Heppner gazette. (Heppner, Morrow County, Or.) 1892-1912, September 20, 1892, Image 1

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8ome ieotle
Thi Paper. Without it advertiser get
nothing for, their money. The Gazette,
with one tmoeption, has the largest circula
tion of any paper in , Eastern Oregon.
Therefore it ranks high at an advertising
Buy advertising space because rates are
low generally Vie circulation is a night
lower Circulation determines the value
of advertising ; there is no other standard.
The Gazette is willing to abide by it.
i 11 1 , . TUlVL'IIXin NfiTU mm IT 1
Tuesd&ys and Fridays
..Bus. Manager.
A fS.W per year. l.SOfor su months. 1.U
lor t ,ree muuinn; it paid for in advanre --ou.
Advertising Rates Made Known on
The "EA9LE," of Long Cre4, Oram
County Oregon, Is published by the mint eoui
Dauv every Friday morning. Subscription
Dric'e fclneryear. Forailvertisliiirrates.aclilress
biaiir xi. fatxebbo, minor ami
Manager, Long OreeH, Oregon,
Henpner, Oregon.
or "Uazette,
1M1IH PAI'EKiskcpt
Advertising Aiteuey, and o
KichaiiK", 8an Francisco. I alltornii
tracui for advertising can be made b
on tile at E. C. flake's
ami as ftlerenanis
la, where co-
.or it.
Long Creek,
Echo, ..
Cannot Prairie,
Nye, Or.,
Hardmau, Or
Hamilton, Grant Co.
lone, . .
Prairie City, Or., ...... ...........
Canyon City,".Of.,. . . . . . .-. ..-.
Pilot liock,
Uayvillc, Or.,
John Day, or
Athena, Or
Pendleton, Or.,
Mount Vernon, Grant Co., Or,
Shelbv, Or.,
Fox, l, rant Co., ur.,
Eight Mile, or.,
(ipper Ithea Creek,
Dunging, or
Lone ltoi-k, Or ....
Cooseberry . . -Condon,
Oregon . ..
, . . B. A. Hunsaker
...Henry lleppner
....... . 1 he Kagle
Bob ahaw
Oscar l)e Vaul
Allen MrFerrin
H. C. Wright
J. a. Woolery
. ..Mattic A. Kudio
... .. T. J - Carl
K. It. Mclluley
H. L. I'arnsli
0.1'. bkelton
J. E. snow
F. 1. McCalluiu
. . . John Edlngton
Win. U. MecroHKey
. Postmaster
...MisB Stella Flett
. J. F. Allen
Mrs. Andrew ABhbaugh
.... B. F. Ilevhuiil
8. untie
K. M. Jollnso
.... Vi. I', rtnyder
Herbert llalsteaii
..W. B. Mi Alisier
Union Pacific Railway-Local card.
No. 10, mixed leaves Hoponer 8:20 a. m.
" Ill " sr. at Arlington U r,0a.rn.
" 6, " leaves " 8: P- m.
nt " ar. at Heppner tiij p. in.
tticanl Sunday.
East bonnd, main line ar. at Arlington l p. m
wt. ' " leaves P.
Night trains are running on same time as before,
except Monday.
.Stage leaves for Monument
jii'bi t Ntuinnv. mow .
Arrives daily,
u :ov 1'. m.
United States Offlfiala.
t...i.lt Benjamin Harrison
Vice-Prenidant VT' J
Year's Subscription to a Pop
ular Agricultural Paper
By a special arrangement with the
.... . j f..n;av.
imliliabers we are propnrcu m un"
EE to each of our readers a year's
nbscriptinn to the popular nioutniy
igrioultural journal, the American
Farmer, published at hpringbelii ana
Cleveland, Ohio.
This offer is made to any of our sub
scribers who will pay up an arrearages
u subscription and one year in ndvsnoe,
aud to any new subscribers who will pay
one yeai in anvunce. i ne nBamwao
Farmkr enjoys a larjie national eironla
linn, and ranks amooc the leading
.ifricnltnral papers. By this HrrHiiue
ment it COSTS YOU NOTHING to re
oeive the Ambkican Farmer for one
year, It will be to your advantage to
oail promptly. Sample cooieB can oe
en at our nfnee.
and sciatica
can always be
successfully treated
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
A cure
is sure to follow
the persistent
use of this
Has Cured Others
will cure you.
D ?i Br i trek
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. No Ammonia; No Alum.
