Heppner gazette. (Heppner, Morrow County, Or.) 1892-1912, April 12, 1892, Image 2

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Through the solicitation of Mends, I hereby
announce ravself candidate lor the oBlce ol
awemor, subject to the decision ol tho county
democratic convention, Apr. H,ly2.
j. j. Roberts.
A flume from the mountain", to Hepp
ner would pay tbe enterprising oompany
who constrnot tbe same a large per oent
on the inrestment. Jus think of the
amount of wood, lumber, poets, railroad
ties, etc, that could be laid in Heppner
yearly, and at Buoh low rates that it
would be sheer nonsense for outside
parties to even try to compete. We
could even supply many places on the
outside as oheaply as from Meacham or
Casoade mountains. Then, besides, the
water would prove valuable for power
and other uses. Milton and Walla Walla
both have flumes from tbe Blues, and
the revenue therflfrom is quite satisfac
tory to the investors, besides being a
boon to the people.
How Mr. Kills Wns Received On His lleturn
to Heppner.
As Friday's train pulled into the depot
with the republican delegates, their
friends and tbe nominee of the second
district republicans for congress, Hon.
W. B. Ellis, they were greeted by sweet
(trains from the Heppner cornet band
and the happy shouts of an immense
crowd of oitizens. A prooesaion was
formed, headed by the band, marching
up towd. Bonfires were burning all
along the route, and at Gunn'sand Whet
stone's blacksmith shops the anvils were
trying their level best to be beard all
over Morrow oounty.
Arriving at the First National Bunk
corner an impromptu Btand was erected,
J. N. Brown presenting Mr. Ellis, who
made a short speech, in which he thanked
his friends, regardless of party ties, for
their influenoe in his behalf. Otis Pat
terson and J. N. Brown were then called
upon for remarks, which they responded
to as well as possible under the circum
stances, A general hand-shaking wns then in
dulged in, and it was noticenble that Mr.
Ellis' demooratio friends were just as
proud as the republicans in hnving Mor
row county represented by a candidate
for congress, and, too, in the person of
Tho candidate for congress in the
second district, Hon. W. It. Ellis, of
Heppner, is a very strong ono, and will
uiidouliteilly be elected by a large ma
jority. He is a pure man, morally and
politically, and a better nomination
could not lie mada The Times-Mouu-
tiiineer was the first paper in Eastern
Oregon to name him as a caudulute, and
it can give him itH hearty support.
The above paper is undoubtedly right
in ils estimation of our friend, Ellis, yet
we must take isBiie with him wien he
Bays lie was the first to advocate Mr.
EIHh' clnims for congressional honore.
Loug before the second congressional
diHtrict was formed, the Gazette kept to
the front for the consideration of repub
licans, Hon. W. K. Ellis, and we believe
the lirHt in lliu state to do so. But not
being siiIIIhIj in the matter, will willingly
divide the honors with our brothers of
the jireKs, fur without their able assist
ance, Morrow county and Eastern
Oregon could never have been honored
by the nomination of so estimable a
Ilis friends are legion, mid are not
oonliiied altogether to the republican
parly. Anyone will recognize the fact
that Mr. Kills will carefully look after
our interests, if elected; that he is not a
man who will permit himself to be
drawn into questionable connections.
He is n pure and able geutleman, a poor
man, comparatively in this world's
goods. He is a friend to the wage earn
er, tho farmer, nud will in no way over
look their interests. The latter, with
full accord, demand the early opening of
tho Columbia river, God's natural high
way to the interior. Ellis is the man
who will, in the event of election, and of
this there is no doubt, let nothing rest
till it is accomplished.
a caki) to tiik rriiuu,
MntHh While, ouo of the most thor
ough, bright, enterprising, and practical
fanners in the yicimty of Lexington, was
"left out" ill your Lexington edition.
It may have been the fault of the
gleaner; it may have been an oversight
of the printer, but what's done cannot be
undone, so let ns charge it to t lie dt vil
the printer's devil. Mr. White has aliue
farm near Lexington, which iB yielding
him a fair profit for his lalffir. He likes
the country and can cheerfully recom
mend it to any and all meu seeking good
Should any one hereafter be over
looked, please do not impute any Pvtl
motive to the party engaged in this task,
for nearly always hiB path is in strange'
ways, lie means well, but his actions
and awkwiud moves may sometimes ill
ehow it .
Listen, Will Ymi.
