Heppner gazette. (Heppner, Morrow County, Or.) 1892-1912, July 05, 1892, Image 1

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Take your Babies to . .
THE PHOTuURAl-llfa. One picture Free oJ Charge,
work Firet-Clasa and at Living Ratet.
tenth year
NO. 504.
Some People
Buy advertising space because rates are
low-generally the circulation is a right
lower. Circulation determines the value
of advertising ; there is no other standard.
The Gazette is trilling to abide by it.
Tuesdays and Fridays
Af $3.00 per year, $1.50 fur 8ix months, $1.00
lor in roe muutns; in advance.
Advertising Rates Made Known on
The ''EA.O-LE," of Long Creak, Grant
(jounry. uregon, if puouBnea oy me same com
pany every Friday morning. Bubscription
price, I'iper year. For arlvertlaiiif? rates, addresfi
o-fciisr xj. fJi.TTES4sosr, Editor ana
Manager, Long Creek, Oregon, or "Gazette,
Heppner, Oregon.
14118 PAPER ia kept on tile at E. C. Dake's
Advertifliuff Agency, H4 and 65 Merchants
. Exchange, ISan FranciBco. California, where con
tracts tor advertising can be made tor it.
Oregon Press Association, HO Ash Street,
between Firbt and Second, Portland, Oregon, is
our only agent located in that place. Advertis
ers should consult hi in for rates and space in
the Utizette.
Wagner, B. A. nunsaker
Arlington, Henry Henpner
Long Creek, The Eagle
Echo, Bob Shaw
(,'umas Prairie, Oscar I)e Vaul
Matteson, Allen McFerrin
Nve, Or., H.C.Wright
Hardmau, Or., J. A. Woolery
Hamilton, Grant Co., Or., Mattie A. Hndio
lone, T. J. Carl
Prairie Citv, Or R. R. McHaley
Canyon City, Or 8. L. Parrish
Pilot Rock, O. P. Skelton
Uayrtlle, Or., J. E. Snow
John Day, Or., F. I. McOtUlura
Athena, Or John Ellington
Pendleton, Or., Wm. G. MeCroskey
Mount Vernon, Grant Co., Or., Postmaster
Shelby, Or., Miss Stella Flett
Fox, Grant Co., Or., J. K. Allen
Eight Mile, Or., Mrs. Andrew Ashbaugh
Upper RheaCreok, .B. F. Hevland
Douglas, Or S. White
Lone Roek, Or K. M. Johnson
Oooseberry W. P. Snyder
Condon, Oregon Herbert Halstead
Lexington W. B. McAlister
Union Pacific Railway-Local card.
10, mixed leaves Heppner 8:20 a. m.
" ar. at Arlington 11 su a.m.
" 0, " leaves " 3:7 p. m.
" 0, " ar. at Ileppner 7:00 p. in,
except ounuay.
Kim! hound, main lino ar. at Arlinffton 8:50 p. m,
West leaves " 4:1) p. m.
Night trainB are running on same time as before.
fcitago leaves for Monument daily,
excel t Sunday. Bt6:oU A. M.
Arrives daily, except Monday, at
6:00 p. M.
(iovernor S. Pennoyer.
Heo. of State O. W. Mcliride.
Treasurer Phil Metachan.
Bupt. Instruction E H. McKlroy.
Juilno Seventh District VV.L. Bradshaw
Distriot Attorney W. U. Wilson
Joint Senator Henry Blackman.
KepreseutHtive J C 'lhompson.
lounty J udtre Jul ns Keithty.
' Commissioners J. A. Thompsou,
H. M. Vaughn.
Clerk J.W.Morrow.
" Sheriff Oeii. Noble.
Treasurer J.W. Matlock.
Assessor J. J. McGee.
" Surveyor...: Isa Brown.
Hchool Bup't W.L.Saling.
" Coroner James. Daugnerty.
Slayoi T.J. Matlock
Councilman O. E. Farnsworth, M
Uchtenthal, Otis Patterson, t). P. Oarngues,
Thus. Horgon and Frank Uiliiam.
Recorder A. A. Roberts.
Treasurer fc- G- olocum
Marshal J. W. ltasmus.
Doric Lodge No. 20 K. of P. meets ev
ery Tuesday evening at 7.30 o'clock in
their Cantle Hall, National Bank build
ing. Sojourning brothers cordially in
vited to attend. Emil VoMJZ. C. C.
T 0. AUBliEY, K. of IS. 4 8. tf
Meets at Lexington, Or., the last Saturday of
- each month. All veterans are invited to Join.
