The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, March 16, 1917, Image 1

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    Weston SLeade
Principal Events of the Week
Briefly Sketched for Infor
mitlon of Our Reader.
I Grande h M atyle show Monday
and Tuesday.
A mne waa Instituted ta Kuaeburt
recently In eiahllh public library.
4 The Tule lk land drawing at
Klamath Kalis will probably be held
between Apt II ft and SO.
l b iblnl annual inwilni of th Ore
inn Coworkers' association will be
blt In Kugnn. March II anil 1.
1 ho aiaam i hoonr Horace X. Hes
ter launched fmm the Kruso
Banks shipyard at North ll'-nd lajit
l.'r ('. Jones, it I'srlfle unlvar-
won, (ha auuual roiilesl n( lha
Htate oratorical aseovlatlon held al
A rougsr entered the nernard at
lb Felix Hparke farm, near Blue
rir, a few nights ago. and killed fle
large hogs.
Fong Wo. agr.l n, killed, ami
another Chines ahni through the
lag '0 fowling affray In Portland s
Tba Buttercup fair) prod ur is com
pany plana to build a milk eondenaery
at aotue point In th Coqultle valley
In the near future
Th war department haa granted
permission to lh rltle of Mamhfkld
and North Hend lu use the Coo hed
military reservation for park pur
pose. No president of Pacific university
will he rhnn for lh' coming school
ar to succeed Dr. Miarlm J. Iluh
nll. roaliunl, who will leave the In
ai Hut Ion next HfptriulM-r.
Declaring that h haa been hamper
d by Major J. A. Best, rather than
auptorta4 In hi afforla to enforce
the law. Chief ol Police Tom tlurdao
Of Pendleton baa resigned.
By a vote of (I to 1 th people of
rtackaniaa fount y school district No.
4. Wet Linn, authorised the aal ol
114,000 school bonds for Ihe conelruc
lion of a modern grammar arhool.
riant for a l)l "community alng,"
In which hundred of voice will par
tlclpala, either aa an attraction during
the strawberry festival or aa a ep
arata event nave been Marled at Hoe
burg. After ipandlng tha night In tba city
Jail following hla arrest on a charge
of drunkenness. John F. Albright,
eounellmsn from lha flral ward, waa
expelled from hla aeat In the Oregon
City council.
Allan C Kopklna, of tha school el
commerce of lha University of Oregon,
haa been conimlaaloncd by Ihe United
State department of agriculture to
conduct a survey of tbe potato Indua
try In Oregon,
Tha Polk county court haa decided
to flgbt the. action for a writ of man-
damua to compel tbe county court a of
Polk aud Marlon count Ice to atari tba
building of tbe Salem bridge acroaa
the Willamette.
No fatal accldenta occurred In the
Induatrlea of Oregon laat week, ae
cording to reporta received by tha
atate Industrial accident comnilaalon.
A total of 130 accident were reported
Uurlng the week.
Taxpayer of aeveral counties In tho
late are contemplating availing them
eelve of (he provlalona of law,
pained by the recent leglalalure. auth
oring tha examination and audit of
ootinty book and recorda.
With wheat and oats bringing a re
cord price lait aeaenn l.lnn county
farmer are working hard for a big
acreage the coming harvcit, and more
fall grain haa been planted In that
county than for many year.
To encourage the' Industrial club
work among tho achonl children of
Albany, the Flrat National bank of
that city haa grec"d to lend the money
lo any member of an Induatrlal club
who wnntn to lake itp pig ralalnsr.
loyalty to country, support of Presi
dent Woodrow Wilson In the present
International crisis, and preparedness
were the themes of the aesslon of the
Oregon conference of the Daughter
of the American Revolution at Eugene.
Vuleaa there la an early change for
aiiiiiisiliinN will lie hclil at I'orlliinil
ftiikwr or Klnmalli KalU.
r'keuiptlou of ships and vessels from
law other than Ihuae levied for state
Virpoea under Ihe ship tag ageniptlon
iidiuent psssed by the people at
ih lust general election, doea not h?
