Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, August 22, 1912, Image 5

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» her husltaml, who is working at Caimis,
Mrs Frank Dickenson is able to be
Cheer up I
out again.
$5 Per Month
The clouds have rolled away.
Mrs. F. Crane ami her two sons,
All rsconlx have been broken loir George ami Fred, are sojourning in the
Lots $35
August la Oregon.
ABSTRACT FREE WITH HtU'klebrrry picking ia now on
Mis» Esther Htentsland Is staying at
programme and a big «irop al>oiiH<l«
the coast with friends for a few weeks.
over the mountains.
Mrs. Graham, «laughter of Mr. ami
Dr. Biulkin, of Ml Tabor, who has
The Heart of Garibaldi Beach Mrs.
lieen visiting with her parents here for
'Tillamook County
some time returm»l home this week
The two new stores that lias Is-en r<
Nice level lots, streets graded, together with her chihlreli.
Ths Bull MtMiae" will gel you if you eently built at Pleasant Home can be
water r piped
Pl li«*«! and all underbrush
don’t watch out.
plainly wen from this pin««
t<> purchasers.
«•ut EREE
Spend your outing here and en­ The Hocialista say that "Teddy is Tin- recent rain may have damaged
joy the hunting, fishing and milking their cow." One thing is quite the grain crop som«* but not as much as
obvious, ami that ia that the great ma»» it has benefited other < ro|s<. Petal«»-»
beach pleasures.
th«- people all over th«* coatitry are li­ promises t«i Is- a large crop.
Round Trip 'Ticket Good Till of
able to lie stHm|*«xled by the Bull M«iose.
Miss .Marian Robertaou is visiting
The common people are very much dis* friends in Portland this we«*k.
anti»tle«l with the present state of af­
Miss Nancy Hosuer, <>i Troutdale,
fairs ami aie very iiiui h inclined to turn visited her sister, Mrs. lay Tumbling,
“Bull Mooses" or Socialists.
several dsy’a last Week.
Mrs. Il««iry Biedetmtein went to Port­
Mr. ami Mrs. B. (’. Altman, of Hceni«*.
land last week for a week's «ml visit Inta lawn taking an outing near Bull
with nl<l friends and former atquainl- Run.
There was no Hunday scljoot held
A musical«* was given at the home of here this wi-ek on account of the al>s<-n<<-
Mr am! Mrs. John F. Friel last Wed­
the sii|»-rinlend«-nt ¡«ml teacher».
PORTLAND’S NEAREST nesday night that a 81 quite gem-rally of W.
II. Hamilton ami wife and lheir
AND NEWEST. ON P. R. attended. The »tar attraetmn was a t w<> daughters, Miss«-» Marie and Irma,
«isili'il the former’s parents, W. H
& N. R. R. ON GARIBALDI high class tenor from Portland.
There is a go««I deal of talk alxiut the Hamilton Sr. and wife h - mth I days re­
high cost of living nowa<iays which turning t«> St. Johns Monday where tlx-y
pralieally applies to |>eople in towns. will muke their hUine. They will occu­
Fully equipped with beds, bed­ Here in the country h person can keep py th«- property that I m * purchased from
ding, stoves, tables, chairs, and a Cow, range free, and on a very »mall his father som«* time ago.
dishes, ¡is well as cooking uten­ patch raise enough kale to keep her all Ed. serter ia building a fine cotntnodi-
sils. Make reservations early at winter, whil«< in a garden here leas than us residence on his farm.
44'3 Sherlock Bldg., corner Third one-fourth of an acre in extent there ia
and Oak. Office open till 8:30 growing far more potatoes, cabbage,
Saturday evening.
onions, corn, beans, l»*etx, lettuce, I
turnips and radishes than an ordinary •a
lamily can use in a year, to say nothing
J. Knapp and sister, Flora Knapp,
of salsify, swiss chard and parsnips.
For further Inlutuisilon regarding
of Washougal, were guests of the Ben­
this N h in tn vr r«Mk>rl nil out ihln tou
People, e»|H*cially those of limiteil
poti alni rw«*lw emup|<*t<* and min­
field bungalow last week.
ute <1«*talh bjr inali, or < all at o filer
means should keep out <4 towns unless
■lean I Arsen and bride visited at Mrs.
ami •<«<* pbotograpii«
they are mechanics and then they can
Lottie Benfield’s last week for a couple
do belter in the country Ixxause living
of days. They left for Grays Harbor
is so much ch«iaper.
