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WILLI VJMw at MCIX, Milan.
Ill great contest is over, and Garfield
is elected. We are glad if the majority
is so aecmea taat uiere win Be no ground
for dispute. It deadens the moral sensi
bilities of the whole laud to have a well-
grounded belief thai the minority candi
date is declared elected, Garfield is a
declared disciple of Hamilton, and if the
majority of the poeple in their wisdom
endorse him, we can only accord the sen
timent, however much we may differ from
it. the utmost legitimacy. Views of the
tariff question as upheld by the republi
can party, are directly beneficial to the
.great manufacturing interest; while those
injured by such views suffer only indirect
ly. The capital of manufactures is thus
interested in perpatuating republican ad
ministration, and this is a mighty in
finance. But the greatest factor in pro-
during the result was the Solid South.
It is useless to discuss the merits of this
case, as opinions nave an oeen conclusive
ly formed already i and what effect Han
cock's election would have is, for four
years at least, classed among the un
known. Now that it is over, however,
1st us all return to the quiet relations
formerly existing. Political feelings
should never arry us, nor we them, out
aide of the field cf politics.
We quote the following dispatches
from the Oregonian:
Chicago, Nov. 4. The probable Re
publican victory in North Carolina is be
lieved here to be -quite positive. The
Republicans of that State may cause fear
prise by their work.. I
Edgefield, Nov. 4, One negro killed
and eleven wounded in an election riot
Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 4. The Re
publicans gain two Congressmen in Tenn
essee and elect the Governor. Moon is
probably elected here to Congres by 1,000
majority, lhe .Republicans gain 11 as
semblymen and claim the legislature by
virtue of other gains in middle and east
Tennessee. ,
How is it possible that this condition
of affairs could be true when the Ore
goman has been insisting that no Repub
lican could vote in the South
Surely the Oregonian has been editori
ally lying all through the campaign or
its dispatches lie. Albany Democrat.
The following counties give republican
majorities : Benton 45; Coos 75; Doug
las 154; Polk 54; Yamhill 116; Wash
ington 302; Tillamook 60; Columbia 8;
Clackamas 294; Marion 668; Clatsop 120;
Multnomah 492. Total 2464.; Demo
cratic majorities: Jackson 322; Lake
(est.) 150; Josephine (est.) 80; Lane 79;
Linn 274; Umatilla 825; Union 226;
Baker 256. Total 1917. Republican
majority, 547. In the above Grant and
Curry are not estimated, but their vote
is more likely to increase the republican
majority than to reduce it Daily Ore
gonian. '
At no period in the history since the
United States became a nation has this
people had so abundant reason for joy
and gratitude at the favor of Almighty
God, or been subject to so profound an
obligation to give thanks for his loving
kindness and humbly to implore his con
tinued care and protection. The health,
wealth and prosperity throughout all our
boarders, peace, honor and friendship
with all the world, firm and faithful ad
herence by the great body of our popula
tion to the principles of liberty and jus
tice, which have made our greatness as a
nation, to the wise institutions and strong
frame of government, and society which
will perpetuate it. For all these let the
thanks of a happy and united people as
with one voice ascend in devout homage
to the giver of all good. I. therefore,
recommend that on Thursday, the twenty
fifth day. of November next, the people
meet in their respective place of worship
to make acknowledgement to Almighty
God for kis bounties and his protection,
and to offer to him prayer for then con
tinuance. In witness whereof, I have hereunto
set my hand and caused the seal of the
United States to be affixed. Done at
the city of Washington, this first day of
November, in the year of our Lord, one
thousand eight hundred and eighty, and
or the independence of the United States
the one hundred and fifth.
Precincts ' Garfield Hansock
Marquam's, 61 29
Cascades, 47 47
Tualatin, 36 23
Canby, 41 33
Canemah, 30 13
Harding's, -30 28
Mnrxhfield,. 39 32
Viola, C 13
Oswego, .66 . 38
Oregon City, ' '" . 300 146
New Erie, 40 18
Milwaukee, CO 33
Union, 18 9
Highland, I 17 45
Lower Molalla, lf5 46
Springwater. '13 27
Pleasant Hill, 40 32
Beaver Creek, 46 35
Soda Springs, 3 12
Upper Molalla, : 37 68
Eagle Creek, 51 59
Rock Creek, 61 34
Cutting's, 25 42 -
Total, U6U S72
Cla kop-.omeial,
Astoria, 318 233
Upper Astoria, 34 29
Knappa, 36 22
Clifton, 27 13
Westport 24 5
Young's River, (maj) 13
Clatsrrj), 41 24
Jon Day's, 9 16
Seaside, 11 ' 19
Lewis and Clarke, 5 20 .
