The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, October 06, 1916, Image 1

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Hi Saturday Afternoon dub will
resuma IU activities tomorrow for
; tha new club ye.r. It will than hava
' entered noon tha fourth yaar of IU
ealatence. durln which It haa dona
much for tha promotion of civic good
and for tha social and Intellectual
benefit of IU members,
. Among tha Club'i graateat achieve-
mania wai tha transformation Into
. mmm tt i-k. wall rruud and
eonUining an attractivo pavilion
ef a tract of land naar tha canter of
town whkh had formarly baan a
carrtrjng ground and had bacoma
littered up with all aorta of trash
and refuse. , Bacomlng uaad to it.
mala roaldante In g.n.ral continued to ewwert band, beginning at 7:30 p.m.
tolerate It year after yaearj but to Doors open at 7:18; show at 8:15. Ad
tha club ladies It waa an eyesore, lt. W cents; children onder 12, 28
and they went to work with rakes cent."
Ml hot. tad cleaned It up. Now It . - .
i. . .nurr. f nrlda to lha aommuni. Cr,M Fv Bod
t. Another club aomllhm.nt
was tha buildlna- of a Dublie tennis
court, located on North Water street.
wn? "o7aVmTt tl
. - i. :
picsewwiny ewminMoiiy mvTenwnva.
ewe ww ejwiiiiMw ew - wfv)wvS m - - . ... avosT
atrlsi of eoncerU and wclali. fvr proposed John Day highway. Tha m
an th. man of tha citv aark re. aoclaUon went on record as unanl.
ftrrrd to. for th. beneflt of tha We.
. ...
.a t. it.. nf ik. W..T
tno ciuo is anm.a to.
gon FMcreuon f woman', wuoa.
IU membership ll.t la limited to 2S.
It is gay a. w.l a. gw.
winter presented at both Weston
and Athens a most .uccsful mu.
nd A then, a most .uccssrui mu-
.leal comedy, Th. N.w Minister.-
and are Invariably regarded by the
----- -
member, aa quite worth while, from
th. standpoint of aa
well a. instruction. They art held
alternate, Saturday, at 2:30 p. n.
Th. hostesses for th. year .ret
October T Mm. A. J. Mclnfyra.
October 21 il re. J. Wurser.
November 4 Mrs. W. A. Graham,
November IS Mra. J. A. McRss.
Decmber J Mrs. F. D. Watte.
December 1ft Mrs. R. Morrison.
Dec.mber 30 Mrs. C. II Smith.
January 13 Mrs. E. M. Smith.
January 27 Mrs. J. W. Porter.
February 10 Mrs. E. O. DeMos.
February S4 Mothers' D.y,
March 10 Mr. W. A. Barnes.
March 24 Mrs. Win. MacKenti.
April 7 Mrs, a A. Barnes.
AprU 21 Mrs. W. E. Woods.
May ft Mrs. R. W. Brown.
TV. .I..k . .... ..... V.. I.
VIHW 9WUWW m 1m VW. M. BHIilf UUlVr Hill AfHUHU w. .mw.H- S Oin Oi.rk
printed at th. Leader office, In which class; reading by Cmtrlotto MaeK.n- Th. building wa. valued at $30,000 - f . .
tha natur. and program of wch of sie; Instrumental solo by Gwtrud. and th. damage will probably reach Two large deal, in mot Bock flirt
IU meeting! ar. st forth. Ite offl- V.n Winkl.; song by th. Cider b.twe.n 27000 and 110,000. Th. ok P'" t tMk JT a
c.r. art twin.; "Rally Day." by Mr.. J. IL flooring will hav. to b. rpl.d tn. f Wm. Evan. 680-acr. grain and
Mra. E. 0. D.Mom, pr.sld.nt; WUllamsj "Our Rally Day," by boy.' tlraly and all of th. timber, of th. tock ranch wa. announced, a gentle
Mr.. E. C. Rogors, vice-president, cisss; reading by Ermna Mclntyr.jbas.rn.nt Th. Are burn.d the walls man from Adams by ta.nara.or.
