Polk County itemizer. (Dallas, Or.) 1879-1927, March 13, 1903, Image 4

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A T a le a n d
Lhing, Burning Palms,
Painful Finger Ends,
With Brittle, Shapeless,
Discolored Nails,
As Wdl! as Roughness and
Soak the hand« on retiring in a strong,
hot, creamy lather o f Cuticura Soap.
D ry ami anoint freely with Cuticura
Ointment, the great pkin cure ami purest
o f emollients. Wear, during the night,
old, loose kid gloves, or bandage lightly
In old, soft cotton or linen. For red,
rough and chapped hands, dry, fissured,
itching, feverish palms, witfh brittle,
shapeless nails and painful finger ends,
this treatment is simply w onderful, fre-
curing in a single application.
? u uently
no other w ay have Cuticura S«>np
and Ointment demonstrated their aston­
ishing curative properties more effec­
tually than In the treatment o f the
hands, especially when tortured with
itching, burning and scaly eczema.
Complete local and constitutional
treatment fo r every humour o f the
skiu, scalp and blood, w itIi loss o f h ir,
may now be had for one dollar. Bathe
freely with hot water and Cuticura
Soap, to cleance tin* surface o f crusts
and scales, and softcu the thickened
cuticle. D ry, without hard rubbing,
and apply Cuticura Ointment freely,
to allay itching, Irritation and iutlam-
ination, and soothe and heal, and,
lastly, take the Cuticura Resolvent
Dills, to cool ami cleanse the blood.
This treatment affords instant relief,
permits rest und sleep in the severest
forms o f eczema and other itching,
burning and scaly humours, and points
to a speedy, permanent and economical
cure o f torturing, disfiguring humours
from infancy to age, when all other
remedies and the best physicians fail.
C H U R C H D IR E C T O R Y .
Preaching hours at 11 and 7 :3B.
M E. CH U RC H .
— - - —
u M o r a l.
T w o M rtti f 1 «* v/ out o f the south one «lay.
A n d o ver the Joyous w crld
H a th Hung « m .lo d y loud und sw eet
A n d g la d ly its tired w ings fu rled.
A nd one bird h igh on the tu lk s t tree
/» place fo r its n estin g found.
W h ile hum bly the o th er built its horn«
L o w dow n on the coni.non g refund.
A sh rike flew by, and It saw the nest
T h a t sw a yed in the branches high,
IJ u l the low built nest o f the h um ble bird
H e saw not und passed It by.
W h ic h points the m oral 1 w ish to sh ow :
Though fOrtunt has cast y o u r lot
L o w dow n in ihi . w orld w ith the h u in bl«
T h e ills that s trik e a t the m ansion o ft
P a ss o ver the h um ble cot.
—L o w e ll O. R ee se in San F ra n cis co B u l­
A H o o k y M o u n t a in B u r r o ’ « H e r o l t .
I'm a K o c k y m ou ntain bu rro; no honors
h a v e i sought.
B u t I 'v e n ever m et w ith Justice fio n i the
duy that 1 w as ca u gh t;
I'm l i d on sh ortest t a lions, and P in called
a ploddin g n.ule,
B u t s till there s m a n y a man th a t's sm art
that n ever w en t to scnool.
N o w , brains are v e r y handy, but plodding,
1 h ave lound,
Can m atch them p r e tty clo sely In the
w ork th a t's good and sound;
M en think o f me and speak o f m e as be-
inK ju st a fool,
B u t I 'v e tbai-overed lon g ere this th a t I'm
' a useful tool.
helped tin- ra ilroa d m agnates w hen I
toiled up old P ik e ’s peak
T o cu rry ra ils and lu m ber fo r a w ork 1
did not seek,
A n d w ith m y burden on m e I n ever did
com plain,
B u t m e rely le t the nabobs g e t the g lo ry
o f m y gain .
I tru dged up ro c k y places w ith a b ig and
h ea vy pack
Just cinched as tigh t as could be across
m y a ch in g L u c k ,
W ith blank« ts, picks and sh ovels, a ll a
m in er w ished to take,
B u t 1 never shared the fo rtu n es a ll m y
effo r ts In Iped to make.
I ca rried ca m p in g ou tfits fo r hun ters by
the score.
W h o n ever once reflected th a t a b u jro 's
bones w ere sore
A s th e y pla n cl th e ir ga m e upon me. w ith
horns and h oofs und hide,
A n d helped to m end m y pace a b it w ith a
blow and curse beside.
