Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, March 10, 1911, Image 3

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Fifty San Antonio Citizens "Demand"
Washington That th>-president and
eongreaa shall "call a halt and take
hands off ’ in the matter of the Mexi
Rands of Starving People Sack can revolution ia the "demand" of
certain residents of San Antonio, Tex.
Large Villages.
The demand reached the senate in a
petition bearing 50 signatures. The
Citizen« Resist and Fighting is Des­ document was address«! to “The Pres­
ident of the United Stales and to the
perate— Marauders Trapped
and Burned to Death.
Speaker of the House of Representa­
tives," and read:
We the undersigned citizens of Sun
Victoria, II. ('., March 2. Rendered Antonio, Texas, and liberty-loving
<l<*s)M-rate by thu famine, bands of people of the United States, do here-
hundreds of at'trving refugees are rov­ ■ by moat earnestly protest against your
tuking any purt in the Mexican rev­
ing through the stricken districts and olution, now going on in Mexico.
plundering and killing, and a reign of There is not an honest, liberty-loving
terror prevails. Some burrowing in­ man in this country, knowing the
cidents are reported by arrivals by the cause of this revolution, but who is at
heart and soul in sympathy with those
steamer Tamba Maru, which reached revolutionists; we therefore demand
|>ort from the Orient today.
that you call a halt and take hands off
At Kunahan, a walled village within of same and let old despot Diaz arid
50 miles <>f Shunghai, the villagers, the revolutionists fight it ouL"
after a desperate raid In which store«
were loote i and many killed, meted
out punishment, peculiarly Chinese In
its grim callousness, to the raiding
refugees. A band of more than 500 \ Bide Friends Good-Bye and Surren­
ders to Deputy Sheriff.
were surrounded in a compound und
burned to death.
San Francisco, Feb 28. After be­
The refuges had taken pOHSOMfon of ing at liberty for 15 months on a bail
Kunshan mxl for two days ransacked 1 bond aggregating $600,000, Abraham
the stores of everything eatable, kill- i Ruef was taken into custody at mid­
mg or wounding all who resisted, i night tonight, following the vacation
Many villagers were »lain and others ■ of the Supreme court's order remand­
taken prisoners and held for ransom.
ing the case for rehearing.
When the raiders moved on to
Early in the evening, Ruef held a
plunder the next village the Kunshan consultation with his attorneys and,
|Hsiple hehi a council of war and or- after bidding friends about town good­
ganixed to pursue the refugees. They bye, went borne. A deputy was wait­
came up with them in a small village ! ing at his residence with a bench war­
and surrounded the houses. Gates I rant issued by Judge Lawler. Ruef [
were lock«! and keruaene poured over quietly surrendered himself and the
the houses and fired. More than 500 pair start«! for the county jail.
|M«rished in the holocaust.
An ap|M-al to the United States
The refugii-s took five prisoners in­ Supreme court on some «institutional
to the compound in view of the bo- ground is his only recourse now. If
ncigera und threaten««! to kill them un­ such action is not taken, Ruef prob­
less the siege was raised and, on the ably will start for San Quentin in a
villagem* pressing them buck to the day or two to begin serving a 14-year
burning buildings, they hacked the term on a charge of bribery.
five men slowly to death. Prisoner»
were tied to stakes in the burning
buildings and were burned with their
A number of the refugees who es­ Starving Chinese Use Pets to Ward
caped were reinforced by other bands
Off Death.
anil returned, and desperate fighting
A missionary who ar-
ensued, in which many villagers were
killisi. Troop« were then sent for und riv«i here from the famine district,
where he had been engaged in relief
have lu-cn hurried to the scene.
work, says that 3,000 persons are dy­
ing daily and that 350,000 are wholly
dependent on the foreign famine com­
mittee, which was organiz«i here.
Payments of Debts Removes Receiver
In many places dogs and cate are
being kill«! for food and houses are
and City Shrieks With Joy.
A wild shriek of joy pull«! down by the occupants and the
burst from the throats of the inhabi­ debris exchanged for anything that
tants of Zion City, when they learned can be eaten.
