Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, July 25, 1912, Image 8

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    "Jumbo Jum” is the title of a pro­
duction to bo staged at the Isis Wed­
nesday evening, July SI. Kight char­
acters make up the cast and a good
laugh is in -tore for all who attend.
Admission 5c and 10c.
Fred Hoes «as down from Gresham
Mias Alice R<x«t has resigned her po­ Monday, having delivered the machin­
sition an assistant in the Lents pretoffice ery for the manufacture of cement
and her place is bring tilled by Miss blocks to local parties. The machine
belonged to Albert Iktane and was pur-
Beesie Sautu
Mire Derris C. Me ye- has moved her ■ chased by Dr. McSloy and Eggiuian
stock <4 millinery from this place to Bros.
I*on't fail to see the regular attrac­
la is Junction, where she is employed
by th. P. K L. A P. Cto. She spends tions at the Isis. A good show every
only the stt. ruuou» in her place of bus­ night. Admission ft and 10c.
in«— th« l*Jance of the time being de-1 Herbert Blovd. bookke. per for the
voted to the interests ot the «*otn|>*ny 1 Multnomah State Bank, is enjoying a
much needes! vacation and rest. He
and other business.
Lent* people are anxiously awaiting will not resume his duties until July 31.
the time a hen th«will lie favored by His position is being tilled bv A. M.
La Brant, formerly ot Lawton, N. D.,
anotixr concert from the local band.
but now of Portland. Mr. Brant has
Don't fail to ait ad the boxing ami
been engaged in the bankiug buainess
wn ling touritem« ut in Grange Hall.
for a number of years and is thoroughly
Mo-lay evening ur ier the auspices of
acquainted with the work.
th« ent- Athlet . Club. Free concert
Drive dull care away by spending an
by I«nte Concert and.
Mr. and Mrs
os. Cowing and chil­ evening at the Isis Theatre.
George Olson, a Portland tailor, was
dren have returned from an outing at
bey made the trip in in this city Wednesday visiting with his
their Overland auto and report and en­ oi l friend, Joo. Schweitzer.
joyable time.
Hayden Havel is the name given the
Remember the social dance in Grange new 9 lb. boy that appeared at the home
Hall next Saturday evening The beat of Mr. and Mrs. H. Miller on July 17
of music and a general good time us-
The members of the Evangelical Sun­
sured all.
day School enjoyed a picnic Tuesday.
Summary Of Senator Bownw't Parcel
Po«t Bill
Foetal rat«*, on parcels vary with diet-
ance, thus protecting local merchant«
end competing with exprew companies.
Th ini and fourth claaatw of matter are
A special rate of one rent an ounoe up
Co four ounce* in provide«! for circular,
and .mall |>ackages of goods.
Rate, an* as follows:
Local, city and rural delivery only, ft
rente tor the tiret pound and one cent
for each additional pound.
Within 50-mile zone, 6 rente for first
pound and 2 rents for each ad-titional
Within 200-mile son«*, 7 rente for tiret
pound an«i 3 rent« for «<«ch additional
Within 600-mile rone, 8 rent» for the
first ,«ound and 4 cents for each addition­
al pound.
Withiu 1000-tn lie sone, 11 rents for
the first pound an«l 7 cents (or each
additional pound.
Within 2000-mile sone, 12 cents for the
first pound and 10 rente for each addi­
tional pound
Outside 2000-mile sone, 12 rente for .
the first pound an«! 12 «*ente for each
additional pound.
Thee«* rates are leased upon a careful
computation of the actual cost of collect
ing, distributing and delivering packag»«, I
plus actual cost of transportation.
Weight limit 11 pounds, and maximum
12 rente, the international limit
Mrs. J. E. Carter has been visiting at
Beaverton for the past several days with the Oregon City road crosses Johnson and rate.
her mother. J. E. has been doing the creek and was highly enjoyed by all,
and especially the youngsters.
batching act since her absence.