I'm fed on s a ge and cactus or a piece of
pinon tree ;
T h e y think that a n y th in g ut all is good
enough fo r me.
W h ile hor.- ea in line stables, sta n d in g idle
most the day.
A r e giv en good a lfa lfa , plen ty corn und
o ats and tiny.
W h ile all th • cobs and pacers whl h ar*
harness d up so line,
W ith the ir« tie rs and the racers, ari all
K e iif e r u * « B r la h t
World’s Best Medicine.
F u tu re .
Jockey Arthur Redfern has been a
fxtptilur topic among horsemen ever
»luce the announcement that he is to
ride for W. C. W hitney next season.
The agile youngster's contract calls
for $15,000, and It must lie admitted
that, while his services are worth that
sunt, he is very lucky to lie made so
fine an offer.
Kedfern w ill receive
f 20,000 in 1004 If he consents to renew
the contract.
The $15.ooo Is a retaining fee for first
Paine’s Celery Compound cures disease!
call on Ids service*.
In addition he It has saved the lives of thousands of sufferers.
w ill receive tin* usual riding fees o f p has made the weak strong, vigorous, and
$25 for w inn ing und $10 for losing happy.
I’aine’s Celery Compound purifies the blood
and builds up the nervous system as nothing
else can do; it is pre-eminently the great life
giver and health maker.
Overworked and tired women stand in ur­
gent need of this health giving prescription to
make and keep them well. AU women should
take advantage of the remarkable power of
this loist of medicine for restoring vigor to the
blood and strength to the nervous system.
Hie all-important thing for nervous, run down,
ami sleepless women is that Paine’s Celery
Compound fortifies the whole physical system,
mil liy correcting digestion and regulating the
Bervis, it insults sound, refreshing sleep. In
every case of sickness Paine’s Celery Com­
pound completely and permanently bring .
back health. Mrs. Mary M. Myers, Balti­
more, Ohio, saved by Paine’s Celery Compou/id
after the failures of able physicians, gratefully
writes as follows:—
“ I suffered for eight years with nervous
prostration and the general debility common
to women, and had such pains in my back
*hal I could not get around the house. I used
several remedies and consulted several of the
best physicians without obtaining any relief.
Paine’s Celery Compound restored me to
“ I also want to say to all mothers that
Paine’s Celery Compound is a splendid nu.:1*-
cine for their children.”
Has Made People WeU When
Every Other Remedy
D y S
Ttey Hake Old Clothes
Look New.
mounts. This stun will net $5.000. Sec
ond call on his services w ill be as much,
while outside mounts will figure up
about $15.oo0— $10.000 in all.
His fees from horse owners who se­
cure him to ride when not regularly
engaged by bis stable are very ,large.
Take, for instance, the amount he
earned at Brighton Beach, N. Y „ last
Fit* made $3,000.
Most of
I the owners pay him an increase over
; tiie regulation fee. In most Instances
he receives from $50 to $200 for win­
ning mounts.
Direction book and 45
dyed sample* free.
Burlington, Vt.
abandoned woman who died o f hunger
In her lonelin. ss and with whisky near
her. had probably strong excuses for
tlieir weakness and failure.
“ But let their sad eliding be none the
loss a lesson to you. young men.
“ Bear In mind that motto oil the bar­
room mirror and say to yourself: 1
shall have no whisky jokes in my ca­
reer. I ’ ll give up whisky and never
give it a chance to make me give up
my business. *
“ Remember that safety as wrell as
self respect and the duty of setting a
good example demands that you let
the stuff alone.
“ Make up your mind that if you fail
in your life work It w ill not be because
you exchanged all your prospects for a
fuddled feeling In the head, an abnor­
mal quickening o f the pulse, some
hours wasted in bragging and a head­
ache well deserved.”
E . A. M cN e ar of Metro*«, M ass ..
sends Poultry Keeper plans o f a brood­
er which Is his own Idea and which
he claims w ill raise every eltiek put
luto It. It can he made any length,
partitlotied off. and the chicks can go
in and «ait o f the sides Instead o f the
Take a box .1 feet long. 1 foot wide
im i 11 _» feet deep. Cut a round hole in
i ich end six or eight Inches in clrcum-
f. renco, according to the size o f the
1 use elulit Im-li common
tin pipe, the same as they use on
furnace to heat a house. The cover
tuyl hot loin can be on hinges, so they
cun be let down or lifted up und
cleaned in tw o minutes.
The pipes should have tw o elbow's.
