Weston weekly leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 1878-189?, October 30, 1880, Image 1

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VOL. 2,
NO. 47.
l. ta
WlXUAJUeX JTCelX. raMlsaers.
Issued Evert Saturdat Morxino,
Six Month :
Aras Month. '".i-'lW,
ttngl Copies
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Each addition! InMition
On Qjuartar Colamn, Srst Insertion,
yi. aililitry1 insertion,
Time adrertlsers by (pedal contract. Local noM
14 MWMlM Brrt iSertlon. 12 nte p.r Mo. each
T . .1 ' J Kill rvrth. Illl&l'-
aabeeqaeut insertion. ausim" i j -
n i l uiim will ha charred 75 cent! Per square
t Insertion, and 37 J cent, per square each subsequent
Insertion (psyaoie mvnuuv
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aaa deaths will be inserted without chart Obituary
notices charged (or aounrdinc to length. .
.. 60
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Attorney at Law,
nirton Territory. npeclai attention pais, iu una vm
Will practice la tbe Courts of this Bute ana wan
business and Collccuo
Offlce-Mala HI.. TCestcn. .
Attorney at Law,
OFFICE-.11 Cotirt Hour. Walla Walla
Port Monnaies,
Fishing Tackle,
Perfumery, Toilet Soaps,
Toys and Nuts,
M'hoeutlc and Rrtail.
Fred. M. Pauly,
They stood at the garden gate.
By the lifting of a Ud
She might hare read her fat
In toe little thing he did.
He plucked a beautiful flower.
Tore It away from its place
Ou the side of the blooming bower,
And held It against his face.
Drank in its beauty and bloom.
In the midst of his Idle talk;
Then cast it down to the gloom
And dust of the garden walk.
Aye, trod it under his foot, -
As it lay In his pathway there ;
Then spurned it away with his boot,
. Because it had ceased to be fair.
, Ah, the maiden might-hare read
The doom of her young life then;
But she looked in his eyes instead.
And thought hint the king of men.
She looked in his eyes, and blushed ;
She hid In his strong arms' fold ;
And the tale of the flower, crushed
And spurned, was once more told.
Attorney at Law and Notary Public.
W1I practice n the Courts In Oregon and Washington
Collections Promptly Attended To.
0FFICK. an Mala Htrert. Weit, Or
A. ST1SK1.,
Notary Public and Collector.
Agent for Utah, Idaho and Oregon Stage Co's, also,
Dealer In Caadira, Nut. Toys, Motions, Clear
Tobacco, aad nameroa other artlrlca.
- Attorney at Law.
' Will practise In all the courts of the State.
Physician, Surgeon and Accoucheur.
auiva, hukm.
All calls promptly attcaded.
S. F. SHARP, M. D.f
Ilytician, Surgeon, and Accoucheur
OFFICE Over Wagner's Furniture
Store, Centcrville, Or.
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every county in the Union.
Address: Loots Banter et Co.,Snl:.i K.ir nf Patents
and Attorneys at Law, LcLroit Building, Waofeiagton,
D. C.
Physician and Surgeon,
ale at Bis resldeaee aa Water St.
OFFICE At Druy Stort, CenUrviUe,
Qr3n- 7-17 80 tf
in Dalies District. Parties desiring land located
would do well to correspond with him. Pettysville P.O.
The Webfoot Restaurant,
(Opposite the new Court Houts.)
amiTiS - - - - - aaa
Brt Meals for Ike Money In Walla Walla.
7 21-
Editors Leader:
Dear Sir : I see your answer to an en
quirer and telling why you are a Democrat.
I have read it through and cannot see the
point. One reason is that the' Democratic
party is older than the Republican party. As
j you state it the Democratic party dates back
to the time of Jefferson, while the Republican
party trnly dates back to Lincoln. It is the
same argument that Paul uses to show that
inan is superior to woman, for hs says "man
fir it was then woman." By that argument
the ape would be superior to man, for he was
made first. You say the fundamental princi
ples are the same with the Democratic party
to-day that it was in Jefferson's days. Noth
ing could be more erroneous. . Do you sup
pose Jefferson would have voted to place
Benedict Arnold in the U. S. Senate 1 or do
you suppose that the Democrats of his time
would accuse him of waving the bloody shirt '
had he refused to vote that way ? Before you
claim to be a Jeffersonian Democrat, I would
ask you, do you think that Jefferson looked
upoii treason as a crime or not ? Do you think
he would have voted to turn out a Sargent-at-arms
at the Capitol who had held the office of
General in the Continental army and put a
Tory iu his place? or do you think he would
have voted to put Benedict Arnold as chair
man ot the committee on pension claims? You
believe in State's rights. You leave it as clear
mud. Jeff. Davis is a State's rights man,
aud every man iu the rebel army was a State's
rights man. Define yourself. There is not a
Republican in the U. S. who does not hold to
State's rights. . But there is a limit to it and
thoy ai-9 not afraid to tell it. The Democratic
party of to "?y Wow hot and cold with the
same breath. ' They are aold men or green-
backers to sui? !;S voters either way; to suit
like Pat's horse, "if he was any better lor
having the heaves ho had 'em." Any one by
reading your letter would suppose that the
Republican party anted the part of traitors
during the war and that the Democrats of
Missouri restored the Union. I see you claim
Lincoln as a Democrat, and condemn Blaine,
Conklins. Cameron, Loiran, Garfield, etc., as
deadheads, enemies to the country, bat not
one word of condemnation of such men as
Hampton, Toombs and the host of men that
tried to destroy the best government on earth.
