The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, September 17, 1915, Image 4

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You can help your Stomach
back to a normal condition,
(njuc liver activity and bowl
regularity by careful diet and
proper exercise, to which you
should add the toning and
strengthening qualities to be
found to a fair trial of ,
bitters c
ReBsIl Federal Tnscb
CJ - t'" i c
sas-1 i-"" eeeaa
Baf Coed Truck to Buy.
umitf nrnERAL ty aa
rebuilt wa mMi tut tM truck to entirely
taken !(. ear prt iamtnd '
accessary replaced by K Prt mad
IttrTVederat 'rttW.U B'i2JhfS5
repainted and refinlehed, and v'rJ'h'
rVoeearr mk truck rcu
tvilv . rood w in ewe
"ou buy rebuilt Wml I"
r protected by the torn Policy
imit that w. to U Fl'rl onT
YV operate a repair department. In whlek.
th workmea are pecUIIts on red era la.
ear .apply of Federal parte
ad the stork room Xn,"('" J!
t,ui shirk insure tho prompt MUns f
all part order. We also oprrat i a serv
lr department, which to open df.T
BJrht, Sjnrt at your rail " Th Federal
bolrut rood track In tho flrt pleca n4
proterted by a company which to equip
ped and baa th dUoostwoa to !
orrlro I eoneamieMly
If you ara In th market lor a trc
from to $Mfl. wo ur( you to com -par
UMd Federals with new trucks at
Wrollar prtcoa. Wa think wa can coavlaca
yaw of their suporlar rains.
Cm & Thud aad OnamtSta sear Stsat Bods.
If rm an IklaHat of s We. e
rUUSa. Weaa mm Kaar Teaaw.
romA.ND. okegox.
' 'Sv Marwlafuff
One reader claims that Maryland la
tbs state above all omen iot ncaness
-.r utitiu and nniua In their elu
cidation. Chesapeake, home of the
oft-shelled crab and of hi bard
shelled brother! Diamond-back, com
posed aa only Fhiladelphia cooks, or
he of Baltimore, can blend thee!
Maryland Fried Chicken! Whet an
: iriw.inM a! nne'a daTa fJshinsT
on the western shore and one's nights
tho Roitimorai Clubl That.
icwwit . w - -
that were quite enough to induce
blessed forgetlulness ot sworousn anu
halibut to the north, of tarpon to the
oath, ot tunny and salmon to the
west "Is it any wonder," demands
the Baltimore "American,- -tnai ataxy
tm-.A arirla M fair No. BO . thOO-
and negative noes and here we are.
condemned to slave in a desert ot
table d'hotea in that city o( strangers.
alien Manhattan: comer a.
Economic Determinism.
An Atlanta man tells of this conver
sation between two darky ducks ot
hat town:
-Bill. I heahs dat yo was court! n'
dat Botu gal down my way."
"Sho I was. An" 1 was in love with
dat gal, too; only I heahs dat she ain't
got a cent. . So I says to myself: 'BUI,
be a man.' An' 1 was a man, Henry;
an' now I passes her by with silent
contempt! . ;
' Very Grewsome.
CoL E. M. House, discussing bis
peace mission In Europe, said:
"The -French soldiers, by the way,
are called poilua whiskers, as we
might say. In the trenches, yoa see.
the gay French soldiers all grow
beards. To see a slender lad of 23 or
24 with enormous black beard cover
ing his chest welt. U s like the story:
- 'Willie," said an etymology teach
er, 'give me a sentence with the word
"grewsome" In it'
i-The soldier, Willie answered,
'stopped shaving and grew some whis
kers.' " Philadelphia Bulletin.
Dalles-Columbia Line
Cute of Waahleftoa. for The Daiks daily ex.