Tlx* one at tN* back should turn down,
and the one at the other end should
turn up, so there can be a cover to it,
with tw o or three small holes punched
in the cover so as not to waste too
much In at. I use a single burner oil
stove. This stove will heat a brooder
ten or tw elve feet long.
Pn ck
<i?i«l C o « !’*«* O i l t n r e .
It requires tw en t;-eigh t days to
hatch both goose and duck eggs. Ducks
should be kept shut up over night in
laying season, as they lay very early in
the morning. Keep them in the pen
until they have deposited their eggs.
I f permitted to have their liberty, they
sometimes drop their eggs in the grass
or in the water, which then cannot be
found. On tlie other ha ml, geese will
seek a nesting place in buildings or
around stacks o f straw.
The early
broods o f ducklings and goslings
should he hatched under hens. A fte r
they are hatched keep them in a small
yard in which you have placed a coop
for shelter. They «!o much better if
this is done for about tw o weeks than
if allowed their liberty. See to It that
they have plenty o f water while eat­
Feed them often, four or live
times a day. when young. Keep young
geese and ducks from puddling or
swimming in cold water. They should
not ba allow ed on ponds until the down
has changed, and even then it is not
necessary they should have a pond.
When hatched, feed nothing for twen­
ty hours. Their first food should con­
sist o f breadcrumbs soaked in milk.
Hard boiled eggs mixed with cooked
eornmeal is excellent for a few’ days,
after which feed anything they yvill
eat. It is conceded by those who have
had the experience that ducks and
geest* are more easily raised than any
kind o f poultry and are quite as profit­
able. It is indeed surprising that so
many poultry raisers are without these
profitable birds as an addition to their
business.—J. R. Rrabrazon in Farm
und Ranch.
i* U bjr Wilson Drug Co.
Be good t«» vour lain! and your crop
will be good. Plenty of
in the fertilizer spells quality |
r.nd quantity in the bar-
vest. Write us and
v/e will send you,
j ree, by next mail,
our money winning
olkmas kau works ,
I,nc>« ArrunirrnirntN F o r the Neck
unit Should«*#« Very I*t»|n»Iar— An
E x«isl> lte Fur Hat—Fulllu** I'ulnta
In F a vo r—More Siianirlea.
New York.
A JM M SE L L K irs JO K E
MUNN X Co.38'0'«*' *** New York
A Golden Rule
of Agriculture:
9i Nissuu Strut,
pui It*to dm*
Preach in g Sunday m orning and ev­ T o be p e in d a i :<I adm ired a t a h orse show.
ening. Sunday school at 9:45. Ep-
o r a fair.
T h e I.a t«*a t A n t o R e c o r d .
Y o u 'll find that not a place Is l«;ft to put
wortli league at 6 :.‘i*
Prayer meet
Now the automobile has traveled a
a burro there.
ing Thursday even in g.— H .N . Rounds,
mile In forty-six seconds. Henri Four­
nier’s great performance in Paris re­
But I suppose us bu rros must a g r e e w ith
one a- : • >r«I
cently, when he reduced the world’s
T h a t virtue, thou gh u nrecogn ized, w ill
best mark by a full second to forty-
brin g i
o . a rew ard.
seven and two-fifth seconds, was con­
Preaching Sunday m orning and e v ­ In spite o f this I now intend to kick when
l 'v e u chance;
sidered a wonderful performance and
ening. Sunday school at 10. h 'i
I 'll no lor.; i l,< a m a r ty r v ir tu e 's king-
one it was thought would stand for
P U, a t0 ;? O
Prayer m eeting W e d ­
dom to enhance.
years. But on the same road that Four­
nesday e vei.in g.— .). R. G. Russell, —H a r r y F.llard in C in cin n ati C om m ercial
nier mad«* his great ride M. Angieres
Tribu ne.
lias created new figures, driving his
P l a y i n g : B u t t * r fly .
I machine » mile one and two-fifth sec-
W e ’ re ca te rp illa rs on the grou n d ;
L I Q U O R E V I L IN A F R I C A .
l onds faster.
W ( d e e p end ere« p ami cru w l
It might he said that the conditions
Presetting Sunday m orning and e v ­
A m i nibble at the m y rtle le a v e «
ening. Sunday school at 10. Chris
o f the M. Angieres trial were more fa ­ E lo q u e n t P r o t c a t t o K n ln e r b y G e r ­
A lo n g the ga rd en wall.
m a n M iM M lonu riea.
thin Endeavor at 0:30. Prayer meet­
vorable than those of Fournier. The
A ft e r a w h ile the rig h t tim e com es
In a lengthy report the Catholic mis­
j day was bright and the roads in fiue
ing Thursday even in g.— W . T. W ar-
T o be a ch ry sa lis
condition. Fournier, it is said, w ill now sionaries of the German colony o f
dle, pastor.
