The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, August 13, 1915, Image 3

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Dr. Alfred F.Sempert
Gradual ind llgf tered '
Hire Reasonable
gS"T BRANDT UI.Dfl., upUlni
flood kiwi (or Mia. i. U Mi-Clsllsn,
llfffl I ' . ' ifl
weston Meat;
L MarH 1
It Rifinrlf ntitllinrif nntv. I
Bite rostoflice. I
Good, Fresh Meats I
Fish In Season n
Cash paid for I
Pcrrv & Lundcll I
Hound H, delivered, fur Ml
Quire uf Mr. II. N. Uhsnss.
New arrival al ro
lure, rug, ohalr and bed,
Mr a. Lotil "oholl, Jr., or Bho. la
lb guest of Mr. and Mra, II. U Hod
rich. Mra. Josephln Duncan wa visiting
In W talon last
- Tha peculiar Uala of lha local tu
tar as ao4 considerable regretful
comment about Iowa of lata, sad not
tmw families art resorting lu ffvlla
for Ihelr drinking water. I'lpe and
reservoir wer cleaned out by Muper
Intendenl Wilton, but nothing of a
ausplcloue nature waa found. Tha
taint ta aarrlbed to tha oakum used
Ik caulking tha new steel pip laid In
lha crees bad thraa nillaa above town.
and will harm nobwlv, although from
noonJ-liaml lnr" ' month may lps bvfora
na arrai-t upon ine water uiasppesr.
Consumer may at least coneole tham.
selves over tha fart that for tha first
tlma In year theg now have plenty of
water for lawn Irrigation. Harvesting
outftla hava alao barn auppllad from
lha analna, lhanka to Weaton'a naw
weak from rmisy.
A remarksbl yield for thla season
nd an unusual ana for any aeason
Just arrived, a Una Una of Mgh.
rtlaKnlvMia MliiaraioiiloaaMKiil.. " . - I
f Ir..iT,l. I ,in(l,.nr I waa obtained by William ft. ferguson,
palrluk Confectioner, one of tha Kurt End'a largeat farmera.
Mra. C. H. Rmlth and llttla aon re- from a quarter Bert I on of tha reaerva
turned Bunday from her vletl with J Hon land ha la handling aouth of Alh.
relatlvaa In Ulympla, Wuh. na. Ha had III errea of thla tract In
. Maritime ran wheat tthlrh vlalita till
Walter Melton baa returned lnm!Mln, or approximately 10 buahela to
for a vacation vlalt from tha u, W, ,n- aCr. jrrom a total of Is acrea
In tha aama neighborhood ha had an
average yield of between It and ft
aarka per acre, tha remainder being
Jenklne club. Mr. Ferguaon aaya
that lha Oerman red atanda up aa
straight aa a pine pole and cute beau
tifully. K. A. Iudley planted more
than 100 acrea of It. and la alao aald
to be getting a big yield.
Oadgett farm near Mlaalon elation.
1 Mr. and Mra. Will Payna were vlalt-
Ing nundey al lha noma of Trank
Montgomery al Blue Mountain atallon.
A aon waa born Katurday evening lo
Mr. and Mra. 11. B. Klcherda al their
homo In Athena. Waaton frlenda pre
aenl congratulation.
' Motor car eervlee to all poinia. da
or night. Alao livery and feed atehV
opposite tha IJeuallen blacksmith
ahop. Ufa Mclirlde.
1 lllllv rarrell. Pendleton lightweight.
la scheduled to meet Tommy Clark, j While thla to by no
formerly of Seattle, In a It-round
bout al Athena Auguat to.
Physician and Surgeon
Offirg in iirandt bulbllnf
H-H.TON . . UHlidOM
After a month of ramping out on
Pine creek In Weelon, Mra. 1. O. thivle
and bar two eona left Wedneeday Jr
their future home at Preecott, Wash.
