Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, January 27, 1911, Image 2

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Grower* of Northwest Meet at Port­
land—Committee* Named,
Aviator P*rm*l*» B**t* Former Am-
• rlc«n Record of 28 Minute*.
Portland—Representing an aggre-
San Franeleco.—Ban Franuisco'* av
1 gate capital of »50,000,000, Invested in
Salem, Or.. Jan. 24—Although Ixith
Salem. Or.. Jan. 20. Representative 1st ion meet produced a now Ameri
apple orchards and an output of 10, houses of the legislature worked In­ Clyde today Introduced • Joint reso­ can record when Phillip O. I'armaloe,
000 cars yearl. having a value of dustriously this morning, llttla was lution proixistng
constitutional piloting a Wright biplane, remained
accomplished beyond the passage of
to »8,000,000, more a few bills of little general import-! amendment restoring the »300 per aloft for ill rue hour* 39 minutes and
49 1-5 aecond*.
than 100 applegrowers from Oregon, ance. The good roads enthusiasts will sonal tax exemption.
The best previous endurance per­
I Washington and Idaho gathered in the have their tuning* in the senate this
The house Ims adopted Neuner’s formance »a» that of A. L. Welch,
| Y. M. C. A. auditorium for the pur- aftermxin. the bills on that subject
memorial urging Oregon's delegation of St. Louis, who established u roe
General Resume of Important Event )»se of forming a National selling being made a special order.
President Boriili* Give* American*
Congress to work for an approp­ ord of three hours. 11 minutes and
i agency of sufficient breadth and width
A new resolution calling for an In­
Free Rein In Preventing Bom­
Presented in Condensed Form
t to control and dispose of the apples vestigation of affairs at the stale In­ riation of »250,000 for a Federal build­ 55 second*. At law Angeles' recent
meet, the late Arch lloxsey was cred
bardment of Port*.
for Our Busy Reader*.
sane asylum was introduced by Dint ing at Roseburg.
Ited with un unotficial record of three
' Honed.
ick in the senate and went to com- i
Bigelow Im* Introduced In the hour* and 17 minutes.
| A committee of 15 was appointed inlttee. It directs particular Inquiry
A throng of more thnn 25.000 cheer­
The Washington legislature urges at ,*u' ‘‘h'se of the day s work to as to the number of employes and the' house a resolution Instructing the ed tho birdmail us he pursued his i
Washington, Jan. 23. The report
congress to curb immigration.
prepare a working plan for the con nec»q»sity for their employment and game committee to communicate with monotonous course. When he finully that th« Hornet. General Bonita *
sideration of the convention toiuor- gives (tower to compel attendance of the legislatures of California and
descended he wus given n rousing /revolutionary gunboat, which h»*
Police again used their clubs in n)W morning
witnesses for taking of testimony on' Washington with a view to securing ovation. Several enthusiast*, umong ; been promoting hl* can»« along the
Chicago strike riot*.
leading apple culturists from the all phases of the situation.
uniform legislation by the throe them Eugene B. Ely, hoisted i’urni coast of Honduras, ha* been boarded
President Taft declares for lnimed 'hre,> *'»'»*» '“"k l’ar’ ln ’he Procwd
Verbal clashes of rival Interests states regulating tho shooting of aleu on their shoulders mid cut ried , by a force from thu American gun
late steps to create a merchant ma
Ex-Governor Mlles C. Moore, of came last night In committee meet |
him in triumph to u stund lu the mid boat Tacoma was confirmed In a
Washington: Judge Fremont Wood. Ings over the sailors' boarding house j ducks and other water fowl
The house today indefinitely post die of Selfridge Field, where General wire les» dispatch received by thu
' of Boise. Idaho; Mlles Cannon, of bill, the eight-hour bill and the nui al I
poned Cole’s bill authorizing the pub­ Tusker II. Bliss, other Army officers navy department today from Com­
A Mexican colonel, ordered to ar- nviser, Idaho: E C. Benson, of Pros militia bill.
