Heppner gazette. (Heppner, Morrow County, Or.) 1892-1912, April 15, 1892, Image 2

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    CoNllliliSSMAN-ELKCT liLLIS, tot gUCh
we may venture to call hlni, received an
enthusiastic greeting on his return home
'o Heppner. This indioatea that the peo
ple ot Eastern Oregon will Be bim
hearty support, Ijecatme he is opposed to
free wool and faithful to their interests,
and those of the whole oountry. Aa
toriau. The Portland Dispatch, a democratio
eichouge, says: "Mr. Ellia was not the
choice of a majority of Eastern Oregon,
but the Multnomah bosses settled the
matter. A man selected by the ring vote
must be pretty satisfactory to the bosses.
He can hardly be said to be the Eastern
Oregon oandidate. He has the ring on
him." This is erroneous in every partic
ular, and clearly demonstrates the faot
that the Dispatch has not watched the
drift of political opinion in the Inland
Empire for the past few years. Two
years ago the Times-Mountaineer men
tioned the name of Hon. W. B. Ellis as
a very eligible candidate for congress,
and during the last few months no name
received so many favorable comments.
Mr. Ellis is absolutely free from the
Portland ring, and bo open river bas a
firm and steadfast friend m him. Times
Those who are in a position to know
the facts say that Hillsboro's facilities
for fighting fire are unsurpassed by any
other town in the Willamette valley.
Those interested in insurance admit that
our every appliance is ample and ef
ficient and that our water supply and its
pressure are ample to oope with any
emorfjenoy that may or could arise.
Hillsboro Democrat.
The owner of Hillsboro's waterworks
is Mr. II. V. Oates, who is desirous of
putting in Heppner's plant.
Ellis' nomination for oougress in the
second congressional district was cer
tainly unfortunate. In point ot ability
he cannot measure length with J. 0.
Leasure, and as a field worker he does
not possess the foroe and the fund of
political data that marked the dibit of
his opponent before the convention. lie
doubtleBS will make a tireless, conscien
tious and earnest worker in oongress,
where his district will certainly send
him. Portland Mercury.
Mr. Measure's address to the conven
tion after his defeat made him friends,
and really proved him to be 8 man of
broader views than many bad oonsidered
him, yet this paper fails to see where lie
excels W. It. Ellis in any particular.
Ellia' friends know where to find bim,
and, like the Mercury, it is their opinion
that he will merit the oompliment of that
paper, if elected.
The East Oregonian, in commenting on
the last vote in the congressional fight at
tho rcpubhoan convention, says:
"It is seen that J. C. Lensure, of this
oily, was not so far out of the raoe. On
the final ballot, without Multuouioh's 43
votes oast solid for Ellis, Leasure would
have hud 28 votes to 27 for Ellis."
Tho East Oregoiiian evidently was not
represented on the field of aotion, or it
would have arrived at different con
clusions. The Inst vote originally stood:
Ellis, (111; HnodgraflH, 20; Leasure, 28;
Kami, 8; Hilton, I); Eddy, 1. Union
county then ohanged her vote for Ellis,
making him 70 votos and leaving Snod
grasH with 10 votes. Ellis' vote of :3
irom Eastern Oregon and Columbia
county on the third ballot was not
changed on the final vote. It is quite
evident, then, that Mr. Ellis did not re
oeive anything liko the whole of the
Multnomah delegation.
Willi an Klt'Hnc Doctor and How He Was
Knmi tlio OlvRuniiin.
Mu. Editou: I have been affected will)
discharging ears for 2(1 years. In 1H7U
my right ear went totally deaf. Novem
ber, 1H!)1 1 was almost totally deaf when
I called on Dr. Dnrrin for examination,
lie informed me no living man could re
store my hearing perfect ngain. Alter
four mouths treatment the discharging
ear is perfectly cured, and I oau hear
common conversation when near the
person speaking, for which I am very
grateful for the skillful treatment of Dr.
