The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, July 30, 1915, Image 1

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Brief Resume of General News
Frcni All Arciind the Earth.
Uve Ncwj Items of All Nations and
Picific Northwest Condensed
(or Our Busy Readers.
Eight miner are killed In a mine
iploalon at Christopher, III.
lUporU My that th Russian have
materially checked the advance tf the
German on Wrw.
Flatting amacka are earloualy hin
dered. In Lba war son baeauaa of tfc
Carman eubmarln warfare.
. Japan wlralaaa tatlon succeed In
eommunicat nr with th atatlon lo
iiawall, dlsune of 83H0 miles.
French Uka Important poaitlon on
top of high mountain In tha Alaaca
district alter fierce bombardment.
Cabla dispatche from Earl In to
Washington aUU that Germany will
amend reply to UUet American nolo.
Tha French submarine Marietta waa
destroyed by a Carman aubmarlna on
' July 26 In tba narrowa of tba Darda
Mllaa, according to dispatch from
" Conatantlnojila.
About doaon bomba were dropped
In Verona, Italy, by an Auatrlan aero,
plana. There war no victim of tha
Ir attack and tha damage dona to
property waa Inetgnlflcant.
. Evidence offered before tha coroner's
jry In tba esse of tba overturning of
U Kcurlon etearner In Chicago river,
howl tba boat waa overloaded, and
tba water ballaat pumped out to keep
' tha veaeal from ecraplng tha bottom.
Official of tha Nary and Army da
partmanta have begun a aerie of eon.
fereneee which will haa to do with
the betterment of National defense.
Pindlnga of tba conf eraneaa will ba
presented to rreeMenl Wilson.
Tba temperature roee to 90 dagraaa
In tha shade at Seward, Alaaka, and It
waa 108 at Kenal Lake. Tbero bava
bean only four rainy dare In two
months. Several Area are burning In
tba Sugab foraat eeat of Anchorage.
Tba governor general of tba French
Congo, wblcb adjoins tba German col
ony of Kamerun, telegraphs that, after
a series of combats at Honeo nceam
and Aaaaobam. a French column occu
pied tha Important Carman poet of
Lomla, June .
Charging that aha bad bean da
freuded of 910,000 In a stock deal, and
that aha had been beaten and injured
and falsely arrested whan aha triad to
get her money back, Mrs, Bertha M.
Leland, a former realaurant cashier,
Alas suit aggregating $100,000 against
Frank Rockefeller, brother of the "oil
king.". - , : .
Efforts to teach English to Chinese
crew on Pacific Mail Steamship com
pany vessel at San Francisco have
failed. Tba experiment waa made In
tha nope of complying with require
menta of the seaman's act, affective In
November, which will require that 75
per cent of crews In all department
hall understand any order given by
their offlcera In tha native language of
the officers. ... . . .
Three persona were killed when a
roller coaster on tba "Rough Rider,"
an amusement enterprise at Cdhey
Island, New York, Jumped the track
Wednesday while traveling at high
speed. Mrs. Clarence Moles, of
" Spring Valley, N. Y and her 7-year-old
son Edward, who were passengers,
eecaped Injury. Thrown clear of the
car, aha clung to tha track, holding the
boy on one arm until rescued by police
men, ..
A Norwegian naturalist loat both his
hands In the Arctic region by frees I ng.
Many straying Britons are returning
from all parte of the earth to aid their
country.' n.
Ruaalana are reported to have burned
tba eity of Wlndau before leaving it to
tha oncoming German forces.
Charles Jameson, one of the two ul
timate heirs to the great Arbuckle
estate of f SO, 000, 000, la dead. .
French hospitals and German pris
oner In Siberia have asked the Amer
ican Red Croaa society for help.
Those well Informed claim that Ger
many has supplies to laat several years
and a good crop la being harvested.
Two months ia reported as tha aver
age Ufa of a horse after he goes Into
active service In the European war.
The Carrania commander confirms
report that his aoldlera executed be
tween CO and 60 Villa aoldlera for loot
ing at Cananea. i
For the first time since the begin
ning of tha war, a whole week has
paaaed without tha loaa of a British
vessel of any kind.
