Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, December 11, 1908, Image 4

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    Auccee.ling Gresham Vindicator, Gresham Gaaette, E»»t Multnomah Record,
Multnomah Record and Moutavilla Herald.
I'ublmhel Every Friday at Gresham, Ore., by the B kavkk S tats P vbusiuxu C o
H. A. DARNALL, E hitob *xn M anauss .
StCFWTX lor a«bacri|Wion« are nol am unlaw requvat'Ht The label tin your Ml-vr will Indi
rate wiihin two week« the rei-elpi of your reailllance, it It doea nol |>leaae uolity us
SISCSannsSeCn tn keeping with well reeognued buameaa principles, ah »iltm-rliUions will
promptly upon expiration o< limo pnld tor.
TTIIIttt St 4SSKSX In ordering change ol addrea» give old a* well as new addreas.
CdSMVWISCxn are wauled in every communtly It no correapondenes appear» (rom yeur
ncighborhoo.1. you are rvepceltully reqc wled lo wild ua a> many local llemx a» you can
asitsntas unt IJtuAI. AI i VKKTISIXG. avi iu l.-ade-l »lx point. Ilk' per line »ml Insertion
re |ter line each »nbaoqucnt Insertion. OWPl.AY APV KKTInlSll No poxitiou guaranteed
lire pe< ainsle
iimn Inch oach laarn-. Liberal discount allowed tor either time or .paie ad ver
ttrevuionAs. but not bvHh
pdfiition (»nj n*) .V |*r inch «tLUtioual RKADKRS, Iftp ner line ArvC insertion. V t«rr
line each suhaequent in«er»ion LOCAI^i (Want I'olutuu only), ic a word each imu *.counting
Iwd Agurca, an initial or an abbrx viation a> »»ne word. No local accepted (or le*a than 1S
conta FROrMIONALCARIM (one inch).'J*r each i»aue. CARDS OF THANKS (not ruwl-
ing two int'hea) NO cent*. l.KTTKRS OF 1'ONIHH.KNi K (not exeevdinii four tnehvs). |l
OBITUARIKS for actual aubarribera or tueiubera of their faiuiliv*. up to Hk) word«, tree
al! over 100 worvta. le « word (invariably in advance}, i'ounl the word« «nd remit accordingly.
All 1*>dge. Orange, School, Church, or other noih'ea or advertisement* of aerials, parties,
daucea. Cv»ncerU. theatricals, etc., given for a prorit, charged tor al regular rate«.
la order to insure change of < a 1 advertisers must have copy in this oBce not later than
Tucada) preceding day of publication.
MSCSlFTlti RATTS. Ter Year. >1 50 strictly In advance; to foreign countriea. W t». 8ii
MvMHha KV Three months trial subscription« Sûr. Single copies 5c. A*k tor clubbing rate*.
aSRTTMCn should be ¡»eut by Express or Puatoftce Money Order, Registered 1 seller ort'hei'k,
St amp« accepted up to NOcenU.
IM MIMTRK 1« 4»ur specialty. We are well eqiiipinM lo do the beat work at current prices.
KapeHally farmers* and bu»inesa men's Letter Head», anvelopa«, Butler Wrappers, Statements,
etc., ia small or large qua ill it lea Auction Bill«, Ihuigera. Posters, etc., priutvd on short notice.
Batrrrd A* Mcunit-class mailer al Ibe poslolhce al Urwkala, Orvwon.
society. The next step is evident
and the degeneracy of the fami­
ly will be extended to the detri­
ment of a growing posterity.
experience and obaervalion in Uis grow­
ing of thia graaa The paper on "The
Fireless tXmker," by Mrs. Jennie C.
Smith was Hue »nJ gave aome good in­
formation and advice in the uae of thia
new yet old way of cuohiiig, and which
can I* made a very usetiil article in any
kitciien. Talk on ’’Foiiudero’ fTav," by
Masior Johnson, who gave some of the
early history of the order, and told of
the ueeda of such an orgauiaallon au«l
of how rapidly it grew.
Remarks were made bv Brother • lid
Sister Kingstiury of .Michigan, who •rr
visiting Oregon.
Remarks ware also
made by the various Masters and lec­
turer» present.
Th« election of officers resulted as fol­
lows: master, J. J. Johnson; overm>er,
Willda Huckmau; lecturer, Mra. II. L.
Vail; chaplain, J.ti. Kelly; steward,
E. J. Spooner; asst, »lewant, Carl Em­
ery ; secretary, Mra. M. M Eaton , treaa-
urer. Mrs. Emma Sp<»mer, g»lekev|ier,
, George Brookman; Ceres, Mrs. E. A.