Tho democrats havo a good chanoe to
elect their caudiilate to congress in the
eecond districl. If they choose wisely
there will be a democrat iu congress
from Oregon. East Oregouian.
This is some of Jackson's parlizan
gush. The man that beats Ellis is a
I'.i.ir, tiox or Oi'i u'Biis. The Galena
Hill Mining nJ Milling Company have
elected the following olttoers for Hie en
suing year: Directors, Jacob Frazer, J.
A. Howard, W. P. Lathrop, B. F. Kenu,
Orin L. Patterson, Chns. F. Colesworthy
Bud W. M. Folsome. These elected
Jacob Friizer, Pres.; J. A. Howard,
Vice Pres.; V. P. Lathrop, Sec'y; II. F.
Henn, Tress. The company will at once
develop their property at New Leadville,
Grout oounty.
New York Board of Health
State Board
To John Anderson, Esq
Chicago, 111
Deer Slr:-
In response to yours of April 20th, In regard to
the cdvertlslng of the Royal Baking Powder Company I have the honor
to send you the following resolution adopted by the Board at its
Quarterly mooting hold In Albany I'eb. 11th, 1885.
' Resolved That the advertisement of tha Royal Baking
Powder Company, quoting the State Board of Health of New York aa
recommending, through one of Its analysts, its purity, etc. Is
a miarepreoentation. In no case doss the State Board of Health
r Its representatives, causa such examination to oe rr.ado with
a view of reoeranending any particular produsts.
Very truly yours,
The misrepresentation which called forth the resolution of
the State Board of Health of New York, printed above, is in keep
ing with the old tactics of the Royal Baking Powder Company.
First it manufactured a Government Chemist out of whole
cloth, and the garment was cut and made to fit Dr. Henry A.
Mott, and later poor Dr. Love.
Brought to a turn in this, the same company sought to use
the New York Board of Health.
It did not hesitate to send broadcast, the statement that the
New York Board of Health had endorsed and recommended the
Royal (Ammonia) Baking Powder.
It did not take the New York Board of Health very long
to assert itself on this misrepresentation ast will be seen from the
foregoing letter.
These questionable methods of advertising have never
been resorted to by the Price Baking Powder Co, The old
fashioned honest way of making a pure Cream Tartar
Baking Powder is much to be preferred. No ammonia to
conceal, nothing to bolster up.
The success of Dr. Price proves honesty is the best
business policy in food products, as in everything else.
Thore was an interesting meeting held
by the demoorats of lone prooinct yesi
tbero are some deiuoornts left and they
are fully alive to the issues ot the day.
Uemooracy never wns ostentatious. It
never spends mnob money for banners
and regalia. It never toots a big horn,
but when the verdict is rendered next
June there will be no weeping nud wail
ing and gnashing of teeth among demo
crats. The meeting, we started to talk about,
was held on Saturday, April Uth. The
attendance was full and the meeting
decidedly harmonious. The following
delegates were chosen to attend the com
ing demooratio county convention to be
held at Heppner, Or., April 11th: Tom
Carle, D. W. Lipsoomb and H. 0. Spcrry
will represent our interests iu the com
ing convention.
Tom Carl, one of our worthy citizeue
and tbepreseut postmaster, is the favor
ite in this locality for the office ot coun
ty assessor. Mr. Carl is a man of ster
ling business qualities and has a thor
ough acquaintance with the county and
values, bavin? located iu this oounty
nearly twenty years ago.
Sheep shearing began on 0. A, lihea's
ranch near here this morning.
Tho wool clip will probably bring 10
cents per Hi , and under the present pro
tective tariff we hope that a pair of com
mon wool blankets will not cost more
than a pair of good horses and an ordi
nary farm wagon.
Ionb, Apr. 11, '!'.!.
V iHilonl's Kobertine
lalhe ouly preparation now used by
fashionable ladies to perpetuate a beau
tiful complexion. Ask your druggist for
t and do not be induced to take any
thing else.
Frank H. Snow, Commissioner U. 3
Circuit Court at Lexington, Or., is
authorized to reoeive fees tor publication
of final proots. 411 tf.
Kleetilc Hitter.
This remedy is becoming so well
known and so popular as to ueed co sie
oial mention. All who have used eleo
trie bitters sing the same song of praise.
A purer medicine does not exist and it
is guaranteed to do all that is claimed.