Washington baa a report that Gen
oral Carranaa has given notice that he
will sever all diplomatic relatione with
ioreign nations who do not maintain
ministers to hla government at Vara
Crus. This will not, however, affect
his relation with the United Statee.
mm wMf noAis am
Waahlnirtnn- T) C. Dutmetlon (tf
the American ahlp Leelanaw by a Ger
man submarine orew anarpiy to me
attention of officiate of the United
Htataa rnvarnmant the fact that Gar-
many was Insisting on bar own Inter
pretation or Uie nrueeian-American
treaty of 1828 In disregard of two
Amrli-n note- en tha sub led. ,
Tha Leelanaw. from Archangel,
Jul I. for lialfut. with a earn
flea, waa sunk July Zt by a German
ubmerlna off tha northwest coast of
All the member of tha crew were
caved. They were Uken Into Kirk
wall In thalr narn hoata.
In three Instances of American eh Ids
destroyed or oamagea we uuimgoi.
tha Nebraskan and the William
Fry Germany baa agreed to pay
damage. In the laat ease the Berlin
vovarnment took the DOSltlon that
had not violated tba treaty of 1828,
but had axarcfeed a liven her by
inference from uie languag in toe
pact. OtTiciala of tha Washington gov
ernment were apprised ol toe oee mic
tion of tha Leelanaw, but beyond edd-ine-
another Incident to tha already
trained relations between the two
mnrmMti. there waa no Indication
that the caae would lead to a new turn
In Ha Hiuml altuatlnn.
ffca f the! the mem hers of tha
crew were saved caused a relief In offi
cial elrclaa. but there were many evi
dence of amwehenaiona that If Gar-
many continues to promise payment,
at daatmva mora American ah I Da. a
hm aliuatlan mla-ht ba created which
would require further warning to the
Berlin government.
Tha far that the Laalanaw carried
a unt nf li danlarad irmLrahand bv
Germany on April 18, doe not alter the
view of tha United BlalaS government
Ikai tha Mnlrahaml mle-ht have been
removed and the vessel spared. Under
tha general rutea or international iaw,
tha destruction of a neutral veeaal
mln. mint r. hand area Rot admitted
until the famous "night commander"
raae in the Kueeo-Jspanoee war.
Definite SfJ ia Kexkss Affairs
Prenusd Sees by ftp CffiCEis
Washington. D. C A definite step
toward settling tb Mexican problem
will be Uken by the United Statee
government In the near future. Au
thoritative announcement to tbl effect
waa made at the Stat department, al
though th nature of the contemplated
action waa not disclosed. President
Wllaon Is understood to be revolving
eeveral surras ted course In his mind.
Hla decision probably will not Become
known before hla return to Washing
ton from Cornish. N. H.
Mr. Wilson ia known to bava been
reviewing the situation for soma time.
the warring Mexican faction having
failed to heed hi suggestion of two
month ago that they accommodate
their difference and restore peace in
the distressed country. Apparently ba
ba determined that th other meaa-
urea which the Washington govern
ment announced it must take If the
battle of th faction continued must
now be resorted to.
Tha President' most probable
course, it ia reported, would be to urge
General Carranaa for the laat time to
confer with other faction leader In an
effort to bring about peace. Should
Carranaa again refuse thia plan. It is
said efforts will ba made to assemble
other Mexican leader who will repre
aent a majority of tba Mexican people.
Such a conference, it was suggested,
might be held In Northern Mexico, if
it ia possible to free it from military
interference. If not, It might be held
across the border in the United State.
The conference would arrange for a
constitutional convention which would
plan for an election and eatabliahraent
of a government.
British Take M City.
London Official dlapatchea concern
ing th operations along tha Euphrates
river In Asiatic Turkey announce that
tha British forces, after rushing and
capturing tha Turkish advance and
main entrenched poaitlona, occupied
tha town of Naalriyeh on the morlning
of July 28. :v
A British gunboat abetled th city
on th previous night, and the Turk,
disorganised, retreated northward.
The British, during their advance,
captured 11 gun and two machine
guna. Several hundred prlaonera were
Uken and 600 dead Turk war found
In the main position. .
' Mailman Bicycle To Go.
Washington, D. C Us of bicycles
or motocytcle in the rural delivery
service la prohibited by an order just
issued by Postman ter General Burleson
affective January 1, 1916.
In announcing hla order, Mr. tsurle-
aon bolda that vehicle of these type
do not have the carrying capacity
needed for the parcel post service and
do not afford necessary protection for
the maila in bad weather. The order
will affect about 8000 carrier who
now use bicycle or motorcycle to
cover their route.
Vienna Press Doubts U. S.