The latter will come lication of tho Oregon Supreme Court und u number of women crowded mander Cooper of tliu I’ulted State*
rest his own sons as rebels, deserted ser Wash . ex-president of the Wash
about the uviutor to congratulate him steamship Marietta.
with his entire command.
irigton State Horticulture Society; C provision retaining preseut officers of reports by George W. Bate* & Co.
The dispatch merely said It had
"1 could have reilutiued up longer,"
Rather than allow her sterilization
The Wisconsin legislature is con­ E. Whisler, of Medford, representing the reserve ln office.
bill, a* vetoed, run the gauntlet of said i'urmalee, "but my seat grew so been found necessary to place a force
sidering a bill to permit trouser skirts
The senate passed one bill and kill­
hard and my hands mid feel *o on li<>aid to detain the Hornet, and
Association; H. C. Atwell, of Forest ed another this morning, but the ses­ a two-third* majority, or see It de­
and forbid the hobble skirt.
l.umbed with the cold that I decided added that detail* would lie ie[Mirt«d
Grove, Or., president of the Oregon sion was featureless. Committees are I clared dead as tho ixiaslbllity has
New Orleans, fearing defeat, is State Horticultural Society: J. N. slow In reixirting out their bills. The Ixen suggested. Dr. Owen* Adair re to come down after cllncliing the later. Tho state department I* await­
ing Information to determine It* fu-
quested Senator Albee to reintro­ American record."
seeking to delay final action on the Stone, of Milton, Or.; II. C. Richards, house passed four bills.
i’urmalee'* long flight was uti tur« court*.
duce It at this session, and the bill
Panama exposition bill in congress.
iof North Yakima. Wash.: A. P Bate­
The legislature was stormed today came into the senate today, lalieled eventful.
Dtico while sailing close
Tho attorney general la Investigat­
man. of Mosier. f)r„ and C. H. Sprout,
A Roslyn miner dropped a spark of Hood River. Or., were among the by 300 Oregon advocates of the Good as Senate Bill No. 90. This Is the to the San Bruno hill* on tho far side ing whether tliu Hornet has violated
identical measure with that In trovi of the field, lie dipped suddenly and lb« neutrality law* of tliu I lilted
from a cigarette into a can of powder more active spirits of the enterprise.
from Portland urging that Multnomah uced and passed at the last sesslon sharply to force gusuliue luto his en­ State*, and pending th« result thu
and the explosion badly injured every­
The only opposition to the plan county, by the terms of the five high
relating to taking steps for restrain- gines.
statu detail tmeut has aunouuced that
one of his family, including himself, proposed carue from the pessimistic
ways bills framed by tho Oregon Ing the proimgatlon of criminal In­
Weather condition« wore excellent, tho vessel would not bo permitted
and wrecked his house.
tone that prevailed through the talk Good Roads association, is presenting
sane, itnlieclles and Idiots.
although brlgnt uunshlnu
not io commit any act <4 -hostility ugalust
Heavy rains cause disastrous floods of E. H. Shepherd, editor of Better the state with road making funds tor
wholly temper the all's nipping touch Honduras.
in Northern California.
benefit of every other!
I Im action of Commander Davis, of
Salem. Ore.. Jan. 19.—One bill wns
A Berlin judge declares people though the discussion lasted -through­ county but with indirect benefit, only
the Tacoma. In boarding the Hornet,
passed by the state senate this morn
were justified in shooting policemen out the day and the speakers were to business interests.
It I* assumed hare, was baaed on an
numerous. Mr. Shepherd could not
Ing. It was senate bill 26, by Oliver, Inexperienced Foreign Labor Endang Intention of thu revolutionist* to
who exceed their authority.
see the light as advanced by the
simplifying the proof of official d<x-u
»trlku a telling blow
Tliu navel of­
Mexican rebels trapped a force of
er* American Worker*.