F.leotrio bitters w ill cure nil diseases ot
the liver and kidneys, will remove pim
piinples, boils, salt rheum and other af
fections caused by impure blood. Wilt
drue malaria from the system and pre
vent as well as onre all malarial fevers.
For cure of headache, constipation nud
indigestion try Kleoirie Hitters Kntire
satisfaction guaranteed, or money re
funded. Fries f0 oeuts and f 1 per bot
tle at Sloouui Jobustou Drug Co.'s.
of Health of New York.
Albany.,- NY....April-2atJy'C
The following reoeutly appeared in the
Puyallup Commerce. Our readers will
readily recognize the writer:
Of the greatest paper on earth:
(Idea imbibed from Mrs. Fink Ham's
absolutely pure ads., wilhout permission
of either Price or Koyal families,
l'ny ill In ii nuliitiieree"""""
.Sllvei'ton Appeal
Heppner (itizotto
Taconia IleriiUl
West Khoro
The OreennlHil mm
Walla Walla Statesman mmmmmmm
NorthweHt MaKalno
Col. Cockerill's N. Y. Alvertlner
N. Y. World
Purls Flfraro mmmhbmh
London Times
I, the jury in the above entitled trial do
find a verdict that iu the Fuynllup Com
merce there is uo ammonia, alum, brim
stone, saltpetre, giant powder, or much
of anything else. Truth, yes, the whole
truth. What think you, boys? Th.it it
is a rag that cheers, but don't make
drunk, and is x eel lent for lining onbius
and wick e-ups. The only deletereons
sulistauce I found was the dogfish oil
used on its sweatpower press, and that is
carefully concentrated and kicked out
after ils leavening power has been
xtracted. (Signed), Ik'roiiKU 8am,
And 17 others, Puyallup Indians, public
censois of the Nisqniilly Nation.
Attest : A. F. Yorhik, County Surveyor.
A Wimiintc- Don't Ve BiR WoriN.
In protuulKiitiug esoteric cogitations or
arficnilutitm siiporlioinl eentimentutities
nud philosopbioul psyeuologioiil ul
st'rviitioiifl, beware of pltitituiiinoua pon
derosity. Ltt your statements possess a
clarified conciseness, compacted cnmpre
liersibleuesa, ootilesoetit coueistemy and
a concentrated cogency, Eschew all
conglomerations of flatulent Humility,
jcjiHie babblement nud asiuine atlVcta
tious. Iu trying to impress upon others
the superiority of the Wisconsin Ceutral
Lines, and why yon and so many others
use this thoroughfare from St. Paul and
Minneapolis and Ihiluth and Ashland to
Milwaukee, Chicago aud points east and
south, it is not ueeessary to use jaw
breakers. Let your extemporaneous
ilescantintfs and unpremeditated expa
tiations have intrlliibihty aud vera
cious vivacity, without rhodomontade or
thrasonical bombast. Sedulously avoid
all polysyllabic profundity, psittaceous i
vacuity," ventnloqmd verbosity and ;
vandiloquent vapidity, shun double en- j
tendres, prurient jocosity aud pestiferous j
profanity, obscured t or apparent. In
other words talk plainly, naturally, sen- j
sibly and truthfully say the Wisconsin!
Central Kmee is the hottb, and that
euds it. 4tMtf.
Hawks 1ay. On Thursday of each
week will be "babies' day" at Dauuer's
gallery. Hrirnf along your babies and
have their pictures taken, aud you will I
get one photo free of charge. " 68tf j
I 10 SK m: MS.
I H7e r.eod cent rofi'ls, and need them
Farmers report seeding about nil done
and a large acreage of new laud is belli);
The sheepmen Bre getting iendy for
the spring clip wiiioh will beiu in a
few days, sheep are reported in a Hood
J. A. Woolery & Co. ure receiving or
ders daily for farm machinery, and will
place a number of the Oregon lluines
Headers this Beason.
Business is improving rapidly. Farm
ers have full assurance of an excellent
crop and making arrangements for the
extensive harvest "in sinlit."
B. F. Gibson, a mi-cluuiio of marked
ability, opened a blacksmith shop here a
a few weeks since and is doing excellent
work repairing, His specialty is relay
ing plow points.
J. A. Woolery k Co. have mude an
other addition to their extensive busi
ness and will hereafter supply the local
demand for lumber, ehiuyles, fence
posts and cord wood.