! m ffectlte prior lo Ihe levy am'
collection of tales on assessment
msde March I. 117. Taxes for all
purposes, levied on assessments of
ucb ships and vesaela a of March I.
till, are subject to collection aa here
Insurance Commlsslnner Harvey
Wells hsa reported Hint during the
month of r'ehrusry there were 33 fires,
In 23 town of the state, wtth a Ions
aggregating 1324. loo. The greatest
fire loss during Ihe month was a fliu,
0oo box factory al Astoria
Representative MrArthur bus writ
ten to Ihe secretary of the treasury
urging that a branch of the Kali Fran
cisco federal reserve hank be estab
llshed at Portlaiid. HiikIiii-ss Interests
of Portland are urginu this project
upon the Oregon iti li(.'nt.n
At a mass ineetlnii at Hood lllier,
With representstlvrii pren-nt from
etery rural rominunlty, a ismiislKn
to aid the pssssge or Ihe ltM'i.00
bonding act was Isunrhed by the nr
ganliatlon of the Hood II her County
(2iio Itoads sssorlstlon.
II. A. Wsrd. of the United Hlatra bio
Wleal survey, department of agricul
ture, haa been In Josephine county
working with County Agent ('. I).
Thompson in organising a campaign
against squirrels and other rodents
that are destructive of farm crops.
Dr. Darld N. Roburg, atate health
officer, haa been named one of a com
mittee or alx lo conduct Investigations
Into Infujitlle paralysis fvr premuta
tion before the coufyrenec of stale and
provluclsl health Officers of North
America at Washington early lu Juno.
A footbridge, said to I hi ihe longest
of Ha kind on tbe Pacific roast. If not
In Ihe country. Is being built acrona
the Rogue river at Agnesa. It Is of
woven wire supported on pillar. The
Oinln span la 365 feet In length, and
th two aacbor of tbe bridge are 633
feet apart.
At a Joint meeting of the Grant
County Good Itoads aaeoclation and
the county court It was decided to sub
Dill to the voter of the county, at tho
atate apeclal election In June, the prop
osition of a bond Issue it JH'i.Ooo. to
be used In the construction or tbe
John Day highway.
Aa Oregon haa received from tho
government Indemnity land amount
ing to S6l3 acres more than tbe valid
base given by the slate, Attorney Gen
eral Drown haa advised the clerk of
tbe state laud board to comply with
the request of tbe department of tbe
Interior lo make np the deficiency.
Professor (J. R. Ilyalop, chief In
farm crops at ihe Oregon Agricultural
college, ha returned to Corvalll af
ter two weeks spent In eastern Oregon
lu promoting the system of bulk hand
ling of grain. Professor Hyalop re
ports that everywhere tho bulk-handling
Idea waa received with open arma.
Mayor K U Swartxlander, of Ihe
Umatilla Indian reservation, has re
ceived word that the Indian appropria
tion bill baa passed congress and pro
vision will soon be made for allotting
the tribal landa on tho reservation to
tbe members or the tribe, Kach un
allotted Indian will get land not ex
ceeding 80 acres In Ihe spring.
Governor Wlthycombe bus appoint
ed the following aa delegates to the
annual meeting of the American Acad
emy or Political and Social Bclencea
to meet In Philadelphia: P. I.. Camp
bell, president of the linlverslty of
Oregon; W. J. Kerr, president of the
Oregon Agricultural college; W. T.
roater, president or Heed college;
Mrs. A. C. New-ill, Portland; Mra. U.
R. Alderman. Portland.
With the contention that Ihe lands
of the lower Klamath marshes were
ceded by the atate lo tho federal gov
ernment for the purpose of reclama
tion, and that they cannot be dealt
with except In accordance with the
reclamation law, Representative Sin
jiott la working for Ihe exclusion of
the national bird rescrro near Klam
ath Falls. The bird reserve occuple
a territory of moro than 25.000 acres.