C.C. Boon, Geo. W. Smith.
Adjutant, tf Commander.
A A. ROBERTS, Beal Estate, Ineur
ance and Collections. Offioe in
Connoil Chambers, Heppner, Or. swtf.
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Webster's Unabridged
publishers, we are able to obtain a number
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Fifty cents added in all cases for express-
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For the return to my plaoe, six ml lee
sontb of Nolin, Oregon, 1 gray mare with
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and dim brand on left shoulder resem
bling c. Or I will pay $10 for infor
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. Weber,
498-506 Nolin, Or.
Two sorrel horses. One of them branded
"8" on the right shoulder, likewise on the
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I he other was branded "H" on the
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Anvone returning tbe same to my
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An ordiuanoe providing for the sup
plying of the town of Heppner and its
inhabitants with electric lights and pow
er for public and privnte purposes, and
granting H. V. Gates of Hillsboro, Oie-
3uu, his successors and assigns, an ex
elusive franchise and license to construct
huJ operate a system of electric, lighting
ind power works in tbe town ot Heppner,
contracting with the said H. V. Gates for
tbe rental of electric lights for supplying
tbe town of Heppner with lights, and
jiving the town of Heppner uu option to
purohase tbe same.
The town of Heppner does ordain as
Section 1. The exclusive privilege is
hereby granted to H. V. Gates, his buo
oesjors and assigns, for and during the
term of fifteen years (subject to the right
of purchase), and the conditions and for
feitures hereinafter provided) to erect,
construct, maintain and operate a system
of electric lights and power works in the
town of Heppner, for supplying the said
a ity and the inhabitants thereof with
electric lights and power for public an
private purposes. Wheresoever herein
after tbe word "grantee" is used it is in
tended to apply to and mean H. V. Gates,
his successors and assigns.
aection A. xne grantee is hereby au
thorized to erect and maintain on the
streets, alleys, parks and public ways,
tbe poles, fixtures and wires necessary
for the purpose of supplying the city and
inhabitants thereof, with eh'ctrio light,
power, telegraph or telephone seryioe.
Said poles and wires to be so placed so
as to not unreasonably interfere with or
impede the free use of streets, alleys,
parks Bntl public ways of travel and otlv
or purposes for which they ure intended
Whenever the said grantee shall have
ceased to own or operate said eleotrio
iystem in said city.theBaid gran tee shall
remove the poles, wires and lines from
tbe streets, alleys, parks and public
ways, and this franchise shall become
null and void.
Section 8. Said electric light plan
shall be of sufficient oapaoity to supply
the city and inhabitants thereof all lights
that may be required for their use. After
demand and coutraot is made for lights,
providing the plant is not then sufficient
in capacity to meet the demand, the said
grantee is to be allowed such time us
may be neoessary to inorease the cafwii
ty of said plant to meet the demands
Section 4. In consideration of the
benefits which will be derived by the
town of Heppner and its inhabitants,
uom the construction and operation of
said electrio works, and in further con
sideration of tbe electrio light and powe
mpply, hereby seoured for the publio
use, as an inducement for the grantee to
enter upon the construction of said elec
tric works, the privilege hereby granted
to and rested in H. V. Gates, his succes
9ors and assigns, shall remain in full
force and effect for and during the period
of fifteen years, but subjeot to the right
of purchase as aforesaid.
Seotion 5. The said grantee is to erect
and maintain electric street lights at
nuoh points in the streets, alleys, parks
and publio ways, as said town of Hepp
ner may from time to time direot, pro
vided the said grantee shall not be re
quired to erect and maintain any aro
light at a greater distance than one thou
jand feet from some other aro light, nor
lo erect and maintain auy incandescent
ight, at a greater distanoe than four
hundred feet from some other incandes
cent light, supplied to the city. The arc
lights to have from 1200 to 2000 candle
power. The said grantee is to furnish
laid lights for Btreet lighting only, at the
'ollowmg rates per month: Arc lights
each, fifteen dollars; inoandescent lights,
iaoh sixteen candle power two and fifty
one hundretha dollars eaoh; twenty four
oandle power, three and twenty five one
hundredths dollars each; thirty-two oan
dle power, four dollars; said lights to be
kept burning, exoept during clear moon-
ight nights, from twilight until dawn,
and no longer, duringeaoh day of twenty
four hours. The said town of Heppner
agrees to use and pay for sufficient
number of said lights at above nites to
amount in tbe aggregate to one tinndred
dollars per month, for a poriod of fifteen
yenrs, said rental to be paid on the first
day of each and every month succeeding
tbe use thereof. Said grantee is to keep
ights burning ar aforesaid, and in event
)f any failure so to do, not toreoeiveany
compensation for auy such light not
burning. In the event said town of
Heppner requires more lights than are
uoluded in the monthly amount above
specified, the said grantee is to furnish
same at rates per month as stipulated
Seotion B. The said town of Heppner
may from time to time, by ordinance in
that behalf, enacted during tbe term for
wbioh this privilege is granted, may re
quire the grantee to make extensions of
tbe wire lines ot said works, but as a
consideration ot suob extensions, the said
town of Heppner in such ordinance,
shall order the ereotion and maintain
ance of not less than one aro light for
every lOuO feet ot main line, or one inoan
descent light for every four hundred feet
of main line, and the said town of Hepp
ner shall . par an additional monthly
rental for all snob additional lights at
rates specified in section four of this or
dinance, for the unexpired term of fifteen
years from acceptanuo of this ordinance
the same payable as hereinbefore pro
vided, on tbe first day of each month
succeeding nse thereof.
