The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, January 10, 1919, Image 3

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- .mmavvwv Th Au .ltuatbn In Weaton in irwwswrc
' ' clearing airaln, with but Iwo raswa m . , "
Saturday Morning - . Jan. 11 ' - Saturday Kornlnf
this great sale will open .Saturday morning,
Jan. 11. It will mean moru to our customers than
any salo wo have put on in a long time. Price re
ductions will be more gcneral-everything except
"contract goods"-and in no case less than 10 per
cent; then up to GO -half-price. Remember, please,
that every sale reduction at Davis-Kaser's means a
real saving of amount indicated, for our prices .are
never deviated from between sales.
Our stocks arc practically complete in spite of
the shortage of goods in many lines. , While not
true of all things, the bulk of our stock cost us
about 20 percent less than present market prices.
All will need goods soon, therefore should take ad
vantage of this salo. Those who should know,
claim there will be more price advances than de
clines this year.
Remember too, please, it's to be a' regular
Davis-Koser Sale-straight goods; plain figures; re
ductions in Yellow Tags; Satisfaction or Your Mon
ey Back. If you don't know us, ask your neighbors.
Come. Read the the Yellow Tags. Sec the
goods. Bring your check book -you'll neeq it.
Davis-Kaser Co.
Walla Walla, Washington.
Saturday Horalni
Jan. 11
Saturday Koralnf
The Prudent Man
will fill his coal bin when the fill
ing is good. Better order your
coal now, when I can supply you.
P. T. HARBOUR, Weston, Oregon
a ' n
Tbe Fanners Bank of Veston
Established 1891
320 or 640 acres grain land;
145 acres now in wheat and
145 ac be summer fallowed on
each half section. Call for
Preston-Shaffer Milling Co.
Established 1865
Athena. Oregon WalUbur j. Wh.
American Beauty
Pure White ;
Made of selected bluestem in one of the
best' equipped mills in the Northwest.-
, Sold In Weston by , ; ; 1 . .
Weston! Mercantile;- Company
Joe Lleuallen wu here this week
from Kicih for vwtit with hia
family. .
J. E. Walden and family have
moved Into their cottage realdcnca
on Normal Height.
Conrad C. Cocker line of KatacatW
Ort'gon, a former Wcnton loy, I
mentioned aa miming in action, irt
Thursday'! raaualty list. t
Bern-ant Sid Barm wired hi paf
renta recently that he had arrived
aafcly from overavaa. He expect
to be tent to Camp Lcwln.
Hie neighborhowl report "that'
C. M. Schneider' family were flu
eufferm ia incorrect. They have
bo far been fortunate enough to ea-.
capo visitation.
Tom DIgglna has gone to the,
stubble flelds beyond Walla Walla,
to look after his cattle herds, Ho
lately disiKwed of 40 head pf etcersj,
at nine centa er pound.t
. Mrs. Delia Winn returned this
week from Portland accompanied
by her son, Lynn Neild. who is con
valescing from typhoid fever. Lynn
expects soon to go back to the me
tropolis. Clarond Khea has gone to Win
ona, Wash., to trap coyotes. His
father, who Uvea at v inona, wrote
him to come saying that the crit-jt
ten are thick In that neighborhood'
Trapping coyotes la Clarond'a long
After sailing the ocean blue on
U..S. S. Wyoming, Ruford Price
ia again with kindred and friends
in the Weston neighborhood. He
witnessed the surrender of the Ger
man fleet. Seaman Price has a
month's furlough.
Miss Grace Eny art, a prominent
senior of the University of Wash
ington, Seattle, and Ensign J. J.
Lungcnback, U. S. N. R. F., were
recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
B. Carmlchael. Miss Enyart and
Mrs. Carmlchael are sisters.
Lost Red and 'white spotted
muley cow, both ears cropped, cir
cle cleaver on right hip, accompan
ied by red and white spotted calf;
also 9-months calf, branded circle L
on left side, one ear cropped, other
split; color red and white. Reward.
Leave word at Leader office.
In a letter to a Weston friend
"Sarge" Ernie Blomgren writes
that he has never seen No Man's
Land, but has sure done his bit
In the war. The Sarge has long
been working nights in Service of
Supply at St. Nazalre, France
and incidentally kicking himself
because he wasn't permitted to go
the front.
Edwin Simpson, well known Ore
iron pioneer and for many years a
Weston resident, is serioutly ill at
his home in Tacoma. Mrs. J. E.
Scrlmsher, one of his daughters,
left for Tacoma Tuesday to be at
his bedside, and the other children
are cither there or will be summon
ed should he grow worse. Mr.
