The Oregon scout. (Union, Union County, Or.) 188?-1918, December 24, 1891, Image 2

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Oh, welcome to the sunny May,
When opening buds reveal tno (lowers,
And nil nrounJ melodiously
( Sweet matin Jill t!n rcrwil l.pwrs:
it brins auali tliat bll-wful hour.
The brljthtet far of Ur i to tne.
' When, fondl prcssluj he; . . lo heart.
Wo felt love' thrilling ecstasy.
The dew of lovo was on thy check :
lis nema vt pearl wen; In thine oyes.
As from thy ruby tinted lip
Chme for. "j the sweet, consenting li?lis.
Twos iiflw lorn Joy that made thee weep,
Anil every tear was fuinctlfiml:
Two IiMnrts were melMHl Into on"
, When henvea gavo thoo to ho my liride.
Ah, when 1 fondly callcJ thee mine.
And fervently thy rows were nven,
Tho worrtd tvoro caught from o.T thy lli
And et&oe I to the er of huaveu;
And he whoever deigns to llfs
VJien ffiilMeM love Implores Ms nld
Simla record of the holy bonds
And blcu'd tins union he had insula.
Through all the days till froaty af,'o
Thy kve hrj crown mora aweet nud dear,
As it Iirm brijbtcned all the way,
A cliar.ii r. 'id anlacjvver near:
And now, w jen near life' ovenlnjc close.
How beautiful the day decline!
As otuthly semes are growing dirk
Lore's evening star more brightly slilnosl
Iter. Sidney Dyer In Now York Ledger.
Uncle Pete wns nuniiintiiig. How
ever, this was nothing new, aa ho liiul
done but little else since tho timo ho was
a. mito of a darky, watching tho sparks
ily up from the burning log heaps scat
l!reil over "old master's" now ground
aind die away in tho dusky spring even
ing. IIo would hit upon a stump with
4he dark, freshly plowed ground about
"him giving forth odors of earth and torn
jgreon roots, whilo tho frogs in tho shal
low nhining branch, marked with wil
Jows, sang a happy, monotonous refrain.
His kink3 wero turning from black to
jgyay and many a problem a3 knotty as
bm wool and just as powerless to bo
straightened had passed through his
"brain. Ilis great passion was wealth
"'twas tho only thing ho cared for. IIo
Qbml dreamed of it in boyhood it seemed
3i pity those log heap sparks wero nor
Teal gold had striven for it in his way
in manhood, and now that old ago had
$!gnn to pay court to him in a sly and
"wholly unaccountable manner ho still
dreamed of and strove for wealth. When
.a lxy ho would grasp ever' peculiar
.'looking rock lying in his path, with tho
tfiopo that it might bring hint a fortune.
Tho sun glancing on a piece of glass
would cause his lazy legs to move faster
ithnn was customary, for porhaps it
puiight bo n nugget of gold lying there
csjMjeially for him. L5ut ho found to his
-tlisnppointiuctil many times that "all
Avus not fold that glittered."
"Chicle Peter had never been taught to
iroad, nud wan too lazy to work hard. In
jlact, he shirked dreadfully. Liko "ole
Brer Itabbit" in those wondrous days
when animals wero gifted with speech
tho recital of which illls every childish
'heart with tho pleasantest emotions ho
lid all of tho grunting and comparative
ly no work. lie lived with old master's
grandson, .Marso Bob, as a cropper, and
invariably camo out in debt to him on
umnverugoof i0u year. Each Christ
.mas Marsc Bob would storm at him and
(threaten to send him away, but Undo
(Peter was sly and would "lay low" until
uMarso Bob's sweet lit tlo wife drove all
iiiugry thoughts from his mind, am then
ftio began to put in his best work, usually
(making sundry suggestions " 'buot do
(fattening horgs," an 1 ashes, salt, sul
jphur and copperas for tho hors mules
land colts, until Marco liob finally finish
ted u contract with him almost before
fthe thought of beginning had entered
(Ills mind. It would burst upon him each
(time liko a thunderbolt, and with an in
ttornal groan began the turning of now
(leaves. But those leaves became dog
tcaroil with too little turning and much
tfingering. So Undo Peter lived on at
this kind benefactor's, with his progeny
of grandchildren and one unmarried
daughter, the idol of his heart.