Standing on a point or land over
looking tbe Pacific highway and tho
confluence of the coast fork and the
middle fork or the Wlllnmctte river,
Darwin Rrlstow, or Eugene, son or
aw ' -
& .- u T . .. V,- . j-
f ill i r?yfs2v
llery uuU un are In prog-
IU entire Auctro-Itallan
I.( -,il tirti
rmi alng
The .NVrweufiiii nti-amer Htarsiad, a
Ufii'.ian rcii-f ship of 2 ton, with Men Report Severe Treatment
oi.e -Min ricaii o.-i bbnru, lias bct-it sung
t-y a Biiliiiiarlni;.
Kx Premier Veniielos. of Cn-ecc,
wlio Ih now vi the hea l it tho pro
vi' i,ual iiO-.-m:,!. i.t at ,!,l!tl, myn
tliH.e "rM of io.Mii (jri-cks will aid
th-.- Milente (i!l!e.
In an u'lvaii'c on front of mure
tlian three mll.s I: the Am-re rc;;ion
in Frame, ., troos nttai ke.l and
Cujtured (he vill.-e of Irie, north-
C-BRt of (iriiil'Ieourl.
A Mii-.sliiiiK Mow struck by the
Pici.f li lu tie.- Champaync- t i?ion on
Thursday r!Uiii d in the. capture of
; -1 1 1 a 1 1 positions on u front of nearly
a ui.le to a depth of C'.-v t toy yards.
Austrio mIihoi plve i;p l,i-r rlfht to
iijk 'eiii.-my un-r haul men," she de
clared In her reply to tin; American
Hide on more rc eived at the state de
partment. Au.itria docs not however,
Inclule merchant thl;n under this
rlglii. llenec. authorities are Inclined
to feci that Shu !ia tretthd a point
In order to in. t t;ic AiiK-ricau effort
to avoid a l.uai:.
Harding in Brooklyn Daily Eagl.
Ing a life' sentence (or killing William
Booth, confessed to nisnnlsniilifer In
the circuit court at Mc.Mliuivlllc for
her part in the killing of her husband,
and was sentenced to in Indeterminate
sentence of from one to 15 yearn. She
was once convicted of murder In the
second degree, but the. supreme court
reversed the judgment, aivl Mie plead
ed guilty to tho lesser charge.
Distribution or architectural work
on state buildings to be constructed
hss been made by the Stale Heard or
Control. U W. Thompson won the'
work on a 120.000 building at the
soldier' borne; llntir.lituling
Dougan. or Portland, received the con
tract for tho amusement hall addition
and tubercular pavilion at the Oregon
state hospital, ll.tofto; Fred .-kk. of
Salem, work at the school for feeble
minded, 130.000, and W. C. Knighton,
of Portland, work on a $icoo baru at
the eastern Oregon honpital, at Pendle
ton, a $4000 building at the prnltentl
ary and some small work at the train
ing school and tho tubercular sanatorium.
cart icri, tho man ru-l-i 'l imo tne eov
eriior's office, tiovtrnor l,!u-r nd
to the office of State Auditor C. W.
A. W. Colder, an employe of tbe
(at; houbv, open! iieollations with
tin- man in an attempt to get htm to
Come oi.t. At first be refused, saying
he feared he would bo shot, but fin-
the governor.
ai: siitrt-iiif rf .
for hiit atuiik tu
Steamer Algonquin Sunk by Shell
Fire From Submarine.
London. The Ameriean steamship
Alge.iu.uin has bei-n sunk without
warning by a German submarine. The
crew was saved.
According to advie, from Ply
mouth, the German submarine open
ed fire upon tho Almjiiin from a
dltai!ce of 40C ynri!. firiiiR about
10 sliellf. These wcru not sufficicut
to sink the steamer, o she was board
ed by men from the submarine, who
placed four bombs, and the Algonquin
was then blown up. The crew was
given plenty of time to leave the vessel.
From Captors in German
Prison Camps.