Darriu. Electricity und medioines wero
both used in the cnee. Respectfully,
Milton Couou.
Couvallis, Or., April 7, 18il2.
Dr. Darrin's place of business in at
70.' Washington street, Portland, Or.
Hours, 10 to 5, evouiugB, 7 to 8, Sunday,
10 to 12. They make a specialty of all
diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and
Throat, Catanrh and Deafness, Bron
chitis, La Grippe, Consumption, Dyspep
sia, Heart, Liver and Kidney Diseases.
All Nervous, Chronio and Private Dis
eases of men, such as Loss of Manhood,
Wood Taints, Syphilis, arioooele. Hy
drocele, Ounocr, Tumors, Gleet, Gonor
rhoea, Stricture, Spermatorrhtea, Seminal
Weakness, Loss of Desire of Seiual
Power in Man or Woman, all Feouliar
Female Troubles. Luoorrlnea, Displace
ments, etc., are oonllJeutially and suc
cessfully treated, and will under no oir
oumstauces take a case that they cannot
cure or benefit. Charges reasonable.
CureH of private diseases guaranteed and
never published in the papers. Moat
oases can receive home treatment after a
visit to the doctors' oiliee. Out of towu
patients treated with unfailing success
through oorrospondeuee: one visit liesir
able, but not necessary. Kemedies sent
safely and free from observation to any
part of the country. Circulars and ques
tion blanks sent free. Inquiries au
swered. Consultutiou free.
Fink TisiKKH. Perhaps, the besttim.
ber growing in the Blue mouutiiius can
be round on Rock creek, in the vicinity
of Will Mnllory's saw-mill. This class
of timber Mr. Mnllory is using in making
lumber which he delivering in Hepp
nei all the way from $15 to J.'W per
thousand feet, depending on the quality,
aud whether desired rough or dressed.
The same oan be bought at the mill at
prices rnugiug from to $25 per thous
and. He has a general assortment on
baud at present, and is sore to sutisfy
customers. ll'7-tf.
Again Caught
Misrepresenting Facts.
The Royal Baking Powder Company has resorted to so
many tricks to force its way upon the public, that whenever
any cry of fraud is raised the public instinctively turns to
the Royal Baking Powder Company.
Is it any wonder ?
The Royal has recently printed a statement purporting
to be an interview with Dr. Benjamin F. Drew, state chemist
and analyst to the Food and Dairy Commission of Minnesota,
to the effect that the Royal Baking Powder is all which the
company asserts it to be. The statement is made that Dr.
Benjamin F. Drew, state chemist and analyst to the Food and
Dairy Commission, made the representations referred to be
fore the legislative committee at the last session, which ex
amined various baking powders.
1st. There is no such person as Dr. Benjamin F. Drew,
state chemist and analyst to the Food and Dairy Commission
of Minnesota.
2d. There is a Dr. Charles W. Drew, who is state chem
ist and analyst to the said commission.
3d. He denies the statement in question of the Royal
Baking Powder Company, generally, as follows:
1st. The statements in no sense represent his attitude
or his utterance.
2d. There has never been, either in the published re
ports of the chemist of the commission, in his testimony
before the legislative committee or elsewhere, any implied
endorsement of the Royal Baking Powder as superior to
other brands.
3d. At the session of the legislative committee before
which Dr. Drew testified, an attempt was made by the attor
ney of the Royal Company to secure the statements which
the Royal Company has since printed, which attempt failed.
4th. On the contrary, Dr. Drew did say there were suffi
cient grounds for objection to the presence of ammonia in
baking powders to justify the legislative committee in recom
mending that all such powders be required to announce upon
their labels the fact that Ammonia was one of the constitu
ents; and Dr. Drew further expressed to the committee the
following emphatic opinion: "I would not recommend such
powders to my patients, nor would I use them in my own
The Price Baking Powder Company makes a Pure
Cream Tartar Baking Powder, free from ammonia,
alum, lime or any taint of impurity, and feels it owes a
duty to the public as well as to itself to lay bare such
trickery as the Royal resorts to in trying to wheedle the
consumer iuto using its Ammonia Powder.