Sunday 11 . m. Weave Dalles daily ex. Mender
II M. Kteanieni J. N. Trel. Inland Eiaoire and
Twin Citke fur Uppnr ColemWa and Soaks (iw
peiota Taylor (. Ltock. leL Maia 1L
WuUattlejid Celaola low Teesc Cs, rVdssl
We have the best facilities in the
Northwest for doing your Repair
work. Why throw your old tires
away? Send tbem to us and let
us repair them. We guarantee
every repair we make. Our prices
re reasonable. A Western repair ,
is a permanent repair. Let us
convince you, -
Tube punctures repaired, 25c.
-IU SCHOOL or tjUALin"
PorOend'i Bret Bunlneoi Tralnirur ScbooL
hookke:in. Shortnaaa. Typewritlas and
tcnauinaip Uitaht by export teathara
f a rtm sptai W tfatita, Sesl t, 1111
fy mtoArrf k-are '"fedy enroSed. Aek
tm CetaMT- iuuoii eany.
I hefie MAIN Sfr3
Gcnna Eriacr et Washlsgtcn
Will 02a Hcst
m ask SAft cc?dix? rot Acm
Act of Embassy Believed Will Show
Genuine Desire of Teutons for
Friendship of Undo $3m. .
WaahlncrtML IX C These highly
imnortant WrslornenU took place
Monday In connection with the events
eotwwqttent upoa the revelstioos In the
Cnnnt was Bervsttorff. the German
ambseaador, will ceil M SecreUry
Lansing and will Intimate that isp
taia Frmni von Papen, German mili
tary attache, will he sent home. If
sale conduct for him can m otxainea
from the British tTernment -
AmMaaador FenneM has caoiea nis
personal imprwssioo that Anstrta-
Hungary will comply wita. lot Amerf
caa reqtiest t or the recall of Dr. Dum
ha laavins- her Interest her in
charge of the counsellor of the em
Count von Bernstorff wtll explain
tka exart eonneetioa of Cantala won
Papen with the Dumb strike nUna.
There is no question that toe ambassa
dor feels that members of his staff
ahonld have ne connection with strikes
or the creation of disorders in Indus
trial factories. He does hoM, bow
ever, that Germany, as well as An.
tria-Hongary, baa the right to warn
her subjects that employment in fac
tories making' monitions for the allies
ia a erime arainst the law of their
country and that If they should return
home they will be punish ea.
Germany, it la pointed out in Ger
man circles, had the right to call home
all reservist in the United State.
She was nnable to exercise this right
because of the British command of the
sea and they have been forced to re
main in this country. The right to
tell these men that they most not wore
for the allies the German emDaaaaoor
holds to be aa wand a the right to tell
them to retorn to fight.
However, it is apparent mat ue
ambassador has no intention to make
an Issue in respect to Captain von Pa
pen, If this government will obtain
a safe conduct for the omeer ne wiu
be ordered to Beriln. Such action
would obviate a demand for his recall.
It would do more. It would show con
clusively the desire of Germany tore
main in friendlv relations with this
country. It would also mean that the
Dumb incident with Austria-Hungary
will. In the end, be adjusted satiafse
torilj to the United States.
Wasisisgtsi Adzisistratio. TbosgU
Wl field to Carrasza s Views
. Washington, D. C General Car
ranxa's counter proposal to the Pan-
American diplomats for conference
with him over international phases of
the Mexican problem probably will be
approved, according' to opinion ex
pressed here by officials in tones wiin
the administration.
Although Carranza refused to yield
to the appeal of Secretary Lansing and
representatives of six Latin-American
republics that he join his adversaries
in neac conference, it was pointed
out here that military conditions in
Mexico had undergone marked change
in the last few weeks, and in some
(ruarters it was contended that Car
ranua's claims for recognition were
entitled to investigaiton.
Since the Pan-American appeal was
issued. Carranxa's armies have pressed
pacification of territory in Central and
Northern Mexico, while some reports
to the State department have declared
that General Villa's force are disin
tegrating. From . authoritative
sources advices have reached Washing
ton that it would be difficult to con
duct convention to select a provis
ional government in Mexico without
the participation of Carranza and his
military commanders, who assert now
that they control nearly all Mexican
Russians Score Victory.