Used. in Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard
Dr money
Experiments Showing the Practl.
cal Value of Carrier eon
Northern IVific
Interior Points the
Frora Terminal
Is the hue to take
It is the DininnCar It nt. It runs Through
Vesti billed Trains every day in the year to
St. Paul and Chicago
(No Change of CBrs)
CiiN)sril of DINlMi CAHS uiisurpssed,
Of Liitfsl Equipnimt
TouristS! eping Cars
Bet that, can he constrnrted and in which ao
cooimodivioi.sar,' both iree and fnrtuahed for
holders of hist or see, nd-class tickets, and
Elegant Day Coachs. , Za.
0 - 1 k rNv.n.i
Coiitinnous Line oonueenuK with all
Lines, nffnrdiutt Direct and Uuiuter
rupted Service.
The yobrated French Gure,
Is Sold o A
to cure any
disewie, or any
disorder of the
BEFORE generative or- AFTER
f.ut ol either sex whether iriiing from lh
excessive us of Stimulauu, Tobacco or Optufij,
er through youthful Indiicration, over Indulg
ence, Ac, inch Ijxa of Bra'n Power, Wakeful
sen, llearlug down Paiui lu the Beck, Seralnel
Weakness, II yeteria. Nervous Prosiratiou Nooturn
el Emission. . Leucorrhaa. Dlizlueu, Week Mem. j
ory.lMof Power and Impotencjr, which If ne
elected of leu lead toprematureohiageaudlnian
lty. Price 11.00 a box. boxes for 19.00 Bent by
nail on receipt of price.
order, to refund the money If a Permanent
cure is uot effected. Thnnsendi of testimonials
from old and young, of both sexes, permanently
I ired by Aphsoditini. Circular free. Address
Sold in Heppner by Slocum-.!ohnston Drug Co
Dee eia y of Suite
Secretary of Treasury..
Baeretary of Interior...
Secretary of 'Var
H.' retary ol navy.
.John W Fost r
CharleH rott-r
,1. W. No'.le
..Stephen H Klkii R
.... ...II. F. Tracy
Postinter-Oeneral u " " ii .
Allorney-Uanersl w.- " ' '7
Secretary of Agriculture Jeremiah U sk
State of Ofogon.
Governor.... VV ' W Xnf J
Bupt. Public lnslruction h. B. M-Ing
Benatore ) j' N.U 11 1.
t Binper Hermann
Congressmen w h. Ellis
nj,, . Frank l'. Baker
rniter IF. A. Moore
Supreme Judges j u. Sn''
Snvpnth Judicial District.
.,!... i. ...j W. L. radahaw
Prosecut nTAt.orney W. H W.la n
Morrow County OrHcial-.
...Henry Hiecamaii
. j . l. nrnwi
To and from al points in Amercn, .r-ngln a
and Kurop can be purchased al any I icaei omce
this toinpany.
Full information conceruinn rates, time
of trams, routes and other aeiuiia
furnished on application to any
HKent, or
Assistant General Passenifer Aein.
No. 121 First ., Cor. Washington,
Joint Senator..,
onnty Juoge
' Commissioners.
J. M. Baker.
.Inline Keiihly
. Pele' Bienuei
J. W. Morrow
ui,..:n- neo. iiooie.
ri, W..I. U eiaur
t, 1
aaaannr. ..................... i.
" Surveyor wTh!Z2
" ,&!v::::::.v:::t:w:
., . .T. J Matlock
.yJ",l";,V.:'-. "h. K. Farnsworth. M
I,ichtenthal."6ti'a Patterson. B. P. Garriguea.
Thna. dorgan and rank Gilliam
2""'" R G. Slocum
Pncinct OIBie-s.
United states jnd Oihcers.
J. W. Lewis.
T. 8. Lang .
Keceiv r
A Cleaver
A.C McClelland..
l)oni Lodge No. 20 K. of P. meeto ev
ery Tuesday evening at 7.80 o clock b
their Castle Hall. National Bank build.
BotOUrning Oroinerw ninnw, i
vited to attend. H. Kcbebzi.noeb. I .
E R. BW1 N BURN s. K. ol B 18. tf
KAWL1N8 POST, N I. 81.
G. A. R.
Meets at Lexington, Or., the Uet Saturday of
tach month. All veterane are invited to j .
. C. KiKin.
Gwi. W. BMITH.