Simpson is now 87 years old.
, That Weston goes In strongly for
sport is shown by the number of
licenses issued from the store of
Watts & Rogers. To hunters 118
of these permits were issued for
$177, and to anglers 189 for
$208.50 a total of $388.60. Pop
ulation considered, this showing of
receipts Is regarded as better than
that of any other town in the
county. '
After stealing a Mitchell Six
from the C. L. Whitney ranch near
Walla Walla Charles, Greene, 22,
and Lynn Ayers, 21, were pursued
by Sheriff Lee Barnes and a posse,
with whom they had a rifle fight.
Greene was , killed and Ayers is in
jail. Greene fired three shots at
Barnes. One of the bullets blist
ered, the sheriff's left cheek and
epun him around. ,
While out on his route the other
day Mail Carrier Jim Jones casual
ly touched up one of his govern
ment mulea with the whip. The an
imal Immediately resented this at
tention as superfluous. It kicked
itself a-straddle of the tongue and
broke one line. Then both mulea
ran away. Jones sidetracked them
into a rail fence and after repair
ing damages went on his way, with
a resolution to make a more careful
study of mule character.
Mrs. Minnie R. Hessel, motJier of
Herman Hessel, died January 8,
1919, of acute Indigestion, at her
home in Connell, Washington. The
remains were brought to Weston
for burial beside the grave of her
late husband in I. O. O. F. ceme
tery, Sunday. Services wore. con
ducted at the grave by Rev. S. E.
Powell. . Mrs. Hessel w born 89
years- ago- In Jermany. She was
the", mother of fiva children, of
whom only onc, ,IIerman Hessel, is
now living. - ,;
The flu situation In Weston ia
clearing again, with but Iwo cawa
reported. These patients are the
(laughters, Pearl and Francis, of
Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Davis, who
came down yesterday with th pre
vailing dlMWM. in light form. Mr.
Davis hlnwelf kept away fr m the
house until the nature of the ail
ment coujd be determined think
ing he would thus be In better ;o
aition to aid his family and is not
under Quarantine. All the patients
reported last week, Including Super
intendent Fitzpatrlck of the Wenton
wbools, are now convalescent. How
vr a rurrrtit rrnort that the
schools will oiwn next Monday hu
.not been officially confirmed.
It amort, makes the owanhr
envious to hear the uplander talk
about mountain weather. On Wes
ton mountain the temperature hua
been ranging from 30 dt-irrws
above at night to 65 and 68 above
at midday. The daya are bright
with sunshine, and W. L. Raybom,
who waa In town yesterday, says
that the lucky mountaineer looks
down upon a vast sea of smoky
cloud. Upon going down the
mountain and entering this cloud he
plungea at once into the temera
ture which congeals the lowland
Miss Colvin has returned from
Haines and Miss Hollenbeck from
Portland to be in readiww to re
sume their school work. They are
keeping house in the NorDean cot
tage on the Heights.
' R. G. Sating expects to leave for
Porttand on thia evening'a train for
a few days visit with his family.
Herman Goodwin
Prescription Druggist ' ;
We Appreciate Your Patronage. Call Again.
ChM. II. Carter Dan P. Smyth
Carter & Smy the
Butter Wrap orders prompt
ly filled at the Leader shop.
W. M. ftttrfM ' G. II. Bulwa
Peterson & Bishop
ptnJIeton, Or. FrwaUr. Or.
Dr. s. L mm
Veterinary Smieca
Hospital at corner of Main
andyBroad streets. '
Phone Llaln 253
o o o
tare. Lest a
Pluck the Jewel at Thy
1 p
(A fine farm near our city for Bale much of the time durim? the past Btx,or
seven years. One man has been "thinking about" buying it all this time. .
v Another man has had nightmares over it for three years. Joe Key goes and -
buys it on the first visit to the owner after he learns of the opportunity.) ;
AU, GOOD, I'M fill -m
m trade vrni vahs & Rogers
o o o -
Our inventory just taken shows we have the most
complete and best stock ever a stock full of jewels
m the respective lines, from a left-hand monkey
wrench to a side-hill plow or a
Four-wheel Wagon
Two-spool sewing machines, singer style rotary and
Tl VT:, mnninno fVQ VQcf T" H WP UpPD
XLltJCLllC WilSHiiJg iiiav;iiiuco wiv kj,jv - " c t
a sample for trial purposes; try it and then decide. )
Heating stoves galore---and bargains.
Kash Kounts
Come, and See