Salem, Jan. 23—Numerous bills to
more hopeful in the plan of creating
ficer* In Honduran waters Were given
government troops in a mountain pass
a central distributive agency for the hedge in officials at state institutions, merit* from consular office* in the |
considerable latitude
and killed about U>0 of them.
' output.
He maintained that there resolutions calling for investigation court*.
standing ut orders or by reckless dis- j their Instructions to
All the West and Middle West is was no way for an organization—at of state establishments from separate
Chase’» bill for sale of tide lands regard of the ueccssary rules of opcr suult by the Hornet,
rallying to the support of San Fran­ least he had heard of no plan—which Investigations of the asylum and the
within an organized port to port com • atlon, foreign-born workmen without
The Hornet sailed from New Or-
cisco for the Panama exposition.
would equalize the values between office of insurance commission to a
actual experience in mining often Im 1« mis, ostensibly for Cape Giaelas, on
A bill is expected to paaa the Ne­ the apples produced in the various resolution, sweeping in Its nature mlssious at a nominal price, there be |x .11 the live* of traiuol and exper­
• Hie northeastern coast of Nli iragun,
vada legislature shutting out cigar­ districts. He was certain that there ami covering all of the state institu­ Ing now no manner in which unap ienced workers, acordlug to a bull«
it tins not taen eutabllsheed where
ettes and cigarette material from that was no chance for over-production, tion* and officials, were feature* In proprlated lands may be acquired tin made public by the Bureau of
the vessel received her runners.
That he regarded as a bug-a-boo ere- both houses today.
from the state land board, wa* sent
The Hemet was Immediately trans­
They marked a continuance of the
ated by the railroads and the press,
The figures cited *ro principally for ferred from American to Honduran
A Long Beach woman left »31.000
"All Government statistics." said sentiment which has been expressed back to committee on amendment. the decade ended with tliu year 1908.
registry and raised the Honduran
in a handbag lying on a park bench, the speaker, "that I have been able to forcibly that lavish expenditure and It will be amended by suggestion of
where is was found later by a motor- get hold of. 'all the information that extravagance have marked the con­ Bean to exempt lands already applied In which thu fatal accidents lu the flag, but the Honduran |>apers wer*
issued by the Bonilla appoint*«**. The
cyclist and returned to her.
I have gathered and all of the inter­ duct of affairs at the asylum and for by others.
l>er 1000 employe*.
For tho decade
paper* I*
Is ini»
one of
Von der Helton, of Jackson. Intro ended 1906. the latest for which tig validity of these |ui|H<r*
John Boysen, aged 91, died at the
duced a bill amending the law ure* for other coal mlnliig countries the question* being looked Into, Of-
soldiers' home in Los Angeles,
against railroad rebates, use of false were available, the average fatality tidal* here generally regard them a*
other institutions.
had been a soldier all his life, begin- possible. in apples at least. There is
Senator Wood Introduced several weights or such classifications of rale In North America, says the re
ning by­ fighting for his home in no such a thing as over-production in
institutions. corumixlltles as will charge one ship port, was 8.14 per 1000. This, It is
Germany in the battles of Schleswig- this country in any fixal product. bills
There may be faults of distribution They have as their end in view the | kt more than another. The object said, was higher than tin rate In
for a continuous number of years— complete elimination of possibility of is to Insure cheap tinnsportatlon for other important field* In thu world.
The Kansas legislature is blocked that has never occurred and cannot future deficiencies and would chang ■ limestone rock, said to be suitable Figure* for a few countrle* tor the Railroad Official Say* Rate* Not In­
the present system of expending pub­ for cement making, of which large same period are: I’ulted Kingdom.
by the advance effects of a political occur in any known fixvd product.”
creased on Par With Price*.
