Weston weekly leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 1878-189?, October 02, 1885, Image 3

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n W
Ol It ACfc.VTS.
The following are the authorize! agents of the
LrjtiK in their respective localities:
Pendleton G VT Walker.
Ileppner O II Hatlock,
Milton A H Evans.
(fenterville S i Stuart,
Walla Walla , u T Thomson,
Ella P. O Frank Ovlatt
Island flitv J. L. Cartr.
Walla Walla A. Meat-hen
School Books at I'auly'.
Consult your interests by noting
the price of liie Dclmonico Hotel, Wes
ton. Largest and best assortmeut of
boots and !ioes at fcaling & Co's.
Messrs. J. C, McGinnis and E. 0.
Wsilker of Milton wan in the city yes
terday. We acknowledge a pleasant,
A new and elegant lot of writing
paper at I'auly't.
Mr. J. 11. Miller and family have
moved into town for the winter. They
are living on Washington street.
A nice line of candies and nuts at
J. J. Uaiita 4 Co., Centcrville.
The Leader in pleased to lrarn
that Mr. A. Ti. Hendricks of Yakima
county, who has been quite ill all sum
mer, is somewhat improved.
Go to Saling & Co. for your cold
pressed castor and mineral oils.
The evenings are getting lonj aud
a good light is indispensable. It can
he secured at very little cost. Read
the ad of the Chicago Electric Lamp
Joe Truesdalc is running the hotel
at Mutnmerville and making a financial
success of it. Clad to heir it, but Joe
always was a genial fellow.
School Stationery of all dis
criptious at Pauly's.
- To those who have this week and
last s kindly remembered the Leader
from the proceeds of their wheat sales
we return our sincere thanks.
Bird seed of the freshest und clean
est kind, at 15c, at I'uuly's.
In a few days Mrs. C. McMorris
and Mrs.) 1'roebstel and her daughters
Estella and Bessie will start for an ex
tended visit to Vancouver, W. T.
They will visit the Mechanics Fair at
Young men when you want a nob
by suit of clothes go to Saling & Co.
Heal estate is worth something in
the vicinity of Weston. Mr. II. Mo
Arthur sold his tarm southwest of town
to Mr. Kmncar for a little more than
$45 per acre one-fifth cash.
X. Pusenkcry & Co. give 10c on
the Cellar discount on all cash purchases
of dry goods, huts, clothing, boots and
--Mild and innocent as Tine Creek
now seems it is a power in the land
whea it gets its back up, when it gets
rilel, so to speak. J. W. Vouug and
others remenibeiiii' this fact, are mak
ing preparations to keep it within
Don't forget to call and see N.
Iusenbery & Co.'s immense fall stock.
all are welcome. All goods are mark
ed in plain figures. :
Last week Juiing the absence of
Itav. H. C. Johnson and his wife, some
one entered the Episcopal rectory at
this pla:e and appropriated all the coin
found in sigtt, consi.-ting of various
church, and Sunday school offerings.
The house was entered by removing
the window sash.
Take Siinraon Liver Regulator to
improve the appetite, to slieiiglheu the
system, to stimulate the liver, to cleanse
the skin of its yellowness, to remove
boils and pimples and cause new life in
the blood.
Grand Master Twtedale will visit
AYecton Lodge No. 58, I. (). O. F., on
(Joc cheese, the 'tit. at P.iuly'a.
U. W. Mycin, inner!y in ih em
;.!ov of 1'roebstel Bros., has accepted a
position in the Dayton woclcn mills.
Notions, etc., at 3'our own price, at
Mr. Izzit a" family left yesterday
for their farm in Cold Spring to reside
there permanently.
The recent rains have settled the
dust and rendered travelling much mors
Nice clean mixed bird seed, only
I5c per pound at J. J. Jlauta & Co.'s,
!f any local paper in Oregon has
better correspuiidenlH than the Leader
we would like to see a sample copy of
Remember the cheapest place to
buy your tobacco and cigars is J. J.
Ranta & Co.'s, Couterville.
Mr. J. W. Kirkland, of Independ
ence, one of the sterling Democrats of
Polk county, is visiting his son, P. M.
Kirkland. The Leader acknowledges
a pleasant vin;t from the gentleman.
V.'m. Lowndes, the Painter, now
has tor sale pa'tiiU of all c:lors. ready
tr.ixcd, in any quantity. Farmers
make a Dote A this. Get good paint at
reasonable rates.
