Heppner gazette. (Heppner, Morrow County, Or.) 1892-1912, March 25, 1892, Image 1

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New and Desirable
I In The Semi-Weekly
NO. 474.
Tuesdays and Fiidays
ALVAH W. PATTE1180N Bub. Manager.
A 3.110 per year, 1.50 for six muuths, tl.GU
for t tree luumns; ui advance.
Advertising Rates Made Known on
I'M " EA-GeXjE, " of Long Creek, Orant
County Oregon, iB published by the mime cora
oany every Friday morning. Subscription
iv"-)rice, f-iper year. Foradvertlsfngrates, address
' tXLXjXf X. PATTEESOiT, Editor and
Manager, Long Creek, Oregon, or "Uazette,"
Heppner, Oregon.
THIS PAPER is kept on file at E. C-, Pake's
1 Advertising Agency, HI and 65 Merchants
Kxchangs, Ban 1 ranciBCO, California, where con
tracts for advertising can be made for it.
Oregon PreBB Association, JG ABh Street,
between First and Second, Portland, Oregon, is
our only agent located in that place. Advertis
ers should consult him for rates and space in
the Gazette.
Wagner B. A. Hunsaker
Arlington, Henry llcmmcr
Long Creek lhekjwle
Uchb Bob Shaw
Camas Prairie, .,scar,,1)?, Va!'1
MatteBon, Allen Mcjerrin
Kve or H. C. Wright
H'ardman, Or., ;;:,Ai AVVo,oi'iliy
Hamilton, Grant Co., Or Mattie A. Kudio
I0,le T. J. Carl
Prairie City, Or R. R. McHaley
Canyon City, Or., H. L. Pamsfi
Pilot Kock, G. P. Skelton
Dayville, Or., - il-H'.1! 8,V0W
John Day. Or., Mctallum
Athena, Or John Ellington
Pendleton, Or., Wm. G. McCroskey
Mount Vernou, Grant Co., Or., . ... Pos master
Shelby, Or Miss Stella Mett
Fox, Grant Co., Or J; vAlle"
Eight Mile, Or Mrs. Andrew Ashbaugh
Upper Rhea Creek B. F- Hevland
Diliglas, Or
Lone Kock, Or Jl,vM,'Jh",0"
Gooseberry vwvp:,b,,1'deJ
Condon, Oregon H.bert,fltt.1f,te.lld
Lexington . B. McAllster
Union Pacific Railway-Local card.
No. 10, mixed leaves Hepnner 8 a. m.
' :o. " ar. at Arlington ll itO a.m.
" 9, ' leaves " 3:51 p. m.
" , " ar. at Heppner tl:5U p. m. daily
except Sunday.
East bonnd, main line ar. at Arlington 8:50 p. m.
West " ' " leaves " 4:'J0 p. in.
Night trains are running on same time bb before.
Stage leaves for Monument daily,
vnce t Snndaj, at6:30 a. m."
Arrivea-laily, except Monday, at
5:00 p.m.
Direct connection am be made at
Monunieut with the Long Creek stage.
Dally stone between Long Creek and
Canyon Cily, connecting at the hitter
place with the Btage for Burns and Sil
vies valley.
.iovtmor ;,-?,-,Pl'5nS0r-
See of State (,yvf'?Br,.,de-
Treasurer Phil Metaohan.
Supt. Instruction .E rf. McKlroy.
fudge Seventh District W. L. lira; shaw
District Attorney W. H. Wilson
Joint Senator Henry Blackman.
Kopresentati ve J A horn psou.
i l.mntv J udge i-J?lSS Kral h'y-
' Commissioners J. A. ihompsou,
H. M. Vaughn.
Clerk J-'M?,rrSr
" Sheriff v?e't, bl-
" Treasurer J. W. Matliwk.
Assessor J- J. Mct.ee.
Surveyor C. B. Crane.
