The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, September 20, 1918, Image 4

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PerM $20.00 to $25.00
Until October 1st.
Red Cross Notes
A campaign for used clothing for
relief in liotgium will he Instituted
next week. As the need i greater
than ever, it is hocd that the peo
ple of this vicinity will respond
very generously.
Mrs. J. H. Iiev, chairman of
the locl auxiliary, urge that a
larger number of workers respond
to the call for help in making the
garments now m hand. For some
time n. t n very few of the mem
Ihth have Uvn carrying on the
work assigned t this auxiliary.
Those present at the meeting on
Tuesday afternoon were: Mrs.
Charle IVicv. Mrs. Will Price,
Mm. Klla Uvendcr, Mr. K. IJeu
alien, Mrs. Loveridge, Mrs. O'llar
ra, Miss IVris Name and Mi
Alma liarnett.
Royal Priskelt is here frein (old
Springs fr a week's visit with rel
ative and friends.
It is Uncle Sam's help that
will finish Prussianism.
To do the job thoroughly
millions of American boys
are in France or on the way.
They are there to help win
the war quickly to wipe
this hell from off the earth
NOW, before it has deci
mated the world's remain
ing manhood. Will you do
your share today to furnish
an overwhelming balance
of power?
It is squarely up to you.
This is our year-your year
-America's year.
What will YOU do?
Buy Fourth Liberty Bonds
Any Bank Will Help You
ywrf AnCTmramra coMTmrsnrrap movn TO
VATBZOTIO eo-oia,Tio
Weston Mercantile Company
Beginning Monday I will I pre
parod to keep boarders and to
nerve regular meal. Mm. Ijuira
Noah Bums, half brother of
f.eorge Nesbit of this city, was
killed in action July 29 t the front
in France. Ho enlisted from Hotse,
Idaho. ,
Mm. Fannie McHride, who eol
iiwed lart week ami ha since been
in a serious condition, was conveyed
to Walla Walla Monday for hospi
tal treatment.
Albert Wragar, an old plainsman
mid buffalo hunter who has also
killed hi griaxly. was down from
the mountains Sunday swapping
jams with Jim Jones.
Marsh has apiNiinted W.
t). Read as administrator 'f the s
tale .f Ihe late Martha A; Read.
The appraiwrs are 1- I. O'Harra,
K. M. Smith and J. II. Williams.
The Weston garav i Ix-inir en
larged with an addition at the rear.
40x60 feet in dimensions. George
Schnitxer has the contract for the
foundation and brick work. The
garage front will be remodeled.
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Wogds were
in the city Monday on tin lr return
to Walla Walla from Athena, where
they attended Sunday tt funeral
of the late Mr. and Mrs. G. W.
Hanaell and cxnator A. R. I"riee.
Mr. and Mrs. Joel IHivis of Echo
were callers Sunday at the IMJraw
luinu. Thev were accompanied by
Mrs. J. C. Davis, the mother of
Mr. Davis, and her sister. Mrs.
May McKennan of ConVyvllIe,
Mrs. A. D. Marker of 'Lakcview.
Wash., arrived Monday for visit
with her brother, Walter Webb,
who came over from the Umatilla
river to greet her. It was the first
meeting of brother and sister in
19 years.
Corporal Lowell Coleman of
Good land, Kansas, who recently met
death in action at the front in
France, was a nephew of J. E.
Scrimsher of this city. He was only
20 year old, having enlisted at the
age of 18.
Charles May brought some wheat
down from the uplands Monday
that weighed better than 150
pounds to the sack, and was the
heaviest received this season at the
local elevator. It is of the Mar
quis variety.
Ted March iJiot a young Ur
near the J. K. Melfcniel place in the
uplands Saturday, but let it get
away. The trail of blood was fol
lowed by a numlier of hunters, but
tho crippled beast finally managed
to elude pursuit.
The company which Captain H.
F. O'Harra has been commanding
at Camp Fremont, Calif., wa late
ly sent to Siberia, and he U now
in charge of a company of re
cruits. He hopes and expects to
be ordered to France prior to next
Christmas, according to a letter to
his brother here.
At the T. J. McCarty place In
the uplands a litter of pigs adopted
a cow as a foster mother. The cow
did not take kindly to her squeal--ing
followers, but has been unable
to get rid of them. At last ac
counts they were consuming her
milk supply as fast as available,
leaving none for the household.
A. W. Lundell has disposed of
the Weston meat market to A. W.
Sauer and partner of Aberdeen,
Wash. The new owners are ex
pert sausage makers, and will give
special attention to that branch of
the meat business. For the pres
ent Mr, Lundell will follow insur
' ance work at Weston, where he is
agent of the Kansas City Life.
Samuel Pambrun has lately re
stocked his fish pond on his farm
south of Athena with eastern brook
trout, reports the Press, from the
state hatchery. A former planting
of fish of the same species was
loHt a year ago last spring when the
dam went out, releasing the fish
Into Spring Hollow brook. Since
then a number of the fish have been
taken from the little stream, in
i. some instances measuring over a
v foot in length. v
The big association of stockmen
' organized recently at Walla Walla
' will meet again in that city the
second Saturday in February. A
sale of bulls will be held at some
convenient time during the winter.
