The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, December 22, 1916, Image 1

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Weston -
LLOYO-GEORGE REPLIES ' short news nuggets
Th Immigration bill with literary
teat attached passed by lb en-
at by till of 4 lu 7. The presi
dent one vetoed I ho bill beraua or
English Pitmler Sayt Peici '"'7 rJ"
impOIIIDIt WlinOUI manslaughter rrldy at Mi eecnnd
V r JQ- j 1 Time .i..ln. In which :o men mil
' death tin (trlinW I. t'lln
lb derision if Hi yuvrrnrnrnt la
prulilblt the ronsiimplltiti during th
remainder of th ear of alcoholic bav
eragea, nl'h the eicpunn of wlnee
a o1 lieere ha caused rnlertiatlf
In Hi' r'rent h liquor trade.
Within abort, distance or th
ehor. th fulled Balia submarine
II t, waa badly damaged In lha break-
tandon.Th announcement by !
ld l.lnyd Oeorge, th ew prim min
uter, thai b riral arl or bit ad rain la
Irallon waa lha rejection or lha pro
paal of lha rantral powr 'or peace
conference eoaatlluted en or lha
mnat momentous cn which lha
oldest parliamentary veteran bad
ar witnessed.
Th premier aald I lha nous or r al lha anlranra or Humboldt bay
rommnna that It wi fall that Ibay oppoeli Kurcha. hating beeo rolled
ahould know bafora entering on nego
llatlona that liarmany waa praparad
to arced la tha only larmt vharaon
II aa possible ror paara la b ob
Ulad and maintained la Kurt) pa. and
that without reparation pear mould
ka Impoaalbl. Thar vara s propo
In ror paaca. To ontar Inta proposal
or which lhay bad no kaowladg w
to put tbatr baada Into a aoo with
th. rwp and la tha banda or Uarmany.
X ..'Much as Ibay longsd ror it. lha pra
otlar added, lb central powara' nolo
and the apaarb pracadlnc It afford4
mall eourgmnt and bop ror aa
honorable and laatlag pear.
Mr. Lloyd Oaorg aald: "Our an
aar will ba givaa In full accord with
our allien. Kach or tha el!! baa ep
arataly and Indapandantly arrived at
tha sam conclusion. I am glad or the
4 riral anewar glvea by France and Rue
la." II aald tb alllee would Inalal
that the only end or the war muat be
a romplate guarantee against Prut
lan militarism disturbing lb peaca
or Kurope.
Mr. Aaqultb. the formar premier,
aaronded Xlr. IJod George'a dec la Ion
Willi eten ntrongar word.
oar at a heavy augle by the are.
I e.vld Wataim Craig, known aa the
"rounder or the republican prty In
Oregon." a pergonal friend or Abra
ham Lincoln, and pioneer newspaper
man or the atat. died In hi I7tb year
at the home of bla aou. K. 8. Craig.
Ilalem, Or.
Joaeph T. Mllra, who "Jo j
dn." veteran actor, wa widely known
a lha author of "There'll lie a Hot
Tim In lh Old Town Tonight." to
which tun lh I'nlted State volun
teer marched during lh Upanlah
American war and rhe Filipino luaur
rectlon. died at Saute Koaa. t el. Ha
wa TO year old.
crops to geioid ries RECESS OF CONGRESS
Htm Eaatteund Tariff Suepended Un
Itt Wftttrn Product Ar Marketed.
Waahlngton. The Pacific coaat'a
entire aeason output of dried rrulta. k i
canned gwda. wine, bean, ba-ley and TfOUblfl EflCCUntercd Finding
other fooda will move at unuVr pre
vailing rrelgh ratca, notwithstanding
authority given to the rallroada to ad
vance them 10 cent pt-r loo pound.
Surb a declalnn haa been rech-d vol
untarily by the transcontinental rail
roada and cnmmunltated to the Inter
state commerce commission.
f'he new frelnrtit rates, which were
to go Into effect December 30, will be
uspended by the rallroaJs' own ac
tion till March I next. Ily that time,
It la thought, the entire product of the
orchards, vlneyarda and true k farms
of California. Oregon and Washington
for" 1918 will bare been delivered In
eastern market.
Sources of Funds to Fi
nance Government
Railway and Mtn Seek Sett'ement
"Evansvllle, Ind. V. O. Uee. ol
Cleveland, president or the brother
hood or Railway Trainmen, publicly
announced here that negotiations are
under way between the leader or the
brotherhoods and tbcae higher up in
the chamber of the operating depart
ment 'of the railroad, looking to a
aetllement of their entire controversy
out of court before Janua-y 1, when
the Adamson law Is acbcduled to go
Into effect' '
Oregon's dairy production in 1910
total f20,000.00d.
rarl. Aa bla last act before aa
eumlng the chief command or the
French annle on tha r astern front.