K. R. Zehm haa been appointed dis
tributing agent for part of Eastern
Oregon for tha relebrated "Klenso
ftoap," lately Introduced In thla local-
County Commlaalnner II. A. Water
s'. M. Dan later la getting good crop
thla year from hla Kat Kad holdings.
Although pretty badly "down." 71
acrea on lha old home place west of
town, threshed by Art Coppock, yield
ed 1 191 aacka of club and red chaff.
meana m poor
ahowlng, the same tract two year
aao produced no leea than III aacka.
He had a satisfactory yield from tha
Olnn ranch, and 10 acrea of the Mra.
Taylor place averaged about 10 buah
ela to the acre. Hla own outfit la now
threshing on the Klchmond place ad
joining town, which I yielding well.
On the reservation he had an aver
age of II buahela per acre from II
J. N. Yrk liaa house li la harvest Inj
outnt, aner a ucrerui run u li
days In hla own grain. With a 14-Inch
nxu piormr.
Nottoe la herwby given that by vir
tue of an order of the County Court of
an automobile Uvst Wednesday al Pen
dleton, died Haturdsy night of hla In
juries. After an extended vlalt with her
dauahter, Mra. T. K. Xehm, Mra. M.
n left thla week to vlalt an-
I'maillla I'tmnty. Oregon, mmla on other itsnshtsr. who resides at Wal-
June U, II4. In lite Matter of the Ke-: re, Idaho,
tale of KIUtth I'rlue oim-UtiiM I
railed Kllia 1'Hnf.) deceaaotl, I will lll Price. Hob Proudflt. Clar omlth
nil M pulillo auctlim Ui tha highest end ueorge Marbee went runing mud
tkler for eash, at SoVliwIt l. m. tin 'day lo the Umatilla river. They found
the trout to be biting wen, ana nea no
man of Hermlsion. who waa etruck by :p.r.,or mni , lt.tmi header he I WMtHcailaM al Pan.) ....
Haiuniay, the llih lay uf HiieitilNr,
ivia, at tug front diwr of the t'uunty
I'ourt House In aald County, In I lie
VUf of 1'entlletoa therein, all of Hie
real property lielongltig to aaid eslale?
.UeeertlMMi aa lx numlwrrj II ana 13
difficulty In filling their baekeu.
Harry Bhlck. aeparator lender with
John Hanlstrra outfit, became en
taneled Maturday with a set screw
In Work numuerrj S In the Town oliand lust all of hla clothing. At that
Meaum, all In (lie Cliy of tVenton In
al4 County ami State, ami all of the
right, title ami Interest which I. a
Administrator of that rut ate, ran sell,
lha aale to he mule subject to cuntl mi
nt Ion hr saltl Count v Court.
Dated August II, lI V
K. (. DrtVhmg,
Atlmlnlstrautr of the rtte f
l'.IUabetti t'rine (soinetimes called
KIU I't lnc,) dvceet).
he had a bit the beet of "Heptember
Morn," aa hla auapenders were left
Prom hla home place northwest of
town Allt-k Johnson harvested 1M7
sarka from lit acres. The name
ground haa yielded 1104 aacka. which
Indicates the degree to which Mr.
jnhnson'a crop waa damaged by thl
year bum.
Your time can not be employed to better Hirpnee than by taking advanUg
f Divte-KaMr'g GREAT AUGUST SALE. You can malt worth-while aav-
tngfl by buying now at Retl Tag Price the thing you wouUi have to buy very
won anyway. You can make a double saving by buying now, for you not only
Mr the big Sale reduction now in effect, but you also the atlvance in
price on many thing wh ch must become effective very aoon. Speller ha gone
from 6 to SO con I a a pouiul; copper haa doubled; aluminum la much hlghvr
ant wool and diea and many olhor item also. The result I that gooda made
of the thing are advanrklg right along. Manufacturer have advanced
tricea of galvanised tub over f&OO tr ck4tn and further advance are pre-fJkUd-snd
ao it goes. There la every indication that it will be kmg time be
fore we can attain maintain the low level of price of the past few month. So
w gay, buy now and save. A bushel of wheat never bought to much aa right
how, and may never again. -
If you do not know the caving poitTt( of a DAVIS-KASER SALE, by
e)ll meana investigated Come in and read the Red Tag-they tell the story.