Regardless of Mr. Shepherd s views lic money for public institutions. deposits exist In Jackson county. It 1.29 per 1000 employes; Austria, 1.35;
fight two years hence.
the applegrowers continued in their Dimlck introduced a bill requiring Is stated »51'0,000 Is all ready to be France, 1.81, and Prussia. 2.13.
Worcester. Mas*
Unless the rail­
deliberations and appointed the fol­ that the secretary of state shall make invested In the Industry.
roads of the country charge higher
BONILLA IS ASSEMBLING MEN rate* for carrying freight, wage* will
Bluestem. lowing committee to draft a plan: H.
mulated by the Good Roads nssocia
liaie to lie cut. according to argu­
48c; club. 80c; red Russian, 79c; Vai- W. Otis, of Wenatchee. Wash.; H. C. er drawn and every warrant (mid
Sproat, of Hood River; H. C. Lamb, that such shall be signed by him
Effect of Seizure on Rebel Is Main ment* put forth by speaker* at th»
ley. 81c; 40-fold, 81c.
meeting of the New England mem-
Barley—Feed. »23.50® 24 per ton; of Milton. Or.; John Forbls. of Port­ son ally.
Topic at Ceiba.
One of Woods’ bills makes it tin sented the bill which enables coun-1
land; C. F. Whisler, of Medford. Or.;
tiers of the American Kailroad Em-
brewing. »27® 27.50 per ton.
ties to Issue bonds for road build
Ceiba. Hondurns.—Great excitement ployer«' ami Investors’ Association
Millstuff»—Bran, »23® 24.50 per ton; A. P. Bateman, of Mosier. Or. .; Miles lawful for any trustee or officer of
ring, and Carson a bill for working win caused here when It became here.
middlings. »30®31; shorts, »24®26.50; Cannon, of Weiser. Idaho; C. L. any state institution to allow a de­
Such de- city and county prisoner* on the known that the United States cruiser
Smith, of Lewiston. Idaho; Will F. ' flciency to be created,
"For 25 years," said P. H Morris-
rolled barley. »26® 27.
Tacoma had "arrested" the revolu se.v, president of the association, "tho
Com—Whole, »29; cracked, »30 per Ritz, of Walla Walla. Wash.; W. M. fleiency. the bill recites, must be re­
Rotation of names on the primary tionary gunlsiat Hornet nt Truxillo,
changes In class rat«* have been
It Is not known i what effect the very «light, while the value of al­
An- ballot 1« provided in a bill presented
Oats—No. 1 white. »28.50 per ton. George C. Eaton, of Granger, Wash.; sponsible or by his bondsmen.
most every commodity ha* Increased.
Hay—Track prices: Timothy, Wil­ C. H. Clark, of Wenatchee, and G. H.
o | h - rntlonr
no warrant shall be drawn by the stitute for Sinnott’s bill on the same Illa s
have Tlie railroads have found it nerx-sHary
lamette Valley, »19®20 per ton; East­ Sprague, of Cashmere, Wash.
reached here that, for more thnn a again nnd again to Increase wuges.
The convention was called to order secretary of state unless an appro­
ern Oregon. »21®22; alfalfa. »14;
tension of the area to all county week he has been mobilizing troops
"Now they are making n moderate
grain hay, »14.50® 15.50; clover, ,13® by President Atwell, of the Oregon priation has been made therefor, nor
State Horticultural Society, Frank W. shall any account be audited and or­ and district office*. It requires that at Nueva Armenia, Zf miles east of advance In some rates but the ad-
whatever the number of candidates here on the coust, preparatory to an vance I* so small in comparison with
Apples—Waxen. 50c®,1; Baldwin, Power, of Portland, was made sec­ dered paid unless the appropriation
for any particular office, tho name attack.
the value of the commodities as to
75c® »1.25; Northern Spy, C0cO91.60; retary. A committee on credentials covering the same has not been ex-
of each candidate shall appear at the
Ceiba appears to have more gen­ b« almost Impossible for computation
Snow, ,1.25; Red Cheek Pippin, ,1® was selected and they made a report hausted.
head of ticket as many times as the erals, captains nnd other minor otfi by the ultimate consumer.