General Nlvelle amaahed lb German
Una eaal or the Meuee along a front
or all mllea, Tha victory advanced
lha Wench poaltlona two mile, and
they ar aow within a ahorl diatanc
or wber tha Germans at mid at the
outaet of the great Verdun drive. Tba
military autborltlea describe the vic
tory aa complete and crushing, and
carried out without a bitch.
Although tha Cvrmana offered a
deaparat defense, tb attack wa so
powerful there waa no withstanding
It, with tha rult (bat tba German
war pushed back along tba Una by
tha rrenck, who only cead on or
der whta tb objective bad bteo
The number of Oertnan prisoner
takan, according to tha latest count
ing, la 11,117. Including 214 officer.
Godwin in Pittsburgh Dispatch.
arming and slockraising. ill wife Walla, arrivinB there In 1804. In 1HG9
died about nine year ago. The follow aha was married to Mr. Hacklier, also
ing children aurvive him: Flora Mc- colore!, who had taken up a home
l'oniild A lux L. McDonald, Uuncun atead near here. She has lived here
McDonald, Mrs. Jessie Kichmond, aince that time, a prosperous and re
Mr. Kale Hurt! and Daniel McDonald, epectod farmwif. She is survived by
a.l ot this county. Nine grandchild) en five children,Charlvs, Louis, Wheeler
and two sisters, lr. Mary Kcr'all and Mattia, all of whom liv in this
aud Mis Kate McDonald, Loth of Toutity, aad Lir lie, of Alaska.
Canada, aurviv him also.
Reith, Or., Doc. 16. J. M. HarrUon,
of Uii city, hue at tha time of writing,
urcnmM trom hi former partner, A.
It Dudley, of I'ortlund, interest in the
Coquille Cooa County's 1917 bud
got in to include $2o,000 for court
house expenses. .
Croiiuct balls and mnlleU may be.
IiuhI at the mouth of uirch crecic ana mnde of local myrtle wood by a Vcr
uUjuinitig Keith, comprising 67 0 acres, rnont lirm at Cooa Boy.
.Seventy hend of dairy atoik are a purt Oregon City The Moose lodge is
ol the purchase. Mr. Harrison intend to build a two-story, $-0,000 loilfc-e
inuking extensive improvcinenl and a buildins.
Hug Munsttrbara, noted German complete remodeling of the place, ana - Albany The commercial club has
paychologlat of Harvard University, expecu to be in posseasion of one of launched a move for an opon river
who dropped dead whll laotgrlng to the best dairies in Umatiila county. from slem to Corvallia.
Sarlln Regard MHIUry Oprtlon In
Reumanla aa Tarmlnatad.
Ksrlln. by wireless to Sayvlll, N.
T. Tb following comment on tb
military situation In Roumanta aud
tha Verdun ctor of Franc Is g1vn
out for publication by tba Ovara; tb vat Increase In value.
Washington, All record for lb
value of the country's Important farm
crops wer exceeded this year, de
pit U (mailer alia of the crop.
Their value was placed at $7,641,409.
000 by the department of agriculture
In Its final estimate ot the year. That
la 11,710,000,000 more than tha same
crops were worth last year. Higher
prlcea, due partly to reduced produc
tion and partly to tha demand for
American food from tha warring na
tions of Kurop were respcnalbl for
All ktock on tha place are thorough- . a leading angineering and construe
bred and these will be added to in tion company is the authority for the
order to make this one of the most statement that there will be 100 and
up-to-dute businesses of it kind in probably 200 grain elevators Lui:t in
turn community. 'lribun. th Columbia river basin to handle
tha 1917 wheat crop, thus doing away
with much of the old sack system
Roseburg Hereafter
Count Tarnowskl, new Austrian Am.
bassador to the United States, who
wa finally granted aafe conduct by
the Alliea.
Newspapers of Germany eee little
hope for peace If Eugland demands , h,, ,
Washington. With a holiday recess
planned to begin next Haturday and
extend until January Z, congressional
leader do not hope to accomplish any
thing before adjournment except tb
passage of a few appropriation bill)
In th bouse, and possibly the disposi
tion of the Sheppard prohibition bill
for the District of Columbia In tb
aenate. .
Tbe bouse waya and mean commit
tee 1 working hard In an endeavor to
find fund to finance the government
next year, and It haa It band full.
Chairman Kltchin says he la at bia
wits' end to discover new sources of
President Wilson and tbe cabinet
already have begun consideration of
way and means tit raise revenue to
meet tbe threatened deficit on Jon
30. 1918. The president let It be knows
that be bad reached no conclusion,
but. In general, waa opposed to bond
issues except to meet expenditure of
a temporary nature. He probably will
address congress on th aubject later.
