Weston weekly leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 1878-189?, July 24, 1880, Image 3

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S?STS USAtOS.... "
RjwaxsaxMtrras f
gimurr :
inuror Pouos.
0. Benjamin,
p. A. ortlinftoa,
' H.O. Yokem
:...Benj. Wefe?-:
j. a" Hsiisos
M. Teoiitastnn
....J. L Beany
....J.B, bwr
J. C Arnold
Dr. J; B. LtadW
J. CotbraH
T. J. leer.
'.L L. VsaWlnkk.
. o. McMorris,
Jno. Miller
Oeo. Prabtui
m CfcareSw.-Suadayool efOTtadsr
5 1SK, A. M., SUd HTTlO 7, V Jj
Mku Chaiwk. Swath. Bar. E. P. WarreB
pastor: sesrtees held 1b the Baptist Cnttroh, aa
weoad Sudor oi each atonta, at U A. u. and T I
KMW Cbw.- M'fc on tho ttrst Sunday of
flM H, paStOT. '
lreskycrtaa Chare Berries
om ftntLW avfc 11 A at. . mJMl 7. F. M.. BUIUUkT BVUVW
OA u, v.. end serrtces rrry Wednesday at 7. ?
Dolly's iua, oo Water atnwt, by Hot fcV W. Morrison.
JL. i.T.AL H,-Weton Mae.
YT hmU second and fourth Boturdoyo ot
V ku, otjr. . etth Masonic HaU.
Jto. Si
of each
J. E-Joaas, W.M.
: : r
m. F. Weatow Lwdge.No. Ml
t avirr Thursday at 7 :30. r. a., In
T. Blae Mowatata Lese No. 341.
SBsetsoYery Saturday at 7,30 r. a.
lom;ajl uabu.
Blow, ye brsezes, blow.
Ho, for the Warm Spring !
Chops are looking very well
Out streets are just a trifle dusty.
Messrs. Barnes and Pauley hare gone to
the mountain. .
TICK T Yon can bny any kind of clock at
btdroek prictt from G. J. Markewitz.
- Mr. Jacob Proebstel leaves for Portland on 1 McArtur
Monday. Business calls him away. I shot-gun.
- Wood and nila are dailv nourine down I bis trial.
from the mountains in large quantities,
Tom Price is about to build a fine brick
dwelling on his farm below town.
THE Weston Steam Flouring Mills have
been shipping about SOU barrels of flour per
tree. '
PlCTCMa. Mr. Palmer, of Mi'toa, is
tain prepared to take your photograph in the
litest style, :
fLOW. Bamford Bros, were slow about
a, siting out their new ad., so just read it over
.. SxBVICtS. There will be no preaching at
the Presbyterian church for three consecutive
Sundays, commencing to-morrow.
YAKIMA. Their many friends will regret
to lean that Mr. 8: Porter and family have
started for tbe Yakima country.
Oonti. Freight from Portland to Bloe
M uituin Station has been, reduced to $25
jer ton.
" e
Reunion. --The family of C. R, Becketto
the third gcuevitiort, after several years' sep-
juration, are again gathered under one roof. -
CHimoKSS. Work begins immediately on
two, new churcaea at Centerville, one for the
M-. E, Cburc, north, and the other for tbe
Christiana. - '"
Bkicc Weston has contracts given for
; five brick dwelling-houses and three brick
stores. This Is an evidence of the growth of
the snrrnnnding country, and the stimulus to
tne business of our city.
New Statios. The U. I. O, Stage Co.
are about to have a new station between here
and Pendleton. It is to be situated on the
farm of Mr. Harry Kribba, who is now at
work erecting the necessary stables. The
drive from Pendleton is found to be too long.
' thus necessitating the new station.
lMPOTAT. When you visit Walla Wal
be sure and call at the San Francisco Ilea tan
' rant on the north side of Main street, Messrs.
Brush & Cranston, the proprietors, spread the
best table in the city. Don't fail to give them
a trial. Everything about the place is neat,
, eleaa and attractive.
... . ' i i e
MaBBLK Wo&KS. D. J. Coleman, Walla
Walla, is proprietor el the Marble Works, nd
prepared to furnish Head Stones, Monuments
and everything els in his line, at reasonable
rates. B. F. Mansfield is agent for Center-
. villa and Weeton, and is authorised to take
orders and give receipts.