Washington. June 10th—The situation
I. F. Coffman, the well known Lents
The excursion advertiseil for Bull Run at the National Capital looks very favor-
Democratic warhorse, attended the rati­ todav baa been postponed until Tuesday,
able for the enactment of a parcel poet
fication and jollification meeting of the July 30th. Roundtrip tickets will sell
disciples of Jefferson in Portland last for 50c and children will be carried for bill on the zone sj stem such as provid«>d
Thursday evening. He reports an en­ half fare. Refreshments will be served in the Bourne Bill. The unsatisfactory
thusiastic meeting.
during the day. Special cars will leave provisions of the House Bill, the unwill­
The rain Sunday morning was wel­ Grand Avenue and Hawthorne at 8:15 ingness of Congress to undertake the
comed by all and served to relieve the a. m. Tickets can be secured at The plan of government ownership ot the1
Herald office.
extreme hot spell.
express companies, and the insistence of
A nice roomy bouse ia being built on
Editor and Mrs. H. A. Darnall are
th«- fieople of the country that a real
spending the week at Tillamook, enjoy­ Sixth Ave., South, by a Mr. Ward.
effective parrel post law shall be enacted,
Thad C. Reynolds and family, who
ing an outing and short recreation.
are the circumstances which make it very
E. W. Miller returned Wednesday from have been residing in Lenta for the past probable that a zone system will be
a short business visit to Eugens and three months, have moved to their adopted.
farm beyond Beaverton.
The House parcel post bill has not met1
Mrs. Rife and children are taking a approval from any quarter. It is a fiat­
The social dance given in Grange Hall
last Saturday evening was fairly well at­ two weeks vacation visiting relative« rate bill at the rate of 12 rents a pound
regardless of distance. L'nderthe House
tended and highly enjoyed by those and friends at Middleton.
Mrs. La Drew Barnum and sister bill a man who sends a pa« kage of 1 i
present. The music was furnished by
Prof. Tbielke's five-piece orchestra and Mary Keensman, of Moro, Ore., visited ounce to 11 ounces through the mails !
was of an order that elicited general at the borne of their aunt, Mrs. Elwood, would be compelled to pay 12 rente.
postage whereas he now pays I cent an
praise from all. Another dance will be who lives at Ninth Ave.
ounce postage. Since the House rate ia
given next Satuiday evening and the
Mrs. Earnest Mass and Mrs. Viola
music will be the same.
Tickets will Godfrey, of Oregon City, visited with regardless of distance, it would cost 12
be 60 cents and all are invited to attend. Mrs. Hogue Monday. The former is rente to send a 1-ounce package from !
Portland to Vancouver the same as to
Guy Rogers, a well known Lents the wife of Sheriff Mass and was a pu­
send a 1-pound package from Portland,
young man. is among the members of pil of Mrs. Hogue's many years ago,
the Portland Y. M. C. A. who are en­ while the latter is an old school mate Oregon to Porilan«!, Maine. It iscertain
joying their annual outing at Mt. St. and is principal of one of the Oregon that if the House rates should be adopt­
ed, there would be great dissatisfaction
Heler s. The party is composed of sev­ City public schools.
next December, when p«*ople would send j
eral young men and boys and will camp
large numbers of Christmas present«
for about two weeks.
Doing hard work in a bent or stooping through the mails at the 12 cents a
Mrs. Stillwell has retired from the
puts a stich in the back that is pound rate. 1’nder the Bourne Bill, the
restaurant business and the doors of
If the muscles have become highest rate for the longest distance is 12 ,
the Hou e restaurant will not be opened
can’t get rid of it without cents a pound an«l this diminishes to an f
again under her management.
It is
penetrating power of average rate of a little over 2 cents a
thought that a new proprietor will soon
BALLARD’S SNOW LINIMENT will pound for the 50-mile zone.
be in charge. Mrs. Stillwell says that
There is considerable sentiment
the prr fits derived are not sati-factory, appeal to yon moat strongly at such throughout the East in favor of govern­
hence her retirement.
need. Price 25c, 50c and $1.00 per ment ownership of the express compan­
ies, but this is opposed by men who be­
Nellie Kilborn, who sustained a bottle. Sold by I>ente Pharmacy.
lieve that ts-cause of its already exten­
broken collar bone several days ago, has
organization for the handling off
sufficiently recovered to return home
Th« Family Skeleton.
from the Good Samaritan Hospital.
Hatcher—Isn’t Jones wife thin and mails, the government can easily extend
Bert Wilberg and family are occupy­ skinny? Seratcher—Yes; she's the one its service to cover a parcel post without)
ing the residence owned by Mrs. Mc­ family skeleton he can’t keep In the buying the proj>erty, gfxxi-will and con
tracts of the express companies.