Army Heada Want 100,000 Soldier.
The mobilization or tbe national
guard for border service waa described
aa a military failure, emphasizing tba
urgent necessity of abandoning tb
volunteer ystem aa the natlon'a reli
ance for defense. In' statement by
Major General Hugh L. Scott, chief of
staff of the army, and Major-General
Leonard Wood, commanding the east
ern department, before tbe aenate aub
commlttee considering tbe Chamber
lain universal military training bill.
Both of tbe generala advocated uni
versal training. General Wood de
clared that tbe country now waa utter
ly defenseless against a well-organized ,
foe; that the mobilization waa tra
gedy, and that if the guardsmen had
met good troops they "would never
have known what bit them." General
Scott told the committee that lesson
drawn from the present war proved
that in case of war with a fint-claaa
power tbe United State would need,
immediately a trained force of 1.500,
000 men, with another 1,500.000 avail
able within 90 days.
Wilson Not to Offer Mediation.
President Wilson decided to for
ward the central powera' peace notes
to the entente alliea without any me
diation offer by the American govern
ment Count von Bernsterff, the German
ambassador, , said after a 10 minut
visit with Secretary Lansing:
We did not discuss peace terms In
Woolmtn Oppes High Grating Fit.
. Itennner. Or Strnna onnnalMon to
tha propoaed 100 per cent Increase In ro1 work of 1000 or over to t0 bo
tbe grazing feea on national forests let fc contract Th present system
wa one of tha prtnclpl action of h" bMn found t00 cost'y
tha Oregon Wool Growers' association ' RecPt has shipped two cars of
at Ita 19th annual convention. - A large amount of stock is
, , . . being shipped out of the lower Ump-
. ! .L .-1 J
Be Promoted. " country since uie new ruurouu
came in.
Premier Lloyd George's reply to
till county Gcrman'' peace proposal meets with
. Pershing to
Waahlnirtnn RrlffBff lp.ri4n ftril T
v ,mm.nHin t, Am.i Eugene The Lane County
can expeditionary tore In Mexico, baa' chT. V ' PPle " preient,
been nominated to be a major-general.
chorus of approval In the British
press, and the general comment la
that ir Germany really wants peace
ahe will, when the Joint reply of the
allies la received, state terms which
can form a basis of .discussion.
The driving campaign of Field Mar
shal ' von Mackensen in Roumania
seems nearly at an end. The reports
show comparative quiet to be prevail-
News Agency:
"Operations la Wallachla can now
b considered as terminated. Buiu,
which baa now fallen Into th hands
of tha central powers, la tba tat Im
portant railroad point In Wallachla.
Tha allies (Teutonic) now control two
thirds of th Roumanian railroad Unci.
Th Buieu and Jslomltz iivrs form
Pour crops each were worth mora
than f l.OOO.rjOO.OOO. Corn, wlh a total
value of H.291.713.000. showed the
grestest Increase, being worth 1171,
101.000 more than last year's output.
Cotton, the second most valuable,
with a total or fl.079.S91.000, Increas
ed 1475.871.000 over last year.
Wheat, tha third, waa worth f 1.0I5,.
tb second and third strategical Unas, 765,000, or 113.462,000 over th year
before, when the production was al
most 400,000,000 bushels mora.
In which wr curd corn and on
Wheat Club 11.31: bluestem 11.40;
red Russian. 11.12; forty-fold, 11.36!
Parley No. 1 feed. 138 ner ton.
Hay-Timothy. 121 per ton; alfalfa, utry, all registered.
111. ' "
Butter Creamery,, S4c.
Eggs Ranch. 85c
Wool Eastern Oregon, S6c; valley,
Hops 1916 crop, IftlOH. ,
n- . . , ... ." Military operations In the European
Coos Bay-The business of catting of- - ar(j t , ,qw
out ship knees is g.v ig employment Qn - tront. ,i80,
to many and provmg profit here. ,her8 i8 m wUh the Qu)etlng own
Uv lnTTh9 of tha recent activity at Verdun, while
ranch of 6000 acres . Grant county utest from both the Rusg,aa
has been so.d for SfcWOOO cash and and Au8tro;itallan front8 8how Ilttle
includes zu,uuu gnaap, tuu nurses, iw but artiUery nucIs and skirmishes.
In Macedonia the, reports stpw rain
formal terms and the American gov
ernment knowa officially that no for
mal terms have been proposed. All
Germany haa suggested Is that tba
belligerents get together and talk."
640-Acr Bill I Paaaed.