You would make people believe that if Demo
crats succeed in electing their men and get
control of the government that northern Dem
ocrats would have something to say about
running it. You can make no one believe
this. If Democrats win it will be the solid
south who is master of the situation, and you
know what their feelings are towards the
"Lost Cause." Do you think that the "prin
ciples that Lee and Jackson fought for are
dead with them? Do you think such a Con
gress with a President that they elected would
look with favor on union pensions ? Do you
think they meant it when they said they
would tear your amendments from the Consti
tution? I will say one thing more about
Democratic principles to show you how they :
are two-faced. They have contended since
the war that a military man was not a man
for President." They supported Tilden wh
boasted in '66 that he had not given one dollar
to aid the unholy war, and Seymour who de
nounced the war as a failure (in a speech in
Chicago in '64). They support English who
was in sympathy with the rebellion and
claimed that Democrats in Indiana returned
runaway slaves to their masters and called
Republicans blackhearted Abolitionists. At
the same time they support Hancock who
risked his life to fight such principles. If it
is not a mixed np mess, what is it? Do you
remember that the Democratic party fought
the homestead bill for years? and that that
party parsed the first railroad grant? No'
will you be kind enough to give this a place
in the Lea DER ? I write this because there is
two sides to the question and both should be
read. Truly yours,
H. H. Nichols.
Wa are pleased with the energy of
Mr. Nichols letter. It is so much more
satisfactory to find a man openly, and
without personal feeling, advocating his
views, and combating those with which
he differs, than grumbling and abusing
in private. To the argument. "We stat
ed the comparativo duration of the two
parties, but observe, toe drew o infer
ence favorable to democracy from its
greater age. Fott drew the inference,
then argued against it
Ton say Jefferson would not have
voted to make Benedict Arnold a sena
tor Can it possibly be that you com
pare the people of the south to-day with
Arnold? If that is not your meaning
pardon us, but your reference to the
"bdy shirt" implies it Are the peo
ple of tie U. S. tb-day fellow-citizens ?
Have the people of the south political
privileges' Do you ask them to be gov
erned and yet not allow them, to assist in
governing? If you had a quarrel with
your brother, then afterwards shook
hands with him, professing to live in
equality and friendship with him, and
yet all the while harbored the feeling en
tertained while fighting, would your
cr.urse be honorable or treacherous?
"When the people of the north professed
reconciliation to the south, either they
mant it, or they played false. Can any
one deny that ? You want us to define
ourselves on State's Rights, saying our
claim was "clear as mud." "We said the
party believed in "constitutional State's
Eights." Amendment 10th of the Con
stitution reads : "The powers not dele
gated to the U. S. by th constitution,
nor prohibited by it to the StateSj are
reserved to the States respectively, or to
the people." Read Sec. 8 and 10 of the
constitution, or rather, all of it for con
stitutional State's Bights, and if it be
still "clear as mud," we are not responsible.
Regarding finances, you are right as
far as localities are concerned. Demo
crats have differed and do differ on cur
rency, but we think you will find the
national platforms to be in aecord in that
party. You might have said the Repub
lican party also, for it "blows hot and
cold" just the same. You make nothing
by the comparison as to consistency for
the Republican party, and lose when on
the national record. The Republican
party is certain on one financial point
they are certainly increasing the capital
of U. S. bond-holders at enormous usury
by the National Bank system, at the ex
pense of the people, while the Democrats
have certainly always opposed it
We did not say or imply that : the Re
publicans were "traitors during the war."