A. ROBERTS, R- al Estate, Insnr.
inns and Collection!. Office
Counoil Chambers, Heppner.Or. swtf.
At Abrahamaick'a. In addition to hi
...;t...ir,o hnainess. be ha added a fine
line of underwear of all kinds, neli-.
-u:-.. ot-. Also bas on baml
. oloo.nt natteroa for snits.
Abrahamsiok. May street. Heppner.Or
r...(S fc MnFarlnnd have int received
- .... nf Mitotiell Wagons. Hnek
etc . and have also a large anpply of farm
in imnlements of all kinthv
hlhuan Sleeper Reservations ean Or
Sevnred in advance uinmyn
any agent of the road.
The o i-I i 1 1 1 ft 1
Webster's Uoakii
The success of this Great Cough Cure Is
without a parallel in the history of medicine.
All druggists are authorized to sen it on a poa-
ae, a test tnat no oinercurevau
stand. That it may become
bnnnn. the ProDiletors. at an enormous ex
pense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into
every home In the United States and Canada,
If you have a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bron
chitis, use it. for it will cure you. If your
child has the Croup, or Whooping Cough , use
it promptly, and relief is snre. If you dread
that, insidious disease Consumption, use it.
Ask your Druggist for SHILOH'8 CURE,
Price 10 cts.. 60 cts. and$1.00. If your Lungs
are sore or Hack lame, uso Shiloh's Porous
Plaster. Price 25 cts. For salo by all Drug
gists and Dealers.
IntelllK-nt Creature That Can Be Taogb.1
Is ferforot Valuable Servl Daring
War-Tline Never Mis'uke
Their Owner.
Th late maneuver of the French
fleet of evolution at Toulon, says the
New York Herald, have demonstrated
the usefulness and advantage of hominR
pigeon for naval purposes. During
tl sham attack on the port of Toulon
the trained pigeons of the central sta
tion were distributed among the
scouts and torpedo cruisers which wen
stationed to watch the approach of the
enemy's fleet. The pigeons were re
leased at intervals, thus enabling the
prefct maritime of the port of Toulon
to In; soeedilv informed of the approach
and movements of the attacking fleet
and to keep in constant communication
with the ships of the fleet defending
the port.
The naval messenger pigeon service
was established in France by Admiral
Ucrgasso Dupct'it-Thouars several years
ago with . hcadiiuarters at Toulon.
Every man-of-war leaving Toulon Is
provided with au outfit of homing
pigeons, which are released at various
distances according to the stage of their
respective training. With a few ex
ceptions they return to their home lofts
the bearers of cipher dispatches at
tached In the customary manner In
their wintrs or tails.
A loft has been established on ooara
the gunnery practice ship. St. Louis
with the view of accustoming the
pigeons to the report and- smoke of
guns. .They follow 'the vessel in lier
cruises, and never mistake, her for1 an
other. Their usefulness has been especially
demonstrated whenever the ships of the
squadron were beyond the range of the
heliograph, as they enablod the com
mander of, the fleet to Ci-mmumcatc
with the shore at long dit -,-?'' when
no other means of communication were
The ordinary service which the
pigeon unconsciously performs by car
rying letters, orders, reports and similar
dispatches is based on tne natural in-
Difference of Opinion Regarding Sprays
and Wash.ee,
In recent editions of this paper were
published lectures on orchard insects
and horticulture delivered at Stanford
university by the most eminent special
lets of the country. We published those
lectures as the views of authorities on
those Questions so important to orchard-
ists. Professor J. B. Comstock is a rec
ognized authority of this country on
matters pertaining to what we call scale
bntrs or bark lice. He is thoroughly
posted on the economic science of ento
mology. He may uot have the practical
knowledge on the subject that they have
who are constantly observing ana con
tending in the orchard and garden.