Vienna, via London The Neue Freie
Presse axpreaaea itself as unable to
understand why tha United States re
fuged Germany's proposal for protect
ing the live of American citlsena at
sea. and although seeking the sanctity
of American passengers, declined the
practical means offered for securing
this end.
"It la a question, tha paper aays,
whether the eame atiff-neckedneaa
would b observed againat England."
U. S. Has Free Employment Bureau.
Tb United SUU government here
by notifies faarmera, ranchmen, stock
man, fruit growers, bop raisers and all
other employer that through th Em
ployment Branch of th Department of
Labor It la prepared to furnish free of
charge workers In any number, mala
or female, (killed or nnaklllad, native
horn or foreigners. Enallsh-epeakinf
or those of alien tongue.
- Tb government employment aerv
lea la a national affair, with branches
la ovary large eity of the United
SUte. Through an Interehang of
information between tbeee numerous
office, all tha tarloua districts or
tone are kept advised of labor conai
tiona throughout the country. If op-
portunitlaa for work can not b filled
by the district In which they originate,
they are referred to other branches for
A large number of men and women
have registered for work at the Port
land branch. From thia number It
abould not be difficult to secure help of
any particular kind. Many of Uoae
lu hawa fnnnd amnlovmant through
th government' service ar English-
speaking alien woo nave naa uorougn
agricultural training and experience in
their native lands. Their thrift and
steadiness, together with their knowl
aitra nt I nt naive cultivation, makee
them valuable aa farm hand In thia
country, -1
The government I particularly well
fitted to supply seasonal labor, such as
berry and apple picking and packing,
knn nUklne' eraln harvaatlrur and
other tasks that require the concentra
tion of a large number of hand for a
short but busy season.
Thia waa damonatrated in th Hood
River valley during th recent atraw
berry harvest, for which tfc govem-
numt amnlnvment branch aurjolied the
majority of pickers, aa Inspector being
deUlled to Hood River to personally
supervise the distribution of worker.
Arrangement have already been made
to register hop picker for uta ap
proaching harvest, and applications
are now being received from the grow
ers for parties of pickers to be sup
plied at the opening of the season.
Amw mtmuta. nv aa-ant nf tha de
partment of Agriculture ia authorised
to receive application for help from
employers or request for work from
those desiring same. Or, batter at ill,
euch applleantiou may be aent direct
to th Employment Branch, Depart
ment of Labor, 424 Railway Exchange
Building, Portland, Oregon, by which
office they will be promptly acknowl
edged. . . : ,
,- Delay of Line Arouses.
Wh.arhaa-plnai at the attitude
of a few RoSeburg citlsens who, by le
gal procedure, are attempting to block
the progree of Roaeburg' proposed
railroad and aawmilL aeveral hundred
i.ranti nf tha eitv aaaembeld On the
buaineaa street of the city her re
cently, where they neia an inuignuion
meeting. ,
Among too speaxers were v. n.
Porter, representative, and Charlee
uKrljR. aru Roth eald that
thaeppposition to th bonds represents
less man o per eeni to. vu
f . tha eltv. and that the
bonds were originally authorixed by a
vote of more loan s to i.
flu maj.lntf araa ana nf tha moat
enthusiastic ever bald In Roaeburg and
more than three-fourths of the tax
payer of the city wera represented. .
T". nM. fA ,K hnfwllna1 nf tha
city were invited to speak, but none
. n . . i t- J
accepted, loe Kosaourg juvenile nuu
furnished music -
Accidents Many in Week.
Raiam Tha SUU Industrial Acci
dent commission announced that 19?
accldenU for the week ending July 22
war reported to the department Two
ware fatal. Steve Dencheff. a loeirer
of North Bend, waa drowned, and Wal
ter H. Howell, a logger of Th Daiiee,
was killed by being caught in a bait,
nr tha accldenU reDorted. 93 of
those Injured were subject to the work-
men a compenaation act, oft were em
ployee of public utility corporationa;
II antra amnlavaa of firms and COrpora-
ttana havino- reiacted tha act. and aix
were employee of companies not em
ploying persona in nasardou occupa
tions, . s . ' - -;-.. k. i v-''
Forest Fires Have Begun.
T Rraiu'aFnMat Area In tha tim
ber belU of thia and Wallowa countiea
and grass fires in La Grande Indicate
that ths month of August will be a
busy one for the fire department and
for the force combatting forest Are.