Hection 7. The grantee may charge
and colleot during the oontinuauoe of
the privilege herein granted, the follow
ing tariff of rates to consumers of lights,
or other rates that may be established by
the grantee and approved of by said
town of Heppner.
Kates per light per month for commer
cial lightiug.
Hours of burning.
Candle pow'r of lamps
1 Kreiiinjr until Id p. n
2'Kv'nltiK until lnidnl'li
1(1 101
l is
2 oo
r 1 IIS
i mi
1 uo
A 00 a lb
1 20
ah niKiit
Arc HirhtM until lilt.
Arc lights until mlilni't
Arc lights all night
And the grantee may make such rules
and regulations governing the service ot
light to consumers as may be proper and
expedient in that behalf and may enforce
the observance of the same after they
are approved by the town counoil, by
outting off the supply of light or other
wise, and the said town of Heppner, by
its counoil, shall adopt ordinances pro
tecting the grantee in the safe and un
molested enjoyment of the privileges
hereby granted, and against injury to its
Seotion 8. At the expiration of fifteen
years from the completion of said works,
and at the end of each year thereafter
the town of Heppner Bhall have the op
tion to purohase and owu said works,
together with its lands, machinery, lines,
outhts, lights, privileges and franchises,
upon tbe following conditions : And the
grantee' in accepting this ordinance ex
pressly oovenants to sell aud convey to
the town of Heppner, the Baid electric
works as a whole on the said conditions,
the said town of Heppner, by resolution
of its mayor and counoil. shall deter.
mine to purchase and own the said elec
tric works and shall serve a certified
oopv of such resolutions on the grautee
at least six months before the time when
said town of Heppner may exeroise snob
option. The sum of money that said
town of HeDpner shall pay for said eleo
trio works and system bb a whole shall
be an amount which at eight per oent.
interest would produce an annual income
equal to the net income during tbe year
previous to the serving of such notice
hereinbefore desoribed, with tbe oost
prioe added for auy improvements or ex
tensions that may have been made during
the year previous to such notice, upon
wbioh no revenue has been derived.
When such purchase is made by the said
town of Heppner, tbe franchise granted
to the suid H. V. Gates shall terminate.
If said town of Heppner shall not deter
mine to purchase said eleotric works and
system within fifteen years from the date
ot acceptance of this ordinance, it shall
grant to the grantee an exolusive fran-
ehise upon the same terms and condi
tions hereiu stated.
Section 9. The grantee shall com
mence active operations on said eleotric
works within ninety cliijs from passage
of this ordiuanoe, nud oomplete same
within 180 days, uuless from causes be
yond the oontrol of said grantee, such as
strikes, riots, failure ot manufacturers to
produce muterial, and railroads to deliv
er the same, in which event the time so
lost, shall be extended. Upon comple
tion of said works, aud the same is in
operation, the street light rentals pro
vided tor shall begin.
Seciion 10, All work and muterial fur
nished under the terms of this oontraot,
shall be done and performed in a good,
neut aud workmanlike manner, first-class
in every respect aud in the most approved
form known to trade.
Section 11. In case said grantee shall
fail to oommenoe active operations on
said works within tbe time specified in
this contract then, and in that case, this
franobise shall be forfeited and this or
dinance be null and void.
