Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, January 23, 1913, Image 8

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    HKtKA Kt Ht K AH S
Local and Personal
INS I Al I 0111C IKS
Mrs. Bogart, of Grays CroMing, who
M in* Jeanette Maull, of Gray« Uro*»-
ha* bet n ill, is better.
ing wa» ou the »ick list la»t week
l'he class in Civil Government under
Mr* G E. Jone», of *2nd. avenue, the leadership of Mrs Lucia Additon
Miss Edna Burns vi ited Miss Helen
who wa« quite ill with tonailili«, i» im­ will meet at the Lenta Branch Library
Johnson last Monday.
every third Tuesday nt 2 o'clock The
Mr. John Burns of Bucklev Avenue, proving
first meeting toHv“pTace Tuesday, Janu­
The »chool examination* begin Wed ary 21 The class is open to everyone
has been very sick recently.
interested in the studv of government
Mrs Turysle. of Tremont, who ha» P*M
Methods of study will la- blackboard
been sick is improving.
sixth and »eventh grade* of We* diagrams and quizzes especially arrang­
Mrs Dura rd of ninth avenue has ton The
«chool are planning for an orches­ es! for the course One half hour will
been sick with a cold.
be devoted to the regular lecture with
one half hour for discussion and con­
Mr. Fish, father of Watchman Fish,
ference. A carefully »elected hat of
has been very ill this week.
Bruder, of Nob Hill, were lent» visitor« I books recommended for reading will tie
Mr* W. B. Moore, of Lent* visited Wednesday.
, prepared.
Mr». Gates at Gill>ert. Tuesday.
Tne following outline of civic govern-
The Isis theatre ha» been making
Mrs. Hawer. of Grays Crossing, who l *>in* very necessary improvement* at ! ment study ha» been prepared:
First lesson State government. In­
1 its entrance this week
is confined to her bed is no better.
stitutions and problems State work
Mis» Frieda Alpanalp has been quite
Elfrieda Durand was absent several classified. Lecture, Governmental evo­
sick the past week, but is much better. davs this week from school on account lution or social progress
of her mother's illness
Second lesson -County administra­
T>ean Hughs, who has been very ill
with pneumonia is now reported better. I Mr«. Griffith has »old her property tion, institutio is and problems. Lec­
ture, l’arable of the farmer, the con­
The L. T L. will hold its meetings 1 on Grays Crossing to a man by the servation problem.
every Monday afternoon at the M. E. ! I name of Mr. Taylor.
Third lesson—Municipality, city ad­
Mrs. Peterson, of loturelwoovl, who
institutions ami problems
was operated on at her home for appen­ ministration.
The call of the city.
Several from Lents exhibited their dicitis is improving under the care of
Fourth lesson—National administra­
cats at the cat show in Portland which Dr. Fawcett, of Lents.
tion. institutions and problems. Lec­
was held at the Meir A Frank's store.
Grandma Wilson, who has been quite ture. Governmental study. The body
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Wood,of Portland ill with erysipelas for the past few politic
visited their daughter, Mrs. C. E. John­ weeks, has had a relapse ami the Dr.
Fifth lesson—General survey, social
son last Thursday.
has given up all hopes of recovery.
survey, social engineering. Lecture,
action for social welfare
Mr. and Mrs. H. Ewing, sou, and
Mr Sand»rs, proprietor of Gray»
Sixth lesson Nationalit es and sub
daughter, are now visiting with their Crossing meat market, will move across
races. Immigration versus social
relatives, Mr. and Mrs F. Ewing
the street to his new location adjoining 1 ject
progress, international affairs and
Mr and Mrs. T. McArthur of Port­
problems Lecture, subject to be an-
land visited Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Curtis
T Y. Cadwell has recently completed nounced.
last Sunday.
a very comfortable home in Clemson
Seventh lesson— Eugenics : the prob­
Mrs. F. Pheasant of Portland has . j addition which he will place on the lem, an economic and psychological es
well as a moral and domestic one.
been visiting her son. Mr. Calkins of ; market.
Gilbert station the past week.
Mr». Otto Katzky received the *ad Lecture, Social hygiene.
Eighth lesson Heredity and environ­
news Momlav of the deat of her sis
Mrs. Cora Wright, living on south ; ter,
ment, Biblical, historical, ethical Lec­
82nd. street has been seriously sick for ton D. C
ture. Social control
Little Velma Harris, who wa* so bad­
Mrs. Daisy Hazen of Campbell street ly burned a few weeks ago. is doing
has been suffering from LaGrippe the nicely. It is found her burns will heal
past week.
without a skin grafting process.
