Heppner gazette. (Heppner, Morrow County, Or.) 1892-1912, April 19, 1892, Image 2

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    The Gazstta patroniaei thou who pat
ronise it,
Tb-b Alliance oeowstfinn meeli At Ia
ington, Thursday. W will give a fall
aooonnt of the some in oar next.
Heppjteb will hare an opportunity
very soon to vote on the water question.
DontdeoiJetoTote against it till yon
know all about, then yon won't do it.
Acoordwo to the Oreeonian, Judge
Bennett is likely to be the democratic
nominee for congress from the second
The fire commissioners of Portland, in
s recent report, give as one of the prin
cipal causes for fires, the explosion of
ooal oil lamps, which danger would be
eliminated tore by the noe of electrioity
for illuminating purposes.
The Gazette acknowledges the receipt
of au invitation to attend the celebration
of the one hundredth anniversary of the
disoovery of the Columbia river by Capt.
Kobt. Gray. May 11, 1792, to be' held in
Astoria, May 10, 11 and 12, 1892.
Bfbakino of ' the next congressman
from the second district of Oregon, the
Walla Walla Union says: "W. E. Ellis,
one of the republican nominees for con
gress in Oregon, has some acquaintances
in Walla Walla who regard him highly.
He is a resident of Heppner, and has
been the successful prosecuting attorney
of that judicial district."
Hilluiiobo is highly pleased with her
water and light system, put in by Mr.
H. V. Gates recently. That little oity
has grown more sinoe the completion of
the plaut thai) for years past. We want
no bnom at Heppner, bnt do desire pro
tection, and that the town should avail
itself of those natural advantages whioh
its magnificent location gives it.
Should Mr. Gates put in the water
and light plant here, nearly all the labor
on same will be done by our home peo
ple, all material that can be bought here
will be naed. After its completion, the
repairs to machinery and extension of
mams from time to time will give em
ployment to many bands, and not less
than 600 cords of wood will be consumed
To Uko. Pattehhon, of the Heppner
Gazette, we say in all friendliness that
the Ti mes-Mouutaineer favorably men
tioned the name of Hon. W. B. Ellis for
congress in lH'JO before Hon. Binger
Hermann was nominated. But this is of
no consequenoo, the T.-M. iitid Gazette
will do their utmost to elect Mr, Ellis
the first congressman of the second oon
gresnional distriot in Oregon. T.-M.
It is Biiid that a railroad can be bailc
aorons the tablelands, back from the
Columbia, between The Dalles, and
Cclilo. If such is the cohh, it oertaiuly
adds another feature to the open river
question, aud plaocs it in the power of
the state to put in its own portage. It
would bave no interference from the
Union I'aoiflo, because the portage right
ofnvay would be far from the U. P.'s
Now the demoorats should nominate
Hon. James Jialey for congreas and the
"tall sycamore of Morrow" will not be
iu it in June. Haley ia just the man to
represent Eastern Oregon in oongress
and if nominated the people will un
doubtedly look to their interests and see
that he is oleoted. Baker Democrat.
Haley is the strongest man the demo
crats could put np, but he could hardly
dig up a pole long enough to harvest the
persimmon against W, K. Ellis.
Thkiik are too many people- in this
world who want to edit the newspaper,
dlolate its locals and set a price on its
advertising space. They would rnise
h 1 if a newspaper man would say what
they had to sell their calves for, or the
right figures for a oorner lot. There
would be an everlasting howl if the
printer chose to dictate the value of
Bugar, nailB, oalioo and other truck of
like nature. The printer knowt more
people than any man in the couutry .
State Senator Ralky, of Pendleton,
tells the local interviewer that be has
been at no time, and will not he, a can
didate fur congress iu the sooond dia
triot. He is not seeking a renomiuatlon
for state senator, nnd will not sooept it
it if ex State Treasurer Webb desires it.
Mr. Kaley thinks Ellis may receive about
his party vote, but that he is not espec
ially stroug, but that the democrats, in
order to have a chance of winniug, will
have to put np their strongest man.