Vesper, 6 - 5
Fishbank, 5 7
Misawaka, 6 14
Total, 622 420.
The Atlanta Constitution commenting
upon the election says: "It would appear
that the line of sectionalism has been
sharply drawn by the voters of the north,
but there is nothing depressing in this.
We are willing the north should draw
the sectional line in politics if the south
be permitted to draw the line with respect
to the progress and improvements of
those conditions and forces which, make
a people happy in their fields, their work
shops and their homes. We have a pros
perous future before us, and to thin end
we shall look inteni.r. We have- the
cause of public edacation to promote and
the welfare of a. great and growing sec
tion to foster. The south expected a lit
tle more rom Gen. Hancock's auminia
tration than it will ask from Garfield's.
We vant nothing more than simple, ex
ktt, absolute justice. If the new presi
dent owes nothing to the south, he at
least owes something to the country, and
we shall be glad to see him cancel this
debt by giving us an administration as
fair, just, and as clear as that of Mr.
A member of the extensive firm of
"Williamson, Steen k Co." has soineithng
to say on division. His 4etter will be
found on the first page. We hope that
verv voter in the nroDOsed counties of
t al A t
Wise and Coal will give it a careful p
rusal. It gives a good idea of what the
Pendleton papers regard as a just and
fair division of Umatilla county. It
shows now much of a friend to the people
these papers are. When you read it.
compare H. B. 52 with H. B. 64 and
then pass them round to your neighbors.
Let it be seen how much the Sage of Cot
tonwood desired to do fur his constitu
Republican majority, 102.
PEXDLETON, Nov. 10, 1880.
Editors Leader:
' On last Saturday morning, a motion ceme
on to be heart! in the Circuit Court, for the
setting aaideJtheVerdict of the jury in the Ed
ward Marphy murder trial The ground on
which the motion was based, was that the
jury were allowed to converse with persons
on political subjects after being chosen aud
before the verdict, also, that oua of the jurors
drank spirituous liquor during the same time.
It did not appear that more than one drink
was taken aud that occurred 36 hours before
the trial begau. The motion was denied and
two o'clock p. M. appointed by the Court for
Dassinsr sentence. At the appointed hour the
courtroom was packed witljeople, among
wnom were some 10 lames, toe court or
dered the prisoner to stand up then informed
him of what had been done, and asked it he
had anything to say as a reasou why the sen
tence of the law be not passed. The response
was in the negative. The Judgs proce (led to
pass m substance, the lolluwiug sentence.
"In the name of the State of Ore;jun, and by
virtue of the verdict of the jury iu this cause,
and the laws of this State, the Court sentences
you, Edward Murphy, to be taken from this
room, by the Sheriff, to the c&vnty jail of this
county, and there kept in cioVontiaemeiit
until the otn day ot January, ISSI, and on
said day between the hours of 9 a. m. aud 3
P. M., to be taken from said jail to the yard
thereof, aud iu the presence of twelve persons
qualified to act as jurors of this county, to b ;
mere ana tneu haugeu by cue ueck until you
are dead, and may God nave mercy ou your
soUl." When the Judge concluded, a breath
less silence prevailed the prisoner was taken
from the court room, and the wheels of justice
moved on. Murphy seemed to take tiie sen
tence with quite a degree of coolness, but it
did uot take a close observer to see that he
keenly felt its force.
Much excitement prevails over the question
of who shall be city officers. The Republi
cans say they are opposed to drawing party
lines and we wish they had thought of that
"lcetle" matter sooner. Prior to this we were
not advised that they were dead stuck after
good men.
The othcial count of Umatilla county shows
the Democratic majority to be 2S5.
The festival, on last evening, conducted by
the ladies at the M. E. Church was well at
tended and U considered quite a success.
i ..,. j-
President Hayes thinks that the Paci
fic Coast is solid Republican, but the
Chinese question gave it to the Demo
crats, and that the Garfield-Morey letter
aided it! very materially.
The English Channel squadron is sent
to the coa3t of Ireland. The agitators
say the banner they now raise will not
be put down without a gigantic strug-
The Chicago Times shows how specula
tors in pork, after losing three million
dollars, went in for all the pork this
side of the Atlantic and cleared $7,000,
000 by it.
',' Thomas Hughes, of England, was wel
coined by 3,000 people in the Cooper
Institute, New York, and General Wrn.
Curtis presided. Hughes read a paper
on co-operation.
Ther are startling rumors in New
York City about what the Democratic
Committee will do, as it is said thev in
tend tu prove fraud on the part of the
Republicans in New York State.
Urn nnnrata. null on few or m...
