Weston weekly leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 1878-189?, September 25, 1885, Image 1

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G. P. X'COLL, rm!lBer.
Imbed Eveky Friday Morning,
ftabcrl?tloit Kates s
EC MdljpMMlliuiMta.........
O i Yr, fin advance) 2 00
His Month 1 "
Hire Month. ""
8 nlo Copiw 12i CU
wkti iv f nrwiv wn T ri o
raft?? F. Meets everv Thursday even-
it-iLi tnz- Brothers in (roort sranuinr;
w,peettilly invitrd t" ti.it.
V. B. MITC'.IKLL, N. O. . P. M'COLL.Sec.
TUN LODfiK, NO. to, A. r-
on tin second and I .urtn aa""
leach month. ,
L. S. tvw
WKSToN LOltOE. NO. 71. A. . I .
W. Metta every TtMWday veninsr
t hVins'i hill. Visitin',' brothers
invited tOUttcnl.
CrM.-C V. . PAULY, Uee.
H. b. ne:..
I. Kali.
r.hVK MfUNTAtST.01K;R. No.
Ml. I. O. O. T. Meet every
baturdav evening at Mclan
J. E. KHAM, W. C. T.
NO 41
OBtrrrillc l.orise Wlrerlnry.
DdLPII l.OIXiK No. Sn, A. F. a A. M.
M.:U or Hie first aiul unru cutur
aav fllooti month at 7 e'er p. in.
T. ,). HIItK, W. M.
W. T. COOK, Secretary.
X . 3, 1. . o. F. Mejts
ever' Fiidav ovenimr.
t. J. kikk, ;;. a.
J. P. MILLER, Sec.
Hilton Ludge mrrctory.
.-'. MILTON LODGE NO. 61, 1. O. O. F
&$T2?4'5 Mert every Sittirdav evening at
fViff.-' o.l.l F-llnw.' Hall. Milt ill. Or.
C. E. bEURY, Sec.
I. W. liEUUY, N. G.
Absolutely Pure.'
ENTERPRISE LuDGF. No. 481, I. O. 0. T., of
1 Milt jn, meets every Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock.
J. N. SAMUEL, ftue.
This powder never varies. A marvel of purity,
strength and wholesomencss. Mora economical
than the ordinary kind9, and cannot be sold in com
petition with the multitude of low test, short
weight, alum or phosphate powders. Sold oxlv is
cans. Royal Bakj.ns I'owckr Co., 106 Wall-si,
N. Y. em -
Will practice In all the courts of Oregon, Wash
ngrton and Idaho.
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
cndlcton - - - rogon.
Court St., in Demert's Drujr Store.
Watch n?pairin:r a specialty. Jewelry made to
r,lcr and repaired. All work warranted. Acnt
or the sale of American Watches Pacific Jewel
ry Company and Kin;;'s celebrated combination
pectu-les the best ill t'no world; also a;cnt for
the V.'clicr and Cbickerinir pianos, the Kstey and
tcrlin' organs, C. U. Conn's and C. Mahiilon's
orass instruments.
MulnHt. Ceatcrvlllc, Orcciin.
Will practice in all the courts of Oregon and
Washington Territory.
r('o!lections promptly attended to.
IS. V0UI),
WESTON, Oregon.
Leal blanks of all kinds lor sale.
Office at I'oHtoffiec. 10-29
pcnoletm.m, ocr.i;ov.
Rnl Estate and Public Land Mitter a specialty.
Cnlbvtions promptly attended to. Ofttcc over
the t'iwt National Bank, Court St. 5 ' -
T1? Tlio
most nnnnlar Wpok IV news-
T) riper dcvot,ffi 1.n Kpinnra. iaei-hiinmi. en-
gineorinjr, discoveries, inventions end patents
evor published. Every oumber illastrated with
splendid pocraTinca, This publication, furnishes
a most valnablo encyclopodia of information which
no person should bo without. The popularity of
Uio DfTiENnno Axerican is such that its cir
culation nearly equals that of all other papers of
it rlasa combined. Price, fiS.SOaynr. Jisconnt
toCjnbs. 8nld bv all nowndcaiers. MUNN 4 CO.,
Publishers, No. 36i Erondway, K. Y.