Tbi Best Wat to Kill Sqcirkkl. Pro
vide yourself with a package of Holmct' Squir
rW JMnm and have all the boys and girls go
after W. It will clean them out sure.,.. Put
np in large packages and is the cheapest and
beet in the market. Made and for sale by H.
E. Holmes, Druggist, Walla Walla, or to be
had flora your nearest Druggist.
e- ; ,.
W, G. J AMESOK. Watch-maker and jew
Jer. corner Main and Sd iSt Walla Wallaa
solicits your patronage Having 17 years
practical experience and keeping competent
workmen is his employ, is prepared to do
-n watch repairing, jewelry work, seal cut
ting ate, promptly and at reasonable prices.
Watches, Clocks, Spectacles always in stock
and sold cheaper than any ether store in
. Atfcaane. j
A very disgraceful scene was enacted on our
streets last ' Thursday evening. A drunken
man, who baa mora than once laid himself lia
ble to the ordhuaosaof oeroity, knocked down
us norse-aua: proceeaea vt kibk ana abase
him moat unraercifally. No soonex would the
poor brute regain its feet than its owner would
knock him down again and treat him aa be-
fere. As aoori as our City Marshal, Mr. L L.
Van Winkle, heard of the affair, ho proceeded
witk laudable promptness to terminate the
cruel treatment and arrest the offender.
Knowing- the. determined character of the
man with-whom he had to deal, the Marshal
summoned several persona to Ida aid, but it
seems that they neglected or refused to give
tbe needed aasutanes. .When the Marshal
alone tried to arrest lum, he was met with a
blow which threw him to the ground, when
the man escaped wttaontlet or hiiwirwife, If
this is really the condition of affairs, it is to
be deplored. For- the benefit of those who
may be ignorant of the consequences of refus
ing to assist aa officer, the following section
found on page 427 of the Code may be of in
terest: ". ' . v: 'I .
Sec 624. "If any Derson. beine- reouired
by any officer or magistrate to assist him in
tne execution ox bis omce, in tne preservation''
of the peace, or the arrest of any person for a
breach of the peace. , or tbe service of any
pwees shsltaegieet or refuse to render such
assistance, such person npon.oonviction there-
oi, aoau do pumaaea oy unpnawuneBE in tne
county jail not less than tax month? o more,
than si months, or by a fine' " not' leas than
twenty-fire or more than five hundred del-
Sec. 352 of the same Code, page 386, asserts
that "A peace officer is a Sheriff of a county
or Constable of a precinct, Marshal or police
man of a town," etc. It seems plain that
while it was the duty of the Marshal to at
tempt the arrest of such person violating any
city ordinance, it was equally the duty of any
citizen to render him aid if requested to do so,
and that under penalty. If we expect to
maintain the dignity of the laws, we must see
that they are strictly executed. If any law
is wrong, let it be rescinded. If any officer is
incapable, let him be removed. But while
they are in power, they ought to be respected,
Justice to ourselves and others demands this.
The Marshal armed with a State warrant
and accompanied by A. D. Mc Arthur, the car
penter, followed the fugitive, and; met him on
ms way to town. He was armed witn a pis
tol,, which he carried in his hand.
requested to surrender he refused!
ished the weapon in defiance, whereupon Mr.
shot him through the
He was captured, and now awaits
A Kebnke.
Upon being
and brand-
arm with a
-v .... Pendleton, July 20, 13S0.
.Eds. LEADER: I was visiting at' a neigh
bor's last night, - when my attention was
called to the following language used toward
you in the Pendleton Tribune- "The edit
ors of the Leader are better than J. Christ,"
As a citizen and a believer in Christianity, t
wish to write to yon to say that the good peo
ple of Pendleton regret that any such lan
guage should be printed in a paper published
here and sent to many Christians to shock
their minds and scandalize their families. To
properly rebuke such comparisons . baeffis
decency; and to suffer it to go unnoticed
might lead the Tribune to imagine .that it
has not grieved many good people in this
ommunity.by its broad, bad and blasphem
ions allusions.