Mrs. John Huntington has been quite
Miss Ethel Roddy is suffering from a
sick for the past two weeks but is much severe attack of peretonitis. and has
been removed to the Good Samaritan
"In sweeping a room with a sick per
E. W. Miller has been laid up with Hospital.
The dairy herd of Wallace Fairbanks , son in it. alwavs use a damp broom to
a pretty serious sickness during the
were submitted to a tuberculin test I avoid raising a dust," said Mr* Alice
past week.
during the past week and were report­ Marks lXilman, instructor in home
Sid Keller, for the last six months ed completely free from all evidence of i nursing at the Oregon Agricultural Col-
connected with telephone work in Van­ disease This will be particularly I lege, in a rteent lecture.
couver. B. C. has returned to Lents.
"Never use a feather duster to dust
pleasing to Mr. Fairbanks, for his sick­
Wilford Hollingworth, of Nashville, ness and misfortunes are numerous with, for this raises >lu»t. but does nor
who has been confined to his home for enough without possible losses in this remove it,” she continued "A good
solution to use on a dust doth, to
several days with grip is again able to feature.
moisten it, is a* follows
Dissolve 1 1-2
make'daily trips to Portland.
table»p<M>nful* of c*r|s>|ic acid cry*tals
TLe 2nd quarterly conference of the
in one quart of boiling water and a Id
Lent* M. E. church was held in Ben-
< one ounce • glycerine. Re sure that
nest's chape! at Gilbert station Tuesday tism
the carbolic acid cry*t»'» are all dissolv­
of adults.
ed, else there i* great langer of a seri-
Preaching at Bennett chapel 3 P M. i ous
burn. This solution is i mild dis­
The little seven months old eon of Mr.
Let all new members give their name* infectant
and will not injure wall paper
and Mrs. Van Baune, who live on Sixth to Mrs. A. J Hollingworth, Nellie , or
and Mt. Scot' avenues was operated on Woodworth or Mrs. R. A. Brown.
last week and is getting along nicely.
The special meeting* closed with good
and increased interest in all de
The reception for the new members results
I.OST—Gold watch this morning be­
which was to lie held at M. E. church partments <>,' church work.
tween Clemenson addition and car
the evening of the 24th. has been post­
Finder leave at
poned until Friday evening Jan. 31th.
Schweitzer & Manz Tailor Shop,
Master George Jones, of the Lente
Miss Sarah Z. Rilea. a registered op­
school, fell from one of the rings the tometrist
ir. Oregon, w ill be in I-ents on
children plav on at school, and broke next Saturday,
the 25th, from three to
bis arm. It is very painful but he is nine o’clock p. m.,
at the jewelry store
attending school every day.
of J. P. Nordin on Main street, where
The special meetings at the M. E. she will be pleased to examine eyes and
church closed Sunday evening. In prescribe glasses for all who favor her
epite of the fact that the weather con If you need glasses, call on Miss Rilea
ditions were unfavorable there was a If you do not need gla-ses, come in any
good attendance and a number of con­ wav and get acquainted. If the people
of Lents would like to have their optical
The Mrdern shoe repair factory has work done at home, and will encourage
moved from the Hedge building to the Miss Rilea to do so. she will make ar­
Deaton building, where with about rangements for regular visits to Lents
double the space and many additional for that purpose. Special attention will
conveniences. It will soon be prepared be given to the fitting of glasses for
to accommodate its patrons.
F. M. Campbell, who has been
ill for several weeks is able to be out
Are the child’s eves beginning to
again. During hi» illness his mother, cross you should have them attended to
Mrs Huntington, of Martins Bluff, at once.
Wash, visited him, also his brother-in-
law, G W. Dunlap, of Woodburn, Ore.,
and his father-in-law, F. L. Hyde, of
For Furniture see Lente Furniture Co.
Pendleton. Mr. Hyde will remain for Phone Tabor 1361.
All makes repaired.
In spite of tlie verv bad night l.ents
Eureka Reliekah Lodge met uh usual
last Friday evening The lent ore of the
evening was installation The ritióme
|y atormv weather prevented much of
an attendarne, but it »»• decided to
proceed anyway Mia* tiravo Fateh«),
l‘. ti. was re-elpcteii N << ; Mis Par
nail, V ti ; Mrs. Cos, recording serre-
tarv ; Mr Eatchel, tinamial secretray;
I'here otlievrs were installed. A com­
mittee wa* appointed to confer with the
Oddfellow» ami ** a result the Oddlel
low* made the Reliekahs a donation of
(Aland voted to give them a more loyal
support hereafter
CALL FOSLER tor vour ' eat«",
ami quick Delivery—Phone
Talior, 2235.