. Miinn Co. have
. nUohadTbirty
' Savaii Years'
tMMCM'1 practice before
fw:i th Patent Office, and have prepared
more t nan one Hunarea i nous
end aoplications tor patents in tbo
United States and foreign countries.
?n cMnt.ia Tr;u1 n-Ttf arkt. Oorwrichtfi.
ABKitmitiintR. and all other Dancrs for
seenring to inventors their rights in tha
United Statea, Canada, England, France,
Germany and other foreign countries, pre
pared at short notico and on reoeonablo terms.
Information aa to obtaining patents cheer
fully riven without charge. Wand-books OV.
sn..nn unt. fva VAtp.nta obtained
thronRh Munn & Co. ere noticed in the Scientific
Amorican tree. jq oavDiagri o huu uu w
well understood by all porsona who wish to dispose
of their patents.
Amkbicas, 3G1 Broadway, Kow Vorlc
Attorney at Law,
Will practice in the Courts of this State and
IVastiiuston Territory. .Speci.il attention paid to
Laud Gflic harness and Collections.
OffliT-Wiilii St.. Westnn. Op.
it-.7".I'.iJ,'e L. L. M'.'Arthur will be al"'0(:iacd
ith me in all my casciln the Circuit or Hup.vi.ie
" C jurt.
Jjli. 11. J. WILLIAMS
Physician ami
C,A11 calls promptly attended to.
ill. V. T. ViI.I.IAMSX,
lif.cae Sz C'o.'s Diuj.
"Lei us go into the 'muse of the Lord,''
rSALSLS 122: 1.
, Divine eorvitto at the First Baptist
n, Oregon, mi the First
each month,
Ciuircli of Wc;ti
ami lliira Mim.luvs
morning Rati cvonmg. hunilay sc.iotil at
3 p. in. every tSimday. Prayer Meeting
every Tliursiiay at 7 p. tn. All arc cot-'
dial I y inviied to attend these services.
W. 11. I'lil'LTT, Fastov.
Physician and Surgeon.
ubr 'otrics and tlisea-?s of women a specialty.
Orncis Ovr.u Srr.iNAiir.'.i's.
1 T K. IJAUKEU, M. i).
CKr;:iiviLLi:. - oit::;i).
OlU.'e at CdoIv ,t Ir-ine' nrii)- Store.
ill. S. C.CUAFT,
Oenterville House.
This n".r an l pjinuiodion hot"! hns ju-;t been
C'i'nj-1. 't.'d n.ri'1 U i;ow rt.uuy fur ilia
tui:.piin of yachts. ,
The Rooms arc all Neatly Furnished !
vrYA at all tiuie ho furnished with the
Admit, Orc.
So rlTort
fort. bit.
will by scared to make quests com-
j Large Sample Room
Hood is waking up!
The rocky
Brow of Vulcan's sleeping son is coming
Through the snowd of death!
His pallid Hps of
Gray basalt grow warm and move, to free a
Curie conS.iid within their niigrhty grip a
Million years ago; when he, with othcra.
Hushed the deep artillery of awful
Cyclopean war, and yielded to the
Chill of time.
To him a joy sublime it
Was to chorus with the groaning of the
Spheres, in line with all the brotherhood of
Thunderous Titans.
Up from Fuego's brawling
Sisterhood, and fnmi the dark Antarctic,
Up past Chimborazo, on, through quaking
Cordilleras, on, through California's
Fiery chaos, on, through Oregon, the
Battle ground of Gods, on, on along the
Vie? Alaska, roared these mountain
Iuitifc, and lighted up the Arctic
Night with fires so fierce that Boreal suns
In ver" vanquisbment went out.
Still onward
Through the rocking outinent and into
Deep Pacific's waves the line marched out to
Threaten Apia's distant coast; tmtil they
Stood with cold brine to their very nostrils.
One by one they spent their fury. One by
One thev yielded to the stealing coolness
Of the sphere. Among the last to sleep was
At first his rocky nostril fluttered
Fitfully; and, in a haif delirious slumber,
He tossed out the sea that laved his
Flinty ribs.
And then he seemed to sleep.