' The suppression of the most iof the name
of the Saviour only makes it more clear that
the writer was conscious of the! coarseness of
his idea, I have heard of the jOregon style
ot newspaper writing, but tbis ; seems to me
bordering on a lower and more siokening
depth of - degradation. I raise my protest
against such ribaldry going unoondemued.
. Mot Spriks, Jly SO, 1880.
EDS. LX40R .Deor rr.-. At this season
of the Tear, there seems to be a very general
desire on the part of perspiriag humanity to
wego tne reaned luxury of nwmey. making
goswp-gathsring, and seek some seques
tered shade or cooling spring- the Warm
Springs for instance ad luxuriate in the
pleasures of ennui and idleness. This natur
al desire to breathe the mountain air and
neglect one's business, is common to all class
es; bnt every one does not indulge in it a
good many wise people stay at home some
from motives at once good and sufSeient It
is while thus, rusticating above the level of
industry, sad from "town and costly toilets
far remote that man makes the acquaintance
of the nvwntain trout. The feeling that drew
intelligent man to the solitude of the moan
tain fastness must have its counterpart in
the breast of the trout; sad it is not for Na
gantosay where the breast of a trout is.
But tbe feeling most be in him somewhere.
because at the time the human form divine
in light apparel is making its way to the
mountains, the trout ia doing similarly like
wise. A common instinct evidently impels
them,, and a common fate certainly
await them: they are both taken in. . Now,
what occult influence simultaneously moves
them mountainward T That they do so, is
aa undeniable fact. And this fact opens up
the fountains of deep speculation, and pre-
erpitates'tho" baffled-enquirer who seeks after
truth in the misty realms ot th- mysterious,
into the cimmoriaa depths of metaphysical
profundity, or words to that effect In mak
ing the journey, the trout travels by Water,
and thus avoids the dust which his human
companion in exile plentifully eats, accord
ing to the Scripture. However, they both
get there in due season, and they immediate
ly proceed to improve their acquaintance, and
strengthen the ties that bring them closer to
gether. The man generally tries to place
himself outside of the toothsome trout, - and
he too frequently succeeds. But 'twas ever
thus. Man's friendship is frequently fraught
with peril, and is too often a delusion and a
snare. But angling is not our only amuse
ment. To stroll in the deep shade of the
sombre woods or lazily loll beneath the um
brageous branches of some thickset tree, and
dream the delightful dreams that every lazy
mortal has ever dreamt before, is the favorite
pastime with many. Some pretend to read;
but the ponderous tomes that deal with ab-
truss or scientific themes is wanting here.
The Leader is a welcome "guest, and even
the new-born Tribune is seized upon with the
desperate hope that it may contain something
of interest.
The scenery here is very fine. To see
them sitting on the bank of the purling stream
paddling the limpid waters with their snow
white feet, is indeed a pretty picture, in
which innocence reigns supreme. But hark 1
Tis the hour for "hash,' and I hie away.
More anon,, perhaps. . N AO an.
. A Good .Tmxo, --GermaA Svrunja the
special prescription ot Lr. a. soscnee,- a
celebrated German Physician, and is acknowl
edged to he one of - the 'taostrtortanate dis
coveries in Medicine. - It qdickly jcnret
cough, eolds and. all - Inag troubles of the
severest, natara, removing, as it- does, the
affection and leaving the parts in a strong
and healthy condition. It is not aa experi
mental: medicine, but has stood the test of
years, giving satisfaction ia every ease,whihc
its rapidly increasing sale every season con
firms. Two million bottles sold annually.
Beware jaedicines of similar names,' lately
introduced. . Boachee's German Syrup was
introduced in the United States In 1868, and
ht now sold In every town and village ' in the
civilised - world. Three doses will , relieve
say ordinary cough. Price 75 cents. Sample
bottle, 10 cents.
. The UndacttioadeM aoy prepared to seB 1 :
Than they can be had this side of The Dalles.
tCall and get Prices
SB TVf 1 iTilTR,
Citt Drcq Store, Weston.