A n d fold o u rselve s in tigh t cocoons;
Our aprons do fo r this.
; try to beat the latest record, and there Togo, W est Africa, appeal to the
G o v e rn m e n t W h lt e * v n «h .
i are those who believe that he will suc­ kaiser, “ because their own aud the
The governm ent recipe for white­
W e w ra p o u rselve s and fa il asleep
labors o f other Christian missionaries
A n d drea m a ll sorts o f th in gs;
wash, which is used on lighthouses
Pie.tch ing Sunday m orning and e v ­
M. Angieres Is said to be a pseudo­ among the blacks are in vain, as the and other government buildings where
A t last w e stir am i w ake, and, oh,
Bible sebo 4 at 10
W e find that w e h ave w ings!
nym used to cover the identity o f a German schnapps barons flood the whitewash is required, is said to be
Endeavor at 6:30. Bibl
country with cheap fusil, turning the
wealthy Parisian tru reliant. The uu
the best formula there is. It Is as fo l­
W h a t fun to Hit and fly about.
class and prayer me* ting I'lim.-da
tomobile he used is o f the same make natives Into drunkards." The report lows: Put tw o pailfuls o f boiling water
O ur w h ite w in gs spread out w ide!
e v e n in g — L. Green, pastor.
and size as the one used by Henri says that on an average 2,889 quarts o f in a barrel ai *i add one-lmlf bushel o f
T o tasue the d a in ty , d e w y Pow ers
A n d o v e r s o il g la s s g lid e !
Fournier when the latter made his rec­ rank potato schnapps are introduced well burned fresli quicklime. Put in
into that small colony, containing 118
It 's better ¿han a
j quickly one peck of common salt dis-
Europeans all told.
A n d : .o n d« k g ,tful. !oo,
Preaching Sunday m orning sud e v ­
“ Rum.” say the missionaries, “ ac­ : solved in hot water and cover the
I.I a I i I lla rn c M w I t c c n r d « .
• .nuke be Me
F r fa n y
j barrel tightly to keep in the steam
enin g at the M. E. church, south.
ad qu ite tru
\\ t.He ti
Am ong the trotters and pacers the companies the German black from the
while the lime is slacking. When tlx*
Sunday school at 10. Christian En
best records for the past season are as cradle to the grave; when coming Into
w orm s «lo Jus
A nd
l violent bubbling Is over, stir until well
diMVor at 6 :30. Prayer m en in g Thurs­
follow s: Trotters—Horse, Poindexter, the world he is saluted by a schnapps
■ mixed together, and if necessary add
day even ing.— A. A. W inter, pastor,
itk. is w hy
by Abbotsford. 2:09; mares, Susie J., orgy, the young buck buys bis bride
German schnapps, schnapps ; more boiling water, so as to have the
2:06V. Dolly Rid well, by Inglewood, with
mass like thick »ream. Strain through
2:08V-.: Anzella, by Antrim, 2 :0 8 V geld­ makes brothers out o f the chief and
x sieve or coarse cloth. Make a thin
\ W H e H n le .
ing, The Monk, by Chimes, 2:07; four the wicked fetich priest, schnapps is
used to rob the blacks o f their land j starch o f three pounds o f rice fidur
year-old colt Directum Spier, by I)i
and one pound o f strong glue, having
Gloucestor. Musa.. Ini ve manie It n rii!«-
rectum, 2:11V*; four-year-old filly, Ga- and schnapps plays n leading part at
first soaked the glue in cold water, and
tini t wlicn n drunknrd lina borii
vatta, by Milroi. 2:1 H i; three-year-old their cannibal festivals. The black is
s¿ j w ' - i g v « -
to the latter mixture add tw o pouuds
bronci» t In foi«* thè court* unti con
filly, Confretiza. by James Madison, getting more and more demoralized by
i of whiting. Add this to the lime wash
vteted o f 1 1 1 «* folli tilt* nulo«)» kce*iH*rs
2:21 Vi; new performer. Rhythmic, by the wholesale* introduction of schnapps, and also sufficient hot .water to dilute
ere notlfied hot tu nell hitn liquor for
Oakland Baron, 2:00VV Facing Horse, which, by the way. Is our only item of to the proper consistency. Keep hot
six moni tu».