The young fir sprouted in his shadow. Sweetest
Grasses lured the antelope. The mountain
Sheep, the chamois of the west, looked into
The abyssmal throat whence hct the vapors
Of the giant's burning heart ascended.
Emigrants, with beating hopes of future homes,
Stole through the passes to the farther west.
The years swept on. No fear shook any heart;
Although, anon, a student of the rocks
Would view the lava beds and write or
Speak his dark misgivings.
Bent on riches,
Men still plowed and sowed and reap'd the harvest;
Built and entered in. They sometimes spent a
Day about the glaciers of the mountain;
And some wise ones said it was but yesterday
That this cold summit was a beacon
For a thousand railed around. A hardy
One or two declared the rocks were yet too
Hot for human feet. Some keen, eye iu the
Far off city saw a smoke go up from
And thus the world went round;
And yet no J ear fell on men's hearts.
At last a tourist
From the foot of some wide field of ice whence
Flows a river, came to town. He had a
Sketch or two of golden morn and purple -Eve,
in all of which the awful head of
Great dead Vulcan, rising from his grizzled
Beard of trees, detained the constellations!
"When," said he, "I q icnched my torch at night
And went to sleop, no rock about the mountain.
Tup was bare; hut, in the morning, I looked
Up to see a thousand roods of bare and
Blackened rock, where, but the night before, the
ohroud of snow lay dte'.).
2ot he alone, but
Many a snug and happy burgher in the
Deep and quiet valley spent a night of
Strange unrest.
The kettles in the poor man's
Pantry danced a wilt?, and rattli;, jig. Tlic
Bottlss on the sumptuons sideboards of the
Kich grew drunk and reeled like Bacchus;
And the chandeliers within the saercd chapel
Swayed like censers. Dizzy sleeplessness lay
like a spell above the pillows of the
Yet ag.-.in the dread wore off.
Length, one summer day, Jehovah spurned his
Footstuol from beneath!
i A far off sigh of
Some impending woe, a mutter, half in
Whisper, of some Ml calamity, stole
Into er.rs till now unused to terror.
Nature caught a breath and held it listening,
Then one blinding, stunning jar compressed the
Very air, till eyeballs ached and hearts grew
Sick. An instint later fell the earth a
Lozen fathom down, as drops a felon
Through the trap door of a galiuws.
On the crags were left midair. Their perches
Quick escaped their clutches. Jerk on jeik,in
Si-it tiful -luickncia followed. Rivers paused and
Turned, then disappeared, or rose in foaminjr
Breakers. All the doleful creatures haunting
Hood's deep mantle, dazed by fear, forgot their
Nature. Panthers, toothed and muled,likc kittens
Fawned. The timid deer fled down the slopes;
ifnd nice or greedy, wild or gentle, terror
Made alike.
Three Bqaaaa ratlaaertl.
Each. MIMwak tMM0m.i,,. ... VV
lcnJLNUac..Be tba. ,
qaartertjr.. ".,...,
"Mildred, you hae been crying."
Dolly Shaw knelt down beside her el
der sister and clasped ber arms about
her, looking up into tbe beautiful face
with anxious, loving brawn eyes.
"I cannot deny it, Dolly," fclie said.
"Scarcely, with such proot as tear
wet lashes; but the cause what has
happened to griere you you Mildred,
whose life seems all sunshine, wha are
beautiful, admired, loved
"l)ut no one's life can be all sunshine,
Dolly; the shadows will come. Don't
mind, dear; it is only my weakness."
"Then no one has offended you?"
"And nothing is wrong?" ! -'Only
"Hare baye you and Koger quar
reled?" A pained look crossed Mildred's fair
face, and her lips quivered; then she
rose and shook down her coils of waving
"No," she answered, in low tones.
"Iiuu away, now, dear, I'm going to
dress for dinner."
"Is Roger coining?"
She turned suddenly and faced her
younger sister; her face had grown pale,
her eves shone like stars, her lips were
"Roger is never coming!" she said.
"He is going away to-morrow, to Cali
fornia. That is all I know. Go, Dolly,
I would be alone."
Dolly went out slowly. There was
that in her sister's manner that warned
her that Koger Warren's departure had
much te do with her sorrow and tears,
and yet she did not seem to grieve as
one does over the loss of a dear friend.