Room ami Board 3nv I'aik Aw Lenta,
A Hero In A Lighthouse,
For years .1. 8. Donahue. So. Haven,
Mich , a civil war captain, as a light-
housekeeper, averted awful wreck*, but
a queer fact is, he might have liven a
wreck, himself, if Electric Bitters had
not prevented " I hev cure! me of kidnev
trouble and chills." he writes, ‘ after I
had taken other ao called cures for year*
without benefit amt they also improved
my sight. Now. at seventy, I am feeling
tine F'irdvapepsia. indigestion, all stom­
ach. liver and kidney trouble». they're
without equal Try them Only Atk't* al
\ll Dealer.
Fresh. Reliable. Pure
Guaranteed to Please
Kvery Gar lent r an<1
I’laulrrebvul'i (ret the
superior merit« of Our
Northern G town >ee«t*.
we will send post unit I our
I Me• •»<> *’•» Tvoata
I pkg. Priaeeas Koluk
• Me '♦•IM.raw lag Color«
I pkg. > arty Arraa head < abbaga
1 p*g. I HI. riu» Harlot lotiaoo
AU* 11 1 orkoUoo Ufeoloo Ffeaor Hood«
I Ao
ft OU
Write *>»iayt Send 10 conta to baip pay |*»U(« at-.l
packing and ro< oi*a th« al* *• ‘ Fam "it Cull«»
n." K>-
goth«' with . nt Now and ln«tru< ti«o <lar<t«n Guida
GKt AT NOlirilt KN N> > 1» < t>.
1530 Ho»«’ Nt.
Kotkfortl, 1 111 noli*
Agency for varied lot of in­
stallment property Medium
priced Houses, Lots and Ac­
Kennedy & Klineman
Lents, Ore.
$100 Per Plate
was paid at a banquet to Henry Clay, in
Remember. .Miss Rilea makes a speci­ New Orleans in 1M2. .Mighty costly for
ality of children's eyes.
those with stomach trouble or indiges­
tion. To day people every where use Dr.
Kink's New Life Pills for these troubles
Highest Price paid for Second Hand as well as liver, kidney and bowel dis­
Furniture. Ix-nts Furniture Co. Phone orders. Easy, safe, sure. Only 26cta at
Tabor 1361.
All Dealers.
20 Per Cent Discount
On every Suit bought during January
Why not get your Sew­
ing Machine now. Pay
later. We carry a full line
of White Machines, old
machines taken in exchange
Slightly used and second­
hand drop-head Singers,
Whites, Wheeler & Wil­
sons, New Homes and
other makes from $9.00 up.
All machines guaranteed,
supplies for all makes re-
We still have a few calendars.
White Sewing Machine Store
Temporary Location, Foster Road Near Postoffice
Sunshine and Flowers
paired and receive chance on new suit of
clothes FREE.
Schweitzer & Manz
Oregon *lty
San Francisco Express With Ol-ervation Car Pullman Standard
Sanitary Market
r_____ and T.rtirt»' Sleeping Car and all-ateel high
back *e»t day coaches and dining car.
Leading Dealers in Market Products
Fresh and Salt and Cured Meats. Farm Pro­
ducts bought and sold.
Market Prices for Fresh Pork and Veal. Try
our Home-made Sausage.
Phone Tabor 2573
tirant» Pass
an<l from other Main Line and Branch Line Point» to
Ix>e Angel», Colton. Paaadena, River-'d-, San Barnadino and other California
point» with stop-over* in either direction and long return limit.
Eggiman Brothers
Lenta, Ore.
We know of nothing better
than “Our Own White Pine
and Tar With Rum and Cas-
Outsells all other cough and
cold mixtures and cannot ire
Comes in 50c Bottles
103 Main St.
Lents, Ore.
rmn—TTit r r« i m n m w t—■ ■« mnniam_x
The Emporium January
Clearance Sale
Get your clothes Cleaned, Pressed and Re­
The Land of
Reached by the
Leading Tailor»
Stop That Cough
California Express
Will, Standard and Tourist Sleeping Cars, all
_________________ ______ rteel high b*ck *eat day coaches and dining car.
All trains connect at San Francisco with through E»»tem trains via Ogden
or south through lz>» Angele» or Sunset R< ute.
For fa r r e, rl< eping car »<c< n < dai i> i », ticket», <-i literature on California call
on nenreat Agent, or write
John M. Scott, Oeneral Passenger Agent, Portland, Oregon
Most every article reduced to a price which
will give you satisfaction. Watch our win­
dows for the cut down prices. Do not fail
to come in and get our prices on all the
goods we have.
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| qk
WV haye an .-xtia g..<»l bargain of Light (' .liar* and
Ijidn-M w rapper* table $1 50. Tliewe are »lightly soil-
rd. At this aalr at only $$c each. We nl*<, have a g,MH]
bargain of men » Wia,| Sox, value 25c on »ale at Ik.
All Other Goods Cut Down in Pro­
Main St.,
H. S. HASHIM, Prop.
Lents, Ore.