You'll (Ind that Red Tag Price will avo you from $15.00 to 50.00 from our
own kw trice on every f 100.00 worth you buy, and proortionatly on emaller
Iwrehaata. You owe it to yourself to grap thi opportunity to ave. Qver
60,000 item bear the Red reduced price Taga. You cannot fully appreciate the
importance of thi aale until you e for youreelf-ao come.
Complote Furnisher of Home. Odleo, Churches, School
10-80 Alder St. - (Odd Fellow Temple) - WALLA WALLA, WASH.
7k l L
"3 ' i
- JoiOAt Mali,' . jL-
With new bttlMles. better tilpuiHt, e
InrsM srnMn.U. alol manr atilltluHS It
raeultr.the t nUer-lljof Oreeos will becln II
Inrtleth r. Tweaitaji, NenteHtber I.
Hoerlnl trainlHe foemwn Jorntl.
Arrllteetnr,lJtr, MnlMne.Tearhlne, I4lir
rr tVork, M !. PhMlrel Trelnlee ml H
Aria. lrsawUtrilie.riMeMlif l.lber
sl K.luratU,n
l.lhrmrr of more than 5B.0OO vntnmea, tlilr
Iihih bnlhllne fullr etulieil, two slemllil
Twit Inn free. Dormitories fur men anil Ar
women. Ksiwmses fcoweat.
Write for free eatnlos,aillreaalna Keslstrar
Shoes I
Come in and see that fine line
of McElwain & Barton; Shoes,
i offered at the lowest prices pos-
sible. Also inspect our McKib-T
bon Hats for Men. Yn t$
T .......
covered considerable territory, 4
acres being hla beat day' run. Mr.
York cropped 1709 aacka or No. I
wheat from III acre on the east aide
of Dry creek. I Backs from II acres
on hla home place, and Z7 sack
from-1 SI acrea on tha Bob Killgors
place. He alao had tt buahela to the
acre from tt acre of aprlng-eown
barley. While he haa had a better
average la other year, he la by no
meana dissatisfied with hla Ifli har
Thomas raider, a brother of Jack
C'alder or thla city, waa drowned
few daya ago while bathing In the El
bow river near t'alirarv. He
member or the itlh I'anadlan Volun
teer infantry, enlisted for service In
Europe, and waa given a military
funeral. . More than 199 people are
aald lo have attended. Including one
battalion of troops, numbering 0 of
the dead soldier's comrades. Mr. Cat
der waa a native of Scotland, II years
' A grain fir on the reservation
Monday morning destroyed about Iti
acrea belonging to H. P. Klrkpatrlck
and 10 acrea belonging to George Per-
Inger. An autoomblle which had been
driven rapidly for extra for the Klrk
patrlck combine and became very
warm, waa left standing In the field
and caused the fire. It waa alao de
stroyed, but the combine waa aaved.
Both larmera carried Insurance on
their wheat
The Kpworth Lea rue will be ad
dressed next Sunday at T.I8 p. m. at
the Methodist church by Mr. Mct'al
land, who will apeak of hla missionary
work among the Mormons. There
will be preaching morning and eve
ning by the pastor. Ite v. N. D. Wood,
who haa returned from hla trip to
Itedmond, Oregon. The usual union
aervlcee will be held In the evening.
Ilenjamln Franklin DuPula, wdio
came lo town the other day to gain a
few metropolitan Impressions, la
rather Inclined to congratulate him-
self that he possesses a homestead In
the Oregon hills. From 100 acre of
the "light land" near Vanaycle he had
15 bushel to the acre of good wheat.