There was' a tinge of bitterness, of
despair, in every toue, and a look on
her face that she had never seen there
"There is something beneath it all,"
she thought, as she returned to the
lower rooms.
Left alone, Mildred continued her pre
parations, but her fingers moved slowly;
she paused now and then as though ab
sorbed in thought, and once a sigh fell
from her lips, and the tears sprung
again to the lovely blue eyes.
Roger was going away Roger, whom
she had always known and lovsd, and
from her his dismissal had come.
She did not think when he told her of
his intention that she could care so
He had never thought of losing her
till one ill-fated day there came to the
village a niaa with the dark beauty of
a corsair, the grace and fascination of a
Leicester, and a fancy that was attract
ed by Mildred Shaw's beauty which
held him, for the time, captive.
He was Guy Froctor, a guest at the
heme of Judge Leonard, and Roger's
rival, in truth; for Mildred, whose faith
had never swerved before, found a
pleasure in the stranger's presence that
was irresistible.
Out of this, mutual fancy had come
Ro;er Warren's misery, and now the
enJ had come.
They had parted forever, and he was
going away, leaving the field clear for
his more favored rival, and surrender
ing a quest that he deemed hopeless.
"I will miss him for a while, and
then things will go on the same as ever,"
thought Mildred, as she secured her
"The first waltz to-moirow evening,
Adelaide, remember."
"I wander that you did not request
that of our rustic beauty," answered
Adelaide Leonard's fine voice, in tones
that were suggestive of mingled malice
and jealousy. "You will dance with
her I suppose?"
"You speak as though it were a nat
ural consequence," said Guy Proctor,
"You have been quite devoted "
. "Nonsense. She has a pretty face
acd a refreshingly natural maimer, I
admit, but it does cot follow that be
cause a man is attracted by these things
hr, must fall in love with th object. It
is Absurd for you to think such things,
"But your own actions, Guy."
The man laughed iaditTerentiy.
"Meant nothing at all. Do you
doubt me still? Would I have asked
you to be my wife, Adelaide, if I laved I been
any one but yourself?" '
Mildred fell back with a low cry,
hearing nothing more. All her hopes,
her dreams, her trust, lay a shattered
wreck before her. J
She heard tlie approach of the judge's
daughter and drew back behind a tall
urn of Southern cactus, standing there
motionless and breathless till the tall,
slender form, in its robes of muslin and
lace, had passed her and disappeared
from view. .
Hastening back into the ante-room,
she saw a maid crossing the threshold.
"Take the parcel to Miss Leonard,
please," she said falteringly. "I will
not see her. 1 I am not well. I must
An instant later she was in the outer
air. Down by the iron gates she met
Guy Proctor.
He advanced with a smile on his
handsome face and his hand outstretch
ed. Pride gave Mildred courage, and she
greeted him calmly, but there was a
tinge of coldness in her manner.
Somehow he realized that something
was amis", and the words of tenderness
were checked upon his lips.
There was a vague regret in his heart,
for in his selfish, shallow way, Guy
Proctor loved this girl, though the
wealth of Adelaide Leonard had proved
a bait, more tempting.
Mildred, understanding his nature at
lust, felt a great scorn and contempt
rising to thrust out the infatuation that
had possessed her.
She left him with less regret than
gladness; her heart .was heavy, but the
burden was not for Gui Proctor's sake
'it w.is of another she wa thinking,
one who had been always loyal and
Near her home she saw a familiar
form approaching, Roger Warren
would have passed her with a grave
bow, but she put out one hand to detain
"Do not let us piirt like this," she
said hesitatingly. "You are going to-
Borrowed from Exchanges.
The Prospect farm turned off 21,000
bushels of this scasan.
The poor farm was sold on Wednes
day to F. W. Wcntz, far $2,5J0.
Henry Bucey will leave vith his family
for Tacoma next week where he goes, to
take up his future residence.
Circuit court conveaes on Monday,
Not. 9, 1885. One hundred and fifty
cases of law and equity to date.
P. Maxwell, this week, purchased the
residence and lot adjoining the Center
villinn office. Consideration $200.