Sitb C110BKN. At a Bpeoial meeting of
the school board yesterday, they decided
to build the new school house near the
"point," on Nols Jones' property. There
may be some objections to this place, if
personal interests are considered, but
they must be subservient to the public
good. In the first place, the directors
have no money with which to buy a high-
priced lot. The amount of cash in sight
is 3,400; indebtedness which the dis
trict will allow inourred, SK.IMMI: total
limit ot expenditure, $11,100. The es
timated cost of school house is not
far from $10,000, leaving only $1,400 with
which to buy lot, furnish house, build
outhouses, etc., and therefore it was im
possible for the directors to do better.
The price asked tiy Mr. Jones is $3o() for
a piece of land UOOittfiO feet, and consid ering
looation, nmouut of money avail
able, and good, spring water at band, no
one has a just reason to complain . The
lot near the court house would have cost
muoh more; the noise of the mill would
have interfered with the school, and the
tl u me near bv a menace to the lives of
small children.
School House Loss Skttlkd. Proof
of sohool house loss to the amount of
$3,400, including damage on bouse aud
furniture, having been made last Mon
day, the State Insurance Co.'s draft to
that amount was received yesterday by
the directors of the district, through the
First National Hank, in full payment.
Also a draft for $1H, rebate on the old
policy. The direotors had canvassed
the matter pretty thoroughly, and are
satisfied that they have reoeived all that
could be exioted under this policy, ami
every cent that the building was worth.
Of course, the distriet met with consid
erable loss on furniture, but as the pol
icy only called for $250 insuranoe iu this
line, they could expect uo more than
that amount.
Suddbn Drath. The friends of Jimmy
Matlock were pained to learn, this morn
ing, of his death at 11 o'clock last night,
at the Good Samaritan hospital, Port
laud. Although he was in a serious con
dition, bis pbysiciaus did not anticipate
any immediate danger. Ouly a day or
so ago, his father reoeived a letter from
his sister, Miss Elizabeth, who was with
him, that he was improving. Hih sudden
demise was quite a shook to the relatives
and many frieuda here. In this hour of
deep affliction, the Gazette extends its
sympathy. Jimmy was a manly, bright
young man, and tie will be sadly missed
by both youug and old.
BuccKNsxrii Tkkvi. Heppuer's high
school department closed its term today.
Though working under many disadvant
ages since their quarters were destroyed
bv fire, it has been the moat aiioooenful
sohool in lleppnet's eqperieuoe, aud is
but the begiuuiug of what it will be.
Prof. Wier is a teacher, and no mistake.
Cows roB Salk. Geo. Hwaggart has
about fifty bead of flue Holsteiu heifers
aud older oows, tine milkers, all gentle.
It you want a good milk cow call ou bim
at the Ella ranch and take your pick.
Will sell reasonable. 80-3
A Warning- Don't lino liiK Words.
Ill promulgating esoteric cogitations or
articulating superficial sentimentalities
and philosophical or psychological ob
servations, beware of platitudinous pon
derosity. Let your statements possess a
clarified conciseness, oompaoted oompre
hensibleness, ooalesceut consistency and
a concentrated cogency, Esohew all
conglomerations of flatulent garrulity,
jejune babblement and asinine uffeota
tious. In trying to impress upon others
the superiority of the Wisoousin Central
Lines, and why you and so uinnv others
use this thoroughfare from St. lTaul and
Minneapolis and Duluth and Aahlnnd to
Milwaukee, Chioagu and points east and
south, it is not necessarv to use jaw
breakers. Let your extemporaneous
deacautings and unpremeditated expa
tintioiiB have intelligibility and vera
oious vivacity, without rhodomoutade or
thrasonical bombast. Sedulously avoid
nil polysyllabic profundity, psittaceous
vacuity, ventriloqual verbosity and
vanililoquent vapidity, shun double eu
tendres, prurient jocosity aud pestiferous
profanity, obscurent or apparent In
other words talk plainly, naturally, seu
Bibly and truthfully say the Wisconsin
Central Lines is Tim noivm, and that
ends it. 405tf.