Petrograd, via London Near Terno
pol the Russians have defeated the
Third German division, the Forty-fifth
Beserve division and an Austrain on- j
gade. Eight thousand prisoners and
30 guns, besides many machine guns.
were captured, according to an official
statements issued at the war office.
Further south, near Trembowla, about
2500 Teutons, three guns and 12 ma
chine guns were captured.
Near Voriatyntxe more than luuu
Austrian and severs! machine guns
were captured.
Liner Offered Japanese..
Honolulu, T. H, Siochiro Asa no.
president of the Toyo Kisen Kaisba,
who arrived here Saturday on his way
home to Japan, announced that the
Atlantic Transport company had offered
to sell him the liner China, one of the
first vessels recently bought by the At
lantic Transport company from the
Pacific Mail company. Mr. Asa no said
that if the deal went through he would
keep the China on the trans-Pacific
run. The China is vessel of 5060
gross tons register, is single-screw
steel vessel and was built in 1889.
Everett, Wash., Runnaways Goal.
Chicago Richard Alpine, 15 years
old, Pittsburg, sn orphan, walked into
the detective bureau Monday and asked
Lieutenant Benjamin Enright to help
him reach Everett, Wash. "I lived
with an aunt in Pittsburg," he said,
"but she abused me so I ran away. I
am going to Everett to live with an
other aunt My parent died several
years ago." Lieutenant Enright sent
the boy to the Juvenile Home and will
communicate with his aunt in Everett
Portland Wheat Uluestem, toe
huebe!; forty fold, lie; club, me; rea
Fife, Tc: red Russian, Toe.
Veevlahlos Cucumbar. Oregon. 15
toes, S0,u3O box; cabbage, 1 pound
iwuna ir.t if ? srwoa corn, lie dosen
rarlic 10c Pound: petper, si&
-L.iUnl drtflid.
. I -v '
lire Fruit CantaJotipes, a u
tt Lit mta ueachee. I&uloOo box;
watermelons, !! pound; pluma t5
tt 50c boxj new apple, IB V .ou;
pears, 7&et$l; trap. Scl.W
-.t. buck eharnas. a as r pouna;
NUM4, lie; fresh Age, I l.M box.
Potato New, to j ue sacs;
sweet. StitSe pound.
Onion Oot75 per sack.
ETK Orsgoai ranch, buying prices:
No. I, t?e dosea; No. t, Tit; No, a,
1 7. Jnkhln nriM Nov 1. IsO.
Poultry Hens, 14 t 15 pound;
spring, 17C18e; turkeys, toe; oucas,
Sdi lXc; gweos, &j9c
Rut rr Citv creamery cubes, ex
tras, selling at X9t pound; prinU Md
Mrinu autre. mce DMI to pre-
HnMH CVountre creamerv. 266i27s:
butter fat. No. 1, sour cream, We;
No. X, 17c.
Veal Fancy. 12UJe peumt,
Pork Block, It9te pound.
Hone 1915 fustsles. 14c pound;
cluster. BominaL ,
U'nrJ Kaatarn Oiena medium, 15
O 8c; Eastera Oregon, fine, 13 C
II c: valley. Zo it sue; mohair, new
dip, SOtttSle.
tvlia nn Wwisswooled nelta. 15lc:
dry short-wooled. lle: dry shearlings.
each, lOtitloc; salted snearungK, eecn.
15(jS5c; dry rt m osir, eacn.
itr axtat. ah ear I inn. each. lOdi
XOcT salted long-woded pelt. May, 11
ijil each.
r.ttl rtiniee ateara. to.60i7:
good, $S H 4. 25; medium. S5.T5 ;
choke cows, fS.z5tr 6.50; good, tUt
- . . . a ' e r .