- School Sup't W.L. Baling.
Coroner James Daughorty.
i'ounci'im'nn O. E. Farnsworth. M
l.ichtenthal. Otis Patterson, S. P. (larriguee,
Thos. uurgan and Frank liilliain.
iteconier RJ! t
Treaemer E. G-Slocum
Marshal J. W. Rasmus.
Doric Lodge No. 20 K. of P. meets ev
ery Tuesday evening at 7.80 o'clock in
their Castle Hall, National Bank build
ing. Sojourning brothers cordiallv iu--:.A
.. u,,an,l Vmit. Vnnrtz. C. I',.
'T C. Aobbey. K. ofH. 4 8. tf
O. A. R.
Meets at Lexington, Or., the last Saturday of
each month. All veterans are invited to join.
C. C. Boon, Geo. W. Smith.
Adjutant, tf Commander.
A A. ROBERTS, Real Estate, Insnr
' ance and Collections. Office in
Counoil Chambers, Heppner, Or. swtf.
Attorney at Law.
Brown & Hamilton,
Practioe in all conrts of the state. Insurance,
real estate collecti.in a'id loan asrsats.
Prompt attention given to all business entrust
ed to thorn. r,
Opposite Gazette Office, Heppner. tf
Garden Seeds !
Have been used all over the Pacific North
west (or the past 18 yean. None better. Few
o good.
Garden, Flower and
Grass Seeds.
Fresh! Purel Acclimated! Catalogue free
Address, GEO. 8TAKRETT,
462-75. Walla Walla Wash.
Meat Market
Keeps constantly on hand Fresh and Salt Meats,
Fish and Poultry. Highest Cash PriM
paid for all kinds of Fat Stock.
m mis
Are bavins their land business straight
ened out and shaped np. How about
yours? If not in satisfactory condition
it would be a good plan to see about it
at onoe. I am giving careful and ene
getio attention to entries, final proofs,
"railroad land" and all business relating
to lands in Morrow oonnly
U. S. Commissioner,
swtf. Lexiugtou, Or.
From Terminal or Interior Points the
Northern Parific
Is the l'ue to take
To all Points Eastand South.
It is the Dinin(?Car Route. It rnns Through
Veuti billed Train e every day in the year to
St. Paul and Chicago
(No Change of Cars)
Composed of DINING CARS unsurpassed,
Of Latest Equipment
Tourist Sleeping Cars
Bent that can be constructed and in which ac
coinniodatior.B art both iree and furnished for
holders of first or second-class tickets, and
Elegant Day Coachs.
A Continuous Line connecting with all
Lines, affording Direct Bad Uninter
rupted Service.
Pullman Sleeper Reservations can be
Secured in advance through
any agent of the road.
Jo and from al poinu in Amenca, iliikib m
and Europ can be purchased at any Ticket onice
of this Company.
Full information concerning rates, time
of trains, routes and other details
furnished on application to any
agent, or
Assiatant Oeneral PaRsenirer Aaent.
No. 121 First St., Cor. Washington,
San Francisco
id all points in California, via the lit. tihasta
route of the
Southern Pacific Co.
The great highway through California to all
points East and South. Grand Bcentc Route
of the Pacific Coast. Pullman Buffet
Sleepers. Second-class Sleepers
Attached to express trains, affording superior
accommodations for second-class passengers.
For rates, tickets, sleeping car reservations,
etc., call upon or address
R. KOEHLER, Manager, E. P. ROGER8, Asst.
Geu. F. & P. Agt., Portland, Oregon.
national Bank of Hepier.
President. Cashier.
Made on Favorable Terms.
bottles of
cured me. No return in 5 years. FRANCIS MAURER.
A Year's Subscription to a Pop
ular Agricultural Paper
By a special arrangement with the
publishers we are prepared to furnish
FEEE to each of our readers n year's
subscription to the popular monthly
agricultural journal, the American
Fabmer, published at Springfield and
Clevelhnd, Ohio.