The oouitng political contest bids fair
to auakeu the people to a sense of their
public duty and we hope that when the
burly burly is doue, when the buttle
lost or won that our comity will have a
good, effioieut set of officials and that
the balance of the candidates will then
find time to woik their road and poll
T. J. Oarl, our worthy postmaster, is
busy with his farm ou tho hill n i dem
onstrates tbe practicability of city farni
iutf. It is safe to predict that Jone will
soon be a pretty village where the buy
farmers will build pleasant homes and
enjoy social and religions advantages
that never can be realized in the sparse
ly settled farming country.
If tbe agent ot the postal depart
ment at Heppner would invert, ths
mail sack and shake it vigorously our
people here would not complin u of hav
ing mail returned the next day that is
posted at this office, for other points.
We don't send out much mail and we
are therefore more anxious it houlii
reach i fa destination, see ?
One of the special adviintasies of peo
ple living in villages can be seen in the
pleasant evenings "at home." "Mr. and
Mrs. T. J. Carl entertained a unrulier of
fneuds Tuesday evening. Among those
oresent were Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Woolery,
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Gibson, Miss May
Violott, Mr. S. W. Adams, Mr. Jsoob
McVey and a party from Arkansas.
When people see tho advantage of liv
ing in groups mid villages, farm lile and
farm labor will net be one whit irksome.
Solitude destroys the gems of advance
ment. Ione, Apr. 6, '02, "15-2 15 4."
A requisition.
If you will pay your unbsori otion to
the Gazette in f ull mid one yeau-in ad
vance, we will send win the follnwing
books at prices stated herewith: "Six
Great Books for Kuinl H"ines." 2.oenis;
"Famous Fiction by the World's (Jrenl
est Authors," fl'u volumes, 50 cents;
Coopers "Lenwierstoekiug Tales," 20
cents. 1
4:-tf. 1 Tie Pattkkkon Pub. Co.
Buhl, the bilker. Buy your bread and
cakes and save money. Try it. a.
Pahioe hotel, a first class hostelry, ex
cellent entertainment and living rjites.
See J. W. Cow ins for Hock Springs
coal. Leave orders at Gazette office, a
Minor Bros, are now selling Hour at
bed rock prices. For cash only. See
new ad. " a
A fine lot of imported Shot Guns at
Thompson A Go's at bin gain prices, no
jobbers profits. h
M. Lic'litenllinl ,t Co. have just re
ceived a fine lot of ladies' kid, bullon
and tie shoes. At bottom prices. a
On The Hoppncr Furniture Co. 'a ml, next
week for Hpt'i inl Imrgiiius. Two cur loads
of furniture arv hUhvA in our warehouse.
Look fur prlecH next week.
' I 'HOSK w ho mv interested in the Kitfht Mile
! country and Morrow iouulv toknowtiuu
wehinea iv vv 1'xtrn copies left, m Inch cmii
he ce 1 1 red t ilher nt ueo. Thornton's new stand
or Ht the (nt. 'cite iuhr'. (In -km .
CutMK to the I'aliii-eTriTte't imflVn-l'iian'ipii.iiue
J Cocktails. Clitiiiipuuno uu tap, 0;-sw
Hki lot oi UoosebeiTV uunihers of the i hf
ette Hint illicit to lie sent au ay. Call in,
, invest ami heip yoi.r country. swtt
MUi. J. W. UASMl's wnutp "tlu" people" "to
know tiim she Ims opened a dress. naklug
shop at the millinery store of Miss I no
Yorn. lihe hoi yoiiMU.ik, Indies. ii'.'-nw
'ID KMiW that L l, Boved is lleppuer's
J lendiu.i; coniim-tor tu.d I milder. Kmi males
ku eu tin all ki.nU of vort;. ufliee at resi
dence. Heppner. or. 71-sw.
W anon maker, .me the best locations in
Morrow county. Musi h:i e a little capital
all ou or w rite u.i. one oinct' for panic uiars. sw
UAKNKSS-SHOl'. gtoek and lixtures Uod
business; ermolished in tho midst of a
j:ood lartnink; and sloek-raiMuy; country,
Heason for sodi i m. m ant to i;o n:i a taiMi. AW)
for sale a ood house and iw o luip w n li or wilh
out the business property. I'Vr further itnornia
Hon address Lock Hoi No. 6, i.on Creek,
Oregon. ;i u sw
NOIU'K llMiU.li i'ULll'KK.
Iau Ortioeat I'lio Pa Hon. Or.. March lv:.