But for the burn hi place would have
averaged ten buahela more.
Mr. Stanley Zealand of Albany,
Oregon, and Mis Iva A. Nolte. daugh
ter of Lou I Nolte of Weston, were
united In marriage Saturday at Pen
dleton, where the bride haa been em
ployed la the restaurant annex ot the
Golden Rule hotel. After a brief visit
with relatlvea of the bride In Weston.
Mr. and Mra. Neeland left for Albany
lo make their home.
The following motor car party was
In Weston Sunday while on a trip
through the East Endj Mra. Jan
Hartman, Mra. M, J. Marsh. Mra Llna
It. Sturgla, Mia Naaon (county li
brarian) and County Judge C H.
Marsh of Pendleton; Mra. 8, P. Purdy
and Mtaa Jessie Purdy of Medford,
Fir broke out in a slashing at the
Dr. Kern place on Weatoa mountain
last week and raged for 14 hours.
About 100 corda of wood waa endan
gered for a time, but the fire waa
finally subdued by Oeorge Ferguson,
who conducts the Kern place, and
neighbor whom he eummoned to hla
aid. : ; , -. j
F. Q. Luck returned Tuesday from
across the mountains, having taken
Albert Jamea and family to Wallowa j
county In hla Maxwell. He reports a
pleasant and successful trip, and fine
fishing In the Wallowa river. Mr.
Jamea and family are now with the O,
C. Turners near Enterprise.
Mr. and Mra." Will it'hodea andMr.
and Mra. Dirk Bush motored from
McKay Sunday to Weaton, and were
gueata of Mr. and Mra. Joe Ueuallen.
J. A. King went out of town recent
ly with a Caae aeparator tor use In
hla grain fields. ,
Mr. Charles Wlek of Lone Rock,
Oregon, waa a visitor during the week
of Grandma Llnuallen. Mrs. Wtcka I
an Oregon pioneer, and lived at Wea
ton during the Indian war excitement
ot 1871. .
Raymond McGrew ckma up from
Portland thla week to feast his eye
for a few day upon some real good
country and to enjoy a season ot bu
collo activity at the McOrew ranch.
Charles English, the aon of Ken
Rnglish, formerly of Weston, died a
few daya ago at hi home In Auburn,
Wash., after a lingering illness. , He
wa ta year old.
Mr. Lillian Frederick returned
Tuesdsy from Visit if 1'ortlsad aad
th besrh, (
A fin line of It" Ktatlonery at
Klrkpatrluk' Confeoihwerjr got Of at
half uric. j , . .
Watta k Hoger Mill hare f rain
eck for local people at on cent be
low market.
Mra Alice KlrkiMiUIek was U Alke.
aa Tuesday, visiting her niece, Mra,
It. A. Thompson. ,
Mr. and Mra William Walling of
McMlnnvllle are gueata of Mr, and
Mra. Porter Orahsm, Jr. -
Mr. Will fl athe Mine down from
the mountain tlila week for a ll
with her mother, Mr. Kate lleath.
Ili-al assortment of pipes In town at!
Klrkpatrlck a t oulocllutiery. Also a
complete stuck uf closes and tobacco.
A mountain dance will be given at
( snip t old Mprlng tonunrjw evening,
with music by t Danes itevn or
C'isrenc illschoff returned to Walla
Walia Tueml.y. after visiting Ills
father, I. UIslIioIT, aod sister, Mr. J.
Mr. and Mr. M. I. Norltean have
become reelilenla of Normal Height
In a cottage iHirebaeed by them of
Mr. Cora Tucker.
Mr. and Mr. O.- H. Fontaine and
Mr. Craig DH.kell of Dayton, Wash.,
b ive been visiting at the borne uf Mr.
ami Mra. . K. Drlskell.