Mra, Robert Proudfit, secretary; Mra,
W. S. Price, treasurer; Mrs. F..D.
Watts, reporter.
Asld. from th. officers the elub
membership roil include. Mrs. W. A.
Barnea, Mrfc i. A. Barn... Mrs. 8,
w nmM Mr. n n r.rmi,t,.t
W- B?.wn. rl-. Cm'.?' Ctrmichaet.
Mrs. W. A. Graham. Mra. Wm. Mae-
Ksnile. .Mr K. MscK.nils, Mr.
' J. A. McIU., lit. R. Morrison, Mrs.
A- . ftsemtyra, Mra. w. b. J.yn
Mr.. C. L. Plnkerton, Mrs. J. w. For.
ter, Mrs. J. F. Snydsr, Mr. C. IL tended by th. immediate relatives of
Smith, Mra. E. M. Smith, Mrs. L R. th. brtd. and a f.w neighbors. Fol
Van Winkl., Mrs. Mlnnl. Walk.r, lowing th. etrtmony, which wa. per.
Mra. J. Wurser, Mm. W. E, Wood . formed by Rv. W. B. Smith, a boun-
1 1 tiful wadding .uppr wa. served. Mr.
Runy.n Plead. Caltly and Mrs. Carlson hav. hearty wall
Gtarle. Runy.n, Indicted by th. wishes of th. many friends of th.
grand 'jury on a charg. of assault bride throughout th. Weston coun
with a kngeroui weapon, appeared tryslde, where ah. ha. liv.d from
l.sfor. Judgs Phelp. In th. Circuit
Court and changl his former plea of
not guilty, with a request for the Ion-
i.ncy of th. court. 11. wat giv.n tlx
months to 10 year, in th. Mat. p.n. Kay, hat been first In her clan at th. . . ; wlil b. fitted un th ncy. Charlet Serrell purch
it.ntl.ry but aliow.d 10 day. In which ttet. .ehool club .xhlbit at th. BUM r " ' tn" "I ondl d'clar. they Med 40 crM tot im nd V,n
'itonr.oar.apetUlonforparol.. Run- Fair and will again h.v. th. oppor- ..JJ 7 Orsdatl paid $7080 for 80 acres on
van snot ueorg. epearman at we
. H . 1 .4 .
CayuM roundup s.v.ral months .go mer court, at th. Oregon Agrlcul
durlng a quarrel when Runyan re- tural College, th. reward for winntr. bains- called a aheeDh.rdw. in all clatsea. Hat tpKlalty 1. tur man ar. cowDunch.rt and wer.
..-li. . tt,. rnnnftiin It wu thot
It th. tlnf. that th. lnjur.d m.n
would not recover but h. wa. out of
th. hoipitai ln a short tint, and lata-
ly wat riding in bucking hort con.
stav Gravel Roadt
M. S. Kern announced to we
rommerclal association last night mat
.. -..
T.Z u. :.nlil for the purpose
non w - - ..., -j.
3 CSftSir
lllg Teal Show Coming
The Girl of Eagle Ranch," big
weatern piny with twtnty people in
the rest Including band and orchestra,
will be produced under eanvaa,
Thursday, October 12, for on night
only. Th. tent will b. pitched on
north . Water street Tba advance
man aayi of tba ahowi
"Taka notlca that thli la not ring
elrcu. or moving plrtiure, but a blub
claaa atego production for ladle, and
childran at wall aa gentlemen. Tha
company rarriaa U own apaclal seen-
try and lighting .flecte, and muaic U
randerod during tha action by iu big
flv.-pelc. oarhesUa. Tha six vauda
villa acta In connection consist, of
singing and dancing, arrobettt and
tumbling feats and laughable comady
and musical sketches,
"Everybody Is invited to coma aarly
and enjoy tba half hour concart by our
At a meeting of the Grant county
gxl oal MoelaUon held at John
JJy Jjjjjj' JjJ ,1$"
"on In the near future to decide
wluthar tha eountv shall bond itself
- --
for th purpoM of contiractlnff tho
mously favoring the bond Issue, A
" .fc" "! ,1.1 vn.i
t m-m ........-..
