Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, August 02, 1907, Image 7

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By D. C. Murray ———
< ’ 11A I’T I! II VIII
(CunUaued )
’Well," Mid Mr. Frw«(. "tVbet to up
now. sir?"
"I mura ovar with Dubrxkl from Hol
glum thl« tuurulng," Mid O'Hourk».
['With Dubruahl?" returue»! lb* vlaltor
"IMtroakl ha« au liilruduvllou from me
><>u. I’ ii I om lu> h«a tu kuuw II that
la Io Mg, untes h« Buda II out by v»»m
•'•a li-ii» while yen and I ar» tofttktt
lia heed net know that we liar« mat to
•lay. Ila luía a plan which will serve our
purtmaa perleetly. With hto name bahlud
It. I think It certain that our people
will aovpt It."
Ila akotchxl Ikibruakl'a ni*liluiare rap
Idly, and Mr. Truel Itoieued.
"There la ability In It, of a aort." I»»
«aid. "A« a fmil trap, Il haa tuarlla;
but It won't act."
Thar, era <r»«t adrantagM to you and
to ma m ibla plan, wild aa It looks,” re O’Rourke; "but Imbrvakl muat be
haudlnl with ««trame care. I a»nd blm
to you lu tba flrat place because I can
(HIM iuur a. uianraa and your .»If Inter
eet. I waul him to be treated with par
tact datarme«. I want blm to be great
ad with anthualaam
1 want at flrat an
air of Conalderatlou fur hla plan, and
thru a flrry acceptance of It. I am (ulus
bach to Belgium. I hare Important bual*
i*»»a there. and I aliall be compelled to
Imre ’he matter In your hand«.
haiw If you uiauaga It to my Mliafertlon
I may be of «arrice to you. I am not
altogether without Influence, and I may
bar» «nmethlog tu do with Iba nomination
of the auditor«."
"I am at your aerrliw. Mr. O'llourk«,"
h» Mid, "and I will do my beet. To tell
the plain truth, there ha« been a good
deal I»aa In th» bualn-M than I lucked for,
and It carrleo a good deal of danger
with it."
- "I think we bar« Mid almoat all wa
bar« to My," O'ltuurk« Mid. ruing Frost
hooked blm forward with a beckoning flu
“Not all on my alite. !.laten to thie
and don't flare out. now. Tber«'« an
empty house Io lb« Old Kent ruad. Now.
don't flare out. I'm going to gire you
nut fling but th« numtier. You'll do your
•elf a r«ry tunalderabl« aertlce with the
llrltlah goicrnmcnt. and you’ll provide
•»metbing for Iba Tlniea to get up and
bowl about, and you'll be of th« greateat
uae to me on the other elite of tb« water,
t'ome now. Mr. O'Rourke. It’« a capital
tblng all round good for you. good for
the n»wet«p*r«. creditable to tb« police,
end good for me
You «land «»cur« In
i l-li. • of the gin-rwment, «nd
they'll catch nobody. The «luff*« there
tu be aelaed. and for no other earthly
purpore. i ought Io know, I reckon And
• •do waul a aptoeb of «orna «ort real
"la everylody abaolulsly aaf«Y*
"Atiaolutely aafe. I guamo tee It."
"Very well. Good afternoon. Treat."
"Good afternoon.
Khali I aee you
again befor« you (uY*
"1 think not. I «hall probably «tart
to morrow. Itrmember. Th« utmoat def-
i renca and enthualaam for I>obruakl." Mr.
Froet maided and took hi« way. "A r»ry
flnlabed mere I la Treat." mid tba patriot
to hlmaelf when tba vlaltor had been
•hown out of the front door "Rut capa
Ida. It took ma a year to And him out.
though I waa gullied by that «hlfty eye
of bla. It la aurpriaiug to notice bow
y«ry few of three fellow« think It worth
wbll« Io «tudy in«near."
There waa only one thing ju«t now that
troubled tt'Rourk«.
11« wanted to get
back to bla heireaa hunt, aud he did not
went to Imva Dobroakl In hla bulging« to
bring there any mad tbborlata and blued
thirsty dynamiter« who might chuoaa to
gather about him Itut Itobroaki hituaelf
mv rd him from thto dilemma.
"You will not think, air," be Mid on
the aerotid morning of hla stay, "that
1 do not value your hoapitallty. Rut
1 ahall be more free to mom If I am
• way from you. and ahall atlll, after the
publicity of our Joint arrival her«, be
abl« to communlcata with you with par
feet freetlpm."
O'Rourke waa mor* than politely re­
gretful at parting from I*ol>roakl. but
he recognised th« wladom of the pro
poaal. and th« old man took lodging«
at ■ quiet hotel much frequented by
t'ontineotal people who were not of the
conaplrlng da««. Thto left O'Rourke free
to go back and puntué hla ault, and he
had written a hasty looking note to Dob
rioki to my that he waa unexpectedly
called to th« Continent, when a nerving
inaid brought up the card of no leaa a
perron than hla friend Maakelyna.