Bamks' Day. On Thursday of each
week will be "babies' day" at Dauner's
gallery. Urmg along your babies Bncl
have their pictures taken, and you will
get one photo free ot charge. 58tt
April 11 lxrj:
Almil. 1) 11 ArlMii klc, T (I
HrHiillt'V, Wt'stley clirlmevBon. l.eUe
Cautwi'll, Jolm KiTKUhon, Mlm Minnie
Hand, A M 1 v U-, M M
Haeltcn, Harvey Kimni'v, James
Stititml, 'loin Smith,' W ait
Sinltli, W S Wilson, liiohar.l
Wilmarth, K K Wall, lioW.io
1'li'nBe any "AdvertlHt'tl" wlii-n ertlUnirfortlu'ac
li'ltiTi. A. Mai.uiky, 1'. M.
ftcflty tfif foJIowtnij Hotlc appard in tnt
Han franciscc Chronica.
" Tiulfi 9 had bof n sick only about two
weeks, and it was not until the lust three or
fourdavs tliflt the malndvtook a seiious turn.
At the beKinniiiK of his illness he sutl'ered Irom
diabetes and stotmu'h disorder. letter the
kidneys refused to (wi form their functions and
he isaed quietly away. Thus ended the life
of one of the most prominent men in Cali
fornia." Like thousands of otheis his un
timely death was the result oi uctjlxliug early
symptom of kidney disease.
ire troubled with diabetes, gravel, or any de
rangement of the kidneys or urinurv oi jiana,
rltm't delay proper treatment until yuu are
forced to gwe up your daily duties ; 'f
waste vour money on worthless liniments
and wAse piasters', but strike at the seat ot
thediseaae at once by usinn the greatest of all
known remedies, the celebrated Orecon Kid
nev Tea. It has saved the lives of thousands.
Why should it not cure you? Trv it. Turely
vegetable aud plcaaaut to lake, f l.OOa pack
age, e for f.voo.
I iwn iawirrsTrTi mi if
Gencinb Akticlb Mooba and Java,
as well as other grades of tine coffees,
can be found at J. Cohn's. 79-tf.
Something New. C. Ruhl wishes to
inform his many customers of Heppner,
that be will prepare Boston baked beans,
n the latest style, every Sunday morn
ng during the Bummer season. 70-82
Bring Them Back. "Pap" Simons
has loaned out a brace and bit, a two-
men auger, a hand-saw and other tools.
If the parties are through with them.
they will kindly return aud oblige. Wtf
The Festive Catusb. While round
ing up horses near town last Monday,
Bob Hart's horse fell on him, dislocating
his left shoulder, and badly bruising bis
face. Dr. Fox was oalled, and Bob is
doing well.
Gkai.v Bags for T&)2 Until further
notice, we will contraot to furnish first
grade Calcutta bags for August delivery
at eioht and one-half cents at all points
on the Heppner branch. As it is pos
sible that the prioe of bags will be higher
Dy nurvesi man tney were last season
farmers will do well to place their orders
early for at least a portion of the number
they may require. Call on or address
JU . Co. Li. & T. Co. 79-80.
A Cumous Phenomenon. A grand
sight was notioed in the southeast
heavens last Tuesday evening, two "mock
moons," of brilliant colors, appearing
one on each side of that satellite, being
at au equal distance from it, each de
scribing the radius of aoirole, which was
little less brilliant than the "mook
nioens themselves. The sky to the
northwest was grainee like a, door panel
witn wnite streaks. "
Died On Butter creek, yesterday, the
child of Geo. Viuoent. of diphtheria.
Also in the same neighborhood, on that
date, the child of Johnny Ajers.