' pUo of thi.
,hort ,Xrip A ,um' W,U eora:
wry hort time and
' Plnloa ,ttd Hagn.y
ii . .
proper appicauon were swn.
llflllltf niWtl ri'")ltf
R41y Day" Ui announced far next
Sunday at 11 a. m. by th. United
Brethren Sunday sch'ooL An inter-
.sting program will b. given, and
a collection will be taken for the pur-
pose of repapering and otherwise
beautifying th. Interior of th. Sunday
school room. Th. exercises will in-
clud. a song by th. school; invoca- i. a total loss. A great deal of it was J N yorC( on9 0f tne most suc
tion by th. pastor; prayer long by bunred outright and the balance was ,Untj,,i farmer, in the district north
Mrs. Kennard'. class; "Paul'. First so damaged by smoke and water that of town n(lI tought UQ acrea from
Missionary Journey," by Gall Will. It Is practically worthless. Th. .tock p G StM p,yng ioo an acre, spot
lams; Tsui's Second Missionary was valued at approximately 124,000 cmu rg Mr. York'. Nev
Journoy," by Hilda McRae; "Jesus by R. Alexander, th. owner, and, th. flrfsil um 640 crM K00j
Will th. ilttl. One" by Cur- insuranc. wiU cover only about half ,w land . to on, w-
.1. ..J U.w V..-..J'.
instrumental solo by Isab.ll.
gi MIT
Ksnile; comet solo by Harvsy Lun
dell; song by th. school.
- An Vpl.nd Wedding
Mr. Arthur L Carlson of King
? , t. . T ,,. ,
county, Washington, and Ml..
ni,u. a.,.u.. r m, .a Mm
, c. Hopkln., united In mar-
Sunday, October 1. at th. hom.
0f th. brld.'a DarenU on th. Wwton
un'ands. It wa. a aulat affair, at-
girlhood and I. held In high tett.m.
For th. second time In two years,
Carm.n Jonas, of district No. 99, Me-
tunny vo buv.hhk- w hh ,uii.
. 1 1 i i t - J.rn.l-. - ' IV. ...
keys and th. das. is designated a.
Poultry ralslnff No. 2. She mad. a
, . .
remrKaiii. recora tan year witn ner
birdt and thle ytar, though th. com.
petition wtt greater, and her showing
not to good, th. wai sucwssful by a
Clear margin, vm ovn. i v...-
.tills county prls. wlnnert wat almost
among the flrstt at the state show.
.-.. . . ttMiitotn. 1. 1 f !-
ww'w v........, r. -
o ou. v, . J-"T'"
is second In that class.
i .... ih vndf a bis. aa. ii v nil r ni
a t t ....
thechUdren return.d Saturday mor-
ln from th. fair. Th. other, wer.
phnin Faucett of Stanfis d and Dor-
Iffw uSSZl'&kuu
Going Some arid Still After Him
- " w f - V'V x
- . -taw---- .
T,"r, w '
Damage that totals around on. bun.
tord, morning by a basement nre u
th. Schmidt block on Mala Street in
Pendleton. Douglaa Bella, a former
Pilot Bock stockman, who Is own.r of
th. building. Bond Bros., and th. Pop-
gM Ctih SroU who occupied the low-
er ftooc of th. buIlOing, are th. he.v-
TsndJeton papers My th. fire was ua buys, .knowing well that he has
th. most disastrous in years. Th. nj, money out of land in thi. sec
flame, wer. conflnad almost entirely tion before and can do it again.
denM th,t t rmn found 14 1"1P-
siui. gei aown wner. uiey coma
AU they could do was to pour
water hito th. basement and drown
out th. fir. and it took mora than
three hour, to do this,
Th. origin of th. fir. i. unknown.
Th. alarm waa turned in about 6:45
a. m., and it was past 10:30 before th.
flame, wer. under control.
Th. stock of th. Popular Cash stor.
tk.t .
miiv.1 v we ewwi'B mww. m w,-w
plsc.s. Mr. Belt, think, hi. lot. is
covered by insurant..