Zurich, Switzerland, via Pari. La
den with present abowered upon
them by tbe Hwlss. 9 of the Yarrow
dale prisoner arrived In Zurich. Al
though emaciated from their Imprison
merit and lack or food since their ar
rival In Germany on December 11,
they are In lair condition.
Tbe men told or the severe treat
ment to which they bad been sub
jected In the German prison camps,
and where they, as Americans, they
said, were apparently singled out from
all others. During their stay la Ger
many, they reported, they had sub
sisted on one allowance or soup dally
and had made their long journey to
the border on one auch "meal." There
waa hardly one of tbem who at one
time or another, they declared, bad
uot relt the rist of a German camp
guard, and the squad or ttve soldier
which brought them to the border bad
exercised the privilege or abusing
them up to tbe last possible moment.
Since their entrance into Switzer
land, at Rorebaeh. tbey say, they have
been royally treated by the Swls.
The party Include all or tbe Amer
ican detained except one seaman
named Bulleat, or a French Canadian
family, claiming to have been born in
Massachusetts, who at the last mo
ment was held in Brandenburg.
- "sis'.. ,,0ai1(n - I
L..M.......,... n,..,.,,!
Old Residents Say It la First Real
Election Ever Held In Mexico.
Mexico City. General Vcnustlano
Carranxa was clecic-J president of
Mexico by an overwhelming vote.
Although the voters had the privi
lege of writing in or declaring any
name they desire t, General Carranxa
received all but a few scattering bal
lots. The estimated vole cast runs
nil the way from several hundred
thousand to a million.
Many old resident declare it was
the first rciil election ever held in Uils
country. Reports from various parts
of the republic Indicate thai there waa
no disturbance or intimidation.
Mexico will now have a constitu
tional president for the first time
since It'll, when Krumisco Madero
received more than SOO.OuO votes.
Railroad Trainmen May Strike.
New York. Information received
by the mitlowtl cinifTcnco committee,
composed of nii'iin.'.eis of the great
railway systems, mid made public, in
dicates thai tho four railroad brother
hoods have completed arrangements
for a progressive series of strikes, to
begin at 6 o'clock, eastern time, on
Saturday night. If the conference on
the eight-hour quest-on held here fails
to reach a satisfactory agreement.
Strike to Reach Coast Next Week.
Portland, Ore. Information receiv
ed In Portland from the cast .was to
the effect that if the railroad strike
Is called on the eastern roada ' next
Saturday night nnd no settlement is
effected ineauwhitc, It will reach the
Ta iific coast and northwestern roads
by Wednesday of next week.
British Headquarter in France, Via
London Tbe ridge overlooking Ba
paume from the northwest, which haa
come to be looked upon by the British :
as a sort of promised land ever since
the battle of the Somme began last
July, ha passed in the hands of Gen
eral llaig'a troops. For the first time
since the great struggle on this rront
opened the British have the advantage
or the highest ground and can now look
down upon lht famous German strong- -hold
and a wide extent or the country
British officer believe that they
are now in a position to take Ba- '
pauuie whenever the word la given.
In this latest forward movement tbe
British have taken possession ot the
noted Loupart wood, consisting or
great clumps or trees situated on the
shoulder or the high ridge and over
looking the entire Somme battle rront
German Crew is Sentenced.
Florence, S. C blight officers or
the steamship Llcbcufels, sunk in
Charleston harbor the night of Jan
uary 31 Inst, were sentenced to a year
in the Atlanta federal penitentiary
and to pay a fine of $300 each. They
were convicted of Sinking a vessel in
a navigable stream in violattou of tho
navigation laws.
Score Killed, Many Hurt by Tornado,
Newcastle, Ind. More than a score
or persona were killed and 20 were
seriously Injured, some fatally, in a
tornado which wrecked 300 residences
in this city. The property damage is
estimated at $1,000,000.
General Mauds, Commander of the
British troop which captured Bagdad
from th Turks.
Germans Retire on Wide Front.