Portland Telegram.
Tr.K manwho-won't-give-athing, when
some great aud laudable undertaking or
enterprise is proposed, is Ihns sized np
by Peter, the Poet, in the Klamath Star :
"The won't give-a-thing man boba up
hero and thero oooasionally to show how
cleverly he sucks eggs. He makes his
hens rustle for their feed and growls be
cause they eat grasshoppers. He turns
his bogs out to shift for themselves and
growls because they dou't fatten. He
keeps away from and damns every new
enterprise, and when the enterprise pans
nut well he growls bcoaime ho is not do
ing as well as others. The mnn who 'will
not give a thing' is the aversion of every
enterprising man on earlb."
Mil. Ellis is running for O'ingress on
a platform that is "heartily iu favor of"
the DolpU Mitohell boat-railway sohenie,
which, to say the least, is experimental,
aud will take many years to oomplete, if
it is practical at all, but nbiili says not
a word iu fuvor of a porluue road, to be
built either by the federal government
or the state, aud hence must be opposed
to it. W hat do the people of Eastern
Oregon tbink of this? Portland Tele
gram. The people of Eastern Oregon
know Ellis. Tbey also know something
about Springer's free wool and proteoted
woolens; that which practioally says the
wool grower doesn't need any protection,
bat the manufacturer does. Tbey also
(mi Ellis to be for an "open river," to
be brought about in the most practical
way. !
Hot Griddle Cakes.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder possesses a pec-liar
merit not approached by that of any other baking powder.
It produces the hot buckwheat, Indian or wheat cakes, hot
biscuit, doughnuts, waffles or muffins. Any of there tasteful
things may be eaten when hot with impunity by persons of
the most delicate digestive organs. Dr. Price's Cream Bak
ing Powder leavens without firmentation or decomposition.
In its preparation none but the purest of cream of tartar, so
da, etc is used, and in such exact equivalents as to always
guarantee a perfectly neutral result, thereby giving the natu
ral and sweet flavor peculiar to buckwheat and other flour
that may be used, the natural flavor so much desired and ap
preciated by all.. The oldest patrons of Dr. Prices powder tell
the story, that they can never get the same results from any
other leavening agent, that their griddle cakes, biscuits, etc.
are never so light and never taste so sweet or so good as
when raised with Dr. Prices Cream Baking Powder.
The people of Heppner will shortly
have an opportunity of voting bonds foi
a system of waterworks. If any town in
the northwest actually needs water tot
fire protection and domeetio use, it in
Heppner. Our people are taking mort
risk than good Lusiuess sagacity would
dictate under any circumstacoes; out
rates of insurance are entirely too high ;
oar wells are impure from the proximity
of cesspools, privy vaults and stable
yards, sooner or later to end in an awful
In the matter of fire protection there
is not a brick building iu town that de
mands less protection than the rows ol
frames, though, of course, there is less
likelihood of a conflagration starting in
the former than tbe latter. But should
a general fire break ont our people will
learn that nothing will stop its oourse
bnt plenty of wator. The town is able
to cope with small fires, bnt is absolutely
unprotected otherwise,
Heppner's citizens are progressive.
Tbey are anxious to see the town grow.
They are particularly desirous that out
side capital shall seek investment in our
midst. But will any sane man seek a
field where he is likely to lose more than
he oould possibly make under the most
favorable circumstances? The Gazette
thinks not. He will go where he haa
some protection offered to invest his cap
ital. It is the desire of the town to provide
an adequate water supply as soon as
possible, and to this end it is hoped that
tbe people will give tbe council tbe right
to raise the remaining $15,000, tbe limit
of bonded indebtedness whioh the oity
can assume nuder the present charter.
Regarding the proposition of Mr. H.