5.Z5; medium, i.wue; MiTer.
6.85; bulls, t.605; stags, a.DVW.o,
Hog Ught e0.UiO.u; oeavy,
Sheen Wether. S4.?5i6: ,
34.85; lambs, I4.75&6.50.
New Melon on Market
Tacom Another variety of melon
arrived on the local produce market
and ia expected to sup into tin with
the popular cantaloupe and water
melon. This ia the eaaaba from Cali
fornia. In th last several year it
ha found an instant market here.
Wholesale dealer ask S cents a pound.
Reports from th Sou in say u quaiuy
is excellent ana tn crop targe.
Althoufirh the stiff advance taaen in
egg prices last week wa expected to
keep the market steady here iot some
time, an added scarcity of this com
modity ha caused dealer to boost
price to 33g34 cent a dozen iorue
fresh ranch product.
Hnrkleherriea ar rettilur scarcer
and price are higher, the berries now
demanding 6 cents a poena, xneoe
mand this season was brisk.
The fish market is well supplied
with halibut and salmon and small
fish. Th demand is good. Butter
ami ehewae ara steadv. No chancre was
made in meat and poultry price.
Crop Report Sept 8. 1915.
Tha human of eron estimate in co
operation with the weather bureau,
Ilnitnl State Department of Agricul
ture, furnishes th following summary
of conditions:
Winter wheat Preliminary esti
mate, 14,049,000 bushels; final, 1914,
Spring wheat September 1, fore
cast, 3,690,000 bushels; final, 1914,
Oats Forecast. 14.200.000 bushels;
final, 1914, 12,740,000.
Barley September 1, forecast, 4,
810,000 bushels; final, 1914, 8,660,-
. Potatoes September 1, forecast, 6,-
690,000 bushels; nnai, laid, 4,7b3,uw.
Hay, all tame Preliminary esti
mate, 1,850,000 tons; final, 1914, 1,-
Apples September 1, forecast, 8,
400,000 bushels; final. 1914, 3,600,000.
Record Deal In Apples.
Portland The biggest single deal in
apples ever made was announced by
the North Pacific Fruit Distributors
association through C. A Malboef, Its
representative here. Every box avail
able of "C" grade apples controlled by
the association has beet, sold at s con
tract price of 85 cent box, th high
est price obtained for this class of
fruit In four year. It is estimated
that the apple will make 400 carloads.
The amount involved in th deal is
$214,000. Middle Western firms com
pose the pool of purchasers.
Heavier Hop Bales Suggested.
Portland Hop dealers point out the
advantage of heavier baling by grow
ers this year. In the matter of export
business this is especially important,
in view of the limit placed by some of
the Atlantic steamer lines on the num
ber of bales they will handle during
the season. As steamer space reserva
tions are made by number of . bales and
not by weight, it follows that larger
foreign business can be don than if
tney are light. Weight running over
200 pounds to the bale ar favored by
exporters. .
Peaches Are Active and Firm. -Portland
Th peach market was
firm and active, with prices holding
within the former rnge. Supplies are
large enough for all requirement.
Bartlett pears are becoming scarce
and ar in stronger demand, with
f 1.25 easily obtainable. Other kinds
of pears are rather plentiful and offer
ed generally at 90 cents to el a dox.
There was' a good movement in
grapes at the prices quoted. Canta
loupes and melons were steady.
Poultry Receipts Larger,
Pnrttarui RiUAnfa of DOultrV r
leroee than nana! this week and it is
necessary to shade former prices in or
der to work off the supply. Hens sold
st 1414i cents ana springs at id
17 cents. There was a continued eay
fiine tn tha dressed meat market.
because of the light demand. The
heat trades of eezs and butter r
firm at prevailing price.
Fwithout that explanation you couUl not und-mtand. could not accept theM value- at genuine.