11« hardly knew what to mak« of the
vlalt. and could only conjecture that
Maakelyne waa here to mak« torn sort
of appeal or protrat. with reaped to
Angela. Rut be atood with a look of
friendly etpectauey on bla faca, and held
th» door of hie room back with oa« band
while he reached out th« other In welcome
to bla friend.
"Why, M««kelyne, old fellow, what
bring« you In Ixmdon.
Como In, old
chap. come In."
«hook cordially
enough, but with «gíreme gravity, a grav­
ity »mutual even for him.
"Dobroakl'a staying with you, ! be-
llevaY' he Mid, queatlonlngly. “I have
an Important meeMge for him. I follow­
ed him to Bruaaola. but could laarn noth
Ing then until I found out fuel night
that you and ba had come ovar together,
•nd that he waa actually «laying with
“lie waa, until thia morning.” Mid
O'Rourke. “1 wanted to «bow three peo
pie here that an Irishman isn't afraid
of sympathising with him. They were
talking aliout our getting Into holM and
corner« at Janenna, and eewined to think
that I dare not own the grand old fellow
In fiondon.”
"Where la he ataylng now?” Maake
lyne sakud. “I want especially to And
“WhalY* cried O'llourk«, gayly, «Ittlng
down at hla de«k td write th« addreaa.
"la Maakelyna aleo among the anarch-
"No," aald Maakelyne. "I'm an out
eider there a« eleewher«." If thl« «perch
•rpre«M<l any Inward bltterneaa, neltbet
volca nor manner declared It.
"You’re going back to Ilonfoy, I «up
poee?" Mid O'Rourke, In a casual friend
|y tone aa lie wrote.
"Well, no," Mid Maekelyno. "I fancy
not. Or not at all «venta for a time."
"Oho!" cried the other to hlmaelf.
egurgetlcally applying a blotting paper to
the addreaa, and looking round smilingly
at hl« friend. "Reaten out of the field
"Do you go back te Janenne?" naked
"I «tart to Might," returned O'Henrke.
"I pruuuaed Farley to gu back agaio ”
Of course Meakelyue mw through that
lltll« aubterfuge, aud of cuurre O'Hourk«
knew be would.
"To night r Mid Maakelyue.
do m« ■ «ervloe, won't you?"
"Try me." returned bla friend, with
■mlliug «erlou«u»M.
"I'm «laying at the langham." Mae-
kalyne Mid. "There'« a lady tbef» an
American whom I kuew at home. Hke'a
going to vlalt llruaaela. and »«.ept tor
her maid abea alone. Neither ebe nor
her maid «paika « wont of French, and I
■hall b» obliged it you'll put yourself at
her «ervtata la case ebe want« anything."
“Certainly, certainly," cried O'ltourke.
"Do I know lier?"
"I llitak not," anawered Maakelyna
"Hbe'e a youngish widow, rather pretty,
«ml willfully rich
A Mr«. Hpry."
"And what «late of rlcbaa might • poor
mau like youraelf tare to call «loful?"
"Well," Mid Maakelyne. with a «mil«.
”1 think two million« m«y deaerva II."
"Two inlllloiwl" O'llourk« wblatled
aud then laughed. "Dollar«?"
"No. Btarllug."
"Two million« aterllgg? Maakelyne, 1
««k you Mrioualy, •• a man of money,
do you think there la «ueb a aum? Tu
■ u Iriahinau and a Journallat It aouoda
"Yaa. ll'a large. Ian't It? Rut people
■eem to go for nil or uothlng In our part
of the world. They're not afraid of rtak-
Ing what they have. They are not afraid
of rlaklng what other people have, either,
The poor girl'a buaband only died all
month« ago."
In due llm« O'Rourke «ent oat for a
cab and drove to the l-angbam. carrying
III« aliuple baggage with blm. Maakelyna
recolvad blm, and wore bla cualomary
mauuer with perbapa an egtra «hade of
"And now for the lady." Mid Maake-
tyne, when the repaat wa« over. "I muat
Introduce you." lie rang the bell, and on
the aervant'« entry, made blm convey hl«
compliment« to Mra. Hpry, and to a«k If
It would be agreeable to bar 10 receive
hint. "You may My," be added, "that
Mr. O'Rourke le with m«.”
The man came back In a very little
• bile to My that the lady would be plena
ni to ror-elvo Mr. Maakelyne and bla
friend, and led the way to a haudaouiely
appointed alttlng room. The lady before
whom O'Rourke etood bowing a moment
later waa email and plump, and carried
her bead on one aide with a |>enalve co­
quetry. Hhe bad large eye«, and a rather
<x>quettl«l> little nooe. turning up at the
tip. When «he mulled ah» showed white,
•mall aud regular teotb. Iler hand« were
■mall, delicately white, and very helpleaa
"1‘rettylah !" Mid O'Rourke to hlmaelf.
"Rhe'a worth a «core of MI m Butler."
Hut perhapa he mw her through an at-
moapbere of dollar«.
"Of courwo you know of Mr. O'Rourke
already?“ Mid Maakelyne. “lie to one
of the notabllltle« on tble aide of the
water, and la pretty often beard of on
our own."
“! bare the plMaure to know Mr.
