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and therefore assist to build up Hepp-
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40 years the standard.
Just at present there is a fulsome
bandying of words oyer the disposition
to be made of Sunday at the World's
Fair. The religionists petition aad in
sist that the great exposition shall be
olosed to all visitors on Sunday. The
seoulari ts persist that suon an arbitrary
ruling is irrational and discourteous, j
Taking the world as it is, and men as
they are, it would seem the wise oourse,
to let the gates be open to all who choose
td attend that day, while the deyoutly
inclined are left to seek such sanotuaries
as they choose. The Great Teacher iu
true human Catholicity said, "The Sab
bath wus made for man, and not man
for the Sabbath." The Puritanioal doc
trine that Sun.lay is a divine enactment
and a holy time, in the senae of changing
moral quality of one's actions, is fast
yielding to more liberal views. The
quality of man's thoughts oannot be de
termined by the day of the week, the
phase of the moon or the particular sea
son of the year. All good conduct should
be iu the eternal present. Right is right,
and wrong is wrong, without relation to
the days of the week. What is bad Tues
day and Friday oaDnot be accounted
righteousness on Sunday.
Sunday is a good institution and most
people are anxious to sustain it for its
moral and practical utility. You all do
not want to be dictated to, as to bow
your particular benefits from it are to be
Kver since the grand old law-giver,
Moses, wiih keen insight into the needs
of man, tried to set to right the idolatrous
practices of the mystio East, whose star
worshiping devotees were dreaming out
uuoouth relations between earth and
heaven, lias Sunday been a day of rest,
of worship, of recreation, aooording to
the benefit sought by him who recog
nized it?
The plea, that, to open the fair upon
Sunday would be a national attack upon
the institution of Christianity is narrow
and fanatioal. Sunday never hud its in
ception in Christianity, any more than
the decalogue, or the arts and sciencesi
or the constitutions of nations.
If the history of Sunday proves any
thing, it is that the day has grown out
of human waut for rest, and reoreation
and comfort.
While these ends may include religion,
they can uever make the day exclusively
religious. The Buddhist may worship
at his shrine, the Christian meditate and
pray, ho who loves nature, seok solace
amidst sylvan shades and flowers, while
devotees of art, literature and Boienoe are
left to exercise their choioe in fields of
researoh that shall be to them the most
If the fair is to be made a religions
institution, by closing its gates to the
public on Siiuduy, it will be logically
proper to have noon-day pruyor meetings
and devotional services on the grounds
(luring the week.
During the fair there will be constant
ly wilhiu the city from 75,000 to 1(10,000
(strangers. There will be open a thous
and places of resort absolutely demoral
izing, to which hundreds and thousands
will seek access in lieu of attending the
fair it this be closed. To be sure, those
who know how to use loimire, will not
bo bo diverted, but the groat (rouble with
most people who abuse Sunday and all
Hpnre time, is, they have not yet lenrued
this valuable lesson. Thousands of re
spectable people do not know how to be
wisely idle, or to enjoy rest when it is
within their grasp. To wander amidst
beautiful Mowers, Boul-stirring paintings,
to look upon the master works of genius
in any field, to listen to grand musio is
to lie lifted up. To surrcuder to caruul
desires is to be bound down. If the peo
ple who urge this fanaticism were at all
familiar with lite in a great city, they
would, as did Charles Kingsley, the
greatest English divine of his time, de
clare iu favor of the opening of the Crys
tal palace upon Sunday as n means of
Having strangers from the purlieus ami
haunts of Loudon during that great ex
Every great city of the world in mod
em civilization, has learned thai the best
nu'uns of making Sunday a peaceful, use
ful day to its over crowded population,
ie to furnish recreating, educating enter
tainiiients to those whom the strife for
bread, immures iu the shop and the othYe
during the week. Tens of thousands
could visit the fair Sundays who would