This offer is made to any of our sub
scribers who will pay up all arrearages
on subscription and one year in advance,
and to any new subscribers who will pay
one year In advance. The American
Farmer enjoys a large national circula
tion, and ranks among the leading
agricultural papers. By this arrange
ment it COSTS YOU NOTHING to re
ceive the American Farmer for one
year, It will be to your advantage to
oail promptly. Sample copies can be
s 'en at our office.
All who are suffering from the effectB
of Youthful Errors, Loss of Manhood,
Failing Powers, Gonorrhoea, Gleet,
Strioture, Syphilis and the many troubles
which are the effects of these terrible
disorders will receive, Free of Charob.
full directions how to treat and cure
themselves at home by writing to the
California Medical and Surgical In
firmaht, 1ii20 Market Street, San
Francisco. California. 465-ly.
First National Bank
PreBidont. Vice-President.
George W. Conser, Cashier.
C. I. Levris, Ass't Cashier.
Transacts a General Banking Business
On all parla of the world
Bough t and Sold,
Collections made at all points on Rea
sonable Terms.
Burrltis and Undivided profits, $23,527.10
The Original
I elster's Unabridged
publishers, we are able to obtuin a nurnbtr
of tf above book, and propose to furnish a
copy to em-h of our subscribers.
The dictionary Is a necessity In every home,
school and business house. It tills a vacancy,
and furnishes knowledge which no one hun
dred other volumes of the choicest books could
supply. Youngand old, educated and ignorant,
rich and poor, should have it within reach, and
refer to its conteuls every day In the year
As some have aked if this Ib really the Orig
inal Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, we are
able to state we have learned direct from the
publishers the fact, that this is the very work
complete on which about forty of the best years
ot the author's life were ho well employed in
writing. It contains the entire vocabulary of
about luO.fHiQ words, including the correct spell
ing, derivation and detinition of same, and is
the regular standard size, containing about
:i00,000 square incheB of printed surfucc, and is
bound lu cloth, half morocco and sheep.
Until further notice we will furnish this
valuable Dict;onary
First To any new subscriber..
Second To any renewal subscriber.
Third To any subscriber now in arrears
who pays up and one year in advance, at
the following prices, viz:
Full Cloth bound, gilt side and back
stamps marbled edges $i-oo.
Half Mo occo, bound, gfilt side and back
stamps, marbled edges, $1.50.
Full Sheep bound, leather label, marked
edges, $2.00
Fifty cents added in all cases for express
age to Heppner.
-As the publiihcrs limit the time and
nunioer of books they will furniNh at the low
prices, we advise all who desire to Mvail th'-in-lelves
of this greatopportunity to attend to it
at once.
For Sale.
The hotel beretofoie known ri the
Mountain HotiHP, oil? block from FiM
Khtional bank in Heppupr, Or. (,'un
ttmi parlor, dininjr room, hnnna iuouj,
kitchen nod 15 bed room"; all rooms
fnrnitibed. For further partiaulum in
qair9f 6ft-tf T. W. Atjcsu.
Chicago, IIL
I was confined to bed ; could not
walk from lame back; suffered 5
months: doctors did not help; 2
Mil, Hems or in Pain
From some lone standing ailment, or feel
that yom constitution (nervous system)
is failing, or that some affliction his
taken, or is taking, permanent hold ol
yon, whioh you have been, and aro still,
unable to throw off or control, whether
in the first or last stuge remember that
Dr. Gregg's
And Appliances.
and system of home treatment will cure
No medical or othermodeof electric treatment
can at all compare with them. Thousands of
women who stiii'er for years with complaints
peculiar to sex. have been completely and per
manently restored to health. No fewer men
have also been cured.
Electric treatment for diseases suggested, pro
perly applied, is perfect and has 110 good substi
tute. The Gregg Elentrie Pelt and Appliances
are the only ones in existence that supply a
perfect mode of application.