O'Rourke already,“ Mid the lady, In her
purring voli-e aoft. languid. American.
"I heard him «p»ak at New York. I waa
»ery much Imprvwaed by your addreaa.
Mr O'Rourke."
They act out for the railway elation,
where they were Joined by th« young
widow, «ho wore a travallag drew of
tweed, cut In aueb a manner aa to dto­
play her prwtty figure to the beat advan
tage. and a wondroualy enticing little cap
of tweed to match the roatume.
The buatle of departure began to grow
rapid and argent about them. Maakelyne
«hook hand« and weut hla way, and
O'Rourke and the charming widow found
a carnage. It waa empty, and the young
man made no demur about accompanying
the lady, and the tody gave no aigna of
dtoplearore at being accompanied.
There waa «till a aoft twilight In the
■tri-eta, lu which all objecta could b»
plainly «•■••n, b’ut the gaa waa already
alight wl'.hln the «tatloa, and a lamp
burned In the carriage roof.
"1 don't tiling," Mid Mra. Spry, "that
women ought to he «o lielple«.« a« they
• re. It'« the faahion to be helpleaa. We
can't get ou I aide the faahion can we
now? But ll'a the tyranny of mankind
that make« It."
"Don't you think,” returned O'Rourke,
with bia bright face beaming and hla
manner at the Mme time full of gentleat
deference tb» aweetaal good humored ¡fo-
liteneM and gayety in combination —
"don't you think that ladleo tyrannlae
over tie much wore than we over them?"
"You don't think that," »he returned,
setting her little head rather more than
ever on one aid«, and looking at him out
of her big, eipraaaha oy«a “You don't
really think It. Mr. O'Rourk«.”
“I think It.” declared Mr. O'Ronrke,
•nd «1 that Instant the train began to
glide out of the elation. "But for my
own part I don't object tn the tyranny."
It waa night In Ixmdon, and a aum-
mer rain falling. Mr. George Front Mt
In a dingy apartment Illuminated by a
■Ingle candle, by the light af which be
w>> ■cribbllng unmeaning pbraaee on a
dirty «heot of totter paper.
"No grub, no tunde.
pound* dropped laat night.
I'll never
touch a card again. I wonder how often
I've aworn to that? But a man'a luck
muat change some time. It can't go oa
forever like thia.”
A knock at the etreet door broke the
thread of hla growl Inga, but be went
on pacing atlll, and did not hear a atep
which came bhtnlerlng up the ata I ream
and halted outside hi« door.
“t'ome In!" he cried, In startled an­
swer to a tapping on the panel, and a
■latternly aervant girl puahed her bMil
round the eilge of the door.
"Hereto somebody for you, Mr. Froet.
Gentleman with a portmantMU.
didn't give no name."
“I'll come down and have a look at
him,” returned Mr. Trout, taking up hto
Four aeimrate flights of dirty
wooden atalra, uncarpeted, brought blm to
th« ball. Froet, holding hto candle high,
advanced toward the shadowy figure of hto
guest. “Itto you !” he Mid, with an odd
laugh. “Come upstairs."
The guest, eelaing the portmanteau,
mounted after hlin, and the dingy apart­
ment at the top of the house waa reached.
"la thia the palace you continually
lira In?" aakra the guest, with the faint­
est poaalble tree« of rome foreign accent
In hl* volea. "I had eapected from your
laat totter to have found you In marbto
balls, with vaiMto and serfs at your aide.
Oho! you have been at It again, I aup-
poaa,” Mid the viallar. making a move-
■■•ot I* Italtatloa of the dealing of • pack
uf cards.
“Isn't It time yoa ilroyped
tb*l? Haran't yuu lust euuugb by tbl«
tl*»«? Wbat slwuld you bare duue It I
bad aut turned up?"
"1 dun't hauw." Froet answered, care
leMly ettougb
"But I was tblnkln* al
tbe very minute wbeo I beard yau kiwek
at the dour, and Mylex tv myself, 'I'll
drop It ' I'll tell yuu tbe truth, Zeno—"
"Tall <u» «■ much vf tb* aulld truth a*
yuur luflstliullua will allow, but du out
call me by that uame. WroblewakuS will
■newer. Itto ■ Jawbreaker, but Itto very
•a«y wb»u you cume tu kuuw It. Well,"
Mid Mr. Zeuu, emlllu* «till, "tbla to tbe
■dvantaie uf talking urer tblnga I bar«
lived la New Yurk a ywr ur two. Yuu
knew me there. You meet me bere. You
kuuw m» lu be a wfl man • maa to be
depended upon.
You lulruduce me te
Dubraakl----- -
Well, at wbat are you
"1 will •«» yuu bulled In oil," returned
Mr. Fruat. with extreme aluwn«M| "I
will «e» yuu roasted on a gridiron, I will
•ee you cut up eu extremely fine that •
tnlcroacupe won't find you —and then I
won't Introduce you to Dabraatat."