V. Gutes, with Borne trivial alterations, it
is by far the best proposition ever
offered ns. Fifteen thousand dollars is
not a mi indent amount to put in a water
system tor an purposes, in met, it is
hardly enough to put in a plant for fire
proteotion only, which would be a dead
weight to the town, bringing in no in
come. We could then do nothing fur
ther till the next session of the legisla
ture, provided that body would amend
tbe obarter, to allow a larger indebted
ness, and the town would vote tbe bonds
Tbe Gazette in of the opinion that it is
to our interests to allow Mr. Gates to put
in waterworks. We turn know just how
much expense will be the town's portion
each year. He is a practical man and
evidently knows more about running a
plant than our town of Heppner. There
is no nssuranoe that the town can save a
cent by managing it themselvei, nnd the
amount of indebtedness would be les
sened greBtly by accepting Mr. Gates'
Mr. Gates also wishes to add an eleo-
trio light plant. There is not a business
man in Heppner who would not save
money by using eleotrio lights instead of
ooal oil, besides, the risk being much
less and lighta very much better. Our
streets are poorly lighted, a very poor
recommendation for a town like Hepp
ner. Lights for residences would oosl
four-bits apiece per month.
A good water and light plant would
raise the value of Heppner property, be
oause it would be more desirable. Let
all taxpayers look into the matter care
fully and do what is for Heppner's beat
interests. Remember, the money will
be needed whether the town accepts Mr.
Gates' proposition or not; and, too, that
uo contracts have been made, nor will
be entered into till satisfactory to the
town council.
The l'eudleton Tribune, in sneaking of
Binger Hermann, of the first district
and his chances to be returned to con
gress, says this of the second district
His associate, when he returns to the
fifty-third congress, will be Hon. W. K
Ellis, of Heppner, and no higher oomph
nient can be paid this gentleman than to
express the opinion that the second din.
triot will be no less worthily represented
than the first. Mr. Ellis is not a novice
at publio service. He is a gentleman of
high oharaoter, iu the fullness of man
hood, a lawyer of ability and experience
and as a legislator will be in touch with
the people, conversant with the needs of
hi ilintriot and loyal to the principles of
his party. He ia likely to receive in the
eastern conuties more than his party
Ma. Ellih, the republican nominee for
oongress in this district, is rather a good
looking man, about six feet tall, and
weighs nearly 200 pounds. If elected,
he will silently aud gracefully adorn a
wat for two years. If tbe people of tbe
distriot want to elect a man "on his
shape," Ellis will do very well. As it is
not an Adonis, but a statesman, we are
looking for, Mr. Ellis will have to take s
baok seat. Portland Telegram.
Yes f 1
Mobbow oonnty ought to have a board
of immigration. Then with boards of
trade, or some other subordinate organ
izations in every precinot, the country
could be settled np, and by a good.
tbrifty class of people. Heppner should
open the ball by organizing a board ot
A Warning- Don't Use Big Words.
In promulgating esoteric cogitations or
articulating superficial sentimentalities
and philosophical or psychological ob
servations, beware of platitudinous pon
derosity. Let your statements possess a
clarified conciseness, oompaated compre
hensiveness, ooalescent oonBietency and
concentrated cogency, Eschew all
conglomerations of flatulent garrulity,
jejune babblement and asinine affecta
tions. In trying to impress upon other
tLe superiority of the Wisconsin Central
Lines, and why you and so many others
use this thoroughfare from St. Paul and
Minneapolis and Dulutb end Aililand to
Milwaukee, Chioago and points east and
soutb, it is not necessary to use jaw
breakers. Lot your extemporaneous
descantings and unpremeditated expa
tiations nave intelligibility and vera-
oions vivacity, without rhndomontade or
thrasonical bouibaat. feedulously avoid
all polysyllabio profundity, pBittaceouc
vacuity, yeutriloqual verbosity and
vandiloquent vapidity, ehun double en
tendres, prurient jocosity and pestiferous
profanity, obsenrent or apparent. Jn
other words talk plainly, naturally, sen
sibly and truthfully say the Wisconsin
Central Lines is the route, and that
ends it. 465tf.