There is urgent nets! of help pend­
that the “blight” of being a prophet
who must take orders from the Federal ing the arrival of the American tranx-
court hud been removed from the port Buford, which is bringing sup­
shoulders of Wilbur Glenn Vollva and plies donated by the people of the
that the great estate loft by John Al­ United States.
exander Dowie had passed finally into
Cholera Kills Hawaiian«.
his hands.
The payment of 1700,000 in Judge
Four more deaths from
Landis' court by Cube A McKinnon, cholera have occurred among the Ha­
Voliva’s brokers, to Gus D. Thomas, waiian« isolated at the quarantine sta­
receiver for the estate, placet! the $1,- tion because of contact with infected
350,000 projH-rty in the hiindt of tile persons. This makes a total of six
overseers. Go be & McKinnon wep ilesths since the disease first made its
securetl in this payment by a 1950,000 appearance. here.
bond issue.
San Francisco F. E. Tritter, chief
From the moment the news reached quarantine officer of the port, notifi«!
the city founded by Dowie there were all shipping men that vessels clearing
scenes of delirious joy in the streets. from Honolulu must obtain a certifi­
Thousands of horns were dragged forth cate from the chief quarantine officer
from nobody knows where and blown of the Hawaiian port. Vessels not so
as long as men, women and children provided will be sent to quarantine on
behind them could muster lung power. arrival here.
Wilder Calls for More Help.
Chief Poisoned, Belief.
Washington. To meet the pressing
Lawton, Okla. The death of Quan-
needs of the : tarving people of China. I nah Parker, chief of the Comanche In­
American Consul General Wilder nt dians, Thursday, result«! from poi­
Shanghai has cabled the secretary of son administer«! by m«icine men of
atate in an urgent appeal to the Amer­ the Cheyennes, instead of pneumonia,
ican js-ople for the contribution of as rejxirt«! by the white physicians,
$100, (Mill more to bo sent by cable to ia the belief of medicine men of the
the stricken people.
Comanche«. The Comanche« will send
Mr. Wilder makes it plain that thia White Parker, Bon of the late chief,
amount will lie needed before the army among the Cheyennes to investigate.
transport Ruford, now loading at Se- Qmannh had been among the Chey­
attle, can reach China with supplies. ennes three days when he became ill.
He hurried home and died 20 minutes
after reaching there.
"Wets'* Win Back Cities.
Indianapolis, Ind.
The ‘‘wets”
Jap Coolies Going Home.
gained several of the larger cities of
San Francisco.— The number of Jap­
Indiana that previously had been on
the "dry” aide in local option elec­ anese laborers in the United States
tions in 14 counties of the state; The has decrees«! 11,152 in the past three
"dry»” held the county, townships and years, if statistics prepared by the
some cities, but the penpie decided for Japanese foreign office are correct.
the return of saloons in the cities of The figures were made public by Mat-
Marion, Wabash, Vevay, Rushville, suzo Nagai, Japanese consul general
Huntington, Connellsville, Decatur for San Francisco. The report indi­
and Kokomo. Cities that voted to re­ cates that the Unit«! States has lost
main dry were Delphi, Tipton, Peters­ 6,371 Japanese, of all classes, by ex­
burg, Green Castle, Gas City and No­ cess of departures over arrivals in the
three years.
Old Men Inherit Million.
Uncle Sam May License Autos.
Leicester, Eng. It is report«! that
two men living at Blahy, a short dis­
tance from here, who were drawing
government old age pensions of five
shillings weekly on account of extreme
poverty, have inherited S1.0<M>,0<>0.
The money, so the story goes, was be­
queathed them by a brother, Henry
Bowns, who died recently at Salt
Lake, Utah. This information is said
to have been contained in a letter from
the testator’s son.
Washington The Federal automo­
bile license bill inlnsiuced by Wanger,
of Pennsylvania, was favorably re­
ported by the house committee on in­
terstate and foreign commerce. The
measure provides a Federal license in
addition to the local license, but ex­
empts the automobile from the local
license of other states through which
it may pass.
Provision also is made
for the licensing of drivers.
Border Will Be Watched,
Dawson. Y. T.—A police exp«!i-
tion of four men, which left Fort Mc­
Pherson and Herschel Island, in the
Arctic Ocean, a week before Christ­
mas, with police advices and mail
from whalers, traders and trappers,
has not yet arrived here, though the
journey should have been made in 30
days. A relief expedition has gone
out from Dawson. Indians report one
whaler at Herschel.