The Gregg Eh-ctric Foot Warmer, pvice f 1.00.
keeps the feet warm and -dry and is the only
genuine Electric Insole.
People who have paid thoir money and been
cured can tell you what has been done for them
in a way that will convince you. Complete cat
alogue of testimonials, p.,i,o, etc., tie. Circular
501 Inter aeraMuild pOblicaijo. 111.
forest Grove Poultry Yards.
Wyandottes, Plymouth Rooks, Liubt
Braninhs, Rose and Single Oomb
Brown Lejihorns, Partridge
Cochins, Hondans and Sil
ver Spangled Hambnrgs.
1.000 mu FOWLS
Ready for Delivery.
In America, and are the best on
thiscoant by a great difference.
Send for Catalogue.
Box 55. com.396. Forest Grove, Or
Cfit'le hrandptland earmarked aa shown above.
Horaes K on riht shoulder.
Mv cattle raiiKe in Mnrrow and Umatilla coun
ties. I will pay $lt0l for the arrHHt and con
viction of any pursun htealiiig my stock.
II i i Grippe
ClJ 11 K D
By using S. B. Headache and Liv
er Cure find S. B, Cough Cure ns
directed for colds. Thev were
used two years ago during the La
Grip epidemic, and very flattering
testimonials of their power over
that disease are at hand.
Slice 75 & 50 Ctj. fit C&ittk.
For ale hy Bloi-um- Johnston DrtiK f,'o, ,jre;;,ner
At AhrahnrriKicl.'s. In addition to his
tailoring ImHirifHS, he ha added a fine
line of nnd"rw( ar ol all !'iniin, f-tfiiMf.
shirtn, hosiery, etc. Aleo has on I -and
otce eleeant patterns or suits. A.
Abrahamsick. May treet, Heppner, Or.
The Plan Adopted By the Alliance at Their
Recent Meeting at Oregon City.
The plan ot organization adopted is as
Eaoh precinct organization to have
permanent executive committee of five,
which oommittee to select one of its
number who is to act as a member of the
county central committee. Each oounty
central committee to be composed ot one
member from each precinot or ward.
They will Belect at a regular meeting five
of their number to constitute thejexecu-
tive oommittee of said county central
committee, the present three delegates
at large to hold over until next reorgan
ization. The state central committee
shall be composed of three members, who
are on the national executive committee,
and of one member from each county
executive oommittee. The state execu
tive oommittee shall consist of five mem
bers of the state central committee, who
are to have charge of the affairs of the
people's party, unless the same is assured
by the entire central committee. The
state executive committee is to direct the
actions of those elected to office, in ac
cordance with the generally prevailing
wishes of the members of the people's
party throughout the state, or using its
own judgment in cases when their are no
speoial preferences on the part ot the
membership at large. During sessions
of the legislature, the state executive
committee shall establish headquarters
at Salem and direct the action ot the
members of the legislature, eachot whom
is to be pledged to abide by the deoiaion
of the committee. And so are auy and
all accepting a nomination from the peo
ple's party pledged to abide by the de
cision of the slate executive oommittee
on all politioal matters affecting the
honor of the party and the interests of
the oitizens.
The committee whenever and wher
ever possible sLiull consist of one dele
gate from each county, appointed by the
oliair, unless otherwise divided oy the
body when in session. Each preoiuot
exeoutive committee to oompile a list of
voters of its respective preoincts, a oopy
of whioh is to be transmitted to the
county exeoutive oommittee and one to
the state executive committee, the list to
give the postolliaa address and party af
filiations, if any. On election days, the
committee in each preoiuot is to be at
the voting place, and try to impress each
voter with the importance of the occa
sion and use all honorable means to get
such votes favorably iuolined to the
oause of the people by supporting ilB
The following resolutions were
Resolved, Tunt we adopt the referen
dum and initiative, to-wil: That all laws
-ttiall be submitted to the people for re
jeotion or approval, and that the people
iliull have un equal right with the legis
lator, s and congress to initiate measures
for enactment into law, and that they
shall have the right to recall their legis
lators and congressmen for cause.