Z--Uo got up from bl« «eat. and kneel­
ing ur> I be fluor unstrapped bl« portmaa-
tmu aud took therefrom a raaor case, a
■mall metal soap l»owl and a brand new
•having brush. Froet watched him In si­
Zeuo took olf hla coat and threw It
scroM tbe back of a chair, tnen produced
• pair of «clMora. and taking a great
baudful uf bls beard, sliced It off before
tbe glaro; than another, and another, and
another, uutil be was cluae cropped all
urer the » beeke aud thrust sod chin. Next
he attacked tb« mustache, aud cropped
(hat ai«o an cluae a« tbe «ctoaoni would
go to tbe skin. Theo pouring a little
hot water Inio the ruelal bowl, be Itegan
to lather hlmaelf with great energy, and
then to shave.
Even to hlmaelf th*
uietamorpho«to be produced must hnv«
>ceiue<l more Iban a llttl* droll. Under
the raaor b« came uut uo longer Greek
an»l austere lu contour, but chubby, with
fat round check«, and a ebln vary curi­
ously thrust forward snd pointed, and
beneath tbe lower lip and the base of tbe
chin there was a good half Inch la length
leas than one would bare expected to And.
Tbe change was a max Ing. aud when Mr.
Zeno drew a spectacle case from a waist­
coat pocket, «et the glasses on hto aoae,
•nd. removing a wig. appeared with half
an Inch of Mndy natural hair below it.
•nd a forehead an inch higher than It had
been, the di«guisa looked impenetrable,
lie took a handkerchief from hto coat
pocket, rubbed a corner ot it on the «nap
In hto «having bowl, and applied it vigor­
ously to hto lipa, The corner ot the
• ent crimson, and Mr.
Zeno'« cherry lip« grew pallid and dry.
lie «oa|>ed and moistened another corner
uf the handkerchief, and scrubbed at hto
The handkerchief becnm«
black, and the eyebrow« Mndy. like th«
hair. Then be resumed hto coat, «at th«
two candle« upon th« table, drew a chair
betw«*n them, and Mt down.
(To be continued.)
f acavatton Proceeding Wall and Death Mala Secretarla* Only for Ma!* Bu-
Rala Lwwarad.
raau Chiefs.
oo .
■.»_ 27.
m —Tlia detailed .
report of tlw operations of ths Isthmian
Canal cuiuinlasion on the totfluius fot
Juua last haa been teoaived.
tion in tba Culebra divlaioti waa «24,-
fiHti cubic yanls, against 66»,366 cubic
yar<ls during May, and 1« more than
three time« the amount taken out in
June, 11*06. The report My« tliat with
110,000 yards per ahoval ■« the maxi­
mum output during the dry «eaaon 16,-
000 yatito [>er (hovel cannot be consid­
ered a aerioua falling ofl whan the ex-
ceeaive laiulall (13.34 inch««; for June
is taken into account. The excavation
at Gatun amounted to 76,013 cubic
yar<b aixl in the canal priatn «1,362
cubic yar<ls was dredge»I.
The report of the department ol
labor headquarter* show« the total
working force on June 2» as 23,327.
Thia la exclusive of the force employed
by the Panama railroad.
The chief
Mnitary officer reports that out of 4,-
300 white American euipb.yea there
were only four deaths during the month
sod that out of about 65,000 whitM
oilier than Americans there were but
16 deaths. Out of shout 20,000 color­
ed employes there were 772 deaths,
making s total of 01 dealt* in June
against U6 in May. Taking all deaths
of employee together, only 12 deaths
Washington, July 26—The
cleiksoltbs Agricultural department
can not hereafter act a* private secre­
tarias for the male chiefs of division*
or bureau*. This dictum, haisii aa It
may seem, rtanda aa the law in that
department. Secretary Wilson lisa le­
altad it and be say« he means business.
By tbe terms ol hi* order, no woman
dark under him ahall in future act as
private secretary or confi-ientisl clerk
to a male chief of division or bureau in
tbe department. The onler is the di­
rect result of the Holme« cotton »vand­
al case, in which Mr*. Bertha Burch
figure»! «o prominently, teetilying in
thia city two weeks ago in the trial of
Holme*. On account of her position In
the office of tbe chief statistician of ths
department she became an expert in
crop figures and now she is conducting
• statistical bureau of her own in New
York oily.
Proclaim Dominion Treaty.
Washington, July 30.—The Presi­
dent signed tbe proclamation notify­
ing tbe public of tbe conclusion of
tbe Dominican treaty. Similar action
waa taken today In Santo Domingo
by President Caceres.
Rixiacveltto proclamation recites that
a treaty "providing for tbe assistance
of the United States In the collection
and application of the customs rev­
enues of the Dominican Republic was
concluded and signed by their respec­
tive plenlpotentiares February 8,
in June were due to wtiat are consbler- 1907, (herein Is recited the text ot
the treaty which Is proclaimed) to
ed climatic ilieoaaea malaria and dys­ tbe end that the same and every ar­
entery—and none of these occarred ticle thereof may be observed and
performed with good faith."
among the American white employes.
Enlarge, Not Abandon It.