Immense big Chimxiks are being |
F. Beam cam«* home to hi" ranch last
killed at the Hatchery ax fast us they i
Sunday. He is ergaged in the wood
are read) to spawn. These fish are business at Bull Run.
given away to anyone who calls for
A watermelon party will be given
them ami most of them are g-sx.l.
next Saturday at Springdale.
County Coinmiaaioners Lightner and
<'haltman were entertained last Tuesday
by the ladies of the Heights at Lund's
Point. A tine dinner was »erred and a
Fine weather is making gore I roads, pleasant visit with the guests. The
and g.Hwl roads are bringing many )»■<>■ grand view from this (stint was greatly
enjoyed by all present.
pie out this way.
Mrs. James Benfield ami little eon are
Billy Welch return«*«! front Oregon
City with a smiling la«»-, but Mr. Er­ at the present with friends at Garden
win, th«- gain«* warden, feels rather blue. Home.
Several of the Heights gentlemen
Alllie Mitchell is stationed at Camp
Zig Zag with Ray Garwissl for a few motored to Portlami last week in the
Costner auto.
Torn H. Deaver spent a couple of days
Mr«. Georg»- William», of Samly, was
is manufactured in our own
taken ill while <>n lier vacation ami was Iasi week at his home here.
plant. Buy our Ice Cream
taken to the Gissl Samaritan Hospital,
Mrs. Taylor is entertaining several
an<! you know that you are
gutting a home-made product
Mr. A (lourglity, of Enola hill, is Portland friends this week.
composed of pure ingredients.
very busv hauling freight for E. Col-
We deliver Ice Cream in any
in an.
quantity—in packers of one
There are about 30 guests at Welch«*’
gallon and over
------------------------------ s
hotels in »pita* of the rainy weather we •S
are having.
(Too late for last week)
Mrs. Mann and children, and her
J. Fitzgerld, while harvesting on the
are also homemade and abso­
friend. Mrs Steele, just returned to Hitching place near the depot, ch asci I a
lutely pure.
Portlami after a months stay at their coyett from the grain field. It bad
Our Ice Cream Parlor ia the
summer cottag»- near Laurel Lodge.
ls»en killing chickens in the vicinity for
moat comfortable in Lenta.
Vincent Friel, of Cherry ville is hauling months.
Full Line of Groceries, Con­
young trout and putting them in Zig
Miss Maud Stewart, of Portland, vis-
fections. Canned Goods. Ci­
Zag and Still Creek rivers
gars and Tobaccos.
it«*d with Miss>tephens Monday. From
Mr. ami Mrs. sig Knighton and Mr. Pleasant Home she went to cam * at
ami Mrs. Johnson and son. of Gresham, Bull Run with Alice Stephens, where
who have Isen up to the big meadows Miss Altman’s family is spending the
*‘H7»rrr the Lar St opa"
fishing, report tin«- fishing up there ami rest of the month—if rain don’t drive
also at Clear Lake.
them homeward.
I>r Devenny and family, cliinlssl Zig
I>r. O. 8. Murray »pent the day at
Zag Mt. Sunday bringing back loads of Bull Run by the babbling brooks, view­
black erries.
ing the mountains, returning on the 5
For Painting, Tinting, Paperhang-
Frank Anderson's wife and brother o’clock p. in. car well paid fol the day’s
ing and Decorating reasonable prices
are now in their summer cottage ut tramp among the wilds.
and work guaranteed see
Mrs. J. B. Kelley broke camp and is
Miss Beatlie, of Portland, is visiting visiting friends at Tacoma, Washington,
R. J. Stuffy
at th«* home of C W. Kern nt Arrnh for 10 days, then they go to their home
Estimates furnished. Residence,
Wanah Park.
in San Francisco. J. R. Kelley has an
203 Gilbert Road, one block east of
engagement with the White Auto Co.
Lents School or leave orders at Mt.