have no other opportunity, and it would
he a sermon to them, more potent for
good than all the divines of Cliioago
might be able to preach. For there are
sermons in art uud artifice, ami subtle
mechanism, to touch the inmost recesses
of the soul that turgid language can
never reach. Let the gates of the fair,
the doors of the churches, sv ing open
Sunday, and human minds will be
awakened, and the educating prooess
that makes such bigoted opposition to
progressive ideas possible, will be en
couraged. Fucts will supplant supersti
It is hoped that our people will care
fully consider the proposition of H. V,
Gates, ami dispose uf it to our best iu
terests.' What will be paid in taxes, iu
the eveut Unit the measures curry, will
be saved iu the low rate of insurance
which will then be established. Besides
t he protection to property, and perhaps
life, will be such as to warrant the
adoption by our people, of the plans of
fered. Again we say, people of Heppner,
eousider carefully every feature of the
proposition. Don't decide oue way or
the other till you lire positively con
vinced, from eyery point of view, that
juu are on the right track, lueu go
iihead. Your decisiou mt'Hiis much for
lleppner'a future w hether w e shall con
tinue, as business nieu, to take unusual
Olid unoiilled for risks, or go ahead as of
old at the meiey of the tire fleud ;
whether we ahull further add danger and
j ZisCJSS "c "Z7
SiSt Pfl
JwPPt cV'ii
A Pure Cream
Tartar Powder
Contains Ammonia.
Contains Alum anit Ammonia.
Dr. Price gives larger and fuller cans than those
any other Baking Powder manufacturer.
Above ctit represents the comparative size of one pound can each
''Dr. Price's," Royal" and "Taylor's One Spoon." These cans were
set side by side, then photographed down in exact proportions tc
admit the plate in this space. Ask your grocer to set a one pound
can of any other brand alongside 1 lb. Dr. Price's Cream Raking
Powder, and observe the difference, us illustrated above.
Adulterated powders may usually be detected by their heavier
bulk, as shown by the small cans, and these scantily filled, oftet:
containing a circular to help fill out the cans. It is a singular fad
that many of the ammonia and alum baking powders are advertised
as "Absolutely Pure," All official examinations prove that it would
be safe to reject all powders labeled absolutely pure.
The economy in using Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder does
not consist alone in the fact that much larger and fuller cans are
iven. but Dr. Price's is a stvonger, purer and more wholesome bak
ing powder than any other known. Does better work, and goes
farther, hence more economical in every way.
What woman would use an ammonia or alum baking powder if
she knew it ? Such powders not only undermine the health, but
ammonia gives to the complexion a sallow and blotched appearance.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powaer is reported by all
authorities as free from ammonia, alum, lime, or any othei
adulterant. The purity of this ideal powder has never been
Ed. Long's horse sale at the Stewart
stable Saturday.
John Harrington is visit ing his brother,
George Harrington, of this place.
Mrs. Fred Snow, of Arlington, visited
Mr. and Mrs. Frank McFarland last week,
returning borne Monday.
S. P. Garrigues and wife go to Port
land tomorrow, where Mrs. Garrigues
will probably remain for some time.
Miss Maggie Hartley returned from
Missouri last Saturdiiy, accompanied by
her brother whom she had not seen for
sixteen years.
Ed. Hooker, Bill Ingrnm, J. H. Jones,
E. li. Stanton, GiUJuues and Stacy Rob
erts, Eight Milers, represented in Hepp
uer yesterday.
A slight ohange in the weather yester
day indicates thut the heated Bpell is
broken, and that rain is likely to reach
Morrow within a few days.
The train was two hours late last night
owing to the delays on the main line.
The lew windy duyB of this week must
have sifted the sand around pretty lively
down below.
Kay McAlister and Otto Summer were
up from Lexington today, and say that
great preparations are being made down
there for the coming fourth. The camp
meeting is still in progress.
Don't overlook us for your job work.
Quality enters as much into that line
as anything else. A poor job costs as
much as a good one. Come to the Ga
zette office and get the best.