Mr, r. L. McNelT of Con ley. Ore-
roo. baa been Hie gueat uf Mrs. Harry
Warren while on tier way to rreaootu
Wash., to join Mr. lc.-e!T.
Mlae Daley Waddlnghara of Weston,
waa among the aevea L'malllla coun
ty teachers receiving life certificates
a result of the last June examina
Lot LlvertDore, Fendloton' first
mayor and on of It earliest postmas
ter, haa just celebrated his WHh birth
day anniversary. Ueerosend the plain
In IBoU. . . ,
Mlae Virginia Funk if Walla Walla
I visiting her grandmother. Mr. I. B.
Baling. Mia funk motored to Wea
ton with her cousin, th Misses Baling
of Pendleton. '
Counties yellow jacket are causing
much trouble for camper in the Blue
mountain, according to Martin Unser
uf the Forestry office, who baa just
returned to Walla Walla from the
Wrnaba reserve.
Two young burglar were caught
loot In if the house of J. li. Mot wk,
I'emlleton bank cashier, and euiifoserd
to lb police that they and two other
boy bad been systematically robbing
North Hide residences. 'Much plunder
which they bad cached away ha been
recovered. t
During the past week Wait ft Rog
er delivered to U. W. Queenerlo be
half of Mm. Heaaodt of Milton a fine
Internal Unia! Titan gas and uil en
gine, 12 li. p. portable, and the same
tirtn delivered to Llnua Anderson and
liobert lilonigreo a thresher operated
by ga engioe on the au truck.
During the past wet-k S. A. Baroe
has purchased about 2i.0U) bushel of
wneat at a range of price between bXI
and Wo cent. Thi constitute tlie sum
total uf local transaction, a the ma
J trity of farmers are, wall Ing lo sea
ahlcn way the "eline will project
Itwlf. Vestertlay the local wiieat tuat
ket closed at U3 cents. Barley I siruog
at vii per ton.
While driving hi Mats car on the
Allieua-W eatoo roatl last Wednesday,
Worth Watts reached uut casually to
leel of tlie sprocket chain to aee if it
needed oiling. Hi band came in con
tact with the sprocket wheel and he
lost tlie enda of three Soger. Jimmy
Head, who waa with . him, drove the
car lo town, and the wounded vountf
ler reported at the tiome of hi pa
rents, Dr. and Mr. V. D. naiu. Dr.
at', assisted by Dr. Smith, trimmed
ami dressed the tuangled digits, and a
odder but wiser boy will drive that
nifty llttla car In future..
A car containing Llxsle Rothrock. a
half-breed woman of Pendleton, and
Orvllle Jackson of Echo, plunged It
feet Into the Byer mill race Monday
night and turned completely over,
alighting In the water with wheels
upward. Jackson, who waa driving,
mistook the outline ot th headgate
tor a wagon bridge. , The escape of
both occupanta of the car from death
I considered miraculous. The woman
la In the hospital with Injuria that
at not thought to be serious, and
Jackson escaped with ' a tew t alight
bruise. t " . ''' '
On of the friends Up thl way who
especially rejoiced with- Karl Qulott
of Pendleton In the restoration of his
vlalon la Logan Oalbratth, who has
been wholly blind for five years. Mr.
Qalbraith I led to hope that In the
course of time a similar blessing may
come to him. Hi misfortune wa
due to rheumatism affecting the optic
nerve. Just now he Is" doubly unfor
tunate, having been crippled about
eight weeka ago by a horse stepping
upon hla right foot An old Injury
waa thua aggravated, causing Intense
pain. Amputation of part ot the foot
may become necessary. ' I
The International Sterling thresh-'
Ing outfit taken into the foothills thla
week by Robert Blomgren and Linus
Anderson la reported to be doing ad
mirable work. The outfit la easy' to
transport and to handle, and ta
thought to be especially well adapted
to threshing bound grain in the
mountain and foothill. A six-horse
power gasoline engine drive the
separator, with which it la directly
connected on the same truck, and the
outfit will easily handle too sacks
dally or better. Watta A Rogers ex
pect to place a number of order for
this Sterling combination next year.
