The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, August 31, 1917, Image 2

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The most important Question. Every family ill have to buy a supply of shoes fur full.
Look our prices over carefully and we. w here we are selling you for less than the catalog houses
and our competitors. Wc carfy such well known brands as "Travers" "Val Duttonhouer"
K. J. & R."Brown Shoe C.-and "A M. Ci-eighton" high grade shoes for ladies; "Buster
Brown" Bhoea for children; "Crowett." "Wcyenbcrg," It. J. & It- and other well known
brands for men and boys.
Infant' aoft hole thovc. -.
Infanta ahoea, 1 to 5. 79 to 1.53
Children' ahoea, 6 to B......98 to J. 25
' ai,' to 11. 1.49 to &SS
Mi' ahoM. 11 to I. 1.49 to 1H9
Ladico' dr ahoM in hif h and
low heel in kid, gun metal and
patent S.25 to 4.50
Black U(4 Boot" 4.50-S.W
rtnt Tamp "Boot" 4.60
White kid BooU".: 6.90 to 7.W
Ladle' noretty lace boot in grey,
brown, white and black combi
nation 3.98 to 7.50
l-adic' KitgtUh Walking Shoe in
combination color "Neolin"
aole, rubber boel 3.W to 4.08
Men' drvu above i'JS to B.'.M)
Men' Eni;lih Walking Shoe
leather or Neolin ole, very Ut
cititylc 3.9K to U0
Men' work ihoc 1.79 to 6.25
Men' hh top thov 4.98 to6.W
Boy' achool hoct 1.49 to 3.49
Boy' EnKllh ahoe, black or tan,
Neolin olc 3.49-3.69
Shoo lace 2 pair for So
In addition to the alove well known brands we carry
Shoes made expressly for us.
the famous "J. C. Penney Co,'
Ivy TMe eouicN nuur 1
CURK 00D, PeMbhcr
The federal rcscrV banks are go
ing to loan money on potatoes as
though any man with a potato need
ed a loan!
. m ,
Chimp Mi'thnitfttl- a popular tv
noil for KnM h'nd iNtipIc in (In
Itltienwnn (lit- Hft'iie Sunday f n
happy ,i:ntlifi'iiir in honor of Hie
raiiipV founder, Aunt SjiihIi Me.
AiiBiist 2S, 1!J7, wiw the 7Tlh
liirllulny anniverNiry of Mr. Mi'
IXhik'uI, who is tuie of WeMnn'a
oldtid pktnii'nt. Shewn Imm 1W If)
in I Kit Moiiiin, Iowa, Mini caitu to
Weston in 1K(1:. Thin in the aid
iiiiiKeeiitive aununer rlw luw nieiit
at t'junp Mi'IttiUKut. .
All nf the ottmiH'tti took part in
the festivities anil Mtrtxk of a
splendid dinner, served in cafeteria
style. Chicken and liuckltbeirie
held an hoiiotvd place on the menu,
and there were other irood thing
jfitnre. TIkim preaeut were:
Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Mcltride,
I'earl ami Ijiwn-mv Mcltride, Wii
vel O'llarra.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Haiiie.;. Aniee,
Doris mid Mamie Ilium.
Dr. mid Mrs. F. I. Watts. Mr.
and Mrs. K. C. Itiwr. Dudley,
(ifih-vieve. Kinery nnd Kenneth
Mr. mid Mrs. J. II. William,
follier mid (tail Willimiu..
Mr. nnd Mrs. V. II. Could. Zella,
Hay und Otis Could.
Mr. anil Mrs. J. V. Iirter. Loin,
l.ueile ami luise I'orlrr.
Mr. and Mrs. Get). Hani .Ur mid
Helen !anistT.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Leonard, Kdirar,
enptclully litro we ar eo fortunate a to
r one tl a thousand cuiamunltle whet
houiwlv ran alway grt KLavo FLour,
Over 9100.000.00 1 bring anent to tell near
of It muny (r.unrlor merit. Hundred tit
rlile and town cannot Ret Ibl better flour
yet. 1'hi U luriuuitle la beingooecomnuaiiy
mUtrv I' Lavo FLour I made.