Niblm; I’oinona, Mr». Jennie C. Smith;
Flora, Miss Mary Paquet; lady asat.
slewanl, Mr», luira Beckuer; executive
L. I>. Elliot and S. II. Covel.
At the annual election of Columbia
grange No. 287, held Saturday, l>ec. ft,
the following officers were elected fur
11KIM: Roy Mersliou, master; .Mrs. Anna
Anderoou, overseer; Mrs. Clara Smith,
lecturer; George Dreaeell, steward ; Ray
Woolard, awl steward; Mr». F. Vugh,
chaplain; F. Beutield, treasurer; R. P.
llaaamussen, secretary;
A. IK h I miu ,
gatekeeper; Agnes Evans, Cerva; Jessie
Emily, Pomoua, Helen Deaver, Flora; |
Lilly Kassiuusseii, lady asat. steward.
Buylnu Books for ( Nldrtn.
J. C. lhickley h»a IWen drawn »• a
Mc m lie re nf tha Grange who ex poet
juror for the Ifo-t-uilier term of the Cir­
to buy iMMiks for children for Chrialmaa
Ovvie», Ri»,ta A C o ', Store
cuit Court.
gifts may receive «ouïe «iiggvatlima
Owing to the timely and heroic preo- alauit spending their money to the liest BORING
ence of mind of her teacher, Mrs Wal­ ailvaiilage from the little |iam|ililet is­
lace, little Jennie Heiidriekami narvowly sued by the Oregon Library Cullimi».
eacaped severe injuries by tire at our »ion and sent out free upon recpieat to
«-bool last week. The child was putting the Secretary at Salem. Thia pamphlet
waste imper in the stove when liâmes « give« a list of the very lawl l»»iks for
Of th« nnu of liVm A Dvrv«
enveloped her, hurning several holes in children of all ages tells how much
Fhentva A WHft, Mailt u*ui
her apron. The teacher (ought the Hre these iMMiks coat ami what they are
SOI tht’J Corbett Bldg., l'oHTi ASti, Gas.
•uecerofully, the little girl being more , like
It was publiahed just lo help In
frightened than injured.
I Christmas buying and the list was very
it. u. orr
il. V. A. Carpenter will lie in the carefully seh-ei««i
The l»»iks are mil
employ of the Wella Fargo Expro.» Co. ' for sale by the Commisaion hut can lie
during the holiday».
' iHiught of any lesik dealer, though it
lu the near future two bungalow» will ' must lie remembered that many of
j them are nut in stuck and if the deal- Gresham.
tie erected on the Brown place.
J. Amlereon ia doing aoiue grubbing era are to supply them they will need
tor the Cummings family,
J the first of December if the l»»iks are
Roy Buckley haa taken Wm Nagle a
to I»' in Oregon in time for Christmas
job at the county cruaher lor a few days.
The Commission lias hut a limitssl
The llammersly place on thoTavlore. numtier of lists left hut will semi them
ville road is living grubbed by a force of ' to anv member of the Grrngv «pon ap-
men who are camping near the work.
pln-atioii as long as they last.—Pacific
The grange hall annex i. nearing com- Grange Bulletin.
pleliun ami i» a credit to the community.
While visiting their ton, L. Ix-wi», on
Thankagiving day, the lamily horse of
Mr. and Mro T E. Lewiaot Rose Cot­
tage, Russellville, took fright, dashing j
away with thi- empty buggy which was
overturned ami badly »mashed.
I ReiMirt of the condition of the First
caught, the horse was found to lie free
State Bank at Gresham, Ore., ut eluse
horn injury and somewhat frightened.
of buaiiirsa, Nov. 27. 191)8:
While rather a bad wind-up lo a very
pleasant day and t<ounti(ul dinner, the
Ixians ami discount»
•49,394.29 I
owners rvalue that it might have liven ! Ov. rdrafta, secured and un-
worse as they were safely out of the ve­
28 441
hicle. Among the other guests were Rnnd«. mu'urities. rlr................. 17,870.87
Pleasant Valley grange met in reg­ Mr. and Mra. Fred Howitt and George
tiiturva .......... ................... .
ular seesion Saturday, November 28 Howitt and family.