The officers of the Weston associa
tion, President J. P. Lieuallen and
' Secrelary . A. Winn, had the
honor of being elected president
r nnd secretary, respectively, of the
new organization, which includes
the local stockmen's associations of
eight districts. P. A. McBride was
Appointed as thd Weston member
of the dvlory board.' . "
$ Smmm,
Kvrrv steel uteaniship lnrnxl nut in our hundred ami mre
hiprar.l has more than a million riveti. and the rat tat 1st or
" riveter.' 'gui-1' i ''l",' the eheking f
machine guns in France to drou the dying Oermau rbe,r
over their submarine exploit. on
The clinking dollars of the Fourth 1.ilr1y!M will add
shriller voice to that' chorus and further lower Oermau
""'ha easy to cheer for our boys in France. Make your dol
ar shout iu the Fourth Liberty Imd. Ucnu.ny will under
Uud their voice without translation.
The objectives of the fourth Lib
erty Loan campaign are to be made
more vivid by several soldier who
have just returned from the battle
field of Furope and will relate
their personal experience. D. C.
Freeman, assistant manager of the
Oregon campaign, I in Victoria. H.
C., making arrangement for a
campaign tour of KoMtrn Oregon
and Idaho. Mr. Freeman will ulno
get more war trophies and war
relic which will be added to the ex
hibit now being sent throughout
the state through the co-operation
of Meir & Frank and Robert M.
There arrived here the other day
in a Ford truck an Oklahoma family
consisting of a man and wife and
their seven children. AImj. the
had a dog. They were travel worn
and weary and the wife was ailing.
It had been their intention, they
said, to locate somewhere in the
West, but they had changed their
minds. So they sold the truck to
the Weston garage and bought rail
way tickets to carry them buck to
Frank O'Harra has taken charge
of the clerk's desk at the (ioldcn
Rule hotel in Pindleton. Mr.
O'Harra, who "gtew up" on a Wes
ton farm, 1 among the best-known
pioneers in the county. The Gol
den Rule is conducted under lease
by another well known pioneer,
J. M. Bentley, and is an hosUrly
much favored by the old-timers
when they vtait Pendleton.
Mrs. Ernest Reynolds and Infant
son left Sunday for Tacoma to make
their home and will be followed in
a few weeks by Mr. Reynolds, who
is engaged here in warehouse work,
Mrs. Reynolds was anxious to go in
time to meet her brother, Edward
Fulford, who is with the heavy
artillery at Camp I-ewis, and may
soon be ordered to France.
John Barnes and family have
movd into the W. S. Price resi
dence on Franklin street.
flsarsr that a rim fitsis for th
Ml of prisoner' parole from h
sui pnHollrr 8slm tn
laid twftir lh iTlsoarra' i4 ,
of rortlanit. th ta result ht
cm of ll4 bnt-ry I o W
iQVMtlcatlon. wall It I lnt4 that
olbr msy Mlt. A tb first result
of th lnnilfilon, CoartN A. flhi-n
dan. a fusrd at tb poUca(try. bt
bven dtmlwl.
Sal ef a lari tlnib tract eomsln
lot J.(W.oo ft ef tlmbr nd In
cluding more thn lwo cr ef lnt
bs txn rltwd. Alfred L. Tboms. of
Montana, I th prrbrr. Th prlr
la understood to N close to $100,000,
The trsct I wet of Monro and com
trlx ht I known th Monro
Timber company botdlnt. It He oa
tb Also rWr nd Uk er. Pe
tx-lm In Linn and part In !.ane county.
Govtrnor Wltbyromh ba formally
tendered to Secretary of Wsr Baker
tb us of tb Oretoo tt flr
ground l rUlem for rntonmnt pur
pw or a concentration camp dur
ing th courw of the r. Hupplt
nifoiln bl letter to Hwretary rtkT
with brl-f sutemeui th" eernor dtn
clred that If nw'Mary the lle would
do wy with Ihe fair entirely for a
year or two, or during th course ofj
tb war. .4 J
Before the eall come for men In th
new reilstratlon, the men remaining
la else 1 from prevlou registration
wlil b called. A dispatch from tb
provoel mrbl grner!' office tatp
that a call will be Issued early In
October, and tht Oregon' quot will
be about IS! men. Th cU of 11T
will be cleaned up first, according to
Captain Culllson, followed by tb June
t. 1911, registrant, and tbea tbo of
August II.
Buttr Creamery. He per lb.
.Eggiruncb, 3c per doten.
Poultry Hens. hvy. dreed. Jc;
light. Jc; prlng. drsed 40 42c;
rooster, dressed. 27c; duck, lire, toe,
dressed, 5c; s. Tc; drd,
! 7M
The Hun'e doubt u to hit ability to whip th world will
grow when American armiet be ria to fight their way across
the Rhine. Will it bo from jour contribution t tho Ameri
can war chest that the bridge Into Rhineland are built?
BUY Fourth Liberty Bonds
tci juDTMsrxaanw cowrmnnrrsD xataovas nm -
'. YATiuorxo UMua,noa or
.WESTpNJAUTO CO. . C. H. Nelson ,