Seoiton 12. All ordinances and parts
of ordinanoes inconsistent herewith are
hereby repealed, and this ordinance shull
Le published iu the Heppner Gazette,
and Heppner lieoord, and shull take
effect from and after its passage and
Seotion 13. This ordiuanoe shall be
come binding upon the town of Heppner
upon tbe event that grantee shall, within
thirty days from the passage and publi
cation ot this ordinance, file with the
clerk of the town of Ileppner, his written
acceptance of the terms and conditions
of this ordinance. Said acceptance shull
oonstitute the contract, and shall be the
measure of the rights and liabilities of
the town of Heppner and of H. V. Gates,.
is successors and assigns. During the
existence of the contract for street light
rentals, the general tax annually assess
ed, levied and colleoted upon nil tux
able property on the assessment roll ol
the town of Heppner, shall be sufficient
in addition to all the other purposes fori
which such general tux is assessed, lev
ied and collected from time to time, to
meet tbe payments for all street light
rentals under this ordinance when they
shull respectively be earned and payable
uring the existence of ony oontracts fur
Btreet light rentals and a sufficiency ot
snob general tax so collected shall be an"
ually set apart in money and kept as a
separate fund to be known as fne street
gbt fund and shall be irrevocably and
exclusively devoted to the street light
rentals under this ordinance and shall
not be other w:ee employed.
Seotion H. The mayor and recorder
of the town of Ileppner are hereby au
thorized and instructed, upon the ac
ceptance of this prdiuauoe, to seal du
plicate copies thereof with tbe seal of
the town of Heppner, and to sign suoh
oopies of such oontraot in the name and
in the behalf of the town of Heppner and
to deliver one of the oopies, so signed
and sealed in behalf of the town of Hepp
ner, to grantee and to aooept the other
in behalf of the town of Heppner,
when signed and sealed by the said
grantee, and to oause snoh oopies, to
gether with suoh aooeptanoe, to be prop
erly authenticated in accordance with
the laws governing ooutraots for the sale
f real estate, and to be recorded in the
offioe of the oounty clerk ot Morrow
Seotion 15. In the event the water
ordinance is not ratified by vote of the
tax payers at the eleotion to be held to
issue bonds for water supply, this or
dinance to be null and void.
T. J. Matlock, Mayor.
Attest : A. A. Koberts, Recorder.
Posted, Heppner, Or., July 2, 1892.
An ordinance providing for tbe issu
ance of bonds to supply the town of
Heppner with water, and authorizing
the sale thereof, and fixing the time and
manner of paying the same.
Be it ordained by the common oouncil
of the town of Heppner:
Sectiou 1. That in order to borrow a
sum of money to supply the town of
Heppner with water, there be issued fif
teen bonds in the sum of one thousand
dollars each, payable on the first day of
ingust, in the year 1912, with interest at
the rate of six per cent, per annum, pay
able semi-auiiunlly ; namely on the first
Jays of February aud August of each
Section 2. The bonds mentioned in
the foregoing seotion shall be numbered
mil entered iu tbe proper books in the
office of tbe town racorder, and shall con
tain a provision pledging the faith of the
town to full payment, in United States
gold ooin, ot the present standard ot
weight and fineness, of the pritioipal,
and interest thereon, at the Oregon
financial Agenoy, in New York City, at
the time the same may become due, upon
the surrender of suoh bonds or of the
oonpons for tho interest thereon.
Seciion 3, To each ot the said bonds
there Bhall be attached (orty ooupons,
numbered the same as the bonds and
representing the interest thereou for
eaoh half year or semi annual payment
of the same, from tlje first day of August,
1892 to- the first' day of August, 1912.
and payable on the date thereon
named, and at the plaoe and in the man
ner provided by section 2 ot this ordi
Seotion 4. The bonds and coupons
herein mentioned shall be signed by the
mayor and attested by the recorder.
Section 5. The council Bhall soli and
dispose of the bonds to be issued under
the provisions of this ordinance, iu the
following manner:
The oouncil shull advertise for scaled
bids for said bonds aud shall designate
in said advertisement the date when suid
bids shall be openod and examined.
Said bids shall be opened at a regular
meeting of the council, provided that if
there he no quorum present at the date
set for opening and examining said bids,
a oull meeting may be had for that pur
pose as soon thereafter as the mayor or a
majority of the oonnoil may desire. Tbe
advertising for sealed bids may be done
in such way and manner as by tbe coun
cil directed and the council shall reserve
the right to rejeat auy and all bids.
Seotion 6. Upon making the sale of
any of the said bonds, the mayor and the
recorder shall notify the town treasurer
in writing, of the terms and conditions
thereof, and upon receiving the purchase
prioe thereof, the treasurer shall give the
purchaser a receipt, wbioh shall be suffi
cient authority to the mayor and record
er to sign and deliver the requisite num
ber of bonds, as provided in this ordi
nance. '
Section 7. The funds procured from
the issuance of these bonds to be op
plied to the oonsideratiou in ordinance
No. 50 (combining agreement) submitted
by H. V. Gates for supplying the town
of Heppner with water aud water works.