He could not go into minuteness of de
tail that is necessary in taking care of
orchards in a short lecture. Some things
of seeming unimportance are of the most
value to the practical orchardist. Many
of the most valuable little details were,
perforce, left out of his lecture, as pub
lished at least. Mention was omitted ot
Hie best and surest means of freeing or
chards of insect pests. Namely, the in
traduction of paraaitio and cannibalistic
insects, whose special office it is to feed
upon the noxious insects. It is unfortu
nately true that in our efforts to destroy
scale bugs by washes and sprays and
even by fumigation, the most perfect of
all known means, we have been killing
only a small percentage of the scale bugs
and at the same time every one of the
parasitic insects. With washes we drive
from the orchard the insect eaters such
as ladybugs, soldier bugs, beetles, etc
Fumigation kills all insects except a few
of the scale. I believe there is no case
on record of killing all the scale bugs iu
an orchard evan by the most perfect
Professor Comstock gives as his opin
ion that the best of the winter washes is
the resinous wash, especially on decide
ous trees. He is right in saying this
wash will come nearer destroying all
the scale bugs than any other, yet I can'
not agree with his recommendation,
The lime, sulphur and salt compound
is nearly its equal for scale and its effect
in destroying the germs of many of
the worst iurms of fungarial diseases is
most valuable. Another important
point left out is that these washes for the
Advice to th. Aed.
A;ebWi;siiif iriBitlci.iiaeii i. Rlne
srlKti l ow . !,. o k kidney eoii Mud-
der atci f oij.ivt inci.
have a specif ic effect on thefceorg-ans,
Mim"loliii tbe bowel givliiK nature
nl illwliui-K i without Htraluiug or
griping, anti
to llie Kidneys, bladder anil liver,
liiey are adapted to old or young.
...1 nfrvnnn tr tviflim ITS flU'Tl
u ' .t.iv mr .ml fnrvt destruction of scale bugs should be ap-
attract it In a "there-and-back" j plied in autumn just as soon as the leaves
flight, however, the task is to induce ' are off the trees, for then the scale are
the same pigeon-which, unless carried young and tender and easier killed than
away, as a rule never forsakes its own in midwinter or spring whon they ar
i.,ft (W in another with which it closely buttoned up in their horny winter
has been nreviouslv made acquainted overcoats, which are nearly impervious
in r,w nrnviiln itself there with its I to liouids of any kind,
accustomed food and water and then , that any scientific entomologist would
return to its proper home. have advised the spraying of even one
In this manner a pigeon carries a dis-1 tree, except as an experiment, in any
patch to a certain spot with a view of part of the region within 100 miles ot
obtaining food there. The first mes- j San Francisco the present winter if they
sage is then removed and an answer ' weve fully posted on the conditions now
substituted, which the pigeon on. the existing in this region with any of these
completion of its feeding carries back washes. Why? Because the natural
to its own loft. In this way it is possi- eneraios of the scale bugs are destroying
ble with a single loft of ten birdE every species of injurious bug. Protes
trained for this particular work to keep go,. rjolustock would not advise spraying
in constant communication by messages jf ne waa aWare of the existing condi-
two places, either or both of which may yon9- yB should know when to spray
be besieged or biocKauea.
V SI'KUlAL AllM.v".' ......
publishers, we are able 10 obtain a number
of th above bo.,K, anu propose uj iu.,..o..
copy to each of our subscribers.
the dictionary is a necessity in every home,
school and busli.esa house. It Hint a vacancy,
and liirnislies knowledge which no one bun-
red other vol nines Ol me tuii i t. .
supply. Yoiiiiguud old, ciluialeci aim quorum,
. v.v J i.i I,..,-.. I, it'iililji r..i, fh. and
rich anu pool, Biiu'iiu uu.v ..
refer to in conleuia every day in the car
As some have asKca n tins is ictn.j ,o
null Hehslcr s t i.abndgeU Ulclloi.ary, we are
able to siaie we have l.arneu oireci iron. ...c
publishers the lavi, mai uu i um
complete on v. Men about lony o uie oesi jea.n
01 the aumor a uie ,..-.v-o ,.v. ... -.-writing
it conlai iB thy entire vocabularj ol
about Itai.uuu words, including the correct spell
ing, derivation anu uennmu" v.
the regular standard sie, containing about
Wu.oini square iiiciicb ui i-nn, .
bound 1 cloth Hall morocco anu i.eeo.
Until turtner notice we will furnish this
valuable Diet onary
Fust lo any new subscriber.
Second To any renewal subscriber.
Third To any subscriber now m arrears
who pays up and one year in advance, at
rhe following puces, viz:
Full Cloth bound, gut siae ana Dam
stamps marbled edges $:-oo
Halt Mo occo. bound, gilt side and back
stamps, marbled edges $1 50.
Full Sheep bound, leather labe
edpes, $2.00
fifty cents added in all cases for express
are to Heppner
ltr-AJ the publishers limit the time and
...f.T... ,.t i.,.,.Lo th..v will furnish at the low
prices, we advise all who dnire to avail them
selves of ihis great opportunity to attend to it
at once.