Dowell on Foster road. Mr. Wilberg is closet—National Monthly
Since the Bourne Bill has been worked
the gentleman who recently purchased
with the cooperation of the Po«^
the interests of the E. W. Miller Lum­
Try an Electric Milk Shake at Lam­
Office Department and is known to be on
ber Co.
bert & Thompson's
a self-sustaining basis with rates varying
Miss Winona Anderson has returned
with distance ami service rendered,
from Scotts Mills, where she has been
thereby giving the country merchant
This is an age of great discoveries.
visiting Ir ¡ends the past three weeks.
legitimate protection, tnere is a general
Progress rides on the air. Soon we may
The city is laying pipe and putting in
feeling that it will have the support of
see Cncle -am's mail carriers dying in al)
fire hydrants every few blocks in the
those who desire an effective parrel poet
directions, transporting mail.
Grave Crossing district.
law The House provision for the
take a wonderful interest in a discovery
The horse bitched to Howe’s delivery that benefits them. That’s why Dr. appointment of a Commission to study
wagon at Grays crossing, became King's New Discovery forCoughs, Colds, the subject is looked upon as newlless
frightened this morning and ran away and other throat and lung diseases is the delay not Ijkely to result in a more satis­
running into a water ditch the horse most popular medicine in America. ‘‘It factory plan than S«-nator Bourne has
fell. A smell boy was in the wagon but cured me of a dreadful cough,” writes worked out with the assistance of the
was not hurt and the wagon was not Mrs. J. F. Davis, Stickney Corner, Me . Poet Office Department.
“after doctor's treatment and all other
Mrs. E. M. Hogue and daughters, remedies had failed.’
For coughs,
at the Evangelical church will
Caro), Evelyn and Helen, spent the colds or any bronchial affection its un­
week end at the The Dalles visiting equaled Price 50c and $1.00. Trial be an follows next Sunday:
School 9:45 a m. Sermon to mothers at
hottie free at all dealers.
with Mr. Hogue.
11 a. m. Jnnior Y. P. A. at 6 p m,
Yonng People’s meeting at 7 p. m Ser­
mon at 8 p. m.
Under New Management
The Meat Market formerly conducted by
Martreude is now under new management
and conducted under rules of the
Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Work­
man of North America, A. F. of L.
All meats are the best that can be obtained
and our prices are right. We cater to all
classes and invite a share of your patronage
On request of a number of those who!
went on. their excursion )a«t summer,,
the “Boosters” of the Evangelical!
church, have decided to repea' the af­
fair this year. The large finely furnish­
ed launch, Eva, has been chartered for
the evening of Friday, July 26. She
leaves the dock at the we«t end of
Hawthorne bridge at 7:30 p. in. A
program will lie rendered, refreshments
served and another good time assured.
Proceeds go to help pay sul>scriptton to
the new chnrch fund. Everybody invit­
ed. Tickets 50 cents.
B 2509
U. €. Blrnev, m. D.
Mcrtreud’s Old Stand
Main St.
Tools and Cutlery
It is the Tools you use that puts you on the payroll.
Inferior Tools might loose you your job
With “Stilleto” Tools, Never!
Hand and Machine
All kinds of needles—both hand and machine
—for your every
Also a full line of
bobbins and sewing accessories.
Needlee. Shuttle« and Bobbin« for
uee in All Makes of Sewing Machine«.
Quench your thirst with an Electric i
Milk Shake. Lembert A Thompson, j
This line is com­
plete and we can supply you to the smallest detail.
Protect Your Home From The Weather King
by using Phoenix Pure Paint, “Western Made for Western Trade.” Re­
member the name, it carries an absolute guarantee. We carry 30 shades
in stock
We are Headquarters for Builders’ Hardware, Tools
Paints, Oils, Glass, Screen Doors, Varnishes, Stains, Wall Paper, Building
Paper, Plumbing goods, Fishing Tackle, and in fact everything to be found
in a Metropolitan Hardware Store.
Lents Hardware Co.
Comer Main and Car Line
Both Phones
Lents, Oregon
New Dishes
are the delight of all
good Housekeepers
The Herald
has a special offer that
should interest
everybne who wants a new set of dishes,
without the expenditure of a cent of money,
Call at once and list yourself as a candidate
for one of these beautiful 42 piece sets.
• •
Beautiful Omamen-
mental plates given
away for subscrip­
tions or renewals
Call at The
Mt. Scott Publishing Co.
for Further Information
1092*t Hawthorne Ave.
R. GOLDT, Prop.
We Sell and Guarantee