Due fro* approved rrterve
with a gool attendance and the pro­
Caah <>n hand ................................
gram prepared by tha lecturer. Jeouie
Kronen berg, was very good. The sub­
Iawis Rrrel return'd Wrelnroilgy from
jects taken up for discussion were very
«nimmendable, especially
“ Ikimeetic , 1'ntlami whvre he spent a (vw «rrii
Capital stock pskl In ............ • lAXtrnvO
Economy," by Mrs Rvan and "Aiuer-
Mr. and Mrs. 8aund«re were in tba
Undivided profits, leas ex pen
lean Farmer Feeding the Wuild," by city Haturday.
sea and taxes pai-l
l.tKI? V.’
II. W. Snsshall.
The work prepared
de|»siita subject to
Mr. and Mra. T. L. Evaus returned
by our state lecturer is being received
with universal satisfaction.
The sub­ Irom Mneier Wedueoday.
Ì liewMiul rertifieatea of donnait A, k 7 k . m
jects were inter»|>eriH<d with reel la lions
Mr. ami Mra George Chamberlain Tims certificates of depeait
and songs and well received.
are the proikl |«renta of a bouncing
Tola I.
»91.846 IK
Leonard l.eadwv and bride of Hood
HUU of Orrgon, County of Mali«otnah,
Kner were calling on fnereta here Tuea-
dav and Wednewdny.
I, Emit <4. Kardrll, cashier of the
The Herald feels flattered by a
Mr. D. S. Johnson is in receipt
comment made by a prominent
a letter from Tom Richardson
Portland newspaper man, one
Portland relative to the pro­
who has been in the business a
development of a cannery
long time.
He says, “I was
looking over your correspondence or pickling establishment at this
Sunday and want to tell you place. Mr. Rehiardson promises
you’ve got a fine lot of corre­ to keep us in mind. He says,
spondents. No foolishness, but "I think the country around
jwt news.
You ought to be Gresham one of the most attract­
ive districts of the whole state."
proud of them."
We agree and we are proud of In addition to the opportunities
them. But we are occasionally for a factory named last week,
greeted with the remark that let us suggest that there are
these items are unimportant, and enough wasted sorts from the
occasionally that they are im­ potato crop around here to run a
proper. So far as we know an pretty good alcohol producing
improper or unkind local has plant.
never been used, and we hope
W’e recently had a talk with a
no one ever will offer a remark
member of the state
The Mioaen Belle ami MmM Wack hall
that will reflect unjustly upon
who expresses the
I of Portland visited al the M. E, Reid
anyone. Local columns should
| home Sunday.
be used for our information and view that Mr. Chamberlain will A daughter was born to the wife of
Mias Abbie 41. Htetee attended teach-
pleasure, and whenever they be the next senator. He doesn’t ex-Mayor J. W. Reed last Saturday.
; *rs progreoa club in Portlawd ifotwrday.
The Ladies Aid Society of the Meth- '
stoop to trivial or revengeful per­
Miaa Bertha Henry war o guest at
sonalities they fail in their pur­ statement legislators is as low as odist church gave a Dutch supper Fri­ Ferndale Place Sunday.
pose and should be discontinued. Mr. Fulton estimates, and that day evening that wm a success tioancia- Favor and Floyd Reed are everting,
But a local paper without locals enough men can be persuaded to G ,nd aocially.
for their owg occupancy, a wwrwtwjwoe,
22 x 3fl feet.
would be like a fireplace in win- break their obligation to the peo­ J. E. Crawford ia recovering.
Earl Tracy is »lowly convalescing from
Roy Mershon end Henfield open« kml
ter without fire—cheerless and ple to turn the peoples* choice typhoid
Wedneeday at Ferndale place
Now is the Time
to visit
When sii iunior ha» |>aw-
rd In tbeoe northern
stale», thè sun la only
mild under thè brighi
blu» skies of Southern
Thle leone
bl nature'» happy pro­
visiona—alenisi sommar
tur thooa wli<> rannot en­
duro a rtloro severo rit­
California lisa l*en cali-
rd thè " Mecca of tha
winler lourlsl." Ita ber­
tela sud stnpping placca
are ss varie,! sa thoee of
Wi-ll rrgulatnl
Visitor« can slwaya fimi
aiutatile scvominodsUon,
eongenial onnipanlona,
and variad, pleosing ree-
rea Itone.
For the first time in a year the
The new system in Los An-
engine was pulled out
Relee of giving away with each
day, some of the dust
license a specially prepared book­
off and a few
let on matrimonial relationship
is causing some comment The introductions were made to peo­
W. C. T. U. seems to be back of ple who had never seen the ap­
the innovation. That may be paratus. Let us not stop at that.
well enough.
Time will tell Get busy now and let every fel­
whether it does any good. A low in town interest himself in
more important booklet would be the formation of an effective fire
one to be given to the license company and regular drills in the
officer, specifying who were use of the use of the town’s fire­
«nullified to obtain a permit for fighting apparatus.