The original and only genninp Componnd Oxy
gen Tratinnt, that, of l)rs. Biarkey A Palen, is
a scientific 1 djnstment of the-elements of Ox; gen
aid Nitrogen magnetized, and the compound is
so condensed and made portable that it is sent
ail over the world.
It has been in uae tor more than twenty years;
IhouHanda of patien'ehave been treated and over
one thousand physicians have uswi it and recom
mend it a very significant fact.
The grptit sncceftH of oar treatment has Kken
rie to a host of imitator, nimcrupnlous peri-ona.
Mime calling then preparations ( omnonnd Oxy
HPii, itffen approprifitiiiK our testimonials ana
thft nftiiifiH of onr uatiertta. to recommend worth
ifn concoctions. But any substance mad- else
where by others, and called Compound Oxygen,
in spurious. ;
"Compound Oxygen - Its Mode of Action and
i ''osnltn" in tho litlR n' R bnok of 2)H) DHif Dab-
Hnhf d hy Dm. Starkoy A Faien. which givw to all
it mi 1 rflrri full information as to this remarkable
curative gnt. and a record of iurprisii, cure
in a numrwr or climruo cases many ot tnem
after bring abandoned to dl by other physicians,
W ill oe mauea iu any ewjurwH 011 nppnu.iuu.
1529 Arch St., Philadelphia, Penna,
PI pane meuti"D this paper. 514-531. w.
n7rn AXLE
Itewt-rtiig uulitllre uneuniaseed. octnarj
Forest Grove Poultry Yards
Wvandotten. Plymouth Rooks, Ligl)
Brnniahs, Kose and Single Comb
Brown Leghorns, Putridge
, Cochins, Hondans and Sil
ver Spangled Hunibuigs.
1.000 Y0 0 6 FOWLS
After several successful experiment
in Italy with homing pigeons on a
"there-and-back" flight a continuous
service was est ablished between Rome
i well as how.
D. B, W.
How to Make Gravel Itoade,
Good gravel roads exist in great
and Oivita Vecchia, the latter being Be-' abundance throughout the villages ana
lected for these experiments be- j towns of Massachusetts. The gravel
cause of its strategic impor
tance. The distance between Home
and Civita Vecchia is forty miles. This
remarkable, means of communiation
was obtained only after long and care
ful training,
(lermnnv. France, Spain, Austria,
Italy, Portugal and Canada maintain j
numerous pigeon service establish
ments, which form an important de
partment nf their naval and military
organizations. Several of them employ
pigeons in connection with the defense
of the coast as well as on board war and
dispatch vessels.
So far no organized service of meS6en:
ger pigeon has been established in the
ITnited States navy. It is to be hoped
that such a service will soon be estab
lished, as numerous experiments have
demonstrated that homing pigeons can
fly several hundred mile's at sea; that
From the E. 0.
Quite a literary cariosity has slruok
tbe Pendleton postofnee. It is a note
book, with the following legend iu a bold
baud ou the oover: "Please place your
name ou tbe inside and Bend along, ai d
hen this bas gone tbe rouuda return to
P. Turner, B. P. C Boa. Spring and
Y., 11. P. N." It bas gone the rounds
witb a veugeauoe, the names, stamps and
itticiams of postal olerka and postoffioe
employes wbioh oover the iuslde pages
bowing that it bag traveled in tbe mail
bags over neatly the eutire United Stales.
There are quite a number ot guod things.
One enthusiast has written : "No cy-
onea, neither ice nor snow; the howl-
g winds do never blow ; the fruits and
overs tbe year round grow; the only
country ou earth yon know; oh, glori
ous California!" Around this aie the
cnlations of disgusted cletka: 'Corne
ll'," "measles!" "rate!" "what's Hie mat
er with bleeding Habeas?" etc, etc. One
ady clerk dowu at Ogden has bad tbe
lemerily to paste her photograph iu the
book, and would faint if she saw the
words surroDudiug it put on in red ink
lib the regulation rubber slumps. Some
of them are: "Uuolaimed," "itefuaed,"
Received iu bad condition," "Returned
tor correction," "Dunlloute applied for,"
Unuitiiluuie." J. l Immbirtb, cf tbe
Peudieton postollioe, who is something
f a oaricatunst, has taken two pages
for outrageous pictures of Postmastei
burroughs and his assistants. Bur
roughs is represented aa a-wide mouthed
sou ot Eriu with cross eyes aud prickly
Uaii ; Lauibirth wears a woe-begone look
aud a patch over his eye; R. Bund, mail-
ug clerk, "red headed aud left-handed,"
has a wonderfully life-like picture. There
are also appropriate take oil's with tbe
following titles: "Sheonnestothfloflioe
very time un engine whistles:" "A
ouuob grass beauty;" "Any mail for
the Meeting ot The General Committee Fri
day kvei.ing -Other Committees
A majority of the Columbian and G.