Messrs. Proebstel Rros. have added
some new machinery to their mill and
are now turning out flour that cannot
be excelled. On Monday they will com
mence shipping at the rate of 500 bar
rels a week .
Mr. 1!. F. Piine has purchased. J.
E, Staiifield's interest in the blacksmith
shop formerly run by Weston &. Stan
field. Mr. Prine is one of the best
blacksmiths in Oregon aud we bespeak
for tiie new firm a large patronage.
The Xew Zealand Loan and Mer
cantile Agency, at San Francisco, has.
received from New Zealand some fa
mous Seed Oats, samples of which may
be seen at the Leader office. Parties
wishing to purchase oats for seed from
this Agency should do so before the
middle of October. For prices apply at
LKADKU otBce. Orders respectfully so
licited. Wheat in Weston to-day is firm at
50 cents. During the early part of the
week Saling & Co. paid as high as 52
cents f ir a few lots, but advices from
below compelled them to reduce the
price to M) cents. 1 lie highest price
paid in other towns around us was 51.J
cents. It is needless to say that farm
ers are still holding their crops for bet
ter prices, and many who were desirous
of selling when wheat raised to halt a
dollar n w hold on in anticipation of
getting 00 cents. There is nothing in
foreign, market reports to indicate that
the price will greatly exceed the pres
ent ligures, still it is hard to tell what
may happen.
The open meeting ot the Good Tem
plars' Lodge that tank plsee at Milton
Cksterville, Oct. 1.
lo the Editor of ihe LsACsa:
B. D. Clemens will build a brick
blacksmith shop this fall, has coin- I
nienced the foundation this week.
Woodruff & Ilemmah has bought the
building occupied by Barker & Butcher
a3 an office and will fix up a first-class
barber shop.
Clark Walters, one of Pendleton's
commissioners, is able to be on the
streets agaiu.
J. T. Armstrong, Attorney troin
Adams has been in town this week j
courting or lawing, I do tfot kucw j
We understand that the Indian coun-'
sel has been postponed for some reason
or other, until the 20th of October.
Pendleton has some other scheme on
hands, she wants to have the Indians
placed on the upper part of the Reser
vation. A good idea for Pendleton.
That would take all the land as far as
John Adams; good again. Then she
would have all the taxable property and
trade tributary and under her contral.
That would give her all the voters and
she could run the county as she pleased.
without even allowing one or two little
offices to be selected from the outside
of her domain. Would it not be a good
idea for the taxpayers of this part of
the county to take a look at the situa
tion as it is presented t them. The
next county campaign -will open the
eyes of those that have been disposed
to look upon Pendleton as their frieuds.
But if there is not something done it
will be too late. Let the taxpayers of
this part of the county take warning.
For if she gets what she is working
after, with all the lower part of the
Reservation settled up with white men,
and the upper part with the Indian,
what show will you have? She will
show the cloven, foot, aud make yon
pay tribute to her. Pendleton well
knows that if the Indian is let alone,
the upper part of the county would
share alike with her, build up her
town. Weston, Ceutei-ville and
Adams would all share alike. But she
is afraid that if there is not something
done and at once, she will be unable to
dictate aud lose the grip she has had
aud has now ou the upper part of tbe
county. Bat as long as the people will
let her have full sway she will wield the
ax to her own advantage, she will gath
er the fruits of your labor, and all you
can do is to "pass the custard."
A. Z.
Adams Correspondence.
Pendleton, Sept. 29th
G. W. Reading returned Saturday
from a feur weeks hunt.
George sh, of the firm of Duaen
bery & Co , returned from San Fran
cisco, Tuesday.
Brady Huffman was released from
jail Saturday having furnished bonds te
Friday, October 0th. At the special
meeting to be held at that time all Odd- i
to How who can make it convenient to
Attend are respcctfull) requested to be
fill I lltfl:tV rYTI 1 mf 1ll-tl-Cfl 1 ni.mi.UU
J. V 7 , i the amount of 1100.
oKceuos, rimi iis cnjtiycu very I11UC11 ov
all present. The entertainment con
sisted of music, recitations, readings
and speeches. The meeting was open-
i ed by Prof. Pierce of Miltou in a very
interesting speech on temperance. The
musical exercises were very line, especi
ally the singing. After recess the au
dience was entertained by speeches
from Revs. Oglesby, Knontz and Craig,
and Messrs. White, Shields, Beam and
Skec. Blue Mountain Lodge was well
n -presented, some 35 members being
pro.-i;iit. Among those preseut from
Weston were Messrs. Shields, White,
Bullies. J. E. Beam, Lee Beam, ( amp-
bell, Cox, Wood, McAllister, Priue,
Froumo, McEacIiern, Hick. Lieuallen.