Dan Patch, by Joe Patchen, 1:59V4’. Import at Lowe, Porto Segura and L it­ I while applying. It w ill require about
mart's, Fanny Dillard, by Hal Dillard. tle Popo harbors.’’
[O N K D O L L A R
Three African monarc •lis. Emperor sIx 9U:irts oi t!ie mixture to iuo square
2:05Vi: Twinkle. 2 : 0 5 V geldings. Prince
feet o f surface, and it may be made
F o r O v e r S ix ty Y e a r s .
T I h t p I iii ’ s nevor Lei n n rem e­
Alert, 2 :0 3 V Dan M., by Tasco, Jr.. Mcnelik, K in g Lewanika and K in g any color desired.
An old and well tried remedy. Mrs. j
dy tlm t no* imlly cured pile-i
2:04'\j; three-year-old filly. Coast Marie,
W in slo w ’s Soothing Syrup inis been I
untd t liii <>ne wn. ilia overe I
by ( ’oastman. 2:23V*: new performer, drink into their territories. Thus sober
Q u a l i t y a n il P r i c e .
used for over sixty ve.ira by m i'lions «•! j
and enlightened heathens are teach
by Dr. I'erriu. T h ere ia not n
Eldorouc, by Box Elder, 2:05V*.
Quality is essential to securing good
mothers for th eir children while teeth­
ing civilized Europeans valuable les­
person who nutter* from thi*
prices. W e should aim, says M in or
in g, with perfect success. I t soothe*»
sons lu wise government.
(I slre.niiiK dinenre who i* not
and Farmer, to have the chicken as
the ch ild , softens the gums, allays nil
wdlin^t to pay -f 1 to lutve I lie
F ly ln u J ll i ’a Pacem aker.
full on the breast ns the turkey, and it
pain, cures wind colic and is the hesl
cause removed perm anently,
Ferdinand, the pacemaker which was is not at all impossible to do so, as is
rem edy fur diarrhoea. Is pleasant to
lm m edittte rennlt*, nml you
bitclx d wit Ii Flying Jib when he paced shown by a comparison o f the Games
the taste. S«>1«| by druggist- in every
tnke it— that’, nil.
In 1:58'/4 eight years ago. is still in ne nml Dorkings with the Asiatics. As we
part o f the world
25 cents a l»«*tth
tlve service and prompted Miss Logan decrease the inclination in fow ls to tly
Its value is incalculable. Be sure nod
T o o M a n y T r a a ,. a t«** th «» U o x u l t o f
in a recent exhibition mile in 2:05 at we reduce the muscle In the breast.
ask for Mrs. W in slow ’s Soothing Sy
F o llo u iiiK
th e
t ir ln i
% «Jvlee, “ I f
The Brahma, which cannot fly at all,
Stockton. Cal
rup and take no oilier kind.
W l i i n k j 1 u t e r f t - j -«» m W i t h \ u i i r Itui*ii-
has a sharp, prominent breastbone, for
n e m , G i v e I ;> l o u r U iiM iu eN «.“
as the wings are seldom used the
€' ■ fi«-«*rul:<u Ii Id f a r t e r .
breast Is deficient in meat, although
ll«>\\ quickl.v a glow* «{in wipe off
Tlie praiseworthy temperance edi­ having offered him $2.500 more for the
the fram e exists, while the Game,
the bright varnish Cut hia/uns tin
torials in the Henrst papers continue
which uses its wings for flying apd
front «»f a lighter
Kid in n e r had
50 YE A R S ’
offensively when necessary, has a
s sent, centri row A in the pugilistic
The Chicago Am rican recently printed
can get Ins ivli-ase from Boston
arena a Ihth* while ago Tummy U.vai*
one entitled “ The Whisky ‘Joke’ on the
and Jack lUmt sang Inm u lul ahy that I
Barroom Mirror.” It notes a barroom
sounded very much Ilk«* "G o \\n* Bn*
on the tuirror o f which was Inscribed,
and Sil Down."
“ li whisky Interferes with your busi­
And puot Garter lias found liitnsoi.
ness. give np your business."
« i t o f the running
And tiure yo
T waoe M a r k s
Anieriean describes tw o sad whisky
are. or. n il h e r u ■«
D is io n s
tragedies in the current news and then
C o r v r ig h t s A c .