4 THISTLES. We are credibly informed that
the genuine Canada thistle has made its ap-1
pearanoe ia the Grande Ronde valley. As
there seems to be no probability of a mistake
on this point, we would earnestly recommend
the fannen of that vicinity to take immediate
and effective measures for its complete eradi
cation. No greater pest ever cursed a conn- I
try with its ubiquitous presence, nor one, hav
ing gained S good foothold, that is more diffi-1
culttogCTtMof... ;
STOVES. Mr. Olds, of Grease wood, is evi
dently one of those men who believe in encour
aging home manufacture, as we saw him pur
chasing of -Jones a magnificent Wide West
ranee? . One 'advantage in buying these Ore
gon stoves is that they -are warranted for one
year. Any piece failing in that time is sup
plied by simply, paying freight upou it.
i Some idea may be. formed of the business
done in our city from the fact that' our mer
chants have since las -Monday paid out at
Blue Mountain Station for freight alone,
something, over $1,300. Tbe shipments at
this time of the year are not nearly as large as
in the fall, when winter supplies are being
bought. : We fancy that there are few towns
of the size on the Coast that display the same
amount of business energy as this same thriv
ing city of Weston.
A Boarding and Daj School
The Cbriitmas Term beg Ids on Thursday, Sept. t.
18S0. It la Important tor every pupil to be prorat oa
the " r, .
For particulars call at the school on Poplar Street,
oeifr. en secona ana lnira t tree is, or Aaanss ua
T-!M4m walla walla, w. T.
Tte Sept Spring' Kedlclae vsi Semtt--
fler of the Complexion fat oia. - Oares '
Pimplao, Boila, v Kotchaa, , NenraJgia,
Scrofula, Ckmt, BIisutjuiUc aod Xlerctiri-
alpsina ajid all Diseases ariaiBg from a;
impuTe state of the Blood 'or tlfn. : , -
CSold bj McCoiHc Wb' .
CATARRH, Loss of VOICE, Incipient
Consumption, and all Diseases of tho
Throat and Lungs. Ask for the Call-,
fornia Pulmonary Balsani, nd take no
other. .
subscriber, residing on eight Mile, in Was
co county, a DAHK BAY UUKSE, about 15J
hands high, with short heavy tiaL star in fore
head, mane parted in center, white streak over
left nose, collar marks on top.of neck, shod all
around with old shoes, not branded nor saddle
marked. When last seen was at Joh't Day's
bridge, going in the direction of Walla Walla.
Itiii JUULiLiAKS win nepaiaior Tne return
of the animal or $5 for information of his
whereabouts. JUHM lAUrUKT.
The Dallas, July 20, 1880. 7-24-80
Normal. The E. O. is luxuriating in its
chronic nastiness in speaking of us. That is
all right. But if it should ever ape a respect
able tone, as it tried to do a few weeks ago,
we shall again be under the painful necessity
of driving it back to its congenial dirt. We
don't want te see decency disgraced by its
presence. , : .
LAvs Omce, at La GaasDs, Oa., Jul; 19, 1890.
Notice is hereby sivra that the followtnr nam ad set
tier has Sled notice of his intention to out final proof
ia support of his claim, and secure tuul entry thereof
at the expiration of thirtv days from the date ot this
notice, via:
Preemption No. 1,644. Witnesses testimony will be
made before Iiwijrtit A; Baiiey, notaries public at Pen.
I dleton. Urecon. August US, lum). for the ael-4 Sec tS, T
6 K, K S3, ana names tna lol.uwuiir as ms witnesses,
viz: Alex wauer, . v Jenians, vo.iia weosier ana a.
Key, all ot vtcstun, UnwUlta wunty, Wivgoa.
7-J4-80-5W - Keglster.
iSaM by att Dr sexists.
. .. Ia Prices at the t..-
All kinds of Tinware keat la stack asta saadVa -
te srraen,-
Job Work and Repairing Neatly and
Cheaply done. All Goods in, my line told
at Walla WaUa price. H. SMITH.
Centerwlle, Or. 7-17-80-tf
Diseases of Women and Children.
Chronic Complaints, also Extracting of
laity. Consultation Free at my Ore.
Diphtheria and
of Teeth a dpee-
ice, next door to
Freaa HUtea.
To the wife of Rev. J. B. Chamberlain, a
son weight lOlbe gross.
The Rev. gentleman naturally is happy,
and believes there is nothing in the west end
of tbe county to beat the young prodigy.
To the wife ot James T. Lieuallen, on '
Thursday, the 22d, a son an eight pounder.
Jim weighs sixteen lbs more since the mem
orable event.