A. Skce, James Skee, Oglesby and
Craig; Misses Rothrock, Archibald,
Wood, Willard, Heeler, Ridenour, Mor
rison, Miller, and Mesdames White and
l'riue. The meeting was ona long to
be remembered by all present, and the
large number present indicated the in
terest taken in the temperance cause.
Blue Mountain Lodge of this place in
tends to have an open temperance meet
ing on the liOth of October, to which all
are respectfully invited. COM.
ulce uoi vr.itN notks.
Ru e Mountain-, Sept. 30.
Wheat arrives at this station at the
Our Western people are liable to be rilte of about 3,000 sacks per day. The
laid low by malarial fever, when break- j largest day's work yet was about 4,000
in up new lauds. The folks iu the : sauks. It is a hard matter to estimate
Last a-e also complaining of fevcis, i the amount of wheat here. To say the
chills and agues, ariing from decaying j least, there is luts of it. This station
t-egctable mutter and imperfect drain- I cts very tew cirs about 20 to 2-i a
,ag-. For cither East or West the best j wesk. All the platforms are full and
,rniedy is Ayer's Ague Cure. J as much more piled ou ties, cord woed,
--Frank Johns, writing from Yakima f 4c- Scvcn cars were lo:uicJ wkh " heat
county siys: Those who are not seed- .esleru-y aim 'y uue taKeu away
ing are putting ready to do so. Wheat i ba,ance k,ft on 'dc tr;lck-
, on sod made from 10 to 20 bushels to 11. Key is delivering his wheat at the
the acre; cn second plowing from 15 to j rate of COO sacks per day.
C5 bushel. IV- ly acres of sod on Dr. Mr. J. M. English, who is delivering
Lagan's place mn.de 20 bushels the j wheat here, says "that from 21 bushels
acre; 35 acrs of recond plowing aver- j f wheat sown last fall, he threshed
ajed 25 bushels. Cora made from 15 j eight hundred und sixty bushels and cut
to 60 bushels to the acre. Some rail- j 4 acres of it to hay."
toad laud is b-'ieg boucLt. i r ir i . -n . i
" b - J. II. tannonsays that it will take
The other day a gentlewar. wanted , n.are pickets to build a fence over a hill
the writer to air a grievance throuih j than it will ou level ground.
the I.EADKK. It was something of
which the Leadeu
Dr. F. H. Young will go over to
Lexington Saturday to build and opeu
up a drug store at that place.
Henry Bucey and wife intend start
ing to-night (Tuesday) for Tacoma
which place will probably be their fu
ture heme.
A. W. Nye has sold his residence in
Pendleton to R. Alexander. Consider
ation $3250. Mr. Nye intends remov
ing to Jackson county in the near fu
ture. Rev. W. L. McEwan of the Dalles,
preached ia the Episcopal church last
Sunday morning and evening. He was
formerly the rector at this place and
has a host of friends to welcome him
whenever he ceoies to Peadletoa.
Henry Kopetka had the misfortune
to almest lose a thumb while chapping
wood a day or two since. As Henry is
soon to take a better half unto himself
he will stand in danger of losing any
portion of the natural body it he acts
the part of the modern husband and
lets his wife wrestle with the wood
pile. Another fight teok place in the O. K.
saloon Saturday night. Results: bar
keeper fired out, followed by half a
dozen beer glasses from the hand of
saloon keeper; barkeeper with blood
flowing down his face swearing Tea-
geance; marshal comes along; barkeeper
skips; saloon keeper looks serene; all's
quiet till the next fight.
By the way, what lias become of
Pine creek, the flewery, showery, gush
ing, semi-annual Pine Creek. Has the
Tribune out of respect to the feelings of
its readers, requested him to forever
withdraw from the fields of journalism
or has his copy of the WESTON Leader
been stopped and hie supply of news
thus been cut off? Whatever may have
been the cause of his sudden retirement
we most earnestly hope that he will
never again be so rash and unfeeling as
ta inflict his effusions upon a patient
Adams, Sept. 31.
To the editor of the Leader:
After a delay of some weeks, I again
resume my "-indelible." Our little town
is looming along as 1 prebunie an ins j
towna along the line are duing
now ou the lull tide of prosperous
Reese &. Redman's fine brick is well
under way. Mr. Sill has 1 the founda
tion laid for a neat brick residence,
22x18, with a 12x14 kitchen. L. M.