Charley S. Jayne has just return
ed fiom an extended visit to the Pen
dleton section. He Bays that the hot
winds havedamaized the crops there con
siderably, but will likely make from a
half to two-thirds crop.
The Eebeocas at this plaoe made the
following elections Saturday evening
lust: Mrs. E. G. Sperry, N. G.; Mrs. J.
W. Rasmus. V. G.; Mrs. W. A. Kirk,
chaplain, and Jus. D. Hamilton, secre
Married At theoourt house this morn
ing, by Gov. Ilea, Mr. B. . Compton
and Miss Ella Mitchell, both of Parker's
mill. There were present from that sec
tion, E. A. Culver and a sister and two
brothers of the happy groom.
Pan Simons sorutched bis hand yes
terday while working in the blacksmith
shop, and shortly afterwards a fly bit the
wound. This mormug bis nana ana Briu
was swollen badly, compelling him to
lay off. It ie thought that thelly poison
ed the wound.
Geo. Conser says there is virtue in ad
vertising in the Gazette. He has receiv
ed letters from all over the JNorthwest
egarding the best means of ridding his
lawn of ante, and he thinks some one has
earned the V, maybe J. W. Kedington,
who, like Dick Neville, is always on the
alert to assist suffering humanity.
or adopt a oheaper and Bafer mode of
lighting; whether we shall continue to
pay three prices for insurance in order
to save a smaller amount in taxation or
vice versa; whether we shall use the
best means at hand to render our ex
istence one of health and happiness or
continue the risk and eke out a miser
able existence. There must be a gain
to offset, the expense called for by the
proposed improvements, else it ie not a
good business proposition. Look it over
and the Gazette thinks you will find a
corresponding item of credit for every
A 1'iiW months ago Benjamin P. Hutch
inson, better known as "Old Hutch,'
was the reooguized king of the wheat
pit at Chicago. The price of our stnple
f 'od and export oereal depended upon
his combinations. The fortunes of thous
ands were the nlnythiugs of his specula
tions. He was regarded with something
of awe as an operator whose skill, pluck
and luck were invincible. He wbs a great
speculative genius in the public estima
tion. By and by things took a turn.
"Old Hutoh" got on the wrong side of
the market. Ho went up like a rooket
and he came down like the stick. The
latest news of him after a long chapter
of eocentricities is that he is running a
little establishment in New York which
seems to he wavering in its de
velopment ns between aehcnp restaurant
a whisky saloon, a junk shop und a mis
sion. Here "Old Hutch" eats, sleeps and
does hia own washing on the premises,
and talks semi religious and philosphio
nouseuse to the boys nnd men who be
siege the place out of onriosity. Now he
is said to be crnzy; but was he not also
crazy when speculating iu wheat? His
successes tueaut misery and waut to
many poor, and he knew it. The desire
to ubtnin unlimited wealth was a mania,
and his present antics are but the logical
outcome of a diseased niiud. Oregonian.
IitA J. Chash, the preseut lieutenant
governor of Indiana, has reoeived the
nomiuatiou for governor, at the bands of
the republican party. Mr, Chase is a
resident of Dauville, Iud., a prominent
member of the G. A . B , and is univer
sally esteemed.
Ya Tamiiien won the Garfield Fark
Derby, and $17,000, June 17th. Huron
was expected to win, but the member of
the great family of the matron, Marion)
pushed to the front and held her place
to the finish, The track was heavy and
time slow.
E. C. Frntlanu's new paper, the
Frankfort (Wash.,) Chronicle, has readi
ed our home ranch, and is one of the
neatest papers iu the Northwest, besides
being ably edited. Here's our F,
A traitor.