London. A further retirement of
the Germans on a frmi of between
4000 and BOflO yards r.ud to an un
known depth was reported by a Kou
ter dispatch from the British front in
Olympla, Wash. Charles Waguer,
who also gives hi name as Lens, de
claring that ho would shoot If anyone
iha ht tr In th weather, atockmen one or the earliest pioneer families or came near him, walked from a cafe-
of Grant county will meet with a Lane county, recited ome llttlo known terla on Main street two blocks to
heavy loss. The situation I already history of early day, a he made the
serious. Many of the atockmen have principal addres In the dedication of
only aufriclent hay for another week a bromo marker at Coryell Point,
or 10 days" feeding. erected by the Lewt and Clark chap
Oregon boy between the agexf M ter of th Daughter of the American
and 2S who desire to become second Revolution.
lieutenants In lh marine corps will Mr. Anna Booth, ot Wlllamlna.
hava opportunity to tak a coinpetl- jointly charged with William Branson,
Uti mSBiUtiOA-iiii lfl -I4JL f44fttlf CWlYiCtel otrdjr, njjtrv.
tho capitol, followed by two police
men, and forced his way Into Gover
nor Lister' private office, with a 38
callbcr revolver In his hand.
The man enterod the offices of Sec
retary Irwin W. Zleuhuus. who tried
to prevent him galuing access to the
governor's office.
Drwlf g ft revolver from, bag bo
Wheal (Mtib $l.Ct; Vluestein $1.67;
red Hnsslan, ?1.BS; forty-fold, $1.63.
Barley No. 1 feed, $3S.t0 per ton.
Hay Timothy, 20 per tou; alfalfa,
Butter Creamery, "9c.
Eggs Hunch, 25c.
Wool Eastern Oregon, 40e; valley,
Hops 19K crop, 338c; 1!U7 con
tracts, nominal.
Wheat Bluestem $1.71; club $1.64;
forty-fold, Sl.6-1; red Knsslun, $1.61;
rife, $1.64; turkey red, 1.71.
Barley $3S per ton.
Butter Creamery, 3Sc '
Eggs 28c.
i' s -V
(V- :l--if-
Principal Turkish City In Mesopota
mia Is Taken by General Maude.
London. As the climax of it sen
sational drive against the Turks, fol
lowing the capture of Kut-el-Amara,
the British army under General
Maude occupied Bagdad early Sunday
morning. Bagdad is the chief Turk
ish city or Mesopotamia.
After announcing the rail of Bag
dad in the house of commons Andrew
Donar Law, chancellor of the ex
chequer, said there was every reason
to believe that two-thirds of the
Turks' artillery had fallen into the
hands of the British or had been
thrown into the Tigris.
German Raiders' Removal la Asked.
Washington. Formal request for
the removal from the Philadelphia
navy-yard of the interned German
commerce raiders Prince Kite! Fried
rich aud Kronpriux Wilhelm. or the
700 men comprising their crews, was
made personally to Secretary Daniel
by Mayor Smith, or Philadelphia, on
the ground that they constitute a
menace to the safety of the city.
Count Zeppelin, Inventor of th air
chip which bear hla name, who died
In Germany last week.
Navy Is Preparing for Coast Patrol.
Washington. Preliminary steps
have been taken by the navy depart
ment toward contracting for the quick
construction of 100 or more ,high
speed coast patrol-boats of a new typt
for scouting against submarines.
Labor to Stand By Country in Crlai.
Washington. Organised labor in
America, through its representative
in conference here, offered Its serv
ices to the country in every field of
activity. This offer is made in the
event that despite all endeavors and
hopes, the United States should be
drawn into war.
China Break With Berlin.
Washington. China has severed
diplomatic relations with Germany
and taken possession of all Geruan
ships In 8tiauhai.
Harry Thaw Declared Inaan.
Philadelphia. Harry K. Thaw waa
adjudged a lunatic by the common
pleas court of this city and, under the
law, cannot be taken to New York on
requisition to stand trial on charges
of assaulting Frederick Gump, Jr., a
hlsa gcbaul student, t Kansas City,