, Jlir -'
i ry ri-avo rigour v.
rvn. n ilfmiilw Hf. mmwtM4Mnakrt, iter '""i
but. tnu ml IM mmi Mllteni. Itmk rii ! inn. f"t bffl inl 1
KUtvn K.iir l nti.Ul. Satwrr, iflfiHiJ. Not dry aim! ttrl, ,
CI I. NKltirr rtuvorr-l Hour li ronlalo the mik vl'
h t t-rt. t ii oriiny hli. Mm Minl ..ur lhl r he m l. 1 Ih
tul ari.ttiailr rlH ni tin. wImmi whftriN l lh 4vr r eni millr.1 out vl M.
All American Uarvl Mll poalwta ara l.-it a a. I tfim. ara atl !
l nr-l ii.Ii. im( llnttv i1r Ktatf arh of ft. Clout la irfiin-l.
A.t lor liia Naiuto ikavi4 Muut anl ymt will tal Btur btal-lila4 Willi In
tolK4l ItfW alua,
OrJtr FLavo FLomr Today
urcmu Mm inc rn
Ca u..,M.r,.tM.II... HfcUIVH llllkWMU vw.
Alno Wtnton'ii Heat uml Whole Wlicut Flour; timlmin, Cereal,
r'ttil and Hay; Sa vl (.rail). Stock rued and Poultry Supplit. S o
do custom tmllitiK. Your patroimge solicited. W. L. ItnauiNS.
( Stricftv fn Atfbtnct
The, Year . tl CO talking about an indemnity,
Six Month 0 75 Germany will be apt to get one
Four Months... 0 00 when the tlevil gets a liarp.
Kcgular, per inch per Insertion ...12'ec The (rVrmans are now hiding in
Transient, per inch per inacrtion L"0c phell holes, which are soon ehangetl
Locals, per line per insertion 5c int hell holes by the guns of the
The. greatest opportunity fr pa- Juanita and Juan Leonard.
triotic service since the war coin- . Mr- "n.,,M,, l: ( ,,i,n,,'r'
rit-i ami iieraio iinruer.
ntlDAT, AOS. Jl.
If Uncle Sam needs any rvc tMr products.
th.n I9n oon onn non if w,.nl,l iw Let every nousewuc oe a atuoier
easy enough for the Bulldger etl. 'n thc f,1,,,, "' c" ttnd ,lry
nt to add a cloher everj'thi'iiT not required for intmc-
diate use. Let nothing go to
A marked difference is seen be- waste. Foods preserved for home
tween Walla Walla and Umatilla use will release other supplies for
Germany's financial troubles arc counts,, thp opcration 0f the our soldiers at the fnmt. There
army draft. Over there nearly cv- will undoubtedly be high prices and
scarcity of many articles next win
Those who provide for the
to wor
i ? . rr . . .. . i ; .
nnwi.Sllu.v,u-m, jJnJ tWa ru(i(Tv Mr.
of this state, says W. II. Ayer, Fi"d- Mr9 1oSl Maloney. Ifctrlwra
eral Food Commissioner for Ore- loney. t
gon, in a letter to the Leader. Mrs. J. HiHlgson. Myrtle. U. ter
The season of ,xrisliahle fruit n.l Hoy.1 llwlgstHi.
, . , . Mr. and Mrs. II. II. Kieluird.s,
and vegetables is tirwn us. Mr -m Hjl Mn,
The value of the thousands of irey. Hay Jones, Arthur Grant,
war gardtiis planted in rosKnse to .
the nnniili-nt's nniH-ul will deoend
upon the effort now made to pre- fit AKLT )6,U00 IN PRIZES
- f i i ? 'V- ' -if
a atVMttM alita) aawaaa tm aaia
hImm aaaatnaa, effawe Mf eiiaihn fa
militaiiv oaiLL, ooMcanc scikmcc
llaa) fer effective tatttar (. V
M. teaHl far frav NHMtra lMeaileW,"Treaa
rx araan roaXia a WaV aat "Ta WoaaaW eaa
Ma lMtrafy." aaarw,
OIIVEISITT OF 01(601. frjtii. Ongoa
, WaV.Va V. VaV.
a't --- -- a a:a IWI OVO OYJ'
Ettrt4 t th eettelfkt t Weilea. Ortjo.
m Mea4-du aaail nuttr.