Since its that introduction, Electric
Hilters has gained rapidly iu popular fa
vor, until now it is clearly in the lead
among pure medicinal touios and altera
tives continuing nothing which permits
its use as a beverage or intoxicant, it is
recognized ns the best and purest med
icine for all ailments of stomach, liver
and kiduess It will curesiok beadaohe,
iudigeation, constipation, and drive mill
aria from the system. Satisfaction guar
anteed with each bottle or the money
will be refunded. Price only 50c per
bottle. Sold by Sloouui-Johustou Drug
Hugh Gonrlev has seveied hisoonneo-
disaster by the continued nee of coal oil tion with The Dulles Chronicle.
Though a larger amount of wool has
been brought to Heppner this year than
any previous season, mostly for sale at
this point, there have been experienced
a series of delays, occasioned by lack of
transportation facilities, which have se
riously injured the market.
It is the polioy of the Union Pacific
this season, it seems, to haul up no
empty oars, leaving the buyers to wait
for such as may be sent up loaded, for
cars in whiob to ship all clips purchased.
This being wholly inadequate, buyers
have been slow to purchase and the mar
ket has suffered much thereby, though
quality oonsidered, what wools havB
been sold hnve oommanded the top fig
The wool growers oomplain bitterly of
their treatment by the Union PaoiBc, and
insist that the company should send in
enough oars, empty ones if neoessnry, to
haul the wools seeking sale and ship
ment at Heppner. It is not only a serious
drawback to them, but to every resident
of this great wool-growing section, and
should the future be marked by such
oarelessness and stinginess on the part
of the Union Paoifio at this point, there
will be such a "roar" as they never
heard before.
Gkn. John V. Foster has been nom.
inated and confirmed to succeed Blaine
as secretary of Btate. He was minister
to Spain nnder Arthur and served with
distinction in the Union army during the
The death of Theodore W. Dwight is
announced iu the daily press. He was a
distinguished jurist and at the time of
hia death was one of the professors of
Columbia college.
At Abrahamsick's. In addition to his
tailoring business, be has added a fine
line of underwear of all kinds, negligee
shirts, hosiery, etc. Also has on hand
some elegant patterns for suits. A.
Abrabamsiok, May street, Heppner, Or.
The Union Pacific offers its patrons
cheap 4th of July rates as usual this
year. For dates of sale and limit of
tickets or any additional information ap
ply to J. C. Hart, agent Union Pnoifio
system. 4"-3-
For the return to my plaoe, Bix miles
ii, nf Unlin. Oreffon. 1 cruv mare with
yearling oolt, branded TS on right Bhoul
der and oirole W on left shoulder; also
1 bay mare branded TS on right shoulder
and dim brand on left shoulder resem
bling i5. Or I will pay 810 for infor
mation leading to their reoovery.
F. Weiier,
498-506 Nolin' 0r-
Are ever popular and successful. The
exceedingly low rates offered by the
Union Paoifio this year will insure them
an immense business. Excursion tick
ets on sale at all ticket offices of the sys-
For dates of sale and limit of tiokets
or any additional information apply to
J. V. nail, agent union raciuc syoicui.
IillliU'iiill-l lor (Slr.-niilli n ml 5irn!llll.Y.
Ruhl, the baker. Buy your bread and
cakes and save money. Try it. a.
A fine lot of imported Shot Guns at
Thompson & Go's nt bargain prices, no
jobbers profits. a
M. Liclitenthal & Co. have just re
ceived a fine lot of ladies' kid, button
and tie shoes. At bottom prices. a
H. Blackman & Co. have an exolusive
General Merchandise store. Stookmen
cannot do better than patronize H.
Blackman & Co., of Heppner's Pioneer
The present hot weBther rivals any
that has come this way for some years.
WlionK hn 60o
Flonr.bbl 60
Beeves, cows & two-year-olds, owt. 1 75
" three s "
Sheep, muttons, bead 2 253 00
" stock 2 25
Hogs, ou foot, cwt $5 00
Hogs, dressed 6 50
Wool . 12 14
Horses, slow sale.
