of Echo has
bought the Hagen estate lands,
about 400 acre, on Reed and Haw
Icy mountain. Mr. Pedersen will
move to Weston and place his child
ren in school here.
Miss Cleo Beeler arrived this
week In Weston for a visit at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. 3.
Beeler. Mlas Beeler came north
from California a few weeks ago
and has been ; visiting at Albany,
Oregon. -
A large number of members of
Crescent Chapter, Order of the
Eastern Star, visited Athena Wed
nesday evening and fraterulied
with the "Eastern Stars" in that
city, upon invitation from the Ath.
ena chapter. ;T ..- ;.;..',.,'-.
J.. D. Whitman of , Milton was
a Weston visitor this week. Mr.
Whitman is a member of a well
known Umatilla county pioneer
family formerly residing near Wes
ton. He has opened a well-appointed
harness shop at Milton. '
; The Odd Fellows had a most in
teresting lodge meeting in Weston
last evening, marked by the pres
ence of their grand master, W. F.
Walker of Springfield, Oregon.
Some 25 visiting brethren were
among those In attendance.
Dr. and Mrs., B. G. Vinson of
Pendleton motored to Weston Fri
day. While here Dr..Vinson placed
an advertisement with the Leader
for Tht , Propho Painless Dental
Parlors a four-chair establishment
at Pendleton with complete modern
equipment, . , , t
The chorus rehearsals lor; the
Memorial Hall dedication have been
changed from, Monday to Tuesday
evening, .-at ' Masonic hall. The
singers are urged to come promptly
at seven-thirty, in order to permit
the band men who are also mem
bers of the chorus to attend band
practice later. ' ; '
Dr. N. P. Bennet (formerly First
Lieutenant Bennet of the Dental
Corps of the United States Army)
has been busy this week unpacking
and arranging the veryfinest and
latest dental equipment that money
could purchase, for his attractive
office on the second floor of the
Weston Mercantile building,. The
office 'itself, has been receiving at
tention from carpenter and painter.
Dr. Bennet hopes to be ready to re
ceive patients tomorrow.
At a meeting of pioneer reunion
committees Wednesday E. O. De
Moss was elected general chairman
and will be the executive head of
the picnic on whose broad shoul
ders will rest considerable responsi
bility. S. A. Barnes was chosen
0irptnrv. The usual exDense budir-,
et was made out from estimates"
iTwt In hw th nmmltteB. Gen
eral confidence was expressed that '
the coming reunion will be in all
respects a hummer. The dates are
Friday and Saturday, June 6 and 7.
1 m'S
while eggs are plentiful.
Boodvin's Drug Store
! Liberty Bonds j j Dr. S. L .BOARD I
Veterinary Surgeon
haolutelv safe invett-
lf you he money u in
vent, buv Liberty Bond from u
If you aell Li be
to Uf .
erty Uonds, sell X
u.' hn and aell Liberty Rnndl.
Any denomination 5O-$lO0
James L. Elam
Walla Walla - - Washington
Hospital at corner of Main
and Broad streets.
Phone - Main 253
1 ' 1
If you want a good, dependable, garden
hose one that will stand the gaff of hard
usage we have it
Ours is a superior grade of moulded hose
. and is carried in all the wanted sizes. We
can make up a hose for you in any length
from one foot to 500 feet. ,
Prices with Couplings:
One-half inch 15c per foot.
Five-eighths inch. ........... .20c per foot .
Three-quarters inch 25c per foot
P. s.
t - .
Have you seen the $15.00 fly rod
and the Martin Automatic reel
that we are going to give to some,
lucky fisherman?