Wheat, bu 6O0
Flour.bbl 5 00
lieeves, cows A two-year-olds, cwt. 2 50
" three ' 2 75
Sheep, muttons, head 4 00
" stock 3 00
Hogs, ou foot, cwt $4 50 5 00
Hogs, dressed 8 00
Horses, slow sale.
Butter, roll 65
Eggs, doz VVa
Chickens, doz 2 50 2 75
Wheat, cwt 81 40 1 55
Flour, bbl 3 00 5 15
Beeves, stall fed 7 00 (ib 7 25
Muttons, owt 9 00 12 80
Hogs, owt 3 50 5 25
Wool Eastern Oregon.. 10 17
Butter, lb 15 19
Eggs, doz 18 20
Chiokens, doz 5 50 10 00
Turkeys, lb 19 ie 21
Wheat, cwt $125 1 40
Flonr, bbl 4 50 4 60
Beeves, owt 2 50 c i 00
" dressed 6 00 (a 7 00
Muttons, live sheared. .. 4 50 4 75
dressed 8 00 9 00
Hogs, on foot 6 00 6 25
" dressed 7 50 8 00
Wool Eastern Oregon... 10 17
Butter 25 30
Eggs, do. 18 ( 20
Chickens, doz 5 00 5 50
Turkeys, lb '. 14
Buhl, the baker. Buy your bread aud
dikes and save money. Try it. a.
Pnlnoe hotel, a first class hostelry, ex
cellent entertainment and living rates.
See J. W. Cowins for Rock Springs
coal. Eenve orders at Gazette office, a
Minor Bros, are now selling Hour at
bed rook prices. Por cash only. See
new ad. a
A Hue lot of imported Shot Guns at
Thompson & Co's at bargain prices, no
jutiocrs pronts. a
M. Lichtenthal & Co. have just re
ceived a tine lot of ladies' kid, button
and tie slioes. At bottom prices. a
H. Blnckninn & Co. have an exolusive
General Merchandise store. Stookmen
cannot do better than patronize H.
Blackmnu & Co., of Heppner's Pioneer
Brick. a.
On The Heppner Furniture Co.'s ad. next
week for speoitil bnrjfilnu. Two cur loads
of furnltiiru are stored In our warehouse,
hook for priced next week.
rTHOSE who are interested In the Eight Mile
country and Mmrow county to know that
we have a few extra copies left, which can
be Keen red either at tieo. Thornton's news stand
or at tbe Ga.ette otlice. txS-sw.
ClOMK to the "Palm-e Hotel bur for Champagne
Cocktails. chiuiiiat;ne on tap. tiu-aw
B1G lot of Goiisi'berry nuinber8of" the GiT
etto that oiuht to b sent away. Call in,
i inv est and help your country. swtf
MRS;J."'V. llASMI'Swants"the people to
know that ntie low opened a dressmaking
shop at the liitlliiierv store of Miss Inez
Voruz. (ii e her your wurkjadies. tW-sw
MX) KNOW" that L lhyWl"iTlIeppiU'?s
I leadingcimthirtor ami builder. Estimates
Kivt'h on nil kinds of work. Office at resi
dence, Hi'ppuer, Or. 71-sw.
VWagoiiitiaker. uiie the best locutions in
Morrow eoimty,' Must have a little capital.
Call ou or write Gazette oitice for particulars, bw
bitftiness; established in the midst of a
good farming and stH'k-raising countrv.
Reason for selliiiit. want to go on a farm. Also
for nale a cood house and o lota with or with
out the business iroperty. For further informa
tion address Lovk He No. o, Long Creek,
Oreson. 71 tf sw
N v U' 1 C E -1 1 M B 10 K C f LT I' R E .
Land Otlice at The Dalles, Or.. March 2S, 1S!2.