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cannot ruin the clothe particle; is easily worked
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And is Uneaualled for Washino WooL
References: '-,
w T. COOK,
The slowness with which election re
turns come is a matter of surprise and
regret. As far as can be ascertained the
general result is as follows : Hancock
receives the electoral vote of the "Solid
South" (138), Delaware (3), New Jersey
(9), Nevada (3), California (6). Garfield
receives all the rest with the exception
of New York (35) and Oregon (3) which
are still undecided. In the case of Ore
gon the vote is'very close with the chances
in favor of the republicans. In New
York the republicans claim a good ma
jority. The democrats insist that this
result was brought about by fraud and
that they have the proof to substantiate
their charges. They declare that Con
gress will have to decide the matter.
We regret that any complications of this
kind should arise, and sincerely hope
that the official count will be satisfactory
and -decisive.
' Baker City, Nov. 4, via Umatilla,
Nov 7. Baker county gives Hancock
212 majority. Two precincts to hear
from will not change the result but a few
Jacksonville, Nov. 6. Jackson coun
ty official gives Hancock 322 majority.
Concord, Nov. 7. Returns from all
but three precincts in the state show a
total presidentUl vote of 86,177 as fol
lows: Garfield, 43,787; Hancock, 40,707;
scattering 683.
Wilmington, Nov. 6. The official
count shows the vote of Deleware on the
electorial ticket to be, Hancock 15,183,
Garfield 14,150.
Washington, Nov. 6. The election
in Virginia is very close. Half the State
gives the Democrats 4,000 majority.
There are several strong Republican
counties to hear from.
A periodical cessation from toil seems
necessary to mans well being. lhe
Christian world believes in a Sabbath as
a day of rest. Many eountries make a
proper observance of this day compul
sory. Our own State laws prohibits the
carrying on of business on Sunday. Yet
many who -would fain be considered as
law abiding citizens utterly disregard
both the divine and huni'Ui law as far as
it concerns a violation of the Sabbath.
Now while there may be those whose ac
tions are not governed by any considera
tions of the decalogue as such, and who
may think it nothing wrong to set aside
any state law that does not commend it
self to their judgemet, yet thure is a very
large class of people who regard these
things differently, and we think that
their opinions and feelings are entitled
to respect The man who thinks there
is no harm in buying on Sunday should
remember that many object to selling on
that day. A decent respect for the opin
ions of others would do away with a great
deal of Sunday work. A proper regard
for the law of the land would abolish it
entirely, and a thorough appreciation
and obedience of the requirements of the
body would make the observation of the
Sabbath an important duty.
"ine resf-arcnes upon this point are
most marvelous. h,ven from the most
earthly standpoint and with utter obliv
iousness of its spiritual and religious char
acter, the principle of a seventh day's rest,
stands disclosed as a law of man's physi
cal nature. Hot merely apcrlion of time,
as the tenth or twentieth, but the seventh
portion of time, as a needful recreation
for the body and mind of man."
The latest dispatches indicate that the
Democratic managers purpose contesting
New York, on the ground that they have
proof of more fraudulent Republican
votes having been cast, than Garfield's
claimed majority. Of course' we cannot
form any opinion from the megre dis
patches, but evidently there is a move
ment of some kind on foot. If an hon
est count elects Hancock, then inaugur
ate him; but if Garfield is elected, let
him be seated in the White House. It
is useless either to place implicit faith in
the statement of gigantic frauds, or to
deride the whole matter as party "bosh";
we are liable to believe -what coincides
with our wishes. We can only wait un
til the result is definitely declared.
The following is the vote of Umatilla coun
ty by precincts so tar as known and the ma
jorities of the respective parties so far
the returns have been received.
The Republican organ at Pendleton
with its characteristic brilliancy and as
tuteness accounts for the falling off of
the Republican vote in this state and
jeeunty. It attributes the increased ma
jority of the democrats in this county to
the lack of "interest in our national af
fairs" exhibited by the republicans. This
is -certainly complimentary. But that
far-seeing sheet goes farther nd adds :
"Reports from Multnomah County state
that at least 500 persons did not g to
the polls on account of the heavy rain.
This accounts for the republican losses as
far aa heard from." There are not many
who could so ably have accounted for
republican losses in California, Nevada,
Mid else where. That rain in Portland
did it.
Pendleton Precinct,
Grease wood,
Upper Butter Creek,
Lower Butter Creek,
Van Syckle,
Lower Willow Creek,
Camas, no election.
The Portland Standard has come off
from the late campaign with flying colors.
Multnomah, which has been the banner
republican county, ha3 been cuWdown in
its majority of J une last, in a most strik
ing degree. The Standard has valiantly
fought it out there, almost alone. Its
editorials have been pungeht, concise and
racy, always furnishing food for thought,
and moreover written witji such dash as
to be always captivating to the reader.
It should be patronised throughout the
Centerville Oregon.