Washington, July 27.—The annual
tumor tl>at Vancouver Lai racks are to
be removed to Heattie bar just been re­
vived. When tbe attention of Senator
Bourne was called to it, he tock it up
with the War department and finds that
there is no thought of abandoning Van­
couver barracks or of reducing ita garri­
son. On tbe conttary, the adjutant
general advise* tbe aenator that it has
lieen decided to increase tbe garrison by
add ng one battery of field artillery with
a corresponding increase in tbe accom-
moilation« cf the poet.
Thu* is the
rumor buried for another 12 month*.
"Katy" Road Called to Time.
Washington, July 30.—Recently in-
fotnialion wa* received by tbe Inter­
state (bjmmerce commiMion Oiat cer­
tain western and south western lailn ads
were engaged in alleged violation« of
the rate law by imuing passe« to per­
sona not entitled to them under tbe
law. In the case of tbe Missouri,
Kanraa A Texas railway, the informa­
tion waa eprcific that the agent* of that
syatem were iMcing paseea to so called
"bondamen." An order therefore has
been promulgate»! by tbe commiMion
requiring the official* of the aystem to
answer tbe chargee made and to rtate
the ground on which such action war
Ysrw SewM Selemea Tel* et a Mae»
rise« Kaaaaeweel-
When sb* left truiue In tits «mail
town tu come tu New York tv take up
a special cuuraw uf study, her pet sla­
ter wa* faat reachlag tbe crisis uf a
luve affair. Tbe pet sister wa* a tuoat
wlneume )uuiig lady, sod bad long
kupt • goodly train uf «ultvrs a sign­
Waa this affair tu be tbe grand
affair? Tbe old slater hoped au. fur
•be llkad tbe young man cordially—
thought be waa Just the aurt tu make
a proper brother-in-law.
But ths weeks passed and uut a bit
of daOnits news about tbe progreaa of
the affair did the older sister receive la
her city boarding bouse. Mbs became
•uxioua. L ou I m , sbe thought, muat not
go on recklessly trifling lu such Import­
ant matters.
Than one night about 10 o'clock. Just
as ahe waa going to bed, catue a tele­
gram. Tlte aervant brought It up. Tbe
older slater waa country girl enough to
be thoroughly frightened by tbe pale
manila, black-inked envelope.
otnlrioua It looked! At length abe gath­
ered courage to open IL Tbla la wbat
abe read:
"Sotomou six three,
Holvmou six three I Whatever la the
world! Oh. why, yea, stupid. It of
course meant tbe Soug vf Holomon,
sixth chapter, third verse. But—and
her cheek* flushed with shams—aba had
no Bible!
There was s great scurrying about
tbe boarding bouse to And a copy of
the «acred book Tbe girls were rout«!
out In vain. On all aides tbs cry
aroee, "Who's got a BibleY’ Just think
of tbs sister trying to sleep that night
without knowing what that ver«e waa!
It would have been Just like a woman
to lie down to pleasant dreams, con­
tent to know that she could Mtlafy her
curloalty In the morning—not!
Tbe landlady, good aonl. cams to tbe
rescue. Sbe was no bcatben. She bad
a Bible. Up to her room with It flew
tbe sister, and shut tbe door. Such
a turning over of pages by eager, ner­
vous Angers! Boltnon six three. Hhe
found It and then «be cried "Hurrah!”
and laughed, for tbe verse waa:
“I am my beloved's and my beloved
la mine."—New York Presa
"The mind Is a marvelous thing,"
Mid Prof. Zachanah Terwilliger to hla
psychology class. Ills lecture and Ita
sequel are printed In the New York
Sun. "Let me consider." went on the
worthy saye. “the procemi expressed In
tbe good old homely phrase, 'making
up one's mind.' I am on the threshold
Make Iler ot Help •• Olbera.
Change Motive PowaT’
Navy Ceaplain Under Firs.
of an Important decision. What I de­
Had any one hapt»encd tu ask Mias
Washington, July 26— Chaplain
termine to do may have a grave bear­
ttluunons— which uolxxly ever did—
sei vice today iaeued a permit to allow
bow her imMlun for study came to her, H. W. Jones of the battleship Minne­ the Nortliem railroad to erect two dams ing on my future. First I ponder over
atve would have been unable to explain sota. Is to be tried by court martial and two power plants in the Yakima tbe matter carefully. I look at It In
It. Iler father and mother, and their on charges of scandalous conduct to division of the Washington forest ie- every aspect, examining It searchlngly
parents before them, bad been plain, the destruction of good morals, and serve lor the purpose of generating elec­ in all lights, from all angles By the
hard-working pe<q»le content with the falsehood, preferred by the Acting tricity by utilising the water power on Indefinable processes of reasoning I ar­
very small knowledge tie»-eaaary for tb* Secretary of the Navy. Under the which it had filed. This is taken to rive at a certain conclusion. But that
charge of scandalous conduct there mean that the Great Northern is pre­ la Dot all.
accomplishment of tbelr dally tasks. are
"Aa a man of discretion. It behooves
electricity for
Herbapa tlie gift cam* down to her mainly of allegations of tbe utter­ paring to substitute
I listen care­
ft out aouie faraway ancestor who. ance of worthl<-sa check*. Under the steam on part of its road, thia change me to secure counsel.
trending bla narrow path of humblu falsehood charge It is alleged that having been hinted at by representa­ fully to Judgments, noting zealously
tba each person's individual bias. Then
dutlea, knew lilumelf a
of Jones misrepresented the facts re­ tive« of the Great Northern before
I as»»rt and catalogue these outside
garding a note which had been given Interstate C-ommenv commiesion.