Complaint ha ing been entered at this orhi
by Libert D. McMillan, of Lexington, Or.,
HUHhmt Jiuneb Keating for failure to comply
with law as to limber Culture Entrv No.v.i,
dated April 11, 1-vvi, upon the NE-4 of foc m, Tp
1 s. K -' K W M, in Morrow county, Oregon,
i Mum .n.. in me rnui'i-iiniiou in bhiu. euirv;
ceiitt'Htant aileiung that said James Keating has
failed to break or cause to be broken ten acres
ot said tract, or to plant or cause to be planted
v iKiton. iiii'i-i im, "twin or cuius
compliance with the timber culture la'
that said failure still exist, the said part
hereby summoned to appear at thlsothee
'Aid da of May, We A 10 o'clock a. m..
ten acres to timber trees, seeU or cutthiKS. in
eoniplmiu e with the um!er culture law. ami
ties are
' on the
MHMIil atul furnish ttini.)nv .aiil.irnii1'ff ai.l
HlUytHl railure. Kmnk II. mIow, I". 8. i'ommis
sloner, in aiithorittl tn take testimony lu this
ease at his otlu e iu Lexnitttoti, Or., at lo a. m
May U, Lvu.
John W. Lkwis.
i Kegister.
Land OBloe at The Dallei. Or., March 12, ism.
Notice Is herein- Kiven that the follow tiuj-nam--....i,.-
nuu rii'.-d n.itl.-rt of his intention to
I make final proof In upHrt of his claim, ami
, that said proof will he made before the County
Clerk of Morrow County, Or, at Heppner, Or..
ou A nrll. S lslrj, viz:
I lid. No 1,830, for tin! NK!4 Sec 32, Tp .3 S, R U
I E UoumM the followin? WltlUfHSCB to nrOVft his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of
laid land, viz:
John H Inijraham, Jake S. Young. Edward
if, aid ol Eight -Mile, Or. ; Joe Hayes, of Heppner,
ur. John W. l.KWis,
472-12 lleuister.
bind Oilicc at The Dalles, Or., March 14, 1H02.
Notice is hereby Ktven that the followiiiR
named nettler has filed notice of h.H intention to
make final proof in Bupport of hia claim, and
that said proof will be made before County
Clerk of Morrow County, Or., at Heppner, Or.,
onAprilin), wr, viz:
Hd. No. 2,075, for the Nw NEJ4 aud K NWfc
Her 14, Tp 2, N R 26 E W M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his eontiniiouB residence upon, and cultivation
of, mud land, viz:
Joseph M. Green, A. G. Bartholomew, Win, B.
Finley, A. J. Lockard, all of Alpine, Or.
John W. Lewis,
472-82 Renter.
Land Otlice at La Grande. Or., March 7, 1R92.
Notice is hereby Riven that the following
nained settler ha filed notice of his intention
to make final proof In support of his claim, and
that said proof will lie made before W. K.
Ellis, Com, U. 8. Circuit Court, at Heppner, Or.,
on May 2, viz.:
Hd. No. aaul, for the NW'-j See 34, Tp 1 S, R 27
E W M. Charles Nelson take notice.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upou, anu eumva tion ot
said land, viz:
H.N. Morgan, Austin Gentry, Joseph Bector
mm n unam uoviimi, au oi tieppner, ur.
470-480 A. CLKaVKK, KegISTKR,
Land Otlice at The Dalles, Or., March 10, '92.
Notice is hereby diveu that thefollowinir-nam
ed settler has tiled notice of his intention to
make, nnal prool in Bupport of her claim, aud
that said proof will be made before F. H. Snow,
Com. U. 8. Circuit Court, at Lexington, Oregon,
on April 30, viz:
Hd 4324, for the N WW Hec 2ti. To 1 8. R 2.1 EWM
8lie names the following witnessesto prove her
vTMiHiuiiouH rt!Bmenee upon, anu cultivation ti,
said land, viz:
David A. Porter, William C. Metier, James
Leacn ana Josiah H. Boothby, all of Lexington,
Oregon. John W. Lrwim,
73-83 Register.