Holding wheat and" barley
present prices looks to us like kick
ing Opportunity off the door step.
also due to her bad Bill.
' ... .... ery registered man escapes service
ihc crop propnot is now wunoui ... . .
' . ... while over here he must srve if he ter,
nonor ana me crop prow nas mo m Nq hj- futun. K)W wi ,mV(, ,iu,c
r occupation or his family responsi- ry alwill tlit-n.
v :. . - . . hit es. ho is taken. The contrast for recipe uesenmmr cnecuve
nnanciaj - 7 . ; . .. , f " .. ,
18 supposetl to result trom Hie nu inexperwivf mcinotis in enn
differing construction put on the ning, drying and pickling call upon
draft law by the respective adju- the Oregon Agricultural College
tant generals of Washington and or the Department of Agriculture
Oregon. at Washington. Many of these re-
1 1 1 cipes supplied from official . sources
Oto H. Kahn, Gotham's
magnate, has been good enough to
send us a wise little treatise on
War Taxation, and wc have a no
tion to bamt with him. ,
The S. P. C. A. should get after
the inhuman gink that put the bull
and the dog in Bulldoggcr.
However, half hose is better than are being printed for your service
no "stockings.- . in the .daily newspapers.
' - Let there not be a minute's delay
The onlv flaw in Germany's ilan fn marked contrast to hi former or the waste of a pound of food
to lick France, England and the long-winded correspondence, there s that can be preserved. Our boys
United States in succession, is the 800,6 c,as8 10 ine .rcP,y inn,c a proud to fight for our homes
fact that they are collectively lick
Walla Walla
3Bi Days
Thur., Fri., Sat.,
Sept. 13-14-15
Ainonif Mitt real Cliuinnioim whr
will be litre are Alien Drumhvllvr.
1110 weir orolliom. Jackson bun
down, Johnny Jutlcl, A. G. Hushi .
Burke brother-, John Wapnlo. Kill
SwiUler, Mr-. Doll liluncctt. .Mubel
Dr Loti ir. Doiiiia Curd and scorua of
other genuino Weatern Character.
1.9 1.7 BPM ,
ing Germany.
Sam is now drafting to the Kaiser. anj liberty: let no woman be too
proud not to do her bit in conserv-
The man who trades at home is
the hot number that Sears the Roebuck.
His tirades against England are
sufficient to show that the Kaiser
doesn't do all his lying in bed. .
In Nut-town a foolish word dauber
Seems to think he's a dod-gasted
To pose as a wit
This human misfit
Bores us stiff in the Weakly Bull
dogger. -
ing the food supply.
lOO-WOd Horses-100
will be used in the riding and buck
ing contests, with such famous tuck
er as Cul do Sac, Monkey Wrench,
Sundance, Spitfire and Guadeloupe.
If money talks. Uncle Sam's al
lies are getting an earful.
Uncle Sam may have grown a bit to wajst
flabby and in need of a tonic but
not a Teutonic. Hereabouts
However, it cannot be expected
of the young patriot who goes 'rid
ing with his best girl in a benzine
buggy which he can drive with one
hand, that he will let nothing go
direct from the plain of Mexico,
clHily for this, the
Western Drama ever
moat eoloKsnl
With bathing now "vcrboten," wl'en no German pursuefli.
Germany's condition seems soapless.
the Order of the
Bath depends largely upon who has
Too frequently the Kusstan noes thc ,pon th) hurh.r amp tu,,.,
Be it said to the credit of thc
Weston farmers that they haven't
an inquirer that New York is the joined in the demand upon Hoover
iw ,;f ; ior z.ou ami ww wneai. neuii-
lOt 50k V HIV v iv t ibiiuvk
Weston's population statistics.