Complaint ha lhi; t-oeu entered at thin ollico
hy Klt-ert I). McMillan, of Lexington, Or.,
against Jaiues Kealu. for failure to comply
wilh law hsU) 1 tmber rultuie Entry No. Wl,
dated April 11, upon the N 1" 1 4 of .-ee tt, Tp
IS. K K M, iu Morrow county, ureou,
itli a few to the eaneelhittoti oi said entry;
contestant ailevd'ti; that said J tunes Keatiue has
failed to ht'etik or ciuise to he broken ten acres
oi said tract, or to pUut or cause to ho planted
ten acres to timber trees, seeds or cuttings, in
compliance utih the iin.ber enltnre Uw . and
tl'.at :ud latinre still ovist, the sni.l pm iies are
hert b sutiiiuoitcd to appear at ihrnoitu e on the
"J.'d d:i ot Mav. P :. at 10 o'clock a. in., to ro
sivud and tuiiiih tesiimouN avniL.i; said
Hllced lailure. fra-.k H iio , I . S. ("oimi'
Kioner, i antnoireu ;o take u ;imony in this
case at Ins onVe i:t Lexington, v r. . n ! a. in..
May i-,
John W. I.kw-.s, i
Ketfister. I
LutvI OfTW nt Tho Tallt-n, Or., Mnroh 12. 102.
NntW Is heirbv nKen thnt tho fcllowinc-nam-orl
settler has f;l"d notice of hi intention to
make final proof fn support of his claim, and
tinit naM prom will le imi'le beiore the County
Clerk of Morrow County, ur., at Heppner, Or.,
on April. 23. iz:
Hd. No 1,8-i-s, for the NE i sec J Tp 3 S, R 21
W M.
Hi- names tru follmvinir witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of
laid laud, viz:
John rv Itipraham, Jake S Young. Edward
Kooa, oi tiytu .Mile, ur. ; joe naves, oi Heppner,
Or. John V. Lewi,
472-12 Keciater,
Land Oflire nt The Dalles, Or., March 1 i, lff.
Notice is hereby Kiveti that the foilowinf,'
tiamed settlt-r lias filed notice of his intention to
make final proof iu support of ids claim, and
that said proof will lie made before County
Clerk of Morrow County, Or., ut Heppner, Ur.,
on April U'.t, Iv2, vi:
lid. No. 207.'., for the N"ia NE'4 and NJ NW'i
See H, Tp 2, N li 2ti E W M.
lie nam en the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultivation
of, said land, vi:
Joseph M. Oreen, A. 'J. liarthnloincw, Win. B.
Finley, A. J. Lockard, all of Alpine, Or.
Juiin W. Lewis,
472-S2 Ketjister.
Lund Oflice at La Crnnde. Or., March 7, ISM.
Notice is hereby triven that the following
nunieil settler has "tiled notice of Ids intention
to make ttinil )roof iu support of his elaiin, and
that said proof will he made before. V. It.
Ellis. Cum. I'. S. Circuit Court, at Heppner, Or.,
on Mav iwi-j, vi.;
Hd. No. :M1. for the NW , Hoc Tp 1 H, It J7
E W M. (.'harles Nelson take notice.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultlva tioti of
said land, viz :
ii. N. Morgan, Austin Gentry, Joseph Rector
and Willium Doonan, all of Heppner, Or.
470-1 A. CLE AVE K, KEGIbTEll.
Land Oflice at The Dalles, Or.. March 16, '92,
Notice is hereby given thut the following-named
settlor has tiled notice of his intention tu
make final proof in support of her claim, and
that said proof will be made before F. H. Sunw,
Coin. r. s. circuit Court, at Lexington, Oregon,
on April ;iu. lMij, viz:
lid A-.VM. lor the N V, See 2(1, Tp 1 S, R 2o RWM
She names the following witnesMestoprove her
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of,
stud land, viz:
David A. Porter, William C. Metier, James
Leach and Josiah 8. Iloothby, all of Lexington,
OroKon. John W. Lewis,
7,',-K) lieyister.
Land Otlice at La Grande, Or., March 3, 1802.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler iuis filed notice of his intention to
make tinal proof iu support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before the County
Clerk of Morrow county, at Heppner, Or., on
April 10, lH'.Ki, viz:
Hd. Xo. 4:5:50 for the S'i NW',, Sec ! and 8E
Nr.1-., unrl lot 1 Sec Tp : S, Ii lilt E, . M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
Of, fluid land, viz;
Nelson Jones, of Heppner, Oregon, Jerrv Bros
nan, A. J. Cook, H. Tibbctt, of Lena, Oivp'on.
t'f-Tit. Register.