Undo Peter was ruminating on this
Sviirm, (lump January day. Tho prospect
ifrout his cabin door did not invito very
jploasant thoughts, but ho was paying no
attention to tho gloom,
Tho clouds hung wet nud gray over
,tho Holds, roads and pine grove, which
Kva.1 the only green spot insight. A maul
lay before tho ilro hardening for tho next
ttlay'a work splitting rails. That was
jnothing to Undo Peter, either, for ho
'knew very well, tho sinner, ho would got
tout of half his work by sharinming
'wedges for tho other hands, making him
elf uselessly useful.
"Now, if I could dig into dat gully and
tflno a gole mine, wouldn't 1 bo rich?" hu
(mused. "Oret big peoses, big as my
jfwtu den 1 could sot up at tho big 'ousu
liko folks, and not work my poor olosoff
to doth," sighing, as he got up to turn
ihi.1 niatil. "But den dat's Marso Bob a
land, s'poso 'twould bo his golo. Nor dat
-ain't right, neither. What 1 Hue is mine.
'Ml 1 was to lino a quarter out yonder, I
"awoldn it would bo my quarter, and dat
fgolu mino would too." So soared hit
itkoughta to a realm where roads wero
lined with gold instead of red mud, and
Hialacca in tho places of pino trees faced
thein, and ho was the richest of all in
'tlint country, IIo was awakened from
'those yellow toned reveries by some one
Ihollowing; "Peter, you Poter-r, why
tdon't you answer nw'f'
Sir? rousing himself nud standing in
(liU doorway to soo Murso Bob on the
fence somo distance away.
"What uro you doing?"
"Burning iny maul for to-morrow."
"Well, you can do that to-night. You
always get mighty smart at the wrontf
time, anyway. Go on to tho house and
help the other boys shuck corn."
Undo Puter got up ami crossed tlx
jBeld with ivluclunt footstopd, whiU
JUunw Bob growlol to hliuwlf on the
Suzluivu of tho "colored raw" in gutiurul.
Sunday morning camo and with it
SrootU at (ho big hotuo ai usual, Uncle
'nlixr wont up to black lxxita and build
irtnw, u wiwhia oiutoiii ouu ho udojUl
Wrniwlf mid duo hu itivurlul'y kept.
Mr Jtob'a wife' hrotluir wu (hero,
MJid iu Peter came 111 ho lutkodi
VN'Jm( tilntl of wtthr, PolerT
wWi tlr, Itihly' ww (hu reply In
always gave, no matter what tho weather
might be. Hot or cold, wet or dry, Sun
ilay morning was always "lubly" to
Undo Peter.
"Whero did you get that shirt, Peter?"
came Frank's lazy tones from tho depths
of a feather bed, from whero ho could
just see Poter. whose shoes wero shining
brighter thaa his ebony face, sitting on
the woodbo.t nibbing away witli brush
and blaekin? for all hs was worth.
"Bought it!'" a proud glance.
"You ought to bo a good citizen with
such a shirt aa that on. Let me see!
Stars all over and a i.triped sailor collnr.
Stars and stripes, jrrctty good!" Uncle
Poter gavo : complacent smile as Frank
ipoke in a half sleepy, half mischievous
"Eow' cropc? Going to get rich this
fall, aren't you?"
"Well, mebbo so," brightening up.
"Do yon think so? I can't say, but 1
know ono thing, you would liko to have
ft smile," as Peter placed both shoos side
by tide, and shut up the blacking Im.x.
"Uncle PefJ-r's black features lighted
up in quite a marvelous manner as Frank
offered him what ho loved next to
"Yes, imr, deed I would, sar," bowing
and rubbin.' his hands gleefully.
"Hand me that flask on tho table.
Now, hero i your smile," detaching tho
silver drinking cr.p from tho bottom of
the ilask and pouring tho clear red liquid
into it, which ran out with a jolly gur
gle from the mouth of tho bottle. I
"You drink fust. Marse Frank." '
"Oh no, P.'ter, I never drink. I carry
it about in case of an accident."