Police Party May Be Lost.
Washington Disturbances are in­
creasing along the Mexican frontier
and the situation necessitates the close
watching by the American troops of
practically every Inch of the line in
order to preserve the neutrality of
the United States.
A shipment of
arms en route to Mexico has been cap­
tured by United States marshals near
Douglas, Aria.
WORK OF NATION’S LAWMAKERS.. . . . . . . . . . c-."i. . . . . .
Stat« Agricultural College and Ex­
periment Station of Wash­
ington, Pullman.
Washington, March 4. The 61st rider. The Sulloway bill would add
"Do not Interfere with tbe captain
<By J. L. Aahkx-k, Pullman, Wawh.
congress, heedless of one of the most about $50,000,000 to the annual roll
If there Is danger of winter injury
important legislative tasks set before and would grant pensions indiscrim­ In the performance of bls duties, or
it, came to an en<l shortly after noon inately to all veterans of the Civil offer suggestions In navigation based or even fall Injury, the cover crop
very useful In the young orchard.
Within the hour following war who hail served 90 days and had up.a your own experience In running Is
a catboat on Lake Mobonk,” John Kan Since the dates of sowing the cover
President Taft issued a proclamation reached the age of 62.
tdrick Bangs says In Harper's Weekly. crops and the best season for prun­
calling the new congress to meet in
l ,
in the ing are so near together, we do not
extruoglinary session at noon on Tues­
Washington, March 1. - Wi him "There
_____ , are few captains
. now
not think It makes much difference which
day, April 4.
At that time he will Ixjrirner, Menator from Illinois, was cruniwd the ocean several times, and
precedes. Usually we commence to
submit for verification to a house
prune for summer work about the
overwhelmingly Democratic and to a
first of August and sow our cover
senate barely Republican, the reci- «»rruptly elected, by a vote in the knowledge of the sea in a correepond- crops about the middle. One could
afford to cultivate at least once after
United States senate today. Forty- . ence school
procity agreement with Canada.
the lady with golden hair seated the last Irrigation and then sow the
The McCall bill, carrying that aix votes were cast against the resold-J | |n "If
cha)r n„t w your,
cover crop, providing there is suffic­
agreement into effect and passed by
the house, rnet at the hands of the old tion that the senate declare Lorimer's inadvertently puts her head on your ient moisture The best way to de­
Forty senators voted shoulder and groans, do not rudely re­ termine when to prune is to examine
senate today the death freely predict­ seat vacant.
ed for it. The president, warned if that, in their opinion, he was corrupt­ move it, but whistle a soft lullaby as the buds In the "axils" of the leaves.
if you did not notice the act. Bear in If they are pretty well developed.
not entirely reconciled to the fate in ly elected.
store for the measure, wax at the l Eighteen Democrats and 22 Repub­ mind that two beads are better than
one. The lullaby may put her to sleep,
capital to witness the obs«|uies. The!
Eleven when her curls may be gently removed
bill was not allowd at any time to come licans voted to oust Lorimer.
Democrats and 35 Republicans voted to her own soft pillow. Should you
up in the senate for consideration.
The permanent tariff board bill, in his favor, Lorimer refrained from desire to go below before she goes to
forced to its passage through a reluc- voting, Aldrich, Frazier, Terrill and sleep, send the deck steward after her
tant senate at 8 :30 o’clock this morn­ Taliaferro were absent. Lorimer was busband and ask him to remove them
ing, was hurried over to the house, I
"If In the midst of your dinner you
there to be strangled by a Democratic e not present during the roll cal), in
The "president heard the which Vice President Sherman contin- feel a sudden emotional qualm arising
filibuster. *~
news with resignation in the room re-' ually checked applause from the within you, rise with it as nearly simul­
served for him in the senate lobby. ] crowded galleries as one member after taneously as possible, and hasten from
the saloon, taking care In your flight
Congress provid«! funds to continue
to stick to the aisles ¿etween the ta­
the work of the temporary tariff another answer«! his name.
By a vote of 159 to 124 the militia bles and not go leaping from table to
ls>ani for another year.