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- fog th Lair,
The Catholics have presented Garfield
with a gold headed cane voted him at the
Columbus Cathedral . and he made a
graphic response, saying : "I accept this
all the more gladly because it comes across
one of the lines that divide us religious-ij."
and. later advice indicates a majority of
two in the House, Vut this is not con
ceded yet.
Everybody is interested in furthering
the jTowth of the city in which he lives.
Energy begets energy, and a spirit of
progress is infectious. If, two years ago,
a large and sufficient number of tenement
buildings had been erected by some of
our enterprising citizens, our population
to-day would have been increased won
derfully. The increased number of peo
ple aids each and every kind of business,
and the whole reacts to t'ne common
good. And such a speculation would be
profitable in a pecuniary sense to the
parties engaged in it. Rents to-day are
bringing better remuneration than any
ordinary investment of the same money,
and herein lies the guarantee of success.
It may be urged that this is a bad year.
But while this is trae, it need not and
does not of necessity form an insuperable
barrier to growth, A glance at the de
velopment of the city of Weston during
the past six months establishes this. At
no previous time in our history has there
oeen sucn suostanuai ana extensive im
provement of a permanent nature. Mr,
L T. Reese with hi3 characteristic energy
is now at work endeavoring to organize
a Real Estate Association for the fur
therance of this project It is to be hoped
that all those concerned will take hold
of the matter in a business like spirit,
and tnus remove tne greatest impedimen
to onr immediate growth into such di
mensions as our business standing and
tne surrounding country demand.
On Thursday next, the itgal voters are
requested to meet to deem upon tfie ad
visability of voting a tax for repairs to
school building and grounds. By the
city law, a si.iewalk must te built by the
school district in front of property. Be
sides such an improvement is imperative
ly required by the children attending
scnooL .ine bunuing also requires re
painting, for, as it is, it is far from being
a credit to the district or ; city. Every
thing should keep pace with the spirit of
progress and improvement now manifes
ted, and particularly a matter of this
kind, as it is an index to the true condi
tion of public spirit. Milton and Hepp-
ner both have splendid school-houses, and
we should certainly not allow Weston to
fall behind the rest in giving a reputa
tion to Umatilla county.
lfc fc STOMACH P
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Some of our leading democrats in this
city proposes to emigrate to South Amer
ica now that Garfield is elected. There
is a place where all vote solid for the
democratic ticket and thev had better all
emigrate to that place. It is the place
that Ingersoll does not believe in. Pen
dleton Tribune.
Another sample of the bad taste of
that journal. It always crawls up in
sight of the defeated, and crows as loud
ly as its weakness permits. Of course.
though in its locals, no one suspects it of
perpetrating original matter, and oar
readers have doubtless already seen this
sentiment. It is not the plagiarising e
object to, so much as the execrable taste
displayed in it.
LutD Omci at LaGrande, Or., Oct. 12, 1880.
Notice is hereby civen that the fo'lowlne-nained set
tler has filed notice of her intention to make final proof
iti ou 'J y l vi i:cr i-uiui, luju secure luja! cm-ry uicrvOl at
trie expiration oi uurty aay irom tne date of tnu notice,
D. S. No, 2413. before R. A. Steel, Notary Public at
Weston, Uma'-illa county, Oregon, on November Z2d.
1880, for the S of J. it I and N J of Sw J ok Sec 84, Tp 4
N, K 87 E, WM, and names the following as ber witness
es, viz: ueiceu. comn, oi walla. v ana. w. T., and
Thomas 1. Allen, Reuben Kinney and George T. Berry,
vi juiiMin, uaauua couutv, vrcgon.
li. w. uwioirr,
Oct 18-6w Register.
A student of the University of Cali
fornia was found to have the small pox.
Other cases cause consternation in the
city. Fifty cases are said to have occurred
in four days. Vaccination is popular
thereabouts. There is r.o small pox
among the Chinese.
Land Office at LaGrande, Or., Oct. 11, 1880.
Notice is hereby given that the following named act-,
tier has filed notice of his intention to make final proof,
in support of hi claim, and secure Anal , ntrv thereon
at the expiration of thirty day from the date of thi
a truce, viz:
D. 8. No, 1769, before Register k Receiver at LaGrande.
Oreeon. on bovember 24t. 1880. for th E 1 of E i of
See 82, Tp 6 N, R 35 K, WM. and names the following as
nis iuicsaes, viz; Anorew ry uk, z. r. raweett, law
rence Hutchinson and John McLean, all of Weston,
vmauua county, vrcgoo. u. w. 1wiobt,
Octl-6 Register.
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Pendleton, Oreeon.
Town Plats made and Lands Located.
OFFICE At the Cent Itut.
80-2-28-lY . -
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