God'a great universe.
by him.
However It was, she lu-ld It as one
No Ordar for Fleet to Sail.
"I next step aside psychically and
Ignorant of Its value might treasure
Appointments From Washirgfon.
Oyster Bay, N. Y., July 31.— Act­ view the array. Having, as I modest­
rome rare Jewel, because the eye de-
Washington, July 26.—Major llany ing Secretary Newberg today laid be­ ly beg to claim, a plastic, although
lighted tn Its splendor of color. Of
L. Hawthorne, Coast Artillery corps, fore the president the report of the notably Individual mind, I am able
what It might mean, of the power of
is telieved from duty st the Army War Investigating board upon the Georgia thus to project tnyself into the i-erron-
It to change Iter life, ahe knew nothing.
college in this city and will proceed to disaster, and a report by naval offi­ alltlee of others, and view my own
Once in a while aotue one for whom Vsncouvcr lutrnacks for duty. Captain cers. looking to a complete revision '
Impression* and my own status as they
site served, learning by a chance ques­ Jatnee W. McAndrew, Third Infantry, of the method ot instruction at the :
might view them. This, young gentle­
Mr. 1
tion that alte Imd taken Chautauqua is relieved from duty as quartermaster United States Naval Academy.
men, 1* an especially valuable exer­
courm-a for ten years, or that she wat at Seattle. James T. Taggart has leen
cise. I urge you to cultivate the fac­
attending an er cuing clam In French, appointed postmaster at Yaya, Wash­
fleet to the Pacific.
' The fleet is ulty.
was stirred to brief curiosity.
The comptroller of the cur­ ready to sail." he added, “and when I
"Finally I give one last, sweeping
"What a typical New Englander !" rency today approved the application ever the president Indicates his de­ survey to the whole subject Then I
they generally said. And ocisiaionally to organise the United States National sire to have the cruise, the trip will decide; my mind Is made np Irrevoc­
they gave her a ticket to aomethlng— IraDk, of Seattle, with a capital ot begin."
ably. No stress, no threats could alter
atlll theu forgot all about her.
that decision; no cajolery, no urging
Wanted Monty From President.
Mtos Simmon« always accept» m ! the
could modify It For. next to modera­
ticket with a stiff word of tlianka, aud American Ordered Out of Guatemala.
July 26. — August tion and open-mindedness, tbera la
»•»nacleutloualy attended the lecture. It
Guatemala City. July 31.—An Am­ Franke, of Seattle, is detained in an nothing so valuable as firmness.
made little difference to her whether erican named Wilkinson, who wr» asylum in this city, pending the pro­
“Thl* Illustration has been taken
tbe aubjoct waa "Radium and tbe The­ among those arrested for the recent curement of proof that he has a legal from actuality. I have coma to an
ory of Evolution" or the latest i>opu- attempt on the life of President Ca-
unalterable decision.”
lar novel. It offered an opportunity brera, bnt • ho was released after tained, Franke will be sent home to be
Tbe students departed much Im­
turned over to the state authorities for
to "inform iter ntlnd." and sbt- listened proving his
from the country, returned two proper care. He came here !a«t mouth pressed. The professor. In a glow of
with tlte same unquestioning ¡»atlence
weeks ago, following an absence ot to collect »100,000 from tbe govern­ self-satisfaction, sought hl* home. Mra
with which sb* read an hour every two months,
Shortly after his re- ment, and when he undertook to see Terwilliger met blm at tbe door.
turn, Wilkinson was summoned to the president and demand payment, he
"Zechariah.” she said, "have you
made up your mind on that matter?”
Tbe great evento of life often come to the foreign office and was ordered to was taken into custody.
"Yea. my dear. I have thought It
our door clad In boddeu-gray. Miss leave the republic. He made a state­
ment to the American Consul-Gen­
over and decided to say no.”
Simmons, going to begin a week's sew­ eral, demanding that the Guatemala
Sells Relic of Wooden Navy.
"Really!” There wa* a touch of
ing at the A'an Dykes' and rrettlng be­ government recall the order.
26.—Acting Irony In the good lady's tone. “Well,
cause tbe bottom ot tier poor skirt waa
Secretary Newberry accepted the bid I've thought It over, too, and I've de­
"draggled." wa* aa far a* |«»mlble from
Demnrrege Law a Failure.
of C. E Boudrow, of San Francisco,
cided you must accept. It would be
guessing that the day was to be tbe
Tacoma. July 31.—The reciprocal who offered 39.200 for the old wood­
greatest one of Iter life.