. R. general Oomtnittee met at the ofSie
f Frank Kelloug last Friday evening,
ippoiuting the following additional com.
uittees: Grounds, b. P. Garrigues,
Frank Gilliam, Wm. Horivner, A. M. Slo.
jum aud , MuBride; music, V. L. Su-
tiug, F. J.tlallook, John Rasmus, Mrs.
S. P. Garrigues and Mrs, W. P. Dutton
this oommittee to confer with the com
mittee ou program.
The oommittee ou oration are: Hons
'. R. Ellis, Henry Blaokinan ami J. N.
Brown. It is suggested that Hon. Geo.
H. Williams, who was attorney general
inder U. 8. Grant, would be a propei
person to invite to deliver the oration,
hut. of course, this matter is id the hands
the oommittee.
should not be a clean, dry gravel, but
should have sufficient clayey or earthy
matter to give it the binding quality
Any pebbles greater than IU inches
diameter should be screened out, The
accepted way of constructing a gravel
road is to lay down a layer about four
inches thick and roll it thoroughly with
light roller, keeping the gravel wet
while it is being rolled. Then add a
second layer, and treat it in a similar
fashion, and finally put on a top layer,
rolled with a heavy roller. The sides of
the road should be rolled first and very
compact, and then the middle: in this
way tbe middle, which receives the
most of the wear, has the compact sides
to resist the spreading of the material
and can be rolled very hard and solid.
A gravel road well constructed will have
a substantially impervious covering and
will shed the "water to the side ditches.
From the Long Creek Paper.
Geo. Rail r made a delivery of beef
tattle at Hepi ner last week.
J. D. Hnguewood, liveryman of Can
yon City, was in Lung Creek Monday.
Ed. Long was over rrom Heppner Sat
urday, ieaviug Suuday for Canyon City.
The ittteudauce at the Long Greek
ioIiooI is increasing Long Crek will
1'iiititloBs bave the banner school of lb.
louuly agatu this year.
Mr. Allen, who resides ou the other
ile of the Blues, in Morrow, baa the
banks of the Eagle for au eh gaut lot of
pal specimens. Among the uumiiei
were several Are opals, the must preo
ioug stones.
Ed. Keeney arrived Tuesday evening
itb freight from Heppner. He brings
ord that Billy Welch had a break down
in the mountains near Parker v Hlea
mi's sawmill, having ou a load of 8,00(1
Jerry Pbilipps, who is looking after
he wanta of 0. A. Rhea's bands of sheep
n Uraut county, was u Long Creek last
Friday. He will make arranginents to
move the bands baok in Morrow soon
is it is getting rather frosty iu the high
ranges in this connty.
Bruce Unities, trunk Auderson. Oran
Vaughn, AlouiieMutJisuu, Claude Huston,
iUwiu AuUclbUi, Cnatley fteyuier Jul. L.
Itoung, Aionie Uuolou, Xyuumi Rouiaoii,
auw.id Auueraun, Albeit Gay, Lw&iie
Lieacu, Uro Aukins, Auhur Uay, Misses
'Xulitf' Audeisou, Ciora Aitieou, Cora
Young, Clara Juukm, Auua Miller, Lena
tteymer, luy JJumiau, JNurma Deuget,
Eelie Juukiu, Maggie AUkiuc, May mi-
Hum, r,ioie ruiujoi, jNiua IXumau, LiUla
vUuuaoia, iveltle Copple, Aluolt) iUuu
kers, Alary iiecaet ana iimiua Aumus.
Mr. Leaob aud family have relumed
from Hits mountains where they bave
been spending tne summer.
Several of ibe vuuug people ot this
ueigUOornuud will attend tue Lleppner
auuoul luis wiuter.