Mentioned among
those who are disqualified would
We regret to say that a lot of
be. drunkards, habitual prosti­ good matter had to be left over
tutes, idiots, predisposed luna­ this week. It will be held in re­
tics and perhaps a few others. serve for future use. News it­
The human race is the only stock ems must be used while yet news
in which we are interested in and those in which the date of
which there is not some intelli­ publication cuts no figure can be
gent effort being made for physi­ held • <rer.
cal improvement. Whoever
thinks of the children a marriage
will produce.
Does she love?
Does he love? Ha3 he an income? Evening Star grange met on Decem­
Do pa and ma consent? and oth­ ber 5th with a large attendance. The
Master»’ and Lecturer»’ .Meeting met
er questions relatively unimport­ with thia grange and nearly all the
ant to the race, are the only grange« of this county were represented
ones considered necessary to There wan initiation in the forenoon,
vigorous healthful perpetuity. the 3d and 4th degrees being conferred
We know a few instances where on nine candidates.
Lecture hour opened at 2 o’clock by
idiots have been granted leave to the singing of “Anniversary Song,’’ by
Better not spoil two the grange. The recitation “ The Kill­
homes is the excuse. Better not ing of a Mouse,’’ waa very amusing. A
spoil any would be philosophy. paper on "Elimination of the Tramp,"
A family not far from here has by Mira Mary Paquet was good. Two
songs by the ladies frbm the Woodlawn
seven simple-minded children to grange were very fine. C. If. Welch in­
its credit. The mother comes of stead of preparing a paper about the
weak strain.
Some of those various grasses, gave a very good talk
children are preparing to enter on the subject of "Alfalfa,’’ telling bis
l ° ok J
Special Subscription Bargains
HERALD, »1.50 and FARM JOURNAL (5 years) •1.00, ONLY »1.50
HERALD, »1.50 McCALL’S MAGAZINE, fiOc, ONLY.................... »1.75
HERALD, Ri-gnlar Price..................................
LADIES' WORLD, Ri-gnlar Price..................
FARM AND HOME, K-gnlar Price............. .50
G«3OD LITERATURE, Regular Price
................... 1.75
Clubbing List On Last Page For Other Bargains.
above-named hank, du solemnly swear
that the above statement is true fo the
Im of my knwwledire and belief.
Km* G. KxansiL, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to liefere me
this 9th day of Xovemimr, KUN.
A. Ms rase Notary Public.
Correct — Attest: A. Meyer«, Theo.
Brugge r, Emil G. Kasdell, Directors.
Will be ghui to supply some
varv alltu-tive Inrratwrs, de­
scribing in detail the many de-
ligi» of wintar in California.
Very low round trip exi-wromn
tickets are on swls to California.
The rate Irnm Portland to L«
Angeln ami retwvn is
Limit six nmnlhe, allowing
olopover privslegvw in either
Similar •scanno«
rales are in affect I* all Cale
forma points.
F. M. Gill was in Portland Saturday
Bessie and Irene Saunders were iw (Firam Mutuai Fir« RdhtW« ot Portland)
attending a joint committee of the Good Troutdale between trains Sunday e»ww-
Roads Awociation, State Federation of ing.
F»r tun Inlormallon, »tesplnn •»! r»—rre
Labor and State Grange.
The commit­
lions and llrkaU. coll, wills ss telasi«»*
tee of the State Grange appointed to
C. W. Stfogsr. C. F. A.
stixiy hanking laws also met.
Sot and Waahlu»lau oreate
committee will hold another meeting on
8. M. Davis smi wife were in Pr>rv
December 19th.
Wm. McMURRAV, O. F. A.
land Friday doing Xmas shopping.
Ihirtland. Orcgow
Stale Treasurer Geo A Steel »an a
The Sprague family has moved into
visitor at Estacada on Sunday.
the Dan Rickert place-
Al Close was arrested Saturday by the
M. 1-auglilin waa a caller at the home
municipal authorities of Estacada for of 8. M. Davie Sunday.
selling liquor without a license.
The school ami Sunday school will
combine in a Christmas entertainment
------------------------- "THE SCHOOL OF QUALITY"--------------------------
to be given Christmas eve.
Harry I.uated has gone to Washougal
Mr MrLeoud is hauling carrots to
Toweh and Morrison. Portland. Oregon A. P. Armstrong, LL.B., PtincI pal
to work with his brother-in-law, Ernsst Portland for Mr. O’regan.