"Well," smacking his black lips and
wrenching tho cup from tho pitcher of
water, "if 1 owned dat dream accidents
would bo forebher huppning," grinning
and bowing himself out. IIo turned his
oteps toward tho kitchen after leaving
Frank's room. There ho sat himself
down to wait for the coffeo pot. This
coffee p'it was a great consolation to
Unci" A'L.:-; ho never went to his work
w.t.iuiit firot draiuing it, even eating
tho grounds. It was too good to waste.
IIo wa;i a great deal more likely to be on
hand when breakfast was over than most
of tho iamily when it was ready.
o I
It was raining and not only raining. 1
but pouring and had been for an hour.
Undo Peter tat in Trout of his huge fire
place, which was filled with burning
logs, and nodJled, whilo mammy pieced
up a quilt witli colors so startling, such
as pink and yellow, side by side, or green
and blue with each other vied. Their
pride and delight, a pieco of ebony hn
pudenco done up i:i checked homespun,
Bat by the little wi.idow reading. Labo
riously who spelled out the words, more la
boriously absorbed their meanings. Now
and then mammy would give a grant or
"dat's so," someiinies coming in at tho
most absurd times, for she never under
stood what Angelino was reading: there
was such an interval between each word,
tho ono had escaped her memory before
the other wan called out.
Uncle Peter still nodded and bobbed
his head around dangerously at times,
for it did seem that it would pop off. IIo
was thoroughly awako all at once. What
was that?
"How to get r-i-c-h. rich," drawled
Angelino. Undo Puter was all excite
ment in a moment and exclaimed fever
ishly, "Head on, uiggor!" Angy looked
up astonished: sho was not accustomed
to being addressed that way by hor ad
miring father:
"Writo to J-a-ni-o-s n-a-r-l-i-n-g, Ilar
ling, C-o-r-t-l-a-n-t Cortleut street, Now
York; I duuno what dat street means
after dat word. It can't spell nuthin'
cordon to my notion. 1 reckin it must
mean, ah. I dnnno. Hit wns jist got thar
by mistake dat's hit. Dat typewriter got
jess a little too much onto dat."
"Ugh, humph!" assouted Uncle Peter
indifferently; but hi3 little black eyes
wore sparkling, and after a while ho got
up, stretched and looked at tho elements.
They wero clearing up a little; bo put
ting on his great coat, which struck his
"dumpity" little figure about tho beds,
ho sallied forth to tho preacher's, his
dearest friend and closo3t ally. He found ,
him at homo making foot mata, as ho ,
usually did in wot weather.
"Howdy docs" being over Undo Peter
set forth in a most cautious maimer to
feel around and leant what tho preacher
thought of tho scheme ho had hidden in
tho back part of his head.
"Brer Hamblotou, does you reckin
you will ebber git rich workin' 'mongst
dem shucks?"
"Whut! git rich? I ain't a-working
fur riches; I am workin' fur do Lord. Ef
ho wants mo to got rich ho will make
me, 1 reckin. And anudder thiug, I
never thought about it," replied tho un
worldly old fellow.
"Well, ef you will juss read hero in
dis nowspajmr you'll sua fiumpiu," pull
ing it out of his iocket.
"What's it 'bout?"
"Gittiu' rich," droppiug his voice to a
whisper. Brother llambloton pulled out
his brass rimmed glasos, put them on
his uoso and grasped tho ixqwr. Ho
scanned it closely for a whilo, and then
said: "Hit must bo this here, 'Riches
air very desirable things, but there is
something moro desirable yet, and that
is health. Now, this can bo obtained by
taking Green Le:tf Tonic'
"Ilolo on, Brer llambloton, you ain't
readin' tho right one; leastways it don't
sound liko dat whut Angelino wad," ex-'
daimed Uncle Poter in some alarm.
Was tho fortune which seemed in his
grasp to run through his fingers liko so
much water, only leaving them damp as
a sign it had Won there? I
"Well, how did it start, Brother Poter'i" ,
asked tho Reverend LVujainlu llamblo
ton, looking over his glasses in a grave
miinner, as much as to say, "Brother
PeUr, I'm afraid you'so had a very largo
smile 1U day, ami you dreamed dat
"Oh, I don't 'taotly monnumble, hut
hit wiuu't dut, and I huril her rend it
alio'," with homo uiclUuiluut. iook
Wgulilt Hf"!4 llHinblt Um." llenjmnln
llambloton omo injuui looked over (ho
naMir ami thou wu altout to give It up
lu iluquUr whwi u lit tlo n4vrUMiiiiit In
(hu (en (U'lii (tgliiiiiu n4Uht hi eye. 1U
rtwd It nut wimI IJiiylo JVut uliuoai wvpl
for joy aa ho heard tho sentence he
;honght ho should never hear again.