Butter, roll 35
Eggs, doz 15
Chickens, doz 2 50 3 00
Adnianee Heap-Discharge Binder
miLLLno oimi ""' .....ww....... rri'.., - : w--wN
The most Effective and Succeslul combination for :.J ' ' ii;
Threshing and Cleaning Oram ever consirucicu.
, Senil for 1S93 Catiilonue. Free.
A Philadelphia Chinaman has thirty
Berlin, with 1,315,600 people, has
only 20,800 dwellings.
Op the twelve largest cities in the
world three are in Japan.
London theater-going is said to have
declined to a remarkable extent.
Washington is the only city of any
size in this country that possesses no
During the last ten years the Paris
Gas Company has paid into the city
treasury $40,000,000.
Berlin has just decided that wooden
pavements are a failure, while Constan
tinople is having the first one put down.
The first London directory was
printed in 1GG7 and contained but sixty
four pages, with the names of 1,790 per
sons and firiiss.
There are upward of fifty hospitals
in London. The earliest, St. Bartholo
mew's, was founded in 1102, and St.
Thomas, in 15f!J.
Chicago expects to complete its new
Masonic temple, twenty stories, or 275
feet high, by the first of May, 1892. It
will be five feet higher than the tower
of the famous Auditorium in the same
From the Oregonitin.
TO THE PUBLICh-Seveuteen years
ago I oouiuieuoed being a 111 let ed with
stricture of the urethra. As time passed
I grew worse, until it was impossible to
pass urine without a catheter. I have
beeu under Beveral leading doctors in
Portland and one in Victoria. Was in
the hospital five mouths from the effects
of oue doctor's unskillful treatment. All
the combined efforts and skill of the
eight physicians were as nothing to me.
June 4, 1892, 1 came uuder Dr. Damn's
treatment, and m two weeks went to my
home in Monument, Grant Co., Or., a
well man. A. L. GUEIUN.
Dra. Darrin oan be found at 270'j
Washington street, iortland, Or.; the
Review building, Spokaue, Wash.; the
Hotel Northern, Astoria, Or., from 10 to
5 daily, 7 to 8 evenings; Sunday, 10 to 12.
They make a specialty of all diseases
of eye, CBr, nose and throat, oatarrh, deaf
ness, bronchitis, la grippe, consumption,
dyspepsia, heart, liver and kidney dis
eases. All nervous, chronic and private
diseases of men, inoluding stricture, hy
drocele, varicocele, and all peculiar fe
male troubles are confidentially and suc
cessfully treated. Most cases can receive
home treatment after a visit to the doc
tor's office. Inquiries answered. Circu
lars and question blanks sent free. Con
sultation, free.
Parents and Minora, Take Notice,
Minors on tho streets after 9 p.
Use washing soda in boiling water to
remove green stains from 3'our brick
Moist tea leaves will stain a very
light-colored carpet; use them only on
dark colors.
A Maine woman, when she wishes to
shell beans, runs them through the
clothes wringer.
New tins should be set over the fire
filled with water, for some hours be
fore using them.
Corks which have been steeped in
vaseline are said to be an excellent
substitute for glass stoppers.
Carbolic aeid is the best disinfectant
known. It not only destroys foul odors
but also all germs of disease.
In "trying out" or clarifying butter it
is done when the froth begins to rise.
Skim, strain, store in a cool place and
keep well covered.
To get a good polish on mahogany
easily, mix oue part of boiled linseed
oil with two parts of alcoholic shellac
varnish. Shake well before using.
Apply in small quantities, with a cloth,
and rub the work vigorously until the
desired polish is secured.
The clergyman wastes his breath
who talks of the happiness of the
world to come to a yontli who has just
received his first love 1 t tor. - Cape Cod
She (trustingly) -"Am I the only girl
you ever loved, Jack?"Jack "Why yes
certainly, my dear that is to say
the only girl I ever loved as 1 love you,
my darling." Somervillle Journal.
1'knki.ope "There is one thing about
U9, Jack, that I like. We are sensible
lovers. We don't use that idiotic baby
talk." Jack "No. And we never
will, either, will Wi?" Penelope
"Kopey." Harpcr'sTiazar.