Simpson is busily engaged hauling the
brick for his building; so you see we arc
to have three brick buildings this tall,
which is a very ?ood beginning.
I do not wish to say anything to iu-
uce more carpenters to e'eme here, for
that would work a hardship en the boy?
already here; but I will say that they
are all busy, aud "more, too." Riden
ours are putting some important im
provements on their stable; Howell is
building an addition to his hotel; Thurp
Bros, and Cook & Peoples are lmprov-
ug their buildings to such an extent
that they will make, when completed,
one of the handsomest blocks in town.
I am pleased to note that Abe Jones
with his family his moved to town.
I. T. Reese left, last Monday, on a
business trip to Portland.
Mr. Watson, business manager for
W. A. Snodgrass, left, last Saturday,
for a Bhort visit to his home in Willowa
Valley. Mr. Snodgrass himself paid
the yillagc a flying visit last week. It
is rumored that as soon as he gets his
business iu a proper shape to do so, he
will put a large stock of goods in Ad
ana, ills warehouse building used in
its construction 140,000 feet of lumber
and cost nearly $7000.
Will our idolized Senator lend his in
fiuence to the nefarious scheme now
undoubtedly being worked up by the
Pendletonites? It is greatly to be fear
ed, for without it they can never accom
plish their object. Poor old Father
Courardy! How much treachery has
been carried on in thy name! Who is
it that cannot see now why the first at
tempt to treat with the Indians was
failure? The thing was too sudden for
them; they had not time to lay their lit
tle plans. But what is the use to kick?
We are powerless. We of this end
stand, and always have stood, a disinte
grated mass, as one man. But this we
can assert, without fear of successful
contradiction, there are not thirty In?
dians on the Reserve who would from
choice select this end of the reservation j
as their future home, and only the
worst of treachery will ever place them
here. I hope that good old man, who
has stood by them through all these
years, may so far outwit his calumnia
tors as to secure for these people at
least their choice of their future home.
Your kind reception of the "Times"
last week was appreciated by us all and
showed us plain enough where your
heart was. Some of us have never
doubted but .that you were a sincere
friend to our little town. May the
Leader live forevei, a true friend (as it
has always proven itself to be) to those
who deserve its friendship.
M.S. Lee
.TJ-t audio Power.
nnn iiFrl Vio rnnvtnfpfl " .1
' ' J
Delivered by exprcs to any part of the
cor. f n-btana aaninloll, ivnwii", v-
Among its many ailvuntaijes may be cnu
mt-nteii the foliowiiur:
1. The lamii, by the laws of "nature, 1
uoKitivi-Sv iiinr.viloivc.
1. It cannot lireaK or smoKe oeiiim".
3. An ordinary ehiuiney can be usetL
4. The lamp "burns at a cost of J cent
p. ine wick movement oi im
m- ilnr.ihla and cannot not out of oroer. fl
yet so simple that any one can wk-k i.
lamp in HO seeonua.
6. A wick is furnished free with ccrj
Iamji. One wick will last 9 to s months.
7. The lamps, Dcimr maue ui uio,v
not break, but will last a lifetime.
S. hat you save for chimneys in oni
year alnne will suffice to iay for a lamp.
O Thi lamn has the OIllV Wick UlOVe
ment that requires no tieimr of wick, ana
sgm3BB& -S5-ssv! XSBfiESSB
1 fr .t ;
n YeSHKSY ft
V. UurU&l l-M
I M Ik .1
m m
i iH2sr iTo ran
Are receiving ilieir
and Winter
and will'sell at lower prices than have ever
. before been offered in Weston.-
We invite everybody to call and examine" our
Goods and prices All Qur ooasare .
warranted as represented, pr"
money refunded,
Also the only movement that brings
the wick up perfectly even. i
10. The WlCk trim itself if rnrnrrl r?Ao-r
? until the stop work arts and pvrmittml to
jro oui wunouc oeinj oiown, a nv.nutc or
less being ail the time required.
11. ine topn the fount s so const runt
ed as to hold any mnaU quantity of oil
that might acciacnally run over, thereby
preventing damage to furuiturc, carpets,
12. The insurance comiaiies repom
mend their uae, because they are non-ex-plosi-e,
etc.. et et
K Produced by these lamps becaufe 6i their
Ec:uur t-Jiioinicuwn, mc ma 111 principle
cing a double draft, the outer air tube
f giving abumlant supply of oxygen, which
id necessary to insure perfect combustion
(and thereby burning the odorous and
p'liKonous matter which eseapes in other
lumps) and the inner or 'spreader" air
tubes steadying the flame and nreventimr
u lis coming in contact witn tne chimney.
m .ht Itbl Uh Llun I
m ilade by a prominent authority gives the
tollowinx result:
Ordinary lamps, 811 candle power.