"Now, what do you propose to do?" in
qnircd Benjamin llambloton.
"I says fcr you to writo to dat man
md seo whut ho says. "We'll share
profits. Of courso you kin have mos'
baff," generously.
"3Ios' haff," indignantly. ".Mos' half,
when I does all de writin' and reading?
Ho, sir! I gitu whole haff or not write."
I "All right, all right," hurriedly as
ri.sions of a' lost fortune again float be
fore him. Amiability being restored,
they worked and plotted together liko
tld cronicn should. Tho letter was writ
ten and posted; they had only to wait a
week or two brfore they could dress up
r.nd live liko folks in the big 'onse.
Uncle Peter began to wear "the big
gest'"air imaginable. Ho became busier
than ever and plagued Mnrae Bob al
most out of his wits. Tho negroes all
wondered what had got into Uncle
Peter. Ho usually bade them good
morning in tho pleasantcst manner, but
now it was with tho condescension of a
monarch. Angelino was no longer tho
"apple of his eye." She found herself
not noticed at all, and thereby became
sulky and switched about moro than
over whilo sho walked. But it all was
lost upon Undo Peter. IIo was going
to got rich in his old age, and that was
all he wanted. IIo dreamed of it at
night, and went a-day dreaming over it
Uncle Peter was too talkative, how
ever, to let his secret remain ono longer
than a few days. Ho had no idea ho
had ' let tho cat out of tho bag," but be
fore one week had expired all tho negroes
on tho plantation knew ho had discov
ered a method for getting nch, and all
wero on tho qui vivo for discovery, but
thoy did not let Uncle Peter havo an
inkling of their intentions.
Ono Saturday afternoon as tho clouds
in tho west began to loso some of their
exquisite coloring, for night was creep
ing on, all of tho hands, Undo Peter in
cluded, hail gathered about tho back
door of tho big house. All eyes were
centered upon Marso Bob, who stood on
tho stono steps with a stono jug in ono
hand and a cup in tho other. Every
face was wreathed in smiles at tho
thought of a dram. As M-arso Bob
poured out tho liquid which ran with
such a good old sound, "So good, good,
good, good," it seemed to say, ho talked
and gavo much good, good, good, good
advico whilo ho distributed it around.
Tho darkies had just wiped their mouths
on their coat sleeves preparatory to leav
ing, when a littlo negro boy camo up
with tho mail. Jlarse Bob glanced over
it hastily, and called out:
"Halloa, here, Poter a postal for you."
"Yas, sir," responded Uncle Peter,
stepping up with happy expectation in
his tones and movements.
"Shall I read it for you?" with a twin
kle in his eyes, for ho had read it while
speaking, and had heard something of
Peter's boasting lately.
"Yas, sir. s'pose you do," responded
Peter, who was feeling generous after
his smile. He didn't caro just then if
all tho darkies in Christendom know how
to get rich.
Marso Bob cleared his throat, while
all tho hands turned around to hear
what Undo Peter's correspondent had
to say.
"How to got rich. Eat nothing, wear
uothing, and work liko old Nick."
There was a shout of laughter from j
every pair of lips savo Undo Peter's. I
IIo was dumb with disappointment and !
rage. IIo said not a word, but turned j
away and walked off "a sadder and a ,
wiser man."
It is a month later. Riches aro never
mentioned by Poter now. IIo is cured.
His fellow workmen plagued Ids poor
old lifo almost out of him, until one
morning ho turned liko a wounded lion
at bay and made them all fly. Sinco
that timo ho has lived in peace A curi
ous coolness grew up between him and
tho preacher at ono timo, but tho genial
nature of both old darkies has thawed
that out, and thoy aro tho sanio old
cronies, only they never speak of wealth
to each other. Mrs. E. M. Stowart in
Atlanta Constitution.
Tho V11I110 of Sleep.