T- ,k. kill. mA tlmHa halta about La
U Mill Bl't. -
Grand th Union-Wallowa Countiea
association guards and looxouis are
kant at amrlc with flames bV
which, fortunately, have to date been
in slaabings principally, me oiggeev
r AimimimrmA he tha InolcOUta OO
Mount Emily waa near Elgin, on In
dian creek, near the Wisdom mill
: Sheriff Is Not Shocked.
Roaabure- Actirur upon the ccm-
olaint of RoMburg' woman juvenile
officer that many of the bathing uiU
worn by women In the umpqua river
were too abbreviated, Sheriff George
Quine recently inspected the public
rimming resort near una city.
u;k.n ka MtiiOTMut ha waa ao nleaaed
with what he aaw that he purchased a
bathing ault for his little daughter,
i. vi. nin.i.i MMirt ia tha district at
torney be said the bahera were garbed
much the same aa uoee at me m
fashionable seaside resorts.
All Convicts at Work.
Salem For tb first time In several
year all UU convirU but four or
flv physically IncapaclUUd becaua
of age, were put to work Wednesday
by Harry P. Mlnto, auperlnUndent.
The population of the priaon la 820,
the largest In it history, and sine tb
contract sysUm was abolished It ha
been a problem to provide employment
for th prisoners.
More than 200 men ar employed
pulling flax, and tb outer ar at work
building a eonereU floor in the flax
factory end at tba priaon rock quarry.
Tba aix gangs onUide th peniten
tiary enclosure were guarded, and Mr.
Mlnto aaid there waa little danger of
any of th men eecsping.,
"Our men are doing good work,"
aaid tb superintendent, "and they ap
parently enjoy working away from the
prison. It will Uke about ten days
mora to complete pulling the flax,
when employment will be provided in
the priaon preparing the flax for mar
ket." Ut. Mlnto and John C Cedy, sUU
flax expert, ar euperinUoding the
harvesting of tb flax, which ia ex
pected to yield the sUU a revenue at
least cool mensural with th cost of
production. Tb plan of growing flax
to provide employment for th con
victs waa originated by Governor
Withveombe. the recent legialature
making an appropriation to inaugurate
tba induatry. -
New Work Is Indicated.
A.rla That tha Duboia Lumber
company ia preparing to log a portion
of IU timber nouunga soon ia iuicun
by a mortgage given by n w n. o.
Powell, trustee, of Clearfield, Pa., and
filed for record .here. Tba mortgage
pledgee 21,089.85. acre of timber land
In ClaUop county and 8980.0? acres in
Tillamook aa security for $1,000,000
In 6 per cent 25-year bonds.
The mortgage provide that ths com
pany shall havs the right to begin cut
ting timber any time after July 1 thia
year, and th company ia to pay the
trustee $1.60 a thousand for the tim
ber cut up to 85,000,000 feet, snd $1
a thntiaand ahnva that amount. No
mention ia mad as to what the money
borrowed is to be osea ior, rnian
understood tha amount is to be ex
pended In constructing railroad and
operating logging camp.
Brighton Mill Runs Full.
Brighton Th big mill at Brighton
running full tim and withaeom
pleU crew of men. Logging opera
tions along the Nehalem river have
been active in aeveral of the entailer
camps In preparation for the resump-1
tion of work here snd several hundred
thousand feet of loga have been cut.
Manager Thomas Watt haa been to San
Francisco to interest shipowners to
i.i,. -aira nf lumber from Brighton
and feels that hie hope of water trans
portation for the prodoct or ine.miu
soon wiU be realized.
The work on the south jetty at the
Nehalem river wiU be completed with-
mmmAm anI tha eratar conditions
1U V.1W
ar most favorable. In apito of the
absence of freshets during ine spring,
kii.. nanailw mw the bar to a eon-
alderable depth, the channel thia year
ia deep enougn to aiiow
freight carriers to cross. :
Coast Road Is Inspected.
Newport A party consisting of
flanrsa H PV-il district forCSUr Of
th Northwest ; Shirley Buck. Mrs.
Buck and B. J. r lnch, all oi rorwano,
made the first auto trip around Cspe
Perpetua on a road constructed jointly
by Lincoln and Lane counties and the
Forestry service. ; ;
u. rwil'a trin waa to inspect the
road,' and he found tha work done sat
isfactorily. Lane county naa nc yet
completed IU share of the road, from
Waldport. Alsea Bay, to Florence, on
the Siuslaw. ;
When thia road ia completed there
will be an auto etage through country
noted for iU grandeur and hunting and
fishing resource, and also will connect
the Columbia river with San Frenicaco
Bay by a coast road.