If tho
1.25; Winter Banana. S1.75®2; Spitz-
cers thnn soldiers mid the govern- railroads are not allowed to raise
Salem, Ore., Jan. 21.—An antl- name of any other candidate.
enberg, $1.50®2.50; Yellow Newtown. convention specified that the object
their freight rates, It will bo felt
,1.75; Arkansas Black, ,2; Delaware of the meeting was to form a cooper­ trust law, which Is intended to hit all
this morning.
The first came from trouble In enlisting loyal privates In other way*.”
Red, ,1.75; Gano, ,1.25; '.Vinesap, ative selling agency and to provide combinations in restraint of trade.
county delegation and Is ¡Trenches have been built on the out
some means for apple box legisla- was Introduced in the senate vester-
Suggestions were tendered as day by Joseph of Multnomah and ' designed to protect and prevent the skirt* of Ceiba und government of
Sack Vegetables—Carrots, fl hun- tfon.
imitation of the waters of the Unip- fidai* express confidence In their WAR OVER CRETE IS THREAT
dred; parsnips, $1.50® 1.75; turnips, to the best plan of procedure and may loom as one of the large mcas-
ability to defend the town.
discussion,disclosed the fact that the tires of the session.
It has been ' qua river.
,1; beets. ,1.25.
Vegetables—Beans. 12% per lb.; apiiointment of a committee should carefully drawn, being on the lines
New York Greek* Ask Taft to Help
Salem, Or., Jan. 18.—Representa-
of the California law, which has been
cabbage, »1.50® 1.75 per hundred; be made to work out a plan,
Distressed Steamer Safe.
Keep Isle From Turkey.
an effective Instrument in suppress­ • tlve Neuner’« standing among the
cauliflower, »2.25 per crate; celery,
Seattle.—The fishing steamer Chi
New York.—That an effort on the
California, »3®3.25 per crate; cucum­ debate and contended that the diffi­ ing combinations of retailers in that school children of the state will de
cago, which s< nt out disi reís call« part of the Ottoman Empire to coerce
bers, ,2 per box; egg plant, 15c per culties of the undertaking were, first, state.
Ice trusts, grocers’ combinations, ’ predate about 100 per cent If the by wireless. I* safe and Is coming to the Cretans would result in -another
lb.; garlic, 8c® 10 per lb.; green on­ the method of establishing grades
ions, 15c per dozen; head lettuce. 50c and. second, what should be done plumbing combines and other similar bill he Introduced in tho house to-1 Seattle under Its own steam, accord­ revolution wus the sentiment voiced
The measure J ing to a message received by owners at n mass meeting of the Greek
©60 per box; hothouse lettuce, 75c® with regard to the division of the re- organizations have been sent to day becomes a law.
The proposes to abolish all school holi­ of the vessel.
»1 per box; peppers, 15c per lb.; ceipts of the selling agency, Should cover by the California law.
The message said that the Chicago
The meeting was convoked by tho
pumpkins, lc®l%c per lb.; radishes, there be a "jack-pot” created, as the law covers all combinations having
days. In this It doos not even except went
Strait, Pan-Hellenic Union. representing Miao
30c® 35 per dozen;
8c; speaker called it, in which all should for their object the stifling of com
British Columbia, anil was slightly Greeks In the vicinity of New York,
petition »
squash, lc@l% per lb.; tomatoes,
ceeds, or should values be placed
\’> n<l<-rs of drugs and M*traa * It provides, however, that on these damaged, This was the occasion for to protest against the alleged Inten­
,2®2.75 per box.
price. upon the apples of each district and will be hard hit If a bill presented two days exorcises aproprlate to the sending out the -lintresz signals which tion of Enro|M>nn powers to hand
brought every wireless station on the over tho Island of Crete to Turkey.