Resolved, That our 9,000,000 farm
moitgages, the condition of the thou
sands of unen-ployed and of the world's
starving millions shall be to ns both a
warning and a spur to uutiriug, uuitcd
VVhekbas, This convention is com
posed ot wealth producers; therefore,
be it
Resolved, Tbnt we recognize in the
money power of the world the common
enemy of all wealth producers, regard
less of nationality; that we recognize the
universal brotherhood of bumanity and
extend our hearty sympathy to the down
trodden masses of every nation in their
struggle for better conditions.
Resolved, That we demand a law pro
uitnting the confirmation of mortgage
sules, unless such sale shall equal till per
cent ot the assessed.
A resolution thanking the people of
Oregon City for their hospitality and the
officers of the convention for their earn
est work, was passed, and the conven
rion adjourned.
Dlhll March Ulti, tliuiiiluiitHou of bueneand
hiirah MuttcNon, ugca lu nioiittiK and 2 duB,
The little fellow had been ill for nearly
six weeks, and the parents and relations
thought for a wbile that he was improv
ing. But the ohange was only for the
worse. Tbe remains was followed to the
Rhea Creek cemetery by a host of sor
rowing relatives, where it was quietly
laid to rest. Tbe bereaved parents have
the deep symputiiy of the entire neigh
borhood. Little Clarence is gone:
His darling voice is stilled ;
A vacant place tsin our homy
Tliat never can be filled.
Yet again we hope to meet thee
When the day of life is Bed,
And In heaven with Joy to greet thee,
Where uo farewell tear is shed.
J. N. II.
Her Kce Her Fortune,
Is commonly said of famous beauties.
She who uses with artistio taste Wis
dom's Famous Robertine has fortune in
the posseHsing of a complexion to which
nothing but the hluhb ot the rose or the
frestineisB of the lily can be compared.
Tins preparation ia juat what it is
claimed to be the most delightful toilet
article and the only perfect bemi
lifier known. Rend the tentim'-nifiln
fr.iin fumoiiH ariiH'es, celebrated clieiu
iiita and eminent phynicinns.
Ihe Oazetti i-lioti h'.H some sample
Anj-tmliitu bulbils, from fmli.ina, but as
tlx y are o ilillerent fiom these used
here, have little value, but are curiosi
ties, at any rute.
The demoorats will hold their primary
April 2nd.
J. W. Smith made a flying trip to The
Dalles Friday.
Pay oar No. 12 was a welcome visitor
at the depot Monday.
We understand that a joint stock com
pany has been formed, whose object is to
operate a ferry between the Washington
and Oregon side.
The republican nominee for justice of
tbe peaoeisW. O. Zeialer, who was far
ahead of any of his opponents. It would
have been difficult to have selected a
better man for J. P.
Tbe republicans held their primary in
the Rodkey hall, and the following were
appointed to represent their party at the
forthcoming convention at Condon: A.
B. Vaughn, J. A. Thomas, L. A. Ralston
and three others, whose names I did not
The body of John Jordan, Jr., arrived
hare from Monmouth early Saturday
morning acoompanied by the grief
stricken family, and whs interred at Lex
ington Briday. The deoeased was well
and favorably known here, baviug long
been a resident. Ilia untimely end de
prives a heart-broken mother of a duti
ful son, the sorrowing father of his right
hand man, the brother and eistcr a
willing helpmate, and bis classmates a
faithful comrade. Deceased would have
been 19 years old April 6th.