Gralcate Vetttlurf SarMa
I'hone 32F5 - Athena, Oregon
their farms in order to be in a
position to hold up the government
This, we presume, is regard by nJ its allies. Weston farmers
the Bulldower as an cxatiiolc of nww ttt two dolIars a bu8bc
drv wit- tbey can make a
At the
Notice of Tiling Final Account
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon tor cmulillu county.
fair-to-uiiddling In the Matter of thc Eutate of Henry
... , , .. . 1 . uoiuuctk. ucteaacu.
itr. rnnefifi..ii f flu- war profit and seep ttietr imzz wag- ,
KTi-a IJ tkaTaa1at llltlirtl filial 1 liutiii
National Woolgrowcrs at Salt Lake, ontf supplied with gasoline. tiled my final acciunt and report
Eastern Oregon was represented 'administrator of the , above tituned c.
t r i .ta-. . - - wive in inc uutcc o inv vfcrn vi iiu
vy ou r inure wy.n.e mw Germany is placating the Argen- above entitled County Court, and thut
pie of huodred sutU-ases. The 1917 .. . '; rf , ' said Court lias fixed upon 11 o'clock in
season is now on and Eastern Ore- t,ne bv l'rom''"S ",jt to bll,k the forenoon on Sc4.UnTber 1&, 1917. ah
gon ts represented by three dele- more of hersliips. Lvidently it lias the Unie, and the County tourt Room
gates and three small handgrips." -at last struck the Wilhelmstrasse gJ'&gS City of KlSon,'
that enough is a plenty. Oregon, a the place, when and where
Our idea of superfluity Is the ' , any pe-son haymg any objection or ex-
K ' ... . . . . .. ceptKiti to anything in said account and
fist in pacifist. , The President s reply to the rope report contained or to anything done
is written in just about the ua7 wc "'"T.V,!"!'
..... ... . . may present such objections and he
ir occurs io our eporxmg ejiior woui,j have written it ourselves will be heard; and the Court will ut
that the Kaiser s divine right
On Opening Day
Ileal old-Time Fotlatch at
whieh Pioneers will be Ritoah
of row-wow Association.
Great Vortbam Sbows
Leadinc Carnival Attraction
of the West. Sixteen
High Class Shows. Thc Whip
America g wewest Sen
sational Ride, Ferris Wheel,
Carrousel, etc.
Motlol 'JO Touring Car
Model Ki-I Touring Car
Model 8D-G Touring Car
Willys-Knight 4 Overland - 1575
Ovcrlantls almont aell thenmelveb, und give abso- J
lute satisfaction wherever placed. Heat hill climb- J
era on the road Unlay. ' Ix-t me ronvineo you. ;J
Dr. S. L KGiliARD - - Weston Agent.
while the buying ia good.
It's scarce now, but the outlook ia for greater
senrcity and higher prices.
Grand Street Parade
' Every Day,
mounted and cuntuined cow
boy and cowirirlH will be admitted
to the tfruunrlH r Kbb !
lofcing its punch.
a than which wc can bestow no higher that time and place miaiiy ett:e sta
final account.
enconium. This notice is publiuhcd nurnuant to
order of the above entitled Coonty
On All Railroads
Write the 8e.crc.tary TODAY for
Seat Kcoervations. Admiroiun, in
cluding Grandstand. It.W); Child
ren, UK. Itlescher. Ybc; Children
from 7 to 16 yr., 26c. llox scat.
including admnwion, 11.23. Season
box aeats, I3.UO. .
"There's a fat chance for a repub- All draft
Court made on Autnixt 14. 1917.
depenaeacy cases are WAtTun Fabr,
Geo. Drnmbeller
Mng. Director
0. C Soots
Preston-Shaffer Milling Co.
Established 1865
Athena, Oregon . WaitsburiL Wajh. ,
American Beauty
, oando
Pure White
Made of selected bluestem in one of the
best equipped mills-in thc Northwest.
Sold in( Weston by
Weston Mercantile Company'
lie in Crovw.
to be reconsidered at La Grande
A&SiMUaUSf, Klo.