Milton Eagle: There la now in op
eration at Blue Mountain aiding on
the O.-W. R. N. between Milton
Freewater and Weaton, the first pri
vate grain elevator to be built In this
end of the county, owned and operated
by Grant and Will Steen. It has four
bins In the main structure with a ca
pacity of (000 bushels' of wheat each,
and a fifth bin with a capacity of
about 4000 bushel, besides two dump
ing bins under the platform that will
hold 1500 buahela or more. Motive
power for the conveyor la furnished
by a 7-horae power Economy hopper
cooled gasoline engine. It take less
than one minute to dump a load of
wheat Into the bins.
. I
- BLOMGREN & ANDERSON with that little three-man Gas Thresher
shelling out barley better than a sack per minute. It will make you feel as
though you are an heir to wealth.
We still have CALCUTTA GRAIN BAGS for local people at one cent bo
low the market f"
We have WAGONS galore Weber, Winona and John Deere.
How about your COAL ? We are now receiving what we think are the
best coals of Utah and Wyoming. Come and see or place an order for de
livery to your home.' ' V
WOOD on hand, sawed or unsa wed.
Wafcfes Rogers
Ait SU(t fckeiol
A. K. Going West.' P. M.
Lv Weston I.0 Lv Weaton
Athena I:1S " Athena 1:11
Adam l:tt " Adam l:St
A. M. . GotB East, P. M.
Lv Pendleton !: Lv Pendleton 4:M
Adam !: Adams
Athena 11:1 " Athena
, Fares.
Weaton to Athena. tSc: Weston to
Adams, tec; Athene to Adams, lie;
Weston to Pendleton, $1.00: Athena to
Pendleton, 7tc; Adams to Pendleton.
Round trips. It mad In same day:
Weston and Pendleton. 11.50; Athena
and Pendleton, f 1.Z5.
Headquarters: Weaton, at City Drug
Store: Athens, St. Nichols Hotel;
Adams, Inland Mercantile Store; Pen
dleton, French Restaurant.
fw iwm W Try: mm J WW rrwav I!1 J J iijtfr'r' ftnpmewt' p,M ep m i fe-saw
1 v ' i
and cake
10 OtB.
the diah at the
Weston Bakery
Fresh Bread, Cake and Pastry.
Fine Candies. Good Meals at All
Hours, 26c. We specialize in
Lodge and Party Suppers.
ZEHM the Baker
Dupuia Building, Main and Water
Shoes and Harness
repaired next door.
Cedar Fence Posts
tarred or un tarred, at right prices
Large supply of
Lehigh Portland Cement
Kemmerer Lump Coal
Dry Wood, sawed or 4-foot
L.-pw,,. , ..rieejeeir--v.. wissyW-ejB
New Groceries
New Notions
New Canvas Cloves
For Men and Women
New Summer Underwear
: AT ' -
Tlsjttpj Stsre
When the New-Comer Arrives
Practices In all State anij Federal
Carnerlo, Kas. Following strictly
the scriptural Injunction, Roy Harris,
SO, amputated hla right hand at the
wrist, claiming It was a devil. The
operation waa performed in a pasture
at midnight. '
Livestock Auctioneer
Will cry Frm Sale in Uma
tilla County.
Phono 1457. Res. 1007 W.
, Main street
W4LU Willi
Welcome it with this delightfully
attractive and comfortable crib.
j BeBoss F
It will Pasr Yom
If you need anything in Drugs and
Medicines, be careful where you buy.
Selecting a drug store is very import
ant in many ways. Ability, carefulness
and promptness are necessary. All
this you get with your ; purchase at
Goodwin's Drug Store
Weston, Oregon
lctjl--r- ,!..-... . i.