Friday night a gale of unparalleled
severity struck the town, blowing the
sand from the adjacent hills in a solid
phalanx. It wns impossible for a few
minutes to see across the street. The
U'Uuoky mortal who was compelled to
face it went home feeling gritty. The
orly damage doue was the washing awny
of the ferry wharf on tbe Washington
side from its position. However, it did
uot succeed in losing itself, as the ferry
boat, Alkali, was attaohed to it, and Ed.
Wilson was on board, preparing to bed,
and seeing the state of affairs, he tired
up with a bucket ot pitch and soon had
80 pounds of steam pressure, and alter
considerable difficulty, in great peril of
being swamped by the torn tic waves, he
managed to strike tbe Oregon sideband
with the assistance ot several of our oit
izens, seoured the boat and wharf.
The speoial eleotion held for the pur
pose of ascertaining the wishes of the
people regarding the question nt issuing
bonds to tne imiinint of $10,000 for tbe
purchase of water works and eleotrio
lights was deoided favorably.
We are having fine weather.
Stock ot all kinds are getting fat.
Mr. McGonagill's band ot ewes begau
dropping lambs on the 15th iust.
Many of our farmers hove sowu from
100 to 200 acres of spring grain, in addi
tion to their fall-sown orops.
One of the reasons why our people are
happy is that they are free from debt,
which alone speaks well for Gooseberry.
We don't bear any one complaining of
hard times.
This snotion, as well ns other parts of
Enstern Oregou is sadly in need of better
public roads. Too mauy farmers devote
nearly all of their time to planting large
crops, not thinking about the enormous
expense incurred in marketii g their
grain, whioh oould be muterially re
duced by a little work being done on the
roads at the light time and places. It
is well known that a team can draw from
one-fourth to one-third more over a good
road than an inferior one.
We should have better mail service, ns
it takes about 70 hours for mail sent
from Heppner to reach its destination at
this place, a distance of 20 miles. So, if
we would unite in sending a vigorous
kick to the postal department at Wash
ington, we might expect some better
treatment at the hunda of the department,
hut so long us we wait for some one else
to do the complaining, we can do with
out our mull until it has become stale.
Old Baoiiklob.
Weuther, fine.
Miss Patberg, from lthea creek, is im
proving. The cadets will get the stnte gnns in
about a week, with which to drill.
The district, institute commences Tues
day, March 2!l, and lasts three days.
Tbe faculty is oonstnntlv adding new
apparatus, and have ou hand about SHOO
to be expended fur this purpose.
A summer term of four weeks com
mences July 18th, for the purpose of im
proving the teachers' cause.
The same faculty has been reinstated,
with the addition of Prof, (ietz, formerly
from tbe Alillersville Normal Hchool, of
Philadelphia, and two regular assistants
will be added.
The Library Association will give an
entertainment April 3d. Three prizes
will be given to the societies which
render the best essay or recitation,
Mr. John Jordan, of Arlington, who
was attending school hero, died Thurs
day. Mr. Jordan was one whom all
liked. His remauiB was removed to his
former home. XX
The PruiBVille stage was neiu up re
oently by fix masked men. John Miller,
the driver, did what any other man
would have doue with six pistols in his
face stopped short till ordered to go on.
Ah Doon, a Chinaman, was the object of
their wrath, culling off bis cue and oth
erwise maltreating him. He wusordeied
to leave tbe country.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Ed. Gazktte I seize the opportunity
and take advantage of spare moments to
write a few items to your most valuable
paper. One would scarce expect much
news from this out-of-the-way place, al
though the sound of a sledge or the hum
of a saw are every day events.
The wood choppers have finished tha
contract for James Young.
Enoch Cove is making several thou
sand pickets and clapboards for Iku
Mr. Large baa the nicest plaoe ou
upper Hhoa creek, and from the im
provements he is making one would nat
urally stii'pose that he expects to remain
here for many years.
The lambing season is close at hand,
and we are informed that Hardy Long
and Milt Brown have come nobly to the
front and announced themselves as ex
perienced hands, and will assist Jim
Hayes during tbe campaign.