Simply this, in reply to the Republican
campaign boast that the Republican party
crushed the rebellion (rt-.ad platform of
1880), we said that Republicans and
Democrats did it, and we brought the
proof. "We did not claim that Lincoln
was a Democrat We said that certain
planks of the Lincoln platform, quoted,
are in harmony with the principles of
Jefferson, and or the Democratic party
to-day and we reiterate it A Demo
cratic Congress granted more pensions to
Union soldiers than did a Republican
one. In comparing the cost of conduct
ing government under the last Democrat
ic congress, with a similar cost under the
last Republican congress, the Democrats
diminished the outlay in every item, ex
cept pensions to Union soldiers, which
teas increasedl The utterances of peo
ple a long way off are to be accepted
with caution, especially after going the
rounds of a strongly partisan press. Til
den denied the statement you credit him
with and proved his position, four years
ago. No considerable body of the south
ever threatened to tear the amendments
from the constitution. Of course there
are extremists on every question. Some
man down south may have said it
Why, sir, there are men to-day who
speak of our southern fellow-citizens as
if they were on a level with Benedict
Arnold ! It is unfair to brand a whole
party for such utterances. When you
say the Democrats granted the first rail
road lands, do you mean to disparage
them ? Then supposing your statement
is correct, what blame must be attached
to the Republican congress far if-nd
grants as subsidies to Kailroais oi terri
tory "greater than France, Spa.: and
Italy together !"
From Wm. M. Evart s Speech at Cooper Institute, OUR WASHINGTON LETTER
.... Sept. SB, 1880 I :
Thank God, they have got all the see-1 Washihgtoh, D. CL, Oct 8, 1880, "
tionalism now in front, and in the solid I Although there is little in the way of '
South. rApplause.1 We will rxlitical news to agitate our social It-
save the government from passing into 1 mosphere, yet there has been sufficient
the hands of sectionalism next November, I to occupy the attention of our people in
and four years hence, and eight years the way ef a fair, which was opened en
hence, and twelve years hence, and so on I Tuesday by a large procession ef our
during the long roll of the history of the I tradespeople. The principal event which
American people. Applause.
TOKK. JA.1. 11, 1ST.
To the CmzeHs of New York: To
day's Associated Press despatches ef -the
events which took plaee in our sister city
of New Orleans present the most marked
attack upon the rights of American citi
zenship which has been made since the
establishment of our government.
A legislative body of a' sister state,
peacefully assembled, has been broken
into and dispersed by Federal troops, act- Qr
ing under orders from the President of
the United States.
To give expression to the outraged feel
ings which every citizen of a free Com
monwealth must experience, that a crime,
happily in this country so unparalleled,
against underlying principles of our gov
ernment, we ask you to assemble, irre
spective of party ties, at the Cooper Ins
titute, on Monday evening, Jan. 11, it
8 o'clock.
Wm. Culles Brtant, Wm. M. Evarts,
Wm. K Dodge, Whitelaw Reid.
And many others. iV. Y. Suns
transpired at the Fair grounds took place -
yesterday afternoon when St. J ulien
trotted against time. It was.given'out
thai, he would endeavor to beat his reconl .
of 2:11 J, but in this he did not ficeed.
Two heats were trotted: ; one whichwas
for the purpose of wanning him -up Vas .
accomplished in 2:19 J. The second.
which came off half an hour later was
trotted in 2:13, and was beautifully
done. The action of "St Julien" while
in motion is simply perfect, and the race
was greatly enjoyed by all lovers of fast t
There was a large, attend-
ance, about 6,000 spectators being -in at
tendance, v ' '" ' "
In the line of theatricals there have
been some excellent representations at
the National Theatre, and manager
Kingsley has catered to the public taste. -r;
in a manner every way worthy of patron- .
age. That admirable burlesque upon the
traveling proclivities and habits of the
American people, yjz: The Tourists" '
has drawn crowded houses during the
past week.
In the case of ex-Senator Isaac P.
Christiancy now U. S. Minister to Peru,
against his yoking wife, Mrs. Lilly M.
Christiancy, filed several months ago,
but little progress has been thus far made. -Tbe
last time the case was before the '
court an order was made directing the
Pendleton, Oct. 20, 1880.
During the last week Lock wood & Stover
have put in a fine pair of hay scales, in front
of their Liverv Stable. '
The brick work on Milarkie's new buildimg plaintiff to pay $300 counsel ; fees and
is finished. It looks splendid, and will com
pare favorably with the brick buildings of any
town in the State. We learn that the lower
story is to be occupied by Summerville &
Raley as a drug store. Too this it is well
adapted as the fine glass front will enable them
to show their goods to advantage. The second
story will be used for offices.