(4 as lamps, 2u candle power.
Improved new Chicago lamps, $21 can
dle power.
Arc manufactured and can be had either
in brass, nickel or gold bronze: i
FOUNT LAMP Can be attached to any
gas or oil fixture, side bracket, etc, holds
nc quart of oil and burns i-s hours.
Eor table or deslc use.
Dry Goods pf all descriptions,.
Cloaks, Dolmans and Jerseys,-
BucKngham & Heelt's Boots anff- Sloes
i f Prn to.--a.(
f 3 Holds one quart
f J Holds one quart of oil, ami burns 7-8
I tlhoiirs. Price SS.on to sf!1.60.
AT 1 T . .:;' Ml ......vm .1-
'jsCyt for library extension hangers. Hplds one I
(f'S t"Tfc"v quart or oil ana win Burn -n nyur.
-v - Price 82.75 to s?.0o
Lamp only has a larger reservoir and con
sequently will burn longer. Price t'3.00
to 3. 25
STAN'M LAMP. Beware or imitation.
ews to Farmers!
Ship your Wheat wiji"
Unpaid Westou city taxes are now
delinquent. If not paid at once, costs
will be added. W. H. Getchell,
Au Old-Fash ioiiod Idea.
The old-fushioned idea that one should
never enter a sick room with an empty
stomach is a true one. The gastric
juice is nat secreted in an empty stom
ach; it is only when food is taken into
the stomncli and digestion commences
that the yastrio juice is present. All
germs are killed by earning in contact
with Healthy jrastnc nucc iherelore &
full stomach fortifies ono against con
tracting contagious diseases. De Ha
ven's l)yspepsia Cure is especially
adapted to act upon the digestive juices
of tiie system and keeps them in a, pure
and natural condition, in this manner
it ensures proper digestion and assimi
lation of the food. It never fails to ef
fect a cure m the most obstinate cases
f Dyspnpsia, Indigestion, Flatulency
and Kiekhnadache. Sample bottles free
at W. H. McCoy's drug store.
The best quality of envelopes! furnish
ed and printed at LEADEli oflice for 2
per box of 250.
er iros
Dissolution Notice.
Notice is hereh' given that the copartnership
heretofore existing between C. W. Weston and
J. E. Slanfield, under the firm name of Wltnn
& Stanf eld, is this day dissolved by mutual con
tent. Parties indebted to the Ann will find the
books at th old stand.
424w J. E. STAN FIELD.
Save money and Doctor bills. Kelieve your
Mothers, Wives and Sisters by a tir.icly purchase
of Dr. Bosanko's Cough and Lung Syrup, best
knovn remedy for Coughs, Cold3, Croup and
Brcnc-hial effections. Relieves Children of Croup
in one night, may save you hundreds of dollars.
Price 50 cts. and SI. 00. Samples free. Sold by
W. II. McCoy.
! Pnnsi.'lpr.th'p flats nnJ hnrlpv li:ivp
fcnew uoining poci- , , , . . , ., . .m. . ... ...
tuHvciiiru tuc i:cuiiuiiiaii iier1
Milton, Sept. SO, 18S5.
Quite a number ef families have mov
ed iuto Milton for the purpose of send
ing their children to our most excellent
schools. The primary department is
already crowded And we think another
teacher is very much needed, which we
doubt not will soon be supplied.
The Good Templar's entertainment
last evening was a very pleasant allair.
Key. Koontz delivered quite a stirring
temperance lecture after a very credit
able programme consisting of a speech
by Prof. Pierce, also some music and
recitations by other members of the or
der. About thirty or forty visitors
were present from Weston aud Ceuter
rille. Come again.
Died Mrs. Catharine Young, at her
residence on Hudson Bay. Her funer
al service was held at the M. E. Church
of this place, conducted by Elder Moss
of Centerville, assisted by Ilev. Koontz.
The Odd Fellows, of which order her
bereaved husband is a member and she
a daughter of Ilebekah, also took part
in the last sad rites, She was loved
and respected by many friends.
Mrs. Van Wor mington, a courageous
and energetic little citizen of Milton,
having grown weary of waiting for some
Iturhlcn's Arnica Salve.
