The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, June 01, 1917, Image 3

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Kurnituru hint not ntrvnni'etl in price like mont linen of
Koodn. Uarriinr h fow 'xc('tion, tlio uilvnnco oh raw ma
terial is much heavier timn on the AnUlied product. Hut
stocks of raw material uro running low nrnl udvuncc nro
bi't-omlnii Mia order of th day.
Our tock nro heavy and complete. Nearly all of our
furniture wan contracted for beforo heavy mlvaneeB became
ttllVctive, henco wi make prices that hiivu you money prices
that will bo ImpuHsiblo for juontlm and iiiiiiiUih, more likely
for veam. to come. All who huvo or will have furniehin;
net-tin hIiouI.I buy now, Investigation rotta nothing. We
ure always glutl to huvo folk do thin.
(!omfortuble Home FurnihhiiurM cont lets per yeur of
(ervice, than any other expenditure. They pay u larger re
turn on amount invented, in IhingM worth while, than any
other in vestment you can make. Home in what you make
it. but it cannot In at itt Im-hI without convenient, comforU
bio furumhintftt.
U'l m repeat. HUY FUICNITUUK NOW. If you hav
en't money lyinK in tho bank, we will help with ournpeciul
ca.iy payment plan.
If unable to cull, write for price and dcHcriptionx of
urticlci you are interewted in, but como if OHnilil(', for you
bliould Hoe thix tine big utock.
I'launs, riuni"nriiili, Mimic ('ompjrtt! Home r uiiii.lii r
tO-!U Altlor St. (tkld Fellows Temple) WAI.l.A WAI.I.A, WASH.
800 acres level bluck wheut land in Illnine county.
Idaho uli to be summer fallowed and weeded to fall
wheat good for 35 buaheU to acre. Crop and land go
for $35 an acre. First crop will pay for land. Four
miles from town und depot,
Fairfield, Idaho
Young Jftn-y ntw and twin tit-iter
t nlvm fin II. Key,
A W ItoiffrM liu Invested In t
Hmxoii gig fur utility mid recrcuilnn.
ll hut lw( "t bread ut five,
(i cloi K vst-ry day. llakery Hlnre, M.1I11
H mi.
will serve i lili ken dinner ut tho
Wvslllll hotel both Ua ut til" I'll'-
lii i'in" r iitihiii. Mm, Webb.
liitl 'i(om wx ere till k
(i urn hiM li"iii"Hif.l In southern I'lu
Im. for it unit wltli bin iiurcniN.
Tim public la mrdlally hivltnl tn
liispret my bake shop ut any uml nil
time, (l.unlliii'M U my motto. &. II.
' hm.
Mm. J. K. Henry t,f Portland, for.
in.rlv rt-xlilfiil ut Weston anil
Athetni. U tho guest uf Mr. 1
Tim t il library tmurd will meet
in t Moii'luy at 3 ! at lh ll'irary
itml It la mi nested (Jiul eveiy inem-
M' iltllllll,
" W, H. I'ayiie hn tienii railed nut
.f i..n to pi. tul ami paper tho new
iwlili'iii'i ut Elmer lilrhnmnd near
Wull.i Wulliv
I liu nil kinds .if ai iaii inm tl.
miilli ul'ln an I rut and .uy in per
ton delivered ut Aihrnn; weighed nil
llurke s amir.. Max r"elteln.
Illll el.ailil wua irnllrd tu the I'l
InuOa thla wtu-k ( lu'lp III t'lill'lrvit
In .m,, r.itniHilKiilnK. " lw-a' f
Din littn wuann lln-y are way lie h In J
with Ihilr wurk.
HiriiNel-iino white-faced red i-uw. and Until eara ailil. brandid
it-verw" H nml bur nn Imth aldin. Ali
i.n lirlmllit row with aiml imatrll $l
rewind A. 1. I'orrjr. Wualun. Or.
fiull, tho lulented mm ut Mr. und TrTTTTTTZTTZZTTZZTZZTTZZ
Mr a. J, H. Wllllama, left Tuemlay . ,npnTU fAltnr lap
m,.rnl Mr IMrt.und t;, bta UgERTY LOAN BONDS ARE
aiuuiea wiiiv ain. , .iuic
Itiatrurtiir In drumulli! art. H will
li iilnent twii monina.
Will frnnn left hinnluy fur Him
kiiim in vli.ll lua niiiter uml reji'ln
lila i. I I rimtlHiiiy of the Wnahlnglvn
.SiiiiiMial lliwrd. The oriniiilitutliin la
kiinwn ua o.niimny If nf the Mecond
Wnahtniitiiii liifiiiitry.
tlt'iirw tiiiin mine over frmii Wal
la Wall.v Tuday fr th hmiorluni
and wiirthy imrimae of pnylitK
The fellow who said
"Life is Just One Damned Thing After Another"
gave a good definition.
It bothers us to keep up with Life ;
and the High Cost of Living.