Col. Larabee spoke here on the 14th to the
largest and most enthusiastic audience which
it has been my pleasure to see in Pendleton.
The effort is pronounced by both Republicans
and Democrats as the ablest ever heard.
G. W. Walker Esq. addressed the Haucock
and English Club on Friday evening. A large
and very attentive audience was in attendance.
The speech is spoken of by many as able and
interesting. In fact, the. audience evinced
their approbation of what the speaker said by
loud and long applause. " j
On Sunday last, much interest was manifest
over the motion made in the Legislature to re
consider the motion by which the Division of
Umatilla county was indefinitely postponed.
We are not advised as to what turn the mat
ter took.
The residence of Cap. Wm. Martin, sheriff,
is nearing completion. The building looks
quite well and will be an ornament to our
town. Perhaps Cap. commenced this outlay
before the Legislature voted him back pay,
over the left, but then he is able to foot the
bill without any back pay.
Much dissatisfaction seems to prevail over
the law made by the legislature, relative to
making the offices of Clerk and Shariff salar
ied offices ; and in fact we fear the Legislature
has made quite a blunder. And the fact that
nine counties were exempted from the opera
tion of the law does not look well.
The Oregon Railway and Navigation
company have resolved to increase their
capital stock from $6,000,000, to $9,-
Use Oriental Hair Tonic for preserv
ing the hair.
The house bill appropriating $10,000
in aid of a monument to Dr. Whitman,
was reported back to the house with the
recommendation that it do not pass.
The bill was then indefinitely postponed.
The reason that guided the house in its
action is said to bo the present financial
condition ef the state.
The total value of petroleum and
petroleum product export for the past
year was in round numbers, $34,000,000,
being a falling off of $3,000,000, as com
pared with the year preceeding. i
A field of forty acres of wheat near
Watsonville, CaL, yielded 97 bushels
p?r acre, a rom i u to au nusneis per
acre is reliably reported as a frequent
yield this year, in Pajaro valley, j
West Virginia election returns are
very meager. The democrats claim the
state by from 12,000 to 15,000, the re
publicans concede it by 8,000.
Oh, yes ! Yon can rely on Webfoot
oil at all times, night or day, as a sure
cure for croup or spasm. Ask for it at
McCoH Miller's.
Subscribe for the Leader.
$100 per month alimony, but it is under
stood that the orders have only been par
tially complied with, and that several '.
hundred dollars are now due from him." A
Mis. Christiancy has commenced to move
in the matter, and will this week begm
taking testimony at 33 Wall street, New '
York, before C. B. Cawles, commissioner.
The witness to be summoned before him'
is Mr. George E. Haight, who was a pas
senger on the steamer in . which Mr. '
Christiancy, in 1879, embarked t join,
her husband in Peru. . She did net like V
the Peruvian gentleman under whose
protection she traveled, and Mr. H. fre
quently rendered her assistance during
the voyage, and after the arrival at lima -became
a frequent visitor at the residence
of Mr. Christiancy. - It is well under
stood that Mr. Haight will testify that '
during some of these visits he saw Mr.
Christiancy while intoxicated assault his
wife, and that the minister's conduct tc- -wards
his wife was a subjeot ef general
talk among the Americans at Lima. -Owing
to the limited amount of legal :
tender notes, better known as greenbacks,
the government dues are now paid by
the assistant Treasurer of New York
through the clearing in gold. This is -
owing to the great demand for the notes
all over the country especially in the . -
There are all sorts of rumors running
around, some of them of the asest extra- :
ordinary description. One of them is
that should Indiana and Ohio go Demo- "
cratic in the forthcoming state elections,
that Garfield will withdraw in favor of
Grant, who will accept the situation, and :-
go in for the purpose of breaking up the -solid
south, and it is stated that this is -
being treated a very serious intention on
the part of the Republican candidate for -the
The Supreme Court of the United '
States will convene for the October term
on Monday the 10th inst The Chief -Justice
and three of his associates are .
already in the city and the balance with
the exception of Justice Field of Ceiifor- ,
nia will be here by that time. The num. .
ber of cases on the docket is 909, about
200 more than were docketed last year. -.
Among the important cases assigned for
argument on the first and second days of .
the new term are No. 767. The TJ. 8 ,
ex neL Thomas M. Bride against , Carl
Sohurz, known as the Mormon land case, -which
will explode all the Mormon cities -in
Utah and open up to settlement H'
government lands in that Territory bow
held by tbe Mormons; tbe Florida rail- -road
cases and the cases of the Louisiana '
and Kentucky Lottery Companies.
"H. G.
t s