Minor damage was don. by th.
smoke to occupante ef th. upper floor,
AU of th. room. wer. to heav with
amok, that they could acarwly b. n-
f!? c" . !r.Lu .v.u
tewd. Som. war. abl. to move their
'",',in t
B?nlB"s' '.T m 1
,v.vv'. --
worth about 181.00 and th. insuranc.
carried amounted tw only about half barley crop averaged 45 bushels per
that amount A great deal of stock acre. The new owner will take pos
in the bas.rn.nt wa a complete loss, session of th. place during th. month.
Thi. wa. worth at least $30,000. All Tob. Bush sold his Birch creek
that wa. not burned wa. carted away farm a few mile, below th. Bock,
as toon a. th. amok, cleared and wa. consisting of 240 acres, to W. J. Con
stored tn th. vacant room In th. Judd dra.. Th. pric. is not giv.n, but it ia
building. Th. aalvag. may amount known that it run. well Into th. thou
to $10,000. sanda, E. T. Wad., th. Pendleton
Bond Bros hav. already laid plant ral .state man negotiated th. deal,
for w-openlng th. itor. Both mem. ndi,n goM '
oors m wie urm wm iw -- v
. ...... .i..U
,r . MnrtmA . k- .,-.. Mean.
" ' ..... .
Sevanteen hundred liquor permit,
wer. Issued last montth at Walla
Walla, an averts of 68 a day. At
... ....... .-it m.n mm
vvu..., j... w..., .."
ln c,iit wj,il. a yta. ago on that
d,M th.(r. wart 29. A year ago on
October I, 229 men had bean regit-
mti tt y,, jail on(1 m ther.
httv4 bMn 1U4
Everyboily enjoys a good show.
Therefor, you will like "Th. Girl of 0f Mot Rock and other, helped trans
Eair'.e Ranch," north Water street port the fish from the depot to the
We.ten, October 12.
Grant, rass. .osepmne coun.
lti $3009 mora for racist Uiihway.
Grants Pass. Josephine county
. tin. "S.
'I. ," f
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
' "
,mm sMwiM.ew
Umatilla counly farmer, sr. in
f er posiUn than outsider, to
,iM the investment value of Uma-
tin county land, which 1. the reason
thy nearly all deal. In dirt are mad.
between local people. Newcomers
generally figure that th. price, are
nigh to permit 0f a
..nt. Th. lo-
dta iMttJl UUVI U" IlKUilllK VI. VUtal tvi s
eal man does no figuring
i. ax. saniaier, mayor ui necwo,
,who ha. farmed in thi. county nearly
,u hif jjf, ,nd owni , j,rB. acreage
,f iubl. land in thU vicinity, hat
just taken on a half section more. It
is located near Adams, and is known
as th. Krebs place. Mr. Banister
paid 130,000 for the tract, which he
M ntAiy farm in connection with
his other holdings. The place will
be occupied by Carl McConnell and
deal wm mad. at l par acre, a total
consideration of $26,560. This figure
included .ight head of horses, farm
machinery, all improvement, and th.
hay in th. barn. Mr. Evan, retain.
"U of thi. year', grain crop, about
fiM hMd of ho., and aoma other
stock beside, his personal property.
Thi. is on. of th. choice ranch., of
th. South End. Only a f.w acres ar.
untillabl.: Thi. ' year Mr. Evans'
..... , ... . t.JU- 1.-4
iwg vrvb vi uvau ihumu taut
W8r ol by MJor Swartlander at
Tutuilla. -Tribune.
A carload of fish wer. distributed
in Camas Creek in the vicinity of th.
Lehman and Hidaway Spring, and al-
Ti.W .-J A lk.. . C.J-.-
""r """" w"
day. Deputy Game Warden Tonkin
George Tonkin and Marion Jack,mem-
ber of ft, Stat, Fish and Gam. Com-
mission were in charge of th. distri-
butioa. Roy Ritner and Herman Ros-
nberg of Pendleton, George Stangier
creek. Levi EWridge t truck also
took out a large number of th. cans
to UKian rrom wnence wey were uis-
w vjiu nv... v, --.
trlbuUd by inUmtta parties.