Polk Oila Roada 60 Miles.
Monmouth Fifty miles of Polk
county highway have been oiled the
past few days, according to J. W.
Finn, county roadmasUr. Approxi
mately 80,000 gallons were used, the
entire work costing $2600. ThoCoun-
- .-m,- jwimmiirrial cluba. tOWnfl and
subscription have furnished the sup
port necessary, avery roaa in rut
: . i. tnr tmirist travel, and
rouuvj - -
more cars have passed through here
this season than at any previous um
For flv yeare gravel haa been placed
on the roads in the winter months.
100 st Sesvey Fsmlly Reunion.
ss,.n. Mam than 100 members of
the Seavey family, one of the oldest
famillea in Lane county, Baentuiou
the summer home of J. W. Seavey. on
the McKenxie, Wednesday, for a fam
ily reunion. For the past four years
it baa been the custom of this family
to hold an annual reunion. The cele
bration began with a picnic dinner
served on the lawn under the big
cedars. -
Grants Paa Plana Pool.
Grants Psbs A public maaa meet
i KaiH rMntiv at the Commer
cial Club rooms to decide upon the
plana for the new municipal bath
house. The bath house ia to be erected
in Riverside Park on Bogua Kiver.
i t
- - , -ii ........i.i
y Profcaaor Plpln's Columbia university expedition to aid Serbia, known aa the Committee of Mercy, photo
rrapbed on the steamer Themlatoclee a it sailed from New York. At tha rlht la Prot Elbridge Colby of Columbia.
acUve bead of th committee; below are Dr. George Baehr, Dr. Peter OblUky and Dr. Henry Polta, who weal with
Jie expedition. , . ; ' '.
H- - '' , " -.- " """""
W"(: -, ' fvv .. ' ", i . y - . j .
r. If
' r,t ft
It -
J VV"-
Within th next few montfi agncuuurai lanu w e-. .--- "","
.a... t m .. Dnfta lwj-f ar tlut nmifwr In NOW M ft 1 1 CO
added to the wealth of tne nation urouga we openun vi t-"-" " , V. "
in the valley of the Rio Grande river. The United SUtea reclamation service is now putting the finishing touches
. ,.' ... .... jt i. .i, t ka miisa north nf the Mexican boundary line, and when
in one Ot tne wonu a areaieafc uama w ww. - - - .
the water fills up behind this great wall of masonry a lake 45 miles long will be formed, covering 40.000 acres of
"and. and with thia water reclaiming 180.000 acre ot what la now aa arid desert The completed daiB will b 1$
feet tblcK on top, zia iee mica at un
A feature ot thia new Italian field
so aa to afford wide range ot fire.
L I HH 111 HI II 1 I M 1 ir.l"1 T- I I-1-" I 1 aMIMW U-ffJIWM
vv, j ....... , , .. , J
Miss Ada Pearce ot Manhattan. Kan, the only woman mall carrier la the
United States, la here aeea delivering mail to a farmer. Her rout is IS
Bile long and h cover it each dr.
-l,)aliitm.. -"'
.--- s .. a
ltoS."- rC
gun Is th base, which can be moved
'' Z
Mawi-h nf fVtaa tm Q iTsat tttkt TsV III sl
Miss Florence Caasssa, selected to
poae for the figure ot Electr in th
design that Is to be the keynote ot th
nation-wide campaign preceding the
celebration of Electrical Prosperity
week. November 29 to December 4.
More than 100,000,000 copies of tha
design, on posters and placards, will
be distributed all over th land.
Llvea After Heart Stopped.
H. O. Harris lived 20 minutes and
retained consciousness after his heart
had atopped beating. Harris, a fruit
merchant of Los Angeles, ws strick
en In his shop snd was rushed to the
receiving hospital, where Dr. A
W. Hlller said he wss dead.
Then Harris opened his eyes and
began to talk. For 20 minutes he
spoke at intervals. He waa able to
tell hla name and address and de
scribe his sensations.
During this time his heart did not
beat perceptibly and powerful heart
stimulants failed to bring any re
Not all Kinds,
"Don't you think, after all. war t
som ethftig of a toti'cV
Tr !:.; It. mf b. If I?' Tea
tonlo.' -SalUiuor AscsrtfiAa.
If """" " i
' '