The Pendleton manufacturing com
pany have purchased of S. L. Morse a
piece of land and water power? and will
commence at once the erection of buildr
Since the first day of July there has
CiLinnArl f - ... PD.JI.nn Rnn.t.
........ . ...j '- . i . . i , , A.uu, nc-
vine and ,astland 'zbb carloads ot wheat.
-' ' 'V . ' ' "j" I' I ' -J
rtQenimoiit Fall Sioct:
is now arriving, arr4we are,(rrepard: to ftftBr-
Groods Cheaper thajxEverl
We. haye the largnst and best stock of
Perhaps he read in her face a. hope
for him even then, he was not proud
when love was concerned.
"I am going,"' he said slowly, "unless
you bid me stay."
She slipped her arm through his and
j raised hr eyes wistfully.
i "I wish j'ou would stay, Roger," she
lace fichu with a coral brooch, and drew said soltiy.
OIT: at hii residence on Main and Calvin
Calls promptly rcpjndid t- day or iiiglit.
St 3.
Q.O. W. KING, M. D.,
Physician and Surgeon,
Olfies over Steinalccr's store,
I'all.H promptly uiitweri'il day or night.
r j. Mcdonald,
0 .
Physican and Surgson.
Main St.
O. HoLbilA.V
land City, Oregon.
y atended to.
These throes he'd on till winter.
Once ai'ain the winter storm let softly
1 iwn his shroud of snow. Again the sweeping
Avaianche would cdol thegrcsat Volcano's
Throbbing temple; and the winds conspired to
Stay the kindling fever on his forehead.
Vain'v were the scunccl and hardened features
Wet with winter rain; for all the mercies
That, descend from heaven cannot cool the
Heart when set on fire of hell.
Look up! The
Stoves and Hardware!I'uridbH7eo,Toi,1,cti'm'n,ad'ilu;'re'
j Higher than Mount Ararat, of crimson
Litfht. The faces of the multitude are
Uudily with t'no warmest hue of happy
lltaltii; but terror-started eyeballs, speechless
Lips, and movements numb, declare a helpk-ss,
i Blank hiatus of despair.
! The earthquake
PF..ll,KR3 IS
Adams, Oregon.
Keep a'wMys in tix'!; a stWt assorti:?en of CUT
I KUY of the best branus, and a full iine of
VokI and Willow Ware.
tlie Drug Store, Is- j N'ai!?, B .Irs, Screws, Tiles and everythi
,, . luvir line 1 hat larin.-rs nttfl. Pa'runuL'
S3-All calls prompt- j rc,. ,mUv s,,i:rt,.d M,
II. CnK.
Wagon & Carriage jEakcrs,
Adams, Oregon.
All Viudof Carpentering and Wood Work done
o order at reasonable raUs.
1 1 air TresUincJit Guaranteed J
i " V' ' ' i
Washing and Ironing,
Adams . . Orrsron.
The fine Lauv.drv Work d.me on the shortest i
n'.'l.ce and in a yty.c to pleas the most fastidi ms. j
Adam . . . reson. j
rpn razors, clean tow eU, easv chairs ant a
hei't rand.' Hair cutting in tn latest ar.d twt
'.r.o i.f tiie ait. IS ,m
15 i:at Main Si.
V-T'.!K Wali.4 W.uia Hi Nr.s rni.tr.nF, of Walla
a. 1 1, W. T.. oTers rn?rior advantage tn the
J-'in,-and mi '.Jle-ac.d M h-th sexes who dcire
to uonm a huftinefti educnt-.on in the shortest
i ; "iv and at tha liir UYnnnu n-;, ,..i
in..rr;u-tion day and evening. Ptudents admitted
- .'tin;, circular on app'iratit.n.
Those desirinc flue, cen trail v located B-isiness
' T.ots or Iw.viTifnUy aituuttd IUnidmu-t. aites in
i the thriving new
' can be accommodated by calling at the office of the
Adams Peal Estate Association,
The BuYsmf Grrrz is issued IiIarA
and Sept., each yertr; 224 pages, S;xll
inches, with over 3,SOO illustrations
a whole picture gallery. Gives wholesala
prices -direct to consumers on all goods for
personal or p!P!?$K famiiy cse.