Condrmae PeedleiM Dill
M-Michalbook of" McM inn villa, Or.
agon, was a Weston visitor Saturday, f TrrffT fl?,l PAVC
lie likes the looks of the country, and fteUel ElleJ kUlJ
would like te trade soma Walla Wall .
realty which be now owna for wbaat 1
land In this neighborhood. Ilia hold- "''ril CnMi Cit' " b
Lnga there include a residence proper- "" of thrilling malodrama te be
ty valued at SM00, a garden tract, preaented Wednesday, OcUAer 25,
worth 115000 and an orchard held at tor benflt of WUM Concert
IC0OO. Mr. Hicnclbook aays that Mc- 15 nd- All tha masculine members of
Minnville .will cut a large vote a- e1 likawiae members of
gainst tha Pendleton Normal achool that popuUr musical organizaUon,
bill. Ha regarda Pendleten'a aasump- h will play on the street in-full
tion in asking for a new plant whan uniform the evening of the produc
one already exists at Weston, as rid- lin. ,
fculous. and says that his neighbors malodrama ranks among the
look at the matter in the same light, 'trongest masterpieces of Charles
Uei, the father of three volunteer Townsend, the well known playwright.
soldiers who are now on the Mexican
border. They are Captain F. L. Mich
elbook of Company A; Sergeant Jaa.
and Corporal Roy Mlchelbook.
Acknowledging the Coin
Since last reports the -following val
ued friends and patrons have gladden
ed the Weston Leader sanctum with
subscription payments thus helping
ua at an opportune time. Wading heavy, Reginald Churchill
George Sower, Will Beathe, Joe (otherwise Slippery Sam). Gaud
Blomgren, Fred Gerberding, S. S. Nel- Price take, the juvenile lead, Harold
son, Trajan Tucker, B. Morrison, J. Westerly, a man among men. Earl
E. McDanial, Colden Rule Hotel, C Olson is th. second Juvenile, Kenneth
E. DuPuis, George Walden, Orral Marston, who is Tis!d in bondage."
Duncan, H. A. Sret, L T. Settle, Mrs. Perhaps the most difficult role of th.
Susan Tucker, J. H, J rice, Donald P. piece, Jacobs, a Jew double-dyed
Mitchell, Herman O'Harra, Jess Ccr- yet amusing old villain i. essayed
don, W. A. Barnes, Dr. CI Smith, by Roy Bead. Bulin Smith ia Dex
Mrs. H. N. Greer, Jo. Hyatt, J. M. ter, th. detective without whom no
Plica. such play is complete. Elixa Mor-
LiV.. Oliver Twist, however, we are rlson appears in the juvenile lady lead
wanting more, and assure all and sun- as Lillian M&rston, Kenneth's wife,
dry thc we are in do danger of "writ. Gladys Smith Is the soubrette in the
er's cramp!! from making out reee!pts. role of Clytie Heth, a lively young
Drop in any time and contribute.
mm mmm will
will eing between acta.
, . , . That Weston people will turn out
Tuesday.Cktobern wfl beeg b
political day In th. Omati'la County... .,,hriVm- nH th. nrniin.u
.(tiiipeii ji. a mm mm vw tu(iicei un
rtr- in tr..i.A. j--
tliroughout the county. Every Hughes
household will fly the American flag
and there will be a big demonstration
with parade of automobile, and
Hughe. Alliance OuU in Pendleton
to the evening . aiter which Senator fif t Adamf m fair to loM heavU,
Char e. W Fulton w.11 address the M . naul of y,, hlTi 8torm
people of Umatilla County on the - of few weekg ,g(X wind fan
sue, of the campaign at Happy Can- ned the fir, wu in u. wheat
yon at eight oelock in the evening. ... 4t . Wn hupnin, eveP
The Umatilla County Republican
Central Committee is making great
preparations for thi. event. A large
number of flag, have been ' ordered
and th. people who do not hav. a flag
of their own can secure on. from
either th. Central Committee or th.
Hughes Alliance Club.