At noon, demurrage law seems to have proven en sloop of war Marion, now
Uow lying
'■.»:»>* nonsense to—" Mrs. Terwilliger's as­
when Katrina Vau Dyke came in from a failure. After its having been in :*t the navy yard. Marie Island, re- pect was otnlnoua
“Very well, my dear." Interjected tbe
for nearly 60 days, only'cently stricken from the naval reg-
school, site did not glance up. Katrina, operatlon
_i_a_ i__
__ _______________ 1
however, waa used to commanding alt one claim has been presented to the Ister as unfit for naval purposes. professor, quickly and meekly. “All
Northern Pacific Railroad by a lum­ The Marlon was built by the gov­ right; do not let us have any worda
ber manufacturer seeking to collect ernment in 1871-1875 at Kittery. Of course I shall accept; of couree."
"Can you read French Y' ahe sated. damages
Attorneys for the North­ Me . and has rendered creditable ser­
“I've got a horrid exercise to do. aud ern Pacific announced that It would vice in all parts of the world.
Telltale Prist a.
I'm stuck." It was like Katrina to I contest the constitutionality of the
Of Count Julius Andrasay, whoae
look for aud usually discover what she
Bourne Take* Vacation.
monument was recently unveiled at
not be made to sell something that
wanted wherever she happened to be.
30.—Senator Budapest, the Neue Urease gives tba
Mtos Btmmous looked up.
Bourne left Washington today for a
brief vacation at Deer Park, Md. following Incident:
"Why. yea—a little," ahe anawered,
Count Andrasay bad a habit of
Thia la the first time the Senator haa
Creates Forest Rssarva In Alaaka.
smoothing with bla band hla richly
“Then." Katrina commanded, “show
Waahington, July 25.—Tlte preaident rived last December. The protracted oiled hair. One day an Important docu­
me thia."
today signed a proclamation creating hot apell has made Washington very
ment bad passed the Austrian Council
She pulled up a chair and opened her the Chugakch forest reserve in Alaaka, uncomfortable and the Senator de­
of Ministers. In tba content* of which
l«x>k. Mis* Blnunona bent over It, a embracing 868,000 acre* of forest land cided to take a short rest in a nearby
Count Andrasay wa* Interested. Short­
nervous color In her thin cheeks Hup- south of the main divide of the Chn- cool resort.
ly afterward the Austrian president of
l«»«e ahe could not!
Hut shyly and
tba ministry said to one of the minis­
Sanford Will Report to Bonaparte.
hesitatingly, then mor% and more con-
liam aound.
Washington, July 30.—Assistant ters:
fldently, site did.
"Count Andrasay has read tbe latoet
Attorney-General Sanford left thia
Finally Katrina abut the book with
afternoon for Lenox. Mass., to pre­ document.”
Land Office Appointments.
a bang.
"That'* all right,
sent to Attorney-General Bonaparte,
“How do you knowY’
you, Mlaa Simmons," ahe aald. darting
F. • | wrlO
vy *Nli l
* ifui?
July mv
26. « —Thomas
& living** r
I II K his
Ills SU«llIIi
“r Tavullvtl
who IS
Is SpvUil
"I And on It the Imprints of Count
Hallewitte, of Seattle, ha* been ap-[there, the results of his Investigation
Andrasay’* fingers." responded tba
Hut left alone, MI m Simmons sat pointed *teriographet in the land office, of the North Carolina railroad rate president, with a laugh.
with a greet light dawwing In her eyea.
Polate* Paraaraph«.
She had never dreamed that It meant Wisconsin, as clerk in the land office at make any statement.
the power to help other people! Sud­ Burna, Oregon
Men are willing to confesa tbe things
Litaaaving Station Contract Lot.
denly, aero* tbe gray of common days,
they can't lie out of.
Washington, July ÏS.—The contract
ahe saw tho blue of tender aklee»—
Naval Cruisers Arrive.
It la safer to do business with a
Youth's Companion.
Washington. July 30.—Rear-Ad­
crlpplad mule than with au unloaded
miral Dayton, commanding the Paci­ rington, of Beattie for the election of a gun.
fic fleet, haa Informed tho Navy De­ lifesaving station in Waddah island at
Very Likely.
If a man hopes to awake and And
Jenks—Is this a monkey trick, to partment that the armored cruisers the entrance to the Btraits of Fnca. hlmaelf famous ba muat do a lot of
West Virginia and Colorado arrived The contract ptice is 112.200.
turn out the llglits and leave* ua lu
hard work before going to bed. Mexi­
at Cavite yesterday for the naval
the dark like this?
can Herald.
Mra Comeup Indeed, I feel real ner­
Washington, July 26.—List No.
vous In thia almlau darkneaa— Balti­
Rural Carriers at Kerby.
"Wall, what do you think ot our
20, of Indemnity school land selec­
more American.
Washington, July 26 —Charles G. tions. state of Washington, tn the rogues' gallery exhibit?”
"I call It a 'bum' allow.”—Baltimore
Rapid growth of the finger nails la Howard has been appointed regular. North Yakima land district for 21.-
James E. Howard substltuta, rural »06 acres was approved by the Sec- American.
a sign of good health.
ratary of the Interior today.
carrier, route 1 at Kelly, Ora.