,1.25© 1.40 per hundred; Bweet pota­ division of the receipts be placed on by Barrett of Washington in the
occasion shall be held In the schools.
this basis?
In this debate George senate Is passed.
North Coast Into action In an effort
Thursday he In­
The meeting adopted resolution*
toes, ,3.75 per hundred.
Provision Is made that general elec­ to send assistance to the 40 men calling upon President Taft and Con­
Onions—Buying price, ,2 per hun­ Aggers, of White Salmon; A. F. Hell- troduced a bill which will make th«
Inwell, of White Salmon; J. G. Tate, license easy for country peddlers. tion or primary day, where the teach­ aboard.
gress to oppose no effort to subject
19c® 20; of Hood River; C. B. Clark, of Wen­ The drug vender bill, which was In- er Is n legal voter, school may be
the Cretans to Turfsh sovereignty
Bond Demand Improve*.
Springs, 18c® 19%; turkeys, 22c®23; atchee; J. N. Stone, of Milton; W. K. trod need by request, goes to the
ami nsl-i-d Hint tho President remind
closed at 2:30 o'clock In the after­
ducks, 22c®23; geese, 12c®14; dress­
other extreme, Imposing the pro-
New York.—Improvement In the the powers that tho Interests of
noon to enable the teacner to vote.
lem, and others took part.
hibltory fee of $100 per month.
ed turkeys, choice, 25c® 26.
peace demand that Crete be Incor­
demand from capital Went
In a resolution In the house today,
porated with the Kingdom of Greece.
Eggs—Oregon ranch, candled, ?0c®
Barrett also Introduced a bill to
32; Eastern. 27c*; 30.
legalize the making of deposits of Mahoney, of Morrow, proisises that on last week, though in moderate
Jules Verne Is Outdone.
the state school fund In banks. This no bill cnrrvlng an appropriation degree, nnd afforded a basis for some
Butter—City creamery extra, 1 and
Vote Buying Confession.
Tho tendency
2 pound prints, in boxes, 35c per
Seattle.—The development of the Is understood to bo favored by the thall be Introduced In the legislature operations In stock.
• subsequent to February 7.
was most strikingly reflected In the
pound; less than boxes, cartons and Japanese port of Tauniga has made state treasurer.
Danville, III—Election corruption
Chairman Malarkey, of tho senate bond department of tho Stock Ex­
delivery extra.
Calkins of Lane Introduced a bill
It possible to go around the world in
and bribery which Is declared to have
Pork—Fancy, 10%c®ll% per lb.
making the saloonman responsible In judiciary committee, Rays that, a change Itself, the volume of di alings
37 days.
Leaving Seattle or Van­
Veal—Fancy, 85 to 125 lbs., 13c@15
damages to the wife or other near “Ubstltnte bill, If passed, probably | swelling to a dally average seldom been rampnnt for yenrs In "Uncle
couver by steamer, a traveler may
per lb.
relative through sale of liquor to an will be reported for Patton's bill to equaled In th<- Inst year. Each day Joo" Cannon’s bailiwick, Vermillion
land In Yokohama In 12 days.
abolish capital punishment. The suh- i brought Its announcement of a sale county, promises to bo bared to the
Cattle—Prime steers, ,6.25®8.50;
habitual drunkard.
taking train to Tsuruga and steamer
good to choice steers, ,6.00© 6.25;
A bill by Malarkey, establishing a • tltufe bill will abolish capital pun­ of new honda.
grand Jury Investigating a statement
to the trans-Siberian Railroad term­
fair to good steers, ♦•>.50®6.00; com­
sent to n newspaper by a prominent
state board for examination of can­ ishment, but will carry an added
inus and continuing by the fastest
clause providing for a restriction of
mon steers, »4.00*15.00; choice to
Airship Circle* Warships.
attorney In which ho confessed buy­
train to London he may cover tho didates for the bar, was Indefinitely
'he pardoning power. Under the pro­
prime cows, ,5.2505.50; good to
Lima, Peru.—The aviator Blolou- ing votes In a previous election. The
distance from Yokohama In 18 days.