The Best Salvo in the world tor Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers. Salt Rheum,
Kever Sores, Totter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, ami all Skin Erupt
ions, and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required, It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box. Eor sale by
W. II. McCoy.
Walla and East.
Mr. J. D. Pattisoa's little bnv
onally; but when it was suggested to
him tiiat hi. t!, .,.;i.;i;f..
-f 1-tl.eri.w ,he co.onlaiut 'he was not CRtt J hi tTm Stday, while plnying
TTblsk and tae TTerd.
When it becomes clearly understood
that Dr. Richmond's Samaritan Xervine
is not only a specific for Epilepsy, Ner
vous Diseases, Liver and Kidney Dis-
i case, Scrofnla, aud a host of other dis-
Io Not lie nrertvrd.
There is a firm in Walla Walla try
ing, (and partially succeeding) to steal
a portion of my patronage, by nuttint:
out a sign "Davis Dentist," instead of
their firm name. When von want den
tal work, performed and warranted by
an nperatur who is responsible, and here
to stay, go to the- oflice over Hees &
Wiuans store. Dlt. L. M. DavIS.
Have noy control of the B'acksmith Shop form
erly run by Weston & Stanneld, and are
prepared to do all kinds of
in first-class style and at reasonable rites. ;
Horseshoeing a Specialty. :
who have made arrangements for receiving andforwant
ing the same to their San Francisco House on
Storage, to await a better market
Liberal Cash. Advances
Ulade at a fair rate of interest, and satisfactory returns
Don't dispose of your wheat jDefqpe calling;
on us. ; . " '
We have made satisfactory arrangements for a. kwr rat
ot storage in San FrancLscor
Run No Chances,
But do your shipping with the Olff RefF-abls
Mouse ot
Schwabacker Brothers.
5TDon't fail to call on the new firm.
Notice for Publication.
Land Office at La Grande, Orkoox,
Soptcnibcr 3, 1835.
Notice is hcrehv civen that the following-
named settler has liled notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will he made hefoiwT. J. Lucv,
County Ju'lirc of Umatilla County, Oregon, at
pcnul. ton, Oregon, on November 7, ISoo, viz:
toeommute Hu. io. 30&1, -or lotsaand in, sec
tion 4, township north, ranu 3i east, W.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of
said land, viz:
Dock Linnville, J. S. White Sr., T. M Linn-
viiie ana w. &. Montgomery, ail ol vveston, ure-
2 Ueinstcr.
Don't forsetthat Keese & Redman
are located at Adams, and do a "boss'1
A Kentucky paper sars. "The Strongest, health
itst men stay away from the bath tub." Perhaps
so, hut possibly it is only the strongest, healthiest
men can do this and live.
Steinaker fe Co.keep tne Buckingham
& llecht's boots and shoes.
A member of the bible revision committee re
ceived a touching plea against changing of a
verse in Proverbs, "which," said the wtitcr, "was
always a great oonfort to my t.o husbands, both
Steinaker & Co. have the largest and
best assortment of wall paper m Weston.
A morning paper has this tru'y sensational
one of the stf ruer sex to take the mat- 1 hcadlnt' to I0 ol its colums: -Edward Graul
snoots woman witn whom he was madly in love
three times." Nothing is morec immon than a
man being in love three times but it is uot usually f
v."itii tne same woman.
J anXl9Uj to harp it il.in,. Tmi .v-.r I
thui. l'loaty ef people are willing for
tli now; ai.er to champion th-ir grier- !
aucei, but "Juu't mention my name in j
couuectu.ii with it."
at sc.'ise'.
j ordeis, but also for inebriety, thousands
will rise up and call the discoverer
blessed $1.50, at J. J. Banta & Co's.
Nl ff Cev.
When baby was sick, w gave her CASTORIA,
When she was a child, ire gave her CASTORIA,
When she became Miss, she clung to CASTORIA,
I'iihm' ciflic I xfli-il Slate.
Hon. James X. Kerus, United States
! Marshal nf lVnnsvlvania. wri-5 that
ti. ...
i oe new spenal delivery stamps are ! durin,; the severe winter weather his j Wnen si-e had children.shcgave them CASTORIA.
about twelve and a half inches across j family used Ked Star Ccugh Cure aud I
m uiree-nturters of an inch from top j were much benelited by it. He states
to bottom. The color is dark blue, j that he knows Bafhing'bettex in reli.v
On the kit .i.U is an arched panel v.ith I iug C0Ids orsore throat.
the picture of a ruunin- mrt,siij;rr hey, i
"rmounted by the word l uit.d' $'JOB-ward.