See our two-spool Sewing Machines
our Motor Washers, the New Ranges, and
Let us show you the MeCormick and John Deere
Binders, Weber Wagons and the
best hog wire fencing.
MM Rogers
Hotic in Publication-UoUtt4 Tract
Help win lh war. Kljsht, ecuno
nitae. cnnwrvv. producr; but first of
all. buy a IJlierty Loan Ilond.
I.Hx rty Iii HonJa are the aufent
liiveaiiiiiut In tlm world tuduy. They
lira Kued by tho fnlted Hlutea guv-
hl eminent and ara a mortiranw on the
Paper That Room
With Bargain Wall Papeiyin Bun
dles of three to six rolls at
5c up
Iht lundlo. Thia is Kod wall paper, but we are :'ttirr
rid of it in order to mako room for our
Rug Rack "Full Up" ,
of beautiful patterns. Make your
the aclectiiiK Us trood.
selection now while
ono of our soft
E. O. DeMoss
U-.i.l. r auliarrllHluil. He iruiiilava tu
tf.nii aiiuln for the nlntieera' reunion,
hnvliiff mlaaed but one of tht eventa
111 i yeura.
Noah Itimewll of Myrtln 1'iillit.
origun, la vinliliig lim imrentu, Mr.
mid Mm, John Uoneiti. H la nr.
cmnpnnled by Ijiwrem-e liarkUiw.
who l aieklnis relief from atutimeh
tlini!lii and luMica thut tin- change of
fllnmte will urovt. of tmncfU.; la the order of service
fur jiin 3 at th rjiureli of tho
lltnihren. fiuiiday achool t Id . lit.;
I'f.tiiliimi ut tl . m.; Miloti pnudy
at J: an m.j (, W. - t ; ! '.;
atml. 'Ufe of fhrial. ' at t:30 . in.
John' Ti atilinnt) ; Kltl WwlplifH
t'hiMn-n. John iiimewit.
J.u-k Kiunttier untl family hvis
moved from Atjierlcaii l."ulla to Hock
land, Iduho. whern Jiu'k hua juat
flnlahfd aeedlnit the II. a. SnllnK
jilueo. He wrltea that jmrt of the- new
erni la iiniiliiit ui und liik fltm.
Itiilti him been utmndunt nd this
li.ieotn ure Lrtplit In thai 'fl ll
kotilhern Idulto.
t'nltfd Sialic of Anierh-a iur coun
try th rleheat country In the world.
Ttii-y nr Cncle Hnm'a tironilm- to
l'.i. und h la worth $!2 j.MiHi.niiii.-
Liberty Ijoan' Honda wy S 1-! per
cm Intemt und tney may bo had
in any uf the followlnir denomlnn
tlnna: 150. ltt, I50O, (. $S00.
Pubuc Land Sale.
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Office at La Grande. Oreg.,
II v. A7i I.
Notice i hereby piven that, aa di-'
rocted by the iximmitutionerof the uen
eral Land office, under provision of
Sec. 2155, It. S., pursuant to the Appli
cation of Thomas H. Mosjrrove, of Mil
ton, OreRon, iterial No. 0156tC!, we will
oiler at public aalu, to the hieheat bid
der, but at not lean than SI. 50 per acre,
ut 10 o'clock A. M., on the 6th day of
June, 1917, next, at this office, the fol
lowing tract of land: E't SWV,
NW4- SEU. Sec. 23, NKtf NW);,
Sec. 25. Td. 4 S.. R. 37 E.. W. M.
This tract is ordered into the market
on a showiiiR that the greater portion
thereof ia mountainous or too rough
for cultivation.
The aale will not be kept open, but
will be declared closed when those
tiresent at the hour named have ceased ,
lidding. The person making the high-
est bid will be required to immediately
pay to the Receiver the amount
Any persons claiming adversely the
above-described land are advised to
file their claims, or objections, on or
before the time designated for sale.
C. S. Dunn. Register.
Nolan Skiff, Receiver.
Kcv nan d
is an expert with the
tape. He will take your
measures scientifically
and produce a made-to- J
order suit that will give X
you the utmost satisfac-
tion. Try him.
R. L. Reynaudf
Butter Wrappers
Furnished and Printed at the Leader oflice
Sixty (minimum).......;...............:.... $0 90
Ono hundred.......... 1 20
Two hundred I 75
Each additional hundred.. 0 45
VI Jf M m M f V
Goodwin's Drug Store
Iff f ((kaJ
The fiillnwliid Rood peoiilu know
how to upend their money to advan
tu, linvlng recently contributed of
their aubatiinco In exehanse for the
Wewttin Ia-iuIit: Carl Urutacher.
lieno St. iHmnla, W. I ."mock. E. C.
Hotter Itenry Scbrwdor, Friutk llry.
ant. Cyril IToebatel, ljur Knox,
tlrtliinit M, Hull. Juinea Hitchcy,
Van Hoy, Cloorgo Olnii.