choice beef cows, »1.750 5.25; fair
Malarkey’s bill removing the five posed plan the question of pardons vlccl made a flight, to Callao at a attorney In bls statement says ho
By the fastest steamers and trains he
will be placed largely with the Su­
to good beef cows, »4.25® 4.75; com-
kept records of the names of the
may travel from Ixmdon to Seattle In day limit allowed to a purchaser to preme Court, although tho Governor height of 200 feet, circling over the
mon to fair beef cows, »2.00*14.00;
warships In tho harbor and returned vote Rollers nnd the amounts given
a little more than nine days.
good to choice heifers. ,5.00®5.50; I
17 to 8 after a debate In which the will still sign the pardons.
to the course here, where he made them but this record, he said, ho
fair to good heifers. ,5.00*z5.50; com-1
Whenever new evidence Is found, a perfect landing. Tho Prouvlan avi­ recently burned.
lawyers disagreed.
Malarkey con­
mon to fair heifers. »1,0® 4.25; choice
tended that this would enable a pur­ attorneys for the one desiring the ator, Tenant!, who attempted a flight,
Nation to Hide Paroles.
to good fat bulls, »4.50®4.75; fair to
chaser to know his title was good pardon will present, it to the Su­ came suddenly to the ground because
New Shipping Law Prohibitive.
their when ho bought, as the conveyance preme Court and that tribunal will
good fat bulls, ,4.00®4.25; common
of an accident to bls motor, Ho was
London.—A ssert I n g that owners of
bulls. ,2.50®3.25; good to choice light paroles from Federal prisons hore- first recorded would be the one rec­ pass upon it and hand down an opin­ not hurt.
British ships will 1*0 unable to send
calves, |7.75®8.00; fair to good light after will step back Into the world to ognized, Abraham. Joseph and Not- ion.
calves, »7.00®7.50; good to choice begin life anew unadvertised and tfngham opposed these views, while
The Governor will be unable to sign
their vessels to sea In time of war
Aviator Take* Three Passenger*.
heavy calves, ,5.25*26.00; fair to good i
Sinnott, Barrett of Washington and the pardon unless It Is sanctioned by
If parliament ratifies tho "declaration
heavy calves, »I.75*i5.25; common
l an opinion of the court.
Mourtnelon, Franco.—Henry Wein­ of London,” an agreement ndopted
Calkins agreed with them.
Attorney-General Wickersham and
calves, ,3.75® 4.75; good to choice
mann made a brilliant flight with two yenrs ago liy the chief naval
stags. ,5.00®5.25; fair to good stags, Robert W. Ladow, chairman of the
three passengers.
He flew across power* governing was prizes, Lloyds
Repeal Tax on Water Power.
To Reform Judicial System.
country to Rhelms and return, about camo out In opiiosltlon to sanction­
Salem, Ore., Jan. 19.—Repeal of
parole board, have decided that pub­
Salem, Jan. 24.—Planning compre­ 37 miles, |n one hour. A few day*
ing the plan. Lloyds nssorls that If
licity in such cases helps to defeat the tax on new water powers Is
good to choic« hogs. ,8.50®8.85.
provided In a bill Introduced In the hensive reform of the judicial system ago Weinmann made a flight over the declaration Is finally confirmed!
Sheep—Yearling wethers, grain fed. the object of the parole law.
senate by Carson, of Marlon.
In­ of tho state, which Is generally re- practically the same course with two nnd accepted tho wnr risk on mer­
,4 25®5.25; old wethers, grain fed,
stead, It places a graduated license carded as having boon ma/lo easy by passengers.
chantmen will bn prohibitive.
Gaynor’s Foe In Prison.
3.75® 4.25; good to choice ewes, gialn
tax on all water powers, old as well the adoption of swooping amendments
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