Land Otlleeat I,a Grande, Or., April 4, 1S-.V2.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has rik-d notice of hid intttiHii. tn
make final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before W. It. Ellis,
Commissioner U. 8. Circuit Court, at Heppner,
ui( jiuy it, jm'i, viz;
Hd. No. 5,331, for the E'X SEk Sec 32 and SVtf
HW!4 Sec 33, Tp 1 S, K 27 E W M.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upou and cultivation ,of
said land, viz:
Foster Adams, W. L. Saling, S. N. Morgan,
"'"" mugful, no oi neppner, ur.
Frank Scholield take notice.
4"8-8. A, Cleaver, Register.
Land Office at The Dalles, Or., March 22,1892.
Notice is herebv irlv.'ii rhiit Hip fn1tnwliifr.iinm
ed settler has Hied notice of his intention to
maiie unui proot in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before County Clerk
of Morrow County, at Heppner, Oregon, on
May 7, 1S92, yU:
Hd. No. 3,900, for the YM NWW and V NE4
Bee 15, Tp 3S, K 26 EWM.
He nameB tne following witnesses to prove his
w .unnuuD ivoiuynue upou, auu cultivation 01.
said laud, viz:
James Neville, James Leahey, George Gray and
i.nutoivuiJin;ilciiiui rieppuer, ur.
John W. Lewis,
4' 1-484. Kegister,
Land Office at The Dalles, Or., March 29, 1892.
Notice Is htM-fliv (rtvM iimt tiw. t,lii..tiri..ir.,a.n
ed settler has tiled notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim, and
Mini, amu pium win oe maue oeiore f . tl. hiiow,
U. s Commissioner, at Lexington, Oregon, on
May .14, Iy2, viz:
Hd No. 2,587, for the ' NE and E
8ec 24, Tp2H, R2i) E W M.
He names tho following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of,
sam land, viz:
Elwood P. Sine, William C. Metier, John T.
Yount, Harvey L. McAlister, all of Lexington,
477-f7 John W. Lewis, Register,
Land Office at Tho Dalles, Or., March 29, 1892.
Notice is herebv given that the followine--
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in BUpportof his claim, aud
that said proof will bo made before J. W. Mor
row, county clerk of Morrow county, Or., at
iieppncr, ur., on aiay it, inaz, viz;
Hd No. 3,621, for the Stf NEJ and Nk SEJi Sec
1, Tp 1 8, R 2i) E W M.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous resiuonce upon, anu cultivation of,
said land, viz:
K. . Ilyud, I. L. an winkle, of Heppner, Or.;
J. L. Howard, T. l. Mathews, of Galloway, Or.
477-87 Kegister.
Ijtnd Office at The Dalles, Or., April 1, 18D2.
Notice is hereby given tnat the following
named settler has tiled notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before the County
Clerk of Morrow county, at Heppner, Or., on
May 21, im, viz:
I). 8. No. 7,3ir, for the SE'4 SW4 Sec 23 and N YM
N and N K 8ec 26, Tp 0 S, R 20 E W M.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land, viz:
Win. Hendrix, James Bennett, E. Ilendrix, J.
J.McGee, all of Lone Rock, Or.
477-87 John W. Lewis, Register.
Land Office at The Dalles, Or., March 18, 1892.
Complaint havintr been entered at this office
by Laura Muir, of Lexington, Or., agalnat Thos.
m. uouiey ror aoanaomug nis nomestead entry
No. l,37o, dated December G, 188o, upon the
NW and W.1 SW.V Hec 2, Tp 1 S, R 26 E W M,
in Morrow county, Oregon, with a view to the
cancellation of said entrv. the said uartiea are
hereby summoned to appear at this office on the
bith dav of Mav. 192. at 10 o'clock a. m.. to re
spond and furnish testimony concerning said
alleged-abandonment. F. H. Snow, U. S. com
missioner, is authorized to take testimony iu
this ease at his office in Lexington, Or., at 10 a.
m., May 6, 18i2. John W. Lewis,
47ti-8ti Register.
the undersigned, have this day dissolved
partnership of our bunch grass fanning inter
cuts, and that Thomas Parmen, first named part
ner, haB purchased the interest of George l'ar
meu, the second named partner, in the follow
ing property, to-wtt: Three geldings, 1 mare,
2 cows, 2 yearling calves, -rJi head of hogs, 1
reaper, 1 harrow, 2 plows, 1 Kushiord wagon, 2
sets of harness, crop of 113 acres, aud all the im
provements on the farm. All owing the above
partners, either by note or account, w ill please
settle same with Thomas Farmen. All debts of
above tirm are also to be settled bv Thomas Far
April 1, 1S2. Signed.