% in the golden gale city and after that
Scott Drug Store.
expires he exp«*cls to return to Pleasant
Home ami build a residence in the
Th«* Ladies’ Ahl will serve a ten cent grove and engage in the fruit raising.
Horses and Mares
Light ami Heavy can be had in Lenta. tea at the home «4 Grandma McKeown His 35 acres in fruit looks promising.
Mrs. Douglass, and Irene came from
Call an«i look them over. Prices will on the -.*Vth of thia month. Everyone
suit. Trial and Guarantee.
interested in the work is cordially invit­ Portland the 14th. and took a load of
Inquire of Kennedy & Klineman, Real ed.
furniture to the city. They bought
Estate or at Grange Store
Mr. and Mrs J. Richmond, of this property on the peninsula and will make
F. J. Ward
place, attended a birthday party on that a permanent home.
Many new homes ase springing up <>f
Sunday la«t given in honor of Mrs.
Richmond’s mother, Mrs. Alice Boland, late, new families coming to occupy
At Your Service
of Tigerville. About 30 guests were their acre tract, a growing crop of pota­
present. Iis* cream ami other refresh­ to«*! on six different tracts, makes an
improvement over a meadow. Pleasant
ments wee served.
Phone Tabor 2074—Home 4421
Quite a numlter from this vicinity are Home is fast settling up with an indus­
preparit g to take an outing at the hop trious ami happy people.
The Mercantile Co. is running on a
Joe S lantin was last beard from in full up-to-date stock ami is please«! with
Dangerous Swelling« l New Y k, his motorcycle having taken the prospects of business.
Mrs. Jno. Lender back i< over the hills
him from Portlami to that place.
promptly relieved—often
Mrs. Wm. McKeown is entertaining at Redmond to visit her daughter.
cured—by wearing our
Kranzer Bros* baler outfit, of Eagle
Mrs. Mathiews, of Portlami, this week.
Silk Elastic Hosiery They
Creek, is busy tilling all small orders
are old time friends.
Free n.eMnren.enl blank on reqix-e«
Master Robert Childers, who lixx for baling hay.
Mr. and Mrs. Marked attended the
lieen spending his vacation in Eastern
Oregon with relatives ia ex|w*cte<i home we-lding<4 their neice, Oretta Marked,
Quench your thirst with an Electric
vho became Mra. Mills. They reports
Milk Shake. Lambert A Tbontpaon. I soon.
tf. I B. F. Powers, of She *-, Oregon, is pretty home affair with the family cir­
spending a few days looking after hie cle of frit-nda in attendance.
The Geographical survey, under di­
pro|>erty here
Try electric Milk Shakes at Lambert
Mrs. Martha Cook »pent a week with rection of A. E. Muslin, of Wash., D.
& Thompsons.
Sea View
For Rent
Our Ice Cream
Our Candies
I. F. C.
After much <l< •lay and dickering a
wrestling bout hux been arrange«! tie- I
tween Frank Ely and Emil Otto and i
will I m * »tagi-<l in th« hall <4 the Lenta
Athletic Club Friday night <4 this w«-«k. !
The match is a handicap affair in which '
Ely agree» to throw Otto three tim«-» in I
»m«-«-xi>ion. The winner take» flO j«e. ■
cent of tie- groan receipt» ami the lexer
Ely hax wrestled and ix»x«i in various I
points «4 tie- Northwrsxt ami ix »aid to
be ami <4d ham! at tire gat»«-, but noth- J
ing ix definitely known of hi- wr«*»tling |
ability. Otto is a I-«•al Icy ami hax par- ,
ticipah-d in very few matcln-». Iis -
the heavier of the two, however ami '
with th«-training he is receiving at the
bamin of Waller Ardnt, will put up a
g«xxl exhibition.
Bupportera of Ely
claim, and bay«- offered to l»et, that he '
can throw Otto thn-e times in xtic«-*-»»i<>ii |
with < «u«-, whiie on the other hand, i
sii|>)M>rterH of Otto have xerioiui doubt» if'
Ely can throw him at all. No side bet
has Keen made ami the mat men will i
wrestle for nothing but tlie gab* nweipta.
Both men are confi«l«*nt of winning ami
will do all they can u> win, which ax-
Hiire» a gixxl Ixjut.