?" ?.7iht an ob!ouS ! L.t, on ., :4th. 1SS5, one Katcl
"t, around which are tke words: "Se- cd span cf s,rrel horses, brand - on
'"I dfn'Cry, 8t a j'--" and (on right shoulder,
o.luery office." Over the tot. of tl.a ' ., . u
W't U the lend: "Sne-rial Dcliv- ! .V".., tI,e
v. ..... ii iiiic iu nun . i ne norpi
r.v." ana t the bottem "Ten Cents,"
d l small shieU bearing the numeral
"10." Portland is the only town in
rego. uiat has sufficient
are lo iiaiuls hih, weigh about 1000 ll.s
each, are six years old and are work
horses. Twenty Dollars reward will be
paid for their th-1
nnntil:,tlMn t l.l ; . . f
4nrim i r 1 -vny miormaiion leal-
,wu, t0 be entitled to special delivery j to their recvery will be liberally
wt bv mcs-cn;r. j p:u ior. .j. u. LHAMukulais,
! -Dovtop. V. T.
A Great Discovery
That is daily bringing joy to the
homes of thousands by saving many of
tht-ir dear ones from an early grave.
Truiy is Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs. Colds, Asthma,
Bronchitis, Hay Fever. Loss of Voice,
Tickiine iu the Throat. Pain in Side
and Chest, or any disease of the Throat
and Luns, a positive cure. Guaran
teed. Trial bottles frejt.at W. H. Mc
Coy's drug store. Large size 1.00. 6
ter in hand, started out yesterday with
a subscription paper asking for money
to baild a fence around the Milton bury
ing ground. When heard from to-day
she had succeeded ia raising almost
enough for the purpose. May success
attend her efforts.
The M. E, Church house has been
considerably improved ef late, owing
to the energy of its present pastor. The
first quarterly meeting on this charge
will be held next Saturday and Sunday,
Rev. Dr. Tarr. P. E., of Lewiston will
be present. Everybody invited to attend.
Notice for Publication.
Land Omen at La Granrk, Oregoh,
September 25th, lsss.
Notice is hereby riven that the following-
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim, and that
said proof will be male ncloreJ. r.. rtirklana, s
Notary Public, at Milton, Oregon, on Novem
ber 16th, 185, viz:
P. S. No. 4M9, for the southwest quarter nf see
tion 26, township 5 north, range :;o r.. w. M.
tie names the followimr witnesses to prove hi:
continuous residence upon, aud cultivation of,
said land. vU:
A. Hnpson, Thomas N. Stark, John Stark and
J. F. Cox, all of Miltou, Oregon.
2 - Keuister.
EH 17
Has been appointed agent at WESTON for
for the sale of the following
l-'or barging in glassware and
crockery go to Heese& Red man's, Adams.
" He's not what you call strictly handsome,"
said the Major beaming through his glasses on a
homely baby that lay howiing in his mother's
arms, "but it's the kind of face that grows on
you." "It's not fhe kind of face that grows on
you," was the indignant and unexpectsd ref ly.
Reese S: Redman, Adams, ara pay
ing the highest market mtes for wheat.
"Can you direct mo to the Apoilinaris spring?'
inquired a lady at Saratoga. "The Apoilinaris
spring?' 'Yes; my husband go;s there every
morning before breakfast, and I would like to
see it.' "II m. Yeu wi;i find the Apoilinaris
Hayward Hand Grenades. -The spnns' t"ink' in ' c to,!ement OI '"en
best known Fire Extiucuisher in tbe I Steinaker & Co. make a specialty of
International Hotel
Corner Third aud E Streets,
Our facilities are such that we defy cam
petition. This is the largest and
most respectably kept hotel
in tha Northwest.
Board and Lodging, $1 por Day.
Mcnls 25c. Lodging 5 and SOr.
Free bus to and from the house. No
Chinese Employed. Three blocks
from all railroad depots. Three blocks
from all steamboat landings. (
O. Clark, Agent. j
world. Doa't delay In supplying your
selves with them at once. Property
and lives saved every day with them.
You cannot afford to he without them.
M. S. McQlTARRIE, Agt., Walla Walla.
G. J. BECHT, 12i Market St., S. i,
Geaeral Agent.
' rents' clothing and furnishing goods.
For a nobby suit call on tlieta.
The Leader office does all kind of
job werk in first-class atyle at Portland
Notice, Particular.