Tells how to K4 order, and
gives exact fijif 0051 eT"
erythingyou ES 29 rise, drink.
eat, wear, or hav3 fna
with. These , invaluable
books contain information gleaned from
Diesar.aee; but Hood revives.
The stream of
Snx,kc bears off across the continent, a
Huge, unerring, tortuous lasso, cruel,
I:ack as Iieath; and, with its thictc mercurial
Fumes, it tij'hu-ns round the vitals of a
Million. E;a, or Python, that, from nether
Tartarus ascending. See h's writhing,
Hungry thousand miics of length! His mottled
Front sways back and forth above a nation!
Down the vaileys mn red streams of fluid
Iron. Showers of hurninir sulphur blast and
, Slacken all the land. The swaying, tiltinff
' Earth subsides; until the ocean sv.e.'ps where
But a week ago the plowman stood.
I I Five
I Monftis of hell pour out their quenchless hate:
And then the slow relapse of peace comes on.
I The
Statesman stands appalled to viw the ruin;
j Mariners set out aain. The farmer
i Peeks his field; the weaver starts his shuttle;
i And in ail the wide domain a freer
i Breathic conies.
Old Hood is sleeping now.
The red rock cools to black. The python has gone
Back to hell. The echoes ccme no longer
Up from Shasta, nor from far Tacoma.
Lol The solemn morgue of Hood, the mighty!
Canxore, in Albany Deniocrat.
The bav gelding McLeod trotted four
:i 3:.
S. T.I.V'KKR. rrin"!-a.
the markets of the world. We will mail ! i"1" ' Narragansett Park, . x ., re-
i a copy Frt-e to ccy address upon receipt ; centlv in 9:40. The several miles were
j ?Lthe PKtaCt 8 cent;. Let us hear ! raaj8 in 2:32; 2:24; 2:24; 2:2$ .It is the j
; i.i.M-r'4is.iw y ! fastest time ur&a record i'ir that di3
IVIwIlM uyiticm VTfAKU & CO. '
KfcO tVltwa Arcane, CfctcaS. UL ' tance.
a spi ay ot lilies through. "I am sorry
for Roger, but he will forget, and it is
for the heat. Once I thought I should
be his wite, but uow it is impossible
simply that."
She met the gaze of her own tzure
eyes in the mirror, and blushed at the
thought that she read in their depths.
Then with a last survey at a reflec
tion in which the sternest critic could
detect no flaw, she gathered up her lilac
draperies and descended to the dining
room. Dolly looked at her in mute wonder.
That fair, calm face with smiling lips
and brilliant eyes seemed scarcely like
the toar-stained features she had seen
but an hour previous. Perhaps it was
nothing serious, after all.
The Shaws were not wealthy. The
death of the head of the family had left
them with their cottage home and a
small income, which, with the closest
economy, covered their needs; and now
and then Mrs. Shaw would accept a
light task from her neighbors, glad of
the opportunity to add a few dollars to
their scanty board.
She came to her elder daughter when
the morning meal was over and laid a
hand on her shoulder.
"Will you take Adelaide Leonard's
cloak home, dear? Dolly must finish
the ironing, and I am yery tired. She
wants it to-night."
Mildred hesitated. The errani was
distasteful to her, but her gsnerous na
ture overcame her scruples.
"Yes, mother, I'll take it," she said.
'Knld it. lilt in a rlnip naaf nor.ol trA .
r , fcnoflr rae
1 a get my wraps. f
Mrs. Shaw shook out the finished
garment with its delicate rose-silk lin
ings and fringe of creamy tint, and laid
it carefully between the fld-i of tissue"
Fifteen minutes later Mildred was on
her way to t'n Leonard mansion.
She was ushered into the little ante
room adjoining the parlor. It wasrilledl
with the shadows of twilight, and Mil'
drd, sitting there alone, grew impa,
tient at the delay.
She rose at last and went under the i
plush-draped archway to tbe conserva
tory beyond.
There was a glass door leading into
the garden, and passing it, Mildred
heard the sound of a voice that was fa
miliar to her a vice that raade her
pulses thrill.
It was after their marriage Roger
heard her story. Ha understood it
aright, and only drew her closer with a
"It is all past now, dear," he said.