It was at the request of the Demo­ I pay bill was passed in the house this table like a frlghten<-xl antelope to­
crats of the house and senate that the afternoon. It provides a graduated ward the exit. This latter course
president fix«l the date of the extra scale of wages for officers and men wou’d cause considerable confusion In
session as April 4. The new Demo­ ranging from five to 25 per cent of the the dining room aDd in your haste you
The bill might inadvertently trip over another
cratic ways and means committee of pay in the regular army.
the house, which also is to serve as places the militia under government passenger's welsh-rabbit. which is not
considered good form in polished cir­
the new "committee on committees,” control.
will meet Monday to take up its la­ Secretary of War Dickinson today ac­ cles, either on the land or on the sea.
cepted by cable the resignation of W.
"It, on your way to the upper deck,
A full caucus of Democratic mem­ H. Clarke, auditor of the Philippine you find the staircase blocked by oth­
bers of the new house will not be held ' islands, to take effect April 1. Clarke ers hastening upward like yourself, do
until April 3. In the meantime the was recently charged with insubordin­ not step upon them In your mad flight
plans for the extra session will have ation and his resignation was request- upward, but slide down the banister to
the lower deck, which you will find
MRS W C. PRICE Axed 70.
just as well adapted to your needs as Widow of a veteran of the Civil War. who will
with a claim of young men and women
the upper. Any deck is good in a graduate
Washington, March 3. That anex-j
from a Spokane business college thia »pnng. her
dip.oma showing her to be a competent steno­
tra session of congress is a certainty
grapher and typist. She expects to take up a
is the belief, following president Conservationist of Pinchot Type Now
h<xnestead in Oregon and open an office in some
near-by town.
Taft's official admission that he favors;
Secretary of Interior.
March 15 for the opening day. The
Washington, March 8.—To the ac­
summer pruning, especially on apples
date represents a compromise reached companiment of a letter bristling with
at a «inference of Republican and deununciation of the muckraker. Pres­ if You Have Never Taken Count You and pears, may commence at once;
that Is. after the first of August. In
Democratic leaders.
It is now be- ident Taft today accepted the resigna­
Will Be Surprised at Dis­
the case of peaches, it is sometimes
lieved that all chance of a vote on Ca­ tion of Richard Achilles Ballinger as
tance Covered.
advisable to wait a little longer. It
nadian reciprocity at this session has secretary of the interior. The an­
is not advisable to permit two ap­
nouncement came in the form of a
Have you ever counted up the num­ ples to touch one another when first-
Ottawa, Ont. March 3. — With the simple statement at the White House ber of steps whlcA you have made In class apples are desired. Ordinarily
idea of permitting the measure to that Walter L. Fisher, of Chicago, a the course of one day—In going to a young orchard does not need cover
stand as an open offer to the Unit«! lawyer and former president of the business, in walking from one room crops as badly as an old or bearing
States, it is stated on the highest National Conservation league, had to another at home, and so on. orchard.
authority today, parliament will pass been appointed to Ballinger's place throughout the course of the day? If
A much mooted question now is
the Canadian reciprocity agreement and would take office within a few you will take the trouble to do so, whether or not there is any danger
you will be surprised to find what a
without alterations.
With the making public later of let- distance you have covered without of over-production of first-class apples
W. L. MacKenzie King, minister
the West during the next twenty-
of "a’bon is" Mxvt«! to gö'to Washmg- ‘ers which pass«! between the presi- realizing IL Multiply thoa distance in
five years. So many apples are be­
tonto «infer with the president or his -Jcnt and Ballinger it became known by 365 and you will find that It will ing planted which are not adapted to
representatives on possible amend- for1the
tha‘ the "cccejary not require many years before you the section and soil, or the orchards
menta to the reciprocity agreement, had verbally asked to be reheved of have made up the 25.000 miles which are in the hands of inexperienced
He was in the house last night and so ‘h* cablnet P”"1
t‘1me P"°r to is equal to the circuit of the globe. growers, or other conditions are un­
far ax can be ascertain«! today has Jan««? ». »nd that in a letter bear- , Moat people would certainly be eur- favorable, all of which are reasons
■ ing that date he had submitted a prised if they were Informed that for believing that there will not be
not yet departed for Washington.
i former resignation. ■
| during the course of their lives they over-production. Less than one-third
Rumors that the Democratic house have walked a distance as great as of the trees planted each year in
Washington, March 3. When the
Washington, or the entire Pacific
senate reconven«! today Senator would undertake the impeachment of the length of the equator Yet, how- Northwest,
will ever get into full
Stone, ■ a i/ruiuiruv,
Democrat, vi
of <aia»,u>i,
Missouri Ballinger because of the disclosures ever sedentary we may be, however bearing. Furthermore, the increasing
served notice that at the close of the by « joint congressional committee little inclined to gain the reputation population and the opening up of
the Ballinger-Pin-
oy a globe-trotter or of an Alpine new markets will have an influence.