Q011. Lord Wolseloy, Englaud's lead
ing Boldior, i;i :; man of simplo and ab
stemious habits, and is an emphatic '
ndvocato of sleep. When ho is his own
master J10 goes to rest between 10 and
1 1 and is up before 0. Ho is a sound ,
Bleoiwr, and can sleep at almost any timo ,
and under any circumstances, which is
no doubt ono great secret of success; for !
in war, aa in politics, tho man who can-
not sleep might as well rotiro from tho 1
running. "Yon cannot put in your'
timo moro profitably than iu sleeping,"
Lord Wolseloy says, and tho saying is ,
ono that may well bo taken to heart by j
all hard workers. As long as you can
sleep you can always renew your
strength. It is when sleep fails that
your balatico at tho bank of lifo is cut ,
off. Best Things. I
Tho Vuluo of Armor In Wur Ships.
Tho vuluo of armor has been a matter
constantly discussed sinco ita first intro
duction. So long as it remained, as it
did for a timo, superior to tho attack of
tho gun hs desirability was certain, but
when tho raco logan between tho two
tho gun early seized and maintained the
lend. From that time to tho present ad
vocates of tho abolition of armor have
been very numerous. They compare the
ntnU) of affairs with thai which existed
prior to tho disuse of jvrsonal armor,
but ho long as armor can Ik so arranged
as to protect certain vital jHilnts it u
probable that it will 1k so mod. Still
thero aro some good arguments in sup
port of doculrussdiuunt to um a French
word that U particularly exproosive.
Now York Herald.
I'ull lluuil lliu lllliuls.
TtitUl Nuin't tMHjiuUivi witli Vtiiiutlitii
bllluU luiilo tlinir window boo tlmt
llio dluU itru liirnixl imnifully ilnwn
foru I lilt lati iik it immlliltttu, ur muiiuIkxIj
tumw lint nUi'ul will Imvti tut iiiuuli fun
(Ml Of til? ODIillllpll)' U llio llll'llllHJMl.-
The world-renowned success of Hostetter's
MmiiMch Hitters, and their rontiriued ixjpnbiritv
f rover u third of a century a u tomiichlc, fs
Mdrrely more wonderful than the welcome that
Kf-eetf the iiiimml nptienriince of lIoKtetter'c Al
umnae. Thin valuable inedlcrl treatise lc pnb-H.-hed
by The IfosU'tturConipniiy, l'ltlpbnrc, !'..,
lindtr tbelr own immediate Mii-ervWon, m
. pioytiiKflxty hand in that department. They
aiv runnliiB about eleven moiilhs In the vcar on
this work, Hiid tho Is-mic of fume for lew will be
hfire than lO.tWO.COO, printed in the I'.nsilsh. .t
lutiii, French. Ueih. Norwegian, SuediMi, H.
laud, HohemlHii nud Spanish latiiniaKts liefer
to a copy of It or valuable and InterenUni; read
iiiif coi.cernlna hfaltn, and nuinero'm ttniimo
tdalft a to the effltaey of lfotetterV Stomach
Ilittcry, iimiitement, Varied Information, astro
ijiiniioi.l cHlculiitioiiti and chionoloelml items
U v.hh h chii b: decoded on fi-r eirrMnw.
The Almanac for 1392 can beobtalneil free of cowl
fiom driitrn.Mo and general country dealer in all
part of the country.
The Hewrdlim AiiRel never strike a balance
, on his books by what U said of a uiait on hit,
I fcravtMone.
! Leans tnin from superstition and blind
idolatry of isms and ica- allopathic in
eluded. It leans lu cunt universal, slUlPtcr
iiiiniiiK law; towa-da facta, not fancies. It
leans towards immutable principles and in
j vulnerable truth, and away from superan
nuated authority, organized ijctmnince and
dyed-in-the-wool prejudice. Jilind empir
; icisin in medicine has, with other fossilized
hivulvf. had its day. Yes, there are plenty
of " Mated crabs," hut being horn of durk-
iicps and loar -twin sisters of intellectual
1 infancy they cannot much longer with
, stand the civilizing influence ol advancing
I science. They are slowlv hut surely "dy
' in k Egypt, dying," be'fore the "search
ngnt " ot investigation. The advancing
thinker wonders how it was possible for
that monstrosity the medical science ( ?)