C,We occupy two floor« 65 by too feet, have a equipment,
Ball, at the carpenter trade.
Some trouble is being had in getting
Quite a number from this place have money for potatoes when marketed, by
been helping on the Grange hall at Ori­ our farmers.
ent, which adds greatly to the appear­
W. Parsons ami family have moved
ance of the building.
from this locality-
Ed Smith of Gresham, has lieen doing
Mr. Darr was a Portland visitor last
considerable work in this locality io the Friday.
way of horse doctoring.
Mr. and Mrs. Preston wove callers of
Mrs R. Neilwuer returned after a Mr.ami Mrs. Thompson Sunday.
week’s visit with her daughter, Mrs.
Orm»by of Carrollton. Wash.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hamilton visited
friends in Portland and attended a sur­
prise parly given Mrs. W. H. Hamilton,
it being her 74th birthday.
A large
number were present and a good time
was enjoyed by all.
Portland Railway Light & Power Co.
Mr. and Mis. L. R. Lewis entertained
both of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. F.
Howitt and Mr. and Mrs. T. lewis and
Mrs. lewis' brother, G. H. Howitt and
family and their aunt Mrs. d. J. Ham­
ilton on Thanksgiving.
Mrs. Pitts an<i little Paul visited her
sister in East Portland on Haturday.
G. H. Howitt and family of Monta-
villa, started to Long Beach, California,
Dec. 8, for the benefit of their daughter
Eilna's health. Mr. Howitt will return
in three weeks but the family will stay
until spring.
On November 21 twelve ladies met at
home of Mrs. Smith on Section Line
road ami organixml a social club.
Smith was chosen president, Miss Elia
Anitoeen, secretary and Miss Emily
Larson, treasurer. The first meeting
was held Dec. 8 at the home of Mrs. J.
Light refreshments were
served and all bad a good social time.
Springwater Division
The ladies of Everglade surprised Mrs.
Rosa Peterson on November 1!» on the
occasion of her sixtieth birthday.
very fine lunch was served and a social
time enjoyed by all.
emptoy a large faculty, give individual inntroction, receive inure calls
for office help than we can meet. Our school admittedly leads all
others in quality of instruction. It pays to attend such an institution.
ftWf a Business Kan: "Keep hammering nwwy everlastingly on fiiorough
work. It will win out in th* end." Hold an Ednagfart "The quality of inatruc-
tiotxgiven in your school makes it the standard of its kind in the NtwthweaC"
<I_Open all the year. Stmtents admitted at any time. Catalogue free.
Reforeni cs; Any bank, atvy newspaper, any buameaa man In. Portbic L
IS 11
Ur... ....... Portland
Golf J im «
. l^ntR JftMM*
12 H
M It
........ UaU«
... Lin'iviwtnn
1» 7 11 I M 4 41 2 11 12
17 I N 4 47 2 17 12
II 2 21 12
n i >1
’♦ XI
27 12
»1 »7
....... IlMing
I Ml 77 12
mi n
Hi 21 A A4,
IHIK 12 .
M 1 M
HI *1 K «H
....... Hartón
I 111 4*11
«4 7 «
10 47 » «
K»utir Creek
I 17 1 47 11
U 7 47
10 IW » W
... ('»«rl ns ville
i n i il il
10 ’*»f*
B b I mcb '!»
i n i m il
11 on.» «.
......... Gasa«! ero
a Iteily Bicep« Sunday.
b Transier to Bellwood Car. for l-wrU.nd al Golt hint».
a. M Hmm In Homas P. M kg ares to bleak,
e Special Car Learss Portland HaSuetlar !4l»hla (only) at 11 SO tee Ureahsm, TrsaUlal. and Meview Bsluznlng I* Mtewawtss 'tel ttein.
11 M
Troutdale Branch
Between Linnemann and Troutdale
» 47 A 13 ■ 1.3 I» 1» 1 114 411 HI 11 I »
»Ml....I. .71..... 1.........
i «I. ‘
I .... .T1....E... ....L. J
(I M » » Hi *> 11 M 1 M 4 It 4 M 7 » I F7
7 <n » ■ a io i» ti
n >
i m 1 4i 1
i »
7 11 » A 10 M 11 M 1 M I 11 I M 1 4kl M
Bex- U m
. Fslrvlew
Ready Milin»
T insiliate
For Oregon City, Canemah Park and way pointa, change ears at Golf J auction
For Lenta, Mount Scott and coat side points, change care at Lenta Junction.
Oeneml Ofllcea, First and Alder Uta., P obtlabd , O bboow .