All the disputed points in the Ferria
bill to provide 640-acre homesteads,
principally for grazing purposes, were
smoothed out in conferences between
bouse and senate and the measure
goes to the president now for bis sig
nature. . The bill has been supported by tha
interior department and western con
gressmen as a measure , of further
opening the public domain.
Orka Olv In t th AMI.
Athens. The Greek government'
reply, accepting demands of tha en
tente allies, la complete compliance
with thlr ultimatum and an xpr
Another pioneer ettler of Umatilla
county waa claimed by death last Fri-
.i- - it., hnna for roiumDtion of day afternoon when Niel McDonald
"traditional relation with th ntent passed uwuy at hia homo even miles
..(. hr.rf on raolnrocal oonfl- west of Tilot Kork, cancer and old age
Wheat Bluestem 11.42; club 11.38:
forty-fold. 11.38; red Russian, 11.18;
fife. 11.31: turkey red, 11.42.
Barley 138 per ton.
Butter Creamery, 390.
Eggs 38c,
Oswego The pipe fuundry here It . fA nroVBnin wlth n n,,,,;.
expeoted to resume operations within moVements with the exception of pa-
a few day. Th foundry furnish engagenientg. ;
employment to about SO men and con- 5enera, Joffre nas a n ew po8t ,
tributes greaUy to the city's welfare.' COHnsenor t0 Premier Briand:s newly
Kilter is 85 miles closer to the mar- formed "war council"-a small, com-
ket than ever before with the comple- pact body 0( expcutv,.8 modelled
tion of n road to and a bndga alQng' the 11neg of that jU8t tormed ,
across the John Day river. . England by Lloyd Geor8e.
Northern Paeifie Will Accept Ntaded
Shlpmanta to Eaatern Point.
St Paul Although declaring that
shipments ot grain and lumber from
tar western points are now under re
striction by the Northern Pacific rail
road. President Hannaford denied that
an Ironclad embargo bad been placed
on aucb shipments.
Mr. Hannaford aald that owing to
the congestion ot cars In the east
shipments from the far west to points
beyond the Twin Cities cannot be ac
cepted indiscriminately. He said the
Northern Pacific must aee that tha
beiiiff iho cause of hia death. Tho
body waa taken to Pendleton and the
, . Colored Pioneer Dies . ... learned.1 Th rails will be shipped to
Mrs. Frank Buckner, of near Filot France, where they will be relald to
. n i i T 1, t ,k - fi...., 1 11 ... n lh.. wtAw&mnnt rt Inuini
Russia Wants War ta Go On. funeral was neia nunnay morning v fiuui; " uwiuiwMiraii ...
, . . , p ',- the Presbyterian church there, with persons ever, coming to Umatilla guns, munitions and supplies.
" . Z:iZ p..p.,i J.E.Snyder officiating. In- county died Sunday afternoon in Ten-
""'' vvu,f"' "" . . .u. ....
' Canada Teara up Rail, for Europe, l'ni Not Gui,,y
Ottawa. Ont. Canada haa begun to - Guy Hays and Basil Parr, of Ten
' . ji,. . :if,. T.....
tear up iuuu mues or railway to meet,-u..- , nl ttQck remalng on ,t8 own ,lnes
the needs of the war on the western morning by a jury in the federal court .
tront in France and Belgium, It was where they were tried Monday on the
charge of introducing liquor on the
Umatilla Indian reservation. Several
business men and farmers doing busi
ness on the reservation had been in
Portland, where the case was tried
Girl In Love Kllle Youth and Self.
Salem. Or. Unrequited love seems
to be tha only motive to explain a
double tragedy at th Marion hotel in
thia city, when Myrtl Whit. 18-year-
old Portland girl, shot and killed
torment was in the Weston cemetery dleton, of pneumonia. She was 07 Hughes Named for Bar Presidency, for severely days, as witnesses in the Thomi8 w Cumming9 jj, nignt elrs:
. 1. .i... . c ... n nt m nrt w knm in Knrth Alhanv. N. Y. Charles E. Huches case.
. . h!1 thl Iccem.nce waa 72 years old. a nativ Carolina , July 9. 1840. whare and at ha. nsmed ror the presidency ot .
. lrlnn.Z after of Tyre, Scotland, having come to the which time her people were in slavery, the New' York Stale Par association Cranite-A rich ore strike in the
?,!,.-! T..VT Vv minister ' of United State, in 1888 -Ha-xam to About th close of tha Civil war she by the nominating commute ot that Ben Harrison mine, in th Sumptex
tsAlii JJ? UiU tvwey yagr, tQ and tuged U CUM Wsrt yd hur jwrtl to WaH riwUaUon, - . district, ahowa 11 a pound ore.
at the hotel, and then fatally shot herself.
"Call a taxi!" Lafe McBride'a ia J
ways at your disposal. Phone 92.