T h e scratch id a pin may caose ih-
Anrons Mauling a sketrh snd «Iwicrlntlnn nisy
qnlrklT tuu'srtNiii our opinion free wnother an
T h e lin im e n t b ottle and flannel strip are
h*M* of a Ii nil or o w n death whci
Miveutlon i* i>r«»hsbly piMentAblo. ('ommunlrn-
"N o names are printed here; no
fam ilia r o b je c t» in nearly e ve ry household.
blood poip«»ning res.ilts fy mi th** in
names are mnded.
You read such
«ont fr«*o. (»Most nuenry fo r ne«nirli»K imtentn.
T h ey are the w eapons that have been used for
ju iy .
A ll danger of this may h*
pieces of news, «julekly told in eoin-
rial notte«, without chmge, in the
generations to figh t old Rheum atism , and are
av«»ided. h-.wev. r. I»> pr-onp ly apply j
m<>nplace language, every «lay. I f you
a V u t as effective in the battle w ith th is g ia n t
ing Cli,«nil**r|ai.i’s P in Balm. 1 i \
read attentively the grswsome tale of
an an*to-ptic ami q in k lieslin g lut- : A handsomely illns'rntsd w«H*k1r. l.nrsoAt elr-
life ’s tragedies ami failures, the sui­ disease as the blunderbuss o f our forefathers
cu!ntt«m o f nnr «rlsitlflo Jouriml. Term*. $3 a
would l>e in modern warfare.
¿»•"•ul f> i e m f. I t i i m .« an*l bum s. Foi | yoar; fonr month«, $ * 1 . s<ì
'iMd ‘ by all ‘ TU»wi*aoMlers.
cides and murders, you w ill usually
R heum atism is caused b y an acid, sour
•ule l»y W ilson Drug Co.
fil'd the partly empty whisky bottle
It is filled w ith acrid, irrita tin g m atter that settle*
Branon (XU««, «Í25 F 8t„ Washington, I». C.
sticking out smnewhere in the narra­ con dition o f tlie blood.
in the join ts, m uscles and nerves, and lin im en ts and o ils nor n oth in g
The P ow er.
in almost every ease you find
d islo d ge these g ritty , c orro d in g particles
Or«*:»t scDnttst* cx|x»*.md thetr views
that the unfortunate one lias taken the
in t»V ns itlw.nise and maty.
were deposited there b y the blood and can be reached o n ly th rou gh th e blood.
A:«, ^atnu mothr p. <*rs .uni laws.
ky interferes with your business, give R ubbin g w ith lin im e n ts som etim es relieve tern Dorati ly the aches and
W idth fount) a trifle era*'
pains, but these are o n ly sy uptom s w hich are liable to return w ith e ve ry
Now whm make« my small world gc
up yotir business.*
rou n«l
"W e do not wish to preach or mor­ change o f the w e a th e r; tiie real disease lies deeper, th e blood and system
Is n«'f the least bit hazy.
arc infected. Rheum atism cannot he ra dically and p en n an en tly cured
alize unduly.
It Just revolves snout---about—
"M en
have drunk trntil the blood has been purified, and no rem edy does th is so th o ro u g h ly
Oh, well, hi r name Is Daisy!
- H L Stine in New York News.
through nil ages. They drink less now ami p ro m p tly as S. S. S ’ It neutralizes the acids and sends a stream
o f rich, stro n g blood to th e affeited parts, which
than ever, fortunately. N«* uh > o f them
dissolves and washes out all foreign m aterials, and the
W hen you fee blue md ¡lis t r*cr
will doubtless continue to drink as
sufferer obtains happy re lie f frou: the to rtu rin g pains.
tilin g g o t« wnm g, fake a «|.»se «»: i
long ns hard work, keen competition,
S. S S. contains no potash o r oth er m ineral, but
C h .*m b er!*fiiV Stomach
and L m r '
unwise living, disappointed hopes ami
is a perfect vegeta ble blood p urifier and most
T a b le t*
T 'e y will deans«* aim ) jn\|
constant temptation to escape life ’s
orate y o u r stom ach, n g u la te y«»nr
realities shall continue to make whis­ e x liila ra tin g tonic. O u r physicians w ill advise, w ith ou t charge, all who
w rite shunt tlieir case, and we will send free our s jx x ia ! book on Rheum atism
bowels, g iv e you a relish for your food I
ky apparently a friend.
and m ake you fe d that in this old
"T h e young man who killed himself and its treatment.
world is a good place to live. F o r I
n « ir the half empty l»ottle. the sad.
Scientific American.
T h e O r ig in a r «» !* , W h o Sm y* I t D o «*« (h a
W o r k , l o i In i b i H l o M a k e it .