extant now to nave survived to this late
day! Hut whero was the reform to come
from? It is not only passu to attempt re
form, it is outright dangerous, it requires
a boldness akin to recklessness. Legion is
the name who have tried: thev have left
their bleaching hones as a warning. An at
tempt at reforming theology brands von a
" heretic;" in politics you are charged with
every infamy under the sun, and in medi
cine every duck intellect " quacks " at you
and you are accused of havini: no diploma
when your diploma is on tile in the court
house under the very eyes of the slander
ers. All this is caused by besotted ignor
ance, and since books are sent free of charge
to every applicant and we pay the postage,
there is no excuse for ignorance when it
costs notliing to be informed. People who
berate the Histogenutic system of medicine
are either intellectual pariahs incapable of
counting five in succession or understand
ing any 2x4 problem, or they are mental
sluggards and cannot screw themselves up
to the point of information by rending up
and forming a conclusion. In either case
their opinions are as valuable as that of
l'uget .Sound oysters.
JJr. Jordan's otlice. is at the residence of
ex-Mayor Yesler, Third and James streets,
Seattle, Wash.
Consultations and prescriptions absolute
ly free.
Send for free book explaining the Histo
genetic system.
Caution. The Histogenetic Medicines
are sold in but one agency in each town.
The label around the bottle bears the fol
lowing inscription: "Dr. J.Eugene Jor
dan, Histogenetie Medicine." Every other
device is a fraud.
When a man hub loht his opportunity he docs
not know here to look for It uiruln.
Peter Magerus, L'ot Johnson avenue,
Hrooklyn, X. Y., says:
" During the last eighteen years I have
been using over fifty Am.cock's Plastkus a
year in my family. 1 have found them a
most perfect external remedy. They have
repeatedly cured me of rlieumutibiu, to
which I am subject every winter. They
have cured me ot pains in the sides anil
back three times. My wife, children and
mother-in-law tell 1110 Amaock's Plastkks
are the best remedy ever made, so agree
able, so certain. 1 know they have cured
my wife of pains in the back and of a se
vere cough. My mother-in-law has been
cured of a mo-it severe cold, which threat
ened to turn into pneumonia, by Ali.c ock's
Those who have not
used Boschee's Ger
man Syrup for some
severe and chronic t
trouble of the Throat'
and Lungs can hard
A Throat
and Lung
ly appreciate what a truly wouder
ful medicine it is. The delicious
sensations of healing, easing, clear
ing, strength-gathering and recover
ing are unknown joys. For Ger
man Syrup we do not ask easy cases.
Sugar and water rnay smooth a
throat or stop a tickling for a while.
This is as far as the ordinary cough
medicine goes. Boschee's German
Syrup is a discovery, a great Throat
and Lung Specialty. Where for
years there have been sensitiveness,
pain, coughing, spitting, hemorr
hage, voice failure, weakness, slip
ping down hill, where doctors and
medicine and advice have been swal
lowed and followed to the gulf of
despair, where there is the sickening
conviction that all is over and the ,
end is inevitable, there we place
German Syrup. It cures. You are
a live man yet if you take it.. 9
tiny liver piixs
Imvo nil tho vlrt nca trt ho lurKT one t
finally trectlvj purely vcu-ctuble.
i:urtslio shown In till bonier.
Tho Specific A No. I.
Cur. Million' (all. nil rr rf J r
lucii Jlr-l, lie muilfi 1 1 i n ' (
il.nlu t I'irVVI l lrii l"r' It Ih i
t. f .1 rule iv (iin m in ivirj linn, x
ItuslaiK'il rv l lt.s ut. liruegUls.
Ma' ulacturi'ra; Tit V feWi'lirllMfilt'it
I', llf. DU.OU.
( a,. Kail Jum- iab
nt( n lathark nowlMiiM
Iraillllf louisMir (or tkll Itt
unualuial dlelia( 4
inlvatdlsil l"'..f
(-rlalorui lur Ibr dtuli
talliir tkusi4 )culltr
u l jlllru.
i rii Mllann wiiui
usm i
; ixerman
FlTUtllA VH.
Bsl TklNlalDKlktirtlfVl
We offer One Hundred Hollars Reward for any
ens.- f Catarrh that eannot be cured by taking
Hall's Catarrh fur-.