Read the following testimonials, not r rom
persons 3,000 miles away, whom no one
knows, but from well-known and trust-. wor
thy oitizens of Oregon, whose names, writ
ten with their own hands, can be seen at our
office j
Portland, Or., Jijly 29, 1879.
My kidneys were in a very bad condition.
The urine was like brick dust, ahd I suffered a
great deal with my back. All remedies were
unavailing until I tried the OREGON KID
NEY TEA, which, gave me almost instant re
lief. H. HAMILTON.
Portland, August 2, 1879.
Having a severe backache last, Winter, I was
induced te try the OREGON KIDNEY TEA
I found it.yerv beneficial in its results. It is
mot mors 'unpleasant to fake than other tea.
I would recommend it to those afflicted asX
. Notice is -hereby given that my wife, Sarah
E.Parroenter, heving left my bed and. hoard
without just cause or provocation, all parties
are hereby cautioned that I will not be re
sponsible for any debts contrasted by her
from this date. Wanton E. PSBHZNTKK.
Weston, July 13, 1880. 4w
-Te Wssst n xax Ceaeerev
Messrs. McColl & Miller have placed ae
counts in my hands for immediate settlement.
If those parties do not call and settle, I shall
entoroe collection. A. Mbachen,
NEW Disteict. With eommendable en
ergy the people of the new school district re
cently laid off on Dry Creek, are pushing to
completion ine wotk oi erecting a cemmnui-
ens school building. The house W to be 2r
30, and well finished throughout The Di
rectors of this new district, Ma 3d, are
Messrs. A. J. Wise, A. P. KirklanA and
Robert Walker.
Milton, July 21, 1880.
EDS. LEApKK-icar Sirs: The temper
ture still continues to partake of the tropical.
But in spite of the heat our town continue
to improve, but everybody is so busy at home
that our streets do not present their usual an
imated appearance. Again County Division
is the main topic of conversation. A few in
dividuals here were disposed to think that
in my last I was a little too severe upon the
good people of Pendleton. The greater part
of my remarks did not apply to the good
people of Pendleton, but to the wily wire
workers and those who allow such mea as
Boltingji m" to' manipulate their affairs. If
any of those Pendleton apologists were pres
ent at the convention a week ago last Sat
urday, I presume they were satisfied with
the spirit of gentlemanly candor and courtesy
with which the Pendleton delegation met
their fellow-citizens from other parts of the
county. It will be remembered that the
Pendleton people," through their papers.
called the convention; it will be remembered
how they procured a place to meet in; and
it will not be forgotten that about, tho first
thing they did was to attempt an adjourn
ment, Courtesy forsooth ! It is doubtful if
their conduct has a paralell in the aauftls of
civilized communities. - Their spokesman
must have been sick indeed, as . the Tribune
asserts, to have failed so signally in express
ing their ideas of the subject It is no ex
tenuation of the offense that it was conceived
in inebriety, matured is deception and failed
ignominiously as far as the wish of the orig.
inators war concerned. They did not desire
nor expect a full representation from this end
of the county. They expected to "run" the
convention, but as they could not, they tried
to ruin it Not succeeding in either, of
eoarae they V4otted." This is in perfect bar-.
mouy with their past record. But since that
time I learn that they have had a little coun
ty convention of their own that "fixed"
things to suit. They even agreed upon a line
for ua at this end, for which we ought to be
truly thankful. We don't know what we
need or want; but they do. The county
they are willing to give ns is as "narrow con
tracted" aa the minds ot tnose tbat proposed
it. and that is saying a good deal for the
alimneaa of the nrososed county. I doubt if
even the respectability and influence ot Bolt
in iim, who is to visit Salem as a lobbyist,
ean proenre the passage of an act making
Arrived. Fly paper, insect powder, gen.
uineiruit wax, axle grease, and a great varie
ty of medicines and notious at the City Drug
Store. 'Everything at bedrock prices.
Laxd Omcs ax La Osahdi, Or., July it, 1380.
I, Mary Z Russell, of Umatilla County, Orefron, trho
made Homestead application number 676, for the K), s i
wl-4. Sec 10. T 4 v. K 35K.. do hereby irlre netice of my
Intention to make anal proof to establish my claim to
the land above described, asd that I expect to prore
my claim before the County Judgo of sold county at
renuieion, on tne zero aay at August, isou, 07 u un
lowing witnesses: James Kutca, A. H. Lansdale, C. C.