Section 8. That at tbe expiration of
Marion Mar-land's Endorsement
Royal Baking Powder.
Extract from Marion Harland's Letter to the Royal Baking Powder Co.
tfiPtv-CCSiS &4 fife
44 frw (Les
seventeen years from August first, 1892,
there shall be set aside fur eaoh of the
following years, for a term of three years,
the sum of five thousand dollars
($5,000.00) to constitute a sinking fund
for the payment of said bonds, and the
town oouncil are hereby authorized and
empowered to levy and collect, in addi
tion to the rate of levy now allowed by
law, a sufficient rate per cent, upon tbe
taxable property of the town of Heppner,
to provide the said sum of five thousand
dollars, yearly, as provided by this
seotion, provided the suid levy be
made at the time the regular town levy
is made aud colleoted, in the same man
ner and under the same conditions.
T. J. Matlock, Mayor.
Attest, A. A. Roberts, Recorder.
Posted, Ileppner, Or., July 2, 1892.
Head Sea Fruits.
They slay multitudes when they are
produot of neglect of incipient disease,
A "slight" oold, a fit of indigestion, bil
liousness or constipation, eBOh or any of
these "minor ailments" advance in manv
cases with "league-destrying strides."
Give them a Bwift, early defeat with Hos
tetter'B Stomaoh Bitters and avert the
danger. Abernethy ministered an alarm
ing rebuke to the man who informed him
that he had "only a oold!" "Oulyacold,"
repeated the doctor. "What would ye
have the plague!" Rheumatism and
la grippe are easily extinguishable at the
start. Why then allow them to get up a
full head of steam? Put on the breaks
with the Hitters, The genial warmth
which this superb medioiiie diffuses
through the system, the impetus it gives
to the circulation of the blood, its sooth
ing and strengthening effect upon the
nervous, speoially recommend it to the
enfeebled and Bick. "l'is ihe great spe
eilia for malaria.
Too feuipuauc.
During a sessiou of the house of com
mons the members wear their huts,
which they remove when rising to
speak or to make a motion. This cus
tom is occasionally the cause of a com
ical scene, like the one reported iu Sir
William Eraser's "Disraeli and his
Day." William Ewart, the member for
Liverpool, was making- nn effective
speech, and on tho bench just below
him sat Joseph Hume, a radical, whoso
aspect was that of intense solemnity.
Ho wore a hat with a broad brim and u
long nap, which apparently was too
litrpe for his larfre head. Ewart, while
emphasizing his last sentence, brought
his right fist down with crushing vio
lence upon Hume's hat, which instantly
descended below Hume's chin and ob
scured his heavy features. The house,
which had been listening with interest,
roared with laughter, and tho orator sut
down abashed by the incident that hail
spoiled the effect of his speech.
Colli-go limit.
A freshman in a college In the city
was anxious to mail a letter. Having
been told to drop it into the red box at
the corner, ho hurried out of the build
ing and ran down the street. He saw a
red box, but could find no opening in
which to put his letter. He searched
for any possible direction on the box,
and noticed, in large letters: "King
twice." He rang twice, says the San
Francisco Argonaut, and waited to see
what would happen, expecting a door
to fly open into which he could drop
the letter. Suddenly an open buggy
dashed up and a man in blue uniform
jumped out. "Where is it?" he de
manded. "Here it is, thank you," said
the freshman; "please mail it at once."
The lire cuptain looked at the letter
and then at the student's retreating
figure. Then he dropped the letter into
the box across the street, reported the
alarm false and went back to the sta
, , . (
A CoufiteH C'ook.
Like most wives of great men.
Countess von .Mollke was devoted to
her brave hushnnrt's comfort. During
their travels in Italy Hie lady went into
the kitchen and prepared with her own
hands all the food eaten by the old hero,
who would rather face the caunnu's
mouth than sn Italian meal, lie was
fond of exhibiting to his friends what he
culled his wife's Italian costume u
gray linen blouse and skirt and an im
mense cotton apron iu which the good
frau spent most of her time in the
Uoman kitchens, while the American
wife would have been viewing the
churches of the lOternal city.
A. II. Stevens made ns a pleasant call
Saturday. He hopes for a better crop
than present indications wnrrant. The
weather being cooler, is in favor of the
- v