The Gnzette has the best jub printer
in eastern Uregon. Try mm.
Will Spenoer is confined to his room
from a sprain received last week.
W. F Matlock accompanied the re
mains of his nephew, Jhnmie, Irom Port
land to Heppner.
F. O. Bucknum stopped over Friday
night on his wav from Umatilla oouutj
una romeroy, Wusu., to ins home in
Pendleton Tribune: Hon. J. C. Leas-1
ore has resigned as mayor of the oity of
t endielmi. it. Alexander will probably
be bis suooessor.
Frank H. 8now, Commissioner TJ. S.
Circuit Court at Lexington, Or., is
authorized to reoeive feea for publication
of final proofs. 414 tf.
Prof. Aubrey reports a total enrollment
at Liberty school, where he is leaohinn.
of 32 pupils. This is a pretty large
school for a county district.
Isa Brown will dehorn his enlves by a
simple process whioh be has "got onto"
lately, thereby rendering it painless nnd
less dangerous than if put off till they
are older.
Spray Bros, received cattle from Mor
gan Bros,, Saling & Son, Wm. Douglass
and Gid Boyer, aggregating in all over
500 head, whioh they will drive over to
Last Saturday eveuing, Col. J. T.
Haines, of Portland, instituted Umatilla
Division, Uniform Hank, K. of P., at
Pendleton. A Uniform rank has already
been organized at Walla Walla.
E. H. Clarke, the veteran wool buyer
and inventor of the Heppn.T cocktail
(patent applied for), is in the oity. Mr.
Clarke, as Christy & Wise's best rustler,
will corral n big lot of wool here Ibis
Some extra copies of the Lexington,
Eight Mile and Gooseberry editions at
the Gazette office should ha sent away.
Also those who have ordered copies
should send in their addresses as soon
as possible.
Our friend, D. L. Gates, of Wasco
county, was recently defeated for noini
natiou for sheriff, seooud term, before
the democratic couventiou. They
haven't got a better man for the otlice iu
all of Wasco oonnty.
The Gazette acknowledges the receipt
of an invitation to be present at the
marriage of Mr. Chas. F. Wagner and
Miss Lulu MoA'ee, at 10 o'oloek a. in.,
tomorrow, the 20th inst , iu tluCutholio
church, at The Dalles.
Died Saturday last, of diphtheria, the
child of Will Aye rs, of Butter creek.
This is the second death iu the isniily
within the past week. The death whs
reported by this paper as being in Johnny
Ayors' family, which was a mistake.
Baked milk is the latest fad. Milk
put into a jar or crock and baked iu a
moderately hot oven for eight hours be
comes thick like custard. It is said to
be very nutritious.
Dealers in dairy products and ejrgs lu
England have been endeavoring to per
suade railway officials to attach special
cars containing these goods to passenger
trains, in order that thev may quickly
reach their destination. Some of the
roads have done this.
The Holstein-Friesiati cow Pauline
Paul made 1,153 pounds 15 ounces of
butter in one year. This is the largest
yield on record. A Jersey cow, Bisson's
Belle, finished' recently one year with
1,028 pounds IS ounces to her credit
This is the largest year's record yet
made by a Jersey. Belle is an imported
The dairy commissioner of New Jer
sey says that npon investigation he has
found that oleomargarine is almost uni
versally used at the seaside resorts, sueh
as Ocean Ureve. Atlantic fit v and Lous
Branch. It was served up on the tables
of the hotels and in the cottages as pure
butter, nnd was brought in in trunks,
hat boxes, wash liampers aud the like
to escape the eye of the law.
! Special to the O&zeCte.
PoRTtAJrn, Apr. 19. It 18 probable
that Judge A. S. Bennett, of The Dalles,
will be chosen as the nominee of the sec
ond district democrats for congress,
though at this hour, 230, p. m., that part
ot the convention's work had not been
reached. It would seem, that since Sen.
Raley was not in the race, that Judge
Bennett's only competitor would be ,T.