Tbt* admission eliarge«I will I»- 25 cents •
The fans who witnessed the ball game
last Sunday betw«?en the Salem Woolen
Mills team, of Portland, ami l^nt. team
were treated to one of the best games
played on the local diamond in many
moons. The contest lasted ten innings
and latuts came out with the long end
of a 1 to 0 score, after a decidedly inter­
esting contest.
Tlis game was not only a pitcher’s
battle but a fielding game as well, and
both twirlers were backed up in cham­
pionship style, the lone score coming in
the last half of the tenth frame.
Lund and Boland composed the bat­
tery for Lents and Hoes and Klun for
the visitors. Both twirier» did efficient
work, but Lund had the better of the
argument, allowing only two sate hits.
while the locals garnertni seven, I.und
fand 12 men and Hoss 10.
Grimm, Webb, Boland, and Ottie
tigur«*d conspicuously with the willow.
Kent Sunday th«* locals play the Port­
land Ravens on Portland grounds.
Stock Tonic a Specialty
Tel. 5O>
We have open«*d a new general tailor­
ing firm in the building adjoining the
Lents Hani ware Co., corner Main and
< arline and are prepannlto do anything
in the tailoring line. Ladies’and men’s i
suits hand tailor«*«!, cleaned and pressed
at reasonable rates. Prices lowest and ,
work the best. Call and inspect our ,
line of samples.
Traveling Salesman for the J. R. Watkins’
Medical Company
Cleveland Ave.
Gresham. Ore.
Flying Men Fall
victims to stomach, liver and kidney
troubles just like other people, with like
results in loos<4 ap|x*tite. backache, ner­
vousness. headache, and tired, listlees,
run-down feeling. But there’s no need
to feel like that as T. D. Peebles, Henry,
Tenn., proved. ‘‘Six bottles of Electric
Bitters’* he write», “did more to give me
new strength ami good appetite than all
other stomach remedies 1 used.” So they
help everybody. Its folly to sutler when
this great remedy will help you from
the first .lose. Try it. Only o0 cents at
All Dealers.
Sallow complexion comes from bil-
Ions impurities in th«* blood and the
fault lies with the liver and bowels:—
they are torpid. Th«* medicine that gives
n-sults in such case» is HERBINE. It
is a tin«* liver stimulant and bowel regu­
lator. Price .Vic. Sold by Lents Phar­
Try the electric Milk Shaker at Lam­
berts & Thompsons.
C., has resumed work. The^ are camped
on the Calvin place and will remain
here (or a month working in a south­
easterly dir«*c ion.
Government Inspected
Clean, Wholesome Meats
Eggiman’s Meat Market
Main Street
Lents, Ore.
August at the Beaches
The beach season is in full awing. Go while the crowds go.
Enjoy the cool breezes now, while the heat is so unpleasant
inland. Bathing, boating, hill’crimbing, fishing, bikes over
delightful trails. Oregon beaches better prepared than ever
before to care for the crowds. Plenty of Accomodations.
Lots of fun. The water is tine!
Mr. and Mrs. Reid entertaine«! Mr |
Reid’s father and mother, from Van­
couver, several days last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Augustine Miller left
Friday for Iowa.
Mr Keith Gaylord and Helen, re­
turned from the hnckelberry patch Sat­
urday with a nice supply of berries.
The farmers welcome the warm sun­
shine after ttie heavy rain which «lain- |
aged the grain to some extent.
Mr. and Mrs. Ahnart, Ralph and
Rild>a Roberts, were visiting at Jos.
DeShazer’s Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Seward attended special
meetings at Troutdale Saturday ami
Mr. and Mrs. Roberta were visiting
in Kelso Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Keith were visiting Mr.
Cupps Sunday evening.
0 1 SUNSET 1
ro und-trip
fares. Spec
ial week­
end and Sun
day fares.
Send lor illustrated booklets obout the Oregon ResortsJ and
our special folder on "Vacation hays in '»regon. ” It tells all
about the beaches, springs, mountain resorts, etc.
Call on nearest agent fur information relative to fares, litera­
ture, etc., or address
General Passenger Agent, Portland, Ore.