She "I am afraid that bell ringing
means another caller." lie (implor
ingly) "You know there is such a
thing as your not being at home."
She "Yes; and there is such a thing as
my being engaged." Brooklyn Life.
Wheat, cwt $1 40 1 45
Flonr.bbl 3 00 (g 5 00
Beeves, stall fed 7 00 7 25
Muttons, owt 8 00 10 00
Bogs, cwt 8 60 5 25
Wool -Eastern Oregon.. 10 g 17
Butter, ft 15 19
Eggs, doz 18 20
Chickens, doz 5 50 1200
Turkeys, lb lots W
Wheat, cwt Sfl 30 1 35
Flour, bbl 3 00 0460
Beeves, owt 2 00 3 00
" dressed 4 50(3 6 00
Muttons, live sheared. . . 8 50 3 75
dressed 8 50 9 00
Hogs, on foot 5 00 0550
" dressed 7 00 8 00
Wool Eastern Oregon... 9 14
Butter 15 25
Eggs, doz 18 20
Chickens, doz 5 00 6 00
Turkeys, lb 17
Eastern Clothing House
Branch at Portland, has opened a
iff Line of Ladie's and Gents Furnishing G
Also Boots and Shoes, Trunks,
Valises and Fancy Goods
You will find our Clothing Department with
an assortment, inoludiafr Fqiiftre Cut Snoks,
Three and Four Button Frocks, made of the
best American Weavers, Scotch Woolen Wor
steds, Gbeviots, made up to sell in Fall suitn.
Notice of special town election for the purpose
of voting upon ordinance Wo, 51, of said
town of Heppner, Oregon.
Is hereby given tlmt a Bpecial election will be
held in the town of Heppner, at the council
chamber, on the 4th day of August, 1892, between
the hours of 8 o'clock a. m. and 0 o'clock p. m.,
of said day, for the purpose of authorizing the
town council to borrow the Bumof?lI).000 0Uand
to issue bonds of the town therefor, for the pur
pose of supplying the town with water, and also
to empower the council to levy a tax to create a
sinking fund for the redemption of said bonds
in twenty years from August 1st, 1H!2, and to
pay the interest thereon until redeemed, and to
approve ordinance No. 51.
The following officers of election have been
appointed judges of election.
(E. G. Sloan,
JudgeB of Election &f. Matlock,
(VV. A.
Lane Matlock,
J. P. William.
A. A. Roberts, Recorder.
Dated Heppner, Oregon, July 2, 1802. 503-tf
ClerkB of Election
Generally speaking, woman Is sel
dom silout.
TriKRE are some women who seem to
he only (rood to lore pug dogs.
Women look into tho back of a book
first because they always want to have
tho last word. Vuck.
"She seems a very clever woman."
"Oh, she is! I had an hour's conversa
tion with her yesterday, and didn't
have a chance to sav a word. "Truth.
KUis Minor and family are intending
to start for the Blues next week, where
they will remain till well along in the
month of August. They will therefore
eet the full benefit of the huckleberry
will be run in and fined. Take notice I cron. and Drobahlv havp an onuortunitv
aud save unnecessary trouble and ex- i to find game and fisb. During the buck
peuse. J. W. Rasmvs, I leberry season is the time to visit the
487tfsw. Marshal. mountains.
Land Office at The Dalles, Or., June 28, 1892.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler lias tiled notice of her intention to
make final proof in support of her claim, and
that said proof will be made before J. VV. Mor
row, county clerk of Morrow county. Or., at
Heppner, Or., on August 6 1892 viz:
fid. No. 1877, for the NH N W'4 and NWJ4 NKl
Sec. 4, Tp. 1, S R. 24 E. W. M.
She names the following witnesses to prove her
continuous residence upon, aud cultivation of,
said land, viz:
M. jM. Heighley, Edward Cluff, C. B. Cochran
am! J. W. Kedford, all of Heppner, Oregon.