Mr. Fruuk Anderson will leave next
t'nuay luoiuiug for Alouinuuth wnere Le
Wll alteuU lUe Aorutal suuvfut.
lur Uru Vauuhu lott lor his hi iniH in
Oeuiraiia, WuaU., last AluUuuy uioruiug.
for iearul the waste basket will am..
luiuitjuior" passea uiunter A 1. iD.)
Eight Mils, Sept. 14, hm.
Heallh good, weather pleasant, mining
eu.peuueu, uuu Htock uieu rustling,
Wu have uOUuduuce of grass here, but
1 am tuiU lUul lud rauge is auuut played
out iuiub John Lay ouuuuy, ana tuut
many ol lue ontty sutuuieieu thete ate
uu tne uluVd to ine Uouie ruuge.
T'Uere were four democrats in our
orew when we started lu I lie uiouuluius.
Wow two of them declare ttiey will vule
iv n.wnyu, UU lUd IUIIU UiaU IN ' OU
tne leuce.'' llui Vauueipooi lemaiua a
luyal auVoOaW ot su-caueu Ueuiuoiaoy.
What is too matter wuu tua eariu?
la it ouiuiug upr Ai.hougu itiere are
uo loioot llieo iu HlKllt, tne buoi tiirea
weeks have Ueou so smoky ihul objects
'' a tuau ou uoiseoaoa are
oeatueiy disoeruioie at a uisiuuoe of '
null a nine. Bureiy the " 'isuiemoiiii.iiv'
,ys aie ouiue, lue SoUUest ol lue year."
Lost night seveuty iour Umatilia ludi-
aun CaUipeu at tuemomu ot alollv creek,
ou tuoir way to tiaiuey couaty "for the
uuuual fall hunt. 1 saw ulU Wah-pea-uu
Una uioruiug. He suij "Uiiiut
uouuty IJostuii mau. hiyu Ouaus, no iet-
em bihubu uiuu knieui uiuwitun, heap
yutem otwaah niou in skooKuiii-houae,
uuap Union loot."
The fishing iu Burnt river is said to
be luuneuse, a pai ty from Huker City
Uaviug Looked one thai pulled him in
tne river and came near drowuiug him.
ao saiu mat trom tue nsu s bououb, be
tuought it must be a cross betweeu a
NewiouudlauU whuleuud perpetual mo
tion. Newt, 'iiitlithhas ueeuuuguugtue
past tew days, aud though he Uaa Kept
our table bouuufully supplied wuh
mouutuiu truut, he failed to oatoh s
whale. This party from baker says the)
uest way to outoh those whales, is to
take a viuliu aud tilde in the grove idoug
tne river aud play something fantastic,
and when tbe whales oome out on tbe
Uaukto dan in the moonlight catch
them with, a lasso rope.
It is possible, and iu fuot, probable,
that we will have some "fuu" before we
get away from here. We are ou the
Bttrut river side of ihe inoutaiu uow, aud
lave linen for seveial days, and though
t is eight miles to the nearest settlemeut,
he ranchers object to Bheep orossiue the
summit. I saw one of them not long
since. He claims to own 100 aores of
sage brush about ten miles oeluw here.
and seven or eight old oowa with u.
many dill'eient brands, aud imagines
that he is a "cattle baron" and that be
has a right to all the grass from Chey
enne to llehriug sea and tbe Sandwich
iBlands However I hold a diflorent
opinion, and when I expressed it lo biui
tie was very impolite to me, aud criticized
me In language that was neither gram
matioal nor biblioul. He weut away
voing dire vengiiuee, and said I
would reoeive a onll in a few days that
would tespeot. It may be right for a
a lawless mob to run uu itinfTeusive, law
abiding miiiu of' of hoveruiuetit land, but
I do imt think so. Dn-rp
Austin, Ore., Sept. 12 1892.
they can be bred and trained on board If tho side clit:hea properly do the work
ship: that they can recognize their own of nn(Ier(lr!iining Bnch a Toaa would do
ship among others, and that they can excMmt mTvice vrithont being uudoly
be relied upon to carry news from the
fleet to the shore, and under favorable
firenmstnncea from the shore to the
fleet and from one vessel to another,
when beyond the range of heliograph
and electrograph.
A naval messenger pigeon service
cannot be improvised on short notice,
as the pigeons require long and carcfu'
training before they can be dependne
unon to carry dispatches. War vessch
employed in defending a coast are frc
expensive. St. Paul Pioneer Press.
Congress and the Iloud Question.