H. Slater, of Union county, who stands
high in the estimation of Eastern Orego
nians. -
The first district will probably choose
Senator Veaoh as their candidate. Hon.
J. K. Weatherford is "in it" for the su
preme bench, though early this morning
there wa- some show of strong opposi
tion from Eastern Oregon. As they
bave not furnished a member for the su
preme benoh for years, if at all, in the
history of Oregon, they would seem to
have some claims on the convention for
that important nomination.
Hon. Henry Blackman will probably
be chosen to represent (be democracy of
his section at the Chicago convention.
Blackman is such an aggressive politi
cian, and so well received by his numer
ous friends over the state, many of whom
are here, that he will probably have no
trouble in getting "thar."
Jeff Myers, the baby politician fiom
tbe "Forks of the Santiam," is here, but
has no congressional aspirations, be
says. However, it is the general opin
ion that be will be chosen as a delegate
to the national convention.
lour of Morrow County's delegates
are here, H. Blaokman, C. A. Bhea,
Thos. Qnaid and Wm. Hughes They
are representative men, and are mo.e
than tie average of the onuvention. As
a member of the board of equalization,
Hon. W. Hughes has jjiven entire satis
faction, having the reputation of being
the shrewdest man of the lot. Hie nom
ination for that office is conceded.
lossil Journal: The Oilman -French
caiiiB recently OeHorned are now in a
very bad way, owing to the operation
having been performed too late to the
season. Sinoe tbe warm weather set in,
flies have attacked the unhealed heads
of the cattle, and oanuot be dislodged
A number have already died, and if the
present weather holds out, it is feared
many more will be lost.
Wheat, bu f0o
Flonr.bbl 5 fJ0
Beeves, cow 8 & two-year-olds, owt. 2 50
" " three ' 2 75
Sheep, muttons, head 4 00
" stock 3 00
Hogs, on foot, cwt $4 00 6 00
Hogs, dressed 6 00
Horses, slow sale.
Butter, roll 65
liggs, doz 12lo
Chickens, doz 2 50 2 75
Wheat, cwt (1 40 1 55
flour, bbl 3 00 5 15
Beeves, stall fed 7 00 7 25
Muttons, owt 9 00 12 80
Hogs, cwt 3 50 5 25
Wool -Eastern Oregon. . 10 (8 17
Butter, lb 15 19
Eggs, doz 18 20
Chiokens, doz 5 60 1000
Turkeys, Eb 19 21
Wheat, owt $125 8 1 40
Flour, bill 4 50 4 60
Beeves, owt 2 50 (4 4 00
" dressed 6 00 (it 7 00
Muttons, live sheared. .. 4 50 (d 4 75
" dressed 8 00 9 00
Hogs, on foot 6 00 6 25
" dressed 7 50 8 00
Wool Eastern Oregon... 10 17
Butter 25 30
Eggs, doz 1H 20
Chickens, doz 5 00 5 50
Turkeys, lb 14
Buhl, the bilker. Buy your bread and
cakes and save money. Try it. a.
Palnoe hotel, b first class hostelry, ex
cellent entertainment aud liviug rates.
See ,1. W. Cowing for Rock 8prings
coal. Leave orders at Gazette ollioe. a
Minor Bros, are now selliug flour at
bed rook prioes. For cash only. See
new ad. a
A fine lot of imported Shot Guns at
Thompson & Co's at baigain prices, no
jobbers prolltR. a
M. Lichtenthal & Co. have just re
ceived a flue lot of ladies' kid, button
and tie shoes. At bottom prioes. a
H. Blackman fe Co. have an exolusive
General Merchandise store. Stockmen
cannot do better than Daironize H.
Blackman & Co., of Heppner's Pioneer
Brick. a.
On The Heppner Furniture Co.'s ad. next
week for special bargains. Two car loads
of furniture arc stored In our warehouse.
Look for prices next week.
A NI USE lilltL, Apply
t once at the resl-
donee 01 Frank McFarlaud.
OocKt wages
no unlit work.