It'. rnTtemt"r.U. too-.baorbintfy Intere.Ung and of vital Import to you If you contemplate the
1! Inible for the FJ
mlucin" the quality. Rodoa!erf found the aolution. and fty dividing their profit with the buyer, placed
better apprUiat T the policy that has made the Reo aucccaa the moat ubatantlal and In many wayi Ue
A7Vyouh'll MtS'lt you were talking with the Reo Folk-and when you've flni.hed you'll
fWlrnd! ZSSSi IW Keo Dealer, having ffffi
cowrae with the factory to make Reo valuet the greatest values, you II conclude that Reo i thecar
lytli Fitiiia "Incomnarable Four' at $873; or the new Shcer-Une Reo Six at $1250
your purse and your preference must decide which.
REO MOTOR CAR COMPANY, Laming, Mich., U. a. A.
mmm mm I CJ I
DISTRIBUTORS FOR OREGON. WASHINGTON AND IDAHO. A limited amount of territory open to agent. Write m quickly.
the dough
You may use aa old favorite lecipe and the best of malcruus and male ft
carefully, the oven may be just right, yet you win have a failure i
"The Powet behind the Dough" m not th right ont to leaves it property
and make it light, digestible, wholesome. "
Good baking without good baking powder is out of the Question.
K C Baklitl FoieeW Iim woaderiul igavetaat aowei. aad tKe lieueie rtie
the bowl aad at lb ew stakes good issaBl douu swtaii
Take a donee taSarmmem K C
"goad luck awary tlmm.
At mtt Crocete.
Johnny Had the Proof.
In Inatructlng . youthful class tn
mathematics the, teacher turned to
John Jone.
"Johnny." she remarked, "can you
tell me what an average Is?" .
"Yes, ma'am," wa th prompt re
sponse of Johnny. "An average is
what a hen Uys eggs on."
"What?" exclaimed the amased
teacher. "What on earth are you
talking about T"
"That's right. Miss Mary." the
rejoinder of Johnny. "Most every les
son in our 'rlthmetlo starts off 'If
ben lay three egg a week on an
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regu
late and invigorate stomach, liver and
bowels. Sugar-coated, tiny granules,
easy to take. Do not gripe.- ;
He Found Out
"And what has become of Jennie
Smith, the village belie T" asked the
man who was visiting his old home
town. ' .
"Oh, I married her," replied th resi
dent "Then I suppose she I still the vil
lage belle," gallantly remarked the
visitor. .
"I reckon she Is," sgreed tb resi
dent "She Is ding-donging from morn
ing till night and 1 can't shut her up."
, Eloquent Omission.
"That second speaker was Quit ex
traordinary." . .
"I thought his speech wa about tb
dullest 1 ever heard."
"Ills speech didn't amount to any
thing, but he failed, when he got up,
to say that tb toastmsster Introduc
tory remark reminded him of a
story." New Tork Sua.
Ho Doubt -That Retbol
Docs Heal Sick Skin
When you know physician havs
prescribed Iteslnol for 20 years In th
treatment of ecsema and other Itch
ing, burning, unsightly sklu eruptions,
and have written thousand of reports
saying: "It is my regulsr preorlpUoii
for itching." "Hcslnol ha produced
brilliant results," "The result It gar
was marvelous In one of tb worst
cases of eczema," etc., etc., doesn't It
make you feel that "this Is the trest
ment I can rely on for MT skin
trouble?" -t
The moment Reslnol Ointment
touches Itching skin, th Itching
stops nd healing begin. With tb
aid of Reslnol Soap, tt almost always
mm m mm m- ...rV raia of ACZeHia.
ringworm, pimples, or other distress
ing eruption quickly, leaving uie skid
clear and healthy. Sold by alt drug
gists. .
mm" "!"'
Daughters !
A woman' organism Is very delicate thing-It very easily
gets out of order just like a delicate piece of machinery. It
requires more than ordinary care and attention.