F. J. CHK.NKY ,t C O., Props., Toledo, 0.
"o, the iindcrliied,hae known F J. Cheney
for the last liftmen yeuis, and bellete him ;er
fectly honorable lu all buineM transactions,
and financially able to carry out any obliKatiolis
made by their Arm
V.esl.V Truax, Wholesale Pmpglsts Toledo. O.
WaldltiK. Klnnnn .ic Murvin, Wholesale DrUtf
ftists, ToMo, .
Hair Catarrh Cure Is taken internal!, acting
dlRK-ily upon the blood and mucous vurfau-s
of the syKtem. I'rfte, 75c per bottle. Sdd by all
"What killed yoar goat; circus noiler'."'
"oh, tio: he fattened on circus pouter". It was
a p.irkHge of cia-itrelie papers kiltal Marina
dim e."
For coughs, sore throat, asthma, catarrh
ami other di-woes of the bronchi! tubes
no more useful article can be found than
"Jirown't Itrmtrhml Troche:''
Oallalin has a man so mean tbf he atole an
oven-oat beioiiKi'iK to preacher. Iu the next
world he will wenr no overcoat.
Formerly tobacco chewers in Oregon pur
chased their tobacco by tho plug without
considering its weight, but emigrants from
the Eat. wherp titar tobacco is universally
used, refused to take these short-weight
plugs and demanded Mar Plug, which ih
not only the best tobacco, but each plug is
a f nil sixteeii-outice puund, and nuw most
chewers in Uregon use Mar.
Uk sosTmMTip Stove Vollsi tk'1, nr-m'r
Both the method and results when
Syrup of Jn ia taken; it is pleasaui
nud refreshing to the taste, and acts
Efcntly yet promptly on tho Kill 11073,
Liver ami Uowelj, chnnscj the sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
tcliea and levers and cures habitue'.
i'on&i:patiou permanently. For sale
ia 50and $1 bottles by all druggists.
The success of this Great Couch Cure is
without a parallel in the history of medicine,
i All druggists are authorized to sell it on a pos
, itive guarantee, a test that no other cure can sue
j cessiully stand. That it may become known,
I the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are
1 placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home
l in the United States and Canada. If you have
a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for
1 it will cure you. If your child has the Croup,
or Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and rebel
is suie. If you dread that insidious disease
! Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for
j SHILOH'S CUKE, Trice io cts., Ko cts. and
$i.oo. If your Lungs are sore or Back lame,
! use Shiloh's Torous Plaster, Trice 25 cts.
OK C M.lI'OltNIA. irtf.wireJ 1MW. Ass.-ts a,v;7
' ."ilil'.i I,osms imld Hlnet oruumiainn. Si 27."i.7 'i..l
I One of t lie nuis-t Micc'CRnil lltv inMUiuu'r companies
01 llie iii;H. - oir'iis i;oou DUsoiHss upcii us ri'puift
tloli tor solidit . honorable UralinK. equitable ml
juslnieiits ami prompt payment ol lire loso
Acents nt nil principal points. Olllce Concopl
iiminiiiK, I'ortiaini. ur. u. n. liiisii, .Mummer xortn
I western Department: Arthur WiUnn, m-c'j ; Joe
J-. K. Wenner. i asliier 1 f Watson, special Ai!t.
71 Morrison Street, Portland, Or.
tW IIDX N02.
Roche Harbor Lime. Portland Cement. Gol
den Gate and Utah Platter. Hair. Fire Brick
and Fire Clay. LAND PLASTER.
00 North Front Street, Oor. I.
-srV w.fiP$yw
.lla..1,,l.f '" r.H0 I'lno Kii(rravlnan, llnnilxiunn
iiiioriimuoii. uno oi tno rej auie catHloue iublllied. Uehcrililnir nil IIiiiIm ol'iriiurii ntPt'il
.nrilrn. I'Iom.t mill l-'li-l.l vtt. I'riilt anil Oriiiiiiicntul Tnw, Sin II I'Viilt". C'IioIcp
t ocs, l'lo orliiu I'lniitH mill liiil.lm. Thormiu-hbrc.l l.iiml nud Water INitvlM. l"c!rltcred
rill-, li'i-''" ' yc eat Irei-.or.api.lla.tloii. Address. iiientloiIintlilg pHpir. "
Best Cough Jlcdicine.