The constitution of the United States
savs that tbe general government shall
have power to estublinh xwtrouds and
nrovule for the common defense. With
this authority it is clear that the United
States has the right to build and main
tain roadB which shull serve as mail
routes and for niilitarv purposes, we
All wh are suffering from the effects
f Youthful Error. L of Mai-hood
Fuilinu Puwers. Gonorrhoea, Gleet.
Strictiirp.Syphilissnd the many Ir'mbl
which are the effects of Hose terrible
disorder, will receive, Fiiee of Chakor.
full directions how to, teat and cure
th-wselres at home by rUiu to ibe
CiUFiihsiA Mkpicai. and rnniOAt, Ix
fikmart. 1 '29' Market S'.re-' Sat,
Fraacisoo, California. 4o5-ly.
Ready for Delivery.
qttently without the means oi trans wil neV(jr hav6 r(mU if we de-
routing information m toe u ..u.i,. m eff(jrti all(i w0 can neVer
portance the mainland, ty near,, r government to take bold of
ui irsiara . J i, ,,.; ,.,, n,.nuii It. The ITOV
enimeut eoucaws young men mr uiuvci.
I OOARANT e satisfaction to
St-nd for Catali gne. -
K..I SS. rom.S'Mi. F'-res' tirove, Oi
Tried For qo Years !
send communications on
distance of several hundred miles, sig
nnl the approach of an enemy 'a fleet
and report quickly all his movi incnts
A New Sort 01 cannon Belle.
The "Codonophonc," invented by M
I.acnie, and now employed in place or
a carillon bells at t!ie Paris opera seems
to consist of the hollow musical tubes
which have for some time pa.st been in
use in thii country, but which in Paris
are now played by laoans of a keyboard
and hammer mechanism. The result is
Mid to be thoroughly satisfactory.
in the army and navy, in agriculture
and mechanical studies. Why should
not appropriations be made to educate
young men to be practical roadmakersf
The roads should be divided iuto na
tional roads, state roads and county ur
neighborhood roadH. The national roads
to be cared for by urmy engineers, the
state roads in charge of engineers gradu
ated from the agricultural and median
ical schools, and the neighborhood roadt
m charge of local supervisors. National
Although the dry weather is still rag-
ng, the birthday party given iu honor of
Nellie Vanguu ou t rnlny evening Sept
'.lib, proved to be tbe most enjoyable
tooial event of the season iu this neigh
') .rhood.
Early in the evening carriages and
wugnus kept rolling in trom ever direo
i"U till soon the dwelling wiib tilled to its
wpacity. After a few hours spent in
.laying many luterestinu games, and
ooial enjoymeut, supper was announced
n which every one enjoyed the luxuries
spread before them.
It being leap year, the ladies took the
lead, which ihey performed witb the
greatest skill imaginable, two or three
oiug away broken hearted on account
if Hint little woid, "no.
After supper fur an hour or mure each
letaon ebjnyed bimnelf according to hia
wn talent, then all departod wishinii
Miss Nellie many more S'ich pleasant
evelilDKK. Those present were; Mr T.
i. Anderson, Oscar Montgomery,
"MIT LONti liltliliK OFKK."
From the Eagle.
Late word from Hoppner briugs the
uews that A. Abrahamsiok has be -a doing
some royal enrsiug on acoouut of Ihe no
tice given him iu the last issue of the
E igle, and says he "Paid etery ding init
LongCreek ofer." We beg to differ from
Mr. Abrahamsick, and desire to state
that the oity recorder is our Butboritv,
aud fuitherinore that Mr. Abrabamsio
has rooeived notioe within the past week
that the beat thiug be oould do would
be to settle tbe matter.
The Eagle is published at Long Creek,
and proposes to staud by its people, and
uo man shall bent tbe town without get
ting a proper write-up. We advise Mr.
Abraliumsiok tu settle this matter if hs
desires nothing more said.
The Union Piiofic System will extend
to all its patrons the usual reduced rates
ou rouud trip tickets, which will inoluda
admission to the exposition, selling ou
Munduy, Wednesday, aud Friday of
each week.
Detailed iufommlion can be MM by
applying to J. C. Hart, tioket agent at
Heppner, Oregon, or W. H. Hnrlburt,
Asst. Oenl. Puss. Agt., 254 Washington
St. Portland, Oregon. 25-34.
"Hard ware" did you any? Why, yes
at P. 0. Thomps' U & Co.'s stand, and the
place for bargains. a
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.