«inaideration of the naval appropria- which investigat«!
ti.,r, bill today he would call up the
controversy. had prec«ied the climber, most of us have, unknown to A first-class apple orchard on good
reciprocity measure.
The naval bill Anal action during the past few days, ourselves, covered a distance equal land will be a good thing always here
carries appropriations aggregating
Fisher, the new secretary of the in­ to the full circuit of the earth, or a in the West.
ti 25 000,000.
terior, is a "Pinchot conservationist." climb to the highest mountain peaks
An agreement was reached in the
His selection is regarded here as an in the world. More than that, we
Tho plan of going into pedigreed
senate at 3 o'clock this morning that attempt to placate the progressives have accomplished a task still more nursery work is an excellent one.
a vote on the tariff board bill should «nd an endeavor on the part of the colossal Without having had occasion There is a splendid opportunity for
be taken at 8:30 o'clock Saturday ' president to end the cons.-rvat ion war. to explore the unknown regions be­ selecting and securing such wide
morning. If the agreement is ad- The National Conservation league, neath the crust of the earth, we have variations in this country, and we
hered to the tariff board will become which Fisher was president, was descended as far as the depths of the know of nothing that offers the op­
a reality.
i merged with the National Conserva­ most unfathomable abysses, even as portunity that the business men­
tionassociation. the organized opposi­ far as the very center of the earth.— tioned does.
The percentage of grafts that will
Washington, March 3. After an tion of the Ballinger land policies. Strand Magazine.
grow will vary from 10 per cent to
all-day and all-night filibuster against
15 per cent to 95 per cent to 100 per
appropriation bills by Democrats in of that organization.
cent, depending entirely upon the
Century Old Churches.
scions and roots. Good, plump scions
order to force the calling of an extra
session and by Both Democrats and a
An Interesting fact, and to many with strong buds usually mean good
few Old Guard Republicans against
people a surprising one, is that of the results.
the tariff Ixiard bill in the hope of Eastern Roads Vainly Appeal for Sus- 6.000
The Stamen Winesap. Delicious,
killing it and incidentally to haze Bev-,
pension of Tariff,
churches now existing in the United and
King David apples are splendid
eridge, the senate at 3:05 this morn-;
States 763, or more than 12*£ per pollenizers for one another. They
ing agreed to vote on the permanent
Washington, March 6. —Denial of cent, were organized a century or
all good bearers and make good
tariff board bill at 8:30 o’clock Sat- the request of the railways of official more ago and have since continued are
commercial apples, but are not very
urday morning.
¡classification territory that they be their activities in company with the well known in the commercial trade.
It is understood the appropriation permitted vountarily to suspend pro­ American board. All of them are lo­ The Delicious is rapidly becoming
bills will be passed prior to that time.
. .
cated In New England, New York. popular among those who know it. It
Republicans came to the conclusion
«dances in class fre.ght rates New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Is a good bearer, and ships well. The
reluctantly that the Democrats were from March 15 until November 1 next
In Connecticut 60 per cent of the King David promises very well, but
in earnest in their filibuster against was made by the Interstate Commerce present 332 Congregational churches has the bad habit of water-coring
supply measures.
After considering ' commission today,
are at least 100 years old. as are seriously In sections where there is a
the situation, some of the senate lead-
In the decisions announced in the more than one-half of those In New tendency to over-ripen. Tbe Spitzen-
era became of the opinion the admins- great rate cases ten days ago the com- Hampshire, nearly one-half In Ver­ berg. Winesap (common) and Yellow
tration might be 1«! from a political mission directed that the proposed mont and about 40 per cent In Mass­ Newtown are all very high class
pitfail, if appropriation measures tariffs advancing rates be annulled on achusetts. Only that a considerable apples at the present time.
were forced into an extraordinary see-¡or before March 10. If this direction number of churches that were Con­
"green web" or “fruit worm"
scon by reason of obstructive tactics were not followed, the commission an- gregational then are Unitarian now, of The
coast districts can be com­
by the Democrats.