1 ed bids w ill be received by the county
court at the regular May term, on the third
judicial day, to-w it: May 4th. 1S;2, at tbe hour
of 10 o'clock, a. m., for the construction of a
county brtiige at Lexington, or., in accordance
w ith the plans and siieeltltations on tile in the
the clerk a office. JL'LIL S KKITHLY,
County Judge.
Heppner, Or., April 11, 1892. 7M4.
umiereisnett will reeeive sealeil tuls, up
to am! inrhultitK April 2,"th. to bulk! pub
He ik-hool buiUHug in the towu of Heppner,
Morrow county, Dreijon, said buihlliijj to be
eoimtrueteti aeeor!!!!! to the plans and speeitl
eations now to he seen at the oiliee of the Hepp
ner tiaette, in said town, the sueeessful bidder
to enter Into bond with security for the faithful
pertunnanee of contract, w ithin rive davs after
receiving notice of the acceptance of "the bid.
The bmfd reserves the right to reject any and
all bids.
THUS. M(Kt;.N.
Board of Directors of School Dist. No. 1.
DiUi, April U, InW. . 7y-!CT
. K mi Mt I HI I till II II Ml I II I
is "in it" yet.
S Htl lilit II II M M 1 1 III II 1 1 III III III
Our Spring Footwear is the Best and
the Cheapest.
As the shoemaker, a nice new shoe.
The goat, the calf, ami the kangaroo,
Joined by the alligator, too,
All dropped in to tind out whether
Twas any uf their folks that f u'nish'd the leather.
Mulii Street, Heppner, Or.
New Warehouse !
Heppner a capacious W arehouse and platform room.
He will soon be ready to receive the spring clip, and attend
to such other business as may be entrusted to him. Having
been in this business at Arlington for some years, the public
know what to expect of him, and he therefore asks for a con
tinuance of patronage at his
New Warehouse,
Flour Exchanged for Wheat.
T. W. AYBRS, Sr., Manager.
Rock Springs Coal!
I will keep constantly on hand the Besr
Screened Rock Springs Coal, which I will
deliver in any part of Heppner
At a Reasonable Price.
Leave your orders at the Gazette Office.
J. W. COWINS, Heppner, Or.
Columbia Beer Hall!
'KEXT DOOR to M. Lichtenthal & Co.'s Shoe Store, Main
i. St- HlP ll kanA a Fine Line of Liquors,
n ines, Cigars, Etc, We have
Reduced the Price of
S Cents PerGlass,
On draught, fresh and cool. LuDch of all kinds. Hope
to see all their old friends and many more.
mi irr h n atp i
ri n i i i I i i
of the City.
m vouiauow
J. C.
gTILL HOLD DOWN the old quarters on Main Street, opposite tbe City Hotel
wbere tbey keep as nsuai
Harness, Saddles, Whips, Spurs, Etc.
The Genuine Heppner Saddle Always in Stock !
Agents for The White Sewing Machine,
Best in the Market.
Rernirlg: a Specialty I
II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 II HMtl'l HI I f I HI 1 1 1 II II I
1 1 1 ll 1 1 1 MU MM II 1 1 1 HI I'll I II
We wish that everybody knew
What elegant stock we put in each shoe
And keep on hand to benefit you.
All grades, styles and shapes together,
Fine footwear in all kinds of leather.
the Buchler Beer to
Well Fur
nished Rooms Rea-
( sonable.