Land ofheent La lirande, Or., April 4, 1W'2.
Notice is herehv iriven that the ftiiiowiuif-
numod settler has tiled notice of his intention tu
make tinal pmoi in support ot his claim, and
that said proof will be made before W. R. Ellis,
Commissioner I'. S. circuit. Court, at Heppner,
(Jr., on Mav 14, isn-j, vi.:
Hd. No. r,;5Hl, for the E'.j .SEC. ec 32 and &4
oW'i Sec :u. To 1 8. R 27 E W f.
He nunies the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
aaiu in uu, viz :
Foster Adams, W. L. Baling, 8. N, Morgan,
Milton Morgan, all nf Heppner, Or,
Frank achuiield take notice.
'I7t-Hs. a Cleave ii, RegiKtcr.
Lund Oflice at The Dalles, Or., March 22, 18wi.
Notice is hereby given that the inllowiiiL'-niim-
ed settler has tiled notice of his intention to
make linul prooi in support of Ins claim, and
that said proof will be made before County Clerk
ol .Morrow County, at Heppner, Ureuon, on
May 7, i.-(.)2, viz:
Hd. No. 3,900, for tho K'tf NW'i and ya NE!-,'
.-ec I,",, Tp;SS, K 20 K 4f. 4
He uauies tne following witnesses to prove his
K.uiiMiMuin leenucncu upon, tuiu ciutn atioii 01,
said hind, viz:
.lames Neville, James Leahev, George Gray and
Earnest Cujiper, all of Heppner, or.
John W. Lewis,
4. l-isi. Keglster.
Land Oilice at The Dalles, Or., March 20, 1R02.
Notice is hereby uivon th.it rl.p n.l Inu iinr.M1,,n
edsetrler has ii'led notice of ids intention to
make mini pnmt m support ot his claim, aud
thai said proof will be made before F. II. .-now,
I. f. Commissioner, at Lexington, Oregon, uu
.May 1 i, lx'-j, iz:
Hd No. 2,:.S7, for the wc; NEU ami E'i NW
Sec -21 .1 n J S, li 2."i E W M.
He liaioes the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of,
salil land, vi:
Elvvood 1. sine, William C. Metier. John T.
Yount, ilarvev 1j- McAlister, all of Lexington,
17( 87 John W. Lewih, Kegister.
Land Office at The Palles, Or., March '29, ISM.
Notice is hereby given that t lie followlng
nauied settler lias tiled notice of his Intention to
make tinal proof iu support of his claim, and
that said proof will ho made before J. VY. Mor
row, county clerk of Morrow county, Or., at
Heppner, or., on May 14, ly2 viz:
Hd No. J5.621, for the Stj NEW. and S SEU Sec
1, Tp IS, K 20 E W M.
He manes the following witnesses to prove Ids
continuous residence upon, aud cultivation of,
said land, viz:
K. F. Hynd, I. L. Van Winkle, of Heppner, Or. ;
J. L. Howard, T. I), Mathew s, of Oalimvuv, Or.
John V. Lkwi'h,
477-S7 Kegister.
Lund Other- at The Dalles, Or., April 1, 1892.
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has tiled notice of his intention
to make ti mil proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be nitule before the County
t lerk of Morrow county, at Heppner, Or,, on
May 21, viz:
D. s. No. 7,:! hi, for the SE'4 sW Sec 23 and NE1-.
Ni4 ami V NE'., Sec 2,, Tp 0S,R2i;EWM.
Hi- names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land, vi.:
Wm. Hendiix. James Bennett, E, Hendrix, J.
J., Md.ee, all of Lone Rock. or.
John V. Lewis, Register.
Land (Mlico at The Hidlos. Or., March lS.lwy.
(. iuuphiint havinir lceu entered at this otlice
hy Laura -Muir, of l.oxi i;tou. or., against TIiob.