Kudiiliih rrocbalel, who will semi
tmle Mum n a member of the craek
ciivnlry troop orRiinir.ed In Pendle
ton nml conaiHiliiir UirKely of expert
rider, left Tuivihiy to enmpIHe hU
eiilliitmenl. Kudulph ts ono of a dvot
n T nlore ounc soldiers from Wes
ton who haven't waited for conscrip
tion. Except lilmaelf. all selected
either the infantry or naval branch.
Two alutera, a brother and a nleco
of A. J. Harnett have been vlsltlnir
Mr. and Mrs. Harnett at tholr home
In thla city tho occasion belnir In
thennttire of a family reunion. The
sisters are Mm, Amnnda' Taylor of
Vunkeetown. Intl., and Mrn, Prenlhv
ttlscel or Bhenunn "oiittty. The niece
Is Mrs. l.uliv Taylor of Hood Itlver.
and the brother Is P. I Harnett of
nvuaco. Ore. ,
Tho Weston dolcRatea who attend
ed Rrand ImlRen of the Odd Fellows
and Ketieknha at Eugene returned
home Mondiiy and report a pleasant
nml profitable session. In the party
were S, A, Iltirnes. Mr. and Mrs. W.
A. (Iriihmn mid Mrs. J. K. Stanfleld.
They say that much of the flat coun
try In the neighborhood of KURcne Is
yet under water, to the discourage
ment of agriculturists.
John Hubbard was back here this
week Jfwt fur a. day, after an absence
of one-third of a century, "and his old
time frlemla and schoolmates are just
a bit peeved that he couldn't have
spent it little more of the century In
Weston. Mr. Itubbat'd is now nt tho
head of a In r ire shipbuildlui; concern
In Seattle, where he 1ms Inn lieeii
located. Ho was raised by J)oc Per
kins, 11 pioneer resident of the Wild
Horse neighborhood, and went to
siiiool forty yetirw ago wltln Post-'
muster lw Van Winkle and others
of our cltixena. Hla visit was for the
purpose of getting- locust timber for
vuuua phtMia uf. tbip tiuutrucUco.
1 0,111111, luO.onu and lioo.uiiu. yix
ran make u fir it payment as low as
one dollar mid have until August 3!
t pay the balance. Most blu busi
ness houses will accept IJberty Loan
liiinds same as cash in payment for
A Me&Nage from KcrrvUiry W. J.
"Wars cnnnoi bo conducted with
out money. Tt Is t:ie first thing to
bo provided. In this war it is the
most immediate help the most ef
fective help that we can give. We
must iki be content with a subscrip
tion of two billion dollar we must
oversubscribe this loan a an Imli
ciitioit that America is stirred to the
di'Pths uii4 aroused to the summit of
lior greatness In the cause of free
dom. Vel us not endanger success by
complacent optimism. It us not
satisfy ourselves with the reflection
that some one else will subscribe the
required amount. Let every man and
woman In the land make It his or her
business tosubscribe to the Liberty
Loan immediately, and If they can
nut subscribe themselves, let them In-'
iluce somebody else to subscribe
Provide the government with the
funds indispensably needed for the
conduct of the war and give notice
to tho enemies of the United States
that we have billions to sacrifice In
the cause of Liberty,
'Buy a IJberty Ibmd today; do not
n it off until tomorrow. Every dol
lur provided quickly and expended
wisely will shorten tho war and save
human llf.' ,
Secretary of the Treasury.
Ask anv hnnkne. iit-mtmflsf r. .
press Company or merchant for ap- Jtt
Plication blank.
Pianos tuned and repaired at rea
sonable prices. First-class work
puaranteed. A. W. Lundell, Mus.
i wiiwuiwas si . mmm mu mm. w.w i
trntt iiirkndrei"Ttfilotiiawi nr no j
rtfkMi ft FRFK SEARCH mod ropwrt I
ott ;tt-nwblity. Bulk ndvtvmtm.
jrrrn. iHtr frvr bootMrn teU Hw. wiuu U UvrtH I
I ht you twcHK-y. writ codar
5 Hospital at corner of Main
i and Broad streets.
$ Phone -- Main 253 t
303 Seventh St., Washington, 0. C. J
Practices in all State and Federal
r?!i- n . it . .
i ne tanners w oi wesion
EstalMed 1891
Having pnjf.ed approval upon the
Weston country and paid hisLeader
.MUbscriptton, Jim Kltchey left th's
week upon his return home to Forest
! rove lighter in pocket, but with a,
clear conscience. Jiin looked over
the crops pretty thoroughly here
abouts and was goon enough to say
that no one need lie alarmed, In his
pinion. While some thirty days be
hind the usual schedule, the wheat
fields, are clean aim promising, and
only Inopportune hot winds will spoil
an abundant yield. Jim also talked
tinrtnee and politics to "ye editor."
but not for publication, as he did not
wish to disturb the national status
"Let us have faith that right makes might, and
in that faith dare do our duty as we understand it"
' . Lincoln.
Let us also have faith that it is our duty to accu
mulate sufficient to provide for sickness and age, and
in that faith persevere until we have the might.
Trifles make perfection, but to be perfect is no