I nounc«l that on that date it would is- the proportion would be somewhat batted very
effectively by spraying
The retirement of $64,000,000 of sue an order recalling the rates and larger.
with arsenate of lead In the spring
three per cent Spanish war bonds now putting into effect, for at least
soon after blooming time. Use arse­
outstanding may be one of the fea- two years, the existing rates,
nate of lead, or Paris green for cur­
tures of Secretary MacVeagh's finan-
After a conference in New York
rant worms. That is much more ef­
Higher Criticism Wanted.
cial plan, after the treasury has been City last Friday an arrangement was
fective than hellebore.
replenished with preliminary issue of made for a «inference in this city be-
year-old wants to know," said the
To combat red spiders, use “black
$25,000,000 to $50,000,000 of Panama tween Eastern railroad officials
young mother. "He says his little leaf" which is a strong preparation of
bonds. The Spanish war bonds, is­ the members of the rommission.
prayer every night without the sllght- tobacco. This will kill the insects.
sued in 1898, were payable at any
Participating in the conference
est idea, of course, of what it all If this Is not satisfactory, try kero­
time after 1908 and do not mature un­ day were President W. C. Brown
General Solicitor Clyde Brown, of the means, and he Is always asking me. sene emulsion. The tobacco spray
til 191«.
made by using one pound of to­
About $20,000,000 are owned by na- New York Central; President James 'Where is Lay Me’s house and what is
bacco leaves to four gallons of water
tional banks and are held by the treas- McCrea and General Counsel F. I. Is God Bless's other name?’ If any­ and simmering this for an hour, then
ury as securtiy for national bank notes Gowne, of the Pennsylvania: Presi- body can tell me I’ll be much obliged.’ straining. Two pounds of tobacco
and public deposits.
¡dent Daniel Willard and General Coun
dust or ground tobacco may be sub­
The Democrats offer«! no objection sei Hugh Bond, of the Baltimore &
stituted for the leaves. Black leaf
Old Houses.
to the pension bill, carrying $155,000,-'Ohio; President Frederick Underwood
extract may be used, one part to 65
000, until Smoot attempt«! to put the and General Counsel George Brownell,
of water. A little lysol added to to­
Sulloway general service pension bill of the Erie, anil Walker D. Hines, merclal value than their owners al- bacco sprays greatly increases their
on the appropriation measure as a1 representing the Delaware & Hudson. ways remember. Ml!*on's well-known value, and permits further dilution.
observation In his ''Areopagltica,' "Al
most as well kill a man as kill a good
Best Ever Salad.
Mussel is Food Resource.
Hammond Special Envoy,
Take «lices of pineapple (the can-
Washington. March 4.—A valuable book," applies not a little to a good
Washington, Mar. 2 -John Hays
Hammond has been selected to repe- food resource of the nation, which so old building, which is not only a book ned preferred, as being more tender)
sent President Taft as special Ambas­ far has not been developed, is to be but a unique manuscript that has no lay each on a lettuce leaf, and tn the
sador at the coronation of King George found in the mussel beds which extend fellow.—Address by Thomas Hardy. hole tn the center of each slice put
a ball of Neufchatel cheese, and over
V. Mr. Hammond, who is a native of on the Atlantic coast from Maine to :
thia some mayonnaise.
San Francisco, was a member of the North Carolina and on the Pacific I
Fond of Music,
Paint on Waah Goods.
famous party led by Dr. Jameson, from Washington to San Francisco. |
She seem« to be very fond of mu-
Peak the parts in kerosene and mb
which invaded the Transvaal before Irving A. Field, of the United States
generoualy with a wool soap. Let
the outbreak of the Boer war.
He laboratory at Woods, Mass., says that
“ "Yas.
Tea. indeed.
Indeed, Ton'll always find stand for a few hours and paint will
was sentenced to death, but was after­ natural beds of sea mussels are cap-
pl*n" when her mother ia easily rub off when the garment fa
ward pardoned by President Kru­ able of supplying wholesome food to her
the dlabe*.”
thousands at little expense.
C *_*