Cures where all else fails.
taste. nuarcH taKO it wiuiout objection, liy druggists.
Buy Ifour Own Goods if Your
fTkVaa 1 A1 Mm atiia4iVA mm A W at - k s...
i Hon Tlnninniirl Hntlln Tlinoacr?
11)1 UMhv UUU UaiUu uic'juouo.
Cuts, Cnc::ln;s,
Sprains, Cs!!,
Cracked Keels,
. mis?
i ' Distcmpcr.t
yhitlow.Pall Evil. FIsiula.Tumcrs.Sprnf-;, j
fllngboncs, and Spavin In the:." tar.y
Stsges. Directions each boltlc.
sur-crsrr.Ai' nmECTioK.-.-i e
fmolv i-i the hoKMVlll , If tlKyw;l
! 5 t .III, .llC'-'l V.IHl inlllj V, .111 ll
a-, !..'! nunniityof tho oil 11 :
d;cca3E3 cf poult r,v.
i ' tll.M, Pir.r.CTIONS.--itjr: '
a lull i f t1 'f urvwl, wi 'i
.Ia. n,-.- (.1 ; una jorco u ran i
Wo have a dIr f-tock of Hubbvr Goods bought
of a lew'.iiig house retiriug from buhiness ou
this eniiKt
Child's rubber shoes, 5 to 10 250
Mln-us' footholds, 10 to i 150
Misses' overshoes
Mls-es' an ties and lilsh ruts tl.OO, f 1.25
Ijidles' oveisboes, nil styles 35c, Wo, .tOc, 60c
Ijidles' arctics mid snow excluders. . ?1 00, $1.25
ladles' hlKh-cilt pilteis 1.50, J1.75
Ijulies' Loots, sjeclal biirgalns M.50,
ChildV boots 100, fl.23
Misses' Ixiof. tlM
Hov's boots ?l-50 to ?2.00
Mill's short boots, extra t!.M to ?.l..0
Men's hili boots :i.60 to tO.OO
Men's overshoes, eicht Btyles -15c, M; Mc. 7bo
Mi n's arctics and snow excluders. fl '25, 51.50
Kubbtr ( lothtin; of all kinds nt n big discount
from reirulur prices. Ask for our full list of
KubU'r Ooods. Address
11 0-1 IS Front .Street, Sun l-'ranclMco, Cult
Give This Oil a Trial,
Best in the World!
Get the Genuine!
Sold Everywhere!
ATp , fT. . LAST & BEAR like WHOLE
IT KdsLQjEsO KOOT Trees; ee "FrnltB and
r f, i m . ui Fruit Treei" l'rcc. Anier.
(ninJti. ays novel, UoEFUL. to the point. OranieJudt
Farmer: Ably written, glveitruitjr INFORMATION. C'a.
Fruit (irotrer; Surprising LOW prlcesl Apple, Fear, Cher
ry, lUum.Pl'.UHE, Teach. Ap't. Quince. Nut, Or. Trees. Qratti,
ROuEB ecerulhinu. No largerstocilnU.B. No BETTER.
Nocheaper STAItlC JtKS.,l7th St., I.ouislnnii,
3Io. Founded 183; OLDEST. 1000 Acres; LABQESTl
The Greatest Temperance Book
i ci..
: Large Profits
Arouis wanted every
On.e. No previous ox-
r.cuce necessary. For
icritisnnd territory ad
dri..s, J, Btuabt A: Co.,
UTO Mnrkct Street, Sun
"iiiclsco. Cal.
llri I ILVLri We want the name and ad
dress . f every suflcrer in the
ill flVTHlUlil u S.and Canada. Address,
i limn p.h
. Harold Hayes, M.D , Buffalo, K.I.
Colored i'liitcs. Full of uef ui mid Inatructive
KeconiinendevI by PhyBioiana.
Pleasant and agreeable to the
Dealer Does Not Garry Them.
est and Cheapest In tha Wort.
Girts, SIS UL Wipu, SU Dp.
. . .
Initn, MariM
im w
L L law, m u arnlNi Mmt, WTUH. m.
h, V, N, U, Nu. V, N, I), No, m