HOsK who are Interested In the Eight Mile
intiy and Morrow county to know that
hae a frnv pxtra conla tt.ft hli-h i-un
be secured either at Geo. Thornton's news stand
or at the Gazette otlice. 6.vsw.
CH1MK to the Palace notel bar for Champagne
1 CoeknuU. Champagne 011 tap. 6:'-sw
BIG lot of Gooseberrv numbers of the Ga
zette ttiat ought to be sent away. Call lu,
uuestaiKl help your country. su it
KS. "J. W. RASM IS wants the-people" to
know that she has oieued a dressmaking
shell At Ihp niilliiiprv srore of Miu In.t,
Voruz. Give her your work, ladies. 69-sw
'pO KSifii" That L. D. Bovcdls Heppner1;
X leading contractor aud builder. Estimates
given on all kinds 01' work, office at resi
dence, Heppner. Or. 71-sw.
VUagonmaker. one tbe best locations In
Morrow county. Must have a little capital,
t all ou or w rite Gazette office for particulars, sw
!-- W (ALK,
SHOP, stock and fixtures. Good
s: established iu tile midst of a
eo,Hi lannini; and stiK-k raisin eountrv.
Reason tor selling, want to go on a farm. Also
for sale a eotM house and iw o lots w itli or w ith
out the business property. For further iulornia
tion address Lock Box No. 5, Loug Creek,
Lsivt Offlee at The Dalles, Or., March 1!. W.
ortt In hereby nlvpn that the fcllowiu-nam-
J ....-!.. I. n nu nf 1.4. inUt-HM tn
iruiico fliiol prom in support of his claim, and
Clerk nf Morrow County, or., at ficppnwr, Or.,
on ADrll. 23. 1W2. viz:
Hd No 1,3.13, for the NE'4 dec , Tp s B, R 24
V M.
He naraeB the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of
laid laud, viz:
John a. Infrraham, Jake B. Young-, Edward
Rood, of Eight Mile, Or. ; Joe Hayes, ol Heppner,
Or. John W. Lewis,
472-482 Reenter.
Land Office at The Dalles, Or., March 14, 1892.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make flnal proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before County
Clerk of Morrow County, Or., at Heppnur, Or.,
on April its, 192, viz:
Hd. No. 2,075, for the $ NE'i aud Ntf NW
See 14, Tp 2, N R 26 E W M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultivation
of, sun! land, viz:
Joseph M. Oreen, A. O. Bartholomew, Wm. B.
Flnley, A. J. Lockard, all of Alpine, Or.
John W. Lkwis,
472-82 Register.
Land Office at The Dalles, Or.. March IS, '92.
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler lias filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of her claim, and
that said proof will be made before F. H. Snow,
Com. U. S. Circuit Court, at Lexington, Oregon,
on April 30, ISO!, viz :
' Hd 4324, for the NW Sec 26, Tp 1 8, R 25 Ett'M
She names the following wltnessesto prove her
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of,
said land, viz:
David A. Porter, William C. Metier, James
Leach and Joslah s. Boothby. all of Lexington,
Oregon.. John W. LKWin,
73-83 Register.
Land Office at La Grande, Or., April 4, 1895.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has Hied notice of his intention to
make liual proof In support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before W, R. Ellis,
Commissioner U. 8. Circuit Court, at Heppner,
Or., on May 14, 189-2, viz :
Hd. No. 5,:m, for the EV; SE'4 8ec 32 and 8W
' Sec 33, Tp 1 8, It 27 W Jf.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon aud cultivation of
said laud, viz:
Foster Adams, W. L. Saling, S. N. Morgan,
Milton Morgan, all of Heppner, Or.
Frank .Scholield take notice.
78-. a. cleaved, Register.
Land Office at The Dalles, Or., March 22, 1892.
Notice is herebv given that the following-named
settler has tiled notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before County Clerk
ot Morrow County, at Heppucr, Oregon, on
Hd. No. 3,906, for the TM NWV and NEW
Sec 15, Tp 3 8, R 26 K W f .