There ar many tlrne which poiat tod ieorder, loth nba(Whea, otierf oont
able pains ia vartou aarts of the body, IuUmmio, erouaaes,lrltableeae,
linf (tin loess, backache, loss of appetite, depreealoa, aad Bsauy o Uie re.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
has base themeane of restoring thousands of suffering women to natural health
aad strength. For more than forty veara it ha been soreeMfully carrying fvt
tais crest work. Today it I known throughout th length and breadth of ery
land. Virata every where look upon u as a helpful friend. Let it aid yoa,
SU in feeVrfree form hrJntflf, trial bam melhi
sa fee a 0 eeiu from Dr. fimrto ' UwmMiy, HoI ml N. X.
Dr. Ptee-cV PI
nt Pallat rwrulat a Ktomach. liver and BowaJ
o. -1, til - I U ,aT
m sTV . v
Smokeless Powder' Shells
The Patent Comiented Head on Wln
cheater'Leatlcr" avnd"Kcpetcr"ahella
aborbt the shock of the powder ex ploe-
, 1t-I 1, mm, m 4
v sun inncau vi hwiuh w w
X" uhv Wlnrhnster ahrlls. with their
X modern patented construction, are ao
upertor to one rrtacia sKcoratng to
the Engliah method of times long past
21 yoa want the beet ahootifl ahells
; H Knew High tnough. v
tmtanlat was baclnf
slowly along the country rod, bis
ye, aa usual, roaming irom mo w
sid for new plant to study.
Suddenly ao eager look swept across
hi features, and he leaned over the
low fence enclosing a cottage garden.
He had found a plant he did not know.
What could It her It only he had a
specimen of It to study! t j
At that moment a shock-headed lad
trolled along the road and stopped
to gaxe open-mouthed at him.
"I say," called th botanist urgent
ly, "See that plant there that pale
pink one la th cornerf Do yon know
"Ubuhl" said th country boy brief-
'''"What's It namt Do you know
what family It belong tor
The tad Jorked a grubby thumb over
hi ahoulder toward th Mtt cottage,
as he spoke mora briefly still:
Hlgglnses!" .
.""' Mean Brut! ;;-s'.'' 1
"A woman ha to giv up a great
deal after ah get married," algbed
Mrs. Oabb. " . .
"'And a man does nothing but give
up after h gets married," growled Mr,
Aa ef Old.
Tond Molhor Bobble, com her. I
have something awfully ulca to tell
'"Hobble ( ) Aw, I don't care I
know what tt Is. l)l broihert homa
from college. L ... t
Kond Mother Wbjf, Bobble, how
oould you guess. '
nobble My bank don't raltl any
more. University f Nebraska Aw
gwao, . '," -:w
HOWrto K t?aTi - mmmne rel)i
iin.d,X "tTsii. .i 9f
.! .. aj.TMl. AmtrA '"f, r""
Uaited. tiew.mei wmm en -
No Nstd to Writ.
All was confusion and bustl. Wlfey
was preparing to tak a longlsa koll
As hubby was bidding her aa (
fectlonat farewell, h said: ;
"You can expect a little letter from
me during my bsence."
How hubby's expression of Tc.
which had hitherto been on of
treme statin, doubtless at tb pros
pect of being left alone for such a
long period, took a decided change.
"But, my dear," h remonstrated!
"surely I have given you enough
money to see you through until you
come back.'
If rm ar g oln st o
ordwood. rlearlandereawa
writ (or iulleu sad Me.
lot for any rarposs,
Light I . : fA ::':
Durable 1
Welsh! ln.lod.n-fots. Wit Oaaslln ilH Horsepower,
Bi.foot tea aa be sawed a eaey ss two-foe.
Mttl Frtd I'm awfully hungry. I
didn't get half enough dinner.
Utile Buaio What did you bav for
Little Fred Why, we had company!
P. N. U.
No. Js, !
IVRPf wWieS" w seVsrtlears, slarM
" 8 hSe eaner.