T h e fashions o f the new year start
o ff with some decided touches o f orig­
hi the tw o sketches hers
given may be found evidence o f tills
assertion. That new and elegant motif
o f the modes, the stole, lias progressed
from fur to lace, and here you may see
it rendered in real crochet of white,
cream or ecru color with incrusted
squares o f black filet lace aud small
cloth revers o f color to match the lace
with an embroidered border in black or
self colored silk.
The lovely fur hat shown furnished
the crowning touch to a very chic
f »roast
tilled with muscle, yet It is rar
lohind the. turkpy In that respect.
There is room for Improvement in this
characteristic, and it can be done with
careful selection without In any man­
ner impairing the laying qualities.
W h ea t an«l iln«*ktvlieat.
There Is not a great deal of difference
in the feeding value o f bucUwhyat and
wheat, pound for pound, the buck­
wheat being a little more fattening
than wheat. It is a good winter feed
Hid may be fed as one feed tw o or
three days in the week if It Is not too
High priced. W e would uot pay more
for a pound o f buckwheat than we
would for a pound o f wheat.—Corn iner­
tial Poultry.
K o e p i i i » C h ic k e n « W ith o u t W a t e r .
This subject was discussed in A m er­
ican journals a few years ago, but the
real facts o f the case seldom are pre
seated in a convincing manner. No
practical chicken fancier doubts for a
moment the necessity o f supplying w a­
ter «>r liquid food to fowls, especially in
warm weather. As fa r as w e can learn toilet. Guipure lace covers the crown
the advocates o f "n o w ater" feed their ami tucked blue chiffon lines tlie brim
chickens and fow ls soft food which o f this beautiful and graceful confec­
contains a fair percentage o f moisture. tion in sealskin, the brim o f which is
Consequently their claim that w ater is overhung with a fine ostrich tip of
not a necessity must be discounted to brown to match the fur. A better Il­
a great extent. The modern system o f
lustration o f millinery modes and a
feeding chickens is based on a dry mix
handsomer winter hat would be hard
ture o f the various grains, and such a to find.
diet demands the addition of liquid
Falling points are a great feature of
food. W e have never seen any ill e f­ present fashions.
Lace scarfs are so
fects o f allow ing even young chickens manipulated on evening gowns as to
to partake o f water or milk, provided produce tlx* effect o f peplums, forming
! the latter was pure and not offered in points on sides and front. The effect
unlimited quantities. IIo w a chicken o f length is produced in short waisted
fancier can ever delude himself that bodices by fringes drooping from the
! pure w ater is not relished by a chicken, breast.
| young or old, is a mystery to us. Let
Combined collar and fichu trimmings
1 such a mortal get up on a dry. warm
(minus the long fichu ends) are in fact
i July morning and watch the robins a soft vam lyke veiling on the top of
I and other birds suck in the grateful
the arms and the most graceful trim ­
! moisture on grow ing vegetation and ming imaginable for a low bodice. W e
I also watch how eagerly the flock of find collars, capes, cravats, fichus,
| chickens aw aits the coming of the w a­ stoles, or whatever form they may
tering pot. It takes but a few drops of take. In guipure, brussels, lion i ton,
i w ater to satisfy the most skeptical per- duclies.se. Irish crochet and the like.
' son that the instinct o f the feathered Ail these neck and shoulder frills are
animal demands water. It may bo true ! in high fav« r as the finish for blouse,
that some men can get along without bodice and bolero.
water, but chickens— never
Silver and nickel paillettes and
mother o f pearl ami silver cup sequins
B r i g h t ’ s D is e a s e .
add new variety to the array o f span­
T h e l »rg« *>. «m n e ve r paid for a pre j gles that figure in evening dress gar­
M*ri* ion, c h a n g e d bands in San Fran - nitures.
n -c n A n g iM 30ih, 1901
There is no sort o f a gown for any
iuvolvodin coin and stock $112,500 occasion which lace may not auoru. If
i < 11(1 was paid bv a puny ol business one so wishes.
I q,. n bn a >-pioilic for B right’s disease
The single, ostrich feather, in the
| and diabetes, h ith erto iucurable dis- longest and most luxurious form, is the
<*a-«*». T linv com m enced I be >ei ious stylish ornament for many o f the popu­
lives? ¡gallon o f the ¡qwcilic N o v i m
lar large picture hats o f velvet or felt.
h er
15: b, 1900.