He names tne following witnesses to prove his
...muuo luBiuenee upon, ana cultivation ol,
said land, viz:
James Neville, James Lcahey, George Gray and
.....Lovu-pcaji ui neppner, or.
,. John W. Lewis,
"4-4S-I. Kegister.
Land Office at The Dalles, Or., March 29, 1892.
Notice is hereby given that the lollowinE'-nam-
ed settler has tiled notice of his intention to
" " Prooi in support oi His claim, and
that said proof will be made before F. H. Snow,
I . S. Commissioner, at Lexington, Oregon, on
Hd No. 2,587, for tho Viy. NE and Etf NW
Sec 24. To 2 8. K 25 E W SI.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
ouiiuuous resiueuce upon, ana cultivation 01,
said land, viz:
Elwood P. bine, William C. Metier, John T.
Youni, Harvey L. McAlister, all of Lexiugtou,
4Ji-7 John W. Lewis, Register.
Land Office at The Dalles, Or., March 29, 1892.
Notice Is hereby given that the followtnff-
named settler has liled notice of his Intention to
make liual proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will bo made before J. VV. Mor
row, county clerk of Morrow county, Or., at
Heppner, ur on way l-l, 1892 viz:
Hd No. 3,621, lor the Bi-i NEW and NH SEW Sec
1, TrJjK R 26 E W M.
Hames the following witnesses to prove his
coiiuioub residenco upon,! and cultivation of,
K. F. Hynd, I. L. Van Winkle, of Heppner, Or.:
J. L. Howard, T. I). Mathews, of Galloway, or.
177-87 Register.
Land Oilico at Tho Dalles, Or., April 1, 1892.
Notice is herebv tiven that th tollowiiio-.
named settler has bled notice of his Intention
to make nual prool in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before the Countv
Clerk of Morrow county, at Heppner, Or., on
may 41, vi,:
I). S. No. 7,315, for the SEtr, SWlHec 23 and NB'i
NW'-i and WJ, NE4 See 26, Tp 6 8, R 26 E W M.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
saio uuiu, viz:
Win. Heudrlx, James Bennett, E. Hendrix, J.
J.IMcUee, all of Lune Rock, Or. .
177-87 John W. Lewis, ReglBtcr.
Laud Office at The Dalles. Or.. March 18. 189-'
Complaint having been entered at this otlice
oy wiura ruuir, 01 Lexington, or., against Thos.
M. Oodley for abandoning hiB hoineBtead entry
No. 1.375, dated December 6, 1885, upon the
NW'H and WVj, SWj Sec 2, Tp 1 8, R 26 E W M,
in Morrow countv. oreeon. with a view to tho
cancellation of said entry, the said parties are
nereuy sumiiiuneu 10 appear at ims oiuce on tne
13th day of May. 1892. at lu o'clock a. m.. to re.
spond and furnish testimony concerning said
alleged abandonment. F. II. bnovv, U. 8. com
missioner, is authorized to take testimony In
this case at his office lu Lexington, Or., at 10 a.
... May e, iwi. john w. lewis,
476-86 Register.
the underslaned. have this dav dissolvprl
partnership of our bunch erass fanulny intpr
eats, and that Thomas Parnieu, tlrst named part
ner, has purchased the interest ol George Par
men, the second named partner, in the lollow
ing property, to-wlt: Three ireldlmrs. 1 marp.
2 cows, 2 yearling calves, 50 head of hogs, 1
reaper, 1 harrow, 2 plows, 1 Rushlord wagon, 2
sets of harness, crop of 115 acres, and all the im
provements on the farm. All owing the above
partners, either by note or account, will nlease
settle samo w ith Thomas Parmen. AU debts of
above firm are also to be settled by Thomas Par-
men. THU.11AS I'AKMKN.
April 1, 1892. Signed.