"If you love me now, I m content."
"I have always loved you," she an
swered. "I did net know it; but I
always loved you."
Change Wanted.
A dozen nion or more were sitting
around a saloon in a mountain town
when the door opened and a raw-boned,
ugly mugged looking feHow came in
with a whole armory attached to his
person. He looked at the crowd a min
ute, without speaking, and then stcp-
ped up to the counter.
"Here, barkeep," he growled, "gim
me some licker, an' gimme it raw. Don't
put no trimiu's into it for I'm no wo
man, to waDt my licker ornamented.'
"Yep, sir," replied the barkeeper'
quietly and politely, reaching under the
counter for a jug.
"Shove around sharp there," he went
on speaking in a louder tone, "I'm that
dry inside I can hear my liver rattle
'round aginst my short ribs.
He took the jug and poured out a
pint tin cupful and swallowed it.
"Twenty-live cents," said the bar
keeper. "What?" asked the drinker, looking
at him fiercely.
"In your pocket, I reckon, to pay for
that drink." '
"Not much there hain't. You don't
do' you? I'm Bill; Bloody
Kill, from Troublesome creek, and you
don't want tcr get me riled. I'm quiet
ez June when I'm pleased, bnt I'm
23G kead of horses, 918 head of cattle
and 2225 head of sheep.
A. S. Le Grow informs us that he
has a Red June apple tree at his resi
dence that is bearing a .second crop, and
that one side ot the tree is literally load
ed down with ripening fruit.
Peed is scarce on the reservation,
and the stock men are considering the
question of driving their herds into the
Wallowa country. Those who do not
do so must feed the entire winter.
The great secret of the rapid growth
of Adams lies in the fact that the busi
ness men pull together in everything
that tends to mutual advancement.
They realize the truth, that what will
help one, helps all.
Owing to a stress of circumstances,
Emesley Ridenour has been appointed
justice of the peace. Thirteen of his
old associates have been fined already
for lack of proper respect in addressing
his squireship, and all the rest stand iu
constant dread of his brief authority.
Messrs. Vaughn ar.d Page inform ua
that Indian Agent Summerville s order
for whites to quit the reservation, does
not effect settlers who have taken land
according to law, as they have done.
The order simply effects trespassers
who have been iptringing on the rights
of the Indians to such extent that they
can be borne no longer.
It is rumored that Father Wilbur will
give one thousand dollars toward the
building of a new school house at
Adams. Equally liberal donations are
pledged by our business men, so that
with a very light taxation a building
can be erected to cost not less than six
or seven thousand dollars. This is
substantial mark of improvement and
one that will be a credit and honer to
the place. Let the good work go on.
10 give some idea ot the immense
amount of wheat handled in our ware
houses this fall so tar, we quote from
their books. Reese & Redman, 41,090
sacks, of which 10,279 were received
the first four days of tnis week. Page
fc Son, 12,000 sacks; Snedgrass, 8,000
sacks. And yet it is said wheat has
but just commenced coming in.
The very honorable county court, at
its last session, awarded the contract
for 4500 20 page pamphlets, doscriptive
of Umatilla county, Oregon for distribu
tion by the County Board of Immigra
tion, to the East Oregonian Publishing
Company. The business was managed
very fly. not another paper in the coun
ty being allowed an opportunity to
make a bid. The honorable court had
a fine opportunity to give its organ a
lift and get whole lots ot glory without
costing itself a cent.
Father Wilbur has just returned from
assisting in dedicating a Methodist
Episcopal church at Pilot Rock. Dr.
II. K. limes also took part. The socie
ty has a neat church, costing about
500, enclosed with a painted pailiug
fence, with a parsenage and barn, worth
about 3,000, all paid for and free of
incumbrance. It was suggested after
the dedicatiou that the church would
need a bell, and the people present
promptly raised nearly $100, which was
given to Father Wilbur to send away
for that purpose.
Eyei brought to Umatilla Qnfijrf..
Boots and Shoes
either for size or. quality, U. not equalled East of the Mwuataina. Ihpj wa5
bonghtfos wiakandwillbeaoldjCHEP-v .
ia complete with the latest and bast styles. Oaf -
are thja very beat, embracing the !a$esi styhj,.