John W. Lewis,
WtS-ftH Register.
T4ind Office at LaOrande, Or., May. 27, 1892.
Notice Is hereby given that the following-named
settler has tiled notice of his Intention to
make fi nal proof In Bupport of
his claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore W. K. Kllis, Com. U. S. Circuit Court, at
Heppner, Oregon, on July 11, 1892, viz:
Hd No. 3806 for the N SW and SK SWfc and
SU'Vi SEl4 Sec f, Tp ; 8, R 28 E, W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultivation
of. said land, viz:
F. D. Cox, M. J. Wilkinson, D. C. Gurdane, J.
Ricks, of Heppner, Oregon.
492-503 A. Cleaver. Register,
THO:E who are interested in the Eight Mile
country and Morrow county to know that
we have a few extra copies It
be secured either at Geo,
or at the Gazette ottiee.
eft. which can
Thornton's news stand
COME to the Palace Hotel bar for Champagne
Cocktails. Champagne on tup. Uti-sw
BIG lot of Gooseberry numbers of the Ga
zette that ought to be sent away. Call in,
invest and help your country. gwtf
'-TX) KNOW that L. D. Boyed is Heppner's
I leadingcontractor aud builder. Estimates
given on all kinds of work,
dence, He p pner, Or.
Office at resi-
Wagonmaker. one the best locations in
Morrow county. Must have a little capital.
Call on orwriteGazette ottiee for particulars, sw
ARNESS-SHOP, stock and fixtures. Good
business; established in the midst of a
good fanning and stock-raising eonntrv.
Also for sale a good house and two lots with or
without the business property. For further in
formation address Gazette, Heppner, Or. 483 tf.
pi ie:
A new and Complete Treatment, consisting of
Suppositories, Ointment in Capsules, also in Box
and Fills; a positive Cure for External, Inter
nal, Blind or Bleeding. Itching. Chronic, Recent
or Hereditary Piles, and many other diseases
and female weaknesses; it is always a great ben
efit to the general health. 'I he first discovery of
a medical cure rendering an operation w ith the
knife unnecessary h reader. This remedy has
never leen known to fail. $1 per box, ti for $S;
sent by mail. Why Butter from this terrible dis
ease when a written guarantee is given with 6
boxes, to refund the money if not cured. Send
stamp for free sample. Guarantee issued bv
Woodward, Clarke fc Co., Wholesale & Retail
Pruggists Sole Agents, Portland, Or.
duced to - - - $20.00
- -- - 15.00
- - - - 12.50
- - - 10.00
- - - - 7.50
Men's and Boys' Hats and Caps at Factory Prices
Extmiine the goods nml yon will find nil
shades and colors, whioh will give satisfaction
Before purchasing, call and examine my stock
25.00 Suits
20.00 "
15.00 "
12.50 "
Heppner, Oregon.
Tri3 Leaaing lioiei of ins Citu
Flour Exchanged for Wheat
T. W. AYERS, Sr., Manager.
Columbia Beer Hall!
WEXT DOOR h M. Liclitenthal & Co.'s Shoe Store, Main
i Street. Keep on hand a Fine Line of Liquors,
H um, Cigars, Etc. We have
Reduced the Price of the Buchler Beer to
" Cents PerGlass,
On draught, fresh and cool. Luuch of all kinds. Hope
to see all their old friends and marjy more.
Our Spring Footwear is the Best and
the Cheapest.
As the shoemaker, a nice new shoe,
The goat, theeaif, and the kangaroo,
Joined by the allieator, too.
All dropped in to find out whether
" turir loins mat tu'mih'd the leather
Ve wish that everybody knew
What elegant Btock we put in each shoe
And keep on hand to benefit you.
All pradt'S, styles and shapes together,
me iuuiw ear ui an Kinae or leatner.
-Multi Street. Heppner Or,