11 ed bids will be received by the county
court at the regular May term, on the third
judicial day. to-wit: May 4th, 1892, at the hour
of lu o'clock, a. m., for the construction of a
county bridge at Lexington, Dr., in accordance
with the plans and speciilcalioiis on tile in the
the clerk s office. JULll'S KEITHLY,
County Judge.
Heppner, Or, April I, 1892. 79.94,
11 undersigned will receive sealed bids, up
to and Including April 25th, 1892, to build pub
lic school building in tbe town of Heppner
Morrow countv. Oreeron. said hull, tin , h.
constructed according to the plans and specifi
cations now to be seen at the office of the Hepp
ner Gazette, in said town, the successful bidder
to enter into bond with security for the faithful
penormaneeof contract, witbiu live davs after
receiving notice of the acceptance of the bid
'I he board reserves the right to reject any and
all bids.
Board of Directors of School Disc No 1.
Dated, April 11, !s92. 79-82T
Ijind Office at Trie Dalles, Or., March 28, ISM.
Complaint having been entered at this office
by Elbert I). McMillan, of Lexington. Or
against James Keating for failure to comply
with law as to Timber Culture Entrv No. 921
dated April II, i.ss3, upon the NEj ot'Seo 19, Tp
1 8, R 25 E W M, in Morrow county, Oregon,
with a view to the cancellation of said entrv
contestant alleging that said James Keating has
failed to break or cause 10 be broken ten acres
of said tract, or 10 plant or cause to be planted
ten acres to timber trees, seeds or cuttings, in
compliance with the timber culture law , and
that said lailure still exist, the said parties are
hereby summoned to appear at thiaolhce on tbe
2.k1 dav of May. 192. at 10 u deck a m.. to re
spond aud furnish testimonv concerning said
alleged lailure. Frank II. - liow. I', s Commis
sioner, is authorized to take testimonv in this
case at bis office in Lexington, or. , at 10 a. m .
May lis
Jobn w. Lewis,
'1'4,s KegUter.
Special Delivery "Wnrjona of
Heppner, Oregon.
TiE HAS RECENTLY added another rig and is prepared not only
J) to handle paroela of all kinds but the heaviest freight.
Moving Household Goods a Specialty.
j m
Our Spring Footwear is the Best and
the Cheapest.
As the shoemaker, a nice new shoe.
The poat, the calf, and the kangaroo,
Joined by the alligator, too,
All dropped In to tind out whether
Twas any oi their folks that fu'uiah'd the leather.
Main Street, Heppnor, Or-.
New Warehouse!
Heppner a capacious v arehouse and platform room.
He will Boon be ready to receive the spriug clip, and attend
to such other business as may be entrusted to him. Having
been in this business at Arlington for some years, the public
know what to exprct of him, and he therefore asks for a con
tinuance of patronage at his
New Warehouse,
Flour Exchanged for Wheat.
T. V. AYERS, Sr., Manager.
Rock Springs Coal!
I will keep constantly on hand the BesT
Screened Rock Springs Coal, which I will
deliver in any part of Heppner
At a Reasonable Price.
Leave your orders
KENT DOOR to M. Lichtenthal & Co.'s Shoe Store, Main
' Street Keprx rm hnn.t n JTV,.. r.- . r t
Whws, Cigars, Etc.
We have
Reduced the Price of the Buchler Beer to
S Cents PerGlass,
On diaught, fresh and cool. Lunch of all kinds. Hope
to see all their old friends and many more.
Mrs. dim giil Manager,
r rr r, .
o. n. jj.ti J
W" n Mai C Bote,
Harness, Saddles, Whips, Spurs, Etc
The Genuine Heppner Saddle Always in Stock !
Agents for The White Sewing Machine,
Best in the Market.
Repairing: ti Specialty t
We wish that everybody knew
What elepant stock we put In each shoe
And keep on hand to benefit you.
All Rrade, Htyles and shapes together,
Fine footwear in all kinds of leather.
at the Gazette Office.
Heppner, Or.
Beer Hall!
a Fine Line of Liquors,