Oeiss and J. Scott, all of Weston. Umatilla lunty,
Hoffman & Morris', CENTERVILLE, Or.
M7,80-tf. - 1 ...
JOHN DLTSTAJT, Predator. , . ':
n'.jMlift. Tiimuit end Aadiilflt Hnn mt ahnctt
nouce. Plenty of hay and rain always on hand.
vaarges suit tos 1
Cool. There, was a difference of 11 de
grees one day last week in the temperature
of the Scribner mountain and Weston. The
former was the cooler.
9" Rem ember the place, apposite the FeseStee
BTILL CONTINUES on a CASH 'BASIS, sad we taara
eif Totces of wry weaas
Roods, Boots and SSpsa
Ich mm are preparad to sell
at the LOWEST possibla rates FOR CASH. Grain
Bacon, tiara, ac., taaen in exenangar I or mercnanauw
Kememner tne place; opposite urjug store, sum usee
Wpstoa, Or.
, 9oS
Travel. Mr. J. W. Miller has taken a
trip to the Hfeppner country with Rev. Hun-
saker. They are old friends and class-mates,
and crossed the plains together.
Alas. That woman who neglects her
husband's shirt front is no longer the wife of I
his bosom. -
THANKS. We are under many obligations
to the Walla Walla Watchman for repeated
City Planing Mill,
Sash and Door Factory
General Jobbing Shop !
YOU can bny a complete suit of
uiotnesror $iv at aA&iiau
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YOU can bny a neat Cassimere
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Via s BKEstre.
1 ama 1
n.h an nncoath coaatv as tbev have kindly
chosen for us. In the meantime, the pett
timm far tSn fnnnation of the new COantT
agreed upon a week ago Saturday is bfiug
m wmi j v & ' . . , ,
eeed in securing more than a majority 01 tne
aiimaturea ot tne real voters w vnsuns
county.- ; ' - ' -" - -: . . ,:'
The best road from Pendleton to
ia to come right up the Keserve-
taartaa eatersed ear shop and added asare
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Oimnesr of - Vision, .
Soises' in the Head,
ind many other diseas
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For building purposes fornithM from Oar own or
Portland Kills on SHORT NOTICE.
YOU can huv a o, 1 suit for a
small boy for S5 at SAL1XG
: You can bny an ail-trool suit for
boy from 5 to 9 years out irom
$50 to $10 at SALING &
YOU can buy a pair of blankets
for $4 at Haling s ueeses.
WE are sole agents for Clark s"U. i. I.
Spool Cotton, tbe best in the world.
' -v Iry- it. - :. '.-- 1
SAUtlii & REESE.
COR. MAIN- and
(Prices to suit the times'
.Oregon i
: Sc&DAM thinks that the conntry aroand
Weaton is ne Dest yet.
Billy :
this citr
tion instead of coming by way of fiwt KocK.
Money. Partiee would do well to patron
ise Heffelfinger in getting freight from Blue
Mountain Station, aa be gets it immediately,
and thus ssyes storage.
The Webfoot Restaurant,
- Opposite the new Court Mouse.)
YOU can bnv a laree white bed
blanket for $8 at Baling &
mm. tatlos. Reese's.
Beat aleals sr ts eavry ts Walla WaUav
T-Je-tt .
Laree boys and smalt wen can
buy fjiouung at very totrest
prices from, gating x Reese.
in white and colored.
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Pnnnanea of an order oi tbe Conntr Court ot
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Cbriatopher Rinettart, dwiased, I will sou at aaboe aoe-
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tate, together witk the improremeiioi ttosrsoo. to-wtt:
section v t a B iob, 1710s; asn v"
County, Orefcm, and eonaatelns; two amadnd acres.
Terms: One-half oaah la bead, and ooe-hali la tweire
mouths, seoured bj awntcacvaa Via proa".
.aVKaos; 1
Tasttn BeB, - '.' . j
Att'y ior Kxceater.
Weston, July IT, ISM
The Lease ;
of the best and
newsiest Local papers j ia the Northwest
It ia naswpesaed as an AdTertudQs mediam.