Our stock of
is complete, and will be no Id at bottom, prises
is connected with our store, where aa experienced) man, wilt talqa jtnjt
measure and guarantee a good fitting suit of clpthea.
In order to. give om customers all advantage our Jfr
X. Dusenbery, of San Francisco, has. instructed us t alt
low 1 CEiTS OX THE DOLLAR, for-all cash, purcha
of Dry Woods. Clothing, Hts, Boots and Knees, Tuts an
raugenent will continue unt il the 3 tst of December.
er than any house in Eastern Oregon.
Here is where you can get your money's
wortn in
Beef, Pork, Mutton,'
and everything in the line of meats that
tbe country produces.
Highest market price paid for fat
Toomlis, the Unlucky Fisherman.
Robert Toombs, ef Georgia, whose
chief ambitioa at one time was to call
the roll of his slaves at the foot of
Bunker Hill monument, was known as
the "unlucky fisherman." When he
was a boy he was quite ungainly in ap
pearance, and his companions used to
say that he was so ugly that he scared
tbe fishes awaj All through his career
he never had any luck in angling. He
would sit for hours n the banks of a
stream impatiently awaiting a bite and
cursing his luck, while others aronnd
were landing usli by the dozen. After
fishing all day in a Georgia stream he
drew up a huge mud turtle. He cut
his name in full on the hard shell and
threw the turtle hack into the water.
Two years afterward he was fishing
would rcmctfully inform thp public that she
vas jut upenea out a VOmjucie Btocfct ol
Spring and Summer Millinery
in Mrs. Ashby's old stand pn Water t
Trimmings, . J
and all he latest Kovcltics.
Mv Stork ia all new and fresh, and the ladies ol
Weston and vicinity are respectfully invited to
call and examine it.
louring ill
Proebstel Bjros, F-rovrrss
And keep constantly on. hand all feMft
ff. W6 T
BRAJf, j
Xotice te the Futile,
All persona knowing therawlr fe.
debted either by note or book aeaaunT"
are hereby requested to coma forward
and make immediate payment, aa all .lei
running accounts must b aeHlad W
l.We also wink tn nt -.11 ....
the Weston stfw FIoiSnTtafiwSi
Prof frMf 1 Broi,
at the same spot and again drew out a
March an' Janniwary when I get riled, j turtle. It was the very same turtle on
I never pay for my drinks an' yer'll
hev to l'arn who Bill is, Bloody Bill,
dy'er hear?"
"And you won't pay for that drink?"
i couid, out i never pay lor my
Nobody knew what happened, ex
actly, but in about rive minues the barr
keeper got up out ot a pile of indistin
guishable humanity, boots and pistols
! in the comer, and remarkf.il nnipflv am
he kicked the pile:
which he had inscribed his name, but
he was astonished to find below his
name the words: "Too ugly to catch
fish." A waggish fellow had caught
the denizen of the mud and cut the line
below. The story went that Toombs
caught this identical turtle no less than
fire times, and the last time, in a fit ei
rage, cut its bead off.
500,000 BUSHELS
A little girl of seven exhibited much
disquiet at hearing of a new exploring
"Say, boys, won't some of you take ! expedition. 'When asked why she
l PHspard to 4q any and all kind l
Work in his Hue. Price reaaemabla.
J ft KIRKLijp,
Notary liblie,
for which the highest market price will
be, paid. Also, same amount of
Parties having barley can have sacks
famished by me. I receive at any ship
ping point, either on rivet or railroad.
and very reasonable rates of storage
Land tatine of an kinds-ffiiag. Marine at
c -at tended to, with tonrpfoe. tid eai.
Collecting AeocunU a Specialty,
this bill out and get it changed?" i hould care about it, she said: "If they
-: discover any more countries, they will j jve,j
No dsuree of knowledge attainable by ' add to the geography I have to study, j W'm -TOTCTi f5
man is sble to set him above the want j There are C0,jntn63 enough in it now. .-
p hourly 3FMt.:ince. '" '" " '
(SaMsqr to ffingj, t
.' ASr.
Work dona in tbe Litt and BetSWv
Sqor S inm to Itaan rWiy a On