The customers and patrons of the un
dersigned, who know themselves' in
debted to him, are herewith asked for
an early settlement of their accounts,
as money H needed. AU bills are ready;
please ask for them. F. M. Pauly.
That the reader may fully understand what
constitutes a good Ccugh and Lung Syrup, v.-e
will sr.y that Tar and Wild Cherry is the basis of
the best remedies yet discovered. These ingred
ients with several others equally as efficacious,
enter largely into Lr. Bosanho's Cough and Lung
Syrup, thus making it one of the most reliable
now on the markets. Price 50 cts. and $1.00.
Samples free. S?ld by W. H. McCoy.
Xoticc for Publication.
Laxd OmcE at La Grand, Oasoos
August 22, 1SS3.
Notice is hereby given that the folTowing
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim. and that,
said proof will be made before the County Clerk
of L'niatilla County, Oregon, at Pendleton, Ore
gon, ou October o, 135, viz:
Klxn ft. Waterman.
D. S. No. 5112, for the northwest quarter of sec
tion 26, township 5 north, range 34 E. W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of,
said land, viz:
George W. Raymond, Henry Derrick, J. 3. Zer
ba and E. J.Zerba, a':i of Cntrviile. Orerfjn.
23 Register.
BatchelorsA Wj lye's
Harrows, Cultivators and Seeders.
33ITCI5ELLS well known Wagons, Hacks and Buggies,
The Western Fanning Milf.
the best on the Coast, warranted to separate oats aad
barley from wheat, taking out everything and eyng
nothing hut the clean wheat.
Sorack's Celebrated Draper Goods,
Iron fastenings on the end of sticks, preventing, thefir
The Hallingswortli Rake, Self-Dumping
Walker's Wrought Tubular and Cast-Iraq. Fences
AH orders filled with promptness and at Walla Walts
Call and examine Goods and prices.
Office on Slain St., one door east of Marshall House.
Look' Here
Bill-head.!, Ietter-head3, nte-heaU.
etc, printed and put up in tablets at
the Leadee office at Portland prices.
KEY Last Monday, Sept. 2Sth, I.ydia Jane, in
fant daughter of H. Key, aged 13 days.
YOUNG At Hudson Bay, on Sunday, Sei-t- 27,
ni consumption. Catherine, wifs of George
Yoirj, ad 54 years and 25 days.
Her last written words, vere "I have lived
the faith of a christian and in the hope of eter
nal life.
Paper Hanger,
We are now prepare to rnreiv on eonighnent.
buy or store
Thus giving you choice in disposing of your crop.
Grain Sacks for Sale.
A!o LUMRER, routjb or dressed, for sale at
reascfeitole rates and m quantities to suit.
Wheat received on concernment or for storage at
t,eni;rviiie ana rotiana, ana bougnt
at anv railroad station.
Centerville - . r Oregon.
Graining in All Kinds of Wood.
K.4LSOMI.I.G &c.
Wm. Lowndes.
Scbeul hnpplle, ovrI(leHr Ctxar-,, Vo-
Dacco, onlt;rtioncr', Et. sf
At the P. O. Stere - - KU-TOX, OR.
The Painter,
Odor of Forest. Sparkle of St rtanu
dofi: " or rifle? Ever f o angffos;, or st exiting-, r
irampin, or camping, or caaoeiBr, oryaohtlprr
FTae 3-ou a taste for studying the hahfta of srim
birds or animals! Do von know that for m
years we have been publishing a brifiM weekly
paper devoted to- these subjects? ft wiB repay
you to look at a copy ot the Forest an Stmia ..
There in ao other paper in the world Inst like it.
Address Forest and Stream Publishing Oe.. i
Paik Bow, Sew Tort.
Svecfnea Cop ISCwafa,
The Portland Business College, PortUndOre
offers superior-private aarf class instruetteey
to the jouflf l"d md die-aged ol both sesss wbo
desire to obtain a practical education in the short
est time consistent with thorough workv aad at-
the leas expense; t)ajr and evening; seseionsx
throughouf the year. Students adtastted. an
tuue. Catalogue oa application.
A. P. Aaasraoas; Jneipal..
TOTrUL BewsrfSrBffin
VZWTIOH' ivkf patent tor. I
Fret and Bentf Sewing, Tuinhisr
Boriiir. IrlHijrg,OriijE, Eojuhing
BorawCaUing, Price 5 to 860.
I ' ' Send C cents tor 100 pages.
KF3BAIK : SHOWS LojwaMsest