Hit Wirft Betwm eitlem ol
r*l*Mkto aHA 0aa
uuiuuiuia hi mi rm
Captain Tafla Why Ha Refuted Mere
Passengers Life Preservers
Stand Hard Teat.
San Francisco, July 27.—The la-
vaatlgatlon Into tba sinking of th*
steamer Columbia, whereby, accord­
ing to the latest figure*, 81 Uvea
were lost, was resumed today by
Captain John Birmingham, United
State* Supervising Inspector.
cers and mem bet a of the crew of
both veaaela were examined and tbe
deposition* of Captain Hansen ot tbe
San Pedro and bla flrat officer read.
The testimony brought out tb*
statement from Captain Bermlngham
that It waa the flrat time be bad ever
known that life-preserver* had ac­
tually been effective in saving life,*
qualifying It by adding that people
were usually too frightened to don
them correctly.
Captain Hansen, In bis report, de­
nied that be bad been unnecessarily
cruel in refusing to take any more
survivors on board after be had res­
cued 75, givlag as a reason for hla
action that bls own vessel waa lb
such a condition that it was danger­
ous to approach her, and therefore
ordered the other boats to keep off.
Chief Engineer Arthur V. Wil­
liams testified that the San Pedro
did not lower all her boat* because
the vesael waa under-manned.
The alleged action of Third Offi­
cer Hawse, of the Columbia, in re­
fusing to give hi* coat to a woman
was brought out in the testimony of
Quartermaster Curran.
The latter
testified that there were unclothed
women In the boat, and when Hawse
waa asked to give his coat to one of
them he had refused, saying that
the coat belonged to him. The wo­
men, said Curran, had been exposed
for an hour before Hawse covered
them up with a piece of sail.
Hawse interrupted the proceed­
ings by interposing an indignant de­
nial, and for a few moments counter­
denials flew back and forth between
the two officers. Hawse was placed
on the stand and testified that he
had offered hla coat to Miss Maybell*
Watson, the plucky Berkeley girl,
but she refused It and asked him to
give It to another woman more des­
titute than herself.
Consumed Fourteen Day* of Ac'.ual
Trial Besides Argument*.
San Francisco, July 27.—The ease
against Louis Glass, flrat vice-pres­
ident and general manager ot the
Pacific States Telephone and Tele­
graph Company, charged with the
crime of bribing Supervisor Charles
Boxton in the sum of »5.000 to vote
against an ordinance granting tbe
Home Telephone Company a rival
franchise in San Francisco, went to
the Jury last evening after 14 day«
of actual trial and a day and a half
of arguments by Assistant District
Attorney Heney for the people and
T. C. Coogan and Delphln M. Del-
mas for the defense.
The reading of Judge Lawlor's
charge to the Jury consumed one
At it* conclusion the court­
room wa* cleared, the jury was
given In charge of two deputy
sheriffs and by them conveyed In a
tally-ho to the Fairmount hotel.
Haywood Case Finished.
Boise, Idaho. July 27.—Evidence
and argument is at an end and this
morning the jury will be left to de­
cide what penalty, if any, William D.
Haywood shall pay for participation
in a criminal conspiracy resulting in
the assassination of ex-Governor
Frank Steunenberg, with which he
is charged. United States Senator
William E. Borah, engaged by the
State of Idaho as special counsel for
the prosecution, spoke the last word
last night. This morning Judge Fre­
mont Wood will charge and instruct
the Jury, which, it is expected, will
retire to consider its verdict at about
11 o'clock.
Bev* Bl.000,000 Yeerly on Mell*.
Chicago, July 27.—The revenue de­
rived from hauling the United State*
mails by tbe railroads running west
from Chicago, Pt. Louis, St. Paul and
Minneapolis and the Miaouri river ia to
be further reduced approximately »1,-
000,000 a year as the immediate result
of the reports of 1?5 inspectors, who
have been at work for the laat six
months determining whether the space
used in railway postal can by the for-
ernment waa in excess of space suffi­
cient to accomplish the work.
railroads have been notified.
Oppose* German Agreement.
New York, July 27.—A policy of op­
position to the new tariff agreement
with Germany recently put into effect
was adopted by the board of manager*
and the executive committee of the
American Protective Tariff league at *
meeting in thie city. It was decided to
take np tbe subject with President
Roosevelt, the members ol tbe cabinet,
aenator* and representatives. A reso­
lution offered by William F. Draper,
of Maaeachnaette, waa unanimously
adopted, declaring that the agreement
ia contrary to law.
Getting After Opium Trade.
Pekin, July 27.—The Chinese gov­
ernment haa formally announced 11a
assent to tbe proposal made by tbe
United States for a joint investigation
by tbe poweae, including China, into
tbe whole question of the opium trade
and of the production of opium. De­
tail* of the procedure will be arranged
later. China's delay In acceptance wee
due to e misunderstanding on her part
that aix indtpendent commiMion« com­
prehended such an inquiry.
Butte Plumber* Want Mer*.
Butte, Mon»., July 27 —The local
Plumbers’ union struck today lor »6
per day of eight hoars. The men now
receive »7. Buildings aggregating »1,-
000,000 in vslue under construction are
i tied up.