M". (iodley lor a!ittndoniii his hornet-mud entrv
No, I, ,;;','), dated Heoemhc-r t, l."i, upon the C
NW L4 and 1 2 SW 4 Sec 2, I p I K 2(1 h W M"
in Morrow county. oreoti, with a ie to the
ctinceiltitioii oi Kiiid entry, the said purlieu ure
horehy Mimuiont'd to appear at this oliiee on the
I. th day oi .May, lv2, t. in o'clock . in., to re
spond a'nd tnrnish toctimoriy eoiioeruini: sutd
tillered Hhiu.donment. F. ii Muni . I'. 5, coin
miMoncr. is rtulliuri-ed to take tostitnmiv in
thisciisout lusoiiice in Lexington, i ir., m "m a.
m.. iity ', Im'J. John V. Lkwis,
17i' ,Mi Kegister.
.i tho undersitmed. nave this dny dissolved
)inrti.v'i.-ni' n our t. inch crush tttrmiiti; niter '.
-ti, and tiitil I ho'ims I'tinnen, ttrst mimed part- !
nor. has pim based the interest ot tieorire I'tir- !
n.cii, tho sc. o,id i,;i:i.ed pnrtiier Iu ihe mUow-
iusr pri'pi i ty. to w it ; iti roe toldincs, i nmro, j
2 cows. 2 yenrlinir cnUes. "O head oi Imts, 1 i
reaper, 1 hurn.vs , 2 pln s, 1 Kuslnord Miitioii. 2
sets ot httrness. crop ot ll'i acres, and all lie im- I
prnv fluents mi the farm, ov it;i the a hove !
p.utr.ei'. either by note or tu'eount, wiU please
sot i ie same with l luunas t'armeu. AH debts of
nl'-no nrm are albo to ho settled L-v '1 honms I'ar- I
men. Trl".MA I'A KMEN,
April 1, li'2. signed. !
i IM
it'F i- i;i:-;n:v i:ivi:s thvt i ai
.1 I.: is uill N,. r.vviw.i !.v tli,. ,..nM
it t!i( rt L-n'i.-ir M :i t.-rn
on Ih,' tl'ir.'l
hi tin' h.Mir
.liv. ti.- ii : M:iv nh.
f If v ..vt. h. m . I..r Iiw v.
v liu' !;a ;,!.. ?i'ti i ! ; i , i . t , M,. in I
Ik- i , ,,!., 0. J I i.ll Kill 1U.V.
luumv JuJe
Hi'ITSiiT, Or., April 11, 1M. ts-H.
J. v.
CTILL HOLD DOWN the old quarters on Main Street, opposite the City Hotel
where they keep as hsiihI
Harness, Saddles, Whips, Spurs, Etc.
The Genuine Heppner Saddle Always in Ski !
Agents for The White Sewing Machine,
Best in the Market.
Repairing tx Specialty !
Our Spring Footwear is the Best and
the Cheapest.
As the shoemaker, a nice new shoe.
The Boat, the calf, and the kangaroo,
Joined by the nlliuator, too,
Ail dropped m to find out whether
Twasunv of their folks that t'u'iiish'd the leather.
IVIciin Street, I leoimor, Or.
New Warehouse !
Heppner a capacious w urehouse and platform room.
He will 6oon be ready to receive the spring clip, and attend
to such other business as may be entrusted to him. Having
been in this business at Arlington for some years, the public
know what to expect of him, and he therefore asks for a con
tinuance of patronage at his
New Warehouse,
Flour Exchanged for Wheat.
T. W. AYERS, Sr., Manager. 448
Rock Springs Coal!
I will keep constantly on hand the BesT
Screened Rock Springs Coal, which I will
deliver in any part of Heppner
At a lleason able Price.
Leave your orders at the Gazette Office.
J. W. COWINS, Heppner, Or.
Columbia Beer Hall!
SEXT DOOR to M. LicMenfhal & Co.'s Shoe Store, Main
Street. Keep on hand a Fine Line of Liquors,
Wines, Cigars, Etc. We have
Reduced the Price of the Buchler Beer to
Cents PerGlass,
On di aught, fresh and cool. Lunch of all kinds. Hope
to see all their old friends aud many more.
OSMEK3 &, HUGHES. Props.
of the City.
Special Delivery Wagons of
Heppner, Oregon.
TE HAS RECENTLY added another rig and is prepared not only
1 to handle parcels of all kiuds but the heaviest freight.
Moving Household Goods a Specialty.
j Wo wish that everybody knew
Whfit eh'pmt stock we put in each fihoe
I And keep on hand to honelit you.
I All grades, stvles and shapes together,
Fine footwear in all kinds of leather.
mi prig
Well Fur-
jfe&M Rooms Rea
dlll :l3l'Ml' sonahle. '