Tan thousand red, whit, and blue
Hugh., button, will b. distributed for
that day. All of th. Hughea Allian
ces in th. county will tend delegate,
to Pendleton and they will form a
marching club for that evening car-'
rying Hughea pennants. - Th. band
will meet Senator Fulton at th. train
when he arrive, and will also furnish
music for th. evening. There will al
so be music by local singers of re
pute and addresses by well known pol
itician, and candidates for office be
tides th. address of Senator Fulton.
Chicago, Oct S Grainmen predict
two dollar wheat before January 1,
1917. Today's prices, both cash and
futures, range ten cent, lower than
the record, of January, 1915.
Heavy crop decreases, discouraging
Argentina conditions and the allies
demand, for Canadian and Australian
wheat caused th. price boom. The
Board of Trad, stated that th. North
west ha. no teed wheat Present seed
wheat prices or. four and seven dol
lars a bushel,
C. P. Strain, assessor, candidate for
re-election, solicit, your further sup.
port upon hit record. Hit efficient
administration and unmatched econ
omy do not constitute hit only worth
to you. Repeated election, a. asses
sor hav. given him an influence which
h. regards as yours and which he uses
faithfully for your benefit upon all
proper occasions. (Adv.)
Stop! Look! Listen! The biggest
and also the lat tent sho ylayms
Weston this season. "The Girl of
Eag!. Ranch," under canvas, Thurs
day, October 12, (Adv.)
Eugene. $2500 contract let for a North Bend. The keel for the lar
glass palm loom addition to th. Ho- gest boat ever built on Coos Bay has
tel OsbotiK
" brilliant, dashing, eciting play.
Its thrilling situations quicken the
pulse and its tender pathos touches
the heart. The humor is abundant,
and the dialogue is written in the
noted author's happiest vein. Select
ed with care, the caat will do its best
to please and interest tha local public
Clark Wood will appear' in the
character lead of Old Ben, a man
with a past.
Ernie Blomgren is tha
lady. Supplying th. feminine comedy
Joeia Lavender impersonate Jane Ann
Deverill, a shy yet watchfully waiting
Jack Root, a prominent Portland so
loist, now a resident of Pilot Rock,
w - r a---
re that they will not be disappointed.
Faithful rehearsing is in progress.
Wheat Again Catches Fire
. , .... n, Ki ln -,,-ehousa
. . t. ,hMt
but ,itU. damage by tt6 -riffinal fil
is now worthless entirely or badly
smoked and scorched. The salvaged
grain wa. sold by th. insuranc. com
panies to H. W. Collin, of this city for
approximately $73,000 but it ia un
derstood he was representing Port,
land parties. Had the 6 re sot been
fatuied np sgmm to, buyer, would
doubtless have com. out of their bar-
gain wijth a good margin of profit
The original fir. wat put out ap
parently by water and there wa. little
indication of much fire left in the Im
mense pile of wheat until the heavy
wind storm came. Ever since the
wheat has been smoldering' and heavy
smoke is still rising from it Men
have Jbeen engaged in rasacking the
salvage for several week, and a good
many thousand satks hav. already
been hauled away. Most of it how
ever, will not be good for anything
but chicken, sheep and hog feed, it is
Mid. East Oregonlan,
- Bread Weight Variant
J. A. Yeager, state sealer of weights
and measures, who has been making
an investigation of the weight of
bread loaves for th. state department
has found that there is a great dissimilarity-
in -th. tie. of th. loav.s.
At one place he found a 27 ounc. loaf
and three door, below found another
of 19. Th. average six., he says la
about 21 ounces. Tribune.
Th. construction of a $2000 athletio
hall for th. benefit of the pupils of
th. Echo school district will be dis
cussed at a meeting called for Octo
ber 8.
A report from Utah state, that Og
den capitalists are adding extensive
improvements to the Sumpter Valley
B. R. in Oregon, including several
new steel bridges.
Thursday, October 12 "The Girl of
Eagle Ranch." Also six vaudeville
acts; 20 people. (Adv.)
h.q bid boat to U S59 Us evt ail