We hear that Mr. J. J. Roberts, of
Heppner, is mentioned as a oandidate on
the democratic ticket for assessor. Mr.
Roberts is well acquainted in the oounty
and is a man that iB willing to earn big
living by honest industry, and is well
qualified for the office. If he is nomi
nated Matteson precinct will give him a
large majority.
The people in this section are most
through putting in their otops. Planting
gardens will be the next thing in order.
Blub River, March 20, '92.
Specimen Cases.
S H. Clifford, New Cassel, Wis., was
troubled with neuralgia and rheumatism,
his stomach was disordered, his ltVer
was affected to an alarming degree ap
petite fell ttwoy, and he was terribly re
duced in health and strength. Three
bottles of Electric Bitters oured him.
Edward Hhepherd, Hnrrisburg, 111.,
hud a running sore on bis leg of eight
years' standing. Used three bottles of
Electric Bitters and seven boxes Buok
len's Arnica Salve, and his leg is Bound
and well. John Speaker, Catawba, O ,
had five large fever sores on bis leg,
doctors said he was incurable. One bot
tle of Electrio Bitters and one box
Bucklen's Aruioa Sulve cured him en
tirely. Kold by Hlooum-Johnson Drug
M. Fied Thomas is busy chopping
wood at present.
Mr. Wm. Penland dipped a band of
sheep lust week.
Mr. Lunes Penland waB in our part of
the country last Saturday.
Mr. Luther Hamilton was in our
neighborhood lust Monday. .
Mr. B. P. Hevlnnd has been riving
some shakes for two or three days.
Mr. Leander Copple made a flying
trip to our part of the country the other
Misses Nettie and Bertha Copple
were visiting in our neighborhood last
We understand that Mr. John Zol
linger is going to move baok on his
ranch in a short time.
There are a couple of men in our
neighborhood who have been studying
grammar, but I am afraid that they
wou't be very successful.
Maroh 14, 1892. 0. H.
Itnckleu's Arnica Hulvr.
The best sulve in tbe world for cuts,
bruises, sores, uloers salt rneum, fever
aores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and nil skin eruptions, and posi
tively oures piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,
or money refunded. Price 25 cents per
box. For sale by Slooum-JohnBtoa
Drug Co,
A Warning- Don't Use Big Words.
Ill promulgating esoteric cogitations or
articulating superficial sentimentalities
and philosophical or psychological ob
servations, beware of plutitudiuons pon
derosity. Let your statements possess a
clarified conciseness, compacted nompre
bensibleness, ooalescent consistency and
a concentrated cogency, Esohew all
conglomerations of flatulent garrulity,
jejune babblement add asinine affeota
tious. In trying to impresB upon others
tl.e superiority of the Wisconsin Central
Lines, and why yon and bo manv others
use this thoroughfare from ht. Paul and
Minneapolis and Dnluth and Aihland to
Milwaukee, Chicago and points east and
south, it is not necessurv to use jaw
breakeiB. Let your extern poraneoua
dusoantings and unpremeditated expa
tiutions have intelligibility and vera
cious vivaoity, witbout rhodnraoutade or
thrasonical bombast. Sedulously avoid
all polysyllabic profundity, psittuoeous
vacuity, yentriloqual verbosity and
vandiloqiient vapidity, shun double en
tendrcs, prurient jocosity and pestiferous
profanity, ohaenrent or apparent. In
other words talk plainly, naturally, sen
sibly and truthfully say the Wisconsin
Central Lines is Tim Itourrc, and that
ends it. -hi5tf.
Why is tn president ot the United
States like a working suit? Because
he's over all.,
J. M. Haling and J 11. Ingraham, of
Eight Mils, favored our office with a
call yesterday.
Our now sign, a reproduction of the
Gazette's heading, adorns our front. It
aNo states where you can procure first
class job and book work.