T h e y interview ed
Now that the fiat crowned hat is well
cor«-* of tli • cured and tried it o u t on established, it does not strike one with
ns m erits by pm lin g over three doze
«•M?»es « n 'b e trea tm en t and watching
h« m
T h e y also go t physicians 1«
ii, n»» chronic, incurable capes, an*!
d m iu i-tered it with the physicians oi
I judge*. U p to A u gu st 25th, eight.'
-even p e rc e n t of Mu test cases w k
eith er well or piogrensing favorably.
|'h«*re being but thirteen per cent oi
aim res, the p artita were satirfied and
. l..»e ! the irametOiiou. T ile proceed
iugr .»f the in vestigatin g com m ittee
.»ml the clinical reports o f the tem
«•uses were published and \' .ll be niail-
• i fr. e on application. Address Join»
I F ” It'»n C om pan y, 420 M on tgom ery
street, 8an Francisco, California.
7 ;Wlam Lv.......... \ Portland............Ar B’.SO p ni
in 46 a m Lv............. Derry............,Lv2;18 p m
li:45|>niA r ......
Lv 1:20 pm
At Albany and Orv«!M« connect with trains of
! Oregon Central ami Easter.» railroad.
FOO p m Lv......
I 7:_0 p m A r .......
. P< »rtland..
ArlO 20 a m
.Lv 7:00
Passenger -u pot f*.ot of JeliVr-on str« et
Le$ve 7:40 a m ...... Portland...... Arrive 3:32 pm
L e a .<• 3.0*1 p m .............. D alias.......... Arrive S :*20 a ir.
Arrive 5.05 p m ........... A iriie ..............Leave 7 00 a n
CsrvalHs fc Eastern Railroad.
T I M E C A**D N O
No 2 f(*r Y n q u in a :
1 2 :4 5 p ni
Leaves Albany
. 2 :00 p m
¡.•■¡* ves Corvallis
(> .25 p m
A * ri v. s Yrxjuina
No 1 r r tu rn in g!
Lt aves A’ q in »
. F) :45 a m
Le ivt*s C(n vj-.llivS.
11 :30 ii n
Arrives Alban y .
1 2 :1 5 p m l
5 for !><•’ r it :
7 no
I aavch A lb Any
12 0 5
A ’ rive* D troii
No. I from IK*'m il :
L e w * h D. troil . .
1 2 :45 * m
A i iv**f* A loan v .
5 :3 5 h m
I n in s la u d 4 arrive in M any i.»
t in* to connect * i ' b the S. 1*. south
Inui*!«! *rain as wed a.-* wiving two or
three hours in A n any 1»« fore depart-
ur*. of'S P n «r 'h hnm.d train.
T r a in N
. 2 . o n n e c t s v ip h
th e s
P a in * at tV rv. lli* anil Albany k) »» •-
d irer: 8« i vivo to N ew port ami ndj.t ■-
♦*nt i*e *e lie 4 .
Train 3 for D etroit, Rrei'cnhueh
and oth er m ount tui resur • ie.ives A l­
bany jit 7 :00 |> ni aft* r th»- arrival <»f
S. P. south botin i ti:i n from Portland
reach ing fV troit si 1 2 .0 0 p in
For further ii form ation apply to
EDWIN STONE, manager.
J. T U R N E R , agen t, Albany.
11. H .C R O N li^ E , agent, Corvallis
unj surprise that there Is a w hisper o f
very high crowned hats and quite small
chapeaux in the near future.
A il indications point to the fact that
the “ jupe eollante," or clinging skirt, is
numbering the later milestones on its
road to desuetude.
The yoke skirt is now an accom­
plished fact, as is even the skirt o f full
plaits, carried straight up into the
waistband, appalling though this pros­
pect certainly Is to all but the very
slender sisters.
T h e A m e r ic a n C o rs e t R e ig n s S u p re m e
The Am erican corset reigns supreme
In the world o f fashion.
The American consul at Nottingham.
England, informs tlx* state department
that American corsets rule the Eng­
lish markets ami so fair eclipse the
French corsets that Paris makers are
forced to get their patterns from the
Vnited States.
H I * S w c o c * *.
A writer in Country Gentleman gives
these reasons for his success with arti­
ficial methods: Keeping chicks lu ma­
chine at least thirty-six hours after all
were hatched; feeding only when hun­
gry and not ^po ranch: grit and bone-
meal mixed with all soft feed from
the first day; reducing heat in brooder
as «luickly as possible and as soon as
chicks could stand It; plenty o f fresh
air and exercise and ns soon as possi­
ble after being placed in brooder,
weather permitting.